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ICC World Twenty20 day four as it happened


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By Ben Dirs


2225:Dean (see below) - judging by the TMS inbox, it isn't just you, pretty much everyone thinks it's a joke. Anyway, time for me to go - England-Ireland tomorrow, and England need to win it to stay alive. Please join us.

Dean in the TMS inbox: "Is it just me or is that result an absolute joke?"

Ellis, London, in the TMS inbox: "This is not the first time I have said it, DL does not work for 20/20 in these situations. Having all 10 wickets and just a few overs should mean having to get probably twice the rate to compensate the advantage. But who cares, this is not cricket anyway."


5.5 overs - 60-2 ...and that's that, Fletcher carves Broad through point for the one run required and that's all a bit dispiriting if you're an England fan - cracking target of 191 and they get tonked by eight wickets!

5.4 overs - 59-2 ...short and too straight from Broad and Fletcher swings him away for needed from two...

5.3 overs - 55-2 ...Fletcher swipes at a straight one and misses...five needed from three...

5.2 overs - 55-2 ...a full minute between deliveries here, before Broad bowls full outside off-stump and Fletcher smears straight down the ground for a couple... five needed from four...

5.1 overs - 53-2 It's Broad to bowl the final over, not sure I agree with that. Prove me wrong, young man, prove me wrong... Chanderpaul rocks back and steers Broad into the covers for one... seven needed from five...

Kristine from Barbados in the TMS inbox: "Once there was a man called Mark. He hailed from Bradford city. No updates were forthcoming. He thought it was a pity. He failed to see the simple truth. For us it was quite plain. There is no use in writing more. If it's chucking it down with rain."

5th over - 52-2 Fourteen needed from 12, Windies should still stroll this despite those two wickets. Fletcher with a single, Chanderpaul with one of his own. One more for Fletcher, and another for Chanderpaul, this pair milking Yardy like a faithful old cow. Six singles, West Indies require eight from six...

Out for a duck
4th over - WICKET - Pollard st Kieswetter b Swann 0, WI 42-2
Not sure where Duckworth and Lewis have plucked this total from - how can England post the highest total in the tournament so far only for the Windies to be set 33 from 22 balls? I don't want to sound at all partisan, but that doesn't seem to make a great deal of sense. ANOTHER WICKET! Pollard gets a first-baller, going for a little wander only for Kieswetter to whip off the bails. Swann on a hat-trick... blimey, Andre Fletcher very nearly follows Pollard back into the hutch, that looked like a pretty decent leg before shout to me. A wide from Swann, before Chanderpaul clips him to mid-wicket for one.

Wicket falls
4th over - WICKET - Gayle c Yardy b Swann, WI 41-1
Gayle waits on a flighted ball from Swann and clubs him through mid-wicket for a couple. That is gigantic from Gayle, smashing Swann over mid-wicket for six. West Indies only need a couple of those and they're pretty much home and hosed... Gayle gone next ball! Yardy pouches a pretty straightforward catch at mid-wicket.

3rd over - 33-0 This is reaching farcical proportions - just as Bresnan starts to trundle in, Colly waves him off and calls a huddle. Not sure what that was about. Right, Chanderpaul faces he first ball and his drive is saved. Strangled lbw appeal from Bresnan next up but it was nowhere near, before Bresnan serves up a leg-side wide. Chanderpaul picks up a single from the penultimate ball with a clip to wide long-on, and that brings Gayle on strike... bit of bat on it, 27 needed from 18 balls...

2149: Right, they're coming out - West Indies require 30 from 22 balls, with 10 wickets in hand. With Gayle in the middle, they might only need 10 of those... Mark from Bradford, you appear to have missed those eight updates I provided you with in the space of 45 minutes. What would you like me to do, make stuff up?

Mark from Bradford in the TMS inbox: "This is poor! What are you doing? It's 10 minutes since you made that last update so I give up and I fancy I won't be the only one. If you're paid to update us, do it! Don't just hide behind cute phrases like 'because it's raining?' When BBC-internet users complain - deal with it! Totally fed up with you! Let's see you use this comment! (Not!)"

2145: ...covers are off again! Chaos out in Guyana - as far as I know, if they don't start in five minutes, it's all over anyway. Stumps are going in... "make some noise if you want to see some cricket!" the DJ announces, and we get a volley of horn-blowing. But Umpire Rauf gives a rueful shake of the head, which suggests it's pretty much over. All very confusing, no-one seems to know what's happening...

Rain delay
2140: ...covers coming back on, raining again... if it doesn't restart by 2148 BST, the game's up...

2138: The calculations are in: we're back on at 2145 BST and the West Indies require a further 41 runs from 4.4 overs (or 28 balls). The hosts still favourites with all 10 wickets in hand...

2128: Potential start at 2145 BST... that's only potential, mind. Not sure why they're inspecting in five minutes, why not just inspect now? Aggers reports that the dancers are even limbering up, a sure sign that play is imminent...

2123: long the game will be once play resumes remains a mystery, and will do so until they decide exactly when play will resume... inspection at 2130 BST, so we're unlikely to start before 2140 BST, so it's looking something like 60 runs from six overs, and you'd have to fancy the Windies to chase that down...

2119: ...better news from Guyana, brollies have been furled and covers are coming off. The umpires are chatting, and it looks like we're going to get a game...

2114: Still raining, it's not looking good to be honest, the cane fields beyond the Providence Stadium look bleaker than the moors in Wuthering Heights...

2104: "I know it's raining, but any reason for lack of updates in last few minutes?" emails Tom, somewhat quixotically. Because it's raining? If there is no more play today, it will be a no result, although where that leaves us points-wise in Group D I'm not so sure. Actually, I believe that as things stand, West Indies would go through, leaving England and Ireland to battle things out tomorrow for a place in the Super Eights.

Dinz in the TMS inbox: "Re: Andrew in Kenya's anticipated 'wicket-fest' - how's that working so far?"

2049: I believe it's still raining in Guyana, and that 30 minutes is just about up, which means even if they do get back out there, it will be a reduced match...

Rain delay
3rd over - 30-0 Bresnan into the attack and his first ball is a leg-side wide. The groundstaff at the ready, covers hoisted. Gayle hoicks Bresnan to mid-wicket for one before Chanderpaul plays a similar stroke for two... covers on, players off... more than 30 minutes break and it all goes Duckworth-Lewis...

2nd over - 26-0 Graeme Swann to share the new ball and Chanderpaul is off the mark with a twirl into the off-side. Gayle strolls a single before Chanderpaul whips Swann off his pads for a single. Chanderpaul ties himself in knots attempting a reverse sweep before Swann serves up a couple of dot balls... reverse sweep for six from Chanderpaul, and you've got to love reverse sweeps for six, it's the sort of stroke that gets the dancing girls up and dancing... in slow-mo...

1st over - 15-0 It's Ryan Sidebottom with the new pill, and he's got a couple of catchers in for Gayle... and that plan very nearly paid dividends early, Gayle snicking over first slip and away for four. That's more authentic from Gayle, pinging Sidebottom straight through extra-cover for four more, all along the verdant Providence carpet. Wide from Siders, and I'm afraid to say it looks like there's some rain sweeping in from the cane fields. Lazy waft from Gayle and he's beaten outside off... but he makes up for it from Sidebottom's next ball, sauntering down the wicket and lofting the Notts man over long-off for his first six. Good contest that, but you'd have to score it Gayle's round.

Jeremy, BVI, in the TMS inbox: "An England team that can put a hefty bit of willow on the ball - it's only taken fifty years of one day cricket for us to work out that the team that scores the most boundaries usually wins in the abbreviated form of the game! Bravo, chaps."

Jo in Kendal in the TMS inbox: "I feel I must apologise to Dirsy for my derogatory comments during the spectacular 18th over. I am at the dinner table trying to keep track of the score discreetly and the delay of the update was cause for much muttering- sorry Mr Dirs, I will never doubt your updating reliability again! "

Andrew in sunny Kenya in the TMS inbox: "For Rich in Jeddah... sorry buddy! No use in blaming Susie - we all have life choices and I reckon she chose quite well... TMS for once is available to overseas listeners over the internet so I'm off to crack open another ice cold Tusker (our local yeasty brew) in preparation (hopefully) of a Sidebottom wicket-fest..."


20th over - 191-5 Tim Bresnan of Yorkshire is in next, but it's Wright on strike and he picks up two with a club to long-off. The penultimate ball from Bravo is slathered over mid-wicket for a four, and that final brace from Wright lifts England to a very commendable total. Those West Indian bowlers took one hell of a beating, apart from Darren Sammy, who was actually rather tidy.

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Morgan c Pollard b Bravo 55, Eng 183-5
Gayle tweaking and tailoring his field after every ball, and it reaps a reward, Morgan holing out to Pollard racing in from the cover boundary. Good knock that, 55 from 35 balls.

That's 50
19th over - 182-4 Singles from the first two deliveries of Benn's over, before Morgan edges past wicketkeeper Fletcher to bring up his third fifty in Twenty20s, and it came from just 32 deliveries. Cracking knock, things were a bit sticky when he came in. He follows up with a canny reverse sweep for four, before Wright launches his willow fully 30 yards attempting to heave Benn out of the ground. "That bat went further than Aggers ever hit a ball," quips Michael Vaughan in the TMS commentary box.

Rich, trying to find a flight from Jeddah to St. Lucia so I can rain on a certain someone's parade, in the TMS inbox: "Anyone else irked by Susie's brushing aside of our work-related woes as she skips merrily off to the fridge?"

18th over - 172-4 Eight sixes and seven fours so far, England have been crying out for men who can clear the ropes for as long as I can remember. Short and wide from Rampaul, who's been about as sharp as a balloon today, and Wright puts some manners on that for yet another maximum... and another! Wright has absolutely monstered that, dumping the hapless Rampaul into the stand at long-on. Wright picks up one more with a smear to square-leg - but it's a massive no-ball and it's free hit time... oh my giddy aunt, Rampaul is getting taken to school and duffed up behind the bike sheds - Morgan this time, swinging him over long-off for six more. Morgan really taking the rise now, not sure what you'd call that - a reverse, French cricket, hurling-type stroke for four. Huge over for England, a disastrous one for the hosts.

Jamie, Glasgow, in the TMS inbox: "In regards to your pal, that is nearly as good as my mate who spent £500 on a new pair of glasses only to be told that he looked like Dr. Fox. That was in Essex too. The girls down there don't mince their words."

17th over - 145-4 Slower ball from Bravo and Morgan waits on it and drives him straight down the ground for four. Ugly piece of cricket, Morgan looking to pull and missing, Wright scampering down the ground and Fletcher fluffing the run out attempt. Wright heaves Bravo to deep mid-wicket for a single and Morgan brings up the 50 partnership with a couple to mid-wicket. And what a shot that is from Morgan, Rolex timing, just a waft of the bat, and it's over the rope for six.

16th over - 131-4 That's more like it from Wright, flat-batting Pollard over wide long-off for six. One more from Wright with a nurdle down the ground before Morgan moves to 22 with a clip to leg. Pollard, a big, burly man who approaches the crease as if he's pulling a tractor before sending the ball down at medium pace, is rifled over mid-wicket for a huge six by Wright, 16 from that over - England back on top.

15th over - 115-4 Morgan struggling to find second gear at the moment, this time he makes room and misses out with a cut shot. Ugly old smear from Wright for one run before Morgan shovels over his shoulder for a couple of his own. Wright not middling much either, good comeback this from the hosts.

14th over - 109-4 Wright tries to muscle Sammy to the mid-wicket fence but it's cut off and he has to make do with a single. Morgan rocks back and picks up one to third-man before Wright clubs Sammy to long-off for a single, and the hosts have got the squeeze on here, and Darren Sammy is squeezer in chief - 2-22 off his four overs.

Susie in St Lucia in the TMS inbox: "To Douglas (during the interval) I have just got home having scooped plenty of Bounty Rum (Piton is strictly for breakfast) and just settled on the sofa. Have to admit to split loyalties here - Darren Sammy is a local guy and is on fire at the moment, but being an ex-pat Lancastrian, I wish Fred was still with us and where is Jimmy A? Sorry, but must go and replenish the fluid level, it is so hot and sunny here!"

13th over - 105-4 Morgan with a rather streaky six off new bowler Bravo, top-edging a pull over the keeper and the man sweeping up. A chap playing a bicycle pump in the crowd at the Providence Stadium, and he's actually rather good. Talking of old men doing things they should never be doing (like attempting the Dilshan frying pan'), I was delighted to hear the line "basically, you're old enough to be my dad" directed at one of my friends in a bar in Epping last night. Tremendous, it made my evening.

12th over - 97-4 Morgan picks up a couple of runs to keep things ticking over before Sammy very nearly tricks him with a slower ball, but Morgan's heave lands just short of the man at mid-wicket. You might have to do some manual refreshing, things appear to be bold that shouldn't be so bold and there are a couple of glaring inaccuracies. Just six from Sammy's over, England have been reeled in somewhat.

11th over - 91-4 Luke Wright and Eoin Morgan are the new men at the crease, and Miller has truly raced through that fnal over of his, to the extent that I have very little clue what happened. Just two runs from it, he obviously kept things tight.

Wicket falls
10th over - WICKET - Pietersen c Sarwan b Sammy 24
Sammy drops short and KP shovels him over the square-leg boundary almost one-handed, remarkable stroke. But that's one pull shot too many, the ball flying off the face of Pietersen's bat like a clay out of a trap and Sarwan taking the catch at chest-height.

Wicket falls
10th over - WICKET - Collingwood b Sammy 6, Eng 81-3
KP goes for a Hollywood shot over mid-wicket and doesn't quite get it, but the ball parachutes into no-man's land. Colly tries this modish new scoop shot that all the kids are talking about and ends up wearing it in the face. Not cool, old man. And the England skipper's gone next ball, swishing across the line and getting himself castled by Sammy.

Rich in Saudi Arabia in the TMS inbox: "I am sitting watching market research focus groups in a darkened room in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, listening to people try different types of new soft drinks, trying to keep up to date on the score and NOT SITTING ON A BEACH IN ST LUCIA. Your efforts are appreciated Ben, by those of us who have to work for a living..."

9th over - 80-2 Nikita Miller, named after former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev (Miller's mother and father were big fans of his de-Stalinization policies), into Pietersen with his left-arm darts. A run out appeal, and it goes upstairs, but Colingwood was well in. This pair in milking mode now as the hosts tighten things up, just five from that over.

Ed Riley, Rio de Janeiro, in the TMS inbox: "This South Africa side look useful. How do you think England would get on against them?"

8th over - 75-2 Singles apiece from KP and Colly, Sammy the bowler. Just four runs from that over, Sammy applying some much-needed control.

Martin, Trefforest, in the TMS inbox: "Thought it was only me who liked cricket, I've never seen Trefforest mentioned on here before. Except if you print this, then I'll have seen it twice."

7th over - 71-2 Collingwood is off the mark with a glide to third-man, before Sammy prevents a four with a magnificent full-length dive down on the boundary. Two from the last ball of the over from Pietersen, England still chugging along very nicely.

Wicket falls
7th over - WICKET - Kieswetter lbw b Miller, Eng 66-2
That's a peach of an inside-out extra cover-drive from Kieswetter, and that's his third six. But he's gone next ball, Miller getting one to grip and turn and trapping Kieswetter in front. Umpire Tony Hill had a think about it, but I think he made the correct decision.

6th over - 60-1 Kieswetter warming to his task, slapping Rampaul over long-off for another six. This is the highest powerplay score of the tournament so far, but that's a decent final ball from Rampaul, cramping KP with a bumper. Dave, Trefforest (see below) - does your student hovel have Pot Noodles in its kitchens? If so, I'll consider it.

5th over - 51-1 That's a decent leg before shout from Nikita Miller against KP, but that was probably drifting down leg. Aggers thinks the next ball was a missed catch by Rampaul in the covers, but I'm not so sure about that, KP appeared to hit that straight into the deck. Kieswetter comes over all Mr Maximum, marmalising Miller straight over long-off for the first six of the match. It was Willie Thorne, of course, who was nicknamed Mr Maximum. That practice table of his must have had pockets like basketball nets...

Dave, Trefforest, in the TMS inbox: "Ben do you fancy my Internationalisation of Business exam revision and I'll do your commentary updates?"

4th over - 41-1 In swaggers Kevin Pietersen, looking like he owns the ruddy place, and he's off the mark with a stabbing cover-drive for four. One more for Pietersen with a nurdle to mid-on, and that's the over.

Wicket falls
4th over - WICKET - Lumb b Gayle 28, Eng 36-1
Gayle's already seen enough of Rampaul, he's going to have a bowl himself. Short and wide and Kieswetter scythes him through the covers for his first four. Naughty single from Kieswetter, Pollard rather lumbering in from the boundary, before Gayle cleans Lumb up with a fuller delivery. Lumb hitting across the line, but that was a decent knock all in all.

William, Chatteris, in the TMS inbox: "Alright Dirsy? I'm glad that England have gone with Lumb and Kieswetter - it's about time we had some specialist opening bats rather than hoping that a Wright or a Trott can do the job. I'm also interested to see Yardy have a twirl, he seems like one of those nuisance bowlers that are difficult to get off the square and that England always seem to have lacked. Difficult to call this game, hopefully it'll be a tense finish and an England win."

3rd over - 30-0 Kieswetter still hasn't faced a ball, as Lumb flicks Benn to the mid-wicket boundary for four. Only just evaded the fielder, but he won't mind one jot. Benn over-pitches and Lumb swings him away for another four before a dabbed single means Kieswetter will finally get to face a ball. Bit of turn fro Benn and Kieswetter, prodding rather nervously, is beaten.

2nd over - 21-0 I have attached a sun graphic below, to inform you that it is out in Guyana. Ravi Rampaul shares the new pill and his first ball is a wide. Not a great ball from Rampaul next up, Lumb onto the front foot and that's the first four of the match courtesy of a meaty pull. Another wide from Rampaul, before Lumb is given room again and the Hampshire man laces him through point for four more. Misfield at point off a no-ball and England have a free hit - shoddy first over from Rampaul. Dirty great mow and a miss from Lumb, who has more shots in his locker than his old man, former Yorkshire opener Richard. Lumb, who bats like Matty Hayden, all muscularity and not too interested in aesthetics, tugs Rampaul into the leg-side for a couple more.

The sun is out
1st over - 5-0 Here come Lumb and Kieswetter, England's 16th different opening partnership in 25 Twenty20 matches. Kieswetter is also England's 10th Twenty20 wicketkeeper. The recalled Benn bowls the first over, the hosts taking the pace off the ball from the outset. A slip in, and Lumb is off the mark with a gentle nudge into the covers for two. Plenty of racket in the Providence Stadium as Lumb picks up two more with a clip to mid-wicket and another single with a push to mid-off.

Douglas in the TMS inbox: "Chin up Benjy. There are other wage slaves like yourself who cannot leave for a crate of Piton. Unlike SOME PEOPLE."

West Indies: CH Gayle (Capt), S Chanderpaul, ADS Fletcher (Wkt), RR Sarwan, N Deonarine, DJ Bravo, KA Pollard, DJG Sammy, NO Miller, SJ Benn, R Rampaul.

England: MJ Lumb, C Kieswetter (Wkt), KP Pietersen, PD Collingwood (Capt), EJG Morgan, LJ Wright, TT Bresnan, MH Yardy, GP Swann, SCJ Broad, RJ Sidebottom.

1824: Anyone out there? I feel so lonesome. Interested to see how this opening pair of England's gets on today - Michael Lumb and Craig Kieswetter, both men learnt their trade in Johannesburg, and they can both give it some tap. TMS is on Radio Four long-wave as well as digital radio and your puter, so Aggers says you can dig out the old string-backed driving gloves and go for a Bank Holiday pootle, if you so desire...

1816: Test Match Special is on air, if you refresh this page the link will appear top right. Some team news for you - no James Anderson for England, Ryan Sidebottom is back in the side. That will surprise a few people. Chris Gayle obviously back for the hosts, as is spinner Sulieman Benn.

1812: OK, looks like we're going to start at 1830 BST after all. Chris Gayle wins the toss and the West Indies are going to bowl first... "I would have liked to have had a bowl first," says England skipper Paul Collingwood...


1803: Sri Lanka have won by 14 runs, they live to fight another day...

1742: So as it stands, if they don't get back out there, Sri Lanka have won this game. No news on when the Windies v England game will start - supposed to be 1830 BST, but that's now looking unlikely. I'll sign off for now and let you know when I hear anything...

Susie in St Lucia in the TMS inbox: "Hello Dinz (1617), I have just got back from the bank to find I am being castigated. Do I detect a hint of the green eyed monster here, just because I have the privilege of being my own boss, living and working about five minutes from the best beach in St Lucia and being able to sup copious quantities of the wonderful local hooch whilst watching God's own game? It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it."

Rain delay
5th over - 29-1 Right, if we get this over in, which we should do, that would constitute a game. Taibu again involved in a mix-up and he's very nearly run out as the rain gets heavier. The replay shows he probably should have been given out leg before... and they're off again, covers on, and Zimbabwe are 14 runs short of the par score...

4th over - 23-1 Jayasuriya into the attack and Taylor squirts him into the leg-side for a couple. Nice shot from Taylor, sweeping for a couple, and there are still no boundaries in this innings. More rain sweeps in as Taylor and Taibu continue to be content to find the gaps...

3rd over - 15-1 Brendan Taylor is the new man in the middle. I assume Zimbabwe have been told their revised target, they're nibbling it about as if it's a timeless Test at the moment. Five singles from that Mendis over...

Wicket falls
2nd over - WICKET - Masakadza run out 4, Zim 10-1
Zimbabwe need 104 runs off 11 overs, you'd have to say the rain has benefited Zimbabwe - they can really throw the bat knowing they've got plenty of wickets to play with. Here's Malinga, and he starts off with a wide and a bye. Masakadza nibbles off his legs for a single before Taibu picks up one to mid-wicket. Every ball's a death ball from Malinga, lots of yorkers and slower deliveries... deary me, what a cheap wicket. "Yes... two... NO!" Bye bye Masakadza, out by fully 20 feet...

1709: The rain has ceased in Guyana, so the covers are coming off and we should have play at some point in the near future. No news when we might start, but I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything...

1646: I'm not going to lie to you, I would never do that, but it's not looking great in Guyana. Frankly, it's lobbing it down. I'm going to sign off until I can bring you further news, whether good or bad...

Dinz in the TMS inbox: "For Carole in Maidenhead - I believe they make Dirs go to the office to ensure that he remains clothed whilst on the payroll. Hopefully."

1637: ...still raining quite heavily apparently, they need to get four more overs in for it to constitute a game...

Andrew in the now sunny post-rainy season in Kenya in the TMS inbox: "Now then Ben - I'm just wondering a) why are they scheduling the T20 World Cup, the fast and furious version of the game that is mean to captivate the world, in the West Indies directly in conjunction with the beginning of the West Indian rainy season and b) does this bring a new element to the T20 format... if the first side in demolishes the bowling in the first 15 overs they could feasibly consider declaring in order to have maximum time to limit the incoming team to a low Duckworth Lewis score before the rain hits?"

1627: Aaah, Carole in Maidenhead, I knew you'd never forsake me. I know not why they don't let me promulgate at will, or indeed why we're conversing in this ye olde worlde fashion. Although I'm pretty sure kebabs might be part of their reasoning...

Carole in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox: "Stuck in a grey office in White City? Isn't it about time they set you up with remote access, so you may promulgate at will, ensconced in your natural habitat? Or do they think you'll be diverted too easily by the dual delights of tab breaks and kebabs? I would ask them, really I would."

1617: They've got half an hour until they start losing overs, but being honest, it all looks a bit wet and wild in Guyana...

Rain delay
1st over - 4-0 Ajantha Mendis with the first over for Sri Lanka, Hamilton Masakadza on strike. He's off the mark second ball with an ugly tug to mid-on. Taibu is off the mark with a sweep for one before Masakadza chips unconvincingly to mid-on for one more, before Taibu sweeps for a single - four from the first over. And that's that for now, covers are on.

Rain delay
1611: We've got a bit of rain in Guyana, but it looks like they're going to start on time, players are out. Looks a bit grim though...

1609: Many thanks Susie in St Lucia (see below), the news that you are heading to the beach in a while to watch cricket and drink lots of rum while I toil away in a grey office in White City has cheered me up no end...

Susie in St Lucia in the TMS inbox: "Good morning Ben, looks like no one wants to chat to you today so I thought I would drop you a line. I am sitting in my office in sunny St Lucia following your text and looking forward to lunch time when I will shut up the office and head to the beach to watch England and Windies with plenty of rum! I will make sure I take a few scoops for you."


20th over - 173-7 Who's this young pup coming in at eight for Sri Lanka? Some chap called Sanath Jayasuriya, dunno where he's come from. Mpofu to bowl the final over and Malinga is off the mark with a drive to long-on. Two for Jayasuriya with a nurdle into the covers, and Sri Lanka steal a couple of leg-byes off the final ball of the innings. Sri Lanka will be happy enough with that, can't see the Zimbabweans chasing that total down...

Wicket falls
19th over - WICKET - Jayawardene c Cremer b Price 100, SL 166-7
... and Jayawardene's gone now for exactly one hundred, Price doing the business once again. Looking to launch over long-on, Mahela mis-times it and Cremer pouches a simple catch.

Wicket falls
19th over - WICKET - Kapugedera c Masakadza b Price 13, SL 166-6
The experienced Ray Price gets to bowl the penultimate over. Jayawardene comes down the pitch to him and clubs the ball to long-off for two before Kapugedera launches Price straight for his second six. And there's Mahela's ton courtesy of a nudge into the off-side for one. The second hundred of the tournament and fourth overall. Kapugedera's gone next ball, Masakadza running in from the boundary and getting under a slog-sweep...

18th over - 157-5 Waist-high full-toss from Mpofu and Jayawardene tugs it away for one. And that's another full-bunger, and this time he doesn't get away with it, Kapugedera hoisting him away for six. Mpofu bends his back and gets a bit of lift out of the pitch and Kapugedera is struck on the lid for one leg-bye. Jayawardene gets a decent yorker from Mpofu which he's unable to squeeze away for runs, but he moves to 98 with a clip to mid-wicket from Mpofu's final ball.

17th over - 148-5 Kapugedera is off the mark with a single, before Jayawardene makes room and glides Lamb to the third-man boundary for four. And there are four more, Lamb serving up a juicy full-bunger and Jayawardene whipping the ball to the wide long-on fence. Zimbabwe under the pump.

Wicket falls
17th over - WICKET - Mathews c Ervine b Lamb 4, SL 138-5
Lamb with his fourth and final over. Jayawardene picks up one with a clip to mid-wicket before Mathews falls victim to a magnificent catch from Ervine out on the mid-wicket boundary. That ball was flying, and Ervine also had to take the rope into account. Tremendous stuff, and poor old Mathews can't quite believe it.

16th over - 137-4 Humdinger from Jayawardene, heaving Cremer over deep mid-wicket for the seventh six of the innings. If that was the beast, the next shot is the beauty, a feather-light dab round the corner for two. And there's four more, helping Cremer round the corner to move to 85. Thirteen from that over, four overs to go.

15th over - 124-4 Utseya to continue with his little darts and this Sri Lankan pair are in milking mode now, just keeping the strike turning over. Good running, Jayawardene flipping to mid-wicket and doing well to pick up a second. Two-hundred a possibility with Jayawardene still at the crease?

14th over - 117-4 Cremer into the attack now, and he keeps it pretty tight from the first four balls, just a couple of singles from them, including one for new batsman Angelo Mathews. Cremer sends down a wide, but there are just four runs from that over.

Wicket falls
13th over - WICKET - Chandimal c Mpofu b Utseya 9, SL 113-4
Some delightful local ladies tooting on their horns in the crowd, smashing. Deary me, Chandimal's been given a life, Lamb spilling a dolly on the long-on boundary, and Jayawardene gets those horns tooting again with a delicate square-cut. Sri Lanka really starting to pour it on now, Chandimal lofting Utseya straight for six, but he's gone next ball, skewing a drive to Mpofu.

12th over - 100-3 Dinesh Chandimal is next up for Sri Lanka and he brings up the 100 with a gentle nudge to long-on.

Wicket falls
12th over - Sangakkara c Price b Cremer 3, SL 96-3
Sri Lanka will have 180-190 in their sights from here, but they'll have to do it without their skipper - strange dismissal that, Sangakkara going for the pull and blobbing the ball straight to Ray Price at short fine-leg.

11th over - SL 94-2 Jayawardene swings Lamb over mid-wicket for a couple more runs before showing delightful hands, opening the face and running Lamb away for two more. Jayawardene swings over mid-wicket again, but that's a neat bit of fielding there from Charles Coventry, clawing the ball back and saving four. More drinks, four overs after the last lot...

10th over - SL 86-2 Jayawardene picks up two with a trademark backaway and square-cut. Sangakkara is off the mark with a dab to mid-on and there are six runs from that over, bowled by Utseya.

Wicket falls
9th over - WICKET - Perera c Chigumbura b Lamb 23, SL 80-2
Right in the slot from Lamb and that's gone miles from Perera, the 71st six of the tournament so far. But he's gone next ball - a waist-high full-toss from Lamb, Perera fizzes it to long-on, where it's well taken by Chigumbura.

That's 50
8th over - SL 73-1 Bizarrely, we've got a drinks break after seven overs. Back in the real world, captain Prosper Utseya brings himself on to bowl and he's whipped down the pitch for a couple by Perera. Utseya is short and squat and shuffles into the crease as if on casters. Jayawardene clips him away for one and that's the fastest fifty in the tournament so far, from just 27 balls. He's in some serious nick this lad, and not a slog in sight.

7th over - SL 67-1 Zimbabwe can spread the field now, so it's milking time. Spin from both ends now, it's Greg Lamb, formerly of Hampshire, into the attack. Pressure building on Perera, three dot balls in a row... but there's the release, the tall left-hander sending a steepling six over the head of the fielder at long-on.

6th over - SL 59-1 Fifty up for Sri Lanka, before Jayawardene spots the short ball from Price and clubs him through mid-wicket for four. Price losing his discipline, short again and this time it's Perera who makes room and laces him through cover-point for four more. I'd hate to see what happens when Sri Lanka decide to step up a gear...

5th over - SL 49-1 Never accuse Jayawardene of being a thrasher, that's a proper cricket shot - little shimmy with the feet and a lofted drive for six. Tight, Perera dabbing round the corner and Jayawardene would have been out given a direct hit. Jayawardene is incontinent with runs in Guyana - down the track again and lofting Chigumbura over the top for four more, before rocking back and pinging the ball to the point boundary. Jayawardene has 43 from 22 balls.

4th over - SL 33-1 Jayawardene makes room and whip-cracks the ball through point, but that's an athletic spot of fielding to limit him to one run. The left-handed Thissara Perera is up the order, not sure why, presumably to do some thrashing. Not much hammer in that over though, just four runs from it.

3rd over - SL 29-1 Fine over from Chigumbura so far, four dot balls, but that's a sweet shot from Jayawardene, just tweaking a rising ball over wicket-keeper Tatenda Taibu for four.

Wicket falls
3rd over - WICKET Dilshan c Mpofu b Chigumbura 1, SL 24-1 That's the end of Dilshan, going for some long handle against Chigumbura, not quite middling it and holing out to Mpofu running in from long-off.

2nd over - SL 24-0 Ray Price, for whom the word "wily" might have been coined, to bowl the second over. His first ball is a leg-side wide and his second is clipped to long-on by Dilshan for one run. A few more cheap runs before Ray gets a smidgeon of movement back into Dilshan and very nearly bowls him off his pads. That's huge from Jayawardene, plonking a size 10 down the track and heaving Price over square-leg for six more.

1st over - SL 14-0 Chris Mpofu with the first over for Zimbabwe and his second ball is short and wide and scythed to the boundary by Mahela Jayawardene. Boom - the next delivery is over-pitched and Jayawardene cosies it over the long-off boundary for six. Ominous. That's liquid cricket, Jayawardene whipping Mpofu over mid-wicket for four more, 14 from the over...

1429: Right, here come the Sri Lankan openers and the Zimbabweans are already out - play in a couple of minutes. The talk is that this track is about as lively as a damp mattress, so don't expect too many fireworks...

1423: As you will see below, Muralitharan has been replaced by off-spinner Suraj Randiv, left-arm seamer Chanaka Welegedara has been replaced by all-rounder Thissara Perera. For Zimbabwe, Andy Blignaut, Vusi Sibanda, Chamu Chibhabha and Timycen Maruma have been omitted from their 15-man squad.

Sri Lanka: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara (captain), Dinesh Chandimal, Chamara Kapugedera, Angelo Mathews, Sanath Jayasuriya, Suraj Randiv, Lasith Malinga, Ajantha Mendis, Thissara Perera.

Zimbabwe: Hamilton Masakadza, Brendan Taylor, Tatenda Taibu, Craig Ervine, Elton Chigumbura, Charles Coventry, Greg Lamb, Graeme Cremer, Prosper Utseya (captain), Ray Price, Chris Mpofu.

Zimbabwe captain Prosper Utseya: "Our bowling has been very disciplined recently, so no problem that we are bowling first. I might consider opening with two spinners today, but the seamers will also get an opportunity."

1416: I have just been asked to let you know that West Indies v England will be live on Test Match Special from 1815 BST.

1410: I haven't got the teams for you yet, but I will ping them over when they arrive. What I do know is that the Zimmers side will be jam-packed with spinners, with the fiery Ray Price likely to open.

1406: Sri Lanka have won the toss and skipper Kumar Sangakkara has decided to have a bat...

1402: Hello darlings. It's Sri Lanka versus Zimbabwe up first this afternoon, and the Sri Lankans have to win in Providence, or they're toast. That might not be as simple as you think - Sri Lanka have been dealt a big blow with the news that Muttiah Muralitharan is out of the tournament, while Zimbabwe beat Australia and Pakistan in warm-up matches.

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Live Scores - West Indies v England


  • West Indies beat England by 8 wickets (D/L)
  • West Indies: 60-2 (5.5 overs)
  • England: 191-5 (20.0 overs)

West Indies Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 2 60
Gayle c Yardy b Swann 25
Chanderpaul not out 15
Pollard st Kieswetter b Swann 0
Fletcher not out 12
Extras 8w 8

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