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England v Australia - World T20 final as it happened


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By Oliver Brett


2015: OK, the radio team have gone off-air, and this will be my final entry. Thanks for your contributions. I must say it's a bit of a shame that many of you seem to mention England have only won this because of the South African influx, but I don't really buy it I'm afraid. Maybe it's mostly Australian fans whinging, who knows? The captain and bowlers are all as English as they come, of course, and from the first game of the Super Eights England demolished every opponent they faced. Well played!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
Craig from London, text message: "Brilliant stuff from England. Out-thinking and out-smarting Australia in virtually every area." [Not sure there was one area England were out-thought in actually, Craig!]

From John in Oldham, TMS inbox: "Well done to the England team but everyone seems to forget about what goes on behind the scenes. So I think a well done to Andy Flower and his team. They need a bit of praise as well. Well done England!"

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From redboychris on 606: "ENGLAND ENGLAND ENGLAND and now can the footballers please for once show the same skill and dedication and if not win do us proud in the WC. But tonight is all about our cricket team well done boys."

2005: Winning captain Paul Collingwood: "When you want to beat the best you have to beat the best. We put them under a lot of pressure and the way KP and Kieswetter attacked them we deserved that victory. The wicket played fantastically and that partnership was absolutely key for us. This is our first trophy and we're going to savour it and enjoy it."

2003: David Morgan of the ICC and Clive Lloyd, former West Indies captain, are dishing out winners medals to the England team.

2002: Kevin Pietersen, player of the series: "So proud to be part of a dressing-room where the players work so hard. They love each other's success. This team is hungry for success. The more you play the more you win, the more of a habit it becomes. Barbados, Little England, what a great place. We got the better of Shane Watson today but he'll have his day again. Kieswetter has really impressed, is always willing to learn."

1959: Man-of-the-match Craig Kieswetter: "It's nice to get some runs in the final. To play against Australia in the final make it even better. Kevin Pietersen makes it a lot easier for me, takes the pressure off. The team played well throughout the whole tournament we've had great support from the crowd throughout too. A lot of work needs to be done on my 'keeping, I'm looking forward to getting back to Taunton and putting in some hard yards with Bruce French."

1955: It's losers medal time for the Aussies. Clarke: "I don't think we scored enough runs. It was a wonderful game of cricket, we've got to give England a lot of credit, they outplayed us today. We're disappointed not to get the result in the final but we have improved a lot in this form of the game. The way England were playing we would have needed 200."

Stephen Fry on Twitter: "Well done @timbresnan @swannyg66 and everyone xxx"

Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "Gemma Broad I can see there, very obviously, very tall, very blonde. She's down there with men all around her." [Stuart's sister has an official role with the England backroom staff]

1950: By the way, the whole of the England squad are jumping around like delirious children who have been told they can spend an hour on the trampoline and drink as much Coke as they like. Broad and Swann look particularly manic with elation. Now they all slow down and clap to the England fans as they do a lap of honour.

1949: I'm so excited I can't even read my watch, but I've got the right times in now. There's a long pause before the presentation ceremony, so we can just drink in England's success while they get the podium sorted out and the various sponsors and so on positioned in the right place.

1948: The really impressive thing about this England side is that they have always looked to attack, whether with bat or ball, from the outset. Australia must wonder what hit them today. And when they've finished pondering all that they have to work out how to win back the Ashes this winter.

1944: So England have finally broken the hoodoo, winning their first ever ICC title after three failures in World Cup finals going back to 1979, and the sad afternoon at The Oval in 2004, when Michael Vaughan's team somehow allowed West Indies to come back and beat them in the Champions Trophy final when the match was more or less won.

17th over- Eng 148-3 (TARGET 148)
Watson has really struggled up to now, and Morgan takes him on, but gets too much height on this shot. Somehow it has enough to go over the diving fielder at deep midwicket and England collect two. Phew. Collingwood sets himself, and launches Watson for six over midwicket! The fielder was there, but Colly was hitting with the wind, and cleared the man on the rope. No nudging and nurdling from this England, and four more from Collingwood, heaved behind square for four more. The ball is punched off the last ball of the over wide of mid-on, and ENGLAND HAVE THRASHED AUSTRALIA.

16th over- Eng 134-3 (TARGET 148)
Morgan slog-sweeps Smith for six, that'll calm everyone down, surely? "I want a piece of that Irish willow he's got," says Ian Chappell. A clever two from Morgan next, and he hits into the same vacant bit of space for two more. England need 15 from 26 balls now. And there's a single to end the over, surprised he didn't get the reverse-sweep out there ;-)

15th over- Eng 123-3 (TARGET 148)
It's raining, England are well ahead on Duckworth-Lewis, but Morgan plays and misses outside off stump, not once but twice. Oh Lordy, it was so straightforward not long ago, now this chase has turned into a bit of a nightmare. Johnson sends down a a wide after five dots following the wicket, and Morgan scampers a single to keep the strike. he's batting with Collingwood by the way.

Wicket falls
14.1 overs - WICKET - Kieswetter b Johnson 63 Eng 121-3 (TARGET 148)
Well that, I'm afraid, is an absolute shocker. Kieswetter backs away yards down the leg-side, Johnson bowls full and on off-stump, and the batsman doesn't even play a shot at it because he knows he can't reach it.

14th over- Eng 121-2 (TARGET 148)
So, Australia back in with a shout? Who's your money on? Just refresh your browser if you please to allow a few tweaks to go through.

Wicket falls
13.1 overs - WICKET - Pietersen c Warner b Smith 47 Eng 118-2 (TARGET 148)
With just 30 wanted, Pietersen can see the winning post, but he plays one shot too many, spiralling a lofted drive against the spinner Smith way up and safely into the hands of Warner at long-off.

He's reached 100
13th over- Eng 118-1 (TARGET 148)
Kieswetter brings up the 100 partnership with a drive over backward point for four and then picks up Nannes, depositing him one-handed over deep backward square-leg for six. Take that. He won't play in KP's shadow any longer, this lad. England now requiring four and a half runs an over to win. It's going well. Umpire Doctrove has his second shocker of the match as Pietersen survives an lbw appeal. It was hitting middle, you know.

That's 50
12th over- Eng 104-1 (TARGET 148)
Watson's now two overs for 28, and the weakness in back-up bowling has finally reared its head for Australia. But there are other bowlers to cash in on too, and with mid-on up Pietersen drives Tait handsomely over that fielder's head for four. And now he creams one over long-off for six. Not enough short bowling from Australia's pacemen today, and they are paying. Pietersen's batting like it's The Oval 2005 all over again. Kieswetter grabs a single and that's his first T20 half-century for England.

E-mail from Geoff R, TMS inbox: "Come on England and make it a Sunday double - Oxford United are back in the Football League after four years of misery!"

Ian Chappell on TMS: "KP is the sort of player who wants to send out a message to the opposition saying 'we've gotcha' and that's why he came down the crease to Johnson."

11th over- Eng 89-1 (TARGET 148)
Watson's first over went for 12, but skipper Clarke is not prepared to pull him out of the attack, and Pietersen is almost caught... Johnson diving at midwicket, the ball cannoning off his leg, very tough chance. Kieswetter top-edges a massive blow, and initially you're thinking he's caught. But it sails for six, with the wind of course. Horrible mix-up between the two batsmen follows, but England survive. It could be Kieswetter's day, because a drive spirals over backward point from a big mis-hit, but there's no third man, so that'll be four.

10th over- Eng 73-1 (TARGET 148)
Pietersen is skipping down the track to hammer Johnson straight along the ground for one. Kieswetter mistimes his drive and it's another single. There's one more from Pietersen, and an ugly swipe from Kieswetter, inside-edging onto his pads for one. A fifth single of the over follows, can England finish it well? No, and in fact Kieswetter is almost bowled. England need 75 more from the last 10. They are almost bang on the required rate.

9th over- Eng 68-1 (TARGET 148)
Watson will bowl his briskish medium pace with Haddin standing up to the stumps. Two edgy runs from Kieswetter who seems to want Pietersen to do all the hitting at the minute. There's a wonderful save on the boundary edge from Nannes as Kieswetter drives through the covers with good placement. Oh, and that's followed by a shocking miss by David Hussey at mid-off. And Kieswetter adds four runs to his score. Now a shocker from Watto, short and wide outside off, cut with great authority by Kieswetter for a second boundary.

8th over- Eng 56-1 (TARGET 148)
Spin, and it's Steve Smith, the young leggie who looks a bit like Shane Warne but thankfully doesn't bowl like him. Kieswetter might fancy him, you would think - no not in that way - but he's going to have a look first. KP will allow Smith no such liberties and drives him exquisitely through the covers for four.

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From nigeweir on 606: "Have the England fans started chanting "Easy Easy " yet. Why would anyone doubt our credentials this week. We have been awesome."

7th over- Eng 49-1 (TARGET 148)
The pitch commentators were definitely right about this Barbados wicket, considerably less pace in it than in the Super Eights. Kieswetter almost finds a gap in the covers, but mid-off dives to his left to cut it off. Now Pietersen is sent back by his partner as he looks for a quick single, and he hammers the next ball down the ground for two. He is looking very calm is KP. And now he flays Johnson through the covers for a nice boundary.

1851: If you haven't yet refreshed your browser at all during this match please do so, because otherwise it might say Australia are still batting. Cheers.

6th over- Eng 41-1 (TARGET 148)
Pietersen swivels to play at about 60 degrees to the angle of delivery from Nannes. Looks very risky, but that's the nature of the game. Only two runs for the shot, however. Pietersen hopping about at the crease, and the Nannes yorker almost pings him in front. A one-handed pull from Pietersen now, for just one run. England are not ahead of the required rate yet, and the fielding restrictions end now.

5th over- Eng 36-1 (TARGET 148)
Pietersen counts off the fielders as Johnson prepares to bowl his first ball. I do that too, but funnily enough I still can't bat like KP. Single off the first ball, then a dot as Kieswetter comes into strike. He won't get so many runs if they stop bowling him half-volleys, I feel. Five lovely wides (from an England point of view) as Johnson bowls something a bit a la Lord's 2009 - Haddin will never get to that. Slightly short, slight outside off, and brilliantly biffed away for four by Pietersen. Quick single to steal the strike, great over for England.

4th over- Eng 24-1 (TARGET 148)
Pietersen is off the mark with a sort of front-foot pull for two off Tait. The next ball is much fuller and is flicked through the onside for three. Kieswetter misses out on a low full toss at his pads, and now he backs away miles to leg, Tait following him, no run again. In the stands, Brian Lara watches on, and he would approve as Kieswetter plays a dreamy cover-drive for a scintillating boundary. The flourish has my colleague Ben Dirs purring: "Like Seve Ballesteros coming out of the rough!"

3rd over - Eng 15-1 (TARGET 148)
Kieswetter hits the first ball after the resumption for four, crashing a wide half-volley from Nannes all along the ground through the covers for four.

DELAY - 1835: The players are back out there now, we will resume the third over. Whose momentum has been interrupted?

DELAY: A long, tedious delay has stretched to a pathetic embarrassment as the players march off the field because of this sightscreen issue.

From Max in Wiltshire, TMS inbox: "So we've got the Husseys, the Akmals, the McCullums, Stuart and Gemma Broad, the Bravos, the Pathans, the O'Briens, the Morkels and probably others that I've missed... is a pair of siblings a requirement for an international cricket team?"

2.4 overs - Eng 11-1 (TARGET 148)
Umpires Doctrove and Dar appear to be operating a very generous interpretation of the aerial wide rule as two balls from Nannes sail over Kieswetter's head. But now a lofted on-drive gives the Somerset man a boundary. Nice shot. Long, tedious delay because some part of the sightscreen isn't black enough. Yawn.

2nd over - Eng 7-1 (TARGET 148)
Pietersen plays a firm front-foot drive as he faces his first ball, but no runs there.

Wicket falls
1.5 overs - WICKET - Lumb c D Hussey b Tait 2 Eng 7-1 (TARGET 148)
Tait was a bit nervy in practice, I hear, but he starts with great accuracy and England's openers need to concentrate. Kieswetter gives himself a tiny bit of room outside off-stump and punches Tait for two, but England lose their first wicket as Lumb just punches a ball tamely to mid-on.

1st over - Eng 3-0 (TARGET 148)
Lumb plays and misses at Nannes' first ball, then edges a drive past both slips for a single. Kieswetter fences at his first ball, and it just evades his outside edge. Better next time, covering up on the back foot in defence. Kieswetter does not hit a lot of singles, so scoring could be slow to start with. He's off the mark with a toe-ended pull that somehow goes over cover's head for two. Not entirely convincing.

Get involved on 606
From Greeny - onwards and upwards on 606: "VoiceOfCricket. Maybe KP won't get a bat."

Get involved on 606
From Voiceofcricket on 606: "KP is the key. If he stays at the wicket England will be crowned world champions. I would like to see that."

20th over - Aus 147-6
England don't want to be chasing more than 150 if they can avoid it. That helps, only a bye as Smith faces his first ball, Michael H is back on strike. The one remaining Hussey cannot cash in on a filthy full toss miles outside off-stump, just a single, before Smith edges a single. Two runs off the last ball down to long-off, excellent final over from Broad, but make no mistake England are in a real dogfight now.

Wicket falls
19.2 overs - WICKET D Hussey run out 59 - Aus 142-6
Not the pace in this wicket for Broad to bowl bouncers really, which may be a problem when Nannes and co get going. Anyway, a full ball is smacked out to deep midwicket for a single, and now Luke Wright pings down a throw from long-on to run out David as the Aussies look for a single.

That's 50
19th over - Aus 140-5
Sidebottom's slow bouncer comes out, just a single off that one, and David H gets his half-century from the next ball, driving down the ground with no timing for a couple. A valuable dot ball follows, keep this up Sidey! A slightly fortuitous thin edge brings up four runs for David, who's getting nearly all the strike, and Australia are now firmly in the contest.

18th over - Aus 128-5
So we now know that overs 18 and 20 will be bowled by Broad, with Sidebottom getting number 19. Michael H shovels a boundary behind square on the onside, now his brother plays the pick-up shot over short fine-leg for a second boundary. A real charge by Australia now, who have scored 31 off the last two overs. Another 31 off the last two will give them 159 and that will be tough to chase.

17th over - Aus 114-5
Mr and Mrs Hussey will be interested observers, should they be staying up into the wee hours in Australia, as both their sons are at the crease. Collingwood misses what must be described as a fairly easy run-out opportunity. That's a shame. Now Michael H nabs a lucky boundary with a nick past Kieswetter off Bresnan. A waist-high full toss by Bresnan, who is hobbling a bit now, is smashed for six by David H, who hits the extra ball for two, and that's a really good over for the Aussies.

16th over - Aus 97-5
That might be Wright's only over for the tournament, but hasn't the Sussex lad done well?

Wicket falls
15.4 overs - WICKET White c Broad b Wright 30 - Aus 95-5
Yardy's third over was smashed for 21, so he won't bowl again, and it's Luke Wright for the first time in the tournament. Plan B has been implemented by Captain Colly. Fifty partnership between White and Hussey, in decent time. But Wright now picks up the massive wicket of White thanks to an outstanding catch from Stuart Broad, diving between three fielders all converging on the ball at deep cover.

15th over - Aus 92-4
It's Bresnan, but only after a huge delay as Collingwood tries to get the field just the way he wants it. Bresnan does not have the pace to bowl bouncers that can threaten teams like Australia, and White makes him pay with a confidently-pulled four. But he asks more questions from the next few balls, and now Broad has DROPPED Hussey. Maybe the wind took it a bit, but he still misjudged it a bit at the edge of the circle. Finally, something goes Australia's way.

14th over - Aus 85-4
Swann is bowling really intelligently at White, mixing it up as the right-hander tries to hit some big shots. He does get one boundary away, but only one. Swann 4-0-17-1

13th over - Aus 80-4
I don't think Australia have time for third gear. Hussey slogs across the line, hits very cleanly, and smacks the ball into the crowd. Yardy, now under pressure, bowls a high full-toss and White hammers down the ground for four. The next one does land in the right area, but White has his eye in, clears the front leg, and smacks his first six. The last ball is driven powerfully straight down the ground for four more and Australia have finally made some sort of statement. Ouch.

12th over - Aus 59-4
OK, so Australia are moving into second gear now. Each batsman goes for the lofted drive off Swann, but neither shot produces a boundary and Hussey almost picks out Broad at long-off with his attempt.

11th over - Aus 54-4
Australia are still very capable of scoring 150-odd and that will be tough to chase, mark my words. Anyway for now they are a very long way off there. More nudging off Yardy. Yardy loves bowling in this situation.

10th over - Aus 47-4
Cameron White is in now. He was once the future Shane Warne, but is now arguably the most fearsome six-hitter in world cricket and doesn't bowl at all. He takes the Aussies to the halfway stage with a Boycottesque defensive block. That shot tells a story.

Wicket falls
9.2 overs - WICKET Clarke c Collingwood b Swann 27 - Aus 45-4
Clarke presses forward to knock Swann down to long-on, but the ball doesn't get there BECAUSE COLLINGWOOD DIVES TO HIS LEFT FROM SHORT MIDWICKET TO TAKE A WONDERFUL CATCH. England on fire. It's official.

9th over - Aus 44-3
Spin at both ends as Yardy is brought on, and England are keeping the scoring very much in check with some accurate bowling and hungry work in the field.

8th over - Aus 38-3
Graeme Swann, who had such a good Ashes series last summer, is into the attack now. And it's a tidy over from him. I wonder when Australia will feel they actually need to start dictating play a bit more.

7th over - Aus 34-3
As of now only four men need to be in the ring, but Collingwood has six because England are in such good shape. Bresnan is the man bowling - no spin yet from England - but there's some better work from Clarke and D Hussey (remember Friday's hero Mike is still padded up waiting to come in). Clarke pulls off the front foot for his, and Australia's second four.

Ian Chappell on TMS: "Very difficult game plan to implement this from Australia - deliberately lose wickets early to get Mike Hussey in."

6th over - Aus 24-3
David Hussey is kept very "honest", as they say in some parts, by an accurate Broad. Five dot balls in a row, and the powerplay comes to an end with England in wonderful shape.

Dixie in Dubai, TMS inbox: "I'm liking this start, Freddie was in my local for the Cup final on Saturday so there's a good chance he will be there again tonight, who better to celebrate an England victory with? Did I see a pedalo moored off the palm this morning?"

5th over - Aus 23-3
Sidebottom is bowling a very tight line against the right-handers and he has to be careful, as Clarke plays a comfortable leg-glance for the Aussies' first boundary of the final. He's back on middle and leg for the rest of the over, however, and that's well done - not many runs there for Australia. Sidebottom has 2-14 from three overs - wonderful start from the Yorkshireman with the mad barnet.

4th over - Aus 16-3
Apologies for not making it entirely clear who took the catch for the first wicket. It was Swann. That seems hours ago. Broad is on for the first time, and Australia are not going to do anything crazy now, it would seem. A very well-placed shot from Clarke gains his team two runs, that's a big deal for the Aussies right now. And now there's an aerial wide - over head height. Broad always wastes a few deliveries that way, it must be said. But it would be wrong to quibble too much right now! Lumb has another chance for a run-out, this time against David Hussey, but he misses!

3rd over - Aus 10-3
Clarke and David Hussey, both right-handers, are the batsmen at the crease as the Aussies look to recover their breath. The chants for England are deafening now. The rum punch is "making an early impact," says Aggers. Still no boundaries for Australia.

Wicket falls
2.1 overs - WICKET Haddin c Kieswetter b Sidebottom 1 - Aus 8-3
OOOhhhhh, West Indian umpire Billy Doctrove has had a shocker there, as Kieswetter takes the ball acrobatically down the leg-side off Sidebottom. England, as well they might, go up as one for the catch, but it was blatantly off the body - no gloves or bat in that one.

2nd over - Aus 8-2
Crikey. Australia almost lose another batsman to a run-out, but this time Morgan's throw misses. Dear me.

Wicket falls
1.5 overs - WICKET Warner run out 2 - Aus 7-2
Bresnan, who was expensive in the semi-final, starts off with a very accurate delivery to Warner, and the next ball is stabbed to mid-off, another dot. An even uglier shot from the third ball gets Warner off strike as Lumb fields from deep midwicket. And now there's a run out! Dreadful lack of communication from the batsmen as Clarke thought about a run and it's Warner who's run out at the striker's end as Lumb throws down the stumps. He was out by miles.

1st over - Aus 6-1
Sidebottom sends down a wide to Clarke, and then there's an easy single. Warner on strike for the first time, another single turned through the on-side for Australia, and there's a slight groan from the massed ranks of England fans as Sidebottom bowls another wide. The last ball is defended and that counts as a good start for England.

Wicket falls
0.3 overs - WICKET - Watson c Swann b Sidebottom 2 - Aus 2-1
Watson pulls the first ball for two, defends the second and edges the third to Kieswetter... who fumbles it, but Swann dives to clutch the rebound at slip.

1629: Just to be clear, no Cornish PLAYERS, I suspect. Ryan Sidebottom to bowl the first ball to Shane Watson.

1627: Advance Australia Fair sounds very peculiar on steel drums, like a strange experiment dreamed up by a bored kid on a synthesizer. God Save the Queen sounds even madder. Oh well. And there's a Cornish flag in the crowd. I love the white cross on the black background. No Cornishmen there today, though, as far as I'm aware.

1624: It looks very hot, with that gentle, fluffy cloud around and lots of sunshine. The teams are coming out now for the anthems. Most players look a little bit nervous.

Get involved on 606
From sportsfan87 on 606: "Good move by England to bowl first for two reasons: 1, we have trouble setting targets in the past and 2, given how Aus chased couple days ago, bowling first puts the Australia under pressure."

Full team details (both unchanged from semi-finals):
DA Warner, SR Watson, MJ Clarke*, DJ Hussey, CL White, MEK Hussey, BJ Haddin†, SPD Smith, MG Johnson, SW Tait, DP Nannes.
England: MJ Lumb, C Kieswetter†, KP Pietersen, PD Collingwood*, EJG Morgan, LJ Wright, TT Bresnan, MH Yardy, GP Swann, SCJ Broad, RJ Sidebottom.

1616: One problem I have with England opting to bowl first is the memory I have of Australia batting first in the World Cups of 2003 and 2007, when Ponting in Jo'burg - and then Gilchrist in Barbados - went completely beserk with the Aussies also setting a target for their opponents to chase. Mind you, this is Twenty20, not 50-overs-per-side.

1612: Some early opinions about the pitch in place for the final. The talk is that it might not be quite as quick as the terrific ones we saw in the Super Eights, but the ball should still come onto the bat nicely. It seems quite dry, which will presumably help the spinners - and that's one department in which England definitely look stronger than their opponents.

Marc in Cambridge, TMS inbox:England saw what Australia can do the other day when they're chasing a target. They don't know when they're beaten. Good shout from Colly to let them bat first and hopefully restrict them to something we can have a go at."

Gavin in Surrey, TMS inbox: "Surely England chasing allows us poor fans an idea, early on, as to what England's chances are. Oz put on huge total we can go home. Oz have no answer to Yardy and Swann, game on!"

1605: Aussie captain Michael Clarke says he would have had a bat first anyway, so everyone's happy it would seem. He says England have played "brilliantly" so far - rare praise from an Australia captain.

Alison Mitchell
BBC Sport's Alison Mitchell on Twitter: "Top atmosphere outside - flags, shirts, plenty of Eng fans."

1602: A bit of a surprise that England have decided to chase a target? Let me know your thoughts.

1600: England are unchanged, as expected. And it is officially a sell-out at the Kensington Oval. England win the toss and a huge cheer rings round the ground. Collingwood says he will have a bowl first: "We need to stick to our strengths. It looks a good pitch."

1557: England's captain Paul Collingwood was probably not entirely thrilled to watch from his hotel as Australia came back from the dead to stun Pakistan in their semi-final on Friday thanks to a once-in-a-lifetime innings from Mike Hussey. But Colly says: "The guys seem very relaxed going into such a big occasion and that's a great sign."

1552: We seem to have typical Caribbean weather conditions for this ICC World Twenty20 final, with the most recent bulletins suggesting a warm and sunny picture as things stand, though there may be the odd hit-and-miss shower, we hear. Fortunately, those have been very much miss rather than hit since we were in Guyana for the start of the tournament.

1550: We return to Barbados for the final, with the toss due in 10 minutes. The Kensington Oval traditionally brings a healthy contingent of St George Cross-brandishing England fans, and they certainly played their part when England scored convincing wins over Pakistan and South Africa in the Super Eights stage. But Australia have also performed excellently here, with their pace trio of Dirk Nannes, Mitchell Johnson and Shaun Tait really enjoying the pace and bounce in Bridgetown.

1545: Well then. This is the big one. Long-suffering England cricket fans can remember three failures to win World Cup finals, plus a heart-breaking loss in the 2004 Champions Trophy at The Oval on a perishingly cold autumn day. But today you can stop harking back full of remorse, if only England can beat Australia and finally carry off a major global cricket tournament.

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Live Scores - England v Australia


  • England beat Australia by 7 wickets
  • England: 148-3 (17.0 overs)
  • Australia: 147-6 (20.0 overs)

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 3 148
Lumb c Hussey b Tait 2
Kieswetter b Johnson 63
Pietersen c Warner b Smith 47
Collingwood not out 12
Morgan not out 15
Extras 8w 1lb 9

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