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England v Bangladesh 1st Test day three as it happened


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By Ben Dirs

1838: Play abandoned, it's official - not a very satisfactory day's cricket, redeemed by some decent bowling by England, with Steve Finn particularly impressive. I will see thee tomorrow...

1828: The lights on the chandeliers in the pavilion shining brightly now as more covers are brought on, and maybe it's time to accept there'll be no more play today...

1818: The hover cover is coming on, which suggests the end is nigh, although rest assured I will keep you posted...

Bad light stops play
1805 - 237-7 This should suit Anderson down to the ground, and Shahadat doesn't look like he fancies this at all, backing away to leg side every ball like a matador twirling a cape. He goes for the big heave-ho and is beaten before Anderson beats him again - and again. They're off again, and I'm not surprised, Shahadat looks like he's batting in an unlit wardrobe. "Watchoo talkin' about Willis?!" News reaches me that Dennis Hopper has joined Gary Coleman in the great Hollywood shindig in the sky...

1801 - 237-7 Shahadat Hossain is the new batsman, and he averages exactly 10 from 27 Tests. He's off the mark with a clip off his pads for three, before Mahmudullah nearly goes the same way as Mushfiqur, the ball cutting back in menacing fashion. Horrible batting conditions, and here comes Anderson...

1757 - 234-7 Billy Bowden's had another change of heart, they're coming back out - will another wicket send them scattering again?

Jamie, Northwood, in the TMS inbox: "At Lord's where somebody has bought into the ground a full cheese board. Cue a raft of cheese-related chants - Caroline Cheese would be most pleased to hear her name sung so fervently."

Wicket falls
1750 - Mushfiqur b Finn 16 (Ban 234-7)
Mushfiqur nicks a sharp single with a drop into the off-side. Mahmudullah, who averages 40-odd in Tests, looks to nick a quick one of his own but is sent back by his partner. Finn to continue from the Pavilion End with the new cherry, and he's picked up a wicket with his second ball, the ball jagging back and taking Mushfiqur's leg-stump... that's not right - as soon as he's gone, the umpires call the players off again...

1747 - 234-6 Mushfiqur nicks a sharp single with a drop into the off-side. Mahmudullah, who averages 40-odd in Tests, looks to nick a quick one of his own but is sent back by his partner. Finn to continue from the Pavilion End.

1744: Hmmm, the umpires are waving the players back out again, this is all very confusing...

1738: By the way, they've now bowled 26.1 overs today, which means nobody gets their money back - the cut off point is 25...

Bad light stops play
1738 - 233-6 Bresnan is really in the groove here, and he sends down a wicked leg-cutter that beats Mushfiqur all ends up - appeals for caught behind, but I think that ruffled his sweater. And they're off, not sure what happened between their little chat and that one ball from Bresnan, maybe they suggested to Strauss bring on a spinner and he declined.

1735 - 233-6 Trott's going to continue with his gentle dibbles and dobbles - losing your wicket to this man is the cricketing equivalent of being tickled to death. Trott teeing it up, but as yet the batsmen are refusing to throw their bats. One from the over, a work off his pads from Mushfiqur. The umpires get together at the end of the over, but they're continuing for now.

1732 - 232-6 Bresnan to continue after tea and it's looking very dirty out there, not sure how much more play we'll get this evening. That's a neat straight drive from Mushfiqur and he runs up three.

Thom in the TMS inbox: "It's the best weather we've had all day. We've sat here in the clock tower through the pouring rain waiting for play all day and now the players have gone for sandwiches? It makes no sense."

1710 - 229-6 Jonathan Trott to bowl an over before tea - he's strictly medium, but they might have a go at him. Trott has taken 55 first-class wickets, although how exactly isn't entirely evident from his first two deliveries. Oooh! Dreadful shot from Mahmudullah, looking to carve away from his body and very nearly playing on, and he's very nearly caught at gully two balls later, but the ball just evades Pietersen and races away for four. That little experiment nearly worked, and it's time for tea.

1706 - 223-6 Mushfiqur does need a bit of treatment after all, the throbbing has suddenly kicked in. Bresnan is really serving up some doozies here and Mushfiqur is beaten again... and again... "he's got it going on," says Tuffers on TMS, and you have to agree... Mushfiqur finally gets some bat on it, but it's only an edge and KP's in the gully to prevent any runs.

1701 - 223-6 Mahmudullah is off the mark from his first delivery, inside edging through square-leg for one. That would have got the old peepers watering, Mushfiqur wearing one on the bottom hand, but he's a little nugget and doesn't require treatment. Mushfiqur nicks the strike with a deflection round the corner.

1657 - 221-6 Huge wicket for England 15 minutes before tea and it's Bresnan to continue. Mushfiqur with an extravagant leave, so extravagant in fact that you suspect he actually played at it. Another sweet ball from Bresnan next up and Mushfiqur is beaten again, before Bresnan locates the edge, but the ball squirts to point all along the ground. A real testing over from the Yorkshireman, with his final ball angling in before darting away.

Wicket falls
1651 - WICKET - Shakib c Strauss b Anderson 25 (Ban 221-6)
Anderson sends down a misdirected bumper and Prior does well to haul that in, but that's better next ball - right on the money, Shakib playing away from his body and Prior deflecting the ball into Strauss's hands at first slip.

1648 - 221-5 A leg-slip in for Shakib and a forward square-leg, but that's too far down the leg-side from Bresnan and he's tickled away for one. Bresnan finishes the over with a pearler that swings in to Mushfiqur before nipping away.

1644 - 220-5 A real crackerjack ball from Anderson, swinging the ball back in devilishly to the left-handed Shakib, who did very well to root that out. Shakib does pick up a single with a nurdle off his hip... bit of rain in the air, but nothing too serious yet...

1640 - 219-5 A testing over from Anderson, getting the first couple of balls to jag away from the right-handed Mushfiqur before swinging a couple back in. Shakib gets a thick inside edge down to fine-leg and nicks a single before the crowd think there's a caught and bowled, but it was hit straight into the ground.

Get involved on 606
From nigeweir on 606: "Will England enforce the follow-on this time? Or do we do the modern thing, and bat on and try to make it as hard as possible for ourselves to win a game that should have been easy?"

1632 - 218-5 One for Shakib before Mushfiqur plays a rather unconvincing carve and KP saves in the gully. Mushfiqur nicks a single to mid-wicket, should never have been a run there. Finn's been given the elbow, Anderson switching to the Pavilion End.

1627 - 216-5 Nice shot from Shakib, driving an over-pitched delivery from Finn through the covers for four. Almost a mix-up two balls later, Morgan fielding at mid-wicket but missing the stumps with his throw as Shakib scrambled to make his ground.

1624 - 211-5 Bresnan to continue and they all go up for lbw from his first delivery, but that pitched outside leg. Bit of hoop for Bresnan but Shakib nudges into the off-side and scampers a cheeky single. Mushfiqur has a touch of the Babe Ruths about his backlift, his bat waving about behind him like a wand, and he didn't get it back in time for the final ball of the over, a sweet one from Bresnan and he's beaten.

1617 - 210-5 Finn loses his line and Mushfiqur whips him away for four through mid-wicket. The inevitable bumper follows, and it's not a very good one, but that's better from Finn, a ball that rears up like an angry python off a length. That's a crackerjack delivery from Finn, beating the defensive prod of Mushfiqur, and the next ball locates the batsman's edge and races way for four. Finny looks every bit a pupil of Gus Fraser, chuntering away as he marches back to his mark - if he can be anywhere near as good as Fraser was at his best, he'll have a decent career ahead of him.

1613 - 202-5 Well done Banana Teacher, who emails in to say Onions took a five-for against West Indies at Lord's last year, not the Aussies. Shakib and Mushfiqur exchange singles and Aggers reports it's looking pretty murky behind the pavilion, some scum drifting in. Shakib very nearly plays on, England all over the tourists at the moment.

1609 - 200-5 Shakib plays a dreadful stroke to a widish delivery from Finn, his feet staked to the crease, and he very nearly drags the ball onto his stumps - four for the shot. There is a short leg in for Shakib, but he's not needed there - bit of room for Shakib and he flays Finn over the slips for four. Finn switches to round the wicket for the final couple of balls, and that's a nasty spitter which Shakib very nearly gloves to short leg. Real heavy weather for the Bangla Boys, England will be confident of hustling them out by stumps.

1604 - 191-5 Mushfiqur Rahim is the new batsman, and bizarrely we've got three fielders in the covers and no short leg in. Mushfiqur survives the over...

Wicket falls
1601 - WICKET - Jahurul c Prior b Anderson 20 (Ban 191-5)Matthew (see below), I believe you don't have to go back too long, Graham Onions got a five-for against the Aussies last year. Another wicket! Peach of a delivery from Anderson, the ball shaping in before nipping away and Jahurul nicking the ball to Prior behind the stumps.

Matthew in the TMS inbox: "Who was the last England debutant to bag a five-for at Lord's? Finn looks up for it, certainly."

1557 - 190-4 Sir Boycs in the TMS inbox, and within the first five minutes he's called someone a "dumpling". Finn hits Shakib's bat hard and the ball very nearly dribbles onto his stumps but the batsman picks up a couple from the next ball down to long-leg. Three slips and two gullies in for the new man in the middle but there's three more runs courtesy of a drive to mid-on. Deary me, how did that not hit? Jahurul plays a rather wonky forward defensive and is scythed in two by one that jags back a mile.

1553 - 185-4 Anderson continues to plough the wrong furrow outside Jahurul's off-stump, more the Corridor of Absolutely No Interest than the Corridor of Uncertainty. He tightens things up as the over progresses, and Jahurul plays a rather iffy stroke, hands away from his body, from the final ball of the over.

1549 - 185-4 Shakib Al Hasan is the new batsman and pity poor him, Finn has really got his dander up now in difficult conditions. Shakib plays a rather wooden back-foot prod but it's straight to the man at point.

Wicket falls
1544 - Ashraful lbw b Finn 4 (Ban 185-4)
Jahurul flips Anderson round the corner for a couple before losing his head and having a wild and windy waft at a wide one. Finn to continue and Ashraful leaves in that idiosyncratic way of his, all jerky, like a character from Trumpton... and he's gone next ball! Finn gets one to nip back and although it looked a little high and leg-side, Umpire De Silva doesn't dally too long before pulling the trigger.

1539 - 183-3 Ashraful is next up the ramp - three slips, a gully and a short leg in for the diminutive right-hander, playing his 55th Test match. He's off the mark in rather unconvincing fashion, slicing through point for four. Finn up at 88mph, which, as Phil Tufnell points out on TMS, is "pretty good wheels". Another lifter from Finn, this is a real exam for Ashraful, and the final ball of the over raps him on the thigh pad. Encouraging from Finn on his home patch.

Wicket falls
1533 - WICKET - Siddique c Prior b Finn 58 (Ban 179-3)
Finn's got rid of Siddique - the left-hander looks to shoulder arms to a lifter from the Middlesex paceman but leaves his bat out to dry and the ball tickles the face of his bat. A gimme for England.

1531 - 179-2 The sun desperately trying to spike a few rays through the thick cloud cover as Siddique turns Anderson off his hip for one. Better length from Anderson, but he's struggling with his line and not making Jahurul play, the batsman only had to put bat on ball once.

1527 - 178-2 Is should have told you to manually refresh this page - the current state of play will become clearer when you do. Finn, probably the pick of England's bowlers yesterday, to continue and he's bang on the money with his first delivery. Three slips in for the right-handed Jahurul as Finn very nearly squeezes one through his defences, the ball squirting into the leg-side for a couple. Decent first over from Finn, and Swann's spell is over, Anderson's next on...

1520 - 176-2 It's Swanny with the first over of the day, Siddique on strike. A slip and a short leg in as Swann strangles an lbw appeal, that pitched well outside leg. Smashing stroke from Siddique, pouncing on a short one and rattling the ball through cover-point for four. They will try to get 50 overs in this evening and can go on until 1930.

1517: Ain't no drizzle, or dizzle or even the schmizzle in the Wood; Ready to make an entrance, so get on the kettle; Jahurul and Siddique ready to bust like a bubble, can England's boyz test their mettle? Enough of this cricketing hip-hop, here do come Jahurul and Siddique, play in a minute...

1511: Play to start at 1520 BST, and it could go on until 1900 BST...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
Ady via text on 81111: "So which idiot at Lord's put up a big notice on the scoreboard at 2pm - 'rain likely for the next three hours'? With a party of school boys and a three hour journey ahead we decided to leave. Now it appears it is dry enough to play? We will not be returning to watch England again in a hurry and as we do no t have Sky will not be able to watch at all. Enjoy your day folks!"

1502: The England players are taking a stroll on the pitch, and Strauss and Trott are armed with some mysterious sticks - dunno what they are. We've still got the big cover on, but I think that's merely precautionary.

1449: Covers are coming off! Magnificent drainage at Lord's, so (if the rain stays away) we should have play in half an hour or so - inspection at 1500 BST.

1435: Rain has now stopped - groundstaff are working hard to mop it up off the covers.

Rain delay
1400: ... still raining at Lord's - the forecaster chap has just been on TMS and announced, in his considered opinion, that it should clear up within 45 minutes. Don't start stripping down yet, however, he's also forecasting thundery spells later this afternoon...

Rain delay
1322: It is raining heavier than at any stage now at Lord's - the latest forecast is that it should have ceased by 1500 BST, perhaps 1430. The drainage is very good at Lord's and they can play until 1900 BST, so there should be some play today...

Rain delay
1314: A note of optimism as the umpires stroll into the middle and have a look... but it's quickly snuffed out as the rain starts coming down again, the full quota of covers remain...

Rain delay
1257: The inspection has been put back to 1310 BST apparently, although we're not even sure that's going to happen because it's still raining in St John's Wood. All a bit depressing to be honest, although the weather bods are saying it should clear around 1400 BST...

Rain delay
1207: ... news in that lunch is at 1230 BST and there will be an inspection at 1245 BST...

Rain delay
1148: Righto, I'm going to pull this, as much as I love swapping rhymes with y'all. We will, however, keep you updated on what's happening down at Lord's, when something happens that is. TMS will remain on air - Michael Vaughan and Alec Stewart are in the box - and Aggers will be speaking to film director Stephen Frears, probably before lunch. Speak soon.

DMG Shaw in the TMS inbox: "Re: ViewFromTheKop (see below) - I think the problem is that the in Australia there will be flatter wickets and better batsmen who are also in better form than their Bangladeshi counterparts. You seem to have been infected with the same frivolous optimism as Benitez when he guaranteed you chaps fourth."

Rain delay
1140: Still raining, all a bit rubbish to be honest, we're unlikely to get any play before lunch. "Da homies were sending down some serious bumpers, da fools didn't know I was simmerin' underneath my cable-knit jumper; I cut those muthas and gave them some serious static, it was like I was batting with a semi-automatic."

Steve, in unusually sunny and warm northern Germany, in the TMS inbox: "No play today? So, just for Fred (1058) the first hip-hop lines go: 'Da muther started outside leg but it hit the off peg and it just ain't funny bein' Shane Warne's bunny.'"

1125: The thing is ViewFromTheKop (see below), Bangladesh don't actually have any "awesome" batsmen - of their top seven in this match, only one averages above 40, two average in the 30s, three in the 20s and one 13. Mixed news from Lord's - the rain has got heavier, while Aggers has just unveiled his new i-Pad live on air. Alec Stewart is singularly unimpressed, although Alex is the sort of no-nonsense character who would have been unimpressed by Gutenberg's printing press had he been around back then.

Get involved on 606
From ViewFromTheKop on 606: "It amuses me that everyone's slating our attack after two sessions on a flat wicket in good conditions. People seem to forget that Bangladesh have some awesome batsmen in good form."

Sta in the TMS inbox: "I'm going to see the Gentleman Rhymer at this year's Discworld convention. Perhaps I shall add cricket aspects to my Steampunk vampire costume."

1104: Film director Stephen Frears will be chatting to Aggers in View from the Boundary, and I'm told they might not wait until lunch if the weather continues in this vein. From My Beautiful Laundrette to The Queen, he's been knocking out movies for a good few years now.

1058: "If anybody needs a time-filler before play starts, check out Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer... could you think of anything better than cricket-themed hip-hop?" emails Fred from London. No, Fred, I'm not sure I could... drizzle at Lord's, more covers being dragged into place...

Get involved on 606
From hopeforthebest on 606: "Poor bowling yesterday - we shouldn't need the conditions against this side. Line and length, pressure, wild slash and out. Anderson was very poor and Finn doesn't seem to have much."

1048: The rain isn't heavy, but the wicket is still covered and we certainly won't be starting at 11. A weather chap was just on the radio saying we might not have play until 2, but that seems unduly pessimistic to me, it doesn't look anywhere near that bad.

1041: Junaid Siddique resumes on 53, and he shaped up pretty well yesterday, some decent strokes played. England's seamers tried to bounce him out but he's made of stern stuff, as he showed in scoring a maiden Test ton at Chittagong in March. Steve Finn was probably the pick of England's bowlers, in fact he was the only one to take a wicket. Still, once this rain clears, it should be more conducive for bowling today.

1037: Hello. A sad, sad start to my day as I received a text from a former girlfriend informing me that Gary "Watchoo talkin' about Willis" Coleman has passed on to the great Hollywood party in the sky. It put England's rather insipid bowling display yesterday in perspective. Spit-spots of rain in London, we won't be starting on time...

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Live Scores - England v Bangladesh


  • England beat Bangladesh by 8 wickets
  • England: 505 & 163-2 (35.1 overs)
  • Bangladesh: 282 & 382 (110.2 overs)

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 2 163
Strauss c Mushfiqur Rahim b Al Hasan 82
Cook lbw b Mahmudullah 23
Trott not out 36
Pietersen not out 10
Extras 6nb 1w 5lb 12

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