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SA v Pakistan semi-final as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 semi-final, Trent Bridge:

1730 BST: South Africa 142-5 lost to Pakistan 149-4 by seven runs


By Tom Fordyce


e-mail (with 'For Tom Fordyce' in the subject), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word) or use 606. (Not all contributions can be used)

2044: An extraordinary win for Pakistan - almost everyone thought South Africa were certs for this, but a team thrashed by England by 48 runs is now just one match away from becoming Twenty20 world champions. Graeme Smith's men were outplayed in the end - Afridi surely man of the match for his contribution with bat and ball, backed up by fine spin support and those devilish rapid toe-crushers from Umar Gul.


20th over: SA 142-5 - PAKISTAN WIN BY SEVEN RUNS
Boucher should go without facing a ball, but Aamer drops the ball with the run-out a seeming cert. Duminy batters four off the penultimate one for four through midwicket, but South Africa need 10 off the last ball - Duminy drives for two, and the celebrations begin in earnest.

Wicket falls

20th over: WICKET Morkel run out 2, SA 134-5

Aamer with the dustings - Duminy mows, misses by a mile. He makes the next one, through - big six over square leg. 17 needed from four. Duminy dashes for two next that was never there - Morkel goes, run out by a mile, and Pakistan are in the final.

19th over: SA 127-4
Gul now - can he repeat the magic of the last one? Morkel drives a full one straight for a single, but Duminy can do nothing with the next one - fast, full and furious straight into the batsman's shoelaces. Leg-bye to the 'keeper - but what's this? Gul seems to have lost his run-up, and pulls up shy of the stumps three times on the bounce. Finally he goes through - one more to long-on, and yet another horrible yorker. You can't do anything with those, and this is surely the death-knell for South Africa's hopes. 23 needed off the last over, and Pakistan's fans are dancing with delight.

18th over: SA 121-4
Albie Morkel jogs on with derring-do needed. There's one down the ground, and Duminy marmalises a full toss over midwicket for four. Ajmal does Duminy all ends up with the next one, but the ball flips away off the pad remarkably fast for four more fine. 29 needed from 12 - it's not impossible...

Wicket falls

18th over: WICKET Kallis c Malik by Ajmal 64, SA 111-4

Pandemonium in the Pakistani ranks, and why not - the danger man has gone, and with him maybe the match. Kallis had to go long, but he got underneath it and Malik, after waiting an age, pouches a nerveless beauty on the long-on fence.

17th over: SA 111-3
Gul returns - key over, this. Big slog from Duminy - leg bye to third man; leg bye again as the yorker-length late swing caused havoc. JP dashes a one, and that's a great diving save on the third man fence from Ajmal - just two to Kallis when it looked every inch a four. Fantastic ball again - full, swinging brute, and Kallis can only stub the ball out a few feet away.

From Martin Cee in London, TMS inbox: "I am currently listening to the England vs Spain Under 21 game on Radio 5 Live, watching the Italy vs Egypt game on BBC Three with the sound off, and following the 20-20 on the live text. Help!"

16th over: SA 105-3
Duminy goes reverser to Ajmal - leg bye. Kallis turns for one, Duminy bottom-hands to wide mid-on for another. Should have been two there, but Kallis was pedestrian. Almighty mow from Duminy - the ball goes a mile up, but there's no-one anyone close. 45 needed from 24 balls - it's doable again...

That's 50

15th over: SA 98-3

Left-arm Fawad Alam on for his first over of the entire tournament, turning it into Duminy - mis-hit swiper to deep square leg for one. Kallis klouts straight for one more; Duminy goes wider for another. Kallis knows he needs more, and he finds it - lofted drive high over mid-on to go to his 50, and then - SMASH! an enormous, enormous six into the top tier of the long-on stand. He dashes a two next, and that was a big, big over for South Africa.

14th over: SA 83-3
Wild first delivery - full, wide, and signalled extras by Umpire Billy B. The next is also leggish - four very fine from Duminy as Akmal goes down in instalments behind the sticks. Huge bellow for ell bee next - just down leg, says Umpire Steve Davis, but swinging late - and after a leg bye Kallis fences mutely at a short one. Big boomer aimed at the next; finds nothing but thin air, but he's bang on it next ball - four crunched through cover. 67 needed off 36...

13th over: SA 73-3
Afridi for his last. There's a huge appeal for a caught behind against Kallis - the batsman points to his pad with the toe of his bat. Single, the same to Duminy - and the spell is over - aptly-named too, with 2-16 off four to go with his 51 with the blade. Relief for SA? Not really - here comes Umar Gul...

12th over: SA 69-3
Shoaib Malik on for his first dart. Duminy can't get the ball off the square - five off ten balls, moving to six off 11. Kallis runs the ball off the face for one, and finally Duminy has a little joy - two clipped between midwicket and mid-on. 81 needed off 48.

From Anthony Pettman, TMS inbox: "Did England really beat Pakistan?"

11th over: SA 64-3
Afridi again, to rafter-rattling roars from the caterwauling Pakistani supporters. Duminy can only tip for one, Kallis the same - over nine an over now, and that's heavy pressure.

10th over: SA 61-3
Dead-eyed calm from Kallis as the storm rages - a four pulled high over midwicket from Ajmal's shorter one, and a dabber behind square for the single. Duminy prods towards point for a single, and they need 89 from 60 balls. How will South Africa react now?

From Barry in London, TMS inbox: "Yep, I'll say the Fordyce Reverse-Mockers (more properly known as Commentators Curse) are in effect. '... and they're bang on target' followed swiftly by 1-0-1-1 from Aamer..."

Wicket falls

9th over: WICKET De Villiers b Afridi 1, SA 50-3

He's done it again, and South Africa are stunned - ABdV had a big slash at one that kept low, and looks back in horror at his timbers as he can only chop the ball on. Afridi stands with arms aloft as his team-mates clamber all over him - what a performance from Boom-Boom...

8th over: SA 49-2
Saeed Ajmal now for more hardcore tweakeroo. Both ABdV and Kallis are poking uncertainly - 101 needed from 72 balls...

Wicket falls

7th over: WICKET Gibbs b Afridi 5, SA 46-2

Afridi on for some tweak. Gibbs is on that straight away - a lovely wristy drive past extra cover for four, with a dinked single to follow. Big, big turn past Kallis's stretching blade next up before another single - and Gibbs has gone! He played for the turn, Afridi had gone a little wider in the crease and the top-spin ripped it through the batsman's defences. We've got a game on here...

Wicket falls

6th over: WICKET Smith c&b Aamer 10, SA 40-1

Aamer gets the ball right up in the blockhole at a sniff under 90mph - fine bowling, and there's just one run off the first fizzing four balls. Smith, suddenly, cracks - he steps away, tries to pull a short vicious one into Derby and succeeds only in holing out to the beaming bowler. Rampant delight in the partying stands..

5th over: SA 39-0
Smith skies a monster - the ball's spiralling out to Umar Gul, high into the sunlit sky - he looks certain to catch it, but he misjudges it completely - the ball falls safe, and Umar then falls backwards and smashes his head on the turf. Ouch - looks painful, but that could be a key miss. Leg bye, and then Kallis drives a beauty with minimal muscle for four dead straight. Chop fine for one to end the over - excellent start for South Africa, and they're bang on target.

4th over: SA 30-0
Aamer again, as three men in luminous green wigs cheer in the crowd. That's better bowling - just three off the first four balls, and then one more off the fifth as Carless turns it to short leg. Cunning slower one off the last, and Smith plays all round that. 120 needed off 96 balls.

3rd over: SA 26-0
Loose from Razzaq - down leg side, and Smith will dink those away fine all day long. There's a better one next - an absolute ripper that beats both batsman and Stumper Akmal for four more. Very quiet on the emails - what's occuring?

2nd over: SA 15-0
Mohammad Aamer to open from the other - slash! Kallis carves over point for a musclebound four. Next ball - gaghh - there's a big edge straight through first slip for four more. Kallis then steps across to the off side and nudges the other way for a well-placed two.

1st over: SA 5-0
Razzaq to Kallis - and there's almost Kallimitous run-out off the first ball as Smith tries to steal a run that was never there. There's a big appeal for ell bee - missing leg - and a big smasher off the front foot through cover for four. Single at the death, and the attack is underway.

Hblove on 606:

Get involved on 606

"Should have got at least 20 more. But they do have a good bowling attack with Afridi and Gul and Ajmal and so they could well defend 149. However, 60-40 in favour of the Saffers at the moment."

Dermot Reeve on Test Match Special:

Dermot Reeve

"South Africa fought really well. It's not an easy pitch to play the spinners so the first six overs with Kallis at the top of the order will be very important against the fast bowlers. They don't want to leave too much to do against the spinners."


20th over: Pkn 149-4
Razzaq's struggling to pick these - just ones again. Skipper Smith will be delighted with the last five overs - a leg-bye from the penultimate ball, and single off the last one. Super work from Parnell - 1-26 off his four, and you'd have to thing that South Africa have their noses in front at halfway.

19th over: Pkn 144-4
Steyn tears in. Younus slashes a slower one curvily over point for two, dashes a single to ABdV at long-off and dinks another over cover for two more. Still no boundaries - and Steyn whistles the last one past the flailing blade. 1-28 off four for Dale.

18th over: Pkn 137-4
Parnell again, looking like a cricketing version of 400m man Jeremy Wariner, and he's keeping them housed with singles once again - super tournament this 19-year-old paceman has had, and Pakistan are in danger of coming in well under par here.

17th over: Pkn 132-4
Steyn returns now. New-man Razzaq taps behind point for two, cuts another to the same spot for two more and strolls a single. It's slap o'clock.

16th over: WICKET Shoaib Malik c Botha b Van Der Merwe 34, Pkn 125-4
Scampered singles, and then Malik plays an almost one-handed forehand-style sweep for two. He goes down the ground next - there's nowhere near enough on it, and Botha takes a simple one 10 paces in from the fence. Well-timed wicket.

15th over: Pkn 120-3
Duminy again, and Malik skips down the dancefloor to batter him just over Gibbs at cover for four. Lovely batting now - a reaching reverse sweep from Younus for another four, and a rapid leg bye. Five overs to go - 170 and upwards would make this seriously interesting...

14th over: Pkn 109-3
Ooof - VdM flights one past Malik's lunge, Boucher the Poucher skims the bails off.... and after an age, the third umpo keeps his finger holstered. Malik celebrates his life with a slog sweep for four - huge roars - and a delight of a dabber fine for a sprinted three. Another single swept behind square, and this is a rock-solid intriguer.

13th over: WICKET Afridi c De Villiers b Duminy 51, Pkn 96-3

Wicket falls

That could be a match-changing wicket - Afridi will boom-boom no more, bagged by the safe hands of ABdV off an absolute cloud-toucher halfway back to the midwicket fence.

12th over: Pkn 95-2

That's 50

Shoaib isn't daft - he strokes a single to get B-B back on strike. The returning Morkel keeps Afridi down to a single, Shoaib strokes two more through point, mis-hits a drive over cover for one more and watches on as Afridi mows at a wide one - extra to the total. A bottom-hander drilled into the on-side, and that's Boom-Boom's half-century. Bright sunshine now at Trent Bridge, and the stands are rammed with happy cavorters.

11th over: Pkn 86-2
Botha over-pitches with his quicker one and Afridi will have that - four over cover. The next one's shorter but it gets an even stronger dose of treatment - crashed over cover for four more. BOOM BOOM - and another! Big step to leg, almighty mow, bedlam in the stands. Oh, I say - that's four more, but this time it's the latest of late cuts super-fine. 18 runs off the over, and Afridi has raced to 43.

10th over: Pkn 68-2
Your wish, says Afridi, and dances down the track to waft one past Parnell's despairing dive on the long-on fence. Sweeps bring singles. South Africa shading this at the mo - just 25 off the last six overs.

9th over: Pkn 61-2
Johan Botha now. Decent flight from the offie - a single into the covers, a flamboyant flick to deep midwicket for two and a clout straight for two more. Four overs without a boundary...

8th over: Pkn 56-2
Van Der Merwe on for some left-arm tweakery. He's taking the pace out of this innings as his skipper hoped - single, single, dotter, doublay, single, single.

7th over: Pkn 50-2
Carless over-strains - wide down leg. Afridi mows and misses outside off before De Villiers stops a cut dead at point. There's a showy flick to third man for one, but that's a decent over. The squeeze is on.

6th over: Pkn 47-2
Oooo - insane single from Malik, and he just regains his ground as the throw arrows in. Morkel gets away with a loose one on leg, and there are singles but no more. A slower yorker almost tickles timber before Afridi darts a single.

From nomadbok on 606: "I remain calm. SA will take this one."

5th over: Pkn 43-2
Shark Carless into the attack. Shoaib singles into the covers, Afridi swings and misses at a Kallis lifter. Not got his eye in yet, Boom-Boom - and there's another swiper at fresh air. Hmm - maybe he has now - four over midwicket! A meaty slap to the same spot yields two more - and there's another! Four more, and the Fordyce reverse-mockers are in full effect.

4th over: Pkn 32-2
14 runs and a wicket off his first over, and Parnell is sniffing fresh blood. Afridi mis-hits down the ground for one after Shoaib scampers a single straight, and there's a dab fine for one more. Afridi steps away for a slasher but drills straight to cover - dotter.

3rd over: Pkn 29-2
Fine finish to the over, too - a brute of an in-cutter than almost cuts Shoaib Malik in half, and a whispering death of a bouncer up next.

3rd over: WICKET Akmal c Morkel b Steyn 23, Pkn 28-2

Wicket falls

Karachi kaboom! Akmal is going ballistic - an enormous six back over Steyn. But he's going back to the pavilion now - a top-edged hoick, and Albie M sprints in from mid-on to bag a low catch. 23 from 12 balls for the devil-may-care opener - great start to the match.

2nd over: Pkn 22-1
Akmal doesn't mess about - he leans back to batter Parnell's next ball over midwicket and then steps into another - four more, straight through a stumbling Smith at mid-off. Parnell goes legside for a wide and is then smeared high back over his head for four more. What an over...

2nd over: WICKET Shahzaib Hasan c Van Der Merwe b Parnell, Pkn 8-1

Wicket falls

Tyro Parnell tears in. Shahzaib is almost ell bee to his first one - but he's gone now, and what a catch that is! An attempted pull is skied over mid-on's head, and VDM sprints back to take a wonderful sprawling snag.

1st over: Pkn 8-0
Two slips in for Dale Steyn, who squints on the way in like the Daffy De Freitas of old. Kamran Akmal leaves the first alone and then leans back to slap a loose one away behind backward point for four. Steyn retorts with a snorting lifter outside off and then two testing dotters, but a full wide one is then battered way over cover for four more. Spicy start.

1728: Filling up nicely now, Trent Bridge. Drums are banging, horns honking, whistles, er, whistling.

1723: I'm only having a little fun, SA fans. Just harmless fun. No-one with my surname would ever disrespect a South African sportsman.

From Tim H-J, TMS inbox: "Should someone who is clearly as badly injured as you really be trying to 'decompress between balls'? You could do yourself a damage there, Tommy Boy."

1720: South Africa favourites here, of course. I'd give Pakistan about a 25% chance of turning them over. Not physically, of course - I wouldn't give anyone more than 10% chance of actually turning Big Jacques over.

From Barry in France, TMS inbox: "I must take exception with your attempts to report, verbatim, the words of Mr Smith, what he actually said was, 'Yaah, we wudov betted verst tu.' Get a grip Fordyce."

1710.03: Oooghh. My giddy aunts. That was incredible. You should try it.

1710: Heard about these "three-second chills" that South Africa's psychologist Jeremy Snape has got the team doing? Apparently the idea is that they decompress rapidly between balls. I'll try one and let you know what it's like.

From Richard Lake, TMS inbox: "Re: 17:00 Has Graeme Smith become a pirate? PS How's your leg, Tom?"

Bad, Ricardo, bad. Anyone have a spare hamstring I can borrow for the next month?

1700: Toss news: Younus Khan calls correctly and decides to bat first. "Looks dry out there," he says, eyeing some spinnage later. This from Graeme Smith: "Yarr, we would have batted foorst too."

1650: Cloudy up at Trent Bridge this afternoon. Not rammed in the stands, but there's time. Culinary establishments around the ground doing a brisk trade, and not just because of Jacques Kallis.

1647: Could they? Or could they?

1645: The 1999 World Cup semi-final v Australia. The 2003 World Cup v Sri Lanka. The 2007 World Cup semi. South Africa couldn't possibly choke for a fourth time, could they? Could they? Or could they?

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