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ICC World Twenty20 day 12 as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

0059: It's well past my bedtime - and probably yours too - so it's time to wrap up. Have yourself a well-earned rest tomorrow, then I hope you'll join us on Thursday for the first semi-final - England v Pakistan. TMS will be on air at 1600 BST with the game starting at 1630. TTFN!

From Nikhil Shyam, TMS inbox: "'The more things change, the more they stay the same.' Pretty apt for the Aussie demolition we are witnessing in this tournament"

0055: Not sure how much more I can add - we've seen a thrilling finish between Sri Lanka and India with the last ball being hit for six to win the match, but then the second game looked pretty much a foregone conclusion from the second legitimate ball of the match. Chris Gayle uses his post-match interview to apologise to the West Indies fans, while leg-spinner Steve "Tintin" Smith is handed the man-of-the-match award.

0048 (crikey, is it really that late?): Right, let's confirm the semi-final line-up: we're going to see England v Sri Lanka on Thursday, with Australia v Pakistan on Friday. Both games will start at 1630 BST - with TMS coverage starting at 1600.


16.3 overs - Aus 109-4
One of the most bizarre deliveries I've ever seen in international cricket - Gayle, one of the slowest bowlers in international cricket, sends down a bouncer that pings over the head of new batsman Cameron White and over the keeper. Four byes, or five wides? Whatever, Australia win...

Wicket falls
16.2 overs - WICKET - Haddin c Sammy b Gayle 42 - Aus 104-4 (TARGET 106)
With two runs needed, captain Chris Gayle enters the attack with his languid off-spin - and he picks up- a cheeky wicket when Haddin blasts his second ball straight to mid-on!

16th over - Aus 104-3 (TARGET 106)
Taylor to bowl his last over, Hussey finally stems the flow of dull singles by stepping back to smash an inside-out first-bounce four to the extra cover boundary. There's an Aussie fan receiving medical attention in the crowd, but Hussey and Haddin are still picking off the singles. Even a slower bouncer can't go right for Taylor, disappearing over Hussey's head and past keeper Ramdin for five wides. Just two more runs are needed from the last 24 balls.

15th over - Aus 92-3 (TARGET 106)
Local boy Sammy is rather harshly hauled off after that one over as Big Benn returns for his last over, which yields three singles. I'd love to try to convince you it's more exciting than this, but it really isn't. 14 more needed from 30 balls.

14th over - Aus 89-3 (TARGET 106)
Taylor returns, Hussey helps himself to a two and a single, while Haddin chips a four over gully and as the score passes 84, West Indies are officially eliminated from the tournament. England will face Sri Lanka on Thursday in the first semi-final, with Australia taking on Pakistan in the second on Friday - you can ink those into your diaries now. Haddin and Hussey add ones and twos, the remainder of this match is now largely academic (Australia needing 17 from 36 balls) but we'll stay with it for you.

13th over - Aus 79-3 (TARGET 106)
New batsman David Hussey is off the mark with a single, West Indies are five runs away from elimination from the tournament.

Wicket falls
12.4 overs - WICKET - Clarke run out (Bravo direct hit) 16 - Aus 78-3 (TARGET 106)
A few cheers from the good folk of St Lucia as local boy Darren Sammy comes on to bowl his medium pace. Haddin and Clarke exchange singles, then Haddin prods a quick single to short third man where Dwayne Bravo picks up and throws down the stumps from the edge of the circle! It hit the top of the stumps, shattering the bails - a rare moment of brilliance from the hosts.

12th over - Aus 76-2 (TARGET 106)
Miller completes his spell, five singles more added to the Australian total and both teams are rather going through the motions here.

11th over - Aus 71-2 (TARGET 106)
Deonarine serves up a couple of half-tracker pies which Haddin blasts for four, helping himself with the relish of Dwayne Leverock at an all-you-can-eat beef korma night. A single takes him to 27, Clarke has edged his way to 13 but is happy playing the supporting role.

10th over - Aus 60-2 (TARGET 106)
In fact, Miller has merely changed ends - a rapid over sees Haddin and Clarke push more ones and twos. At the halfway point, Aussies need 46 from 60 balls - but they need just 24 more to eliminate the Windies and render the rest of the match pretty much irrelevant.

9th over - Aus 55-2 (TARGET 106)
Double change of bowling - Nikita is taken off and can literally "count the stars at night" as Narsingh Deonarine's occasional off-spin is unveiled. Having slogged his way to a second-ball duck when the Windies needed to knuckle down, he owes his side a bit today but yields four singles without ever threatening the batsmen.

8th over - Aus 51-2 (TARGET 106)
Bravo's right-arm fast-medium seam replaces Benn, Clarke continues accumulating his runs in singles while Haddin brings some cheer to the Aussie fans in the ground by launching Bravo over mid-on for four. A tickle to Big Benn at third man brings Haddin two, while he overtakes his captain by belting another four through the covers - Australia are nearly halfway to their target.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Woodroffe, London, via text: "What has happened to West Indies cricket? A side that has produced so many great players over the years?"

7th over - Aus 40-2 (TARGET 106)
Pedestrian from Clarke and Haddin, but with the required run-rate under five an over, they can afford to be. Ian Chappell tells an incredulous Aggers on TMS how New South Wales have been batting Warner at number seven in 50-over cricket, to save him for the batting powerplay... very strange theory. Haddin prods forward, Ramdin whips the bail off but his back foot was well grounded - there's a rather needless consultation with the third umpire.

6th over - Aus 37-2 (TARGET 106)
Single from Clarke allows Benn to resume his duel with Haddin, the Aussie keeper steers a single to mid-on to open his account. Clarke advances his score to five, just three singles from the over.

From Dave, George Town, TMS inbox: "Sadly, this ICC World T20 competition is not being shown at all on TV here in the Cayman Islands. Doesn't bode well for the future of the game in the Caribbean…"

5th over - Aus 34-2 (TARGET 106)
Left-arm spin from both ends as Nikita Miller is into the attack. Clarke is off the mark with a well-run two, before pushing a quick single to short mid-wicket. Tidy over.

4th over - Aus 31-2 (TARGET 106)
We now have two new batsmen in - Michael Clarke, who came in at the fall of Warner's wicket, and Brad Haddin who's in at four. Benn was recently suspended from two ODIs after an on-field altercation with Haddin and Mitchell Johnson - but the lanky left-armer barely looks at Haddin as he twirls away for a wicket maiden.

Wicket falls
3.1 overs - WICKET - Watson b Benn 5 - Aus 31-2 (TARGET 106)
Benn tosses one up down the leg side, Watson sweeps and gloves it onto his stumps, bowled round his legs!

Wicket falls
3rd over - WICKET - Warner c Gayle b Taylor 25 - Aus 31-1 (TARGET 106)
Taylor to Warner, and the Aussie T20 specialist slaps two fours through the covers. Taylor fires a wide well out of Warner's reach outside off stump - the young left-hander responds by hoisting a huge six over the bowler's head and onto the pavilion roof! At the risk of sounding smug, I did say we could be on for an early finish today... in fact I said it after two balls of this match! But Warner's little cameo (25 from 12 balls) is ended when he swipes at the last ball of the over and Chris Gayle (a man who doesn't like to move around much unless he has to) doesn't have to move to take the catch at slip.

Lady Gaga
From Dougal from Purfleet, TMS inbox: "Re: Ian Chappell's comment after 17th over, I don't know about Daren Ganga, the West Indies might as well pick Lady Gaga on this showing"

Chris Gayle has a bit of a Poker Face at the moment, standing rather inscrutably at slip...

2nd over - Aus 15-0 (TARGET 106)
Cap'n Gayle turns to spin straight away as it's the towering Sulieman Benn with his slow left-arm. More easy singles, and when Benn drops it too short, Watson clubs it for four through the covers.

Ian Bishop
Former West Indies pace bowler Ian Bishop on TMS: "West Indies have to realise that you cannot win big tournaments if you're a one-man team. Australia have match-winners throughout their team"

1st over - Aus 9-0 (TARGET 106)
Let's face it, West Indies need wickets - and quickly - if they are to qualify for the semis. But Warner and Watson are quickly into their stride with the ones and twos, while Warner powers a four through mid-wicket and is only denied another boundary by the quick feet of Bravo on the boundary.

2337: The floodlights are on - according to Aggers on TMS, the reason for the paucity of day-night games in this tournament is because the ICC wants to stage them at the best suitable time for Indian television (where apparently the majority of viewers are). Shane Watson and David Warner opening for Australia, with Jerome Taylor taking the new ball.

2333: And while 606 is closed for the evening (sorry, it's not up to me!), you can still email us on (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line) or text us on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - but please put "CRICKET" as the first word. As Narayan has (below)...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Narayan, London, via text: "Thank you West Indies for giving me no choice but to return to an all-nighter of criminal law revision"

2325: Right, I think it's safe to say that Australia have qualified for the semi-finals now that unthinkable 150-run defeat is no longer possible. But West Indies are up against it - they need to bowl the Aussies out for 83 or less to qualify for the last four at the expense of Sri Lanka. Barring an unlikely Aussie collapse for 18 or less, they are also now guaranteed to top the group so will definitely face Pakistan in the semis.

Wicket falls
19th over - WICKET - Benn b Watson 10 - WI 105 all out
Watson to Miller, who prods a single to point - Big Benn is quickly through for the single with his giant strides down the wicket. Big Benn, who's wielding a monster length of wood for a bat, plays and misses a few times but then heaves a six over mid-wicket to bring up three figures for the Windies. He's got a very strange stance, feet seemingly several yards apart, but Watson ends the innings by castling the towering spinner off the last ball of the penultimate over.

From Jason Cole, TMS inbox: "Re: 'Somerset fans will be licking their lips if Pollard can do that regularly in the T20 at Taunton' (12th over). They'll be crying into their Cider if he does what he did next ..."

18th over - WI 98-9
Tait returns to the attack but strays with a fast legside wide. Miller and Benn keep pushing the singles. Can they really bat the overs out here?!

Ian Chappell
Ian Chappell on TMS: "Having seen Daren Ganga lead Trinidad in the Champions League, I think West Indies should make him captain. I think they need a driving leader, not a laid-back leader like Chris Gayle"

17th over - WI 95-9
Opening bowler Nannes is back, but last pair Benn and Miller seem to have less trouble coping against him than the recognised batsmen have. Four added.

16th over - DROPPED CATCH - WI 91-9
Johnson back on. After a single from Benn, the Aussies finally drop a catch when the leaping Clarke gets a hand to an uppish off-drive from Miller but can't hold on. Johnson also bowls a bouncer which not even 6ft 7ins Benn can reach, which takes some doing. That's a no-ball. Tony Cozier on TMS feels that interest in West Indies cricket may have suffered as much of their cricket is only available on pay-per-view, not free-to-air television. "But that's the future of the game, with young kids looking to emulate their heroes," notes Ian Chappell. Don't think they'd find many people at the ECB agreeing with them, is all I'll say.

15th over - WI 86-9
Last man Sulieman Benn is off the mark with a single. Shockingly, Hussey has 2-3 from one over!

Wicket falls
14.4 overs - WICKET - Taylor c Johnson b D Hussey 3 - WI 85-9
Nikita Miller is the new batsman, he's off the mark with a two but then Taylor is the latest man to hole out as he spoons a catch to backward point. Windies collapsing quicker than my computer can cope with!

Wicket falls
14.1 overs - WICKET - Sarwan c Warner b D Hussey 26 - WI 82-8
More part-time spin, this time from David Hussey, and the Windies lose Sarwan as he immediately goes for a big heave-ho and is caught at long-off.

14th over - WI 82-7
Clarke sends down a rapid over which yields three runs. My computer system is starting to freeze up, apologies if the updates are slow.

13th over - WI 79-7
Jerome Taylor defends the hat-trick ball and is off the mark with a two. Tintin finishes with figures of 3-20 from four overs - well bowled, lad.

Out for a duck
12.4 overs - WICKET - Sammy c & b Smith 0 - WI 77-7
Huge cheers for all-rounder Darren Sammy, who is St Lucia's first international cricketer. But he pops a return catch to Smith first ball... the local boy's out for a golden duck, and Tintin's on a hat-trick!

Wicket falls
12.3 overs - WICKET - Pollard st Haddin b Smith 13 - WI 77-6
Well, that's it for Pollard and all the hype surrounding him - he overbalances as Smith, who I've decided reminds me of Tintin, turns a classical leg-break past his bat and Haddin whips the bails off. No need even for the third ump to be consulted.

12th over - WI 76-5
Aussie captain Michael Clarke is into the attack with his part-time left-arm spin - and with the air of a canny skipper who thinks he might be able to snaffle a cheap wicket or two. Sarwan and Pollard help themselves to some singles, while Pollard hoists the 240th six of the tournament over mid-wicket. Somerset fans will be licking their lips if he can do that regularly in the T20 at Taunton.

11th over - WI 67-5
Young blond Smith in for his third over, West Indies are pushing the singles easily but Pollard has the crowd on their feet when he smashes a four over extra cover.

10th over - WI 61-5
Having made his name with some explosive knocks for Trinidad & Tobago in last year's Champions League, Kieron Pollard is the new batsman - and boy, do the West Indies need him to live up to the hype he's generated since then. The very smart money is now on a semi-final line-up comprising England v Sri Lanka on Thursday, and Australia v Pakistan on Friday. Pollard's off the mark with a single - and Michael Vaughan leaves the TMS box for the final time in the tournament as he's off to attend the birth of his third child. He'll be back on TMS for the first Test against Bangladesh at Lord's... which is only 16 days away!

Wicket falls
9.4 overs - WICKET - Ramdin c Haddin b Johnson 1 - WI 60-5
Johnson is kicking up some sand as he runs in, thankfully not as much as the Windies bowlers were when I watched that abandoned Test match in Antigua last spring. The setting sun has a few Aussie fielders shading their eyes - but the sun is also setting on West Indies' semi-final hopes as Ramdin gives keeper Haddin a regulation catch.

9th over - WI 58-4
New batsman is Denesh Ramdin, he and Sarwan add a single apiece, while Michael Vaughan on TMS has spotted Aussie fielding coach Mike Young stalking round the boundary, wielding a big white towel.

Out for a duck
8.4 overs - WICKET - Deonarine c M Hussey b Smith 0 - WI 56-4
Smith, hair sticking up like a reality TV show contestant, skips in, all arms and legs as he enters his delivery stride, Sarwan (it was him who got that run off the last ball of the last over - apologies, manually refresh to correct it) pushes ones and twos, while Deonarine goes for the big one off his second ball and almost inevitably holes out on the fence for a silver duck.

8th over - WI 53-3
Sarwan adds a single, West Indies have a rebuilding job on here.

Wicket falls
7.5 overs - WICKET - Bravo run out (Johnson) 6 - WI 52-3
Change of ends for Johnson, Sarwan leg-glances him very fine for four. A leg bye brings Bravo on strike, he pulls to leg and the return throw nearly endangers Umpire Koertzen. Then Sarwan hammers a straight drive, Johnson just gets a hand to it and knocks it onto the stumps, and Bravo's flame is extinguished in a flash. Unlucky there, Dwayne.

Get involved on 606
From FranMerida on 606: "I don't understand why Pollard doesn't come in ahead of Bravo. He has shown better batting ability in this form of the game, and playing him at 6, he rarely has time to get settled and firing"

7th over - WI 46-2
Fielding restrictions over, and young leggie Steve Smith into the attack. Bravo nudges a single, then Haddin furiously appeals for a stumping as Sarwan appears to lift his back foot after playing and missing. Square-leg umpire Rudi Koertzen refers it to the third ump Aleem Dar, there are numerous replays and eventually Sarwan gets the benefit of the doubt. Single from Sarwan, Bravo pokes a two and a single through the covers before Sarwan nicks the strike.

6th over - WI 40-2
Looking at the replays, the more times you see that catch, the better it looks - Hussey had to run from mid-on to long-off and take it over his shoulder. Really would have been worthy of being called a "(insert sponsor name here) catch" by IPL commentators. New batsman is Dwayne Bravo, who has to contend with the slingy pace of Tait who's charging in and bowling at 92mph. Bravo digs out a yorker for a single to mid-on.

Wicket falls
5th over - WICKET - Chanderpaul c D Hussey b Johnson 24 - WI 39-2
New bowler, same action as Johnson replaces fellow left-arm quick Nannes. Sarwan's dealing mostly in singles so far, but after ducking an aerial wide, Chanderpaul helps a loose one down the leg side for four. And "The Crab" then scuttles across his crease to the off side and flicks a straighter delivery to the long-leg boundary. But it's all over for Shiv as he goes for a big hit over the top, David Hussey gives chase from mid-off (remember, only two fielders outside the circle at this point) and, running towards the boundary, takes an utterly brilliant diving catch. "That's one of the best catches I've ever seen," notes Aggers on TMS.

Tony Cozier
Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan: "West Indies have got the Indian bug - the 12th man is out there already!"
Tony Cozier: "Unfortunately, once one team starts doing it, they all will"

4th over - WI 30-1
Watson replaces Tait, but Sarwan dismissively pulls the medium-paced all-rounder from outside off stump for a four through mid-wicket. And for those of you asking, to reiterate - West Indies need to win by 23 runs to qualify at the expense of Sri Lanka. And according to Mick in the TMS inbox, they need to win by 87 to finish top of the group (and thus set up an Australia-England semi-final), and by 150 or more to eliminate Australia.

3rd over - WI 24-1
Chanderpaul again will punish anything down the leg side, turning a two off his toes as Mike Hussey does the tumbling "Boundary Fox" work at deep mid-wicket. The atmosphere is electric, the crowd are buzzing and even though it would take a monumental defeat for Australia not to make the semis, their tails are most certainly up in the field. Sarwan up to three, Chanderpaul already has 15.

2nd over - WI 20-1
Shaun Tait, right elbow heavily strapped as ever, takes the second over. Sarwan rotates the strike with a leg bye, Chanderpaul square-drives his second four before clipping a well-run two off his hip. He takes a single to keep the strike, West Indies have started well despite the loss of the self-styled "coolest man in cricket".

1st over - WI 12-1
With two slips in, Ramnaresh Sarwan is the new batsman, prodding a quick single towards cover, then Chanderpaul effortlessly guides a four off his legs before pulling a single through the gap at mid-wicket. Sarwan knocks a single off his legs, an eventful first over. Nannes now has 13 wickets for the tournament, two ahead of nearest rival Charl Langeveldt.

Wicket falls
0.2 overs - WICKET - Gayle b Nannes 4 - WI 5-1
Nannes opens with a wide, then Gayle gets going by slapping the "Flying Dutchman" back past him for a straight four. But the second legitimate ball bowls Gayle off his pad, knocking into off stump... big disappointment for the Windies crowd and we could be in for a short game here.

2200: We're going to be late starting by a minute or two, Dirk Nannes is going to take the new ball to Chris Gayle and Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

2158: So, two changes for the Windies, with Deonarine replacing Wavell Hinds and Miller preferred to Kemar Roach.

2154: While "Advance Australia Fair" and "Rally Round the West Indies" are played by the steel band, here are the teams:

West Indies: Chris Gayle (capt), Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Narsingh Deonarine, Dwayne Bravo, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Kieron Pollard, Darren Sammy, Sulieman Benn, Jerome Taylor, Nikita Miller.

Australia: David Warner, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke (capt), David Hussey, Cameron White, Mike Hussey, Brad Haddin (wk), Steve Smith, Mitchell Johnson, Shaun Tait, Dirk Nannes.

2149: If you don't remember the last time West Indies and Australia met in a World Twenty20 match, it was an absolute corker at The Oval last year. Australia set West Indies 170 to win, but Chris Gayle went absolutely ballistic, smashing 88 from 50 balls - including six sixes - as they won with more than four overs to spare. If you're in the UK, you can still watch highlights - including a special montage of Gayle's sixes - on the BBC Sport website. Worth a look.

2145: By the way, the first Championship play-off final has been decided after a thrilling second leg. I won't spoil it for you if you don't want to know the result, but you can relive it all via Chris Bevan's text commentary - while you'll be able to see the goals (and there were more than a few) on the Football League Show tomorrow evening (and via the BBC Sport website then too) if you're in the UK.

2142: Chris Gayle has won the toss and West Indies will bat first. And if you manually refresh the page, you'll see we've switched over to West Indies-Australia.

2136: While West Indies need a 23-run win to progress, a couple of you have asked if Australia can still be eliminated. It's not impossible but rather unlikely - Mick in the TMS inbox reckons a win for the Windies by 150-151 runs or more would see the Aussies bow out.

2135: Tim Bresnan interview due on Test Match Special as we wait for the toss for the second match, which has been delayed while the ground staff work on the pitch.

2133: Australia are practising their fielding by blasting balls high into the Caribbean sun - could result in a few black eyes if they're not careful.

2130: The boffins have been furiously trying to work out what West Indies will have to do to reach the semi-finals. The calculations come up with victory by 23 runs to advance, anything less and they go... well, home.

2128: Angelo Mathews is named man of the match for his crucial 46, which included two sixes from 37 balls.

2120: Right, the appallingly slow over-rate of India and Sri Lanka means it's barely 10 minutes before Australian and West Indies toss up. I'm going to run like the clappers for the BBC tea bar to grab something to eat, be back soon...

2118: What you'll want to know is how this affects the late match. Basically, Sri Lanka are through unless West Indies beat Australia by a country mile to lift their net run-rate above Sri Lanka's.


20th over - SL 167-5
Thissara Perera is the new batsman, but Kapugedera is facing. Three to win, two for a super over, one or a dot (or a wicket) and India have a win but still go out. Nehra to Kapugedera... and he absolutely marmalises it over extra cover for six! Sri Lanka win - what a finish!

Wicket falls
19.5 overs - WICKET - Mathews run out 46 - SL 161-4 (TARGET 164)
Nehra to Mathews, low full toss and that's a huge six over long-off! A single means it's six needed from four balls, a two by Kapugedera means it's four needed from three. Kapugedera slices a single to third man - three needed from two. Michael Vaughan on TMS mischievously suggests that level scores could mean a largely pointless super over... Mathews prods the penultimate ball forward, the bowler picks it up and runs him out at the striker's end! Three needed off the last ball, or two and we get a super over!

19th over - SL 151-4 (TARGET 164)
Cap'n Dhoni shuffles his field, probably resigned to an over-rate fine - it's young Kumar to take the penultimate over. Mathews taps a single, Kapugedera nurdles a two, 27 needed from 10 balls. A slog to the mid-wicket sweeper brings Kapugedera one, Mathews sticks his bat out at a wide one which he nudges for a single, then Kapugedera launches a huge heave over long-on - that's six or out - and it's six! India are out. To rub India's noses in it, he powers another maximum over the same area. And Sri Lanka can still win this game if they score 13 from the last over.

18th over - SL 134-4 (TARGET 164)
Leg-spinner Chawla in for his final over, Mathews opens his shoulder for an old-fashioned village slog, which is a first-bounce four through the long boundary at cow corner. A single takes him to 36 (from 30 balls). Kapugedera pokes a single through point. Another hold-up, the over-rate here has been appalling. Mathews tips-and-runs a single to short extra cover, Kapugedera rocks back and shovels the last ball for four through extra cover - 30 needed from 12 balls. But 10 more runs will see India eliminated.

17th over - DROPPED CATCH - SL 123-4 (TARGET 164)
Left-arm seamer Ashish Nehra to return, Mathews stabs a single but the boundaries have dried up. Kapugedera is using a Mongoose bat, though not the one with the really short, thick blade which Matthew Hayden wielded in the IPL. Nehra tries a slower bouncer, Kapugedera helps it on its way to fine leg for four, then he gets a nick and keeper Dhoni, flying to his right, gets a glove to it but can't quite hold on. On such small moments are T20 games decided... Mathews smacks a four through mid-wicket, that was "right in the slot" according to Michael Vaughan on TMS. A slower ball is swiped for one to the mid-wicket sweeper - Sri Lanka need 41 to win from the last 18 balls.

16th over - SL 112-4 (TARGET 164)
Harbhajan back for his final over, Mathews and Kapugedera push five singles - but that's not going to be enough if they want to win. Meanwhile if you want to send in your questions for Aggers and Michael Vaughan which they will answer during the interval between games, please email, but mark up in the subject line that it's a question for Michael Vaughan.

15th over - SL 107-4 (TARGET 164)
New batsman Chamara Kapugedera is off the mark with a single, fellow right-hander Mathews nicks the strike off the last ball. 57 needed from 30 balls for Sri Lanka to win - India need to keep the score to 143 or fewer to survive in the tournament.

Wicket falls
14.4 overs - WICKET - Sangakkara b Kumar 46 - SL 105-4 (TARGET 164)
Yuvraj takes a rest after one over, Sanga calls for his helmet as it's the debutant seamer Vinay Kumar back into the attack and Mathews hooks him for a first-bounce four. Kumar is a team-mate of Kevin Pietersen at Royal Challengers Bangalore, but his chances of taking on England in the semi-finals are disappearing as the score inches towards 144. A single brings Sangakkara back on strike, but when he advances down the track, swings and misses he looks astonished as the ball knocks into the top of the stumps. Kumar bellows after bagging his second international wicket.

A sandwich, yesterday
From Kev in Liverpool, via text: "Sliced Bread was a good batsman but he sold out in the end. Only in it for the dough"

14th over - SL 100-3 (TARGET 164)
Sangakkara goes aerial against Pathan, going down on one knee and hoisting him into the Western Stand at mid-wicket for a couple of big sixes. A two pushes his score to 46, that's also the fifty stand. Remember, while Sri Lanka are chasing 164 to win this game, India need to keep them to 143 or fewer to avoid being eliminated from the tournament. A narrow win by fewer than 20 runs isn't any good for Dhoni's boys.

13th over - SL 84-3 (TARGET 164)
Yuvraj Singh,. famously dubbed a "pie-thrower" byu England's Kevin Pietersen, comes on with his slow left-arm. Sporting a pair of sunglasses and a neatly trimmed goatee beard, Yuvraj is pummelled through mid-wicket by Sangakkara but some great fielding on the boundary by Karthik turns a likely four into two. The Sri Lanka pair milk Yuvraj for a few more singles, but it's only six off the over. And the UK has a new PM...

12th over - SL 78-3 (TARGET 164)
After a single from Mathews, Cap'n Sanga takes on Harbhajan, swatting him over the mid-wicket boundary for six. More ones and twos, and that's 11 off the over - just what Sri Lanka need for the rest of the innings.

11th over - SL 67-3 (TARGET 164)
Sanga steers Chawla's googly for a single through the covers, Mathews goes for a big heave and that's well over the boundary and into the stands at cow corner for six. A single takes him to 12, but the required rate isn't far short of 11 at this stage.

A sandwich, yesterday
From Haris Akbar (and others), TMS inbox: "Re: Kalika (5th over). Yes we all remember that great Indian batsman, Sliced Bread. He was particularly good at the cut shot"

10th over - SL 58-3 (TARGET 164)
Aggers and Ian Chappell on TMS are talking about tucking into flying fish (a popular West Indies dish) for dinner, which is starting to make me feel hungry - then Chappelli mentions he was wearing Speedos when he went for a swim yesterday, the thought of which may put me off the whole idea of dinner. Back on the pitch, Harbhajan returns and is tighter than his earlier over, Sangakkara dabbing a three past the keeper but it feels like a while since we've had a boundary.

9th over - SL 52-3 (TARGET 164)
Mathews and Sangakkara, now in matching caps, plunder two singles from Chawla as the required run-rate climbs above 10.

From Anil, Washington DC, TMS inbox: "125 runs in 15 overs with only 2 down and India ends up with 163. Absolute shame!"

8th over - SL 50-3 (TARGET 164)
Angelo Mathews is the new batsman, and with the spinners on he also favours a royal blue Sri Lanka cap with a yellow flash across it. He's off the mark with a gentle single.

Wicket falls
7.4 overs - WICKET - Dilshan c Yuvraj b Pathan 34 - SL 49-3 (TARGET 164)
Dilshan hasn't had much of the strike since that over when he tucked into Harbhajan, he's wearing a cap now but can only dab Pathan for a single to third man. Sanga flicks one off his legs, then Dilshan hoists one straight down deep mid-wicket's throat and cool-as-a-cucumber Yuvraj takes the catch. No Dilscoops today I'm afraid, folks...

7th over - SL 47-2 (TARGET 164)
India introduce their fifth bowler in the seventh over - it's little leg-spinner Piyush Chawla, who I saw get smashed around the Rose Bowl by unlikely ODI centurions Alastair Cook and Ian Bell in a game three years ago. Sangakkara plays and misses a couple of times, but after an exchange of singles he square-cuts Chawla for four. Another little unofficial drinks break, Tony Cozier won't be happy...

6th over - SL 41-2 (TARGET 164)
Yusuf Pathan into the attack with his off-spin to bowl the last over with fielding restrictions, Dilshan knocks a two and a single to take his score to 32 from 19 balls. Pathan's off-spin is not particularly classical, spearing it in, but it's effective as there's only a single to Sanga from the rest of the over.

Get involved on 606
From CricketBuster on 606: "On bouncier wickets India open bowling with a spinner after electing to bowl first. On slower wickets India open bowling with pace bowlers after electing to bat first. Am I missing something?"

5th over - SL 37-2 (TARGET 164)
Another tight over from Kumar, who's gun-barrel straight against Dilshan and Sangakkara - his first 11 balls in international cricket have yielded merely two singles, although when he strays slightly with his line, Sanga is off the mark with a powerful cover-driven four. And a quick housekeeping note - if you're texting in like Kalika has done below, please stick "CRICKET" as the first word as otherwise your comments will get lost in all the others coming in about Nottingham Forest and Gordon Brown!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Kalika, Rickmansworth, via text: "Yuvraj Singh was hailed by many as the best Indian cricketer since sliced bread and all the publicity, fame and money went to his head. He has forgotten he is a cricketer first, and when he remembers that he will become the cricketer he once was"

4th over - SL 32-2 (TARGET 164)
Change of bowling as Harbhajan Singh, who's taken the new ball with his off-spin in previous matches, is into the attack. He was arguably the only bowler to emerge with any credit from the mauling India took from Australia, but Dilshan looks in good touch as he steers a two through the covers, hoists a four over mid-off and smacks another four past short fine leg. He rounds off the over by punching three more through the covers - 13 runs off Bhajji's first over, and Dilshan's "in the zone". Watch out for a Dilscoop soon...

3rd over - SL 19-2 (TARGET 164)
Nehra to Dilshan, who takes advantage of the fielding restrictions by pulling and hooking two fours, before swiping another boundary through the vacant slip area. A single ensures he retains the strike. And yet again we have a hold-up while the Indian 12th man comes on - I've just had an email from my mate Ben Pearce who's at the ground in St Lucia and echoes some of Tony Cozier's points from earlier. "The organisation is terrible, the WICB and ICC have not learnt from the 2007 World Cup fiasco," notes Ben, who'll also be playing rugby for the "Mornflake Marauders" against Barbados rugby club next Monday at the Garrison Savannah rugby ground and is hoping for a bit of support.

2nd over - SL 6-2 (TARGET 164)
It's Kumar to Kumar, so to speak, as Kumar Sangakkara defends his first ball.

Out for a duck
1.5 overs - WICKET - Jayasuriya c Karthik b Kumar 0 - SL 6-2 (TARGET 164)
Vinay Kumar takes the second over - he's making his debut in international cricket, and after a single from Dilshan, the right-arm seamer has a prize wicket as Jayasuriya languidly mistimes a pull and pops a catch to mid-wicket. Is that the final curtain for the old man, out for a duck?

1st over - SL 5-1 (TARGET 164)
Nehra is now the joint third highest wicket-taker in the tournament with 10, behind Dirk Nannes and Charl Langeveldt. New batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan is off the mark with a single to leg.

Wicket falls
0.3 overs - WICKET - Jayawardene c Pathan b Nehra 4 - SL 4-1 (TARGET 164)
Jayawardene flicks left-arm seamer Nehra for four through square leg, but then edges the third ball of the innings to slip - massive wicket for India.

1948: Sanath Jayasuriya opening the innings for Sri Lanka - will this be the old man's last hurrah in international cricket if Sri Lanka go out of the tournament today? His partner Mahela Jayawardene will take strike against Ashish Nehra.

1945: And unless you're following this live text from Mars, you may be aware it's all happening in Downing Street - Gordon Brown has resigned as the UK's prime minister and has just left Buckingham Palace. You can follow the live BBC News election coverage here, or if it's all about the Championship play-offs for you, Chris Bevan is in the live text chair for the second leg of Nottingham Forest's semi-final with Blackpool.

1942: Kevin Howells is rounding up the latest county scores on TMS - while as a Hampshire fan, I'm pleased to see my lot finally find some form as Sean Ervine smashed a career-best 237 not out against Somerset at the Rose Bowl. Is it greedy to hope for more than one of the sports teams you follow to be anything better than woeful? Houston Astros have been pretty rubbish this season too.

Alison Mitchell
BBC Sport's Alison Mitchell on Twitter: "Good chat with @timbresnan this morn. Brimming with quiet confidence and enthusiasm for the job he's doing. Interview will be on TMS later"

1939: Chappelli on TMS has summed up the situation quite well (see below) - once Sri Lanka reach 144, India are out.

Ian Chappell
Ian Chappell on TMS: "India look favourites to win this match, but they've got to win by 20 runs and then hope Australia beat West Indies if they are to go through"

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Pathan c Kapugedera b Perera 13 - Ind 163-5
Cap'n Sanga hands the last over to left-arm seamer Perera, Dhoni smacks a single to long-on and Pathan hoists one in the air through wide long-off which bounces between two fielders for four. He then weaves away from a bouncer, hoping the umpires will deem it a wide on height, but umpire Aleem Dar is unmoved, just signalling it as the one permitted short ball for the over. Pathan aims a fierce drive but hits the ball against his leg and they can only scramble a single. Dhoni tips one into the covers for one, then Pathan has a big heave-ho at the last ball and it's down long-on's throat. Great last over from Perera, only seven runs off it when India were looking to tee off with two big hitters at the crease.

19th over - Ind 156-4
New batsman is Yusuf Pathan - India will hope he can bring some of his crash, bang, wallop IPL form to the last two overs, the first of which will be bowled by the Slinger. Dhoni clubs a single, Pathan is off the mark with a fortunate inside edge which shoots past the stumps for four and then turns a quick single off his legs. Dhoni dabs a quick one to third man, the bare-headed Sangakkara completely demolishes the stumps at the striker's end but Pathan (unlike some other players in modern cricket) runs his bat in professionally and makes his ground. He guides the last ball for two, Malinga finishes with an impressive 2-25 from his four overs.

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET - Yuvraj c Jayawardene b Thushara 1 - Ind 147-4
Dhoni hammers a single, while the new batsman is Yuvraj Singh so India retain the left-hand/right-hand pairing, although that isn't going to improve the over-rate either. He's off the mark, while Dhoni mistimes a pull for one and Yuvraj tries another pull to mid-wicket and is pouched by Jayawardene on the square leg boundary. That would have been a six on some of the grounds with tiny boundaries that they play IPL games on.

Wicket falls
17.2 overs - WICKET - Raina c Jayawardene b Thushara 63 - Ind 144-3
After a wide from Thushara, Raina batters a four through mid-wicket but then holes out to the same area when he top-edges an attempted slog-sweep. Meanwhile, those of you interested in UK political news may wish to check out the live BBC News election coverage for an important announcement.

17th over - Ind 139-2
Perera boosts Sri Lanka's total with a wide, Dhoni and Raina help themselves to two singles apiece and we have yet another delay while replacement bats are brought out. Tony Cozier on TMS is still furious that the umpires aren't taking action.

From Jack Mills, Didim, Turkey, TMS inbox: "To confuse you a bit more, is there any way West Indies and Sri Lanka can both go through as I don't want India and the Aussies to go through?"

Jack, the only way that can happen is if Sri Lanka win this game and then West Indies thrash the Aussies by a heavy enough margin for both SL and WI's net run-rate to be above the Aussies'.

16th over - Ind 134-2
Another unofficial drinks break slows the action - Dhoni somehow needs a drink, even though he's only been out there a couple of overs. Malinga is back, with two overs left in his spell, but Raina crashes him through mid-wicket for four to the delight of some dancing Indian fans. Raina hangs his bat out to guide a single to mid-off - the Slinger restricts them to singles but he can only bowl one of the last four overs.

From Jamie, TMS inbox: "After the IPL you would think that the Indians would have been one of the strongest teams but their refusal to pick up some of the best performers is seriously holding them back. Surely there was an argument for including the likes of Ashwin, Ojha and Mishra"

That's 50
15th over - Ind 126-2
Thushara back, he took a bit of punishment earlier and Dhoni evades a wide before smacking a single to long-on. A single brings Raina his fifty from 37 balls, Dhoni chips a two to the square-leg fence, then bashes a low full toss straight back to the bowler's end where it demolishes a stump and they run one. Raina spears a single to long-off to keep the strike.

Get involved on 606
From Sportsfan87 on 606: "It's good Dhoni promoted himself. Yuvraj should come in and bosh it around towards the end if necessary... He used to be a nurdler but hasn't done that for a while"

14th over - Ind 119-2
"A lot of actors I know learn their lines while they're at the cricket," notes Aggers on TMS, while Sri Lanka will be keen not to fluff their lines as Raina gets down on one knee and flogs Randiv for six over mid-wicket. Randiv tries to mix up his length, Raina misses one before stabbing a two past point.

13th over - Ind 110-2
The bald-headed Sanath Jayasuriya, who turns 41 on 30 June, comes on as Sri Lanka's seventh bowler with his slow left-arm "darts". Raina nudges a two and a single, then Dhoni shows no respect for Jayasuriya's newly-acquired status as a member of Sri Lanka's parliament by hoisting him for the first six of the innings over long-off. Dhoni carves a two and a single.

12th over - Ind 98-2
There's a change in the Indian batting order as captain Mahendra Dhoni has promoted himself up to number four, ahead of Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh. He'll be all too aware of how India need to win by at least 20 runs - though his promotion does give India a left-hand/right-hand combo. Dhoni's off the mark with a single, while Raina does well to dig out a brute of a yorker from Malinga, whose ability to bowl accurate toe-crushers with his idiosyncratic slingy action is still very impressive. Single from Raina, while Dhoni fences and misses at another well-disguised slow bouncer. That's India's lowest-scoring over of the innings.

Wicket falls
11.1 overs - WICKET - Gambhir c Sangakkara b Malinga 41 - Ind 96-2
The Slinger strikes again as another well-disguised slower ball is nicked to the keeper as Gambhir, whose 41 came from 32 balls, tries to run the ball down to third man.

Ian Chappell
Former Australia captain Ian Chappell on TMS: "There are a few too many rules at the hotel I'm staying at - like they make you wear long trousers for dinner. I'm travelling light as you often have trouble with your luggage going astray in this part of the world"

11th over - Ind 96-1
Dilshan also bowls round the wicket, Raina and Gambhir keep pushing the ones - while they scamper a bye for one which Sanga just misses behind the stumps.

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on TMS: "I think Sri Lanka are missing Murali"

10th over - Ind 90-1
Randiv goes round the wicket to the left-handed pair, aiming at leg stump, but Raina and Gambhir work the singles - all on the leg side, mind you - before Raina pushes one past fine leg for four.

Tony Cozier
Tony Cozier on TMS: "They are making an absolute farce of this. The ICC has to do something about this. The crowd's getting restless now - two reserves have come onto the field to bring water on and we've had a delay of around three minutes. I am sure the match referee will issue a fine. The umpires didn't seem to do much about it"

9th over - Ind 80-1
It's the rare (for Sri Lanka) sight of orthodox off-spin from both ends as Tillakaratne Dilshan is on for his first bowl in T20 internationals since December. Tony Cozier and Michael Vaughan on TMS are now absolutely fuming about the lengthy delays between overs while items are brought on - "the whole point of Twenty20 is that it's fast-moving" points out TC, who has also noticed that India are not using the dug-out and are trotting in and out of the dressing-rooms instead. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka can certainly expect to lose some of their match fees in over-rate fines at this rate. When Dilshan's over eventually begins, Gambhir pushes a two through wide mid-on, the scoring rate is becoming as pedestrian as the over-rate - all ones and twos, while Raina is now wearing a cap with the spinners on.

8th over - Ind 71-1
Tony Cozier on TMS isn't happy with these "unofficial" drinks breaks which keep popping up when new batting gloves are brought out. Thushara is unsurprisingly hauled out of the attack and it's time for Suraj Randiv with his orthodox right-arm off-spin. (I say "orthodox", just to differentiate him from unorthodox spinners like Muralitharan and Mendis). He bowled very well against Australia, and restricts Raina and Gambhir to ones and twos.

7th over - Ind 65-1
Mathews returns - after the carnage in the last over, at least Sri Lanka can put the field back and keep just the regulation four men in the circle. Gambhir nudges a single to bring Raina on strike, and the man in form guides another four (his fourth) off his hip before swishing cross-batted and missing at a slower bouncer, like a man trying to swat an errant fly. A very high full toss - almost a beamer - is worked past square leg for a single, and also called as a no-ball. With Sanga standing up to the stumps, anything down the leg side is meat and drink for the left-hand pair to leg-glance for four - Gambhir does just that to take his score to 26, two more singles mean it's 13 from the over and this is looking a very tasty partnership indeed.

6th over - Ind 52-1
Loose from Thushara, as Raina flicks a two and four off his legs before unleashing a cover drive for two which is cut off just in front of the rope by the pursuing Slinger. Thushara strays with a wide, while a lofted drive and a fluent on-drive bring Raina two more boundaries - he's scored 17 from his first seven balls faced.

From Rob and Tom in Exeter, TMS inbox: "Could someone please explain why Jadeja has been dropped! This is an outrage"

It may have been something to do with all the sixes being hit off him...

5th over - Ind 35-1
Suresh Raina is the new batsman - he already has a century to his name in this tournament. Malinga tests him with the short ball, but he's off the mark with a single. Gambhir upper-cuts another short ball and it sails over the vacant slip area for a first-bounce four! "That's the sort of shot you should play against Shaun Tait, who's also difficult to hook and pull," notes MPV on TMS.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anonymous, via text: "I'm bewildered that Saurabh Tiwari of Mumbai Indians was not picked ahead of Yuvraj who at best had a very mediocre IPL"

Wicket falls
4.2 overs - WICKET - Karthik c & b Malinga 13 - Ind 30-1
Sri Lanka look to stem the flow of runs, and turn to Lasith "The Slinger" Malinga - and it does the trick as after a single from Gambhir, Malinga slings in one on leg stump and Karthik gets a leading edge to hand the wild-haired paceman a fairly simple return catch.

4th over - Ind 29-0
Perera's off after one over as left-arm seamer Thilan Thushara takes over. Karthik stabs a single past mid-off, then Thushara drops one in short and wide and Gambhir punches it past point for four. (Shirt fans may wish to note, Thushara has "Mirando" on the back of his shirt - his full name is listed as Magina Thilan Thushara Mirando). Aggers and Michael Vaughan on TMS aren't happy with the Indian pair's running between the wickets, particularly Gambhir's, as they pick up a two and a single where many would have taken an extra run on both occasions. A couple more singles and it's 10 off the over, but could have been more. To misquote the title of an old Paul Daniels TV show, surely India must realise Every Second (Run) Counts?!

3rd over - DROPPED CATCH - Ind 19-0
Keeper Sangakkara is up to the stumps for Mathews' medium pace, but he can't hold on to a slash from Gambhir which bounces out of his gloves, that's got to go down as a chance... Reprieved, Gambhir pushes a single and Karthik emulates Kevin Pietersen's "flamingo" shot with his right leg off the ground, elegantly flicking a four through mid-wicket. A careful dab to third man brings him a single, Gambhir blasts a slower ball off his legs and they run two. (And if your screen is still saying "play due to start" at the top, please manually refresh the page).

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Supermo, via text: "India need to win by at least 20 runs and Windies to lose to qualify. That's a fact"

2nd over - Ind 11-0
Thissara Perera takes the second over, bowling right-arm fast-medium, and he goes round the wicket to the leftie Gambhir. A tighter over yields just three singles.

The sun is out
1st over - Ind 8-0
Dinesh Karthik, restored to the side in place of Murali Vijay, gets India under way from medium-pacer Mathews' first ball with a slice for four through the backward point region. A single brings his left-handed partner Gautam Gambhir on strike. Aggers on TMS admits he's a bit concerned over whether his wife's flight will be affected by the lingering volcanic ash cloud affecting air travel - but the skies are bright in St Lucia as Gambhir heaves a three over the mid-wicket fielder. Decent start for India.

1757: And with such an exciting day in prospect, we'd love to hear from you whether you hail from Kandy, Kolkata, Bridgetown or Botany Bay - or if you're a neutral who just appreciates good cricket, or someone looking to clear their head after the ongoing ramifications of the UK election. You can e-mail us at (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 (from the UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide), or join the debate on 606. Angelo Mathews to take the new ball for Sri Lanka.

1755: India's anthem precedes Sri Lanka's on the steel drums. Both rather jolly, Sri Lanka's goes on for a bit longer, and it should be a good atmosphere at Gros Islet as the crowd fills up with West Indians waiting to watch their heroes in the late game.

From Jeff Cowell, USA via Shepherd's Bush, TMS inbox: "I believe SL will rue the omission of Mendis before the day is done"

Jeff, we've had no word over whether he's injured or just left out. Certainly would be a big shock if he's not injured.

1750: As for West Indies and Australia, at least they'll know what they need to do before their game starts - rather than blinding you with yet more permutations, I can point you in the direction of today's match preview for more about what they need to do. The group winners will play Pakistan on Friday, while the runners-up will take on England on Thursday.

1748: For India, Cap'n Dhoni seems to think they need to win by at least 20 runs - though as Jonathan Agnew admits to Michael Vaughan on TMS, "it's all a bit up in the air". Trust me, I'll try to keep you posted with how everything stands throughout the evening.

1745: As Test Match Special takes to the airwaves, here are the full teams:

Sri Lanka: Sanath Jayasuriya, Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara (capt & wk), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Chamara Kapugedera, Chinthaka Jayasinghe, Angelo Mathews, Thissara Perera, Suraj Randiv, Lasith Malinga, Thilan Thushara.

India: Dinesh Karthik, Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Dhoni (capt & wk), Yusuf Pathan, Piyush Chawla, Harbhajan Singh, Vinay Kumar, Ashish Nehra.

1738: Right, I promised you the permutations. It's simplest for India - anything less than a win and they're eliminated. Even if they win, they then need Australia to beat the West Indies - and also hope they have the best net run-rate between themselves, Sri Lanka and West Indies.

If Sri Lanka win (or if this match finishes a tie or no result), then they will go through if Australia win the late game or if that finishes a tie or no result. A Sri Lanka win coupled with a Windies win would see the top two from Australia, Sri Lanka and West Indies on net run-rate go through. But Sri Lanka also have a very faint hope of qualifying even if they lose and Australia win - although they would need a better net run-rate than India and West Indies. Confused? You will be...

1733: Here's the toss - India's Mahendra Dhoni has called correctly - and opts to bat first. They make three changes - Murali Vijay, Ravindra Jadeja and Zaheer Khan are replaced by Dinesh Karthik, Piyush Chawla and Vinay Kumar. Sri Lanka also make three changes - leaving out Dinesh Chandimal, Chanaka Welegedara and most surprisingly Ajantha Mendia in favour of Thissara Perera, Chinthaka Jayasinghe and Thilan Thushara.

1725: Afternoon, everyone - or should it be evening? Over on the lush, verdant island of St Lucia, it's about 25 minutes past high noon for the four teams battling to grab the last two semi-final places in the ICC World Twenty20 - first up we've got Sri Lanka v India at 1800 BST, followed by West Indies v Australia under the lights at 2200 BST. I'll go through the permutations in a minute about who has to do what to qualify.

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Live Scores - West Indies v Australia


  • Australia beat West Indies by 6 wickets
  • West Indies: 105 (19.0 overs)
  • Australia: 109-4 (16.2 overs)

Australia Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 4 109
Warner c Gayle b Taylor 25
Watson b Benn 5
Clarke run out 16
Haddin c Sammy b Gayle 42
Hussey not out 10
White not out 0
Extras 11w 11

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