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Australia v Pakistan semi-final as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

2034: I'm still struggling to get my breath back after that astonishing finish to that game. Hope we did it justice. But hopefully we'll all be recovered for the final on Sunday - and I hope you'll join us then as England bid to shake off their status as the only major cricketing nation not to have won an ICC tournament. Enjoy "Ashes to Ashes" tonight, and I'll be here to fire up the live text Quattro on Sunday. Thanks for all your emails, texts and messages today - sorry we didn't have room for more of them in such a hectic match. TTFN.

From Chris Ward, TMS inbox: "Mike Hussey was batting like he was playing a game of stick cricket. Except he scored more runs than I ever will on stick cricket!"

BBC Radio 5 Live
2025: A quick note for your diaries - the much-anticipated England v Australia final on Sunday will now be on BBC Radio 5 live (not Sports Extra), while you'll also be able to hear it here on the BBC Sport website if you're in the UK. Play starts at 1630 BST, while TMS should be on air from 1600 - and we'll be starting up the live text well before that, to bring you all the build-up.

Man-of-the-match Mike Hussey: "My plan by the end was just to swing hard at every ball and take advantage of the strong wind - I can't believe we did it. Cameron helped change the momentum really well, but this game of cricket keeps amazing me every day. That's up there with the best feeling I've had in my career."

Australia captain Michael Clarke: "I thought Pakistan had 15-20 runs too many and when Cameron got out I thought it was going to be very tough, but this man Michael Hussey is an absolute freak. We'll enjoy this win tonight, but we can't wait to get to Barbados and we'll enjoy the final"

Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi: "I thought 191 was a very good total. Salman Butt and Kamran Akmal started well for us, Umar Akmal was amazing and his innings gave us a good boost, but the way White and Hussey played was incredible"

2015: I'm told that's the third highest winning chase in T20 internationals. But I think I'm with Aggers on this one - I can't remember a more astonishing finish to any game I've ever watched, listened to or played in. Ever. In any form of cricket.

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From simply_complicated on 606: "Could this be the BEST ever chase we have ever seen in T20? Hussey you beauty... Well now England need to fear because this man has just pulled off one of the most amazing victories! Can't wait for a great final..."

Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "Pakistan will feel they've been robbed, but if Australia can win a game like that, they can win any game of cricket, anywhere"

2011: Did that really just happen?


That's 50
19.5 overs - Aus 197-7
So, it all comes down to the last over - Mitchell Johnson facing the off-spin of Saeed Ajmal. A smeared single to fine leg only brings one, but it means Hussey's on strike. Can "Mr Cricket" play a knock worthy of his name with 17 needed from five balls. The second ball of the over is swiped over mid-wicket for six - 11 needed from four! Third ball is an even bigger hit, that's launched over long-on for six more! Five needed from three! (That's also Hussey's 50). Fourth ball is steered through the covers for four, scores level! Pakistan need two dot balls to force a super-over. "This is one of the best finishes to any game of cricket I've ever seen," says Aggers on TMS. Fifth ball is launched over long-on for Hussey's sixth six - Australia win by three wickets. What an absolutely astonishing finish.

19th over - Aus 174-7 (TARGET 192)
Aamer to Hussey, an innovative sweep shot brings him four off the first ball of the over. All his 28 runs have come on the leg side - as if to confound that stat, he off-drives, they turn for a second as the throw from long-off comes in, Johnson has to dive full-length at the bowler's end, and it goes to the third umpire... he's in. Just. 28 needed from 10. Hussey tries another scoop to fine leg, it flies to third man and two leg byes are signalled. 26 from nine. A well-run two means it's 24 from eight, they need boundaries... A firm off-drive through extra cover brings two more, 22 from seven. Hussey clips the last ball off his legs, the diving mid-wicket sweeper can't cut it off and 18 are needed from the last over for Australia to make the final. Well, Allan Lamb did it once...

18th over - Aus 158-7 (TARGET 192)
Mitchell Johnson will have to give it some long handle here, he swipes his first ball for four through mid-wicket and rotates the strike with a leg bye. Hussey isn't throwing in the towel yet, he swings hard and hoists his third six over square leg. The Pakistan coaching staff are nervously scratching their beards, this ain't over just yet. Ajmal comes round the wicket to Hussey, who pushes a two of his legs, then swipes at the last ball but it trickles off his boot for a leg bye. 34 needed from 12 balls. Or 33 for a super-over, anyone?

Wicket falls
17.1 overs - WICKET - Smith st K Akmal b Ajmal 5 - Aus 144-7 (TARGET 192)
Saeed Ajmal back into the attack, Smith walks down the track but misses, and Kamran Akmal enhances his chances of pipping his brother to the man-of-the-match award by pulling off his third stumping.

17th over - Aus 144-6 (TARGET 192)
Time for a rescue act from Tintin? Young Steve Smith is the new batsman, he helps his first ball for four off his legs before swiping and missing at one outside off stump. Last ball of the over, Smith steps across to paddle-flick a single to fine leg - 48 needed from the last 18 balls. An uphill struggle, but these Aussies never know when they're beaten, do they?

Wicket falls
16.3 overs - WICKET - White c Hafeez b Aamer 43 - Aus 139-6 (TARGET 192)
Teenage left-arm quick Aamer returns - White digs out a single, Aamer strays with a wide, Hussey punches one through mid-wicket. Then White goes for another big hit - but it's straight down long-off's throat. Having made 43 from 31 balls, he departs and Australia's hopes of making the final may well depart with him.

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From ch21ss on 606: "You get a big score in a second innings the same way as you get a big score batting first - and everyone at the top of the order getting out as fast as possible trying to chase the run rate too early is the easy way to fail"

16th over - Aus 136-5 (TARGET 192)
Afridi back from the Pavilion End for his fourth over, darting it onto Hussey's legs and the left-hander nurdles a single. The field scatters for the big-hitting White, who steps back to power a single through the covers. Hussey slog-sweeps and misses, but finally connects with one which sails over square leg for a flat six - the ninth of the innings. He goes for the same shot again - and with the same result, this time over mid-wicket! What a game this is! "Pakistan have to keep their nerve in the field," explains Aggers on TMS. 56 needed from 24 balls.

15th over - Aus 122-5 (TARGET 192)
Rehman is right on the money early in the over against Hussey and White, but the latter finally finds his rhythm when he powers his fifth six over cow corner and into the stand. White has 40 from 26 balls and is then struck on the pad, Akmal behind the stumps yells an appeal even though it was going down the leg side. A high full toss is hooked to square leg, and called as a no-ball as it was above the waist. Hussey, who's barely had the strike, dabs the extra ball for a gentle single. Rehman finishes with 2-33 from four overs.

Ian Chappell
Ian Chappell on TMS: "I wish Kamran Akmal would stop all the yelling and waving his arms around and concentrate on his wicketkeeping - he has enough trouble with just his keeping"

14th over - Aus 112-5 (TARGET 192)
Change of bowling, same action as Ajmal replaces Hafeez, and White aims a sweep down the leg side, they run two and it's signalled as wides. White swings and misses, Kamran Akmal appeals for a catch behind the stumps but Gunner Gould, whose hat is still just about staying on his head, shakes his head. White tries an innovative flick which doesn't come off, but is then aided by some comedy fielding by Mohammad Aamer at short third man which brings him a second run. Akmal then whips the bails off to claim the third stumping of the innings, square-leg umpire Doctrove sends for the third umpire... it's Billy Bowden up in the third ump's box, he has a look but White survives. A tight over from Ajmal, just five from it. 80 needed from 36 balls, that's over 13 an over.

13th over - Aus 107-5 (TARGET 192)
Just as we had two Akmals for Pakistan, we've got two Husseys in the line-up for Australia as Mike "Mr Cricket" Hussey is in at number seven, which doesn't really do justice to his international record. he tucks a single off his legs. White nicks the strike - Australia will need him to stay in and see this through.

Wicket falls
12.3 overs - WICKET - D Hussey c & b Rehman 13 - Aus 105-5 (TARGET 192)
White goes aerial again, he must think he's batting at Taunton... down on one knee to hoist the recalled Rehman for another maximum over deep backward square leg. A single brings Hussey on strike - but when he tries a big hit of his own, he gets a leading edge and gives Rehman a simple return catch.

12th over - Aus 98-4 (TARGET 192)
"Hafeez must be one of the worst fielders off his own bowling I've ever seen," notes Chappelli on TMS, but he can't do anything about this one as White punches another six over the cover fence. A few singles are added, while Hussey squeezes a six of his own over the same boundary. A more encouraging couple of overs for Australia.

11th over - Aus 82-4 (TARGET 192)
Single from Hussey, then White gets down on one knee and launches Afridi for back-to-back sixes into the crowd at mid-wicket! All very well... but he'll need to do that EVERY over to stay up with the required rate. (And yes, I know it's Australia batting not Pakistan... please manually refresh the page!)

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From Luke, London, via text: "A difficult situation for an England fan watching this. Hope Pakistan knock the Aussies out and make a mess of the final or hope Australia make it so we can prove ourselves at the highest level. Thank goodness for live text though. Stuck in some soulless pub in Docklands with people I'm pretty sure were personally responsible for the credit crunch"

10th over - Aus 67-4 (TARGET 192)
Time for Pakistan's fourth spinner - Mohammad Hafeez, who wasn't required to bat today but bowls orthodox right-arm off-spin. Without a boundary in four overs, the Aussies find singles easy to come by but that won't be enough when the required rate's up to 12 an over... Hafeez lets himself down a bit as he doesn't try particularly hard to stop one off his own bowling.

9th over - Aus 63-4 (TARGET 192)
Clarke looked livid at his method of dismissal, angrily swishing his bat before walking off. Cameron White is the new batsman, he can't get his first three deliveries away but smears the last ball for a single to prevent Afridi from securing a wicket maiden.

Wicket falls
8.2 overs - WICKET - Clarke st K Akmal b Afridi 17 - Aus 62-4 (TARGET 192)
Clarke is hit on the pad, above the knee-roll, Afridi screams an lbw appeal but umpire Doctrove shakes his head. But "Boom Boom" Afridi is not to be denied - as next ball, the Aussie skipper plays a cross-batted heave and misses, way out of his ground, and Kamran Akmal picks up his second stumping.

8th over - Aus 62-3 (TARGET 192)
David Hussey joins Clarke, while TV replays show Haddin wretchedly rubbing his scalp in frustration as he walks off. Hussey and Clarke plunder ones and twos against the slow left-armer, but the required rate is up to nearly 11 now.

Wicket falls
7.3 overs - WICKET - Haddin st K Akmal b Rehman 25 - Aus 58-3 (TARGET 192)
Haddin goes down the track to Rehman, misses one that spins and is smartly stumped by one of those Akmal brothers, who have dominated this game so far. Haddin looks absolutely gutted.

7th over - Aus 58-2 (TARGET 192)
With the fielding restrictions lifted, the bearded skipper Shahid Afridi is on to bowl his fast leg-breaks, and with the required run-rate approaching 10, he seems happy to restrict the Aussie pair to ones and twos. Clarke and Haddin both delay proceedings by fiddling with their gloves between deliveries, they may be trying to stop the Pakistan spinners whipping quickly through these overs. Just five from the over, it's evenly poised - and Aggers has spotted former Antigua Recreation Ground stalwart Gravy on the boundary.

6th over - Aus 53-2 (TARGET 192)
Spin from both ends as Clarke square-cuts off-spinner Saeed Ajmal's first ball for four through point. He tickles a two off his legs (signalled as leg byes) to bring up the fifty for Australia, Clarke does well to defend a doosra and a couple of singles mean Clarke has 11 and Haddin has 23.

From ThatGuyWhoBowls, TMS inbox: "Tough situation for the Aussies here; two wickets lost, the required run rate over nine and the Pakistanis hammering in hard with confidence. Here is where we see what the Aussies are made of in this tournament..."

5th over - Aus 45-2 (TARGET 192)
Time for some spin - slow left-armer Abdur Rehman is the first of Pakistan's four spinning options. I've not seen him before, but he skips up to the crease with a run-up not unlike that of Abdur Razzak of Bangladesh. Haddin pushes a two through mid-wicket, then pulls a six over square leg. The singles keep flowing, and Afridi is changing the field nearly every ball. 10 from the over.

4th over - Aus 35-2 (TARGET 192)
Razzaq to continue, despite going round the park for 15 in his first over. Haddin clubs a couple, while Chappelli on TMS is a bit suspicious of Afridi's field placings as he's "following the ball" by always moving fielders to where the ball's been hit. Mind you, a field change worked last over... A slight fumble by Umar Akmal at backward point (to be honest, the fluorescent green sun cream on your lips is going to make it difficult for you to hide if you drop a ricket in the field, Umar) allows Haddin a single. Clarke pushes the last ball into the off side, and that has just enough legs to reach the boundary - from little more than a prod.

3rd over - Aus 28-2 (TARGET 192)
New batsman is skipper Michael Clarke - he's had a pretty rotten tournament with the bat, having scored 48 runs in four innings with a top score of 16. He's off the mark with a single, and Haddin nicks the strike. Pakistan's tails are most definitely up.

Wicket falls
2.3 overs - WICKET - Watson c Rehman b Aamer 16 - Aus 26-2 (TARGET 192)
Another powerful straight drive from Watson as he looks to make up for the loss of his hard-hitting opening partner. Third man is brought up so mid-on can go back to long-on... and two balls later, Watson unerringly picks out that man at long-on, Abdur Rehman, for a catch! Watson looks stunned - surely he would have seen the field change?

2nd over - Aus 22-1 (TARGET 192)
Abdul Razzaq takes the second over with his right-arm seam, and Watson flogs his first ball for four through mid-wicket. Chappelli on TMS is surprised Pakistan didn't start with a spinner, given that both the Aussie openers are more comfortable against pace. A single brings Haddin on strike, a well-placed cover drive and a fierce off-drive past the bowler bring the keeper two consecutive fours. Not great fielding from Afridi at mid-off, he went down a bit late there. The TMS guys are speculating over how fielding could play a very important part in this innings...

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From Ali Ahmed, London, via text: "Unbelievable how time after time the world underestimates Pakistan in T20s! The exact same thing happened the last two world cups. Where's the respect? Why is everyone surprised? They are the defending champions for a reason!"

1st over - Aus 7-1 (TARGET 192)
Keeper Brad Haddin is in at three, he nudges a single for the first run off the bat. That brings opener Shane Watson on strike for the first time - he pulls a short ball for the first four of the innings, before chipping a single to third man. Isn't that over, umpire? No - after Umpire Gould gave Pakistan a seven-ball over in the first innings, Australia are going to have one. Thankfully, again the seventh ball is a dot ball.

Out for a duck
0.2 overs - WICKET - Warner c U Akmal b Aamer 0 - Aus 1-1 (TARGET 192)
Leftie to leftie first up as Mohammad Aamer bowls left-arm over the wicket to David Warner. His second ball is a wide, which doesn't impress the Pakistan crowd as Umpire Doctrove was a bit lenient on some wide deliveries from the Aussies late in the innings. But the second legitimate ball brings a wicket as Warner cuts straight to who else but Umar Akmal at point! Huge wicket!

From Alam Amer, TMS inbox: "D/L will not win themselves too many Pakistani fans if it rains now"

On the other hand, if Pakistan bag a couple of early wickets and THEN it rains, the D/L scenario might have the Aussies grumbling...

Ian Chappell
Ian Chappell on TMS: "Key for Australia will be the opening partnership, Warner and Watson. If you want to give Australia grief, you've got to keep taking wickets at regular intervals"

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From VoiceOfCricket on 606: "Aussies should send Johnson in up front to score all the runs he leaked"

1834: Stat fans may be interested to know that was the joint second highest total in the tournament. The highest was Sri Lanka's 195-3 against West Indies, while Australia made 191 against Pakistan and England hit 191-5 against West Indies.

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From Simon Ellis from Rotherham, via text: "Australia might have just lost the game in the last couple of overs! I can see Pakistan bowling well"

1830: Whew. Some brilliant batting by the Akmal brothers there. As people have said throughout this tournament, you can never write off Pakistan!

Ian Chappell
Ian Chappell on TMS: "Akmal 2 Australia 0. The brothers have batted superbly. Pakistan have the bowlers but a lot depends on how they field and that is anyone's guess"


Out for a duck
20th over - WICKET - Misbah-ul-Haq run out 0 - Pkn 191-6
Tait's second attempt at the penultimate ball is a low full toss which Akmal shovels to deep extra cover for two. The last ball is hit straight back to the bowler, non-striker Misbah-ul-Haq is three-quarters of the way down the pitch and he's easily run out. So Australia will chase 192 for a place in the final.

Wicket falls
19.4 overs - WICKET - Razzaq run out 12 - Pkn 189-5
Tait keeps it tight as Razzaq and Akmal exchange singles, a wild one outside off stump sees the batsmen scamper a quick bye to the keeper, though that was also a borderline wide. Akmal tries a Dilscoop and misses, they run another bye. Two balls left. Penultimate ball is even wider, come on Umpire Doctrove, he belatedly signals a wide as the batsmen run through but Razzaq is run out at the bowler's end. So they get a run for the wide, and an extra ball, but not the run they were attempting.

19th over - Pkn 184-4
Now this is surprising - David Hussey given the penultimate over. Can lightning strike twice? Razzaq clubs a single, Hussey spears it in at Akmal's feet and he can only dig it out for one. Razzaq back on strike, he blasts a huge straight six into the stand. Hussey fires one well outside off stump, that's a wide and they run one for good measure. Akmal jabs a single, then Australia are losing the plot here as Clarke aims a wild, needless throw at the stumps which brings Pakistan an overthrow. Hussey sprays another wide, and the over eventually costs 14 - Razzaq on strike for the last over.

That's 50
18th over - Pkn 169-4
Chappelli on TMS spotted that as Latif realised he was going to be caught, he sent Akmal back so he'd face the first ball of this over. And it's the right decision as Akmal smacks another flat six over mid-wicket, then a slower ball from Johnson bounces just in front of keeper Haddin and hands Pakistan four byes. Next ball is shorter, Akmal hooks it for six over square leg from high above his head! The crowd are loving this! A yorker is dug out for a single, that brings all-rounder Abdul Razzaq on strike for the first time, he's an accomplished clean hitter but punches his first ball for a quick single to get Akmal back into the action. And young Umar cracks his third six of the over, clear of the boundary at cow corner, to bring up his fifty from 29 balls. Astonishing hitting from the Akmal brothers.

Wicket falls
17th over - WICKET - Latif c Warner b Nannes 13 - Pkn 145-4
Now it's Akmal Junior's time to go berserk, hoisting Nannes over long-on for another huge six and stepping across his stumps to paddle-flick a four over short fine leg's head before clubbing a two to long-on. A slower ball is shovelled over Nannes's head for a single in a rather unorthodox manner, and Nannes picks up a wicket with his final ball as Latif spoons an easy catch to "Safe Hands" Warner, who appears to be fielding everywhere but was at mid-off that time.

16th over - Pkn 132-3
Captain Michael Clarke is Australia's seventh bowler with hsi orthodox left-arm spin. Pakistan push the ones and twos, while Latif goes for a big hit but it lands between two fielders at wide mid-off. Akmal is hit on the pad, Ump Doctrove shakes his head but signals a leg-bye. Latif unleashes a huge slog-sweep, that's off the roof of the stand at mid-wicket and out of the ground into the car park for six! ("My car's out there," realises a nervous Aggers on TMS). Another big hit sails just out of the reach of the diving Mike Hussey at long-off for four. And with Latif already past 10 and up to 13, the anonymous texter from the 3rd over might like to get a knife and fork ready to eat his hat with.

15th over - Pkn 118-3
Akmal reverse-sweeps Hussey for a couple, a single brings new batsman Khalid Latif on strike and he's off the mark with a single.

Wicket falls
14.2 overs - WICKET - Afridi c Haddin b D Hussey 8 - Pkn 114-3
David Hussey on to bowl again - an interesting move as Afridi may fancy taking on his part-time spin. Akmal steers a single, then Afridi goes for the big one and it rockets into the sky over the covers... there are two men under it but keeper Brad Haddin scampers over to take the catch, despite colliding with Shane Watson, who's not having the best of days. No Boom Boom today.

14th over - Pkn 113-2
Afridi backs away from Tait, but bhangs his bat out to slice a single to third man. Akmal's cheeky grin is enhanced by the bright lime green-coloured sun cream he has on both lips. As he tries to heave Tait to leg, he misses and it sails between his own legs for four byes! A four toss is clubbed to deep mid-wicket by Akmal but they can only run a single, Afridi swings and misses at a slower ball but swipes the last ball for two.

From Taj, Indianapolis, USA, TMS inbox: "Majority of the crowd supporting Pakistan - that's fantastic. I am an Indian and supporting Pakistan! Too tired of Aussies winning everything they lay their hands on"

13th over - Pkn 105-2
Nannes returns (they'd be advised not to risk Hussey bowling to Afridi) and sends down a wide. Cap'n Shahid flicks a single off his legs, the Pakistan pair plunder some ones and twos off each delivery - no fireworks from Boom Boom just yet.

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From Floydp4pno1 on 606: "Pakistan need to calm down and just get to 130 with at least 5 wickets left with 5 overs left and then they can have a smash "

12th over - Pkn 97-2
A cross-batted thump brings Akmal four wide of long-on, a single brings captain Afridi on strike. The big man chops his first ball for a single to third man (well, it's an improvement on being run out first ball as he was in an earlier game), Akmal dabs a single and Afridi fluently sweeps one to keep the strike.

Wicket falls
11.1 overs - WICKET - Butt c Warner b Smith 32 - Pkn 89-2
Butt slog-sweeps Smith straight into the safe hands of Warner on the mid-wicket fence. Time for "Boom Boom" Afridi to take on young Tintin?

11th over - Pkn 89-1
It's Akmal Junior facing Hussey Junior, as David Hussey enters the attack with his part-time off-spin (which is more than a little of the round-arm variety). Akmal and Butt tuck into the singles, taking two apiece, but the Aussies breathe a little better as no boundaries ensue.

10th over - Pkn 85-1
One Akmal replaces another as it's younger brother Umar Akmal in at first drop. Johnson sprays a legside wide out of Butt's reach, a single takes the opener to 30 from 26 balls and Akmal Junior guides his first ball off his legs for a single.

From Anton, TMS inbox: "In the 5th over for Pakistan when you said the umpire raised his hands only to hold onto his hat. I feel he raised his hand to give the wicket as it clearly took an outside edge, but only held onto his hat as no one appealed, so he didn't give the wicket! Why can't umpires give a wicket when the bowler or fielder doesn't appeal?"

Err... because the laws of cricket say otherwise?!

Wicket falls
9.4 overs - WICKET - K Akmal c Warner b Johnson - Pkn 82-1
Chappelli on TMS thinks the majority of the crowd are backing Pakistan, he's even spotted an Indian flag being waved when they hit a four! Johnson manages to stem the tide for a brief moment as a single takes Butt to 29, then he grabs the wicket the Aussies wanted when Akmal aims another huge hit and is superbly caught on the cover boundary.

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From Matt, revising for finals in Cambridge, via text: "Is this Pakistan's best opening partnership of the tournament? It's currently going better than my revision anyway!"

That's 50
9th over - Pkn 81-0
Having changed ends, Watson is still chuntering about something or other, his mood won't be improved when Akmal smashes him over his head for a straight six... which lands in the posh seat of ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat! He throws the ball back. Akmal is on fire here, bashing a two and a single to take his score to 42 from 30 balls. Butt knocks a single, Akmal blasts a full toss for four more through extra cover, then carves his sixth four over point to bring up his fifth Twenty20 international fifty from 32 balls.

Ian Chappell
Former Australia captain Ian Chappell on TMS: "I think with Kamran Akmal, the red mist starts to come down when he gets going. But he just needs to keep playing the way he's been playing - they're scoring eight an over as it is"

8th over - Pkn 63-0
Short and wide from Johnson, and Butt chips it over the vacant slip area for four. Akmal pulls and misses, then repeats the shot and it just clears the man at mid-on as they scamper two. He keeps the strike, this is an impressive opening stand.

7th over - DROPPED CATCH - Pkn 55-0
Time for young blond leg-spinner Steve Smith - and anyone who caught the live text for Australia-West Indies will know I reckon his sticky-up-hair gives him a passing resemblance to Tintin. (Presumably with the bearded Dirk Nannes stepping in as Captain Haddock). Butt pushes a single, Akmal gets an edge but Haddin can't react to take the catch and lets it through his legs for a couple, while Akmal powers one which sails over short third man for four. The Pakistan keeper then goes aerial towards long-off, this is six or out... and it's six! Just over the leaping fielder's grasp. Akmal steers a couple more through the covers, he's up to 30 from 23 balls.

6th over - Pkn 40-0
Replays from the last over are indicating that on the ball where Butt played and missed (and Gould nearly lost his hat), Butt may have got a faint edge but the Aussies didn't appeal... Shane Watson replaces Tait for the last over with fielding restrictions. Butt plays forward, the mid-off fielder rather unnecessarily chucks the ball back at the striker's end and nearly concedes some overthrows. Butt guides a two through mid-wicket before slicing a two over extra cover. A wide and three singles tickle the score along, Akmal has 16 and Butt has 21. Watson has a bit of a grouch at umpire Billy Doctrove, presumably he wasn't happy with that bouncer which was called as a wide.

From Fergus Mitchell, TMS inbox: "Re: 1641: Captain Colly gives all his answers with the 'Ah Look...' preface, but it's a doughty Northern phlegmatic one, not a mincy Aussie one"

5th over - Pkn 32-0
Change of bowling but it's still left-arm fast over the wicket as Mitchell Johnson replaces Nannes. Butt steps away as he tries to dab one to third man, Australia half-appeal for a catch and Umpire Gould raises his hand... but only to keep his hat on his head as it's quite blowy out there. Get that man a chin-strap for his hat, ICC! Butt, who had looked shocked as he thought he'd been given out for a few seconds, steps forward and cracks a powerful four over the ring of cover fielders, a single means both batsmen have 15. Six legitimate balls bowled, that's over, surely? But Umpire Gould hasn't moved - "perhaps paying more attention to his hat," ponders Tony Cozier on TMS. Thankfully, the seventh ball is a dot ball.

4th over - Pkn 27-0
Butt blasts Tait for two square-driven fours, then clips a single off his legs. Tait slings one down the leg side, Kamran helps it on its way for four and Pakistan are most definitely up and running.

From Alex S, Manchester, TMS inbox: "Hopefully someone has reminded Pakistan that catching the ball is a pretty good idea when trying to win a game of cricket"

Hopefully someone has taken Saeed Ajmal for extra catching practice after he shelled three in the first five overs of one of the earlier games...

3rd over - Pkn 14-0
Akmal steps back to carve a first-bounce four over cover point, then plays a more classical lofted drive which threatens to decapitate non-striker Butt but sails just over his head for four. Nannes bangs in a rank wide down the leg side, then Akmal smacks another two past the bowler. That's more like it for the defending champions.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anonymous, via text: "Unchanged batting for Pakistan! How bad does Hafeez have to bat before he is dropped? I'll eat my hat if both either him or Khalid Latif make more than 10"

2nd over - Pkn 3-0
Pakistan open their account as the left-handed Butt drives at Shaun Tait and it squirms just to the left of second slip for a single. Tait has the lowest economy rate (4.68) of any bowler in the tournament, while Pakistan fans may wish to look away from the TV coverage which tells them they've lost their last 11 internationals (Tests, ODIs and T20Is) against Australia. Akmal pushes a single, then Tait fires in a legside bouncer - umpire Billy Doctrove appears to signal a wide, then a no-ball. Whatever it is, it's another run on the total but it's a slow start for Pakistan.

1st over - Pkn 0-0
Nannes, left-arm quick over the wicket, raps Kamran over the wicket as he tries to force the "Flying Dutchman" to leg, but English umpire Ian "Gunner" Gould is unmoved - and Nannes keeps it tight enough to send down a maiden over to the Pakistan keeper.

1659: Ground staff and their magnificent machines are off - Kamran Akmal and Salman Butt are opening up for Pakistan. Dirk Nannes is ready to rumble for Australia.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Andrew in Oxford, via text: "I think either team will be a handful in the final but the drama of meeting Australia surely makes it a more interesting prospect"

1654: Time for the anthems. But which one is being played for the last time by the steel band, and which one will be played again at the Kensington Oval in Barbados for Sunday's final?

Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "It's very humid, and it's a huge toss to win for Australia as their fast bowlers can bowl at Pakistan in cloudy conditions and their batsmen can take advantage of any Duckworth-Lewis calculations"

1648: As ever, we want you guys and gals to get involved today - we're going to be playing a straight bat, but you can be as passionate for Australia or Pakistan as you like. You can email us at (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), use 606 or alternatively, text 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with "CRICKET" as the first word. As the tournament motto says, "Bring It!"

From Saeed Savul, TMS inbox: "Don't count Pakistan off. On their day they can beat any team - including Australia today"

1644: Here are the full teams:

Australia: David Warner, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke (capt), Brad Haddin (wk), David Hussey, Cameron White, Mike Hussey, Steve Smith, Mitchell Johnson, Shaun Tait, Dirk Nannes.

Pakistan: Salman Butt, Kamran Akmal (wk), Mohammad Hafeez, Shahid Afridi (capt), Umar Akmal, Khalid Latif, Misbah-ul-Haq, Abdul Razzaq, Abdur Rehman, Mohammad Aamer, Saeed Ajmal.

1641: "Ah, look," begins Michael Clarke in that inimitable Aussie way, "we think it's a wonderful opportunity for both teams". You can bet that he's fully aware of how any further rain (and any possible Duckworth-Lewis shenanigans) is likely to favour the side batting second. Both teams unchanged.

1640: Australia win the toss and field first.

1635: Some news just in on TMS - the toss will now be held at 1640 BST with a view to play starting at 1700 BST. But you may be advised to keep your Duckworth-Lewis sheets to hand.

1631: In some other cricket news you may not have heard, county champions Durham have reacted to their poor start to the season by replacing Will Smith as skipper, and handing the captaincy to wicketkeeper Phil Mustard. So, "The Colonel" finally has full officer status... meanwhile, a not unexpected development from the Antipodes has seen injury-plagued New Zealand quick bowler Shane Bond retire from all cricket at the age of 34.

England team director Andy Flower on TMS: "The batsmen have shown skill and power and a lot of confidence. The bowling unit has been superb. It's great we haven't had any injuries and they have dovetailed with each other and their captain."

1628: Aggers has noticed some of the smaller motor-moppers on the outfield - machines not big enough to be a "waterhog", but once described by former TMS summariser Mike Selvey as "water-piglets". There are also a posse of umpires out having a look.

From Anthony Lord, TMS inbox: "Surely if no play can be played today, they should declare the match a no result and give England the trophy? Here's hoping!"

Get involved on 606
From VoiceOfCricket on 606: "Clarke and Co should see off Pakistan with ease. I won't be surprised if it turns out to be one sided engagement. Though Pakistan can blow hot and cold, this Australian side looks too strong for any team"

"We're doomed!" says Private Frazer
1612: I'm really not trying to come over all Private Frazer here - but if this match is completely "doomed" and we can't get a result (ie not even a five-overs-per-team thrash), apparently Australia would go through by virtue of having won more games in the tournament so far. Aussies have won five of five, Pakistan have only won two out of five.

Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "Heavy rain coming over the hills now - this is not the start we wanted. The players have left the field and it's taking about 15 people to drag the big blue cover over the square"

Rain delay
1605: Aggers on TMS reveals the team news - Aussies are unchanged, while Pakistan appear to be as well... oh drat, covers going back on again. The rain is "light but persistent".

1603: Right, the covers are coming off but we're going to have a slightly delayed start while the ground is made ready - they're going to toss at 1610 BST to start play at 1630.

1555: Afternoon, everyone - and a warm welcome to the second semi-final of the ICC World Twenty20, with Australia taking on Pakistan in St Lucia at 1630 BST for the right to play England (yes, England, that isn't a typo) in the final. Unfortunately, even though all the previous St Lucia games have escaped the weather (and it's a fast-draining ground), there's a slight worry today, as revealed by Aggers on Twitter about an hour ago...

Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on Twitter: "Just interviewed buoyant Andy Flower. Pouring with rain. On air 4pm for Australia/Pakistan"

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Live Scores - Australia v Pakistan


  • Australia beat Pakistan by 3 wickets
  • Australia: 197-7 (19.5 overs)
  • Pakistan: 191-6 (20.0 overs)

Australia Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 7 197
Warner c U Akmal b Aamer 0
Watson c Rehman b Aamer 16
Haddin st K Akmal b Rehman 25
Clarke st K Akmal b Shahid Afridi 17
Hussey c and b Rehman 13
White c Mohammad Hafeez b Aamer 43
Hussey not out 60
Smith st K Akmal b Saeed Ajmal 5
Johnson not out 5
Extras 1nb 5w 7lb 13

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