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ICC World Twenty20 day seven as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

2145: So, England and South Africa head Group E after today's games (man of the match was Albie Morkel, by the way) - tomorrow, we switch focus to Group F, when Australia face India at 1430 BST and the Kensington Oval will be sure to be rocking when West Indies host Sri Lanka at 1830 BST. We'll get the live text going just before the toss at 1400 BST, while TMS will be on air with full commentary on both games from 1415 BST. Thanks for all your emails and comments today - sorry if we didn't have room to use yours, as you can tell Twenty20 gets very fast and furious. I'm off to watch the election results - see you tomorrow.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "170 was always going to be a hard chase on a wicket like this - South Africa look very strong, but New Zealand probably fancy their chances of beating Pakistan and it might come down to their last Super Eight game against England in St Lucia on Monday"


20th over - NZ 157-7
Albie Morkel trots in, Vettori hoists him towards deep backward square leg and it bounces just in front of the rope for four. A couple more of those would make it interesting... but Cap'n Dan swings and misses at the second ball. He digs out a yorker for a single - 22 needed from three balls. Unlikely, you might say. McCullum doesn't know when he's beaten though, swiping a massive six over cover, where it's brilliantly caught in the lower tier of the Greenidge & Haynes Stand by a young West Indian fan. But it's too little, too late for New Zealand - two singles round off the innings and they finish 13 runs short. A comfortable win in the end for the Proteas.

19th over - NZ 144-7 (TARGET 171)
Langeveldt to bowl the penultimate over, Vettori and McCullum are only able to shovel the odd single, although McCullum swipes a four just over the head of Morne Morkel at extra cover. Albie Morkel, who hasn't bowled yet today, is limbering up in the field, looks like he'll bowl the last over. New Zealand need an unlikely 27 from it.

18th over - NZ 135-7 (TARGET 171)
Steyn to bowl his final over as South Africa look to turn the screw. McCullum opens with a single, then Vettori is nearly bowled off stump as he looks to step across to the off side and flick Steyn off his legs. If all his shuffling around the crease is designed to unsettle Steyn, it's partially worked as he sends down another no-ball, which Vettori swipes for a single so McCullum will face the free hit ball... which is fast and wide of off stump, McCullum fences and misses. Next ball is even wider, Umpire Dar spreads his arms to signal a wide. McCullum heaves a single as the ball falls just short of the man running in from the mid-wicket fence, Vettori forces one off his legs to JP Duminy, who hasn't had to bat or bowl this game but is patrolling the boundary at square leg. McCullum tries another improvised flick to leg but Steyn is bowling fast and full, finishing with figures of 1-25 from four overs. I don't think that does justice to him - personally, I think he's bowled superbly today. With 36 needed from two overs, the game is all but gone for New Zealand.

17th over - NZ 129-7 (TARGET 171)
Cap'n Daniel Vettori is the new batsman, surely this situation is even beyond him? McCullum fences and misses a couple of times, then a no-ball is flicked through fine leg for four - McCullum will also face a free hit. He has an ungainly slog at the free-hit ball, which is smeared for a single through mid-wicket. 42 needed from 18 balls.

Wicket falls
16.2 overs - WICKET - Hopkins c Steyn b M Morkel 18 - NZ 123-7 (TARGET 171)
Interesting field for Morne Morkel - there are four men on the edge of the circle on the off side, and four men back on the legside fence. Hopkins blasts a six over point, the field is adjusted to bring fine leg up and send third man back... and that chap at third man takes the catch as the Kiwi wicketkeeper aims another big blast over point.

16th over - NZ 117-6 (TARGET 171)
Nathan McCullum is the new batsman, the Kiwi pair manage to nudge a single apiece before McCullum evokes memories of his brother by hammering a four that sails through extra cover like a tracer bullet. Steyn tries a slow bouncer which is called as a wide by Aleem Dar. And advance warning for R4 LW listeners - the cricket will end on that frequency at 2130 BST, whether the game's finished or not, because of the election. However, TMS will continue on BBC 5 live sports extra and via the website.

Out for a duck
15.2 overs - WICKET - Oram lbw b Steyn 0 - NZ 110-6 (TARGET 171)
Even worse news for New Zealand is that Dale Steyn back - he's able to bowl 12 of those last 30 balls. And after a single from Hopkins, Oram trots off for a second-ball duck as he's easily trapped in front by the Proteas paceman.

15th over - NZ 109-5 (TARGET 171)
New batsman Jacob Oram is a very tall chap, but he's facing an equally tall order - 62 runs needed from the last 30 balls.

Wicket falls
14.5 overs - WICKET - Styris c Gibbs b Langeveldt 13 - NZ 109-5 (TARGET 171)
Hopkins and Styris exchange singles, before the shaven-headed wicketkeeper swipes a six over third man - but when a single brings Styris back on strike, he becomes the latest player to give South Africa (Gibbs again, in fact) some catching practice as he spoons an easy catch to mid-wicket - "The Penguin" has to return to the Batcave.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "South Africa hit 11 sixes, while New Zealand have only hit three so far. So they're going to need an Albie Morkel-like innings if they're going to win this"

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From Anonymous, via text: "Re: Chris in London [11th over]. Unfortunately our South African players just aren't as good as their South African players"

14th over - NZ 100-4 (TARGET 171)
Kallis to bowl his final over, Styris has to accelerate and crunches Kallis for back-to-back fours - the first through the covers and the second through third man - before forcing a single through mid-wicket. Kallis helps the Kiwi total chug along by sending down a wide, Hopkins swings and misses a couple of times before scrambling a single off the last ball. That's the hundred up for New Zealand, and "Shark" Kallis finishes with tidy figures of 0-23 from four overs.

13th over - NZ 89-4 (TARGET 171)
Gum-chewing wicketkeeper Gareth Hopkins is the new batsman, he only averages 16 in T20 internationals but has a pretty impressive strike rate of 156.09... He's off the mark with a dabbed single, Styris adds another but the Kiwis are really up against it now.

Wicket falls
12.2 overs - WICKET - Taylor c Gibbs b M Morkel 19 - NZ 87-4 (TARGET 171)
Another big setback for the Kiwis - Taylor's gone, another fairly soft dismissal as he gives Gibbs another straightforward catch at mid-wicket.

12th over - NZ 87-3 (TARGET 171)
Styris smears a single, then Taylor cuts loose with a powerful four through long-on and a slog-swept six into the Party Stand area. A two takes Taylor to 18 from 13 balls - then he takes aim at the mid-wicket fence again but picks out the boundary rider as they run a single. 84 needed from 48 balls - a better over for the Black Caps, but you have to say the Proteas are still favourites at this stage.

Simon Doull
Former New Zealand seamer Simon Doull on TMS: "I don't think New Zealand have shown enough intent - there have been too many wild swings"

11th over - NZ 73-3 (TARGET 171)
Taylor rotates the strike with a leg bye, then Kallis gets one to jag back at fellow veteran Styris and it deflects off his thigh for four more leg byes through the vacant slip area. Styris is finally off the mark with a single, but that's another tight over from Kallis, only one run off the bat.

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From Chris in London, via text: "Why would England be scared of South Africa? Firstly we beat them in the last one-dayers and secondly half our players are from there anyhow"

10th over - NZ 67-3 (TARGET 171)
New batsman is Scott Styris, he'll need all his experience if the Kiwis are to get through here - with 104 more runs needed from 10 overs, even I can tell the required run-rate is up into double figures.

Wicket falls
9.4 overs - WICKET - Ryder c De Villiers b Botha 33 - NZ 67-3 (TARGET 171)
Some good scampering between the wickets brings Taylor a couple of runs from a a gentle waft to wide mid-on. Ryder has the podium dancers on their feet as a loose delivery from Botha is hoicked through mid-wicket for four... but it's all over for the big man as he's caught in two minds and pops a soft catch to ABDV at cover. Body blow for the Kiwis, just when it was looking like he could bat through the innings. As the song goes, "Why, why, why, Jesse Ryder?"

9th over - NZ 60-2 (TARGET 171)
Some shocking fielding from substitute fielder Roelof van der Merwe - briefly on for Dale Steyn - allows a tickle from Ryder to rebound off him and onto the boundary rope at third man. Cap'n Smith isn't happy, signalling to Steyn that he wants him back on, "stat" (as medical personnel might say). Ryder and Taylor add a couple more, Kallis digs one in short and Taylor knocks a single off his hip. Steyn is back on.

8th over - NZ 52-2 (TARGET 171)
Ryder sweeps, new batsman Ross Taylor calls for a quick single and is nearly run out without facing as Gibbs's throw from short fine leg hits the stumps. Aggers on TMS thinks Ryder reminds him of fellow left-hander Marcus Trescothick - both in build, and his destructive approach at the top of the order in limited-overs cricket.

Wicket falls
7.3 overs - WICKET - Guptill c A Morkel b Botha 18 - NZ 51-2 (TARGET 171)
Johan Botha on for his first twirl of the tournament, Guptill is hit on the gloves as the off-spinner gets a bit of turn and they run a cheeky single. Ryder dabs one to third man, then Guptill goes for a big hit and gives some catching practice to Albie Morkel at long-on. Mind you, if today's cricket is anything to go by, nothing is certain - some very difficult catches have been taken, but some easy catches have been dropped.

From Anil, Washington DC, TMS inbox: "This is Jesse Ryder's chance to show that he is THE MAN for Twenty20... plus he is on my fantasy team!"

7th over - NZ 49-1 (TARGET 171)
Big biff from Big Jesse against Morkel, a powerful heave for six over long-off into the lower tier of the Garfield Sobers Pavilion. A couple of well-run singles, then Ryder is all over the place in the crease, stepping back to uppercut Morkel down to third man for a single. A single allows Guptill to steal the strike - he has 17, Ryder has 22.

6th over - NZ 39-1 (TARGET 171)
Jacques Kallis is the fourth seamer used by South Africa, Ryder knocks his first ball for two to third man, but has trouble getting the ball past the infield in the final over of fielding restrictions. Just another single added, a good over from the experienced Kallis.

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From Ben in Preston, via text: "No matter how exciting this game is going to be... it worries me that England have to beat one of these teams to progress to the semi finals!"

5th over - NZ 36-1 (TARGET 171)
Morne Morkel replaces Langeveldt at the Joel Garner End. After a two through the covers, it looks like Ryder's going to be caught at third man - but Steyn immediately indicates that the catch didn't carry as he dived forward. Very honest of you, Dale.

And a note sent to me by TMS producer Adam Mountford - there's been a bit of confusion over Kevin Pietersen's score today, mainly over whether he scored a single or a four off the last ball of the match (when England needed one run to win). The match referee has confirmed that KP was given four for that shot, and so finished on 73 not out.

4th over - NZ 33-1 (TARGET 171)
Gun-barrel straight from Steyn, Guptill is rapped on the pad and then fishes at thin air. Only when Steyn drifts slights wide of off stump is Guptill able to flash a four past backward point. The next ball is short and wide, this time Guptill chips it over that fielder for four.

3rd over - NZ 25-1 (TARGET 171)
Ryder and Guptill help themselves to some singles from Langeveldt, while Ryder cuts loose for the first time with a powerful six to cow corner that has the occupants of the Party Stand scurrying for cover! (Michael Vaughan on TMS mischievously points out that's the stand Jesse himself would probably like to be in). Short and wide again from Langeveldt, and Guptill hammers a four through mid-wicket in the direction of the pitchside podium dancers. A two to third man, and it's a much better over for the Kiwis - 15 from it.

Pommie Mbangwa
From Matt (revising hard), TMS inbox: "Never mind about the accent [see 17th over], Pommie Mbangwa has one of the best NAMES I've ever heard!"

2nd over - NZ 10-1 (TARGET 171)
Despite the loss of McCullum, Jesse Ryder is a very capable big hitter himself - despite his well-documented off-field problems. He's facing Dale Steyn, and chops a single past the stumps to get off the mark. Guptill, reprieved last over, also opens his account with a single while Ryder - who rarely does anything gently - gently guides a single to third man. Good over from Steyn, not giving Big Jesse anything short and wide to hit. England's seam bowlers could take note.

1st over - DROPPED CATCH - NZ 7-1 (TARGET 171)
Martin Guptill swings at his first ball, and Johan Botha can't hold onto the chance at gully! Meanwhile, Gibbs examines his elbow, there's a bit of blood from where he landed to take that catch.

Wicket falls
0.5 overs - WICKET - B McCullum c Gibbs b Langeveldt 6 - NZ 7-1 (TARGET 171)
Charl Langeveldt, now back in international cricket after a spell as a Kolpakker at Derbyshire, will take the opening over for South Africa's pace-dominated attack. He opens with a legside wide but then beats McCullum's outside edge as he finds a bit of away-swing with the new ball. McCullum tries an expansive drive but the ball shoots down to fine leg for a couple. McCullum smacks a four over point - but then we see yet another belter of a catch as Gibbs swoops at extra cover to pouch a flying one-handed catch. Brilliant fielding from the boy Herschelle.

2000: Almost ready to get under way again. If you've been with us all afternoon and evening, I take my hat off to you - we're on the home straight now. By the way, tomorrow's matches - for which you can hear commentary on TMS and read the live text here as ever - are the always mouth-watering Australia v India (1430 BST), and there will be a great atmosphere in prospect when West Indies entertain Sri Lanka (1830 BST). Brendon McCullum and Jesse Ryder to open the innings for New Zealand as the players return.

Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "People talk about the unpredictability of Twenty20 cricket, but an innings like Morkel's can just turn a game on its head"

Get involved on 606
From Sportsfan87 on 606: "Brutal hitting from Morkel"


20th over - SA 170-4
Mark Boucher has to come out for one ball - swing-and-a-miss, and they run a bye, so the Proteas finish with 170-4.

Wicket falls
19.5 overs - WICKET - A Morkel run out (Hopkins) 40 - SA 169-4
After a single from ABDV, Bond tries a bouncer to Morkel, who is slightly surprised by it and they run a bye. Bond fires one in wide, ABDV gets down on one knee to shovel it through the covers and some good work by Martin Guptill, New Zealand's "Boundary Fox" today, cuts off the four. They run two. ABDV swings and misses at the fourth ball, and also at the fifth and keeper Hopkins pea-rolls the ball onto the stumps as the Proteas attempt a cheeky bye. Great knock from Morkel, 40 from 18 balls with five sixes.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "This is the kind of position Pakistan should have got, considering the start they had"

19th over - SA 165-3
ABDV tries a Dilscoop against Southee but can't get hold of it properly and it flies off an edge for a single. Morkel biffs another flat six over long-on, these two are quick between the wickets as the singles keep flowing. Then Morkel gives the advertising hoardings another hammering with a straight, but flat, six - his fourth. Albie swings and misses at the fifth ball... then blasts Southee's last ball over his head for another six! Absolute carnage out there!

18th over - DROPPED CATCH - SA 144-3
Bond is Back - he'll bowl the 18th and 20th overs. ABDV swings hard to long-on - and is shelled by Nathan McCullum. By international standards, that's a sitter - a touch of the Saeed Ajmals, after the Pakistan spinner dropped three in the first five overs of England's innings earlier today. Bond is upset - he strays with a full toss which ABDV smashes over the wide long-on boundary like a baseball slugger. He's even less happy by the end of the over, which has cost 11. ABDV has 43, Morkel has 20.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "It's always the sign of a good pitch when the ball is being hit straight down the ground and through the covers. And I'm going to have a dip in the sea when I get back to the hotel, as my back's a bit stiff. There's a bloke I know called Dr Cool who has a jet-ski that I use"

17th over - SA 133-3
Loose from Southee and Morkel goes deep again, clubbing a flat six over long-on. ABDV steps back, swings and misses and the ball sails under his pad and through the keeper for four byes. Plenty of singles, and we could be on for a big finish now.

Pommie Mbangwa
From William, Chatteris, TMS inbox: "Pommie Mbangwa has one of the best accents I've ever heard. He's up there with Jeremy Coney and Neil Manthorp I reckon"

16th over - SA 119-3
Long-hop from McCullum and ABDV gives it the treatment it deserves, clearing his front leg to smash it for six over mid-wicket. (A very good catch is taken in the crowd by an England fan enjoying the sunshine). South Africa must be eyeing up 150 as ABDV and Morkel are busy with the ones and twos.

15th over - SA 108-3
Vettori returns for his last over, Morkel goes for his first big hit but manages to clear the tall Martin Guptill at long-off for six. Plenty of guile from Cap'n Dan but that's eight from the over and Vettori finishes with 0-21 from his four overs.

14th over - SA 100-3
Just when I start sounding off about how SA all-rounder Albie Morkel (who can hit the ball further than most cricketers can even dream of) isn't getting enough time at the crease and being asked to come in too late in the innings, the new batsman is... Albie Morkel. He's off the mark wtih a single to long-on, ABDV adds a couple more and he's on 22. Hundred up.

Wicket falls
13.3 overs - WICKET - Gibbs c B McCullum b N McCullum 30 - SA 97-3
Nathan McCullum returns, but Gibbs gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps him just past the electronic scoreboard at cow corner for six. But when he tries to repeat the shot, he skies a catch to mid-wicket where McCullum's brother Brendon gleefully takes the catch.

13th over - SA 90-2
A well-run two means ABDV has caught Gibbs up, with both men on 17 - Gibbs then smashes Oram for a straight six, seemingly effortless. Oram responds by firing in a yorker which Gibbs does well to dig out.

12th over - SA 79-2
Great placement from ABDV as he laces Styris for a four past backward point - the first boundary in six overs. But otherwise it's just ones and twos as South Africa bide their time... how long can they afford to do so?

Pommie Mbangwa
Former Zimbabwe seamer Pommie Mbangwa on TMS: "South Africa will be happy with their start, but it's in the balance and New Zealand are fighting back"

11th over - SA 70-2
Vettori keeps it tight against Gibbs, just four singles and no fireworks.

10th over - SA 66-2
Scott Styris into the attack with his dibbly-dobbly medium pace which was the undoing of Zimbabwe's lower middle order the other day. An umbrella has blown onto the pitch, but that doesn't bother Gibbs and ABDV who help themselves to five singles. And we're already at the halfway point of the innings.

Get involved on 606
From Sportsfan87 on 606: "Great catch, seen some blinders in this tournament so far"

9th over - SA 61-2
De Villiers is in Pietersen mode, pushing a slightly risky single to get off the mark, Vettori is a canny bowler in this form of cricket but as Aggers notes, "these two batsmen are among the best runners in international cricket" as they press for ones and twos.

8th over - SA 55-2
New batsman is AB de Villiers, looking on as Gibbs defends the last ball.

Wicket falls
7.5 overs - WICKET - Kallis c Southee b Oram 31 - SA 55-2
Kallis and Gibbs push the singles against Oram, then Kallis gets an edge down to third man where young'un Southee races round to take an absolutely brilliant catch!

7th over - SA 51-1
Cap'n Dan Vettori is on to bowl his left-arm spin, with the field back - Gibbs swings and misses and is hit on the pad, but Vettori's loud appeal earns no favour from Umpire Davis. The replay suggests it was pretty straight. Just three singles from the over.

6th over - SA 48-1
Jacob Oram to bowl the last powerplay over with the field up. Michael Vaughan on TMS notes that just for once, New Zealand have their regular injury doubts - Bond, Oram and Ryder - all fit at the same time. Gibbs steps forward to loft Oram for four down to the long-off boundary where there's a motorbike on display - possibly a man of the the match/series award. Shaven-headed wicketkeeper Gareth Hopkins calls for his NZ helmet to stand up to the stumps - while Gibbs is wearing "10" on the back of his shirt - and I can clear up any confusion here. He changes his number every year - he was "09" in 2009, "08" in 2008 etc.

5th over - SA 41-1
They ran on the catch, so new batsman Herschelle Gibbs looks on as Kallis works a single through the covers.

Wicket falls
4.5 overs - WICKET - Smith c Guptill b Southee 14 - SA 40-1
The baby-faced seamer Tim Southee - he may be listed as 21, but I'd certainly ID him if he ordered a beer - replaces McCullum, and Smith bashes another four off his legs, but Southee makes the breakthrough when Smith goes aerial again and it sails straight to the man at deep square leg.

4th over - SA 33-0
Couple of singles before Smith brutally pulls Bond for four. Steady if unspectacular start by the experienced Proteas pair.

From Kate Abernethy, TMS inbox: "Has the radical Mongoose bat, wowed at in the IPL, been seen in this competition yet?"

Not seen it yet, Kate. Though it may be a factor that the IPL grounds' boundaries are generally shorter than the boundaries at these Windies grounds.

3rd over - SA 27-0
More easy pickings against McCullum's off-spin, but then Kallis is rapped on the pad, there's a big shout... and umpire Steve Davis shakes his head. Kallis responds by lofting a six towards the pavilion at wide long-on.

2nd over - SA 19-0
Kiwi speedster Shane Bond takes the second over from the Malcolm Marshall End, now there was a class bowler... Bond's second ball is short, Kallis hooks and top-edges it over the keeper for six! That's the second time we've seen one go for six in that manner today. Kallis and Smith keep plugging the singles, and Kallis unleashes a formidable textbook square cut for four. The Kensington Oval's pitchside pool is in use by a couple of England fans, and looks very inviting.

1834: Sorry, forgot to add the score there, it's 6-0...

1st over - SA 6-0
Kallis guides McCullum's first ball off his legs for a single, left-hander Smith is off the mark in the same manner. Kallis rotates the strike, and the Proteas then benefit when Smith runs one from a legside wide. Michael Vaughan and Tony Cozier are both impressed at how "trim" Scott Styris is looking in the field for the Kiwis.

1829: The "old firm" of Graeme Smith and Jacques Kallis opening the batting for South Africa, and New Zealand are going to open with off-spinner Nathan McCullum again.

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From Anonymous, via text: "Can't wait until KP is rubbish again. Where is the fun when he has a good knock and 'fans' can't turn on him?"

From Jonny in Sheffield, TMS inbox: "Not enough chat for me about Jimmy A's absence. An absolute joke. He's been England's best quick bowler for the last 18 months. He might be well rested for this summer & the Ashes but surely he's going to be lacking match practice!"

Some people have queried if he's injured, but I don't think he is. Colly said earlier they were just happy with the combination of three seamers they've used so far.

1824: Time for the steel-band rendition of both anthems.

1823: The flags are brought out to the accompaniment of the "solemn music" Aggers mentioned earlier - I thought it sounded like Vangelis, and many thanks to those of you who emailed in to point out that it is in fact Vangelis's music from the Columbus film "1492: Conquest of Paradise".

1819: Kevin Pietersen tells Alison Mitchell on TMS that (a) it was the fielders who had a problem with the disco lights during the England innings, not him, (b) his ankle's fine and (c) there's no news yet on the imminent birth of his first child.

1816: Here are the full teams:

South Africa: Graeme Smith (capt), Herschelle Gibbs, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, Mark Boucher (wk), Albie Morkel, Dale Steyn, Johan Botha, Morne Morkel, Charl Langeveldt.

New Zealand: Brendon McCullum, Jesse Ryder, Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor, Scott Styris, Gareth Hopkins (wk), Jacob Oram, Daniel Vettori (capt), Nathan McCullum, Shane Bond, Tim Southee.

1807: If you're just joining us, heading home from work or anything like that, then Oliver Brett's match report can bring you up to speed with England's win against Pakistan. Some interesting team changes from South Africa - although pinch-hitter Loots Bosman was superb against England in the T20s in the autumn, he hasn't fired in this tournament and has lost his place to Herschelle Gibbs, still a very destructive limited-overs player. While many other sides have looked to spin, South Africa still favour a pace attack with Botha replacing van der Merwe as the solitary front-line spinner.

1800: OK, time to switch our attention to South Africa-New Zealand. (If you manually refresh the page, everything will change over). Proteas captain Graeme Smith wins the toss and elects to bat first. They make two changes - Herschelle Gibbs and Johan Botha replace Loots Bosman and Roelof van der Merwe. Kiwis are unchanged.

1742: Right, while Kevin Pietersen is going to be given the inevitable man of the match award, TMS fans have plenty to listen to as Aggers will be talking to Mark Lane, coach of the England women's team, plus Ireland seamer and ex-captain Trent Johnston - while Kevin Howells will keep you up to date with the latest county scores. As it's my only chance all afternoon/evening, I'm going to take a speedy break and rejoin you for the toss news from South Africa v New Zealand, which starts at 1830 BST.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "It's the nature of Twenty20 cricket that you have to chance your arm in those first six overs, and Michael Lumb really looked comfortable in an England shirt, while Kevin Pietersen did what he does best"


19.3 overs - Eng 148-4 (TARGET 148)
Ajmal to bowl the last over. Wright on strike, pushes the first ball straight to extra cover. Michael Vaughan on TMS can't believe the entire field aren't up, to try to keep Wright on strike. Wright swings and misses, KP races through for a leg bye and the scores are level with four balls remaining. Still the field stays out, bizarrely. KP squeezes a single past extra cover to finish on 70 and England have won with three balls to spare...

19th over - Eng 146-4 (TARGET 148)
KP pushes a mad single to short third man, it looks like Luke Wright's going to be run out without facing but Salman Butt's throw is wild and Kamran Akmal, for all his chirping, is a bit slow in getting up to the stumps and then misses as he tries to take the bails off. Wright dabs a single to get KP back on strike, and he ruthlessly cover-drives Aamer for four towards the Party Stand where some England fans are already celebrating. With two needed, he drives straight to point, then a bouncer takes Pietersen by surprise and he has to duck at the last minute. Last ball of the over, he swings and misses again, and England need two from the last over. I won't try to jinx them...

Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "England should still win the game from here, but they could have won it by eight wickets"

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET - Morgan b Ajmal 5 - Eng 140-4 (TARGET 148)
So, having dropped those three catches in the first five overs, can Saeed Ajmal turn from villain to hero for Pakistan? Morgan can't get the first three deliveries away, before the left-hander confidently sweeps for four with the timing of a concert pianist. He tries another expansive shot to leg off the last ball - and is bowled! Eight needed from 12 - surely they can't mess it up from here?

17th over - Eng 136-3 (TARGET 148)
Eoin Morgan arrives at the crease with 23 needed from 24 balls - a bit of a change to the last game when he came in at 32-3 and had to dig England out of a hole against Ireland. He's off the mark, then KP pushes a well-run two off his legs, before stepping out of his crease to flick a half-volley from the toiling Asif through mid-wicket for four. "Pietersen's got my vote for man of the match, not that I have a vote," notes Aggers on TMS. A full toss is summarily biffed to cow corner by KP, despite a diving belly-flop by Fawad Alam just in front of the boundary rope. 12 needed from 18 balls - as Danny Baker might say, "nothing can go wrong now!"

Wicket falls
16th over - WICKET - Collingwood c U Akmal b Afridi 16 - Eng 125-3 (TARGET 148)
KP is down the ground, bringing up his fourth T20 international fifty with a straight six off Afridi, who is running out of options (and some might say ideas). A square cut brings him a sedate single to the cover sweeper. Colly goes for one of his short-arm heaves to long-on - and that's straight down the fielder's throat. "Bit of a gift", notes Ramiz Raja on TMS.

From Andy in Iowa, TMS inbox: "Re: Mike in Wandsworth, I think the BBC's own Danny Baker said it best when he said 'Nothing can go wrong now!'"

BBC Radio 5 Live
For those of you who haven't heard Danny's Saturday morning show on BBC Radio 5 live, he advocates standing up and loudly proclaiming "Nothing can go wrong now!" if your football team takes a two-goal lead, just to see the reaction you get from your fellow fans!

15th over - Eng 118-2 (TARGET 148)
Teenager Aamer returns but England are on cruise control as KP cuts for four to bring up the fifty stand, before a single to fine leg takes him to 46. Colly swipes a single which goes high into the air but bisects two fielders. An even 30 runs needed from 30 balls.

14th over - Eng 111-2 (TARGET 148)
After a single from Colly, KP cuts loose, hoisting the recalled Ajmal for a straight six. The leaping fielder gets half a hand to it - but he'd have needed to be the height of a Will Jefferson, Steve Finn or Chris Tremlett to have a chance of getting that one. That takes all the pressure off England for the rest of the over, though KP nicks the strike as he moves on to 41. Onto Nelson...

13th over - Eng 103-2 (TARGET 148)
Asif, who took a bit of tap earlier, has switched ends, but England are effortlessly picking him off for ones and twos as their score reaches three figures. Pietersen is closing on 700 T20 international runs - only Brendon McCullum and KP's old rival Graeme Smith have scored more. 45 more are needed from 42 balls.

From Neil from Cambridge, TMS inbox: "Isn't it time they promoted Morgan and Wright up the order - at least to three and four... strikes me that these two in terms of big-hitting run-scoring represent England's best chance of winning T20 internationals - England are so close to getting their T20 tactics completely right!"

12th over - Eng 95-2 (TARGET 148)
Colly and KP keep pushing the singles against "Boom Boom" Afridi, while Kamran Akmal's incessant chirping from behind the stumps is starting to grate somewhat. Perhaps they could turn the stump microphones down a bit?

11th over - Eng 87-2 (TARGET 148)
Razzaq in for his third over as England pass the halfway point of their innings, but Pietersen stands tall to whack a four past short fine leg, then square-cuts his third boundary of the innings. A single brings Cap'n Colly on strike, he'll be happy to play the supporting role and characteristically nudge'n'nurdle it around if KP tees off successfully. Two more singles added.

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From Mike, "working hard" in Wandsworth, via text: "Re: Michael Vaughan's 'the only way England can lose...' - I believe that's what's known as the 'kiss of death' - touch wood man!"

10th over - Eng 75-2 (TARGET 148)
Michael Vaughan on TMS thinks sweeping Afridi may be dangerous, and favours trying to hit him straight. KP and Colly do just that as they push the singles, then KP swings and misses at a dart and sinks to the turf as he cracks his bat against his ankle playing forward. Strangely, it's the team doctor rather than the physio who comes out to examine KP, who removes his pad and boot, hoisting his trouser-leg up to his knee and pulling his sock half-off so the doctor (now joined by the physio) can get a good look at the ankle. When play resumes, Colly whacks a single through the covers and KP hobbles through, before nicking the strike with a single off the last ball of a long over.

From Nick Collier, TMS inbox: "Why are we playing a bowler that can't bowl a yorker at the death when we have one that can on the bench? Are England going to be their own downfall again?"

9th over - Eng 70-2 (TARGET 148)
Pietersen keeps the scoreboard ticking, new batsman Paul Collingwood is immediately off the mark with a single. Easy ones and twos for the rest of the over. Pakistan were 70-1 at this stage, would you believe.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "The only way England can lose from this position is by poor decision-making. The run rate's very gettable, they just can't gift Pakistan any wickets"

Wicket falls
8.1 overs - WICKET - Kieswetter c U Akmal b Razzaq 25 - Eng 65-2 (TARGET 148)
Razzaq returns, Kieswetter goes aerial again towards long-on, there's a man under it and thankfully for Pakistan it's not Ajmal, but Umar Akmal who takes the catch cleanly over his head.

8th over - Eng 65-1 (TARGET 148)
Aggers can't believe the disco lights in question can possibly be in KP's eyeline, but the delay continues while the ground staff try to extinguish them. Having been run out off his first ball, Shahid Afridi is into the attack with his fast leg-breaks, but there's no "Boom Boom" from him so far as Pietersen pierces the field and beats the diving Misbah-ul-Haq on the boundary. KP is all Jonathan Trott at the moment, completely fidgety at the crease and not being ready in time. A couple of ones and twos are added - and with the disco music suspended while they try to sort those pesky lights out, the steel band strikes into life again.

7th over - Eng 57-1 (TARGET 148)
With the powerplay overs concluded, it's off-spin from both ends as Pakistan turn to the long-haired Mohammad Hafeez, who hands Pietersen his first run with a single off his legs. The South African-born pair plunder some ones and twos, while Hafeez also sends down a wide before Kieswetter launches an absolutely huge six onto the roof of the Garfield Sobers Pavilion, no mean feat as any of you who may know the Kensington Oval will testify. Looks like it's blasted a hole in the roof. Pakistan aren't happy with the replacement ball offered to them by Billy B, and after a short delay the original ball is somehow retrieved from the roof. There's then a delay while fourth umpire Aleem Dar rushes round the boundary to try to turn some flashing disco lights off!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Jonny from Bristol, via text: "Ajmal has had a Weston! (Super Mare, get it?)"

6th over - Eng 45-1 (TARGET 148)
Kevin Pietersen is in his usual "must get off the mark as soon as possible" frenzied mode, but can't get his first two deliveries away.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "I once dropped three catches in Melbourne on my first Ashes tour, but that was over the course of a day, rather than 20 minutes..."

Wicket falls
5.4 overs - WICKET - Lumb st K Akmal b Ajmal 25 - Eng 44-1 (TARGET 148)
Lumb has 24 from 11 balls, Kieswetter has 16 from 19, and Ajmal is moved to one place in the field where he may be able to avoid taking catches... bowler. He wheels away with his off-spin, Lumb bludgeons the first ball to mid-wicket for one, Kieswetter tickles a single to fine leg. Then, Ajmal finally has a wicket as Lumb advances down the track, misses and is comfortably stumped for 25 from 13 balls.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Sam in London, via text: "Ajmal should be England's man of the match! Three superb dropped catches"

5th over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 42-0 (TARGET 148)
Lumb effortlessly tickles a four off his legs, then captain Shahid Afridi has his head in his hands as Lumb drives into the air at mid-off - where that man Saeed Ajmal drops his third catch of the day! It was low down this time, bouncing off his wrist as he got both hands to it, and the England pair run a single. You can't really hide people in the field that easily in T20, but Ajmal is moved from mid-off to cover. Some of you in the past have asked why we don't have a "dropped catch"/"butterfingers" graphic, we may well use a picture of Ajmal in future. After all, Monty Panesar gets plenty of stick for his fielding, but I can't remember even the Montster shelling three catches in five overs.

4th over - Eng 37-0 (TARGET 148)
Lumb gives Asif the charge and hoicks him over square leg and into the lower tier of the Greenidge & Haynes Stand for six, then advances again to punch a four through the covers. Lumb currently has a strike rate of 162.2, the third highest in the tournament. A single rotates the strike, it's Kieswetter's turn to thrill the crowd as he steps forward and powers a beautiful cover-driven four. Another four over the keeper ends the over, that's 19 from Asif's second over and it may be the last we see of him for a while.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Paul, Wigan, via text: "Jolly decent of England to not play their best bowler and give other teams a chance. Come back and play for Lancashire Jimmy where you are wanted"

3rd over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 18-0 (TARGET 148)
A change of angle of attack as teenage left-arm quick Mohammad Aamer comes into the attack, and immediately has Kieswetter fishing and missing. Umpire Billy Bowden flamboyantly signals a legside wide which is well taken by the tumbling keeper Kamran Akmal. Kiesweatter heaves towards mid-on again, and is dropped again! Ajmal again - he mistimes his jump and gets a hand to it but can't prevent the ball sailing over him for four. Michael Vaughan on TMS hopes the ball follows Ajmal for a while... Another big heave from Kieswetter, wide of Ajmal this time, they run two and Ajmal's wild throw nearly hands England an overthrow. Scrappy cricket from Pakistan so far. Kieswetter, who has hogged the strike so far (13 balls faced compared to Lumb's five) plays and misses.

2nd over - Eng 11-0 (TARGET 148)
Paceman Mohammad Asif in for his first over of the tournament, Lumb steers a two and late-cuts a single to third man. Kieswetter is off the mark with a couple, then he steps back and wafts at one at shoulder-height but misses. A single to deep square leg retains the strike for the Somerset stumper.

From Alex Downey, TMS inbox: "I'm sure that Yardy was picked for England years ago because he was a 'slogger' who could bowl a little. So why does somebody, who doesn't have half the batting ability, ie Bresnan, bat in front of him?"

1st over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 5-0 (TARGET 148)
Abdul Razzaq's first delivery is a four-ball to his future Hampshire team-mate Lumb, who nonchalantly flicks it off his pads for four. A single to mid-wicket from the southpaw brings his right-handed partner Kieswetter on strike - he drives to mid-on and is dropped at chest height by Saeed Ajmal! Oops!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Lee from Manchester, via text: "I agree with Steve from Sussex [19th over], Anderson is a far more threatening bowler and is outstanding in the field. Complete bewilderment at that decision!"

The sun is out
1611: England's openers Michael Lumb and Craig Kieswetter on their way - the good news for England is that the sun's still shining and we should get a full game in here, fingers crossed.

1608: Umpires Bowden and Koertzen already on their way for England's innings, you don't get much of a break in this tournament. Meanwhile, if you're a fan of Irish cricket, Aggers will be talking to ex-skipper Trent Johnston and others on TMS during the gap between today's two games.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anonymous, via text: "That was very very poor from Bresnan...he should have hit the stumps from there. In this form of the game every run counts and he just gave away 14 needless runs. I'm fuming'"

Simon Doull
1602: Michael Yardy is interviewed for television as he leaves the field - the inquisitor is former New Zealand seamer Simon Doull, who popped up on TMS the other day. Although our photo doesn't show it (it's the most recent shot we could find), Doull is now sporting a full, dark beard and could make a passable stunt double for Russell Crowe (cousin of ex-NZ skippers Jeff and Martin of course).

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "England have got a reasonably strong batting line-up, but I don't think England's bowlers got their lengths right today"

20th over - Pkn 147-9
Bresnan bowls a wide to number 10 Saeed Ajmal, who then swipes a four over the vacant slip area. There's then absolute chaos as England appeal for a run-out after Pakistan run an overthrow. Another legside wide boosts Pakistan's score, then the fifth ball is hooked over the keeper's head for six by Ajmal! PITCH IT UP, TIM! An unorthodox paddle-flick for one ends the innings - and last man Mohammad Asif doesn't have to face a ball.

Wicket falls
19.1 overs - WICKET - Aamer c Yardy b Bresnan 3 - Pkn 132-9
Aamer steps away as Bresnan begins the last over, an attempted pull shot skews into the air at backward point and Yardy takes the catch, nearly colliding with Swann as he does so.

Wicket falls
19th over - WICKET - Razzaq c Bresnan b Sidebottom 10 - Pkn 132-8
Sidey takes the penultimate over and manages to bowl three valuable dot balls as Aamer swings and misses. He manages to smear a single from the fourth ball, and then Sidey's radar is off again as he bowls a couple of wild wides. That's more like the Razzaq we know, blasting a full toss in the direction of the Worrell, Weekes and Walcott stand behind the bowler's arm. But his brief cameo is ended off the final delivery as he swings again and holes out at long-off.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Steve from Sussex, via text: "Please can someone explain to me why Sidebottom has been selected for this tournament, he is very erratic with the ball, can't bat and is a complete donkey in the field! Bring Anderson back!'"

18th over - Pkn 123-7
New batsman is Mohammad Aamer, who burst onto the international scene as Pakistan won last year's World Twenty20 in England, but it's fair to say is in the team for his bowling rather than batting. Broad will look to keep the destructive Razzaq off strike, but Aamer tickles a single to third man. Razzaq can only manage a single, then Aamer keeps the strike as he angles the back for another single to third man.

From Waqar, TMS inbox: "Is that a rain cloud I see? How fitting would it be for England to lose like the poor Irish due to rain!"

Wicket falls
17.2 overs - WICKET - Alam c Kieswetter b Broad 1 - Pkn 120-7
Left-hander Alam doesn't last long, fencing at Broad and getting a faint edge to the keeper.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From William, Chatteris, via text: "As the Outhere Brothers once sang, 'Boom boom boom, let me hear you say run out, run out!'"

Sadly, I do recall that particular song from my student days in the 1990s...

17th over - Pkn 120-6
New batsman Fawad Alam is the non-striker as Razzaq nurdles a single, Alam works his first ball off his toes for one.

Wicket falls
16.4 overs - WICKET - U Akmal c Pietersen b Sidebottom 30 - Pkn 118-6
Sidebottom returns, and looks even more lugubrious than usual when umpire Billy Bowden signals the first ball of his new spell as an aerial wide. After a single from Razzaq, who's on his way to Hampshire for some Twenty20 bish-bash-bosh later this year, Akmal steps across to the off side and tries to scoop the ball down to fine leg, Ashraful-style, and it flips perfectly over the fielder on the edge of the circle for four. But his luck runs out when he tries to hoist another six over cow corner, it goes miles into the air and Kevin Pietersen runs round from long-on to take a great catch on the tumble!

16th over - Pkn 112-5
New batsman is the big-hitting Abdul Razzaq who runs the singles well, but it's Akmal who tries to get after Swann, hoisting him over the ropes at wide long-on.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan on TMS: "When Pakistan run betwen the wickets, it's like having Geoff Boycott and Nasser Hussain out there!"

Wicket falls
15th over - WICKET - Misbah-ul-Haq b Yardy 13 - Pkn 102-5
Yardy in for his last over, while Michael Vaughan on TMS echoes our anonymous texter below by wondering why Kevin Pietersen hasn't bowled. But after Akmal and Misbah nudge their way to three singles, Misbah tries to reverse-sweep Yardy and is bowled by a quicker ball! Yardy finishes with a very welcome 2-20 from four overs after his first over went for 12.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anonymous, via text: "Why doesn't Colly uses KP? His bowling was quite useful in the IPL"

14th over - Pkn 99-4
Broad still a bit loose, after a couple of singles he sends down a no-ball which earns Misbah a free hit. And the free hit is swung magnificently over long-on for six as Misbah steps across to the off side! Misbah then looks like he's played and missed, Broad goes through like he's celebrating a catch behind but Kieswetter doesn't appeal. A couple of singles, and Pakistan are just short of three figures - Misbah calls for a cold drink. And a word from the technical team - if you're still having trouble with the TMS sound, try clicking on the lower bandwith version at the bottom of the BBC iPlayer. They're working on a fix for the normal bandwidth version.

13th over - Pkn 88-4
Cat and mouse as Yardy deceives Akmal in the flight, the Pakistan fans are momentarily silenced as their side only manage two singles from the over.

Get involved on 606
From Pakfan on 606: "Whatever score we get, we have the bowlers to defend it. Come on Pakistan!"

12th over - Pkn 86-4
Swann is quickly through his over, Misbah and Akmal plunder some ones and twos.

11th over - Pkn 78-4
New batsman Misbah-ul-Haq nudges a single, what an over for England.

Out for a duck
10.4 overs - WICKET - Afridi run out (Wright/Kieswetter) 0 - Pkn 77-4
New batsman is skipper Shahid "Boom Boom" Afridi, he prods his first ball into the covers, goes for a run and is sent back, turns like a man with his feet stuck in treacle and is run out as Luke Wright swoops on the ball and underarm-throws it in to Kieswetter! "Boom Boom" indeed!

Wicket falls
10.3 overs - WICKET - Hafeez c Broad b Yardy 18 - Pkn 77-3
Colly's off, Yardy's back and Kieswetter can't hold on and misses the chance to stump Akmal - but Pakistan's reprieve is brief as Hafeez then edges to short third man while trying to whack Yardy's quicker ball over the top.

10th over - Pkn 76-2
New batsman is Umar Akmal, younger brother of Kamran, and he's already shown us glimpses of his vast potential as a cricketer. He's on the defensive against Swann early doors, then a firm square cut just beats cover sweeper Michael Lumb in front of the vast Greenidge & Haynes Stand. A single ensures Akmal Junior keeps the strike.

Wicket falls
9.2 overs - WICKET - Butt c Collingwood b Swann 34 - Pkn 71-2
Single from Hafeez, then Butt advances down the track looking to hit over the top, and that's an easy catch for the skipper in the covers.

9th over - Pkn 70-1
Time for captain Paul Collingwood to bring his own medium pace into the attack for the first time in the tournament. Taking pace off the ball, he certainly offers up less "fodder" than the quicker bowlers - and the Pakistan pair pick up four singles before a shorter delivery is hoisted by Butt into the beach area behind the cow corner boundary - a few more feet and it would have landed in the pool! Message to Colly: "line and length good, short and wide bad"... Comprendez?

A frog
From Anonymous, via text: "Maybe the frog can come on to bowl some long hops!"

8th over - Pkn 60-1
Spin from both ends as it's time for Graeme Swann from the Malcolm Marshall End. Hafeez tries a reverse sweep but can't connect firmly, an orthodox sweep brings him a single. But rotates the strike, Hafeez is nearly stumped as he defends one which bounces close to the stumps after his defensive prod. A swept single takes him to 15, Butt does likewise to move to 26.

7th over - Pkn 56-1
The fielders retreat with only four men needed in the circle from now on - and it's left-arm spinner Michael Yardy into the attack. Accumulation time from the Pakistan pair as Butt and Hafeez work two singles apiece while Hafeez smashes fours both sides of the wicket - an expensive first over for the Sussex skipper.

From Saira Khan, TMS inbox: "Pakistan has been through a lot but you have our support so make us proud and show your astounding cricket talent today! Come on Pakistan!"

6th over - Pkn 44-1
The burly Bresnan to bowl the last over with fielding restrictions - Butt aims a cross-batted heave back past the bowler for four, then advances down the track and slaps a two through wide mid-on. A single takes him to 21 from 14 balls. Hafeez pushes a gentle single, Bresnan pings down a bouncer which is signalled as an aerial wide. Then Bresnan sends down another high one, which is signalled as a no-ball, before Butt turns a single past point (and for those of you who've experienced problems with the sound on the TMS commentary, we're aware of it and the technical guys are on the case).

5th over - Pkn 33-1
New man Mohammad Hafeez nudges his first ball for two.

Wicket falls
4.5 overs - WICKET - K Akmal c Kieswetter b Broad 15 - Pkn 31-1
Single from Butt, then Kieswetter fumbles a bouncer from Broad and they run a bye. The Somerset wickie whips his glove off, that looked like it hurt. Butt fences through the vacant slip area at about one-and-a-half slip, incredibly Kieswetter gets a hand to it (would have been catch of the year if he's taken it) but they run one. But it's third time lucky for young Craig as Akmal hooks at a slower ball and spoons an easy catch up to the keeper's left. Akmal's not happy, looking to the umpire as if to ask "pardon me, was that above head height?"... but he has to go.

4th over - Pkn 28-0
While Colly shuffles his field to take account of any marauding amphibians, Bresnan again strays with his length and Butt hammers him through the covers for four. (Even I can tell from here that line and length balls are producing dots, short and wide balls are being hit for four. Hope Colly has noticed). Butt singles to third man, Akmal wafts and misses at two more short deliveries.

A frog
3rd over - Pkn 23-0
Cap'n Colly rotates his bowlers early on as Stuart Broad takes the third over, while there's a frog on the outfield! While the fielding restrictions are on, and everything! He's hopping around the outfield in the long-on region, and after Butt clips a two and a single through mid-wicket, Akmal powers Bresnan over mid-on and down towards the frog! But Froggy can't cut off the boundary so that's Akmal's second four.

2nd over - Pkn 16-0
Tim Bresnan also has two slips in but he's a bit ragged at the start, sending down a legside wide before serving one up for Akmal to cut for four. "Short and wide's never the length to bowl here," notes Michael Vaughan on TMS. It's still bright sunshine in Bridgetown, many of the England fielders are in sunglasses while their new kit (yes, another new one-day kit) is possibly the darkest England have already played in. Give it a year or so, and it'll be darker than New Zealand's.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Qasim from London, via text: "'I am a Pakistani and Spurs fan... a win today and I'll be on top of the top of the world"

1st over - Pkn 11-0
Sidebottom, left-arm over the wicket, opens with a short ball to the right-handed Kamran Akmal, who hooks him over the head of Tim Bresnan at long leg for six! What a start for Pakistan! A single brings the left-handed Salman Butt on strike, and Sidey immediately has him playing and missing as he finds a bit of bounce on the baked-brown pitch. But when the wild-haired swing bowler drops it short again, Butt fences it over point for four.

1429: England haven't done a lot of bowling in this tournament yet because of the weather, but Ryan Sidebottom is going to open with two slips.

Michael Vaughan
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on TMS: "There are a lot of England supporters here, we've seen some memorable games here so England will be looking forward to today, knowing they've got plenty of support in the stands"

1425: Here come the drums, here come the drums... "God Save The Queen" precedes the Pakistan national anthem, both played by a Caribbean steel band. All very jolly, Aggers has noticed a group of Pakistan fans in the stands who seemed to enjoy that rendition of their anthem.

1419: If you didn't hear about the start to the women's tournament yesterday, England lost to Australia after an incredible match - after both sides were bowled out for 104, it went to a super over - and both teams scored six runs for the loss of two wickets! On "countback", Australia were declared the winners as they had hit the match's only six. Meanwhile, West Indies' Deandra Dottin knocked seven bells out of the South Africa attack, smashing 112 not out. She reached her century from 38 balls, making it the quickest hundred by a man or a woman in ICC World Twenty20 cricket, beating Chris Gayle's knock at Johannesburg in the first game of the inaugural event in 2007. If you haven't seen it, take a look at Alison Mitchell's blog for a preview of the women's tournament.

The sun is out
1415: Test Match Special is under way, and Jonathan Agnew has already reported to his followers on Twitter that it's a "glorious day" in Barbados. Having watched last year's West Indies-England Test at the Kensington Oval, I can recommend it as an excellent venue to watch cricket in the sunshine. I'd imagine the pitchside pool will have plenty of takers today.

1410: Here are the teams:

Pakistan: Salman Butt, Kamran Akmal (wk), Mohammad Hafeez, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi (capt), Misbah-ul-Haq, Abdul Razzaq, Fawad Alam, Mohammad Aamer, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Asif.

England: Michael Lumb, Craig Kieswetter (wk), Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood (capt), Eoin Morgan, Luke Wright, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, Stuart Broad, Michael Yardy, Ryan Sidebottom.

1406: An important fact to note - no points are carried over to the Super Eights from the first phase, so everyone starts with a clean slate. All four teams playing today are in Group E, with Sri Lanka, Australia, India and West Indies in Group F. Everyone plays the other three teams in their group, and the top two teams in each group qualify for the semi-finals.

1403: Toss news - England captain Paul Collingwood has won his first toss of the tournament, elects to field first and names an unchanged team - so James Anderson is left carrying the drinks again. Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi says he'd have batted first anyway, and brings in paceman Mohammad Asif for fellow speedster Mohammad Sami.

1355: Afternoon, everyone - and welcome to the Super Eight phase of the ICC World Twenty20. If you'll allow for the fact that Bangladesh were seeded in their group (ahead of Australia, because of the Aussies' poor showing at the last two tournaments), the eight "favourites" have all made it through (and we can't remember the last time a "minnow" didn't qualify). So it's the big guns from now on - and Test Match Special will have commentary on all remaining games - today's coverage begins at 1415 BST. First up for your delectation is Pakistan v England at 1430, followed by South Africa v New Zealand at 1830.

And a quick housekeeping message - please note the BBC will not be reporting the UK general election campaign or any discussion about it while the polls are open. The message boards (including 606) will remain open, but we ask all users to refrain from discussing the election while the polls are open. Usual BBC house rules apply after the polls close at 2200 BST. More details can be found here - thanks for listening.

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Live Scores - New Zealand v South Africa


  • South Africa beat New Zealand by 13 runs
  • New Zealand: 157-7 (20.0 overs)
  • South Africa: 170-4 (20.0 overs)

New Zealand Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 7 157
B McCullum c Gibbs b Langeveldt 6
Ryder c de Villiers b Botha 33
Guptill c Morkel b Botha 18
Taylor c Gibbs b Morkel 19
Styris c Gibbs b Langeveldt 13
Hopkins c Steyn b Morkel 18
Oram lbw b Steyn 0
N McCullum not out 26
Vettori not out 10
Extras 2nb 5w 7lb 14

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