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World Twenty20 - day 11 as it happened


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By Ben Dirs


2147: ...I should just tell you before I go that Yorkshire's Tim Bresnan won the man-of-the-match award - 1-20 from four, 23 not out from 11. Lovely stuff.

2145: Right, I think that's me done World Twenty20-wise, I'm back on knuckles duty this weekend. Enjoy the rest of the tournament, I think I probably love you all...

Amy, Canada, in the TMS inbox: "They got rid of Snakebite after too many 'incidents'. I believe they replaced it with something called Weedkiller (after my time). Have no idea what the poison is now. And it probably is literally that - poison."

John Starbuck, Huddersfield, in the TMS inbox: "Sadly, Dan Lucas is not the first: Last year both the Beeb and the Guardian published my suggestion that the slog-sweep be henceforth known as a swog. Both agreed; nothing happened."


20th over - 149-7 Everyone inside the circle, but Mills drops short and Bresnan pings him to the square-leg boundary for four. Another pretty efficient England display - England through, along with Pakistan, and New Zealand go tumbling out.

19th over - 149-7 Swanny is next up the ramp and he's off the mark with a rather risky single to leave England needing two from eight. The Kiwis give England a one off the bat of Bresnan, but it will go to the final over as Swann is unable to get McCullum's final ball away.

Out for a duck
19th over - WICKET - Yardy c Butler b N McCullum 0, Eng 146-7
Yardy, silly, Yardy - he chips straight to the man at long-off, New Zealand still throwing punches...

18th over - 146-6 Bresnan is the big man now, and he's enjoying the responsibility, pulling Bond away for four from the final ball of the over. Four needed from 12 balls...

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET - Morgan c Vettori b Bond 40, Eng 142-6
Tremendous running from Bresnan and Morgan, not even looking up and running two. Morgan has a swish but the ball falls short of the fielder running round and the little Dubliner scampers two. But Morgan will not be hitting the winning runs today - mishit pull and Vettori takes a fine catch running backwards. Sad news reaches me from Owain Connors: snakebite and black has been banned in The Lemmy in Exeter. Is nothing sacred in Broken Britain?

Dan Lucas in the TMS inbox: "It appears my duplicity has been revealed for all the world to see: my last comment was published by both the Guardian and the BBC's online commentary. Am I the first person to achieve this? Does this mean that over-by-over online commentary is my calling in life? Is it even more remarkable that I actually have a girlfriend?"

17th over - 123-5 England need 23 from 23 after that four from Morgan, merely a dab off the hip. Bresnan mistimes to mid-wicket for a couple before coming over all burly and slapping Mills for four off his legs. Bumper from Mills and Bresnan mows him over the covers for two more. England require 13 more from 18 balls.

16th over - 123-5 Bresnan is the new man in the middle, but players crossed and Morgan rolls his wrists on a bumper and picks up a couple. Morgan with a cheeky uppercut for one and Bresnan is off the mark with a drive into the covers.

Wicket falls
16th over - WICKET - Wright c Mills b Bond 24, Eng 118-5
Wright top-edges a hook shot and is snaffled by Mills down there at deep square-leg. Decent knock though, 24 from just 17 balls.

15th over - 117-4 Four from Morgan, staying back in his crease and whip-cracking the ball to the mid-wicket fence. Morgan then middles a reverse sweep for four, before Wright gets in on the act, hauling McCullum to that monster fence at deep mid-wicket. Ed (see below), I wouldn't bother too much, I was down at Exeter and I know people who passed their finals having spent most of the previous three years drinking snakebite and black in 'The Lemmy' (as I believe it was called). Or were you looking for something other than a 3rd?

Ed trying to revise for finals tomorrow in Exeter in the TMS inbox: "Re: Broaders and Dan Lucas... I happen to think Bopara is a quality batsmen, and the best to replace Pietersen in his baby-related absence. He has more class and natural talent than anyone else who could come in. English fans are too quick to criticise..."

14th over - 104-4 Wright with three braces using good placement into the leg side and there are nine from that over - England require 46 from 36 balls.

13th over - 95-4 Nathan McCullum is back on and Morgan and Wright exchange singles before Morgan carves him over wide long-off for a one-bounce four. Two more for Morgan, he's really developing into a trump player for England in the middle order, a man you want in the middle when things get sticky.

12th over - 87-4 Butler, right-arm fast-medium, into the attack and he raps Morgan on the pads with his first ball, but it was outside the line. Wright clubs Butler through mid-wicket, rather crudely, for four, before slog-sweeping for another. Brutal. Sorry, bit behind, cleaner just turned my TV off with her tickling stick...

Broaders in the TMS inbox: "Why can't the England selectors have the same views as Dan Lucas (see below)? Bopara has been tried and tested and failed, yet the selectors haven't seemed to have noticed."

11th over - 77-4 Wright with a single to mid-wicket before Morgan picks up a single - nice save by Ryder at backward-point. Wright with a single off his hip before Morgan plays an extraordinary stroke, swinging Styris one-handed over mid-wicket for six valuable runs. That travelled 84 metres, making it the second biggest hit of the match after a tap from Scotty Styris.

11th over - 77-4 Wright with a single to mid-wicket before Morgan picks up a single - nice save by Ryder at backward-point. Wright with a single off his hip before Morgan plays an extraordinary stroke, swinging Styris one-handed over mid-wicket for six valuable runs. That travelled 84 metres, making it the second biggest hit of the match after a tap from Scotty Styris.

10th over - 68-4 Very useful cricketer is Styris, but that was one of his cheaper wickets, Collingwood not in any kind of touch at the moment. Luke Wright is off the mark with a nurdle to leg, just two from Vettori's over, England back on a short leash.

Wicket falls
9th over - WICKET - Collingwood c B McCullum b Styris 3, Eng 66-4
Collingwood and Morgan happy to milk Scott Styris, this England pair are primarily accumulators and manoeuvres of the ball, but Colly's gone, dinking straight to Brendon McCullum at mid-wicket. England have lost 3-6 now, New Zealand right back in this.

Dan Lucas in the TMS inbox: "I have a lot of sympathy for Ravi Bopara, as I feel he and I have a lot in common, namely that neither of us will ever be an international standard cricketer."

8th over - 62-3 Morgan is England's new batsman and he's off the mark with a twirl to square-leg. Collingwood joins him on one with a nibble off his pads.

Wicket falls
8th over - WICKET - Lumb lbw b Vettori 32, Eng 60-3
Lumb, looking good, is out leg before - looking to sweep and missing, the ball hitting his back leg, Umpire Taufel got that right.

7th over - 60-2 Collingwood is the new batsman, and he's only managed 36 runs so far from four matches. He clips to leg but doesn't pick up a run.

Wicket falls
7th over - WICKET - Bopara c Taylor b Styris 9, Eng 60-2
Styris into the attack and he might be difficult to get away on this sluggish pitch. Plus, the powerplay is over. Lumb with a single into the covers before Bopara paddles down to fine-leg for a single, Lumb picks up one of his own, but Bopara's gone next ball, giving himself room and finding Taylor at extra-cover.

6th over - 57-1 Vettori into the attack early and Bopara turns him away for one. Lumb seeing it like a planet, dropping to one knee and swinging Vettori away for four... and again, Lumb leading an England romp - New Zealand were 39-1 at the same point. One more for the beefy left-hander and he retains the strike.

5th over - 46-1 Apologies, New Zealand made 149, not 147 as I wrote below. Whatever they made, England are making pretty light work of it at the moment, and this time it's Bopara giving it the big man, trotting down the track and flat-batting Mills for four more. Bit of "yes-no-ing" between Lumb and Bopara and the Essex man only just makes his ground, although the kick from Mills was wide. Eight from that over, New Zealand skipper Vettori desperately needs to find some answers.

4th over - 38-1 Bond nearly gets one through the Lumb defences but he got a bit of wood on it, and the Hampshire man hoists Bond over wide long-on for six next ball. Four more for Lumb, skewing a cut shot just beyond the reach of wicketkepper Hopkins, and that's another productive over for England, 10 from it.

3rd over - 28-1 Ravi Bopara, in for new dad Pietersen, is off the mark with a clip off his hip for one. Cracking shot from Lumb, full flow of the bat and he picks up three through extra-cover.

Wicket falls
3rd over - WICKET - Kieswetter c N McCullum b Mills 15, Eng 24-1
Matt, London, how dare you question that nice young man's integrity... but yes, we thought he grounded as well, although only after seeing the after-innings replays. Two runs for Kieswetter off the bowling of Kyle Mills, but he's gone next ball, making room and slapping straight to the man inside the circle at extra-cover, that man being Nathan McCullum.

Matt, London, in the TMS inbox: "Did anyone else think Stuart Broad grassed that catch? The commentary team on TV were so keen on the way he kept his legs off the rope they didn't comment on the way the ball was grassed on its second bounce."

2nd over - 22-0 Not a great start for the Kiwis, Bond leaking four leg-byes. Kieswetter tucks Bond away for one before Lumb gets his first four with a turn off his pads. England on the charge.

1st over - 13-0 What an opening over from England - Kieswetter and Lumb exchange singles before Kieswetter grabs Nathan McCullum by the lapels and shows him who's guvnor - first he muscles him over long-on for four before sashaying down the track and monstering him for a giant straight six. Thirteen runs from it...


Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on TMS: "I've been studying the batsmen's techniques and it seems a lot of players are bouncing back in their stances like a baseball player, before launching forward with a big swing-through."

England seamer Tim Bresnan on TMS: I think we have got to chase a very gettable total. I think around 160 is about par on this wicket so we are very confident.

20th over - 147-6 One for McCullum with a tug from outside off off the bowling of Bresnan. Vettori is off the mark with a dab to point for one and McCullum nicks a single of his own. Vettori and McCullum exchange singles, before Vettori scythes into the off-side and steals two runs - not great from Colly there, let's hope England don't lose by one run...

19th over - 142-6 New Zealand skipper Vettori is almost run out first ball - he misses the slower ball from Sidebottom and sets off without even looking, and a direct hit from Kieswetter would have sent him packing.

Wicket falls
19th over - WICKET - Taylor c Bresnan b Sidebottom 44, NZ 141-6
Nice figures from Broad, he finishes with 2-33 from his four overs. Sidebottom with the penultimate over and Taylor pulls him for one. The new batsman is Nathan McCullum and he's off the mark with a single. What a shot that is from Taylor, almost a hockey shot, quick, flashing bat, strong wrists and it disappears for six. But Taylor's gone next ball, Bresnan pouching the catch on the long-off rope.

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET - Hopkins b Broad 1, NZ 133-5
By the way, if England lose by 30 runs or more, then they'd drop to second in the group and would probably face Australia in the final, which they could do without to be honest. Taylor keeps the score ticking over with a couple with a pull - should have been a single, a misfield from Colly, of all people, turns it into two. Taylor nicks a run to Swann in the covers, before Hopkins is castled for just one run, the Wellington native dragging on a short one.

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET - Styris c Wright b Broad 31, NZ 127-4
That's the end of Styris, trying to hit Broad over the top, not quite getting it and holing out to Wright at long-off, the Sussex man taking the catch while sliding across on his thigh.

17th over - 126-3 Stand and deliver from Styris, marmalising Sidebottom over long-on for a triumphant six. Good comeback from Sidebottom, beating Styris with a slower ball, and Styris is very nearly bamboozled by another blow bumper, but his lazy-looking yank from outside off lands in no-man's land and they run one. So many slower balls from Sidebottom in this innings that I might as well start referring to his quicker balls instead. Taylor is beaten by one, and there's a leg-bye from the final ball of the over. Dig out your hard hats and prepare for carnage...

16th over - 118-3 Taylor dabs Yardy off his pads for a single before Styris leans back and carves him over point for one more. Taylor flips Yardy down the ground for a couple to bring up the fifty partnership and Broad gets a real volley from Yardy there, although it looked like a perfectly acceptable piece of fielding to me - this England side has high standards. Taylor looks to pull and mishits it before he and Styris swap singles from the final two balls of the over.

15th over - 112-3 Collingwood barks instructions between overs, as well he might, his boys have lost their fizz. Broad locates the edge of Taylor's bat but the ball lands well short of Kieswetter behind the stumps and Taylor picks up a single next ball. Broad tests Styris out with some chin music and Styris rolls his wrists on it and the ball slides under the dive of Sidebottom and away for four, to the disgust of the bowler. Wide from Broad and Styris backs away and slices him over third-man for four more. England under the pump a bit here, and Styris makes it 11 from the over and 22 from 12 balls for himself with a flat-batted brace down the ground.

14th over - 101-3 Sidebottom back into the England attack and that's a crackerjack shot from Styris, who looks in decent nick, walking to outside off and hoisting Siders down to long-leg for four. A Sidebottom bumper gets stuck in the pitch and Styris waits on it and tugs him away for one. Styris and Taylor with singles from Sidebottom slower balls and this looks far too easy for the Kiwis, this pair just manoeuvring the ball here and then and England's sting momentarily drawn. Two for Taylor with another easy pat to mid-wicket before Taylor gets a big slice of luck, the ball sliding off the face of his bat and bouncing over his stumps. Twelve from that over, the Kiwis pass 100...

13th over - 89-3 Taylor does what McCullum couldn't and clears the mid-wicket boundary for six. Barely a back-lift, into a stiff breeze, he's a powerful man. Styris chips to long-on for a single before Taylor nibbles off his pads for one more. Nice this from New Zealand, accumulating without much risk. Styris nicks a single with a tickle off his legs and Taylor does the same off the last ball of Swann's over.

12th over - 77-3 Yardy still spearing these quick darts of his into the batsman's legs and there are two easy singles to kick off the over. Edge down to third-man off the bat of Taylor and he scampers three. One for Styris with a leisurely shovel into the off-side before Taylor fetches a ball from outside off into a gap on the leg-side and ambles one more.

11th over - 68-3 Styris is off the mark immediately with a twirl of the bat down to square-leg for one and Taylor finds a gap at mid-wicket for another single.

Wicket falls
11th over - WICKET - McCullum c Lumb b Swann 33, NZ 65-3
McCullum moves to 33 with a clip off his pads, but he's gone two balls later, sticking the ball down Lumb's throat at mid-wicket. Long boundary down there, you've got to be going some to make it over the rope.

10th over - 63-2 Ross Taylor is the new batsman and this lad, in common with most of the Kiwi side, can give it a fearful clatter. He's off the mark with a straight drive for one and there are three more singles from that Yardy over.

Wicket falls
9th over - WICKET - Redmond c Broad b Swann 16, NZ 59-2 Short from Swann and it's yet another swish to leg from Redmond - nice fielding from Broad out there to save four, clawing the ball back from the boundary before tottering over the rope. Redmond then smashes Swann over wide long-on for six, but what a catch that is from Broad to dismiss Redmond two balls later - Redmond with another leg-side hoick and Broad does fantastically well to snaffle it while keeping inside the rope.

8th over - 50-1 Redmond and McCullum exchange pull shots for one before Redmond repeats the stroke for one more. Redmond chips new bowler Yardy off his pads for another single before McCullum plays another rancid looking heave into the leg-side for two. McCullum keeps the strike with yet another ugly yank, this game nicely poised.

7th over - 44-1 Swann into the attack now with the powerplay done and Redmond sweeps his first ball away for one. One more for McCullum before Redmond squeezes a single to mid-wicket and there are two more singles to complete the over. The message for those emailing in asking why you can't get TMS coverage on this match outside the UK, I'm told the simple answer is you weren't supposed to be receiving it in the first place... sorry...

Tom, Chesterfield, in the TMS inbox: "I'm picturing Redmond running down the pitch like Forrest Gump with the braces breaking away from his legs..."

6th over - 39-1 Broad to continue and McCullum and there's a leg-bye. There should be a run-out two balls later - Redmond skews a mishit down to third-man, Bopara with a misfield and Redmond should have gone, but Broad is unable to gather the throw from wicketkeeper Kieswetter. McCullum moves to 23 from 20 balls with a heave over mid-wicket.

5th over - 32-1 Redmond is the new batsman and he's off the mark second ball with a brace off his legs.

Wicket falls
5th over - WICKET - Ryder b Bresnan 9, NZ 30-1
McCullum forces a save from Bresnan, who just manages to tip the ball over the bar, and that wasn't really a chance as such. Ryder's gone! Pretty awful shot really, going for a slog-sweep type thing and getting himself castled by what appeared to be a slower ball.

Pijjy in Coventry in the TMS inbox: "If we keep them below 150 we have got a great chance of coming through a fantastic run in the Super Eights. Carrying this form and confidence into the next stages of the tournament would be fantastic and provide England with every chance of winning the tournament. I really hope Bopara has a top knock today, he played tremendously in the IPL."

4th over - 29-0 Broad into the attack and he gets one to nip back at McCullum - leg-bye. Ryder gives himself some space and clips broad over extra-cover for his first four and he shows why he's considered such a dangerous player in the short forms of the game with a carve over point for four more.

Get involved on 606
From Moon on 606: "Good timing, walked the wife around the village, had several conversations I had no clue about, saw Grandma and her three old friends, again, no clue what they were saying, back to watch a no pressure game of cricket..."

Atif, Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox: "This tournament, in the match against SA, and now against NZ, is the first time I've ever supported England in international sport. And if they let me down it will be the last time."

3rd over - 20-0 McCullum comes over all KP, waltzing down the pitch and slapping Bresnan, one-legged, over cover for four. Cracking stroke, and there's better to follow, McCullum making room and lacing Bresnan to the extra-cover boundary. Ryder if off the mark with a glide to third-man for one before McCullum is too slow with a prospective hook shot and beaten. Decent start from the Kiwis, and if McCullum can stick around, it will only get decenter...

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
Tommy, Preston, via text on 81111: "Big chance for Ravi Bopara today, if he gets a good knock the selectors will have plenty to think about. He surely couldn't keep KP out, and Colly is captain, so the pressure could be on Wright to prove his credentials."

2nd over - 1-0 Ryan Sidebottom to continue. Width and McCullum flays, proving the Billy Bragg Theory that there is no real substitute for a ball struck squarely and firmly, whip-cracks him for four with an economy of movement. One more for McCullum with a nudge off his hip before Ryder gets off the dreaded 0 with... no, leg-bye. Leg-side wide from Sidebottom before McCullum is beaten by a ball angled across him. McCullum muscles Siders to mid-off for a single.

1st over - 1-0 We're off, and it's Bresnan of Yorkshire with the first over for England. Brendon McCullum is on strike first, and he's one half of a biffing opening partnership, with Jesse Ryder down the other end. Half an appeal from Bresnan, but that was high. McCullum dances down the track and looks to go over the covers, but misses. Fill of length from Bresnan and McCullum is off the mark with a push to mid-on. Good first over from Bresnan, nice and straight.

1826: National anthems on the old steel drums, and it's God Save the Queen up first. No second verse on this occasion, which is handy, as hardly anyone in England knows how that one goes. New Zealand's lasts all of 20 seconds and we'll have play in four minutes...

1820: And just in case anyone is thinking England might take their foot off the pedal for this one with progression assured, it's worth bearing in mind that should they lose this and finish second in the group behind New Zealand as a result, they in all likelihood would face Australia in the semis. Not the most welcome of match-ups I'd wager?

1815: Here are the teams, then:
England: MJ Lumb, C Kieswetter (wkt), RS Bopara, PD Collingwood (capt), EJG Morgan, LJ Wright, SCJ Broad, TT Bresnan, GP Swann, MH Yardy, RJ Sidebottom.
New Zealand: BB McCullum, JD Ryder, AJ Redmond, LRPL Taylor, SB Styris, GJ Hopkins (wkt), DL Vettori (capt), NL McCullum, IG Butler, KD Mills, SE Bond.
Umpires: SJ Davis and SJA Taufel

Amir Mir on 606: "NZ have won the toss which is a big advantage but if England are able to restrict The Kiwi's to 150 and below then they should be able to chase. But England are through, no pressure, freedom to do what you want will hopefully guide them to victory."

1807: Also - a reminder that England are through to the semi-finals regardless of the result of this match, but New Zealand must win if they are to pip Pakistan to a place in the last four. England looking to maintain momentum nonetheless, though, I'd wager and this might be a bit of a cracker as a result. Thoughts?

1805: Also, if you would be so kind as to give this page a manual refresh if you haven't already done so you'll see all the right details at the top of this page and as a result I'll be ever so grateful. Thanks.

1802: Now then, New Zealand win the toss and will bat first - an option that England skipper Paul Collingwood admits he would have taken had he called correctly with "the pitch looking slow". England make just one change, with Ravi Bopara brought in as expected with Kevin Pietersen back in England attending the birth of his son, while New Zealand also make a switch, Aaron Redmond replacing Martin Guptill.


1742: That was all a bit baffling from South Africa, one of the most peculiar run-chases I've ever witnessed, particularly considering their future in the tournament depended on it. Anyway, I need some food, stand by for England v New Zealand at 1830 BST.


20th over - 137-7 Fine display of Twenty20 bowling from Saeed Ajmal, 4 wickets now. Van der Merwe goes for the pull from the penultimate delivery but can only manage two, and he is unable to get anything on the final ball. An 11-run victory for Pakistan, which means South Africa are out, England are through and Pakistan need England to beat New Zealand in the later game.

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Botha st Kamran b Ajmal 19, SA 135-7
Morkel gives Botha back the strike with a nudge into the covers - it's all on the big right-hander. Fine bowling from Ajmal, full of length, and Botha can only chip it for a single. Morkel cuts straight to the fielder and can only run one, before Botha almost dislocates a shoulder going for some humpty and is stumped by Kamran. Fine bowling - the doosra - super sharp glovework, South Africa toast.

19th over - 132-6 Aamer to continue and Botha rocks back and thrashes him through the covers for four. He goes for more of the same but doesn't quite get it and picks up just one to bring Morkel on strike. Aamer serves up a full-bunger, Morkel has a swing and that's a bona fide box-breaker, right in the orchestras. Morkel ends up in a heap on the floor, deflating like a balloon, before a physio scampers on, presumably to offer some consoling words. When play resumes Morkel mistimes some humpty and picks up one, but Botha hasn't given up the ghost - two fours from the final two balls, the first a dab-sweep beyond the reach of Razzaq at short fine-leg, the second a skew over short third-man. Seventeen needed from six...

18th over - 118-6 Reverse-sweep first ball from Botha, and it's gone for four. Botha swats Ajmal down the ground for one, meaning the heavy-hitting Morkel's at the wrong end. South Africa need 31 from 12 balls...

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET - Boucher lbw b Ajmal 12, SA 113-6
Ajmal to continue and Boucher flogs him to the square-leg fence for only the fifth four of the innings. Boucher swipes and misses, before doing the same again and finding himself trapped plumb in front. Pakistan's match, one of the most mysterious run-chases I've ever witnessed.

17th over - 109-5 Boucher carves Aamer to long-off for one before swinging Aamer round the corner for a single, almost decapitating Umpire Doctrove in doing so. Just four fours in this South Africa innings, which is pretty dismal really. Morkel is off the mark with a chip to mid-wicket before Boucher heaves Aemer down the ground for one more. Morkel opens his shoulders but doesn't quite get it, although that's sharp running, two for the stroke. Forty needed off 18 balls...

Tom in the TMS inbox: "I wonder if South Africa regret lending us so many of their batsmen now?"

16th over - 102-5 Albie Morkel, who can give it some tap, is the new batsman, Boucher picks up a single to square-leg.

Wicket falls
16th over - WICKET - De Villiers c Kamran b Ajmal 53, SA 101-5
De Villiers falls in a very undignified manner, dropping to one knee, falling forwards and shovelling the ball straight to wicketkeeper Kamran. Not sure he needed to play that shot - if Pakistan win this, by the way, England are through.

That's 50
15th over - 98-4 Rehman drags one down and De Villiers fills his boots, thrashing him through cover-point for four, only the fourth boundary of the innings. De Villiers has already picked up a brace courtesy of a punch to wide long-on, and he follows his four with a couple of sixes, the first a hoist over long-on, the second a dirty great carve over long-off to bring up his fifty 9 (from just 38 balls). Two more for De Villiers with a chip off his pads, and all of a sudden...

14th over - 78-4 Afridi to continue, and his side have got a big side 12 stuck on South Africa's throat. Still no sign of acceleration, not sure what they're waiting for. De Villiers and Boucher exchange singles before De Villiers twirls through backward-point for a couple. Two more for De Villiers with a fetch to long-on from outside off before he nicks the strike with a late cut.

13th over - 71-4 Boucher is the new man in the middle and South Africa will need every ounce of his experience to extricate them from this situation. Just six runs from that over, including a wide.

Jonny in the TMS inbox: "Does it strike anyone else that Jacques Kallis appears to be batting for himself? He did the same thing several times in the IPL too..."

Wicket falls
13th over - WICKET - Duminy c Latif b Rehman 3, SA 68-4
Rehman is back on from the Pavilion End and Duminy uses his feet to him and chips him round the corner for one run. South Africa really in trouble now - Duminy swings Rehman straight up in the air and Latif makes no mistake down at deep square-leg.

12th over - 65-3 Pakistan have really got the bit between their teeth now, with Afridi waving a Sergeant Major's finger between wickets and firing up his charges. Three for De Villiers, driving into the covers, and you'd have to think South Africa will need him to be there at the death if they're going to have any chance of winning this from here. Duminy is off the mark with a nurdle off his pads for one before De Villiers cuts for a single. Big leg before appeal from Afridi against Duminy, but Umpire Gould is having none of it.

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on TMS: "That's a big wicket. Pakistan are looking strong here - will they sneak through to the semi-finals? They'll be very dangerous if they do."

Wicket falls
11th over - WICKET - Kallis c Umar b Ajmal 22, SA 56-3
De Villiers is persisting with that reverse sweep and this time he makes contact and picks up a couple. De Villiers comes down the track to Ajmal and chips him over mid-wicket for two more and repeats the trick for two more. Kallis gone! Fine catch by Umar Akmal running in full pelt from the long-on fence, South Africa in serious strife here, it's been an insipid chase so far.

10th over - 49-2 De Villiers goes for a 'Dil-scoop', doesn't quite get it and the ball falls just short of Aamer running in from the third-man boundary. Kallis drives straight for one before De Villiers tries that reverse scoop once more and misses again. South Africa's lid is really rattling now as the pressure begins to build, and remarkably the Proteas are one run behind Pakistan at the halfway stage. Apparently if you manually refresh the Gibbs wicket shows up, not sure why it's hiding...

9th over - 46-2 Rehman to continue to Kallis and his second ball is a wide. No sign of any urgency from Kallis as yet as he pushes into the covers for one, although if he woke up in his armchair with his house on fire he'd probably stroll into the kitchen, stick the kettle on and dig out the chocolate HobNobs. Five singles from that over, no boundary for three overs now...

8th over - 41-2 Somewhat mysteriously, I've had a few emails asking how Gibbs went - I'm pretty sure it says how he went a few paragraphs below, although with this system, you can never be entirely sure. De Villiers steers Afridi through the covers for one, but Afridi's keeping it nice and tight so far. Ugly attempted off-drive from Kallis but he nicks two off a thick inside-edge. That should have been two more for Kallis, but he's happy to amble through after a squirt through backward-point.

7th over - 37-2 De Villiers pats Hafeez to mid-on for one before Kallis pushes through point for a single of his own. One more for De Villiers with a push to long-on and Kallis dabs to backward-point for another single. De Villiers nicks the strike with another clip to long-on and there are just five from that over. Time for Afridi...

6th over - 32-2 The final over of the powerplay and South Africa are experiencing much the same problems as Pakistan had in their early overs, the batsmen simply unable to find the boundary regularly enough. De Villiers picks up a single with a thick outside-edge for one before Kallis tip-toes down the track and turns Razzaq away for a single. De Villiers with a single before Kallis picks up a valuable four courtesy of a delicate late cut.

5th over - 24-2 De Villiers is the new batsman and he's off the mark immediately with a twirl to point for one.

Wicket falls
5th over - WICKET - Smith c Afridi b Rehman 13, SA 23-2
Abdur Rehman is the new bowler, and he's a left-arm dartist, in the Michael Yardy mould. Kallis works him to leg for one before Smith tickles him round the corner for a couple of his own. Smith, with that exaggeratedly wide stance at the crease, like a fencer ready to pounce, has a go at one and he's mishit it - the South Africa captain dollies one to Afridi at mid-wicket and the Proteas are stuttering here.

4th over - 20-1 Kallis reaches for one and picks up a single with a thick outside edge. Mohammad over-pitches slightly and Smith turns him away for a single before Kallis nicks the strike with a neat dab to short third-man.

3rd over - 16-1 For those asking which team needs to do what for them to make the semi-finals, I refer you to the blurb at the bottom of this page (although, until England and New Zealand have played, we still don't know exactly). Kallis off the mark with a regal square-drive for four.

Wicket falls
3rd over - WICKET - Gibbs c Misbah b Razzaq 3, SA 12-1
Gibbs nudges Razzaq to long-off for one before Smith turns him round the corner for another single... what a catch! Gibbs pulls Razzaq and thinks he's cleared the man at mid-wicket, but Misbah manages to drag it in, with not much fuss, it must be said.

Alex, very bored in Worcester, in the TMS inbox: "By my calculations, South Africa will guarantee a semi-final if they knock this off in 9.2 overs. Similarly Pakistan will definitely go through if they bowl them out for 69 or less. Game on!"

2nd over - 10-0 Pretty sparse crowd at the Beausejour Cricket Ground, but you'd have to think that will begin to fill out as the England game approaches. The wiry, baby-faced Mohammad Aamer shares the new ball and Smith works him off his pads for a couple. Aamer loses his line and Smith helps it on its way for the first four of the match and follows up with a clip to square-leg for a single.

1st over - 2-0 It's Razzaq to Gibbs first up - Gibbs has usurped Kallis at the top of the order - and the batsman has a woolly waft at the first delivery and is beaten. Gibbs is off the mark with a glide to third-man, as news reaches me that the heir to the Pietersen throne is to be called Harbhajan. Gibbs goes to charge but checks himself and there are just two from the over, Smith was off the mark with a typical clip off his pads.


1600: And while we wait for South Africa to kick-off their reply, here's the latest on Mini Pietersen, straight from KP's official website: "Kevin and Jessica Pietersen are both thrilled to announce the birth of their baby boy today, Monday 10th May. The baby was born this morning without complication and both baby and Jessica are doing brilliantly. Kevin said "this really is the most amazing experience of my life". Kevin will stay with Jessica for a couple of days before returning to the West Indies to continue the tournament.

20th over - 148-7 Langeveldt has been South Africa's star, and he's keeping it going until the very end - Pakistan having to live off crumbs when they really require big slabs of run pie, and there are just six off the final over. An honest total from Pakistan, but South Africa will be favourites from here.

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Misbah-ul-Haq c De Villiers b Langeveldt 3, Pak 143-6
One for Razzaq, but they could do with him on strike. Misbah shuffles outside off but Langeveldt sees him coming and follows him - no run. And Misbah's gone, chipping to De Villiers in the deep.

19th over - 142-6 Steyn sends down a widish delivery and that should have gone, but Razzaq has a wild and windy woosh and misses. One for Razzaq down to third-man, and Steyn is persisting with the wide groove outside off-stump. Misbah reaches and toe-ends one for one run before Razzaq picks up two from an outside edge where perhaps there should have been three. Pakistan need a meaty final over, that burst from Langeveldt really left them doubled-up.

18th over - 137-6 The men in the middle are Misbah-ul-Haq and the dangerous Abdul Razzaq. That's bang on the money from Morkel, and there are only five runs from it.

Wicket falls
17th over - Afridi b Langeveldt 30, Pak 132-6
Good, old-fashioned fast bowling from Langeveldt - aiming at the stumps and it does the trick, Afridi looking to glide the ball down to third-man and losing his off-peg.

Wicket falls
17th over - Umar c Gibbs b Langeveldt 51, Pak 130-5
That's the way to bring up your fifty - Umar clears his front leg and slaps Langeveldt straight over long-off for a humdinger of a six, his second Twenty20 half-century made in just 32 balls. But he's gone two balls later, finding the fielder at long-on.

16th over - 124-4 What a shot that is from Umar, muscling Steyn over the mid-wicket fence with a front-foot pull. Afridi sashays outside leg, has a flail and edges past the wicketkeeper for four. That's the fifty partnership from 29 balls. Afridi really filling his boots now - full-toss from Steyn and Afridi's on it in a flash, swinging the ball over wide long-on for four. We have a game...

Rob, London, in the TMS inbox: "Just last week I went over to my local Frenchly-named sandwich bar by King's Cross to pick up a salt beef and gherkin spectacular. Whilst waiting in the queue I noticed a chap with badly-dyed blonde hair just to my left. 'I know you,' I thought to myself. Just as I was about to delve deep into the recesses of my brain his balding and ever-so-slightly-portly pal arrived with a big bag of sangers. A-ha! Spotted. For the record folks, Fordyce: not as tall as you might think; Dirs: not as fat."

15th over - 110-4 A few singles before Afridi, like a man trying to swat a particularly aggressive wasp, flaps at a bumper and edges down to deep backward square-leg for one. Two for Umar, the little right-hander clearing his front leg and drilling to long-on. Quieter over, just eight from it.

14th over - 102-4 "West Indies used to send Gary Sobers in at six as a rule," emails Chris in Sheffield. Indeed, but I don't remember Sobers playing much Twenty20. That was a good little burst from Pakistan, South Africa seem a little bit dazed by that onslaught. What a shot that is from Umar, using the momentum and hoisting Morkel over the square-leg fence for six more. Low full-bunger from Morkel and Afridi has put manners on that, thrashing the ball over long-on for another maximum. Maybe we were writing off Pakistan too soon - they've located a pulse, and now the blood is pumping quite vigorously.

13th over - 86-4 Afridi's first four of the match, the Pakistan skipper making room and smearing Kallis to the cover fence. Four more for Afridi, who rocks back and tugs Kallis to the mid-wicket fence, before Kallis has a very optimistic lbw shout turned down by 'Gunner' Gould. Tasty shot that from Umar, genuflecting and popping the ball over his shoulder for four. That's not so clever from Umar, scuttling outside off like a giant crab but subsequently missing the ball.

12th over - 73-4 Steyn is back on, although he still looks to be struggling with this elbow problem, and Umar picks up two with a clip past square-leg. One more for Akmal, and that brings Afridi on strike - the Pakistan skipper, on whose shoulders the defending champion's hopes now rest, is off the mark with a paddle to leg.

Wicket falls
11th over - WICKET - Kamran c Gibbs b Van der Merwe 37, Pak 69-4
BOOM! Umar knows the score, charging down the track and marmalising Van der Merwe over long-off for six. And another! This time it's Kamran, scuttling down the track and clattering the ball over long-off... and again! Van der Merwe switches to over the wicket, but Kamran sees him coming and flat-bats over the bowler's head. But what a catch that is, Kamran backing away and slicing the ball to Gibbs at backward-point. All in all, a pretty eventful six balls.

10th over - 50-3 Morkel is back on after his truncated spell at the top of the innings and Kamran and Umar exchange easy singles. One more for Kamran, Morkel not giving them any breathing space, before Umar plays a cheeky flick shot for one down to short fine-leg. Fifty at halfway, you have to ask yourself the question - what on earth is the point of having Shahid Afridi batting at six? It's like Barcelona keeping Lionel Messi back until half-time.

9th over - 46-3 Nice stroke from Kamran, backing away and carving Botha through cover-point for four more. The Saffers have got their game heads on, much glaring and theatrics whenever either batsmen takes a liberty. Two for Kamran with another cut shot before he nicks the strike from his brother with a dabbed single to short third-man.

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on TMS: "Aggers, do you think you can last without me for three balls? I am bursting."

8th over - 35-3 Spin from both ends now, with Van der Merwe into the attack with his left-arm darts. Singles apiece for the Brothers Akmal before Kamran slog-sweeps for four. SIX! Another slog-sweep, but this time Kamran gets underneath it and the ball disappears over the square-leg boundary. Van der Merwe's not happy, but that's a real shot in the arm for Pakistan.

7th over - 23-3 Time for some spin, as Johan Botha is chucked the ball. Kamran and Umar exchange singles, but they are really struggling here, it's like watching two men wading through treacle. Kamran cuts to deep point for one more, the projected score is something like 65 at the moment...

6th over - 19-3 Two Akmals in the middle now, with the green-lipped Umar joining his brother Kamran. Not much humpty in that over, though, just one run from it.

Wicket falls
5th over - Hafeez lbw b Langeveldt 1, Pak 18-3
Langeveldt to continue from the Pavilion End and Hafeez is off the mark with a squirt into the off-side. Just seen Umar Akmal in the Pakistan bus shelter - luminous green lipstick, he looks like the bass player from Visage. "Calling Afridi! Calling Afridi! Your country needs you..." Hafeez plumb lbw - he shakes his head as he reluctantly leaves the pitch, but that was splattering all three.

4th over - Latif c Steyn b Kallis 7, Pak 14-2
Steyn looks to have done himself a mischief throwing the ball in from the boundary in the previous over and he's replaced by Kallis after just one over. Short from Kallis and Latif pulls him away for four. Forward defensive from Latif, it's all pretty sedate out there at the moment... Latif's gone, going for some humpty and holing out to the man at mid-wicket - Pakistan are staring into the abyss... a couple of runs for Kamran, Hafeez the new batsman...

3rd over - 10-1 Khalid Latif, a right-handed batsman from Karachi, is the new batsman. News filtering through that Kevin Pietersen has a son and heir, which sparks a conversation as to what his name might be. Peter Moores Pietersen? Latif clips Langeveldt to leg for a couple before Kamran is forced to bend his back by a Langeveldt bumper. Good ball, Pakistan need a few runs.

2nd over - 7-1 Kamran is beaten all ends up by a Steyn outswinger, not a great start for Pakistan...

Wicket falls
2nd over - WICKET - Butt c Smith b Steyn 2, Pak 6-1
Steyn shares the new ball and he should thrive in these conditions, there looks to be swing out there. He's clipped to leg by Butt who's off the mark with a couple. "Openers must fling their bats at the ball in this form of the game," says Michael Vaughan on TMS, but it doesn't always work out - short ball from Steyn, Butt flings his bat at it and Smith hangs on to a steepler.

1st over - 4-0 You might want to refresh this page manually, to make everything that needs to be appearing appear. Pakistan's openers are Salman Butt and Kamran Akmal, and it is Akmal to face the first new ball from Albie Morkel, which is unusual. A slip and a gully in and the first ball keeps rather low and Akmal watches it shoot through. Short and wide from Morkel and Akmal twirls him through backward-point for the first four of the innings. Another one keeps rather low but Akmal smothers it, before Akmal is beaten by one that arcs away.

1426: Players are out now, and this is some speaker system they've got at the Beausejour, blasting out Soviet-style triumphal anthems by the sounds of things. Odd. We'll have some play in five minutes...

1420: ... as for England, they're the safest bet to make the cut: for them to be knocked out, the Black Caps will have to beat them by 30 or more runs, and South Africa will have to beat Pakistan by 43 or more runs - then New Zealand and South Africa will both have higher net run-rates than England.

Pakistan: Shahid Afridi (captain), Salman Butt, Kamran Akmal (wicketkeeper), Mohammad Hafeez, Umar Akmal, Misbah-ul-Haq, Khalid Latif, Abdul Razzaq, Abdur Rehman, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Aamer.
South Africa: Graeme Smith (captain), Jacques Kallis, Herschelle Gibbs, AB de Villiers, Albie Morkel, JP Duminy, Mark Boucher (wicketkeeper), Johan Botha, Roelof van der Merwe, Dale Steyn, Charl Langeveldt.

1417: For defending champions Pakistan, this is do or die - defeat and they're out. However, if they win and England beat New Zealand later, they could still go through to the semis because their net run-rate is superior to New Zealand and South Africa. If Graeme Smith's men are to go through, they need to beat Pakistan but also hope England can beat New Zealand. However, if New Zealand win, the Proteas will likely go out... although a big win over Pakistan and a narrow win for New Zealand might see them through. And they say a hung parliament is the author of infinite permutations...

1408: A change apiece for the teams, with Pakistan replacing paceman Mohammad Sami with batting all-rounder Khalid Latif and South Africa bringing spinner Roelof van der Merwe in at the expense of seamer Morne Morkel. Suggestions, too, that Herschelle Gibbs will open the batting for South Africa with Jacques Kallis dropping down into the middle order.

1355: Hello. Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi has won the toss in St Lucia and his side are going to have a bat. Looks like decent conditions at the Beausejour Cricket Ground and a pretty good batting track, although a little on the slow side apparently, so there should be some turn.

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Live Scores - England v New Zealand


  • England beat New Zealand by 3 wickets
  • England: 153-7 (19.1 overs)
  • New Zealand: 149-6 (20.0 overs)

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 7 153
Kieswetter c N McCullum b Mills 15
Lumb lbw b Vettori 32
Bopara c Taylor b Styris 9
Collingwood c B McCullum b Styris 3
Morgan c Vettori b Bond 40
L Wright c Mills b Bond 24
Bresnan not out 23
Yardy c Butler b N McCullum 0
Swann not out 1
Extras 1w 5lb 6

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