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England v Bangladesh 1st Test day one as it happened


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By Tom Fordyce

1816: CLOSE Eng 362-4
Trott's made his mark in more ways than one today - he's left two enormous grooves in the track where he's taken guard. Virtually dug himself in, to be fair. Well-controlled steer off the chin for a single, dabber from Morgan and a casual flick off the hips for four more to polish us off. That's the 100 partnership - Trott will overnight on 175, Morgan on 40. Absolutely England's day, and the team gather on the balcony to applaud the centurion back up the pavilion steps. There's a Lord's double ton waiting with a glint in its eye for Trott on the morrow, you'd have to think.
That's us done - hat doffed for all the chat as ever, and we'll go hard from 1030 Friday. Sound good?

1808: Eng 353-4
Two overs left in the day, and the new ball is finally unsheathed. Shahadat goes too full on middle-and-leg, allowing Trott to push a casual pair past midwicket. Booming bounce off the last one, too much to trouble the well-parked Trott, and we'll polish off with one more.

1804: Eng 351-4
Shakib turns to Mohammad Ashraful for some late-day surprise spin - big yelp when Trott props forward, but he's a big stride down the track, and Billy B won't give that in a million years. Morgan milks a brace down to fine leg, and that's the 350 - smattering of applause from those still left in.

1800: Eng 346-4
Lovely drive from Morgan, leaning into the ball and caressing it away to the sweeper out at deep extra cover. Squirty one off the outside edge, turned into two by Morgan's rapid running. No new ball taken so far; three overs left in the day.

1756: Eng 338-4
Busy right-arm tweak from Mahmu, who's gone at less than three an over from his 22 overs so far. Trott dabs down behind square for a clever two; four overs left in the day.

1752: Eng 335-4
Morgan to 29 with a tickle off the pads - make that 30, with another delicate toucher off the pads. Short and sitting up, and Trott will swivel with class to pull away backwards of square for four. 163 now for the obdurate no.3.

From John, TMS inbox: "Re Jen - wife of John. Your dinner is in the dog and I'm going to my mother's. The warmth of my jumper will keep you company tonight. I'm citing TMS in the divorce proceedings. Any ladies like the larger besweatered gentleman?"

1745: Eng 323-4
Robiul returns, and Morgan drives him sweetly to the man sweeping on the cover boundary for one. Over-pitched to Trott, and he'll take four more from that, driving with timing and control back down the ground. Long smears of shadows stretch across the verdant Lord's outfield.

1741: Eng 316-4
He's reached 150

Gladstone Small there in the hospitality boxes, sipping a chilled white wine and beaming all around. No-one near him, but who cares. We shall not forget '86-7. Trott waits for a shorter one and pushes away to midwicket for the single that takes him to 150 - 243 balls, 14 fours, cornerstone written all over it.

1738: Eng 313-4
You can almost see the war going on inside Morgan's mind - the right side of the brain says smash it, the left side of the brain screams caution. He lofts an eight-iron into the wide open spaces on leg, steps away to cut and then thinks better of it and jabs down late.

1735: Eng 307-4
High-voiced cheers from the schoolchildren as Morgan pulls for two to bring up the 300. Echoes of hockey internationals past.

1729: Eng 299-4
Three singles again off Mahmu, as grey clouds lumber over the top of the Tavern Stand. Jumpers on for half the Bangladeshi team; 12 overs left in the day.

1725: Eng 296-4
Shakib to Morgan, who's been very restrained so far - until the point that he goes down on one knee and reverse-sweeps up and away for his first four. He did promise he'd do it, and there it is. Orthodox sweep up next, and that's a far worse shot - uppish, half-hit, falling just short of the man dashing in off the fence. Squeaky.

1722: Eng 289-4
Mahmu with his busy right-arm tweak, going round the wicket to the well-set Trott. Singles here and there, the field doing a better job of plugging gaps and fitting a semblance of the bowling plan.

1719: Eng 286-4
We'll have some more Shakib, returning for his 16th over of the day. Only five more overs to go until the new ball can be taken, and with 15 overs left in the day we could be here 'til close to 1830.

1714: Eng 286-4
Lord alive - Morgan steps away to a short one and pulls it slap off the middle, bang into the helmet of the man at short leg. It's Kayes under the lid, and he's hit so hard the ball ricochets back onto the stumps. He looks alright, but without that lid we might be looking at something rather serious out there. He's led off to the pavilion - looks to be a little shocked, and he's not the only one.

1708: Eng 286-4
Apparently it's only a tenner to get in to this match from tea-time onwards, and free for under-16s. Thanks for the Tweet, Lord's. Shahadat dashes in; Trott punches one off the back peg for two more. Trott to 139, Morgan on six off 16. Chilled.

From Jen, TMS inbox: "I am the wife of John in Altrincham (see 1644) and can I just say that he THINKS the jumper still fits him. Magic sheep? More like a magic mirror...."

1702: Eng 280-4
Every time Mahmudullah comes on to bowl I get the urge to do an Al Jolson impression. Morgan and Trott content themselves with singles, and that's drinks. Speaking of which, Freddie has now moved onto the white wine, from the shape of his glass. It'll be shots of blue WKD by stumps.

From Madeleine, Canada, TMS inbox: "Guam is way too big. If you want to qualify for a Pacific country, try Niue -- population 1,398 last time I checked. (Also happens to be a great spot for a two-year tropical honeymoon) But I did wonder what happened to unsuccessful batsmen, given that the Niuean word for "out" was the same as "dead".

1658: Eng 278-4
Morgan flicks a solitary single, a moment so anticlimactic that the noise of a large balloon slowly deflating is almost audible around headquarters. Trott bunts a strange looper into the open spaces shy of gully, strolls a single, strolls one back for Morgan and then jabs down on a lifter. More and more of the J Kallis about Sir Trottalot.

From Jeff, USA, TMS inbox: "For Andy (see below) et al - if ex-governor Sarah Palin succeeds in her secessionist plot, the Alaskan National Cricket Board is up for grabs and no pesky polar bears or wolves to gobble up dull fielders. Short season but no need to stop for bad light."

1654: Eng 274-4
Be a love and manually refresh, would you? Otherwise the ghost of Pran will haunt us until stumps are drawn. Trott pulls and drives off the back foot for a pair of twos, and Morgan is on strike. Nerves? Not so far.

By Pranav Soneji

1651: Eng 268-4
Utter filth from the Rubster - short and wide and begging to be hit, Trott somehow bottom edges straight into the ground for an easy two down to deep point. Signs of wobble for Rubel, but his direction is hardly what one would call "enterprising". That's it from me, Tom is back and strangely smelling of oranges. Tudo bem.

1647: Eng 266-4
Big M'Dullah races through another six deliveries in record time as Morgan continues his 100% scoring record with two off two. Keep this up and those Bradman comparisons will be raining down in no time.

1644: Eng 264-4
Out comes the Dublin Dasher, or Eoin Morgan if you're a Middlesex member. The ground maybe familiar but the scenario is an altogether different burrito. He's off the mark at the first ask, although why Shakib has a deep square leg for a player making his Test debut I really don't know. Tanky would be throwing peanuts in anger if he ever saw this. Probably. Trotty adds boundary number 14 to his haul as he guides a ball through the slips to the vacant third man boundary.

From John, Altrincham, TMS inbox: "On the subject of cricket jumpers - I have had the same jumper from the age of 9 until the present day (I'm 6ft 2 and weigh 18 stone). It just seemed to grow with me - every season it came out of my cricket bag and miraculously still fitted me. I think it must have come from a magic sheep."

Wicket falls
1640: Eng 258-4 Wicket Bell bowled Rubel Hossain 17
Beauty from Rubel, who cuts a ball back on off stump which bisects a stagnant Bell, caught on the crease and neither committing to front or back foot, and clatters into middle stick. Good ball, but question marks on Bell's footwork. That's ruined Belly's average against Bangladesh - it was 252 before that dismissal.

1637: Eng 258-3
Gorgeous, nay, sumptuous off drive from Trott, easing onto his front foot and caressing the ball through extra cover for a majestic boundary as Mahmudullah loops up an inviting, full delivery outside off stump. Three singles precede the boundary.

1634: Eng 251-3
First genuine play-and-miss of the third and final session as a Rubster wobbles outside off stump as Trott tentatively dangles his willow perilously close to the ball. Two singles follow and a man in Row K of the Mound Stand reluctantly reaches for the business section of the Telegraph to alleviate his current state of tedium.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett on Twitter: "Alastair Cook and his old Essex 'teacher' Graham Gooch are rather dolefully heading to the nets at Lord's"

1630: Eng 249-3
M'Dullah's currently tossing up his deliveries like a darts player at the oche, one after another in pretty much the same area. The only blemish is a short delivery which Trott drives to the cover boundary sweeper.

1627: Eng 248-3
The Rubster bounds in at a chirpy 84mph, but his direction is about as spot-on as my taxi driver's attempts to find Soneji Towers following a late shift last night as he wings down a horrid wide. But the Sat-Nav kicks in and manages to pin Bell inside his crease and concedes the solitary sundry.

From Elliott in the Falkland Islands, TMS inbox: "With regard to previous comments on international qualification, it is relatively easy to qualify to play international cricket. A British passport holder would be eligible to play for the Falkland Islands in the ICC Americas division once he has played 50% of domestic games for 3 years, or conducted cricket related work for 100 days. I'm looking forward to my World Cup debut in a few years time! Curiously though, it is harder to qualify to play for an ICC affiliate than it is for one of the Test playing nations."

1623: Eng 247-3
Mahmudullah absolutely races through his six deliveries, Twenty20 pace and a punch down to long-on the only blemish from his over.

1621: Eng 246-3
Change of bowling as Rubel Hossain and his brand of seamery is introduced by Shakib but alas, he cannot stem the run flow, although none of his six deliveries have "buffet" written on them. Bell and Trott, two men from the bear county of Warwickshire, are booked for bed and breakfast.

1616: Eng 243-3
Mahmudullah is as mean as an angry man with a fly swat as he restricts the third-wicket pair to a couple.

1613: Eng 241-3
Bell saunters down the track to Shahadat with the intent to smash him over the Nursery End and into the indoor school, only to drop his wrists at the last second and guide the ball down to third man for a couple. The amply thatched seamer overpitches on middle and leg and Trott milks two more to move to 109. All so simple - I wonder what Lt Col Denny Bult-Francis would have done in a situation like this?

1608: Eng 235-3
Mahmudullah, all arms, almost like a slo-mo Vincent van de Bijl (ask yer dad kids), sees Trott sneak a run at the start of the over, but keeps Trott in check with five on-the-money deliveries.

1605: Eng 234-3
Shahadat continues his short-ball policy to Bell, who caresses a pull down to deep square for a couple. Big shout out to 10-year-old Robbie from Honeywell Junior School in Wandsworth, who is our mascot for the day. More dismissive singles from Trott, who steals the single for the next over with a flick off his thigh.

1600: Out come the Bangladeshis, some wrapped in old-skool chunky-knit jumpers which bring back memories of my first ever linseed oil-smelling cricket bag. I don't think that jumper ever saw the light of day outside of cricket matches and that bag. Shahadat to ping down the first over after tea.

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From Will, Herts, text 81111: "My favourite obituary is of Lt Col Denny Bult-Francis . Particularly last two sentences of his Telegraph obit."
Marvellous. "Among the tasks allotted to him by intelligence officers was to bring back from Dieppe a bag of nails, bicycle tyres and lingerie."

From Bill in Bracknell, TMS inbox: "I love KP but he never seems to learn. Application and concentration are required at this level but he rarely seems to come out to bat with a plan of how to build an innings. He could learn a thing or two from the likes of (dare I say it) Ricky Ponting who is not in the habit of giving away his wicket."

1553: Boa tarde England, it's your favourite post tea-filling text commentator while Tom nibbles non-meat based footdstuffs and pours over the obituaries of Flashman-like war heroes in the Daily Telegraph. If you have no idea who's writing this fluff, refresh your web browser and direct all complaints to the Soneji helpdesk in the Paraguayan Chaco.

By Tom Fordyce

1541: TEA Eng 231-3
There's the break - Trott on 107, Bell on three. Strange last hour, but England still in the driving seat with pedal to metal. Grab yourself a rosehip tea and we'll go again shortly.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett on Twitter: "The media centre has been as quiet as an office full of accountants today, but there was a murmur of approval at KP's third boundary "

From Andy, TMS inbox: "I've lived in Andorra for a year now but I'm yet to see a cricket pitch. I've just googled the Andorran cricket board and it doesn't seem to exist. So, I hereby pronounce myself chairman, captain and chief selector of the newly Andorran cricket board. Hopefully Bangladesh will be too embarrassed to turn up for the second two tests, being a nice kind of chap, on behalf of the Andorran nation, I will step in. Now who else wants to get involved?"

1538: Eng 231-3
Shakib continues, and Trott has dropped anchor - time for just one more after this one before tea. Blue gradually winning out over white and grey overhead.

From Robert Marriott, TMS inbox: "I'm very interested in Graham's grand plan (1516) to purchase a Paraguayan island, declare independence, and have a derby against local rivals Mexico. But there are a couple of spanners that seem worryingly close to being tossed into the works. Firstly, I've been staring at my son's brightly coloured globe, and can't quite figure out how Mexico would be the local rivals for an island off Paraguay, a few thousand miles to the south. And secondly, I'm struggling to find any islands off the coast of this tiny, land-locked nation."

1534: Eng 230-3
Just watching that dismissal again. Will now be unable to sleep for next three nights. Belly the new man, blinking like a vole just back from hibernation, and he's off the mark with a scurry and dash.

1529: WICKET Pietersen b Shakib 18, Eng 227-3
Wicket falls

What the... tempting looper onto off, and KP tries to marmalise it into next year - misses by a mile, and his off-peg leans back at a shocked angle. Waste - what a waste...

From Charlie, sat in an office in Gibraltar, TMS inbox: "Re James, sat in an office in London - I'm no specialist in the laws or customs of Guam but I suspect that you might have been more successful if you hadn't tried to marry the same girl from Guam."

1526: Eng 226-2
KP's in the mood here - even his defensive shots are being played with a flourish so extravagant that Zorro would blush. Graham Gooch on the England balcony, now with twice the hair he had when smashing his 333 here 20 years ago.

1520: Eng 224-2
Mahmudullah again, and singles spill all around. Sun out again, and a man with a grey beard and ponytail - a little like Jon Lord from Deep Purple - digs a paperback out of his cool-bag.

From Graham in London, TMS inbox: "Re James below: I also hatched a similar plan with my mate who had discovered an island for sale in Paraguay for a meagre $30,000. Surely 11 (16 for full squad) could scrape enough money together to buy the island, set up shop, declare independence and offer local rivals Mexico a game. It may even lead to Concacaf qualification and...who knows...."

1516: Eng 219-2
Lord alive - what a shot that is from Pietersen! It's full and wide from Rubel, but Pietersen hits it so hard it's a surprise the ball makes it the ropes in one piece, or doesn't raise a small white flag as it crashes into the boundary boards.

From Andy, Cardiff, TMS inbox: "Re: Gav 'doing a Kieswetter'. Why not simply create your own micro nation, something along the lines of Gavistan? You could then make yourself Chairman of Selectors and pick any number of family/friends to face England."

1509: Eng 214-2
He's reached 100

Imperious punch from KP to pick up one to deep extra cover, and Trott is in the slot. He ignores one tempting wide one, ignores another and then crashes the third past the sweeper on the cover boundary for the four that takes him to his second Test ton. 133 balls, 12 fours, and he's looked bang back in form throughout. Off comes the lid, up goes the bat, and those present put palm to palm.

From James, sat in an office in London, TMS inbox: "Re. Gav in London (below) - Whilst at University my flatmate and I hatched a plan to marry a native of Guam (then ranked 202 in the FIFA rankings) in an attempt to play International Football. Unfortunately our plan failed when we realised most Guam girls weren't really our type, although I doubt they'd have gone for a pair of Northerners with a habit of beating each other with baking trays."

1505: Eng 208-2
Mahmudullah settling into his role as hapless stooge here. A tossed-up looper is driven away through the covers by Trott for a textbook four; a shorter one dragged down is cut away with relish for more of the same. Trott to 97 - can KP beat him to his ton?

From Geoff 'still married' Jein, TMS inbox: "I blame the Bangladeshi cricket team for my Stag Do going so horribly wrong. It was 2005, before we had even a sniff of winning the Ashes and we came along to day three of the Test at Lords. We went to the bar and got in enough alcohol to last a week. Unfortunately the Bangladesh team had only enough batsmen to last until twenty minutes before lunch, resulting in a hurried downing of too much 'fun juice.' I've never forgiven them."

1500: Eng 200-2
A stirring in the grandstands all around - it's KP time, and suddenly the edge of seats are being utilised for the first time all day. What lines does he have for the stage today? Ah, there's no point in hanging around - four, crashed through the covers, followed by another, sent on its way with the dismissive wave of a bored royal.

1453: WICKET Strauss b Mahmudullah 83, Eng 188-2
Wicket falls

Is that out? Strauss tries to sweep - the ball seems to roll up off his glove and onto his forearm before being snagged behind, but Umpire Bowden says no. There's no arguing with that one, though - faster, flatter, played on off a bottom edge...

From Gav in London, TMS inbox: "Has anyone else comtemplated the idea of 'doing a Kieswetter' and qualifying for Bangledesh? I have no family connections with the country to speak of but think my dream of becoming an international player could be realised. I did once get out to an 80 year old guy with jam jar glasses, electrical twine holding his trousers up and marked his run up with a sweet wrapper but otherwise my cricket CV is relatively ok."

1451: Eng 186-1
A refreshed Shahadat, all grunt and billowing locks in his delivery stride, hammers down a string of short deliveries aimed at Strauss's head from around the wicket, but the left-hander eases a flat-bat pull to deep square leg for a single. Shahadat attempts to bamboozle the England captain with a full-pitched final delivery, but Strauss punches a majestic drive down the ground partially stopped by the bowler for a single.

1440: Eng 183-1
Shahadat bellowing like Monica Seles with every delivery, but all the oomph in the world's no good if your accuracy is reminiscent of Alex Bogdanovic. That'll be drinks.

From Ian, Suffolk, TMS inbox: "Re. William (below) - You (and the others with day 4 tickets - myself included) should bring the scotch eggs down to Lords today and add them to the buffet of bowling that is on show at the moment….Anyone else got anything they can bring?"

1433: Eng 179-1
Hello - Strauss isn't happy here - he calls Trott through for a quick single, only for the Warwickshire man to trudge through at the pace of Robbie Coltrane and almost get himself run out. Strauss shakes his head with a grimace and then stares back down the pitch like a furious headmaster. Trott responds with a sweetly-timed push through the covers to move to 86.

From Andy in Tooting, TMS inbox: "Just read that linked article regarding Lt Col John Pine-Coffin - the part where he lands on an island in just a beret and flippers and takes the enemy prisoners - could only have been better if he did it holding a cricket bat under one arm."

1429: Eng 169-1
Shahadat back for a dart, and the England pair greet him with a brace of singles. A puddle of weak sunshine appears on the outfield. On the balcony, Eoin Morgan - looking every inch the Gaelic Michael Owen - shifts slightly in his seat to avoid Graeme Swann's propped-up bare feet.

From Joe McLusky, TMS inbox: "At the risk of being presumptuous, and without wanting to get carried away, has any team every scored more than a thousand runs in an innings in a Test match?"

1424: Eng 166-1
It's all-you-can-eat time at this particular buffet - wide and inviting from Robiul to give Strauss the room to drive handsomely for four, and then short and sitting-up from Shakib to allow Trott to step away and drive off the back foot for four more through midwicket. You can almost smell the despair coming off the Bangladeshi fielders.

1418: Eng 152-1
Another glimpse of Sir Fred - can report that he's now replaced the tea cup with a champagne flute. Give it three hours and I'll switch to sip-by-sip rather than ball-by-ball. Short from Robiul, almost glancing Trott's face-covering gloves, but when he tries the same again the batsman helps the ball round the corner for four more.

1412: Eng 147-1
Wide and hapless from Robiul, but that's better up next - an angler outside off that draws a little false push. Wide again, and Strauss will run that away off the outside edge for four down to third man.

From William Stebbing, TMS inbox: "How can we ensure the match makes it to a 4th day when I, and many others, have tickets? My main concern is what I should do with the mountain of scotch eggs being prepared. Eating them inside just isn't the same."

1408: Eng 143-1
Shakib being milked like an old Friesian out there, and that's not going to help - Shahadat stumbles in the deep and lets the ball roll through his legs for two more.

1404: Eng 135-1
Runs leaking everywhere, the last slip jogging out into the ring to aid the in-out field. Trott takes a casual two, then two more, and Strauss drills a delighter of a drive through a snoozing pigeon at extra cover for four more. Btw - not sure who Tanky's big pals were, but I'd like to think they included Lt Col John Pine-Coffin : "When he came across a number of heavily bearded men hiding in a monastery, Pine-Coffin suspected that they were Eoka terrorists in disguise and asked his sergeant to give their beards a sharp tug. These all stayed firmly in place and he had to make a swift tactical withdrawal."

1359: Eng 125-1
That's 50

Robiul sprays it around like an untethered hosepipe, and Strauss fills his boots - flashing cut for two, tuck off the pads for two more and a lovely, lazy pull backward of square for the four that brings up his half-ton. Easy peas.

1354: Eng 117-1
Rubel, blissfully unaware of the brain power being applied in his honour, slings one down leg and gets tickled fine by Strauss for the first four of the afternoon session. Uppish drive for one, and then Trott waits on a fuller one to drive it on the bounce back over the bowler's head for four more. Menace notable by its absence in the fitful early summer sunshine.

1347: Eng 107-1
Very defensive field from Bangladesh post-lunch, and Robiul stays straight and steady as Trott gets his gimlet eye back in. Wide open spaces in the stands as punters linger over the prandials.

From Alan Sawyer, TMS inbox: "As Ukraine your neck to see Jonathan Trott making giant Steppes towards his tundra, did I just Sputnik Knight watching from the commentary box?"

1343: Eng 107-1
Welcome back, and it'll be the mini-mulleted Rubel Hossain to open out to Skipper Strauss. Two driven a touch clunkily through cover, as England selector Geoff Miller chews the ear off a bored-looking chap in a dun blazer. And there's Stephen Fry, mid-way through a spicy anecdote, his three companions in various states of mirth.
A note from my superiors: "If you have your own website or use a social networking page, you can keep in touch with what's happening in the cricket by downloading the new TMS widget, which gives access to live commentary, Jonathan Agnew's Twitter feed and the programme's Flickr photo gallery."

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett on Twitter: "Not sure I've seen tandoori swordfish before, but that appears to be what's on the menu here. Not bad, actually"

Get involved on 606
From Alfie on 606: "50 for Trott - probably needed that after his SA tour. Not sure how much it proves about his number 3 credentials but it is a decent start for the summer."

1301: LUNCH Eng 105-1
The classic pre-luncheon over, a tacit agreement between batsman and bowler that no dramas are necessary. Trott will enjoy his sangers on 50, Strauss on 40. Refrescos all round, and we'll reconvene in 30.

1258: Eng 105-1
That's 50

Mahmudullah for the briefest of tweaks before the break, and Trott check-drives down to long on for the single that brings up his half-century. 75 balls and five fours in the knock, and he rather needed that after the tortures of last winter. That low chuntering you can hear in the background? It's Geoff Boycott, struggling to cope with the sight of so many free runs on offer.

From David Shields, TMS inbox: "I once entered a pun competition in the local newspaper, top prize was £100. I entered ten different puns to increase my chances of winning, but no pun in ten did."

1253: Eng 104-1
Short and booming from Shahadat - Trott's not going to reach those with arm extensions. Ah, shot de jour, driving with effortless timing through extra cover for the four that brings up England's century. Worth the highlights package alone, that.

From Tom in Cork, TMS inbox: "Re: Rupert Stone, Alex, at uni in Portsmouth, Andrew, London and Gareth, High Wycombe (below)..I think Ural being silly with your Russian related quips."

1249: Eng 98-1
The remaining sliver of sun slides away behind the clouds as Rubel races in. Strauss slips back into Captain Cautious mode, lifting his bat up and away and dropping the ball dead until pinching the strike at the death.

From Mike in France, TMS inbox: "Ivan the Terrible punning to stop now please."

1245: Eng 97-1
Shahadat returns for a brief foray before luncheon, but there's only one slip in now, and men sweeping on the fence on both sides of the wicket. Trott pulls uppishly for two and then dinks legwards again for two more. England cruising.

From Rupert Stone, TMS inbox: "I agree Andrew, Rubel isn't the tsar performer, but top Marx for effort."

1240: Eng 92-1
Straight and full from Robiul - driven with front elbow high by Trott for two more. Agh - he tries to do the same next ball to one a little wider, and thrusts at thin air as the ball fizzes past his edge. Any pressure is immediately dissipated with the tastiest of half-volleys in leg - three more. Thick grey clouds drift overhead.

From Alex, at uni in Portsmouth, TMS inbox: "Re: Andrew, London and Gareth, High Wycombe (below).. I don't know, he's certainly Putin in the effort this morning.."

1234: Eng 85-1
An MCC member in full fig - egg and bacon blazer, cap, tie - crunches into an apple like a scrumping schoolboy. Rubel all over the shop with his line, going short and wide of off to be glanced away to third man by Trott for four. Trott pulls for one more and watches with eyebrow cocked as a rapid one down leg fizzes away for four byes - and a no ball to boot. Two more to Strauss, tucked away to leg, and England are cantering.

From Andrew, London, TMS inbox: "Rubel might be russian in (See Gareth, High Wycombe, below) but I don't think you could call him the tsar performer"

1229: Eng 69-1
Robiul Islam now, bearded, bustling - that swings at smackable pace into Strauss's happy zone, and he'll clip those away for four all day long. Just £5 for school kids to get today, which could be a nice bonus for Angus Young.

1225: Eng 66-1
Easy singles again as Rubel struggles with his length. Slightly more then half full, the ground, and a pleasant background hum and buzz gently tickles the ears.

From Gareth, High Wycombe, TMS inbox: "Rubel's really russian in isn't he? Feel free to use that one."

1220: Eng 66-1
Perfect checkerboard pattern on the Lord's outfield, as you'd expect - even the worms seem to be appearing in parade-ground rank. Shakib getting a little looser here, dropping short to be punched straight by Trott for two and then straying legwards to be touched away for one more.

1217: Eng 61-1
Rubel strays hipwards, and Trott will nudge that away for the two that brings up the 50 partnership. Repeater up next for the same result, and then a late cut for one more. Trott to 25, Strauss on 28.

From Richard Gauntlett, TMS inbox: "Drinks???? They've been out there an hour, is St. Johns wood suddenly sub saharan?? Tanky would have made it to lunch before a cuppa and a fag......."

1213: Eng 56-1
Shakib keeping the England pair honest out there, rolling through a nice range of deliveries - loopy and flight, flatter and fast, tempting tweak. Single apiece. Re Forsyth (1159) there was a time when old Papa Fordyce would only read two sorts of books - Forsyth's, and ones with women in bikinis on the cover holding revolvers.

1210: Eng 54-1
Rubel's getting some real pace here, although that's too full - Strauss steps into it and times it back down the ground for three. Ooof - that one sizzles straight past Trott's rearing snout, and the slips murmur their bloodlusting approval.

From Tom Woodhatch, TMS inbox: "Dear Tom - there's an important point of titular order that ought to be pointed out. When you describe Alastair Cook's dismissal, you warn those sadly not charged with TV referrals to "Expect a donation from Mr A Cook Esq shortly". "Esq." is never used with Mr. It is always in the form of initial-surname-Esq. This knowledge will help you recognise the envelope from Buckingham Palace inviting you to a garden party'"

1203: Eng 49-1
Careful now, Skipps - Strauss reaches out to Shakib's drifter and gets a thick edge that flies just past a sprawling slip. Three more to the total, and that's drinks.

1159: Eng 43-1
Time for a change - we'll have Rubel Hossain and his slingy reverse swingers. Decent pace here, up in the high 80s, and Strauss nudges one legwards for a escaper of a single. Trott looking to be aggressive again, but a back-foot pull and slash outside off both find the fielders. Michael Parkinson in his usual box there - and is that Frederick Forsyth alongside him?

From Martyn in Corby, TMS inbox: "Surely the role of Tanky would be perfect for Andre Nel's 'Gunter'."

1155: Eng 43-1
KP reclining on the England balcony, scratching at the tattoo on his forearm and then appearing to give himself a quick lick. Brings to mind that old quote about Glenn Hoddle from Tony Cascarino. Shakib to continue, and he foxes Strauss beautifully with one that goes straight on and just fades past the edge. Nope - too wide, and Strauss will go down on one knee to sweep with super timing to the deep square leg fence for four.

1150: Eng 38-1
Some nice chat from our television colleagues/rivals (rilleagues? Collals?) about Trott's relentless routine at the crease. He scratches this, pats that, adjusts the other, and finally he's ready - unthreatening stuff from Shahadat, but the aggressive shots find fielders once again, and that's a maiden.

1147: Eng 38-1
We are indeed - Shakib Al Hasan to try a little early tweak. There's some decent air there, even if the turn is oil tanker slow, and the England pair content themselves with a brace of milked singles. Restrained atmosphere in Lord's this morning, and crosswords are being completed in record time.

From Chris in sunny Stockport, TMS inbox: "The role of 'Tanky' will inevitably be given to a dodgily accented Russell Crowe, in an overblown factually inaccurate Tarantino flick, where he will be hunting Soho gangsters with extreme prejudice"

1143: Eng 36-1
Glimpse there of Jimmy Anderson and Graeme Swann, the Statler and Waldorf of the England balcony. Strauss gets lucky with a late dab down on Shahadat's lifter, the ball dribbling away just past leg stump, and Trott finds the field with three more aggressive shots. Are we having some spin?

From Rich Coleman, TMS inbox: "Just think what a bowler Tanky would have been in his day, I can just imagine him steaming in and delivering venomous bouncers whistling past the batsman's nose and then just giving them steely stare as if to say next time mate next time…"

1137: Eng 35-1
Anything you can do, says Strauss, leaning back with elegant anger and crashing a muscular pull high over the deep midwicket fence for a six that's rather shocking. Still three slips and a gully in, and they might as well be back in the pavilion - juiciest of half-volleys on leg stump, and Strauss turns that away for four more. Sun comes out for the first time today, as a gentleman in the Mound Stand uncorks his first snifter of the day.

1132: Eng 23-1
Trott, teeth gritted, waits with bat cocked - ah, dreamy shot, stepping into a full one on off to drive effortlessly through cover for four. And another! This time it's straight down the ground, and Trott just about resists the temptation to hold the pose with elbow high to allow the photographers to capture for posterity.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett on Twitter: "Rough decision for Cook, but Bangladesh are owed a few in their favour after the winter series on their own patch"

1126: Eng 15-1
Robiul now, steaming into Strauss, dander up - into the pads, tickled away unconvincingly for the single that gets Skipper off the quacker. Trott gets a juicy one on his toes to time away for three to midwicket, before Strauss reaches out with arms as extended as Mr Tickle to bunt a full toss straight to the fielder at extra cover - along the ground, of course. Hello - is that Sir Fred of Flintoff up there in the hospitality slots? It is, and he's reaching towards a tray being proffered by an aproned lackey - ah, just a cup of tea at this stage.

From Nick in dreary London, TMS inbox: "Surely the part of Tanky is crying out for Gary Oldman - particularly thinking of his role in Leon."

1122: Eng 11-1
Got to be honest, that looked high to me - yup, replays show it was pinging over the bails by the width of a clenched fist. Cook's on his way, though - no referrals in this series, of course, after a row between the host broadcasters and ICC about who would pay for what. Expect a donation from Mr A Cook Esq shortly. Jonathan Trott to the crease, and that's a ripper up first - bounce, spit, aggression. Wide and sloppy up next, and Trott will crack that off the back foot for four behind square.

1119: WICKET Cook lbw Shahadat 7, Eng 7-1
Wicket falls

Straightish, straightens up the slope, thunks into the top of Cook's back stick - De Silva's given him!

1116: Eng 7-0
First glance of Eoin Morgan on the England balcony, seated next to the hulking presence of KP like a copper-tinged Mini Me. Robiul's found his line here, keeping Strauss honest like Tanky in the Flying Squad, and the skipper shows monkish patience to leave alone.

From Emma Robinson, TMS inbox: "How has no-one made a film of Tanky's life yet? I'm seeing Ray Winstone in the post-war, crooked copper role, but not sure he'd work as an emaciated Tommy defying the Nazis… "

1112: Eng 7-0
Shahadat, scamper in his stride, races in - whippy in-dip, and there's a huge shout as that thuds into Cook's back pad - no, says Umpire De Silva, and he's bang on - pitched just outside leg, hit a fraction too high and caught a skinny inside edge to boot. Overpitched on off, and Cook leans into that for a casual drive back down the ground for our first four of the summer.

BBC Sport's Oliver Brett on Twitter: "About 18,000 tickets sold for today, and I reckon quite a few aren't in yet. Lots of room if you fancy paying £35 to get in. Drizzle returns"

1108: Eng 3-0
Robiul Islam will open out from the Nursery End, Cook waiting with dipped head and twitching willow. Easy peas on leg stump, turned away square for the first runs of the summer. Emotional. Cook jabs down on one that comes down the hill, strolls a single, and the seats all around slowly fill with punters untucking newspapers from under arms.

From Mike, London, TMS inbox: "Go to 11am internal meeting or sit and keep up to date for the first hour of the new test season of cricket??"

1103: Eng 0-0
Shahadat Hossain the man to seize the cherry, three slips, gully, backward point and a short leg in - three anglers across the bows of Strauss, all left alone, and then - ooof - a little tempter which draws a leaden-footed lunge. Yelps from the cordon. Another heading wide of off, and Strauss - his huge forearms like lengths of steel hawser - lifts blade away from trouble.

1055: Here come the umpires, gazing up suspiciously at a sky the colour of a London pavement. Bangladesh fielders just behind, with Strauss and Cook jogging down the steps a moment later, flicking heels up to glance the b'tocks.

1050: Today's forecast: cloudy this morning, sunshine breaking through later, maximum of 16 C, 20% chance of precipitation. On TMS, Jonathan Agnew is presenting Michael Vaughan with his first ever TMS tie. Wonder if he'll follow wedding rules and be wearing it Rambo-style around his forehead come 10pm tonight.

1045: "Typical of his demeanour was his own account of how he fulfilled an order to exercise a group of Gestapo prisoners in Stavanger: 'One of them made the mistake of smiling at me. The gaze I returned had him backing away. Then I took them out one by one and exercised them with some stiff fisticuffs.'

1042: Morgan one of cricket's great mavericks, of course - but if we're talking real loose cannons, he can only aspire to the extraordinary deeds of the man they called Tanky...

From Gina, Gloucestershire, TMS inbox: "Can I be the first to wish all the regulars, and the newcomers, a big cheery and excitable hello to another cricketing summer here on the BBC website! Is that grovelly enough?"

1035: Team news - the Dublin Dasher (TM) is in for his first Test cap; alongside Eoin Morgan will be his Middlesex team-mate Steve Finn. This from Skipper Strauss, back in charge of the England team for the first time in four months: ""The way Eoin has played suggests a good temperament. He's got nothing to lose and I've got every confidence he'll do well. ""We probably would have had a bowl but we know what it's like at Lord's, if you can get over the first session there should be plenty of runs. I'm very rested and all of us can't wait to get started."

1032: Basics first up - Bangladesh have won the toss and decided to stick England in. Could be an interesting morning for a joust - decent cloud cover overhead, track looking to have some pace about it.

1030: Ah, the start of a new cricketing summer - a grey sky, almost no-one in the ground and thick blankets being tucked around the legs of the few spectators currently in. It's good to be back.

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Live Scores - England v Bangladesh


  • England beat Bangladesh by 8 wickets
  • England: 505 & 163-2 (35.1 overs)
  • Bangladesh: 282 & 382 (110.2 overs)

England 2nd Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 2 163
Strauss c Mushfiqur Rahim b Al Hasan 82
Cook lbw b Mahmudullah 23
Trott not out 36
Pietersen not out 10
Extras 6nb 1w 5lb 12

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