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World Twenty20 - day 10 as it happened

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By Pranav Soneji

2159: Double joy for the Aussies as their women's team has just beaten the West Indies by nine runs in Basseterre. Right, that's it from me - we're back on Monday for England's Super Eights encounter against New Zealand at 1830 BST but before then we have defending champions Pakistan against South Africa - both teams in desperate need of a victory - at 1430. Dirsy's back in the hotseat then. Catch you later.

From Dom Gillan (also doing uni work) in Bath, TMS inbox: "Anyone else looking forward to the Aussies take on the Windies (and then hopefully England!) - pace attack v pace attack on these excellent bouncy pitches. We saw a glimpse in the England v Saffers game, but only us and the old Oz actually have effective batting line-ups against the quicks!"

AUSTRALIA (168-5, 20 OVS) BEAT SRI LANKA (87, 16.2 OVS) BY 81 RUNS

Wicket falls
16.2 overs - Sri Lanka 87 Wicket Mendis bowled Johnson 1
Johnson picks up his third and final wicket as he cleans up Ajantha Mendis's furniture with a yorker. A thumping Aussie victory by 81 runs - who would have said that after the first six overs of the match?

Wicket falls
16 overs - Sri Lanka 86-9 (TARGET 169) Wicket Malinga ct Smith b Clarke 1
Malinga wafts towards the deep midwicket boundary, where Steve Smith takes yet another assured catch on the ropes. Number 11 Chanaka Welegedara bats out the rest of the over.

15 overs - Sri Lanka 84-8 (TARGET 169)
New man Malinga looks distinctly village as Mitchell Johnson comes around the wicket in an effort to clean up the tail with swift efficiency. Johnson shaves the outside of Ajantha Mendis's off stump with a yorker.

Wicket falls
13.3 overs - Sri Lanka 83-8 (TARGET 169) Wicket Chandimal stumped Haddin b Smith 19
Chandimal goes blindly charging down the track in an effort to whack Steve Smith to Bermuda, but completely misses the ball, handing Haddin the simplest of stumpings.

Wicket falls
13 overs - Sri Lanka 83-7 (TARGET 169) Wicket Randiv run out (Nannes) 2
Chandimal latches on to a rather impotent short delivery from Watson, pasting it past deep square leg and past the despairing dive of the sweeper for four. Unbelievable - Randiv opts to take a second as Dirk Nannes fumbles at fine leg, only to see the throw from close to the boundary uproot the off stump at the wicketkeeper's end with the batsman way out of his ground.

12 overs - Sri Lanka 75-6 (TARGET 169)
Chandimal latches on to a rather impotent short delivery from Watson, pasting it past deep square leg and past the despairing dive of the sweeper for four.

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From Will, Selly Oak, text 81111: "Richie, surely even trainee barristers must know never to underestimate the Aussies."

Wicket falls
12 overs - Sri Lanka 75-6 (TARGET 169) Wicket Chamara Kapugedera bowled Smith 13
Kapugedera plays all around a full Steve Smith delivery, completely missing the ball, which cannons off his leg stump. Surely game over.

11 overs - Sri Lanka 71-5 (TARGET 169)
Watson's second over is significantly more economical than his first, conceding just four singles. The word "ominous" springs to mind.

10 overs - Sri Lanka 67-5 (TARGET 169)
Smith is floating up the ball with plenty of drift and flight, tempting the sixth-wicket pair into hitting over the top. Neither batsmen cave in, instead fashioning singles although Chandimal is fortunate not to be back in the dug-out after Haddin's run out attempt misses the stumps with the batsman out of his ground.

9 overs - Sri Lanka 63-5 (TARGET 169)
Big outside edge evades the two - yes two - slips as Johnson piles in at a right old whack, but brilliant fielding sees the boundary saved at third man. Meanwhile Michael Clarke actually drops a catch - albeit possibly the most difficult chance of the tournament as Chandimal top-edges a short ball high to the vacant short fine leg area as Clarke steams in from midwicket and manages to get one hand on the ball, which is a pretty impressive feat in itself. Meanwhile Kapugedera eases a front-foot drive high over extra cover for four.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
James, trainee teacher in Newcastle, Text 81111: "I might try teaching my year 9s how to sweep to Malinga tomorrow, it'll be about as productive as anything first thing on a Monday morning."

8 overs - Sri Lanka 49-5 (TARGET 169)
Leg-spinner Steve Smith turns his arm for a joust and leaks four runs as Chandimal and Kapugedera attempt to do a Hussey/White.

Wicket falls
7 overs - Sri Lanka 49-5 (TARGET 169) Wicket Mathews ct M Hussey b Johnson 8
Mathews tucks into a delivery outside off stump, but slices the ball in the air straight to Mike Hussey, who takes a competent catch running in from the deep cover boundary. I think I know how this game is going to finish...

Wicket falls
6.2 overs - Sri Lanka 48-4 (TARGET 169) Wicket Dilshan ct White b Johnson 20
Sensational. Cameron White has just pouched a pearler stationed at backward point. Dilshan is offered width to cut by Mitchell Johnson, but doesn't roll his wrists sufficiently to keep the ball down and White dives to his left - with both hands - to take a quite brilliant catch. World class.

Richie, London, practising my cross-examination for tomorrow's advocacy exam, TMS inbox: "I'd have been less surprised had Wigan come back today and beaten Chelsea 8-7, with all eight goals coming in the final six minutes! What a performance from White."

6 overs - Sri Lanka 45-3 (TARGET 169)
Shane Watson serves up a juicy half volley outside off stump, walloped through extra cover by Dilshan. He goes two better with the next delivery, creaming another full delivery on middle over midwicket for six. Dilshan latches on to a short Watson delivery, but picks out the only man in the deep on the leg side at square leg. But Mathews continues the onslaught with a lusty drive down the ground for four, taking the tally to 15 from Watson's first over. Believe it or not, Australia were 34-4 at this stage in their innings.

Wicket falls
5 overs - Sri Lanka 30-3 (TARGET 169) Wicket Jayasuriya lbw Nannes 5
Apologies for the superfluous wicket graphic in the entry before, especially to those Sri Lanka fans reaching for the defibrillator. Whoops - it's out again - this time legitimately as Jayasuriya walks across his stumps and is hit on the pad in front of middle. Up goes the finger of Ian Gould and it's panning out exactly like the start of the Australian innings. Meanwhile new man Angelo Mathews slaps his first delivery for four through midwicket.

From Ed 'revising' for finals tomorrow in Exeter, TMS inbox: "If we (England) were in the same position as our old rivals from down under at 30-4, would you back Luke Wright and Tim Bresnan to do the job we've just seen? I wouldn't..."

4 overs - Sri Lanka 22-2 (TARGET 169)
New man Tillakaratne Dilshan is dished up a rapid bouncer aimed at his head. He opts to hook, but manages only a top edge high over Haddin's head for four. Tait's stare could bore holes through bank vaults.

Wicket falls
3.3 overs - Sri Lanka 18-2 (TARGET 169) Wicket Sangakkara ct Haddin b Tait 2
Sangakkara chases a short and fast Tait bouncer on leg stump, put only manages to glove a catch to Haddin, who takes an excellent catch at full stretch to his right. Who can tame this rampant Aussie pace attack?

3 overs - Sri Lanka 16-1 (TARGET 169)
Captain Kumar Sangakkara joins his former skipper at the crease and Jayasuriya, who crossed with Jayawardene to regain the strike, is tested by some very swift Nannes thunderbolts.

Wicket falls
2.3 overs - Sri Lanka 16-1 (TARGET 169) Wicket Jayawardene ct Smith b Nannes 9
Nannes drops short and Jayawardene swivels on his back foot with effortless grace for a beautifully crafted six over square leg. However, the former skipper is back in the hutch attempting to repeat the stroke from the next delivery, but only top-edging in to the hands of Steve Smith at fine leg. Smart bowling from Nannes, putting a little more gas into the wicket-taking delivery to rush the opener into the stroke.

From Mr Read (sort of) marking essays in Ipswich, TMS inbox: "Good Lord! Surely the last six overs or so are the cricketing equivalent of the old 'rope-a-dope'. Astonishing...Game on!"

2nd over - Sri Lanka 10-0 (TARGET 169)
Tait opens with a very wide wide. Jayasuriya is beaten by a much better one outside off-stump and defends the next. Then there's a risky single, another wide, a nice leg-glance from Jayawardene for one, and finally a bouncer. I'll wager Jayasuriya didn't see it. The final ball is sensibly avoided.

1st over - Sri Lanka 6-0 (TARGET 169)
Jayasuriya is opening. He's nearly 41 years old you know. One has to feel his best days are behind him, though it wouldn't have hurt if Sangakkara had given him a bowl earlier on. He and the red-hot Jayawardene take a few scampered singles off Nannes' first over, and a two.


20 overs - Australia 168-5
Hussey moves into the 30s with a lusty straight six as Malinga overpitches attempting a yorker, following that strike up with a well-placed on-drive over long-on for four. Another full-toss is drilled for two in to the deep cover boundary to extend this sixth-wicket stand to 98. Make that 99 as Hussey pushes a drive in to the covers for a single. Two balls to go and White can only push a yorker for a single, but one run that brings up the 100 partnership from just 54 deliveries. Astonishing. Hussey adds one more to the total as Australia, who were 30-4, finish on 168-5. Unbelievable.

19 overs - Australia 153-5
White moves to 75 with maximum number five, shuffling down the track to Mendis before a devastating flourish high in to the stands. How odd - Dilshan is fielding almost directly behind umpire Rudi Koertzen, don't think I have ever seen that position before. Mendis goes around the wicket to White but puts his bowling foot outside of the crease, handing White a free-hit. More sixes - once again with a sweetly struck aerial straight drive - sees White move into the 80s and Australia move into a commanding position to win this match. What a turnaround.

18 overs - Australia 138-5
Hussey jams out his front foot and gently loops a Malinga slower ball over short fine leg's head for his first boundary before shuffling down the crease and hoisting the slinger over cover for a one-bounce boundary. A quite brilliant counter-attack as Hussey collapses to one knee and sweeps - sweeps! - Malinga fine for four. A thoroughly productive over.

17 overs - Australia 122-5
Welegedara returns and leaks four singles from his first four deliveries, but sees White launch a low full-toss high back over his head for his third maximum of the innings, swiftly followed by number four with a massive front-foot drive back in to the Three W's Stand. White's follow-though finished off about eight feet in the air, amazing flourish. These Aussies and their Lazarus-like qualities.

16 overs - Australia 106-5
Malinga errs on to White's pads as the batsman gets sufficient wood on the ball to beat the sprawling left-handed dive from Sangakkara for a fine boundary. Awesome yorker from Malinga, fired right into Hussey's toes, following up with two further toe-cruncher aimed at White's boots. Decent recovery from the Aussies though.

That's 50
15 overs - Australia 99-5
Mendis and his mixed bag of sorcery return for his third over of the innings, with White greeting his arrival with a rather ugly off-side smear high over point for four. However, in complete contrast to his previous strike, White makes room for himself on the leg side before hoisting the ball high over long-off for a classically driven six. All timing and finesse before bringing up his half century off 32 balls with a leg-side push for a single.

14 overs - Australia 87-5
Two young Bajans gorge on candy floss in the stands as Cameron White takes guard to Angelo Mathews. The big Victorian slaps a short ball like a Roger Federer forehand drive, bringing the bat down from head-height straight over midwicket for a ballistic boundary. Incredible stroke. White's sizeable willow makes good contact with a full delivery, but he drills the ball straight into Mathews's left boot, saving three runs. Nice bit of fielding sees Mike Hussey diving full-length at the non-striker's end in an effort to make his ground, but he's well in.

13 overs - Australia 78-5
Tight single as White pushes Welegedara to midwicket, but a shy at the stumps narrowly misses with the big all-rounder struggling to make his ground at the non-striker's end. Blimey, just when you think you've made your way through half of the Aussie top order, out pops Mike Hussey. How thoroughly depressing. Mr C (not the bloke formerly of the Shamen alas) can't find any loose change from the Chaminda Vaas-a-like left-arm seamer, who keeps the left-hander in check with four dot balls.

From Jack, "revising" in Cardiff, TMS inbox: "Contrary to Rob (revising in Selly Oak), I reckon having these sporting events on is keeping my sane! Any more of William the Conqueror and I think I'm gunna collapse more than Australia's batting is currently doing."

12 overs - Australia 76-5
White nicks a thick outside edge past Sangakkara for a boundary as Mathews returns for his third over. Five singles follow, but the Sri Lankans don't look too perturbed right now.

Wicket falls
11 overs - Australia 67-5 Wicket Clarke bowled Randiv 14
Randiv, sporting a bristle of top-lip moustachery, sees Ajantha Mendis drop a difficultish catch running around from short fine leg after a thick outside edge sweeping from White. But he has Clarke back in the dug-out two balls later as the Australian captain misses a full delivery on off stump - you miss I hit as the off-spinner picks up wicket number three. Clarke stands his ground, don't really know why, but he is dispatched back to his team base as the umpires confirm there was nothing wrong with that dismissal.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Neil in Essex, text 81111: "Gr8 fun to see Aussies collapsing. Marvellous night so far, hope it continues."

10 overs - Australia 65-4
A robust forward defence from Michael Clarke, vigilantly watching Mendis's deliveries out of the hand and off the pitch, such is the deception which the mystery spinner deals in. Clarke picks up a couple down to fine leg but the momentum is firmly with Sangakkara's XI.

9 overs - Australia 60-4
Randiv, who if you have never seen him bowl has a simple action, pivoting on his front foot at the point of delivery, keeps White in check with three dot balls before slapping a slightly shorter-pitched ball between cover and extra cover for four.

8 overs - Australia 54-4
Malinga is hauled off in favour of the lithe spinning fingers of Ajantha Mendis. However, the doctor of tweak is larruped high over long-on for six by White - a lusty blow straight out of the screws.

From Dr Louise Berry, TMS inbox: "I live in Barbados and took a week's work break off my cruise ship to watch the cricket; had to fly back to Miami to rejoin the ship today, and gutted to read your WI vs India coverage; the atmosphere must've been amazing; I should've been there!!"

7 overs - Australia 44-4
Top-order slayer Randiv is convincingly swept for four down to the deep square leg boundary by White before adding three more with a deft late cut. Apologies, I got my overs in a muddle - would you awfully mind manually refreshing your web browser so all is right in the world?

Rob, revising in Selly Oak, TMS inbox: "It's good to see more people struggling with the distractions from revision. It's so unfair as a sports fan to have to revise for a final exam tomorrow with the Spanish Grand Prix, the final day of the Premier League, 2 tasty Super 8 T20 matches and the Cardiff Blues in the Rugby all on TV today!!"

6 overs - Australia 33-4
On comes Lasith Malinga for his first joust of the day and keeps it tighter than a James Brown bassline, conceding just two runs. All good for the men in blue and bright yellow splashes.

5 overs - Australia 31-4
A clearly rattled Cameron White wanders out to the crease and gets off the mark with a single. Awesome bowling from the young off-spinner.

Out for a duck
Wicket falls
4.4 overs - Australia 30-4 Wicket D Hussey st Sangakkara b Randiv 0
Beautiful delivery as Randiv leaves David Hussey out of his crease groping outside off stump to a perfectly disguised top-spinner. Kumar Sangakkara whips off the bails in a flash and there's no need for the sage thoughts of the third umpire. Brilliant play.

Wicket falls
4.3 overs - Australia 30-3 Wicket Warner ct Jayawardene b Randiv 9
Tweakage with the languid Suraj Randiv. And the off-spinner sends David Warner packing as Mahela Jayawardene takes a very sharp catch at first slip from a thick outside edge from an attempted cut. The ball bounces more than Warner anticipated and Jayasuriya fends the ball in the air above his head before snagging the catch at the second effort.

4 overs - Australia 30-2
Warner slices a horrific slap off the edge high over short third man for four off Uda Walawwe Mahim Bandaralage Chanaka Asanga Welegedara. Makes my name look positively John Smith-like. Warner adds a couple more while new man Michael Clarke opts for circumspect with a push through point.

Wicket falls
3 overs - Australia 21-2 Wicket Haddin ct Jayasuriya b Mathews 15
Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara summons the 12th man for a helmet as he opts to stand up to the fast-medium Mathews. The wicketkeeper watches the ball roll down to the deep point boundary as Hadding chops a wristy cut for another classy four. But the New South Wales glovesman is back in the dug-out moments later as he skews a top edge to Sanath Jayasuriya, the oldest player in the tournament at nearly 41, who pouches the ball with all the assurance of a man who has played in 444 one-day internationals. Big scream from our Angelo, who traps David Warner in front, but the ball pitched a good eight inches outside off stump. More gold struck by the ever impressive Mathews.

2 overs - Australia 16-1
India coach Gary Kirsten, a man with a 10-tonne weight bearing down on his South African shoulders, watches on as new man Brad Haddin wafts at fresh air outside off stump to Chanaka Welegedara. The left-arm seamer just oversteps the popping crease, allowing Haddin to smear a well-struck, one-bounce boundary down the ground with the free-hit. Another boundary follows as the wicketkeeper chips over midwicket with a well-timed glance before turning a single to end a very productive over.

From Gil, also in Exeter, also revising, but not for the same exam, TMS inbox: "Rob and Tom - glad to see someone else in Exeter is finding this a major pain and hinderance to revision. I am just pleased I'm not listening to the radio. Thought that was a step in the right direction."

Wicket falls
1 over - Australia 2-1 Wicket Watson bowled Mathews 1
Watson leathers a short and wide ball first up from Mathews to point, where Dilshan makes an excellent one-handed diving stop. Watto gets off the mark with a pull, but he's back in the hutch two deliveries later as a thick inside edge cannons off his crease and kisses the top of the off bail off its resting place. Top start for the 1996 world champions.

1900: Out stride Shane Watson and David Warner, resplendent in green and gold, with the former to take strike to Angelo Mathews, no relation to former Aussie spinner Greg.

From Rob and Tom in Exeter, TMS inbox: "Just been cramming for tomorrow mornings exam and came up with this: 1. Gayle, 2. Jayawardene, 3. Sangakara, 4. Pietersen, 5. Morgan, 6. Shakib, 7. Watson, 8. Pollard, 9. Harbajan, 10. Malinga, 11. Nannes. 12th man - future cult hero and destructive all-rounder Ravi Jadeja. Sadly Historical Cultural Geographies doesn't cover T20 dream teams."

1857: The Aussies, rampant after their six-wicket battering against India on Friday, are unchanged. Expect a barrage of short-pitched bowling when Tait, Nannes and Johnson are in the zone.

1849: Team news: Sri Lanka ring the changes as Dinesh Chandimal, Chanaka Welegedara and Suraj Randiv come in for a match. No Nuwan Kulasekara, nor Thisara Perera for that matter - and of course no Murali, whose groin injury has turned up again and we think he is out for the rest of the tournament now.

1843: It's going to be a late start in the second game, but news reaches us that Australia have won the toss and will bat first against Sri Lanka.

1830: A man has just whispered in my ear that if Sri Lanka win, or there is a no result, India will be on their way back to the subcontinent. So all you Indian fans, get behind those impressive Aussies if you want to extend your Caribbean jaunt.

1829: OK India fans, it ain't all doom and gloom - India aren't officially out of the tournament. But even the most eternal of optimists will be bracing themselves for a probable exit after two shoddy batting performances in Barbados. Next up we have Australia and Sri Lanka, should be a cracker.

Get involved on 606
sumo77 on 606: "why is it India can never muster a fight in these competitions? Meant to be ranked number 1 and then we play IPL and still can't perform on the big stage...just a joke really!"

WEST INDIES (169-6, 20 OVS) BEAT INDIA 155-9 (20 OVS) BY 14 RUNS.

20 overs - India 155-9
So India need 18 from three deliveries - or three successive sixes - and it's over as Ravi Jadeja thumps a single to long-off. The ball ricochets off new man Zaheer's thigh pad for a single before Jadeja thumps the final ball down the ground. That's it - the West Indies have won by 14 runs.

Wicket falls
19.3 overs - India 152-9 Wicket Nehra ct Benn b Bravo 0
Bravo to bowl the final over - and starts off with a single and a dot ball, while the third is swiped in the air and into the hands of Sulieman Benn.

Wicket falls
19 overs - India 151-8 Wicket Harbhajan ct Bravo b Roach 14
Ouch - Kemar Roach oversteps to new man Ravindra Jadeja, offering Harbhajan a valuable free hit. The next delivery is a wide as the sound of 5,000 sets of teeth are being ground at the Kensington Oval. A full delivery outside off stump is also called a wide by Simon Taufel. Kemar eventually finds one within range - only to see Harbhajan sneak a thick outside edge down past third man for four. Roach is slowly losing the plot - two more successive wides follow but then a straight full toss is hit high into the air where Dwayne Bravo takes a confident catch on the edge of the boundary. India need 19 off the final over with Zaheer and Ravindra Jadeja at the crease. Still don't think they can do this...

Wicket falls
18.1 overs - India 139-7 Wicket Dhoni run out 29
That's it - nothing to see. Dhoni is caught short of his ground chasing a double by a direct hit courtesy of a quite brilliant piece of fielding from Dwayne Bravo stationed on the deep long-on boundary.

18 overs - India 138-6
Taylor opens up with a wide, while Dhoni is fooled by a good slower bouncer, which he can only turn away for a single. The a huge scythe and the Indian skipper fashions a boundary courtesy of a thick inside edge down to the fine leg boundary. Excellent riposte from Taylor with the fast bowler's two best friends in Twenty20 - the yorker and the slower ball - for two dot balls. However, Dhoni spanks an almighty swipe over the square leg boundary for six to finish the over. India need 32 from 12 balls. Still don't think they can do it, but it is do-able.

17 overs - India 125-6
Dhoni swings and mis-times a drive off Roach into the deep cover boundary, where Wavell Hinds spills a low diving catch. Hostile fast bowling from Roach gives neither batsman anything to batter - until Harbhajan launches a shortish delivery off his back foot over the long-on boundary and into the bottom tier of the Three W's Stand. Still don't think they have a chance.

16 overs - India 114-6
New man Harbhajan, who can wield a lusty blow or two, is kept in line by an excellent three balls from Taylor. India need 56 from 24 balls. I don't think so either.

Wicket falls
15.3 overs - India 114-6 Wicket Pathan ct Hinds b Taylor 17
Jerome Taylor, short sleeves rolled up to expose his sizeable guns, runs in for his penultimate over. His line is a tad wonky, erring down the leg side to Dhoni, gifting India two free runs. Dhoni chips a leg-side push high into the air but finds grass. However, Taylor snags Pathan with a fast and short delivery as the all-rounder miss-times a pull to Wavell Hinds, positioned on the deep square leg boundary, for a simple catch. Curtains one would think for the Indians.

15 overs - India 109-5
Dhoni swots Bravo off his pads for four to bring up the Indian ton before the purest straight drive high into the Three W's Stand for six. That ball would still be in orbit had concrete not stopped its trajectory. Awesome strike from the Indian captain, but he'll need to pepper the stands at regular intervals if his side are to come within sniffing distance of their winning target.

14 overs - India 96-5
Ugly agricultural mooeys as Pathan attempts to quieten the Party Stand. His first effort of Chris Gayle thuds into the gloves of Denesh Ramdin, but the next two deliveries sail over the deep square leg boundary for the 200th and 201st maximums of the tournament.

Wicket falls
13 overs - India 82-5 Wicket Yuvraj ct Chanderpaul b Benn 12
In comes Mahendra Singh Dhoni, with Benn stirred from his bowling hiatus by Gayle. India need 90 from 42 balls. Oh dear - they've lost another wicket as Yuvraj pumps across the line and drills the ball to Shivnarine Chanderpaul at mid-on. As David Lloyd would say: "Someone start the car..." New man Yusuf Pathan just about survives an lbw appeal but gets off the mark with a single from the last ball of the over.

Wicket falls
12 overs - India 80-4 Wicket Raina ct Sammy b Gayle 32
This is interesting - Gayle is on to bowl off-spin before Sulieman Benn, the principal spinner. Raina appears to be the key for India now, and he clubs a shortish one over extra cover for four. A wide follows, and there's the wicket! A top-edged slog-sweep is caught by Darren Sammy on the deep midwicket boundary. Sammy pumps his fists in delight.

11 overs - India 72-3
Jerome Taylor bounds in and hurls a short delivery at Yuvraj Singh's head - but square leg official Taufel adjudges the ball is over head-high and signals a wide. Bit harsh I thought. Meanwhile, almost produces an identikit catch which accounted for Vijay as Yuvraj pulls to deep midwicket, but the ball drops just short of the giant Mumbai Indian at full lunge. Good stop to prevent the boundary too. Run-rate close to 11 an over now.

10 overs - India 68-3
A sprawling caught and bowled attempt from Pollard just evades his left hand as Raina unconvincingly juts a forward defence aerially back to the bowler. But the Chennai Super King is authoritative with the next three deliveries, spanking a huge six between deep midwicket and long on, a boundary over short fine leg before guiding a full delivery outside off stump to the deep point boundary for a second successive four.

9 overs - India 51-3
Boof! Yuvraj slaps a short Bravo delivery high over mid-on for four, while Raina helps a rank - and I really do mean rank - short delivery wide down leg stump around the corner for a simple boundary.

From David, Washington DC, TMS inbox: "'Not the greatest of starts from the 2007 world champions at the end of the six-over powerplay'. But let's not forget that at the same point in their innings, the Windies were only at 31..."

8 overs - India 42-3
India will need to crank up the pyrotechnics to another level if they are to have any chance of sneaking into the semis. Raina thumps a couple down to long-off, but nothing expansive to pierce the boundary.

Wicket falls
7.2 overs - India 38-3 Wicket Sharma ct Ramdin b Pollard 5
Awful call from Billy Bowden, who adjudges Keiron Pollard's first delivery - a good short delivery over middle-and-leg - is a wide, even though Suresh Raina is jumping towards the off side. Pandemonium as West Indies celebrate a wicket as Sharma loops up a catch to Ramdin, but the batsman is standing his ground. Bowden goes to consult square leg umpire Simon Taufel, for what I have no idea, and up goes the crooked finger. Sharma doesn't want to walk. In comes new man Yuvraj Singh. India are in pieces.

7 overs - India 36-2
Ugly charge and swipe from Raina, needless to say he completely misses the ball from around the wicket by new bowler Dwayne Bravo. Nothing to smother from Bravo, who leaks just three singles as the run rate exceeds the 10-an-over mark for the first time. This isn't looking particularly rosy for the Indians.

6 overs - India 33-2
New man Rohit Sharma, the only Indian to give the Aussies a challenge a few days ago, is off the mark with a thick outside edge off Sammy past Chris Gayle at first slip for four. Not the greatest of starts from the 2007 world champions at the end of the six-over powerplay.

Wicket falls
5 overs - India 28-2 Wicket Gambhir ct Ramdin b Roach 15
Gambhir tucks Roach off his pads through square leg for a tasty boundary, although the next delivery is squirted between the wicketkeeper and first slip for his second - and very unconvincing - boundary. However, last year's Test player of the year is back in the hutch as he fends a throat ball from Roach into the hands of Ramdin behind the stumps. Top-class fast bowling, vintage dismissal of the Caribbean fast bowlers in their pomp.

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wombletiltheend on 606: "The Indian vulnerability to the short ball will haunt them for a while."

4 overs - India 19-1
Gambhir cuts down to the deep point boundary for the first boundary of the Indian innings before ambling down the track to take a huge - and unsuccessful - muller over mid-off. New man Raina is off the mark with a single worked off his hips. The required run-rate is rapidly rising to 10-an-over.

Wicket falls
3.1 overs - India 12-1 Wicket Vijay ct Pollard b Sammy 7
Brilliant catch on the deep midwicket boundary by the giant Keiron Pollard, who scoops the ball just millimetres off the turf as Vijay looks to pierce the infield with a well-struck pull. In comes new man Suresh Raina.

3 overs - India 11-0
Here comes Kemar Roach - only to ping his first delivery wide down the leg side, well collected by Ramdin behind the sticks. Oh dear, his next delivery is a huge wide on the off side. Sloppy fielding from Jerome Taylor allows Murali Vijay to double up to what should have been a simple single to third man. Roach finds his pace and direction and is unfortunate to see a genuine edge fall short of Darren Sammy at first slip. Huge appeal off the final ball of the over as Gambhir fends to a vicious delivery, but umpire Simon Taufel correctly adjudicates the ball made contact with the opener's shirt and not his bat or pad as he followed it down the leg side.

2 overs - India 6-0
Gayle keeps Roach under wraps and instead turns to the not-so-shabby Jerome Taylor, who sees a Shivnarine Chanderpaul shy miss the stumps with Gambhir struggling to make his ground. There we go - Taylor drops short and hits the splice with a ripper as Gambhir fends unconvincingly to point. Solid start from the hosts.

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noops01 on 606: "WI for the win, beat the team that IPL money made millionaires. Whoever wins still won't come near beating England, but I favour WI at home."

1 over - India 3-0
Out come India openers Gautam Gambhir and Murali Vijay, while Darren Sammy opens the bowling with Denesh Ramdin standing up to the sticks. So maybe the pace and bouncer blitz from Kemar Roach awaits in the second over. Ramdin abandons his place and heads for safety a good 10 yards further back. Murali Vijay opts for an agricultural swipe to Cow Corner, but completely misses the ball.

From Sanjay, TMS inbox: "Let's hope the millionaires can bat better than field/bowl. Although I'll take better fielding/bowling over batting any day."


Wicket falls
19.4 overs - West Indies 165-6 Wicket Gayle run out 98
Gutted. Truly. Chris Gayle is denied a thoroughly deserved ton in the cruellest of circumstances as his bat is in the air following a full-length dive as Dhoni breaks the stumps as a throw comes in from the deep midwicket boundary. Had his bat been grounded, he would have been home. Horrible way to go. New man Ramdin sneaks a boundary down to the vacant fine leg boundary with the last delivery of the innings.

Wicket falls
19.3 overs - West Indies 164-5 Wicket Sarwan ct Sharma b Nehra 0
Gayle can't find sufficient willow to turn a single into a double and new man Ramnaresh Sarwan sacrifices himself to give the strike back to his captain, skying another catch to Sharma.

Wicket falls
19.1 overs - West Indies 163-4 Wicket Bravo ct Sharma b Nehra 1
Bravo chips a simple catch to Rohit Sharma at midwicket, but crucially he manages to cross with Chris Gayle before the ball is pouched, handing the strike back to the Windies captain.

19 overs - West Indies 163-3
Yowser - Zaheer oversteps at the worst possible moment, handing new batsman Dwayne Bravo a free hit, but the all-rounder can only feebly punch a full toss down the ground for a single, stealing the strike off his rampant captain in the process.

Wicket falls
19 overs - West Indies 160-3 Wicket Pollard ct Pathan b Zaheer 17
Wallop! Gayle moves into the 90s as he dispatches a Zaheer Khan full-toss on to the roof of the Greenidge and Haynes stand for his seventh six. Huge. Good comeback from Zaheer, landing a yorker right in the blockhole as Gayle moves to 95 with a single. Pollard's brief cameo comes to an end as he chips another full-toss into the hands of mid-on Yusuf Pathan, who takes an excellent low catch on the run.

18 overs - West Indies 152-2
Gayle has the opportunity to make cricket history and become the first player to score two international Twenty20 hundreds. He fashions a couple of Nehra off his pads while Pollard launches the left-armer so high into the air and over the boundary for his second six. A man stood by the Windies dug-out takes evasive action as he loses the flight of the ball in the air and is probably praying to a higher being for preserving his form as the ball lands about five yards away.

17 overs - West Indies 141-2
Ugly first delivery from Raina, a half-tracker on leg stump from around the wicket and Chris Gayle duly obliges with a heave over square leg for maximum number five. Awful - "worse than village" says the man behind me as Gayle tonks six number six into the Greenidge and Haynes Stand as Raina serves up yet another buffet ball - short with "spank me please" written all over it. An abject display in the field so far from the millionaires.

16 overs - West Indies 125-2
Pollard eases a Jadeja full toss high over the bowler's head and into the second tier of the Three W's Stand with the easiest six you will ever see. Poor Jadeja, he's had more spankings than an a Victorian schoolboy.

Wicket falls
15 overs - West Indies 114-2 Wicket Sammy ct Vijay b Jadeja 19
More lashings for the hapless Jadeja, who sees Darren Sammy thump a muscular straight drive past the left-arm seamer for four. But he perishes the next delivery as he strokes an elegant on-drive to long-on, where Murali Vijay takes a competent catch a yard from the rope.

15 overs - West Indies 114-1
Darren Sammy takes evasive action as Chris Gayle winds up yet another mighty straight blow, this time dangerously close to the loaf of the non-striker, for a boundary, this time off the luckless Yusuf Pathan. More heads staring at the floor than at Labour HQ as the Indians ponder how they are ever going to win this tournament fielding like a bunch of toddlers.

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Komsanghamitra on 606: "Really don't understand Dhoni's/coaching staff's faith in Jadeja at this point. He's been poor in every match so far. "

14 overs - West Indies 106-1
Zaheer sees Gayle clip an attempted yorker off his toes to the deep square boundary for four. Another full delivery is dispatched through extra cover by Sammy and India's bowling attack is unravelling at a rate of knots.

13 overs - West Indies 96-1
Ravindra Jadeja, who endured a nightmare bowling spell against Australia, tosses up a low full-toss for Gayle to launch high into the stands with an arrogant six. Sammy joins the six-hitting party with a beautiful front-foot drive high over the boundary, awesome shot, all orthodoxy and timing as opposed to brute force from Gayle. Headaches for Dhoni.

Wicket falls
That's 50
12 overs - West Indies 80-1 Wicket Chanderpaul ct Dhoni b Nehra 24
Village. Chris Gayle spanks a skier high into the sky, a catch which should have been taken by Dhoni, only Yusuf Pathan hasn't heard the call and he collides with his captain just as the wicketkeeper gets one hand on the ball. The bowler Ashish Nehra looks mortified - as if someone has stolen his mid-match KitKat. Gayle moves to his half century from 41 deliveries with a thick outside edge for four off of a wild slash outside off stump. However, Dhoni manages to cling on to another skier - this time from a miss-hit Chanderpaul swipe - running back from his position to pouch the ball safely in his gauntlets. Meanwhile, Darren Sammy is promoted to three in the batting order. Strange.

11 overs - West Indies 72-0
Gayle's six from the previous over was a remarkable 110m, the biggest of the tournament so far. Dhoni recalls Harbhajan in an effort to stem the run-haemorrhaging, which the off-spinner does, conceding five runs with his final of his four overs.

10 overs - West Indies 67-0
Oh my. Chris Gayle has absolutely mullered Yusuf Pathan into the Three W's Stand with a quite astonishing six. It wasn't particularly short, but Gayle takes one step back and murders the ball over the infield with a swipe like an executioner's axe. It takes a couple of minutes to locate the projectile missile. Pathan is unfortunate not to see Gayle play on as he attempts an extravagant drive through cover, but an inside edge squirts past his off stump for a single.

9 overs - West Indies 58-0
Zaheer returns and is greeted by a huge stand-and-deliver six over long-on by Gayle. Clean hitting at its finest, brutal with added finesse. Chanders cashes in as he shuffles outside his off stump, swivelling on his left foot to swat the left-arm seamer past fine leg for a very inventive boundary. The Windies are ruling this match with an iron fist.

8 overs - West Indies 45-0
Butterfingers - Ravindra Jadeja drops a top-edged Shiv Chanders pull off Pathan running back from short fine leg. It's not the easiest of catches as he was running backwards, but still, those should be pouched. Tsk. Extra fielding practice for Rav. Seven runs for the Windies.

7 overs - West Indies 38-0
Delicate reverse paddle from Chanderpaul for two as Suresh Raina's part-time off-spin is introduced. Raina sees an lbw appeal turned down - and Chanderpaul takes full advantage with a reverse slap over the vacant backward point region for his first boundary of the day.

6 overs - West Indies 31-0
Nehra is hauled off after one over and on comes Yusuf Pathan and his tweakers. Ouch, nasty fielding from Ravindra Jadeja, who is nutmegged by a Chris Gayle pull at short fine leg for a very preventable two runs. Decent over from the all-rounder, nothing eminently hittable on offer. So far.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Max, London, TMS inbox: "Do you know where you can buy the Windies T20 shirt? It's the only shirt made in the spirit of the competition!"

5 overs - West Indies 26-0
Big shout from Harbhajan as Yusuf Pathan takes a good low catch at first slip, but neither Chanderpaul or umpire Billy Bowden look particularly bothered. Good decision from the Kiwi official as replays indicate the deflection was off Chanderpaul's hip. Excellent over from the Mumbai Indian, conceding a solitary single.

4 overs - West Indies 25-0
Dhoni continues the trend of replacing one of his opening bowlers after an over and summons Ashish Nehra for his left-arm cohort Zaheer Khan. Gayle moves on to 12 with a horrific cross-bat hoik through square leg for a couple before shuffling down the track, making room for himself outside leg stump, to thump Nehra flat-bat down the track, past the diving mid-off for a muscular boundary. More of the same from Windies skipper, this time swiping through the line over mid-on for his second boundary. Awesome shot, all about upper-body strength.

3 overs - West Indies 13-0
Unspectacular? Gayle launches a mighty size 11 down the track, collapses to one knee and smites Harbhajan over the deep midwicket boundary for a mighty maximum, much to the delight of the Bajan crowd. Hot sauce and then some. Chanders, on the other hand, is scratching around like an under-11 at the crease.

2 overs - West Indies 4-0
Zaheer with the new cherry at the other end and the left-armer sees Chanderpaul push two through square leg for a double. Circumspection from Chanders, who watches a couple of Khan hoopers curl outside his off stump, offering no stroke. Unspectacular start.

1 over - West Indies 2-0
Harbhajan skips to the crease with his idiosyncratic shuffle and sees both Gayle and Chanderpaul push for early singles. The off-spinner beats Gayle with an absolute ripper outside off stump, but the Windies captain just about manages to keep his back foot behind the popping crease as Dhoni whips off the bails in a flash. Excellent first over from the man from Jalandhar, just two runs leaked. Susie, below, the music you are referring to is the West Indies cricket anthem called "Rally Round The West Indies". A simple search on t'internet should provide you with your own version.

From Susie in St Lucia, TMS inbox: "Can you or any one out there please answer a question for me. What is the choral music which is used when the teams walk out onto the pitch before the National Anthems? I love it and would like to know more about it. Going to settle down in front of the TV with a cold beer now and cheer on the Windies."

1459: We've had the Windies cricket anthem, played by a symphony of steel drums, accompanied by ear-piercing shrieks of various air horns at the Kensington Oval, so play is set to commence very shortly. Looks like India are likely to continue their new-ball spin option with Harbhajan Singh opening the bowling with either Zaheer Khan or Ashish Nehra. Out wander Windies openers Chris Gayle and Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

From Dave, an England fan, TMS inbox: "I think India will win today, the West Indies wheel has come off and were found wanting in their last game. Indian spin will conquer all."

1455: Over on TMS, reporter Alison Mitchell is talking to commentator Mohammad Ibrahim, the voice of Afghan cricket. Now there's a man who truly appreciates the opportunities he has been given spreading the gospel of the great game, uniting a war-ravaged and divided country. Good man Mohammad.

Get involved on 606
King on 606: "India not only need a win, but need to win with a bigger margin to improve their net run rate to give themselves a chance to qualify for the semi finals."

1444: The damp conditions should help India's seamers with a bit of wobble on and of the pitch, which, out of the three venues across the Caribbean, is the most conducive to seam and swing. Despite the rain delay, the match is still a 20-over affair, so no deductions in the quotas.

1437: It's toss time and India captain MS Dhoni has called correctly and has elected to field first. The 2007 champions are unchanged from the XI that lost to Australia while West Indies recall wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin in place of the hard-hitting Andre Fletcher.

1431: Looks like we've got a 1500 BST start at the Kensington Oval but in the meantime, feel free to vent your collective spleens on the Hollywood-style conspiracies threatening to destabilise world cricket, the two matches on offer this glorious Sunday in Barbados (Sri Lanka take on Australia at 1830 BST) or whether gooseberry jam is quite possibly the worst-tasting concoction on this planet via the TMS inbox, texting 81111 (with the word CRICKET before your message, otherwise it will get buried under the inevitable last-day Premier League deluge) or via the 606 website.

1425: Back to the Caribbean, where both the hosts and the economic powerhouse need a victory to ensure their longevity in this tournament. India were comprehensively undone by a barrage of very fast short-pitched bowling from a very rapid Australian pace attack, while the West Indies were tonked all the way to Cuba by a rampant Sri Lankan side.

1416: If you've been scanning your Sunday newspaper and wiping off remnants of jam-covered toast crumbs from the sports pages, you'll be aware of the eyebrow-raising, cloak-and-dagger events over the past few days involving suspended Indian Premier League supremo Lalit Modi, a few top county chief executives, a leaked email and a very displeased ECB chairman Giles Clarke. BCCI president Shashank Manohar's show-cause notice in response is a hoot of a read. Sort of.

1408: Oh dear. Look out of your window. It's a bit like that in Barbados as overnight rain has delayed the start of the match by at least half an hour. So news on when the toss will be undertaken.

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Live Scores - Australia v Sri Lanka


  • Australia beat Sri Lanka by 81 runs
  • Australia: 168-5 (20.0 overs)
  • Sri Lanka: 87 (16.2 overs)

Sri Lanka Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 87
Jayawardene c Smith b Nannes 9
Jayasuriya lbw b Nannes 5
Sangakkara c Haddin b Tait 2
Dilshan c White b Johnson 20
Mathews c Hussey b Johnson 8
Chandimal st Haddin b Smith 19
Kapugedera b Smith 12
Randiv run out 2
Malinga c Smith b Clarke 1
Mendis b Johnson 1
Welegedara not out 2
Extras 4w 2lb 6

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