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ICC World Twenty20 day one as it happened


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By Mark Mitchener

0135: Right, I think it's not unreasonable to presume that Darren Sammy will be man of the match - and he is. If any of you have stayed with us for the entire afternoon, evening and night, you've been very loyal - and I hope you'll join Pranav Soneji in the live text chair tomorrow. He'll take you through tomorrow's two exciting games - India v Afghanistan at 1430 BST and Pakistan v Bangladesh at 1830 BST, which both take place in St Lucia, from where Alison Mitchell will be reporting for BBC Radio 5 live. It's good night from me.

0124: Whew. So, the Irish fairytale wasn't to be - England will know that whatever happens against the Windies on this ground on Monday, a victory against Ireland on Tuesday would see them qualify for the Super Eights.


Out for a duck
16.4 overs - WICKET - Dockrell c Ramdin b Sammy 0 - Ire 68 all out
Botha forces a single to third man, so Ireland have avoided the lowest ever T20 international score. Injured Windies captain Chris Gayle looks on from the bench - I'm not a betting man, but I'd wager you a Guyanese dollar that his gluteus maximus recovers in time to face England. And who else but Darren Sammy wraps it up as he has Dockrell caught behind - West Indies win by 70 runs.

16th over - Ire 67-9
Botha is literally flattened by a toe-cruncher from Roach - he keeps it out but falls over in the process. A quick single brings young George on strike, then Roach bowls a couple of wides which draw Ireland level with the unwanted Kenyan "lowest score" record on 67. Extras are up to 19, with only Wilson (17) having passed double figures. Dockrell keeps his end up for the rest of the over.

15th over - Ire 64-9
New batsman is 17-year-old George Dockrell, who defends his first ball. Rather like Tim Ambrose, he looks even younger without a helmet on than when he's bare-headed.

From Joe O'Doherty, TMS inbox: "You could write the same commentary for Ireland's last 20 matches against Test nations: good bowling, but batting flatters to deceive. Why? Ask Eoin Morgan and Ed Joyce. Time to change the qualification rules for associate members' cricketers if they're serious about developing the sport"

Wicket falls
14.5 overs - WICKET - Rankin c Ramdin b Sammy 1 - Ire 64-9
Rankin runs through for a leg bye, Botha steers one to mid-wicket but the Warwickshire seamer perishes to, you guessed it, Sammy - who induces an edge to the keeper. As well as being the top scorer, Sammy has two wickets and four catches. And one broken window, which may come out of his match fee.

14th over - Ire 62-8
FYI, the lowest ever T20 international score was 67 by Kenya against Ireland in Belfast in 2008. Boyd Rankin is the new batsman, taking a single off the final ball.

Wicket falls
13.4 overs - WICKET - Mooney lbw b Miller 1 - Ire 61-8
Ireland are in danger of recording the lowest ever T20 international total here - Mooney runs a couple of leg byes, Miller fizzes a wide down the leg side and they also run one, Botha is off the mark with a single but fellow left-hander Mooney is trapped in front by Nikita, who finally has the chance to "count the stars at night" as he raises his arms to the air in celebration.

13th over - Ire 56-7
Andre Botha is the new batsman in what looks like a losing cause.

Wicket falls
12.4 overs - WICKET - Johnston b Bravo 5 - Ire 56-7
New batsman is John Mooney, who's an electrician - but he'd need to electrocute the entire Windies team to prevent them winning here. Johnston heaves and misses and is the seventh man to fall.

Wicket falls
12.1 overs - WICKET - Wilson c Sammy b Bravo 17 - Ire 55-6
It could be game, set and match to West Indies here as Wilson tries to cut loose and Sammy (who else?) leaps like a salmon at short extra cover to take his fourth catch of the innings.

12th over - Ire 55-5
After a single from Johnston, there's an optimistic lbw shout from Miller against Wilson, as the ball looked to be heading down the leg side. More pedestrian ones and twos, the game is heading one way here.

11th over - Ire 51-5
Wilson plays and misses at Sammy, before unleashing a Dilscoop which sails over the wicketkeeper's head for two! Who'd have thought the first Dilscoop of the tournament would come from an Ireland player?! A more orthodox cover drive brings him two more.

Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "It's hard to see anything other than a thumping West Indies victory at this stage"

10th over - Ire 47-5
Ireland approach the halfway point of their innings - they hope - as Miller's second over yields four singles and a two.

9th over - Ire 41-5
A Wilson single brings new batsman Trent Johnston, the former skipper, on strike, but he can only manage one single from his first three balls.

Wicket falls
8.1 overs - WICKET - K O'Brien c Fletcher b Sammy 9 - Ire 39-5
Long-on fielders have had plenty of catching practice tonight - and Andre Fletcher is the latest recipient as Kevin O'Brien is the latest player to hole out. Off the first ball bowled by Darren Sammy, who is fast making a watertight case for the man of the match award.

8th over - Ire 39-4
Time for slow left-armer Nikita Miller, who's the Windies' only front-line spinner in this side with both Benn and Gayle out injured. Wilson and O'Brien plunder some singles, nothing of great excitement.

7th over - Ire 35-4
West Indies make their first change of bowling as it's stand-in skipper Dwayne Bravo into the attack. Those West Indies shirts don't get any easier on the eye under floodlights when it's 0040 BST. After a single from Wilson another wide advances the score. O'Brien drops the ball at his feet and they scurry through for a quick leg bye as the required rate approaches eight an over. Wilson turns a single off his legs. (And wouldn't you know, Wides is the top scorer at this stage).

6th over - Ire 31-4
Still no bowling changes as Wilson nudges Rampaul for a single, opening his account off his ninth ball. O'Brien crashes a cover-driven four to the boundary, then there's another wide - if West Indies keep bowling wides we'll be here all night... O'Brien prods a single past the slips, Wilson drives and misses before nicking the strike off the last ball.

5th over - Ire 23-4
Roach in for his third over, sending down another wide and it looks like he's a bit quicker than the type of bowler the Irish pair are probably used to. O'Brien flicks four leg byes off his legs, but he looks happy to survive the over.

4th over - Ire 18-4
Aggers on TMS notices that umpire Billy Bowden is, unusually, hatless - and summariser Simon Doull tantalises us by revealing that his Kiwi compatriot Billy B apparently has a couple of new umpiring signals up his sleeve, warning us to watch out if anyone bowls a front-foot no-ball. Meanwhile, Kevin O'Brien is the new batsman, he manages a single before Rampaul bowls another wide. But those early wickets may have knocked the stuffing out of Ireland somewhat.

Wicket falls
3.3 overs - WICKET - Cusack c Sammy b Rampaul 2 - Ire 16-4
Cusack steers a single, Rampaul runs a leg bye and then there's a moment of confusion when Cusack edges to Sammy at second slip. It hits him squarely on the chest, bounces into his right hand, he appears to control it briefly and then drops the ball, clutching his chest in agony. Is Cusack out? After a delay, it appears he is - Sammy has his third catch.

3rd over - Ire 14-3
Roach to finish his over to Wilson, Roach starts with a legside wide and Wilson sees off the over.

0023: Covers are off, we're back on again and incredibly, we've been off just long enough that we haven't lost any overs. Any further delays, and we will lose overs and go all Duckworth-Lewis.

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From Rich, London, via text: "Re: The covers coming back on, did you forget to say 'white rabbits, white rabbits'? Shame, I was enjoying that"

0009: ...and are now being brought back on again. (Well, the tournament slogan is "Bring It" after all).

0008: The covers are coming off...

0001: While we're waiting (and happy Saturday, 1 May to those of you on BST), I can just remind you of what you can expect from us during the tournament. We'll have live text commentary here on the BBC Sport website on all games - while as well as today's opening games, TMS will have ball-by-ball commentary on the other group games involving England and Ireland, and every game from the Super Eights onwards. All of these commentaries will be on BBC 5 live sports extra, while some of them will also be on BBC Radio 4 Long Wave. Meanwhile, Alison Mitchell will be reporting from St Lucia over the weekend as Afghanistan face India on Saturday before defending champions Pakistan face Bangladesh. If you're a fan of the women's game, you'll be pleased to know that TMS will also have commentary on the semi-finals and final of the Women's World Twenty20, which take place after the men's semis and finals on the same grounds.

2357: A quick perusal of the rules indicates that each side must have faced (or had the opportunity to face) five overs in order for it to constitute a match. Tony Cozier on TMS says the rain has subsided slightly but it's still drizzling.

Rain delay
2.3 overs - RAIN STOPS PLAY - Ire 13-3
Alex Cusack (who came in at the fall of Stirling's wicket, but hasn't faced yet) turns a two off his legs, Roach sends down a legside wide to Wilson... and then it starts raining! Covers come on, get your Duckworth-Lewis tables ready! Never mind that it's 2354 BST and we could be here all night at this rate!

2nd over - Ire 11-3
New batsman Gary Wilson survives his first ball.

Wicket falls
1.5 overs - WICKET - N O'Brien c Ramdin b Rampaul 6 - Ire 11-3
O'Brien punches a four through the covers, but then Rampaul slides one across him and it's a regulation catch for the keeper. Ireland on the rocks here.

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From Monners, via text: "Blooming recession! No satellite TV to watch the boys in green, so keeping up to date online. Come on Ireland!"

Out for a duck
1.3 overs - WICKET - Stirling c Sammy b Rampaul 0 - Ire 7-2
O'Brien steers Ravi Rampaul for a single, Stirling swishes at a wide but then skies one into the mid-wicket region and it's that man Darren Sammy who takes his second catch. Ulp.

1st over - Ire 5-1
Niall O'Brien is the new batsman, Ireland fans will be pleased to see him wearing a green helmet rather than the maroon Northants one he kept wicket in - a little close to the maroon Windies colours. O'Brien is off the mark with a single, Stirling plays and misses.

Wicket falls
0.2 overs - WICKET - Porterfield c Sammy b Roach 4 - Ire 4-1 (TARGET 139)
Porterfield edges the first ball past the slips, but doesn't get lucky twice when he edges Roach's second delivery to Sammy, who dives across from second slip in front of first slip to snaffle the chance.

2341: We're nearly ready to resume. William Porterfield and Paul Stirling opening up for Ireland, with Kemar Roach - the only Windies man who didn't get to bat - taking the new ball.

2339: Other recent offerings from the TMS blog are England all-rounder Ebony Rainford-Brent looking ahead to the Women's World Twenty20, and Ben Dirs taking a look at Pakistan's recent troubles, and skipper Shahid Afridi in particular.

From David, TMS inbox: "Re: 10th over. Oh Mark! Cricketers don't get younger. It's you getting older, mate. Go on. Admit it"

Dockrell was interviewed on the telly just now, he looked like he should be studying for his school exams. (And I refuse to admit to getting older - I prefer to think of myself as the Peter Pan of text commentary. Either that, or I just get told to "grow up" a lot).

2334: Ireland's required run rate to score 139 in 20 overs is 6.95. Meanwhile, TMS are running an interesting interview with Afghanistan coach Kabir Khan about how he hopes cricket can help bring peace to the region. If you haven't read it already, I can recommend Oliver Brett's recent blog about cricket's most heartwarming story - how Afghanistan have come from nowhere to take their place at cricket's top table.

From Louise (currently delayed from departing Cozumel, Mexico, due to strong winds), TMS inbox: "I work on a cruise ship, but am taking a week's work break next week to go home to Barbados to watch the Super Eights… can't justify a second week off, though, to see the final; shame!"

I visited Cozumel while on a cruise a few years ago... I'd recommend the trip to the Mayan ruins at Tulum. (Other cruise ships, and other excursions are, of course, available).


Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Rampaul c Botha b Cusack 8 - WI 138-9
Last over - Miller to face Alex Cusack. He edges a single, left-hander Rampaul gets down on one knee and swipes at a wide one, which is taken well by Niall O'Brien behind the timbers. Rampaul swings wildly at a full toss, the ball goes to long-off and they run two - it's also signalled as a no-ball as it was above waist height. Another swing, and that's two more to long-off. With two balls remaining, the Windies pair sprint another two to long-on. The last ball is swung into the air, Botha takes the catch at mid-off on the edge of the circle. West Indies will be disappointed with that score, although it's three more than Sri Lanka managed in the early game.

19th over - WI 130-8
So we have two new batsmen in again, and they're both tail-enders - Nikita Miller, who may not be in for long enough for me to think of any Elton John song-related puns, and Ravi Rampaul. Miller forces a single off his leg, Rampaul manages a two off the last ball. Botha has 2-7 from two overs, and should have bowled more.

Wicket falls
18.3 overs - WICKET - Sammy c Porterfield b Botha 30 - WI 128-8
Sammy clubs another two, before he becomes the latest Windies player to hole out in the deep, this time at long-on.

Wicket falls
18.1 overs - WICKET - Pollard c & b Botha 8 - WI 125-7
Botha, who's unlucky not to have bowled more, returns and Pollard goes for the big one off his first ball - that's an easy return catch for the bowler.

18th over - WI 125-6
Sammy launches Johnston for a well-timed straight six, which breaks a window just above the sightscreen and there's a short delay while the ball is retrieved. Sammy adds a two and a single, before Pollard, who's from Trinidad, bangs a bail into the crease to take guard like the Guyanese pair Chanderpaul and Sarwan do. But he can only manage ones and twos - Sammy hoists Johnston's last ball into the stand at long-on, I don't think we'll be seeing Johnston do his famous "chicken dance" today. Unless he hits the winning runs...

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From Fran, Dublin, via text: "Brilliant Dockrell! But don't play too well, England might take a liking to you!"

17th over - WI 107-6
The natives most certainly sound restless as the big-hitting Kieron Pollard joins Sammy at the crease. New Windies coach Ottis Gibson must wonder what he's got himself into. Botha's off as Rankin returns. Pollard's off the mark with a single, Sammy carves a four through mid-wicket before helping a short ball down the leg side for four more. A single takes Sammy to 13, Pollard clips one off his legs which bisects the two boundary riders on the leg side for four more.

Wicket falls
16th over - WICKET - Deonarine c N O'Brien b Dockrell 10 - WI 93-6
Sammy wafts and misses at Dockrell, that was nearly a third wicket for the 17-year-old. Sammy, who is St Lucia's first international cricketer, eventually manages a single - then, Deonarine has a huge village-style slog at Dockrell's last ball, which disappears into the Guyanese night sky and lands safely in the arms of wicketkeeper Niall O'Brien. George Dockrell, take a bow, young man - he finishes with 3-16 from four overs. Does anyone know if he has any English grandparents or anything?

15th over - WI 92-5
New bowler is Andre Botha to bowl his dinky little right-arm seamers, he manages four dot balls before Deonarine smears a single to the mid-wicket sweeper. A single from Sammy rounds off a very good over from Botha, who hails from Johannesburg but has played 36 ODIs and 12 T20 internationals for Ireland.

14th over - WI 90-5
West Indies are all over the place here, Deonarine gets an inside edge and nearly plays onto his stumps. They run three. New batsman Darren Sammy has to defend - his side have slipped from 77-2 to 86-5. He's off the mark with a single, Deonarine languidly steers a single to long-on. Two more singles and home advantage doesn't look like it's helping the Windies at the moment. The body language on their bench tells it all - no-one is talking to each other, especially not Sarwan, who still hasn't taken his pads off! It may be crash-bang T20, but you don't get another go, Ramnaresh...

Wicket falls
13th over - WICKET - Ramdin c N O'Brien b Rankin 1 - WI 83-5
Ireland's tails are most definitely up - Deonarine and Ramdin fumble their way through some ones and twos, then Ramdin chases one down the leg side and he's given out caught behind!

12th over - WI 78-4
Suddenly, the Windies have two new batsmen in and a big rebuilding job on their hands. Narsingh Deonarine was the first of the new men, he's been joined by keeper Denesh Ramdin. A single from left-hander Deonarine means Dockrell has 2-8 from two overs.

Colin Croft
Colin Croft on TMS: "Brainless! Absolutely brainless! That's the only way you can describe that shot! When you lose a wicket, the most important thing is not to lose another!"

Wicket falls
11.4 overs - WICKET - Sarwan c Wilson b Dockrell 24 - WI 77-4
Incredible scenes as Sarwan completely throws his wicket away, going for a big aerial shot over the bowler's head and sending one straight down long-off's throat. He stalks off and appears to be given the cold shoulder by his team-mates - as well they might.

Wicket falls
11.2 overs - WICKET - Fletcher c K O'Brien b Dockrell 19 - WI 77-3
After a single from Sarwan, Fletcher - who is bare-headed after removing his helmet - goes for a big heave-ho against Dockrell, but takes one hand off the bat as he goes through the stroke, it's not got enough on it... and Kevin O'Brien takes the catch! Great wicket for Dockrell, the youngest player in the tournament!

From Teddy, TMS inbox: "If Ireland can win this match, then I'm gonna place 250 beautiful British pounds on Zimbabwe to win the tournament... Scared and excited at the same time!!"

11th over - WI 76-2
Johnston replaces Stirling, it's still pedestrian accumulation from Sarwan and Fletcher until Fletcher tries to hoist one over mid-wicket - a superb stop on the rope by Gary Wilson prevents the four. Considering he's also a wicketkeeper, he's quite nimble in the outfield. Sarwan reads a slower ball well and pulls it, but he is also denied by "Boundary Fox" Wilson.

10th over - WI 69-2
These cricketers gets younger and younger... it's time for slow left-armer George Dockrell, who's only 17. And looks it. Fletcher rotates the strike to allow local Guyanese hero Sarwan, who must know this ground inside out, to manipulate a couple of easy twos before pinching the strike of the last ball.

9th over - WI 63-2
Sarwan is eyeing up the long-on fence against Middlesex's Stirling, but it's a big ground - not like those IPL grounds where sixes are much easier to hit (or even mis-hit) - and he hits a couple of twos to the man on the boundary. Stirling, who we think looks a bit like a young James Corden, strays with a legside wide, while Sarwan nicks one past the keeper and through the vacant slip area for four.

8th over - WI 52-2
Cusack is pretty miserly, just five runs from the over and they'll do well to keep it brisk and not let the Windies settle.

7th over - WI 47-2
Porterfield rotates his bowlers as teenage opening batsman Paul Stirling comes on to bowl some off-spin. He's quickly through his over, which yields just two singles apiece to Fletcher and Sarwan.

6th over - WI 43-2
New batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan sees off the rest of Cusack's over, that's it for the fielding restrictions.

Get involved on 606
From slaptonhatter_matt on 606: "Am I missing something, when was it decided that we'd go back to kits from the eighties and nineties?"

Wicket falls
5.2 overs - WICKET - Bravo c & b Cusack 18 - WI 43-2
Bravo blasts new bowler Alex Cusack's first ball over cover for six, but then the medium-pacer takes a great diving return catch, clinging onto the ball at the second attempt as he falls in a fortunate position and the ball rolls along his body without touching the ground, and into his hands!

5th over - WI 37-1
The Guyanese crowd are on their feet again as Fletcher firmly punches new bowler Kevin O'Brien for a straight four. A quick single sees O'Brien's brother Niall scamper out from behind the stumps to throw down the bowler's end, but Fletcher makes his ground. Kevin, who is the younger of the two O'Briens, is a stocky right-arm medium-pacer, while his brother Niall is keeping wicket in a maroon helmet (most probably brought over from Northants, which is where he plays county cricket). Bravo looks comfortable pushing the ones and twos.

4th over - WI 29-1
Dwayne Bravo, the acting captain, is up in the unaccustomed position of number three. He's off the mark with a single off Johnston, while Fletcher tries to force one to leg and umpire Asad Rauf (undemonstrative as ever) signals a leg bye. Bravo forces a two to leg, then goes aerial with a perfect straight six into the sightscreen. Meanwhile, these West Indian shirts really do get worse and worse the more you see of them. We may have to give today's photo gallery a "you may be easily offended" warning.

Wicket falls
3rd over - WICKET - Chanderpaul c Wilson b Rankin 14 - WI 19-1
There's a fan in the crowd keeping warm in a full tiger suit - Tiger Woods may need to wear a disguise soon, he looks set to miss the cut at the Quail Hollow Championship. Back in Guyana, Chanderpaul carves a four through mid-wicket, then helps a wide one down to fine leg for four. The fine leg fielder, Kevin O'Brien, looks like he lost it in the setting sun and ran the wrong way. But Rankin has the last laugh as Chanderpaul gets a leading edge, there's a long wait before Gary Wilson takes the catch at point - and "The Crab" has to scuttle off with his head down! Big wicket for Ireland.

2nd over - WI 9-0
Former skipper Trent Johnston, a steady medium-fast bowler these days at the age of 34, takes the second over. Fletcher begins with a single again, bringing Chanderpaul on strike - he's still in the habit of banging a bail into the crease when he takes guard. Just a single from the canny Johnston, that's a better over for Ireland.

From Rizvi, TMS inbox: "Gayle out! Ireland to upset West Indies, just bet my friend Humo £30... COME ON IRELAND, YOU CAN DO IT!"

1st over - WI 7-0
Fletcher, who came to prominence during the ill-fated $20m Stanford Super Series in 2008, gets the Windies going with a single - then when Chanderpaul cover-drives, some excellent tumbling fielding by Alex Cusack and Gary Wilson on the boundary turns four into three. Right-hander Fletcher adds a couple more off his legs, and nicks the strike with a single.

2159: Boyd Rankin, whose day job these days is playing for Warwickshire, will take the new ball for Ireland. Chris Gayle, the self-styled "coolest man in cricket", is stretched out on the West Indian bench to give his gluteus maximus a rest - so it's Andre Fletcher and Shivnarine Chanderpaul opening the innings. And I have to report that the West Indian shirts are quite hideous - the bottom half and most of the back are in the traditional maroon colours, but the top half is mostly orange-yellow with a bit of green and blue, and the sleeves are two different shades of blue. Awful.

2155: While the steel bands bash out the anthems, here are the teams:

West Indies: Andre Fletcher, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Narsingh Deonarine, Dwayne Bravo (capt), Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Darren Sammy, Nikita Miller, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach.

Ireland: William Porterfield (capt), Paul Stirling, Niall O'Brien (wk), Alex Cusack, Kevin O'Brien, Trent Johnston, Gary Wilson, John Mooney, Andre Botha, Boyd Rankin, George Dockrell.

Get involved on 606
From AilaFS on 606: "No Gayle, Taylor and Benn - still hoping for a Windies win but as they say in the Caribbean, I have goat mouth, so I'm saying Windies gonna lose bad."

2154: Ian Bishop on TMS has learned that Chris Gayle's "stiffness" is a "gluteus maximus" injury. For those of you who don't speak Latin, basically, he is feeling stiff in the buttocks.

2145: TMS are back on air again - and I wonder how much of a psychological lift it will have given Ireland to see Chris Gayle's name absent from the Windies team sheet. They're also missing fast bowler Jerome Taylor and slow left-armer Sulieman Benn through injury, so, it's very much an under-strength Caribbean line-up - although not quite as depleted as they were when a player dispute saw a team of reserves and older players (I heard it best described as "Floyd Reifer's Volunteers XI") get whipped by Bangladesh.

Gayle is capable of destroying any attack in the world - UK users may wish to reminisce by checking out some of the highlights of last year's World Twenty20 in England. And Ireland are an improving cricketing nation - witness their last visit to the Caribbean in 2007 when they knocked out Pakistan on the way to the Super Eight phase of the World Cup, while they also made the second phase in last year's World Twenty20.

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From Anonymous, via text: "What a great game! Let's hope for an Irish upset!"

From Nathaniel W, TMS inbox: "Perfect Friday evening, glass of red, pizza, TMS via headphones on the laptop (wife has Corrie on TV) and MM text, long live T20"

2135: Toss news for this day-nighter - West Indies stand-in captain Dwayne Bravo has won the toss and elects to bat first. (Skipper Chris Gayle was a little stiff this morning, apparently). Ireland captain William Porterfield admits he'd have batted first too.

2131: It's all change - please manually refresh the page and you will see the headline has magically changed to reflect the upcoming game between West Indies and Ireland. If you're only just joining us, shame on you! You've missed a brilliant opening game between New Zealand and Sri Lanka - take a look at Oliver Brett's match report.

2117: Well, that was an absolute corker to launch the tournament. New Zealand may be asking "how the heck did we win that", while Sri Lanka will definitely be asking "how on earth did we lose that?" And there's hardly any time to recover as West Indies v Ireland starts at 2200 BST - both teams are already out to loosen up on the outfield. TMS are going off air until 2145 - and we're going to take a very short break - but we'll be back to bring you the news of the toss.


19.5 overs - NZ 139-8
So, two balls to come - three to win, two and we go for a super-over, fewer than two and Sri Lanka win. Tim Southee comes in as non-striker, but McCullum launches the Slinger over long-off for six to win it with a ball to spare! What a finish!

Wicket falls
19.4 overs - WICKET - Vettori run out 17 - NZ 133-8 (TARGET 136)
New Zealand can expect an over of slingy yorkers here - McCullum digs one out of the blockhole for a single to mid-on. Nine needed from five balls. Vettori plays and misses, Vettori's not quick off the mark but goes through for a bye, Malinga has three stumps to aim at but somehow misses when he rolls the ball to the striker's end! Incredible! Eight needed from four. McCullum steps across his stumps and shovels a four from outside off stump through backward square leg, suddenly the Kiwis need four from three. McCullum clubs the fourth ball of the over to long-on, but they run a suicidal second and Vettori is run out! Three needed from two!

19th over - NZ 126-7 (TARGET 136)
New batsman is Nathan McCullum, he steers a single to long-off but there's no chance of a second. 18 needed from nine balls. Welegedara drops short, Vettori whips it off his legs for four through mid-wicket - 14 needed from eight. A single means it's 13 from seven. McCullum chips it over the man at mid-on and they somehow scamper three - so 10 will be needed from Malinga's final over, with McCullum on strike.

Wicket falls
18.2 overs - WICKET - Hopkins run out (Dilshan/Sangakkara) 1 - NZ 117-7 (TARGET 136)
New batsman Gareth Hopkins steers his first ball to third man, comes back for the second and is run out by a superb throw from Dilshan as Sangakkara demolishes the stumps with glee. 19 needed from 10 balls.

Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "If Oram had connected with that shot, the ball would still be in the air now"

Wicket falls
18.1 overs - WICKET - Oram b Welegedara 15 - NZ 116-6 (TARGET 136)
Important choice for Captain Sanga - who to bowl the penultimate over? Mendis, Murali and Jayasuriya have all bowled out, so it's Mathews or Welegedara - and left-armer Welegedara gets the nod against New Zealand's two leftie batsmen. But Oram swipes, Welegedara hits and the stumps go flying - great decision, Sanga! 20 needed from 11.

Jonathan Agnew
Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "I had a difficult choice yesterday - whether to watch the UK leaders' debate, or 'Little House on the Prairie' on Guyanese television"

18th over - NZ 116-5 (TARGET 136)
Vettori steers a single to long-off to bring his giant partner back on strike. Oram swings, that could have gone anywhere but they can only run one. Vettori square-drives, gets his head down as he calls for two, the throw comes in to the non-striker's end but Oram makes his ground - he can probably run 22 yards in three or four strides. Vettori whacks a single to long-off, the last ball is a low full toss but Oram can only pat it for a single. 20 needed from 12 balls. The tension, the crowd, the buzz, it's all happening...

17th over - NZ 110-5 (TARGET 136)
New batsman is the lanky Jacob Oram, who will have to give it some long handle if New Zealand are to give themselves a chance of winning. We're not going to get a big break between games, as West Indies-Ireland starts at 2200 BST, that's 66 minutes from now... After a couple of singles, Oram launches the biggest hit we've seen all day, an absolutely huge hit which bounces off the top tier in the stand behind long-on. Another big hit doesn't quite have the height, there's a man under it - it's Kapugedera, but he can't hold on and it goes over his head for another six! He was 5-10 feet in from the boundary - if he'd stayed on the rope, he'd have caught it... 26 needed from 18 balls.

Wicket falls
16.2 overs - WICKET - Styris b Mendis 17 - NZ 96-5 (TARGET 136)
Vettori comes down the track to Mendis, but he can only manage a single. Styris swipes, misses and is clean bowled... advantage Sri Lanka!

16th over - NZ 95-4 (TARGET 136)
Time for Lasith Malinga to return - with three overs left in his spell, he's likely to bowl the 16th, 18th and 20th overs from the Northern End. While not quite in the supreme class of Umar Gul as a T20 death bowler, he's been pretty useful in this role. Vettori nurdles a single, Styris forces one off his legs, then Vettori steers a two through square leg and has to hurry for the second... he has to dive, but the third umpire rules he's not out. A couple more singles leave the Kiwis needing to score 41 from 24 balls, we may have an intriguing finish here.

From Stew Flaherty, USA, TMS inbox: "I always thought Flintoff had a resemblance to Desperate Dan"

It'll be "Desperate Dan" Vettori left to scratch his stubble if the Kiwis lose this one from here. Jesse Ryder may be interested if there are any cow pies to be had, though.

15th over - NZ 88-4 (TARGET 136)
New batsman is captain Daniel Vettori - can he see his side home? He and Styris add a single apiece as Muralitharan completes his spell, finishing with 2-25 from his four overs.

Wicket falls
14.2 overs - WICKET - Taylor c Mathews b Muralitharan 9 - NZ 86-4 (TARGET 136)
Styris tries to attack Murali, but Mahela Jayawardene can't hold a hard chance at extra cover and they run one. Ross Taylor has never looked completely comfortable out there - and it's all over for him as he tries to hoist Murali into the sky and is well held by Angelo Mathews coming in from deep mid-wicket and sinking to his knees.

Tony Cozier
Tony Cozier on TMS: "Most of the pitches in Guyana are pretty flat, but it's produced some great players - from Colin Croft, Rohan Kanhai, Clive Lloyd and Roy Fredericks to modern players like Ramnaresh Sarwan and Shivnarine Chanderpaul"

14th over - NZ 85-3 (TARGET 136)
Jayasuriya to bowl his fourth over off the reel, Taylor and Styris continue to push the singles but New Zealand have lost that aggressive edge since Ryder's departure. A great spell of 1-17 from Jayasuriya's four overs. Sangakkara still has three overs of Malinga up his sleeve...

13th over - NZ 81-3 (TARGET 136)
Mendis replaces Murali. Styris on-drives for a couple, then pulls a short ball that perfectly bisects the two men out on the mid-wicket fence for four. The required rate has crept up to more than seven and a half runs per over. (Sorry, forgot to put the NZ target in the last couple of overs. It's back now.)

12th over - NZ 75-3 (TARGET 136)
Jayasuriya is also quickly through his over, the boundaries have dried up for the time being as just like in the 11th over, both batsman add two singles to their score. Taylor has seven, Styris has five.

11th over - NZ 71-3 (TARGET 136)
Rapid over from Murali, Styris and Taylor add two singles each. And everyone around me in our office starts beaming with smiles as my colleague Neil Wolfson spontaneously hands us all chocolate bars...

10th over - NZ 67-3 (TARGET 136)
New batsman is Scott Styris, who's probably won games for New Zealand from this position half a dozen times or more. I can't help but think of Styris as "the Penguin" after asking you to nominate cricketers who resemble superheroes/villains and cartoon characters at the last World Cup. He's off the mark with a single off the last ball of Jayasuriya's over.

Wicket falls
9.5 overs - WICKET - Guptill b Jayasuriya 19 - NZ 66-3 (TARGET 136)
Ian Bishop on TMS is hoping for some big local crowds in this tournament - apparently the cheapest tickets are only US$5, with under-16s admitted free. Sounds very reasonable to me. It's still Jayasuriya to bowl, he's walking rather gingerly but the 40-year-old punches the air with delight as he slides one under Guptill's forward push and knocks a stump out of the ground.

9th over - NZ 65-2 (TARGET 136)
Ross Taylor joins Guptill at the crease, three more singles are added from the rest of Murali's over.

Wicket falls
8.3 overs - WICKET - Ryder b Muralitharan 42 - NZ 62-2 (TARGET 136)
Another big blast from Big Jesse, the ball sails to the mid-wicket boundary and that's six or out... and it's six. But wily old Murali has his revenge as Ryder backs away, is deceived in the flight and the ball flicks his bails as he misses it. 42 from 27 balls, but Big Jesse is back in the hutch.

8th over - NZ 56-1 (TARGET 136)
While this live text is thankfully a general election-free zone, one politician has sneaked under the radar - and having come in to score 0 not out without facing a ball, it's time for Sanath Jayasuriya, newly elected to the Sri Lankan parliament, to bowl his slow left-arm "darts". Ryder and Guptill steer the old man around the field for ones and twos, some good work by Kapugedera on the rope prevents a boundary but Jayasuriya doesn't look like he's moving too easily as his over costs seven runs.

7th over - NZ 49-1 (TARGET 136)
Fielding restrictions are off - and Muttiah Muralitharan's on. He has a mere 1,315 international wickets in his locker (792 Test, 512 ODI and 11 T20). Ryder sweeps effectively for a couple, before a baseball-style club back past the bowler - a line drive to centre field, if you like - brings him four. A hesitant single means Guptill has to hurry, but another wild throw from Chandimal at point is wide of the stumps, Sangakkara doesn't take it cleanly either and they complete the single.

6th over - NZ 40-1 (TARGET 136)
After a brief musical interlude, Ryder bashes Mendis for a single down to long-on. Guptill tries to push a quick one into the covers, the dawdling Ryder will be run out if there's a half-decent throw to the stumps... but Malinga's throw is far from being even half-decent. Considering the athletic fielders in the Sri Lanka team, I can't believe he's the best man to be at point. Ryder, whose batting style is compared to Marcus Trescothick by Aggers on TMS, is looking to score off every ball and a couple more singles take his score to 21.

Ian Bishop
Former West Indies fast bowler Ian Bishop on TMS: "New Zealand must be favourites at this point, especially if they keep wickets in hand, as they have such depth in their batting"

Get involved on 606
From IndianGooner on 606: "WI wickets are not ideal for Twenty20... team with good bowling attack will win the tournament."

5th over - NZ 35-1 (TARGET 136)
Bring on the Slinger! Lasith Malinga is into the attack, but is immediately despatched over the sightscreens with a lofted six by Guptill! The right-hander then sways out of the way of a bouncer, before forcing a well-run two past mid-on. Ryder dives for the crease ("you can hear the shudder around the ground as he's a weighty man", notes Tony Cozier on TMS), but is well in. Just those two scoring shots from the Slinger's over, but NZ are still ahead of the required rate.

4th over - DROPPED CATCH - NZ 27-1 (TARGET 136)
Time for some spin - Ajantha Mendis with the chance to get into form before the really important business of the summer... when he joins Hampshire! (They could do with him at the moment, if their early results are anything to go by). After the Kiwi pair plunder a single apiece, Guptill tries to force Mendis through the covers, the leaping Dilshan gets both hands to it but can't hold on. Ryder forces another four off his legs, then carves two more to deep backward square leg.

3rd over - NZ 18-1 (TARGET 136)
After a single from Guptill, Big Jesse goes for a Big Hit by lifting Mathews high over long-on and into the stand for six. Mathews deceives Ryder with a good slower ball as he keeps it tight for the rest of the over.

2nd over - NZ 11-1 (TARGET 136)
No sign of the Slinger just yet as left-arm seamer Chanaka Welegedara (full name Uda Walawwe Mahim Bandaralage Chanaka Asanga Welegedara) will share the new ball. His first ball is wild and woolly down the leg side, and Ryder helps himself to an easy four before dinking a single to third man. Welegedara is rather harshly punished with a wide (considering the one Bond bowled earlier which wasn't signalled wide), and Guptill firmly on-drives for four, before pinching the strike with a single.

1st over - NZ 0-1 (TARGET 136)
New batsman is Martin Guptill - and Mathews, possibly the least heralded member of Sri Lanka's varied bowling attack, has opened with a wicket maiden. Well done him.

Out for a duck
0.4 overs - WICKET - B McCullum c Malinga b Mathews 0 - NZ 0-1 (TARGET 136)
No out-and-out pace for the first over as Sri Lanka open with Angelo Mathews' medium pace - and the plan works a treat as Brendon McCullum aims a big hit to leg, skies it into the air over mid-wicket and is brilliantly caught by Lasith Malinga diving forward!

1939: We're already about to get under way. Brendon McCullum and Jesse Ryder opening up for the Kiwis - so expect fireworks!

From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "I'm looking forward to Afganistan's first game against India tomorrow. I saw them a couple of years ago in a low-scoring nail-biting two-wicket win against Jersey at the start of their meteoric rise, and I saw the most joyous winning-run player-pitch-invasion-mixed-with-prayers I've ever seen. The home Jersey crowd moved from disappointment to rapturous applause within seconds"

1932: Colin Croft on TMS feels that Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara will be heavily dependent on his spinners. He certainly has plenty of variation in his bowling attack - right-arm pace from Lasith "The Slinger" Malinga, brisk left-arm seam from Chanaka Welegedara, veteran off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan, young "mystery spinner" Angelo Mathews and Sanath Jayasuriya's slow left-arm "darts", plus a bit of medium pace from Angelo Mathews and possibly some off-spin from Tillakaratne Dilshan, who has plenty of one-day wickets.

From Nick Green, TMS inbox: "Was stuck in Sri Lanka for a week due to the 'Fire Mountain', none of the tuk tuk drivers spoke English until you mentioned cricket - then they were fluent in discussing England's batting problems and inviting you to their home to watch the IPL final"

1929: Well, that was an entertaining start to the tournament. Superb batting from Jayawardene, but New Zealand didn't panic and will be pleased with the way they closed out the innings after they got him out. "They're 15 runs short," notes Colin Croft on TMS.

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Mathews c N McCullum b Bond 3 - SL 135-6
It's Jayasuriya time - at 40, the oldest man still playing international cricket has to come out for two balls. But it's Mathews facing - he misses the fifth ball of the over and quick reactions from keeper Hopkins prevent a bye. Mathews has a big slog at the last ball of the innings, but it's more catching practice for Nathan McCullum, still at long-off, who takes his third catch of the day.

Wicket falls
19.4 overs - WICKET - Kapugedera c N McCullum b Bond 11 - SL 135-5
Bond to bowl the last over, a bit of cat and mouse between batsman and bowler as Mathews backs away and Bond fires a low one in wide of off stump. Almost a wide, but was just within the guide marks that you see painted on one-day wickets now. Mathews nudges a single, Kapugedera clubs a flat six over extra cover but then holes out at long-off.

19th over - SL 128-4
Sanath Jayasuriya's fans are left frustrated once again as the new batsman is Angelo Mathews. Mind you, given that Jayasuriya was recently elected to Sri Lanka's parliament, he probably has enough on his plate already. Kapugedera and Mathews can only manage four singles as Southee keeps it tight and finishes with figures of 1-21 from four overs. Suddenly, 150 looks a long way off...

Wicket falls
18.1 overs - WICKET - Jayawardene c N McCullum b Southee 81 - SL 124-4
Jayawardene goes aerial again, but his bold innings is ended as Nathan McCullum takes a good catch back on the mid-wicket fence.

18th over - SL 124-3
Cap'n Dan on for his last over. Kapugedera's main job will just be to give Jayawardene as much of the strike as possible, he clubs a couple of well-run twos before a single to the mid-wicket sweeper takes him to 81 from 50 balls - which out of a team score of 124 is superb. He's now passed his previous best T20 international score of 78, against Ireland at Lord's last summer.

Get involved on 606
From SamirNasriNasri8, on 606: "Super innings from Mahela. This is not an easy pitch to bat on."

17th over - SL 118-3
Vettori shuffles his bowlers once more - Southee returns for his third over. With three overs left after this, none of the Kiwi bowlers have finished their spells. Jayawardene blasts his seventh four through point, a single finally brings Kapugedera on strike and he's off the mark with a single. It's singles off nearly every ball now, while Jayawardene punishes a loose Southee delivery by helping it down the leg side for a first-bounce four through backward square leg.

16th over - SL 106-3
Interesting change in the batting order as the new man is Chamara Kapugedera is elevated above Jayasuriya and Mathews. He averages 21.75 from 11 T20 internationals, with a strike rate of 120.83, and a top score of 47. But as they ran on the catch, he's not facing as Jayawardene milks McCullum for another two and a single.

Wicket falls
15.4 overs - WICKET - Chandimal c Taylor b N McCullum 29 - SL 103-3
Chandimal brings up three figures for his country with a slog-swept four off the recalled McCullum, he's been very assured considering he's never played any international cricket before today. And... I've cursed him as even before I finish writing that sentence, he goes for another big hit but is pouched by the safe hands of Ross Taylor on the long-on boundary.

Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "Jayawardene's really rattling along - he's hit all of the six fours scored in this innings, and two of the three sixes"

15th over - SL 97-2
Jayawardene wristily flicks Oram for a single, to the sound of some of those conch shells which were banned in 2007 but thankfully allowed into the grounds this time. Chandimal nurdles a single to leg, then Jayawardene slices a four over point. Two more singles push the run rate up towards six and a half - Jaya has 62 from 40 balls, Chandimal has 24 from 20.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Mikey in Nottingham, via text: "Any idea what the pitches are like in the Caribbean? 165+ a 'good' score?"

Mikey, I think plenty of teams will be watching this game intently to see what a "good" score is.

14th over - DROPPED CATCH - SL 89-2
Bond returns, trying to mix up his pace a little, but Jayawardene and Chandimal keep pushing the singles while Jayawardene brutally pulls the paceman for four. Another bouncer sees Chandimal try to hook, but that's an awful drop by wicketkeeper Hopkins as the ball bounces out of his gloves. If he'd actually jumped, he'd have taken the catch.

Colin Croft
Former West Indies fast bowler Colin Croft on TMS: "Sri Lanka want Jayawardene to bat through the innings, so the others can bat around him. West Indies-Ireland later will be a big game, as whoever loses may get knocked out, given that England are also in that group"

That's 50
13th over - SL 80-2
The tall Oram returns to the attack but is summarily lifted for another six into the stands at long-on by Jayawardene, who's closing on his half century. Three singles allow the former skipper to reach his third T20 international fifty from 33 balls.

12th over - SL 71-2
Jayawardene guides Vettori for a two and a single, Chandimal adds a couple more before another hoist into the Guyanese sky lands safely between long-off and extra cover. They run two. A controversial moment at the end of the over - the Sri Lanka pair try to sneak a quick single but umpire Steve Davis has already called "over" and sends them back to their original positions. If you're more of a fan of the other Steve Davis, you can also follow the World Snooker Championship elsewhere on the BBC.

11th over - SL 64-2
Styris to resume, after a single from Chandimal, Jayawardene tries an unorthodox shot over his left shoulder - not really a Dilscoop, more of an "Ashraful", or a "frying pan" if you prefer. Two leg byes are the result. Jayawardene moves to 39 with a single, then Chandimal shows no sign of debutant's nerves with a huge six into the stand at long-on! (Or, to please Dave below, "a TMS Maximum").

From Dave, TMS inbox: "After weeks of watching the IPL, complete with awful commentary, I have nearly forgotten what a 'six' is. Could you please refer to any balls that are hit over the boundary as a 'TMS Maximum' so I know what you are talking about?"

10th over - SL 54-2
Jayawardene and Chandimal look to push the singles against Vettori - and manage one off every ball. We're at the halfway point. And breaking news from the England camp: Kevin Pietersen will leave on the next flight the moment wife Jess goes into labour with their first child - even if it means walking off the pitch in the middle of an ICC World Twenty20 match.

9th over - SL 48-2
New batsman is Dinesh Chandimal, who's making his international debut. He's a 20-year-old right-hander with a strike rate of 137.87 in domestic T20 cricket, and he's off the mark with a three past mid-off. Jayawardene nicks the strike with a single.

Tony Cozier
Tony Cozier on TMS: "It's a simple method from Styris - bowling wicket to wicket on a slowish pitch and asking batsmen to take a risk"

Wicket falls
8.2 overs - WICKET - Sangakkara b Styris 4 - SL 44-2
New batsman is dibbly-dobbly medium pacer Scott Styris, who has an instant impact when Sanga heaves across the line and is bowled!

From Josh (Hampshire fan currently crying into his dinner), Bristol, TMS inbox: "Mark, apparently LIAT stands for Luggage In Another Terminal. It's good to see Jayawardene opening, and New Zealand look twice the team with Ryder playing"

Never mind "Another Terminal", it was Another Territory for some of our group last year...

8th over - SL 43-1
Kiwi captain Daniel Vettori introduces his own miserly left-arm spin into the attack, he's usually a man to put the brakes on the scoring rate in limited-overs cricket. Sri Lanka manage just three singles from Cap'n Dan's over.

7th over - SL 40-1
Sanga cover-drives a single to Oram on the cover boundary. Sri Lanka now have a left-hand/right-hand combo at the crease, and the right-handed Jayawardene tickles a single to Bond at third man. Sanga adds a leg bye, then Jayawardene is denied by a great sprawling stop by "Big Jesse" Ryder at point. He's had a few injury problems of late, though I try to shy away from using the word "fit" in a description of the burly Kiwi batsman. A singleton takes Jaya to 32.

6th over - SL 36-1
Captain Kumar Sangakkara is the new batsman, prodding a quick single to mid-off. And the field restrictions are lifted - only four fielders need be in the circle from now on.

Wicket falls
5.4 overs - WICKET - Dilshan b Oram 3 - SL 35-1
Jaywardene has the crowd on their feet again with another fluent cover drive for four off new bowler Jacob Oram, who will probably consider it a triumph if he manages to get through the tournament without breaking down with injury. A single brings Dilshan on strike - and his tortured stay at the crease is ended as he chops a slower ball onto his stumps, having taken 19 balls to score three. Will the real Tillakaratne Dilshan please... return to the pavilion.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Paul in Muswell Hill, via text: "Is the BBC providing live text for all the games? If so that is fantastic!"

We are indeed. Glad to be of service.

5th over - SL 30-0
First change of bowling as youthful right-arm seamer Tim Southee replaces McCullum. England fans might recall him knocking seven bells out of their attack in an entertaining tail-end batting cameo as England won the third Test in Napier in 2008. He's on the money against Dilshan, only yielding a single. Jayawardene's confident off-drive is straight to Cap'n Dan Vettori at mid-off, a slower ball is smeared to mid-on and shaven-headed keeper Gareth Hopkins calls for his helmet to stand up to the stumps for the final delivery. Dilshan is stuck in the mud, he has taken 17 balls to score three. Will the real Tillakaratne Dilshan (candidate for player of the tournament in this competition last year) please stand up?

4th over - SL 28-0
Jayawardene pops a four over the head of backward point, a single takes his score to 20 from 10 balls. Dilshan, by his standards, is relatively becalmed, rotating the strike with a leg bye before Jayawardene blasts a four towards the podium dancers at cow corner. He's really "in the zone" so far.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Dhan, Cambridge, via text: "Come on everybody! Do the Dilscoop!"

3rd over - SL 18-0
McCullum has an interesting skip to the crease, Dilshan adds a single and then another classy caress through the covers brings Jayawardene four. He's a lovely batsman to watch if you're a cricket purist. A single to third man completes the over and the TMS crew are already encouraged that the ICC fun police who were on duty at the World Cup in 2007 have gone away, and allowed a real Caribbean atmosphere in the ground.

2nd over - SL 12-0
A change of pace as Shane Bond, the quickest New Zealand bowler of his generation, charges in and is hoisted over his head for a couple by Jayawardene. Bond, like team-mate Jacob Oram (and England's Andrew Flintoff), now concentrates on limited-overs cricket after deciding to spare his battered body from the rigours of Test cricket. Jayawardene delicately lifts a single over extra cover like a golfer on approach to the green, Dilshan's off the mark with a single of his own and then Jayawardene clubs the first six of the tournament over mid-wicket, to rouse the pitchside dancers into action for the first time. (That's a six - not an "insert name of sponsor maximum").

Get involved on 606
From VoiceOfCricket on 606: "Tough to call the winner. But SL has the edge with the three Ms. Ryder is the one to watch out for"

1st over - SL 2-0
McCullum bowls round the wicket to Jayawardene, traditionally a great player of spin who forces the first ball for a single off his legs. Dilshan has a light blue headband tied in a knot, with the ends trailing out of the back of his helmet - McCullum sends down a wide behind the batsman's legs but there's no sign of a Dilscoop so far as he fails to pierce the infield.

1759: With a nod to the tactic they introduced at the 1992 World Cup, New Zealand will open the bowling with an off-spinner - Nathan McCullum. Sri Lanka's opening pair are Mahela Jayawardene and Tillakaratne Dilshan. Let's Bring It!

1757: A West Indian flavour to the national anthems - plenty of steel drums in there. Meanwhile, Aggers is joined in the TMS box by former New Zealand seamer Simon Doull, who hints that he's had a few problems with the Caribbean airline Liat. Having visited the Windies myself last spring and flown with them, I can't say I'm surprised at all.

1753: Flags being brought out onto the ground in Guyana (while some stirring music, which sounds like a cross between John Williams and Vangelis, is played). Remember, we want you to get involved throughout the tournament - so if you're just getting home from work for the weekend then put your feet up, set the video for "Ashes to Ashes" and let us know your views on the tournament. "Bring It!", you might say. You can email us at (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 (from the UK) or +44 7786200666 (anywhere in the world), or join the debate on 606.

Alison Mitchell
TMS reporter Alison Mitchell on Twitter: "St Lucia is possibly the greenest, most lush place I've ever been to! At the ground, sorting out the technicals for India-Afghanistan on Saturday"

1750: Tony Cozier on TMS has noticed the covers being brought on... let's hope it's only a quick precaution! The tournament slogan may be "Bring It!" but we don't want it applied to the covers...

1745: The Test Match Special team are up and running - as producer Adam Mountford wrote on his blog the other day, you'll have plenty to listen to throughout the tournament. As well as today's opening games, TMS will have full commentary on all of England and Ireland's group games, then every game from the Super Eight stage onwards. Meanwhile, Alison Mitchell is over on the lush green island of St Lucia to report on tomorrow's historic game between Afghanistan and India. And we'll have text commentary on every game here on the BBC Sport website.

1741: Here are the full teams:

New Zealand: Brendon McCullum, Jesse Ryder, Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor, Scott Styris, Gareth Hopkins (wk), Jacob Oram, Daniel Vettori (capt), Nathan McCullum, Shane Bond, Tim Southee.

Sri Lanka: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara (capt & wk), Sanath Jayasuriya, Chamara Kapugedera, Angelo Mathews, Dinesh Chandimal, Lasith Malinga, Muttiah Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendia, Chanaka Welegedara.

Jonathan Agnew
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on Twitter: "Rumours of an opening ceremony. Guaranteed chaos in my experience"

1733: Toss news - Sri Lanka have won the toss and will bat first. Captain Kumar Sangakkara reveals that his predecessor Mahela Jayawardene will open the innings. Kiwi skipper Daniel Vettori admits he'd also have batted - the Black Caps have a fully-fit squad and have left out experienced seamer Kyle Mills.

1730: Afternoon, everyone. It's three years and two days since Australia beat Sri Lanka in a crazy finish to a Caribbean World Cup which had veered from tragedy to farce at times. Once again, the West Indies hosts a showpiece International Cricket Council tournament - with a few lessons hopefully learned from last time.

But the world of cricket has turned on its head since then, with Twenty20 very much in vogue - so 313 days after Pakistan won the last ICC World Twenty20 at Lord's... welcome to another ICC World Twenty20, 2010-style.

The ICC's slogan for this tournament is "Bring It!" - and we've got a live text double-header in store for you each day, with two games from Guyana first up. Sri Lanka and New Zealand get the ball rolling at 1800 BST, before Ireland hope to cause an upset against their West Indian hosts at 2200 BST.

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