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ICC World Twenty20 day three as it happened

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By Pranav Soneji

2145 So the ninth-seeded Aussies (I mean, whose idea was that?) dish out a rather comprehensive thrashing to the defending champions. So on to Monday, where Paul Collingwood's England play their first match of the tournament against hosts West Indies in Guyana at 1830 BST. Don't forget you can hear every single ball from that match on TMS while Dirsy is back on text duties. Over and out.


Wicket falls
20 overs - Pakistan 157 all out Wicket Saeed Ajmal bowled Tait 4
Shaun Tait cleans up last man Saeed Ajmal with the perfect full-pitched delivery in the blockhole to seal a confident 34-run victory.

Wicket falls
19 overs - Pakistan 152-9 Wicket Alam ct Clarke b Johnson 16
Urgh! Horrid slog across the line off Johnson from Alam towards deep midwicket, where Michael Clarke takes a superb catch diving to his left. They have not grassed a sniff today. Quite brilliant.

Wicket falls
18 overs - Pakistan 148-8 Wicket Aamer ct Smith b D Hussey 2
Languid off-drive from Alam, chipping David Hussey over extra cover for four. Not so impressive from his team-mate, who dinks a simple catch to Steve Smith at mid-off.

From Pete, distraught one-day-only Pakistan fan in Somerset, TMS inbox: "Oh Shahid, why couldn't you just bat through and get a century. My fantasy cricket has taken a serious blow today due to my best mate having Kallis, Raina and Watson. Disaster."

Wicket falls
17 overs - Pakistan 140-7 Wicket Misbah-ul-Haq ct Clarke b Nannes 41
Wallop - take that Dirk. Misbah swings a beautiful straight drive down the ground for a beautifully struck six. Ah. He perishes the following delivery attempting exactly the same shot, but gets far too much under the ball and pummels it straight into the sky before falling into the secure hands of Michael Clarke at mid-on. Woah! Mighty swing from the diminutive Fawad Alam, who takes a Yuvraj Singh-style swipe over deep midwicket for six.

16 overs - Pakistan 125-6
New man Fawad Alam looks aghast as he sees a Watson bouncer bound over his head but not called a wide. Five runs follow but it's not exactly what Pakistan want or need right now as the run-rate breaks the 16-run-an-over mark.

Wicket falls
15 overs - Pakistan 120-6 Wicket Abdul Razzaq ct Warner b Nannes 1
In comes Abdul Razzaq, who mysteriously was overlooked in the field by his captain, but his stay is brief as he pummels a miss-hit straight drive off Dirk Nannes to David Warner at long-off, taking a competent catch Aussie-style with palms pointing skywards. With that wicket go Pakistan's hopes of pulling off an upset and ending their miserable run against the green and gold machine.

Wicket falls
14 overs - Pakistan 117-5 Wicket Afridi bowled Tait 33
Tait returns and wangs down a snorter of a bouncer straight at Shahid Afridi's head. Proper sneering pace too. Afridi slaps a full-toss over midwicket for a couple, although it did look a tad high, but no no-ball signalled. A fast and full delivery castles Afridi's stumps as he attempts another expansive swipe across the line to a full delivery on middle stump, ending his entertaining 24-ball stay.

13 overs - Pakistan 112-4
Nice contact from Afridi, but straight to the man on the cover boundary. Meanwhile, Misbah is batting with intelligence, picking up the singles to give the strike to his gregarious captain, who is beaten all ends up by a slower ball from Mitchell Johnson before punching a couple down the ground.

12 overs - Pakistan 106-4
Misbah moves two paces outside leg stump before Shane Watson has delivered his second ball, but the bowler makes a quick adjustment and restricts the batsman to a single. However, Afridi improvises and lofts a paddle over short fine leg for his third boundary. Subtlety is not usually Boom Boom's way. He goes for something similar again, but gets rapped on the toe for his troubles.

From Brian, Dorset, TMS inbox: "Apart from the madness that occurred at the end of Australia's innings and the start of Pakistan's (7 wickets in 8 balls), how many times has the final over of any Twenty20 game been a maiden?"

11 overs - Pakistan 97-4
Afridi rocks back, waits for Steve Smith's leggie to pitch before dispatching the ball over extra cover for four. He follows that up with a languid flick to a full toss for a second successive four before making room on the leg side and going inside-out over long-off for six. Awesome hitting.

10 overs - Pakistan 80-4
Mitchell Johnson returns and keeps the run-scoring in check, although he completely ruins his earlier work with a front-foot no-ball to Afridi. But the skipper cannot launch the free hit into outer space, instead picking up a couple with a miss-timed pull.

Wicket falls
9 overs - Pakistan 74-4 Wicket Umar Akmal ct M Hussey b Smith 18
Poor, poor shot choice from Akmal, looping a simple catch to Mike Hussey at cover, although Mr Cricket makes a fine job of almost dropping the catch but manages to grab hold one-handed at the second attempt. Nice start for young leg-spinner Steve Smith, who sees Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi bludgeon a few through the leg side, but no boundaries. Pakistan need 118 from 66 deliveries. Tough.

8 overs - Pakistan 67-3
Michael Clarke's wily darts are on - and Misbah launches a huge waft into the stands for six towards our favourite member of the establishment, but disappointingly there's not enough elevation to find our glue-fingered policeman. More runs of the stand-and-deliver variety for Misbah, thumping Clarke back over his head for a one-bounce four. Pakistan are making a fist of it.

7 overs - Pakistan 53-3
On comes David Hussey and his round-arm off-breaks, twice beating Umar outside off stump. The Pakistani duo glean four more but they need to seriously up their run-rate, which has exceeded 10 an over.

6 overs - Pakistan 49-3
Shane Watson, he of muscular big innings of earlier note, ambles in and digs a short ball in to Umar, who just about evades square leg for a couple. Umar goes aerial and smites a huge six over long-on - brilliantly caught one-handed by a policeman on the fence. He sticks out his right hand - because his left hand is holding a bottle of water - and the ball mesmerically drops in to his palms as if someone was tossing him an apple from a yard away. A cheeky grin, a brief salutation to milk the applause and he's back to work. Oh hang on - someone's on the blower discussing his exploits. Either that or his superior's just told him he's on the graveyard shift for the next two months.

Wicket falls
5 overs - Pakistan 38-3 Wicket Hafeez ct M Hussey b Johnson 12
Hafeez latches on to a short delivery from new bowler Mitchell Johnson, only to paddle the ball into the hands of Mike Hussey stationed on the deep square boundary. Poor dismissal really, better judgement is required at the top of the order. New man is Misbah-ul-Haq, who dabs to fine leg to get off the mark. The camera pans to Pakistani faces, most featuring expressions of abject despair.

Wicket falls
4 overs - Pakistan 33-2 Wicket Salman Butt ct D Hussey b Tait 15
Butt's promising innings comes to an end as he swats a fast Tait bouncer high into the air and into the hands of David Hussey at mid-on. Hafeez relieves some of the pressure with a good pick-up over mid-on for four off Tait's final delivery.

3 overs - Pakistan 28-1
Salman Butt takes two strides down the track, opens his body up and laces Dirk Nannes over point for four, following that up with a quality square drive for a second boundary. All about the wrists there. Class. Another boundary follows, this time latching on to a length ball through the same region. Nannes looks flummoxed - and sends his next delivery down the leg side for a wide. Good over for the defending champions with Butt regaining some much-needed momentum.

2 overs - Pakistan 14-1
The frighteningly quick Shaun Tait slings down a vicious bouncer, but umpire Ashoka da Silva calls it a wide - a tad harsh. Salman Butt uses the pace to good effect as he turns a couple off his pads through midwicket. There's all sorts of pointing and gesticulating by umpire Shavir Tarapore, not too sure what that's about but play eventually gets underway again, with Hafeez twice beaten outside off stump by rapid Tait deliveries. However, Tait's slower ball goes horribly wrong, floating a head-high off-spinner down the leg side for a wide. In conclusion, Shaun Tait is bowling with wheels.

Wicket falls
1 over - Pakistan 9-1 K Akmal ct Steven Smith b Nannes 0
Oh dear, not what you want chasing a mammoth total. Kamran Akmal slashes wildly outside off stump to a wide Dirk Nannes delivery and a thick outside flies to third man, where Steven Smith takes a smart low catch. New man Mohammad Hafeez guides an elegant push off the back foot through the covers for the most text-book boundary of the day. Hafeez collects his second boundary as Nannes strays on to his legs, easing a flat-bat shot through square leg.


20 overs - Australia 191 all out
Madness. Utter madness. That's five wickets from the final over with not one run scored. Haddin goes first, holing out to third man before Mitchell Johnson is cleaned by a belter of a yorker for a golden duck. Mike Hussey falls on the hat-trick ball, although he's run out, meaning Aamer doesn't claim the wicket. Steven Smith falls for a duck after facing only one ball as he is run out running through for a suicide single before number 11 Shaun Tait is bowled via a deflection of his pad. I'm off to dip my head in a barrel of ice-cold water. Madness...

Out for a duck
20 overs - Australia 191 Shaun Tait bowled Aamer 0

Out for a duck
19.4 overs - Australia 191-9 Steven Smith run out 0

Wicket falls
19.3 overs - Australia 191-8 Mike Hussey run out 17

Out for a duck
19.2 overs - Australia 191-7 Mitchell Johnson bowled Aamer 0

Wicket falls
19.1 overs - Australia 191-6 Brad Haddin ct Sami b Aamer 1

Wicket falls
19 overs - Australia 191-5 Cameron White ct Fawad Alam b Ajmal 9
Cameron White opts for the short-arm pull, but doesn't make sufficient contact as Fawad Alam takes his second straightforward catch on the ropes, Ajmal's third wicket. Eh? How was that a six? Mike Hussey looks as if he has just chipped a wide delivery from around the wicket, but it somehow has enough oomph to clear the ropes for six at long-off. Extraordinary.

18 overs - Australia 179-4
A sheepish Sami returns and keeps things in check until a waist-high full-toss earns Australia three runs, one for the aberration and two for the runs off the bat, but not a free hit as that rule only applies to front-foot no-balls. A text-book yorker is then followed up by a poor full-toss, which Mike Hussey deftly turns behind square for a well-placed boundary. Australia very much on course for the double ton.

17 overs - Australia 167-4
"Death or glory" sang the Clash and Hussey perishes looking for maximum number six, but doesn't get enough willow to clear the ropes and Fawad Alam takes a straightforward catch. Watson perishes soon after as he is beaten all ends up by a faster Ajmal delivery which hits him flush in front of middle and dead in line and up goes the finger of umpire Shavir Tarapore.

Wicket falls
16.4 overs - Australia 164-4 Wicket Watson lbw b Ajmal 81

Wicket falls
16.1 overs - Australia 162-3 Wicket Hussey ct Fawad Alam b Ajmal 53

That's 50
16 overs - Australia 162-2
Bosh - Shane Watson swings like Buddy Rich and dispatches Mohammad Sami deep into the stands with a lusty straight drive for six, adding two more with another muscular drive for three. Meanwhile, partner Hussey gets involved in the boundary-clearing antics with an 88m maximum over deep midwicket, following that up with two successive - and equally enormous - straight sixes back over Sami's head. Awesome power, awesome placement, awesome batting. That's 28 - with four sixes - from that Sami over. Ouch. Oh yeah, and a half-ton for Hussey.

15 overs - Australia 133-2
Hussey moves into the 20s with a powerful pull for four and a well-placed chip for two off Saeed Ajmal, while Watson adds boundary number seven with a fine sweep past short fine leg, taking him in to the 80s. Ominous.

14 overs - Australia 123-2
"Hello Mohammad Sami, have some of that," as David Hussey clubs an on-drive past long-on for a one-bounce four. Hussey should be on his way but Salman Butt spills a relatively straightforward catch at long-on, not what you would expect from the number one seeds. Guess where Australia are ranked? I'll give you a clue, it's before 10 and after eight.

13 overs - Australia 116-2
Huuuuuge maximum from Hussey, who launches Afridi straight back over his head before Watson does exactly the same a couple of deliveries later. Neither player swungs their arms with great urgency, just a rhythmical timing of drumming great Billy Cobham. Watson eases into the 70s.

12 overs - Australia 101-2
The slippery Saeed Ajmal enters the fray - and sees a low full-toss dispatched through the covers for four by Watson. Nice doosra from Ajmal, flummoxing David Hussey as it turns the other way off the pitch. Hundred up for the Aussies.

11 overs - Australia 95-2
More tap from Watson, this time as Afridi tosses up the most sumptuous of full-tosses for a spanking boundary to deep square. "Not again" might be the two words going through most of the Pakistani heads right now - remember they lost every single game of their tour of Australia five months ago.

That's 50
10 overs - Australia 86-2
Hafeez is on the receiving end of some serious tap this afternoon as Watson drops to one knee and slaps a flat six over the bowler's head. He brings up his half century with another maximum - this time over square leg. Brutal.

9 overs - Australia 72-2
Excellent over from Afridi, pinning new-man David Hussey to the crease before offering Watson a gimme outside off stump, which the all-rounder obligingly dispatches for four.

From Brenton, TMS inbox: "Interesting choice to leave Hauritz out of the side - but Smith has been bowling pretty good in the domestics and Clarke can always bowl some good spin if needed."

Wicket falls
8 overs - Australia 64-2 Wicket M Clarke bowled Hafeez 2
Mohammad Hafeez returns - only to receive the same treatment from Watson, who laces a straight drive down the track for four before another couple - smartly stopped on the boundary. However, Hafeez offers Michael Clarke a steely gaze as the Australian captain is bowled attempting to open the blade and play a late cut past the keeper, but completely misses the ball.

7 overs - Australia 56-1
On comes Shahid Afridi for a joust and immediately beats Watson in the flight with a beauty outside off stump. Top over from the leggie, keeping the spritely Watson pinned inside his crease. Just a single from the over.

Wicket falls
6 overs - Australia 55-1 Wicket Warner ct Umar Akmal b Sami 26
Unsurprisingly, the Mohammad Hafeez experiment (which sounds like some 1970s jazz ensemble) has come to an end with Mohammad Sami taking over the duties. And the fast bowler makes an immediate impact as a bouncer gets a little too big on Warner, who misjudges a pull into the hands of Umar Akmal at deep square leg. However, Sami spoils what would have been a good over with a rank long-hop on middle stump, allowing Watson to swivel off his front foot and help the ball down to fine leg for four. That's the end of the powerplay.

From Alec, TMS inbox: "This time the 200 is on, maybe much more!"

5 overs - Australia 48-0
Aamer continues and sees Misbah-ul-Haq just miss a really difficult catching running backwards from midwicket as Watson skies an attempted pull. Meanwhile, Warner moves into the 20s as an attempted yorker from Aamer turns into a juicy full-toss, dispatched through midwicket for four, soon followed by another, this time creating space outside leg before feeding the ball all along the carpet for his fourth boundary.

4 overs - Australia 37-0
Hafeez is twice taken to town by Watson, lacing a sweep past square leg for four before a Hollywood slog-sweep for six, while Warner nearly takes the bowler's right hand off with a brutal club for four. The replay suggests umpire Asoka de Silva did well to evade what would have been the mother of all bruises. Huge over for Australia, not so great for the defending champions.

3 overs - Australia 20-0
Quality delivery first up from Aamer, who almost castles Shane Watson with a belter of an inswinging yorker, but the Queenslander does enough to jam his bat down and squirt a single. His next scoring shot is more assured - a stand-and-deliver aerial off-drive on one knee, Clive Lloydesque - for three. Aamer raps Warner bang on the toe with another effective yorker, which only just evades the stumps. Another impressive over.

2 overs - Australia 13-0
In keeping with tournament convention (so far), Shahid Afridi tosses the ball to off-spinner Mohammad Hafeez for the second over with the new cherry (or whatever a white ball is called). Shane Watson earns his first run of the tournament as David Warner wields a mighty straight blow over long-on's head for a huge six.

1 over - Australia 5-0
The speedy Mohammad Aamer opens up - and sees his second delivery elegantly flicked off his hips by David Warner for a boundary. Good riposte from the left-arm teenager, beating pint-sized opener Warner outside off stump with one that nibbles away from the pitch. Good finish too as Warner carves a huge edge down to third man for a single. This lad is the future of fast bowling.

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From Anon, text 81111: Looking 4 another K Akmal big-hitting innings. This Pakistan team is good but I don't think they got as much as they had last time when they won. Mohammad Aamer a key part in the bowling for us."

Alison Mitchell
Test Match Special reporter Alison Mitchell on Twitter: "Well it didn't work for South Africa going all out with pace. Will Australia take note of that?"

1810: Here are the teams:

Australia: David Warner, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke (capt), Cameron White, David Hussey, Mike Hussey, Brad Haddin (wk), Steve Smith, Mitchell Johnson, Shaun Tait, Dirk Nannes.

Pakistan: Kamran Akmal (wk), Salman Butt, Shahid Afridi (capt), Abdul Razzaq, Misbah-ul-Haq, Mohammad Hafeez, Umar Akmal, Fawad Alam, Mohammad Sami, Mohammad Aamer, Saeed Ajmal.

1803: Right, we're into Australia v Pakistan mode - please manually refresh the page and the headline will magically change. Australia have won the toss and will bat first. Australia have left out spinner Nathan Hauritz, while Pakistan are unchanged from yesterday's win over Bangladesh.

1739: So India book their place in the Super Eights with two group victories, while you would expect them to be joined there by their opponents, who must - and are almost certain to - beat Afghanistan on Wednesday in Barbados. Still, inquisitions for the South African selectors. Meanwhile, the 2007 champions look like they have discovered the perfect balance on these slow Caribbean pitches.

INDIA (186-5, 20 OVS) BEAT SOUTH AFRICA (172-5, 20 OVS) BY 14 RUNS

Wicket falls
20 overs - South Africa 172-5 Wicket AB de Villiers ct Chawla b Nehra 31 Ashish Nehra is charged with the final over and he fires the perfect yorker at AB's toes, which he squirts for a single. New man Mark Boucher thumps the ball over mid-off for three, while the return throw from the deep crashes into Nehra's crown jewels. After a brief intake of swift breaths, Nehra regains his composure and fires a full delivery past the sprawling De Villiers, a precious dot ball. And he has his man with the next delivery as AB miss-hits a full-toss to long-on, where Piyush Chawla takes an excellent catch on the run. Game won, although JP Duminy clubs the final ball four four - India win by 14 runs.

Wicket falls
19 overs - South Africa 163-4 Wicket Morkel ct Harbhajan b Pathan 12 Wallop - Albie Morkel has just tonked a huge six out of the ground as Yusuf Pathan drops short. Huge - 104m, by far the biggest of the tournament. But he perishes two balls later as he slices attempting another gargantuan drive into the hands of Harbhajan Singh running around from cover. AB flouts a powerful short-arm pull over midwicket for four before launching another six in the same area for the 50th six of the tournament, although a piddling 88m. pressure on Pathan, who serves up a tasty full-toss for his final delivery, but AB cannot find a way past the man stationed in the deep. South Africa need 24 from six balls.

From Tom, TMS inbox: "What South Africa would need would appear to be Chris Woakes who has bashed 49 no. off 16 balls for Warwickshire. Quite frankly I don't think that would even be good enough now and in any case I'm not sure the ECB would be too chuffed if he played for SA."

18 overs - South Africa 144-3 Ashish Nehra returns and leaks just four singles with his first four deliveries, but spoils his so far immaculate over with a front-foot no-ball, handing Albie Morkel the opportunity to smash the ball to the Bahamas. But a good riposte from the left-arm seamer, who once again concedes more singles with his final deliveries. So that's 43 from 12 balls. Methinks the same as you.

Wicket falls
17 overs - South Africa 136-3 Kallis ct Jadeja b Chawla 73 Buoyed by his boundary-clearing antics of the previous few overs, Kallis goes aerial once again but pummels the ball straight to long-on, where Ravindra Jadeja takes a straightforward catch. In comes six-hitting machine Albie Morkel. Meanwhile, AB skips down the track and launches Chawla over the straight boundary for six, although Jadeja wasn't too far from that as it dropped over the ropes. He attempts a Dilscoop, but only adds a couple to his tally. So the Proteas need 51 from 18 balls, nearly 17 an over. Huge.

Wicket falls
16 overs - South Africa 126-2 Wicket Smith run out 36 Huge. Kallis clears his front leg and smites Jadeja high back over his head for six, but poor running between the wickets sees Smith fail to ground his bat in time as Dhoni whips off the bails following a good throw from fine leg from Praveen Kumar. The South African captain was not at full stretch, so you could point the finger of blame at the captain. New man AB de Villiers is off the mark to hand the strike back to Kallis before absolutely welting a slog-sweep over long-on for six from his second delivery. SA need 61 from 24 balls. Still too much to do in my book.

15 overs - South Africa 109-1 Kallis finally gets in on the six-hitting antics with a muscular leg-side hoik off Harbhajan, followed up with another in similar fashion, this one travelling 87 metres into the stands. Kallis should have been on his way back to the dug-out but Harbhajan fluffs a run-out opportunity as he spills Raina's throw with the right-hander well out of his ground at the non-striker's end.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Anon, text 81111: "In response to John Oldaker, Kallis and Smith are two of the finest batsmen in world cricket, which is proved by Kallis' strike rate and average in the IPL."

14 overs - South Africa 94-1 At last...Graeme Smith drops to one knee and dispatches Jadeja high over long-on for six. Hands on head from Jadeja, who beats Kallis with one that grips and turns outside off stump. However, the big Royal Challenger brings up his 50 with a single, although you wouldn't know it judging by the total lack of applause for reaching the landmark.

13 overs - South Africa 84-1 Harbhajan Singh returns, although his first delivery would make a seven-year-old blush - short and wide outside off stump, but Smith can only find the fielder stationed on the deep cover boundary. Singles and the odd doubles a plenty, but it's about fours and sixes now, and neither batsman can get free their arms for a hoist. 103 to win from 42. Only one team in it for me.

12 overs - South Africa 76-1 Oh dear, this isn't good for South Africa. Too many dot balls as Ravindra Jadeja cages the increasingly frustrated Jacques Kallis. Something will have to give soon. However, Kallis receives a gimme - thumping a full-toss outside off stump through extra cover for four.

11 overs - South Africa 69-1 First six of the innings - and much-needed too - as Graeme Smith hits a sweet slog-sweep high over long-on off Chawla. Better over for South Africa, but still behind the required run-rate.

10 overs - South Africa 57-1 More tweak, this time with Ravindra Jadeja, the Michael Yardy of Indian cricket? Discuss. Still no buffet balls on offer as Kallis goes for the Larry Dooley over extra cover, but finds the man on the boundary for a single. Just four from a thoroughly economical over. South Africa need 130 from 60 balls with the run-rate pushing 13 an over.

9 overs - South Africa 53-1 Graeme Smith moves outside of his off stump to fashion Yusuf Pathan with a sweep through square leg, but ends up completely missing the ball. The stress is beginning to tell on the Proteas skipper's face. However, Kallis ends the boundary famine when he helps a rank long-hop on leg stump over short fine leg.

8 overs - South Africa 45-1 Piyush Chawla comes on for his first bowl in the tournament and immediately mixes up his deliveries with wrong'uns and top-spinners a well as leggies. Kallis sneaks a fine sweep past Dhoni's left pad for two, but no guts no glory - we want fireworks.

From John Oldaker, TMS inbox: "Kallis and Smith? Zzzzzzz."

7 overs - South Africa 39-1 Lucky break for Smith, who moves to leg to hit Yusuf Pathan through extra cover, but a thick outside edge sees the ball roll down fine past third man for four.

6 overs - South Africa 32-1 Smith scythes a couple off his legs as Ashish Nehra errs in line, but neither he nor Kallis can pierce the powerplay outfield. However, India were only 36-2 at the same stage, so it's hardly over. Yet.

Wicket falls
5 overs - South Africa 24-1 Wicket Bosman ct Chawla b Pathan 8 The slick Harbhajan is swiftly replaced by Yusuf Pathan, who snares Bosman with a nothing shot as he dances down track. Pathan drops the ball shot and the batsman loops a simple catch to Piyush Chawla at cover attempting to adjust his stroke. A Kallis sweep hits the back of the bat and loops high over wicketkeeper Dhoni's head for three, giving Graeme Smith his first ball of the day. The left-hander fashions a single down to fine leg to steal the strike.

4 overs - South Africa 17-0 The run-rate creeps up to 10 an over as Ashish Nehra fires down two dot balls to Kallis. Still nothing to lay into as India keeps things tighter than a gnat's pocket.

3 overs - South Africa 13-0 Excellent over from Harbhajan, giving nothing away as the opening pair scratch three runs to the total. Bosman has had nothing to swing his arms.

2 overs - South Africa 10-0 Praveen Kumar almost bisects Loots Bosman with an off-cutter which just evades the top of off stump. Bosman is winding up but can't quite fire the cannon to all parts. Kallis survives a direct hit following a quick single to Suresh Raina at point.

1 over - South Africa 6-0 Kallis' innings is almost over before it has begun, but Yusuf Pathan grasses his one-handed lunge to his right at backward point. Top attempt though. Meanwhile, Kallis drops to one knee and creams a muscular sweep over square leg for four.

1613India to open up with spin in Harbhajan Singh while Jacques Kallis has been promoted up the order. Game on.


Wicket falls
He's reached 100
20 overs - India 186-5 Wicket S Raina ct AB de Villiers b Morkel 101 Albie Morkel is charged with bowling the final six deliveries - and sees his franchise captain Dhoni club a delivery between long-on and deep midwicket for four. If you've just heard a thudding sound, that will be my chin hitting the desk after watching Suresh Raina bring up only the second ever World Twenty20 ton with a huge swipe over long-on for six. Awesome, just awesome. Unfortunately, he perishes the next delivery when he attempts to do the same but doesn't get quite enough willow on the ball, presenting AB de Villiers with a good catch on the straight boundary. Harbhajan Singh is the new man - and he runs well to give his skipper the strike off the final ball of the over - which Dhoni hammers high over long on for six. Unbelievable. Flat as a Roger Federer forehand. What can you say? India set South Africa a mammoth 187 to win.

Wicket falls
19 overs - India 167-4 Yusuf Pathan ct Van der Merwe b Steyn 11 Pathan perishes as he slaps a good slower ball from Steyn to deep cover, where Roelof van der Merwe takes a simple catch. In comes Mahendra Singh Dhoni, apparently he can hit a long ball. The India skipper hammers a short ball to deep midwicket, where JP Duiminy makes sensational stop to prevent two further runs to the total.

18 overs - India 161-3 Yusuf Pathan gets involved in the six-hitting antics, clearing his front leg for an almighty swipe over square leg off Rory Kleinveldt. Raina swots yet another gargantuan on-drive for a one-bounce four past long-on before slapping the next ball - a juicy full-toss on off stump - high over extra over for a second successive boundary. Number three follows with the fifth delivery, a straight drive back over the bowler's head before larruping the final ball of the over to long-off for six with a lusty hammer blow. That's a phenomenal 25 from the over as Raina moves to 93. Poor Rory Kleinveldt, his previous three overs only yielded 23.

17 overs - India 135-3 New man Yusuf Pathan quickly gets himself off strike with a well-judged single off Morne Morkel and another Raina flick off his pads gleans another boundary - the sixth of his innings - to deep square leg. Lots more singles and it's all India right now.

Wicket falls
16 overs - India 126-3 Wicket Yuvraj Singh ct Smith b Kleinveldt 37 In honour of the late and very great David Shepherd, my feet are off the ground for Nelson. They're back down again as Raina drives a short-of-a-length Kleinveldt delivery for a single. Raina goes five better a few deliveries later, a lazy, arrogant flick of the wrists dispatches a slow delivery high over the deep square leg boundary and into the vacant seats. Awesome shot, phenomenal timing. However, South Africa dispatch Yuvraj Singh back to the dug-out after the left-hander slaps a ball too low on the bat, sending it high into the air where Graeme Smith takes a solid catch at mid-on. The batsmen cross and Raina adds maximum number three with a disdainful slap over midwicket.

That's 50
15 overs - India 111-2 Suresh Raina adds a single off Dale Steyn to bring up his 50 from 42 deliveries. He adds four more, backing away to leg and wafting a wristy aerial square cut down to the vacant deep point boundary. A side profile of that stroke shows just how deep Raina is batting in his crease - his back foot is only inches from dislodging the stumps. But more good comebacks from Steyn, once again using his slower ball to good effect.

14 overs - India 104-2 Indescribable... Yuvi, completely tucked up for room, somehow manages to swing his bat with enough power to pull a good short ball from Morne Morkel down to the square leg boundary for four. Oh dear - more run-out confusion as Raina pelts it down the track, only to be turned back by his partner. Once again AB de Villiers misses with the shy at the stumps, handing Raina with his second reprieve of the innings. More singles and India looks set for a proper smash 'em up finish.

13 overs - India 96-2 More Yuvi pyrotechnics, this time shifting - that's shifting - to the leg side to create room to hammer Dale Steyn over extra cover for four. Awesome shot - the power and placement just exemplary. But a good response from Steyn, who confounds both batsmen with two well-disguised slower balls.

12 overs - India 89-2 Jacques digs a short ball in to Yuvie, which the batsman ducks and umpire Dar calls wide. Two balls later and the left-hander slaps Kallis between long-on and deep midwicket with a disdainful short-arm pull before engaging Shark with a bit of eye contact. Intriguing contest.

11 overs - India 80-2 Brilliant fielding from Graeme Smith at mid-on, stopping a certain double and almost running out Suresh Raina, who was almost to the non-striker's end when Yurvraj ordered him to return to his crease. Fortunately for the Super King, Smith's throw was off target. However, Raina is more authoritative with the next delivery, guiding a Albie Morkel delivery to the deep point boundary for four. Meanwhile, Yuvvie turns the volume to 11 with a languid, arrogant flick off his pads high over the deep square leg boundary for six in to the crowd, where a man clad in red makes an superb diving effort but grasses a one-handed take. Good effort though.

10 overs - India 67-2 Wallop! Suresh Raina goes aerial over long-on with an expansive on-drive for six off Jacques Kallis - awesome shot, something we saw plenty of for Chennai during the IPL. Raina collects more runs with two further aerial shots, although he doesn't get sufficient willow to clear the ropes but his placement is good as he evades the on-rushing fielders.

9 overs - India 56-2 Time for tweak - and on comes Roelof van der Merwe for his first joust, greeted by a beautifully executed off drive through extra cover for four from Suresh Raina, who I mentioned had done something similar to what Gautam Gambhir is suffering with right now a couple of overs ago. Ahem, apologies for the (inadvertent) offence caused. Meanwhile, Yuvraj hoists a huge sweep into the stands for the first six of the match.

8 overs - India 43-2 To demonstrate how sluggish this pitch is, Yuvraj, one of the world's better pullers, is too early with a short ball from Kallis, sending a white projectile past Kallis for a single to mid-off. Still nothing to excite the expanding crowds, although 10am in St Lucia? Who's up at that time?

7 overs - India 39-2 Rory Kleinveldt comes on for his second over to new man and prime-time six-smasher Yuvraj Singh. Kleinveldt keeps the left-hander in check, with a thick outside edge down to third man the only significant scoring shot coming from a very tidy over.

Wicket falls
6 overs - India 36-2 Wicket Karthik ct Smith b Kallis 16 Yet another bowling change by Smith, this time introducing the considerable heft of Jacques Kallis. And the burly all-rounder gets the breakthrough as Karthik dances down the track with the intent to hit over the infield, but makes contact too high on the bat as the ball loops safely to the gargantuan mitts of Graeme Smith. He could have had two as Suresh Raina shifts to the leg side with the intent to hit over extra cover, but only finds a thick outside edge through the vacant second slip area for four. That's the end of the six-over powerplay.

5 overs - India 30-1 Poor shot from Raina, who miss-hits a pull to mid-on, where Rory Kleinveldt takes a fine catch diving low to his feet. Uh-oh, umpire Aleem Dar's arm is outstretched - it's a no-ball. Gutted doesn't even come close to Morne Morkel's facial expression. Raina hoists the free hit high into the leg side for a couple, before clipping a leg-side delivery off his hips for a well-worked boundary past fine leg. After a slow start, India are finally wiping the sleep from their eyes.

4 overs - India 21-1 It's a double Morkel dose as brother Albie is introduced. Ooooof! Fortuitous four for Karthik as a thick inside edge evades his leg stump and the despairing diving left-hand glove of Mark Boucher, who sees the ball trickle away for a boundary. Comedy in St Lucia as Albie's boot goes flying off his foot just at the point of delivery as Karthik swipes thin air outside off stump. Karthik thumps a stonking straight drive down the pitch next ball, but the outfield is slower than a sleepy sloth and the Indian duo collect three more to the total.

3 overs - India 14-1 Smith summons Morne Morkel and his Jake Humphrey-like frame for his first joust, serving up a tempter outside off stump for Karthik, who wafts his bat with his feet nowhere near the pitch of the ball. Needless to say he makes no contact. However, Morkel serves up a juicy long-hop wide outside off stump which Karthik slaps over AB's head at cover point for four, ruining what had been a very precise over.

2 overs - India 9-1 Silky front-foot drive from Suresh Raina, a mere push to an overpitched Dale Steyn delivery picks up three runs, although the outfield is sluggish. Bit of wobble for Steyn at a decent lick. Two overs gone and nothing on offer to free the arms. Good start for the Proteas.

From Ahsankash, TMS inbox: "Just clicked on 'MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE' to know what it means. Poor Gauti."

Wicket falls
1 over - India 5-1 Wicket Vijay ct Boucher b Kleinveldt 0 Shocker first up from Kleinveldt, swinging wide down the leg side for a wide. The second should have seen Murali Vijay comprehensively run out after both Indian batsmen end up at the striker's end following a muddled call from Dinesh Karthik, but AB de Villiers's shy at the stumps evades the back-up fielder and India collect three bonus runs. However, the next ball sees Kleinveldt nibbles one away from the bat and Vijay follows the path, edging a simple catch to Mark Boucher. New man Suresh Raina gets off the mark with a push down to third man. Eventful, to say the least.

1430: Indian openers Karthik and Vijay, who was awesome against Afghanistan yesterday, take their places as Kleinveldt takes the new ball. Game on.

1429: Got any thoughts? Why not share them with the rest of the world via an email to the TMS inbox (with "For Pranav Soneji" in the subject field), text 81111 (with the word CRICKET in front of your message) or via that trusty old dog 606. No Herschelle Gibbs for the South Africans, instead Loots "what's a forward defence?" Bosman will open the innings alongside his captain. Also, Johan Botha has been left out with seamer Rory Kleinveldt preferred. Interesting, Smith obviously thinks there is more pace in this pitch than Saturday.

1422: The teams - India: M Vijay, K Karthik, S Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni, Y Pathan, R Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, P Chawla, P Kumar, A Nehra
South Africa: G Smith, L Bosman, J Kallis, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, M Boucher, A Morkel, R van der Merwe, R Kleinveldt, D Steyn, M Morkel

1420: Oh dear. Poor old Gautam Gambhir misses out with a case of Montezuma's Revenge, according to India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Cheers skip, thanks for sharing that in front of a potential two billion people. In comes Dinesh Karthik at the top of the order, while leg-spinner Piyush Chawla replaces Zaheer Khan. Smith reckons the early morning conditions will favour South Africa's pace bowlers.

1416: We're back in St Lucia's Beausejour Stadium in the wonderfully named Gros Islet, one of the most beautiful settings imaginable to sup a cold one and watch top-class leather on willow. Saturday's two games proved the pitch is: i) slow and ii) a spinner's dream. Expect South Africa to name both Roelof van der Merwe and Johan Botha, with JP Duminy chipping in four overs with his more than useful offies. India have Harbhajan and Yuvraj Singh, Piyush Chawla and Yusuf Pathan at their disposal.

1413: If you're a Liverpool fan, you probably don't want to know what's going on at Anfield right now. Unless, of course, you don't want Manchester United to win the Premier League. Meanwhile South Africa have won the toss and will bowl first.

1410: What do you mean "I'll switch over when the football's finished?" Football? FOOTBALL? There's World Twenty20 cricket of the highest order to ogle. First up we have 2007 world champs India, fresh from a seven-wicket win against those bra... I mean the minno... ummm impressive Afghans in St Lucia, against the big bully boys in green of South Africa. A cracker.

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Live Scores - Australia v Pakistan


  • Australia beat Pakistan by 34 runs
  • Australia: 191 (20.0 overs)
  • Pakistan: 157 (20.0 overs)

Pakistan Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 157
K Akmal c Smith b Nannes 0
Salman Butt c Hussey b Tait 15
Mohammad Hafeez c Hussey b Johnson 12
U Akmal c Hussey b Smith 18
Misbah-ul-Haq c Clarke b Nannes 41
Shahid Afridi b Tait 33
Razzaq c Warner b Nannes 1
Fawad Alam c Clarke b Johnson 16
Aamer c Smith b Hussey 2
Mohammad Sami not out 5
Saeed Ajmal b Tait 4
Extras 1nb 8w 1lb 10

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