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ICC World Twenty20 day 10 as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 Super Eights, Lord's:

Group E: England 153-7 (20 overs) beat India 150-5 (20 overs) by three runs

Group F: Sri Lanka 144-9 (20 overs) beat Ireland 135-7 (20 overs) by nine runs


By Mark Mitchener


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2104: That's it from TMS - and that's it from us too. If you want to relive that pulsating day, you can watch highlights on BBC Two and the BBC Sport website (UK users only I'm afraid) at 2300 BST tonight - earlier than usual - while if you fire up BBC2 an hour earlier at 2200, you can see episode three of the "Empire of Cricket" series, tonight's episode focusing on Australia. If you've missed the first two episodes (England and the West Indies), shame on you - but if you're in the UK, you can watch the entire series on BBC iPlayer.
BBC iPlayer: Empire of Cricket

But the sun never sets on Twenty20... today's highlights will be available on the site tomorrow morning, then we've got two more Super Eight games from The Oval tomorrow - Pakistan-Ireland at 1330 and England-West Indies (a winner-takes-all game for the semi-finals) at 1730. Pranav Soneji will be in the live text chair, and I hope you'll join him then. Thanks for your company, e-mails and texts, and it's good night from me.

England captain Paul Collingwood on TMS: "That was fantastic - to beat India in a must-win game at Lord's is very special. But the bowlers stuck to the plan - you're obviously going to go for some boundaries, but we kept taking wickets and kept them under pressure. You can never relax - every ball means something in this form of the game. It wasn't nice getting booed as we came down from the Nursery ground, but we've got to replicate this against a very good West Indies side as it'll be a must-win game for both sides"

Jonathan Agnew

BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "I've just come down in the lift with some very angry Indian journalists mumbling into their mobile phones"

2056: Wow, what a day of cricket. I've just worked out that South Africa have qualified for the semi-finals. And both Olivier Kapo and Alec Stewart (below) have summed up the day's entertainment rather well.

From Olivier Kapo, TMS inbox: "Harbhajan's five wides cost India victory, and earlier in the day, Kevin O'Brien's missed catch off the final ball in Sri Lanka's innings, cost Ireland victory, what a day!"

Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart on TMS: "That's England - lose to the Netherlands, get hammered by South Africa but then come back and beat the holders!"


20th over - Ind 150-5
So, Ryan Sidebottom to bowl the last over. If he concedes 17 runs or fewer, holders India are eliminated. 18 and it's a super-over eliminator - 19 needed to win. Owais Shah notices that England only have three men in the circle, so Bopara comes up to short third man. Here we go - Pathan on strike. The first ball is on the money, and is clubbed to long-on for a single, 18 needed from five balls. The second ball is heaved to leg, but they can only run two. 16 needed from four - Dhoni needs boundaries. The third ball is a yorker, Dhoni can only dig it out for a single. 15 needed from three - Pathan needs to hit sixes. The fourth ball is lofted one-handed back over the bowler's head, and that's six into the pavilion! Extraordinary shot! Nine needed from two (or eight to take it to a super-over)! They can't, can they? But Pathan can only dig out a single. Eight needed from the last ball - India are out barring wides or no-balls. Dhoni clubs it through mid-wicket, that's four runs but it's not enough - England win by three runs and India are eliminated.

19th over - Ind 135-5
Broad to bowl from the Nursery End, first ball is a wild full toss which is pinged to third man for a single by Pathan - sub fielder Eoin Morgan is on the field. Dhoni hits to leg, then it's the last over against the Netherlands all over again as Broad fumbles an easy run-out chance at the bowler's end! They run two. Dhoni smears a single, Pathan tries to hoist Broad to long-on but can't get hold of it and they can only come back for two runs. A low full-toss is blasted down the ground but only for two runs - 20 needed from seven balls. Pathan tries to shovel the ball over short fine leg but they can only manage one. Nine conceded from the over - 19 needed from one over.

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From Dom at the Isle of Wight Festival, via text on 81111: "Twenty- odd bars, thousands of speakers, 15 or so big screens, a live TV feed and nowhere to see/hear the cricket. Online commentary over the phone is my only saviour"

18th over - Ind 126-5
Anderson to bowl the antepenultimate over, Captain Colly shuffles the field. Pathan blasts a straight-drive which hits the stumps at the non-striker's end, but they run two. It hit the stumps so hard that a bail flew away and cleared the fielding circle. A slower ball is pulled to mid-wicket by Pathan, that's four! A single brings the skipper on strike, he can only clip a full-length ball off his legs for one. Pathan takes a big slog but it only brings a single to leg. Dhoni hooks a short ball to long leg for two - so 28 needed from 12 balls.

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From Alex, Exeter, via text on 81111: "England's fielding has been outstanding. It's been the difference"

17th over - Ind 115-5
50 needed from 24 balls. Wright to bowl. Pathan scythes a single through the covers, then Dhoni comfortably steers a waist-high full toss for four down to third man. Umpire Steve Davis gets his scissors out to snip something off Pathan's bat. Dhoni square-cuts, Colly dives to stop it but it ricochets away and they run two. Dhoni paddle-sweeps a single to Sidey at short fine leg, Pathan straight-drives for one, and Tuffers starts to think all those wides Harbhajan bowled at the end of the England innings may be crucial. Dhoni pushes a two to long-on, 11 from the over. That's not bad but not enough. 39 needed from 18 balls.

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From Naz Shah on 606: "England to win by seven runs - you saw it here first"
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16th over - Ind 104-5
Swann in for his last over, can Dhoni rescue India? They need 12 an over, he clubs the first ball to long-on for one, then Pathan thumps a huge six which is caught one-handed next to the India dug-out at long-on by Harbhajan, wearing his pads! Another big hit yields just a single to long-on, Dhoni adds another despite some hesitation between the wickets. Pathan rotates the strike, Dhoni tickles one off his legs but Pathan turns down the single - Swanny finishes with figures of 2-28 from four overs.

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From Toby St Georges, Tooting, via text on 81111: "I have been having a miserable two days in hospital, but have just been moved to a comfy ward, had a shower and shave and discovered internet access on my bedside TV! Come on you beauties!"

15th over - Ind 94-5
India have two new batsmen in, Dhoni is joined by Yusuf Pathan. Dhoni flashes and misses at the recalled Sidey before nudging a single off his legs, Pathan tries to hook but can only manage one to fine leg. Dhoni gets a lucky edge past the keeper for four, then nudges another single to keep the strike. 60 needed from five overs.

Wicket falls

14th over - WICKET - Yuvraj st Foster b Swann 17 - Ind 87-5
Yuvraj steers a single, he's now joined by captain Mahendra Dhoni. Two big-hitters together - Dhoni is off the mark with a single to third man - then Yuvraj plays and misses, Foster whips off the bails in a split second and he's stumped! Surely? Yuvraj stands his ground, but his foot was in the air over the line - so the third umpire confirms it, he's gone! And as if to confound Kieran (below), THAT's why Foster was picked! HUGE wicket for England!

Wicket falls

13.3 overs - WICKET - Jadeja c Broad b Swann 25 - Ind 85-4
Yuvraj really gets hold of Swann and hoists another straight six - he has 15 from six balls. He takes a single to extra cover, Jadeja goes aerial and Broad takes a brilliant catch on the long-on boundary! "He needed every inch of his six foot seven frame for that", notes Tuffers on TMS.

From Kieran Lavy, TMS inbox: "Why has Foster been picked for this tournament? Matt Prior knocked 80-odd in good time in the county game against Worcestershire and played well against the Windies. How can the selectors legitimise the decision to bring in Foster who has frankly done nothing"

I wonder if they picked them for the wrong squads - surely Foster's superior wicketkeeping would be more useful in Tests, while Prior's aggressive hitting would be more suited to T20? (Just my view, that is).

13th over - Ind 78-3
Stuart Broad replaces Dimi - now, we all remember Yuvraj's brutal assault on him in the last World Twenty20 in South Africa in 2007, when Yuvi smashed six sixes from a Broad over... but it's Jadeja facing, and he can't get the first three balls away as he tries to swipe to leg. He eventually smears a single to mid-wicket, so we finally have Yuvraj v Broad. A bit of an anti-climax as it's a gentle single, then Jadeja steers the last ball for a well-run two. England were 92-3 at this stage and on the go-slow.

12th over - Ind 74-3
Swann is pushed for a single by Jadeja, then the field is switched for the big-hitting Yuvraj. He darts one down the leg side which is called as a wide, then Yuvraj pushes a single to long-off. The Notts twirler is milked for three more singles, so just six from the over, and the required rate is pushing 10.

From Steve, Durham, TMS inbox: "Harbhajan's actions this tournament have been a disgrace. I'm at a loss to why he hasn't been firstly reprimanded by the cricket authorities for his countless acts of unprofessionalism and secondly why the commentators aren't giving him a harder time"

11th over - Ind 68-3
In comes Yuvraj Singh - he may be eyeing up some revenge on Mascarenhas after those five sixes at The Oval in 2007. And he gets it straight away - launching his first ball into the lower tier of the Edrich Stand at long-on for six! 86 needed from 54 balls.

Wicket falls

10.4 overs - WICKET - Gambhir c Broad b Mascarenhas 26 - Ind 62-3
Another bowling change as Dimitri Mascarenhas comes on with his right-arm medium pace - the sixth different bowler used in the last six overs. Jadeja cuts his first ball straight to Bopara at backward point. Then Jadeja hoists it towards mid-wicket, he doesn't quite get hold of it and it falls just wide of Wright - they run two. Jadeja clips him off his legs for two more - then Gambhir tries a paddle-sweep and is pouched by Broad on the edge of the circle at fine leg!

From Greg Levitt, TMS inbox: "England have to be the most boring and worthless Twenty20 team in world cricket (if you took out KP we really would struggle to score a single run). They should retire from the format and let the national team from Afghanistan take their place - now there's a team that love the game and deserve to be seen on the world stage"

10th over - Ind 59-2
Pietersen's off and England's sole specialist spinner, Graeme Swann, comes on as the sixth bowler of the first 10 overs. Jadeja dabs a single, Gambhir adds another and both Aggers and Sunil Gavaskar on TMS are wondering about India's big hitters who are left kicking their heels in the dug-out after Jadeja's promotion... This is like the middle overs of a 50-over ODI here as it's pedestrian singles from India. 95 needed from 10 overs, and even I can work out the required rate there.

9th over - Ind 54-2
Jadeja gets some treatment from the physio as Colly springs another surprise bowling change - Luke Wright on with his medium pace. A long-hop is brutally despatched for four through mid-wicket by Jadeja, but the only other scoring stroke is a single tucked off his legs from the last ball.

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From Joffy, via text on 81111: "Re: Tanya after 18.3 overs - if her father has a Blackberry then he can access the live commentary himself from the BBC website - like I am doing!"

8th over - Ind 49-2
Another interesting bowling change (hey, this is T20 after all) - Kevin Pietersen to bowl his off-spin, ahead of recognised spinner Graeme Swann. KP is wearing a pair of sunglasses with bright yellow frames not unlike his mate Chris Gayle's new shades, and looks like he's had his hair cut very short at the sides like an army recruit. Jadeja manages a two and a single, then Gambhir launches him over extra cover for four. Two more singles are added - that's nine runs from the over.

7th over - Ind 40-2
So, that's it for the powerplay and the fielding restrictions - Gambhir dribbles a quick single just behind the stumps. Jadeja drills a single, but rather like Mascarenhas, he hasn't made too much of an impact at number four so far. Gambhir is hit by a shorter delivery but fends it off for a leg bye, while Jadeja rotates the strike again. Just four runs from the over.

6th over - Ind 36-2
Anderson has changed ends and replaces Sidey at the Pavilion End. Good fielding by Bopara helps keep it tight against Gambhir until he cover-drives for four, before jabbing a quick single.

Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart on TMS: "England should know they're doing well because the crowd, who are predominantly Indian, have gone very quiet"

5th over - Ind 31-2
Anderson takes a rest as Stuart Broad takes over from the Nursery End. Alec Stewart on TMS keeps repeating "back of a length" as he urges the England bowlers on, and has noticed that Luke Wright is switching sides every over - on the mid-wicket boundary both ends. Gambhir nudges a single to fine leg, Jadeja pulls to leg but it falls safely and they run two. Jadeja tries a mighty heave to leg from Broad's last ball but only picks up two more.

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From Harryb, via text on 81111: "SteveK's mind has been addled by watching the women. 153 is a decent score against India"

4th over - Ind 26-2
Dhoni continues to shuffle his batting order as Jadeja is sent out at number four. After a single from Gambhir, Sidey strays with a wide over Jadeja's head.

Wicket falls

3.4 overs - WICKET - Raina c Wright b Sidebottom 2 - Ind 24-2
Raina jabs Sidey for a single, fellow left-hander Gambhir guides one to third man. Then Raina skies one towards mid-wicket and straight into the hands of Luke Wright who sinks to his knees! Two wickets for Sidey!

3rd over - Ind 22-1
Anderson overpitches and Gambhir, who's great off the front foot, cover-drives him for four. The next ball is down the leg side, Gambhir clips it away and it's four more! Cap'n Colly runs over from extra cover to have a word with Jimmy, and Gambhir chops the next ball for a single past gully. Raina is hit on the glove, then tucked up for room as he guides a single to third man.

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From Maybers, Chelmsford, via text on 81111: "Why have a specialist Twenty20 player in the squad & not even give him chance to bring the drinks on? I refer to Graham Napier - Top Geezer!"

Chelmsford, eh? Not biased at all then?! But I agree about picking a specialist and then not picking him (as it were)...

2nd over - Ind 12-1
New batsman Suresh Raina swishes and misses at his first ball.

Wicket falls

1.5 overs - WICKET - R Sharma b Sidebottom 9 - Ind 12-1
With England having dropped their second spinner, the recalled Ryan Sidebottom bowls from the Pavilion End, hoping the slope will help him angle the ball into the right-handed Sharma. But fortune favours Sharma when he gets a streaky edge past the stumps for four. A square-cut looks set to bring him four more, but a good sliding stop by "Boundary Fox" Mascarenhas restricts them to two. But the fifth ball jags back into his stumps, with the aid of an inside edge, and England have a wicket!

1st over - Ind 6-0
Anderson bangs it in from the off, Gautam Gambhir gets a top edge but it falls safely and they run one. After a legside wide, Rohit Sharma is beaten by a pearl of an outswinger, then Jimmy is penalised with an aerial wide. Sharma steers two off his legs, then steers a single off the penultimate ball.

1914: Confirmation reaches us that England's women have reached the semi-finals. We're already ready to restart at Lord's - James Anderson taking the new ball.

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From SteveK, Swindon, via text on 81111: "When will England learn that this is Twenty20 and not 50-50? You can't play yourself in, nurdle and leave! HIT THE BALL - HARD! Send a chopper down to Taunton. England's women have restricted Sri Lanka to 69 off 20 overs! Bring their bowlers up here!"


20th over - Eng 153-7
Stuart Broad in for two balls. The hat-trick ball is swept very fine, the pursuing Yuvraj stops the ball in front of the rope and they run three. So, they finally get Dimi on strike for the final delivery. Harbhajan spears it down the leg side, Dimi tries to help it down to the boundary, it clips Dhoni's pad, there's an awful fumble by Yuvraj at short fine leg and that's five wides! So Mascarenhas has another chance - swings and misses outside off stump, he thinks it should have been a wide but it's a dot ball and he finishes with 25 not out from 27 balls.

Out for a duck

19.4 overs - WICKET - Swann b Harbhajan 0 - Eng 145-7
Graeme Swann in for three balls. He swings, misses, is bowled for a golden duck and Bhajji's on a hat-trick.

Wicket falls

19.3 overs - WICKET - Foster c & b Harbhajan 6 - Eng 145-6
So, last over. Harbhajan to bowl, round the wicket - Foster reverse-sweeps and completes the single despite dropping his bat. Dimi on strike - oh, how England could do with the five sixes he hit against Yuvraj at The Oval a couple of years ago. But he can only guide a low full toss to mid-wicket for one. After an abortive delivery when Harbhajan stops in his delivery stride, the wily "Turbanator" entices Foster to spoon a simple return catch.

Meanwhile, down at Taunton, England's women have beaten Sri Lanka by a mammoth 71 runs. Well done to Charlotte Edwards and the team.
Live scorecard: England women v Sri Lanka women

19th over - Eng 143-5
James Foster is the new man in, he has nine balls left to make an impact. Foster drives to mid-off, more good running by Mascarenhas brings them two. Foster on-drives, another well-run two and both batsmen are safe. A single means Foster will take strike for the final over.

Wicket falls

18.3 overs - WICKET - Collingwood lbw b Zaheer 7 - Eng 138-5
Zaheer returns at the Nursery End - England need a couple of big overs. Colly aims a big hit and shovels it through square leg for four, then on-drives and Dimi hustles back for two. Zaheer slings down a legside wide, then Colly tries a reverse sweep, misses once again and is plumb lbw.

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From Tanya in Hampshire (for Neil in Holetown), via text on 81111: "Cutting and pasting your commentary into emails for my father who is currently lying on a Barbados beach, BlackBerry in hand. Tough isn't it?! Keep up the good work, guys"

18th over - Eng 131-4
Tuffers on TMS calls for "a captain's cameo from Collingwood" as Dimi heaves a single to fine leg to bring skipper Paul Collingwood on strike. Colly tries to reverse-sweep his first ball but doesn't connect. An orthodox sweep bears fruit, but just a single. Mascarenhas tries to flick the last ball off his legs, but it sails away for five wides! So Dimi gets another delivery, he thumps a two to long-on and a fumble at the stumps by Bhajji ensures Colly's despairing dive completes the second run.

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From Ruth in the Grandstand at Lord's, via text on 81111: "I'd love to know the stats for how often KP's wicket falls the ball after he's hit a six?"

Wicket falls

17.2 overs - WICKET - Shah c Jadeja b Harbhajan 12 - Eng 122-4
Harbhajan to bowl from the Pavilion End. Dimi dabs a single, Shah goes down on one knee and aims a big hit to mid-wicket but holes out on the boundary.

17th over - Eng 121-3
Jadeja sends one down the leg side, it's signalled as a wide but there's an appeal for a stumping against Dimi - but Dhoni takes a while to clatter the stumps and Dimi survives. The Hampshire man digs a single into the leg side, Shah swipes one to short fine leg. Mascarenhas then carves a four through backward point, it was short and wide and he saw it early. A single to long-on brings Shah on strike, but he can only hit the last ball back to the bowler. Jadeja finishes with 2-26.

Phil Tufnell

Phil Tufnell on TMS: "England might have had a plan here to knock it around and then hit out when they're five overs out, like now. But they've got to throw caution to the wind from now"

16th over - Eng 113-3
Ishant bowls his last over, Mascarenhas tries to work him to leg and they run a leg bye. Shah clips a two off his legs, then pulls a single to deep square leg. Can Dimi hit out now? Yes he can - a brutal pull through mid-wicket despatches a shorter delivery from Sharma for four, England's first since the ninth over. A single allows Shah to hook a four down towards the Indian fans in the Mound Stand. A much better over for England.

15th over - Eng 100-3
Shah is moving all over the crease as he knocks Jadeja for a single, Dimi is getting rather bogged down here, picking out the only man in the circle on the off side as he tries to force the pace. He can only manage another steered single, Shah squeezes the last ball through point for two. Jadeja's left-arm darts have brought him 2-18 from three overs.

Sunil Gavaskar

From Herbie, TMS inbox: "There seems to be a certain irony about Sunil Gavaskar commenting on a good scoring rate in a limited-overs match. 36 in 60 overs being his most famous effort I recall"

14th over - Eng 96-3
Mascarenhas cuts hard at Sharma, but that's straight to backward point. A single to mid-wicket brings new batsman Owais Shah on strike, on his home ground - he has to fend off a short ball to where short leg would be in a Test, but in T20 that's an easy single to get him off the mark. Dimi looks a bit uncertain as he can only defend a straight ball, but then he carves a two towards cow corner while attempting an off-drive and taking a hand off the bat.

From Martin Tremlett, TMS inbox: "(Re: 7th over) Unfortunately no relation to that particular cricketing dynasty, but I have served Fochabers CC, Gordonians CC in Scotland, of course you've heard of them. Now currently serving a Yorkshire local side, albeit infrequently"

Wicket falls

13th over - WICKET - Pietersen lbw b Jadeja 46 - Eng 92-3
Dimi lets a wide from Jadeja go by, before steering a single to leg. Pietersen calmly dabs one to third man. Mascarenhas rotates the strike, then Jadeja serves up an absolute pie for KP - a knee-high full toss which KP whips through mid-wicket for six, to take his score to 46. But when he tries to heave the last ball across the line, he's trapped bang in front and he's got to go.

12th over - Eng 82-2
Ishant replaces Harbhajan, but loses his run-up as he runs up to the crease. Dimi leaves one, then jabs a single, while KP steers a single to mid-wicket. Dimi pulls to mid-wicket, but some good fielding restricts him to a single. KP off-drives, good running by Mascarenhas brings two, then they scamper two more when KP edges to third man.

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From Pickles91 on 606: "Ordinary display from Ravi, but he has stuck the innings together, are we over-rating the pitch? SL got 145 against Ireland, maybe 140 is a good score after all. Huge now for England that they get more aggressive. Think of it like the last 10 overs of an ODI."
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11th over - Eng 75-2
New batsman is... Dimitri Mascarenhas! That's a turn-up for the books, with the big-hitting Hampshire all-rounder promoted up the order to join KP, a bloke who occasionally makes the odd guest appearance for Hampshire in one-day cricket. He's off the mark with a single to long-on.

Wicket falls

10.5 overs - WICKET - Bopara b Jadeja 37 - Eng 74-2
New bowler, same action as Ravindra Jadeja replaces fellow slow left-armer Yuvraj, but KP and Ravi B keep pushing the singles - until Bopara tries to step back and is bowled!

Sunil Gavaskar

Indian batting legend Sunil Gavaskar on TMS: "Seven runs an over is a good scoring rate for the first 10 overs of the innings, and to have nine wickets in hand is even better"

The sun is out

10th over - Eng 71-1
Rob Key, who's a non-combatant for England today, is given 12th man duties and brings Pietersen a new pair of gloves before he steers Harbhajan for a single. The evening sun beats down at Lord's as Bopara nudges a single off his legs. Then, KP turns round for a switch-hit but Harbhajan doesn't deliver the ball - KP went too early! Bowler and batsman share a chuckle - KP carves a single, Bopara tries to late cut and thankfully for him, it just misses the stumps and Dhoni's gloves. But he steers the last ball for two.

9th over - Eng 66-1
Yuvraj still bowling in his sunglasses, Bopara dabs him for a couple of twos before scuttling through for a leg bye. These two seem to run well between the wickets (if that's not a commentator's curse) - KP flicks one up the slope to fine leg but Zaheer fumbles on the rope and that's four! A single means he retains the strike. What can India do to regain the initiative?

8th over - Eng 56-1
Harbhajan Singh replaces RP Singh, his first off break fizzes past Bopara's outside edge. Ravi gets an edge down to third man, a combination of Ishant Sharma and RP Singh keep him down to three runs. Bhajji bowls round the wicket to KP, who steers a single to leg. Bopara adds another, and that's five from Harbhajan's over - not bad against a bowler who sent down a maiden to Chris Gayle of all people the other day.

7th over - Eng 51-1
Interesting bowling change - Pietersen's fierce rival Yuvraj Singh comes on with his left-arm spin (KP famously called Yuvi a "pie-thrower" in last year's series in India). Bopara spanks his first ball through extra cover for four, then sweeps fluently for two. A single brings KP on strike, and he lands the first blow against his rival by sweeping him for four.

From Martin Tremlett, TMS inbox: "I work month on month off in the oil industry. Currently sat in my office in Sudan refreshing this page so much I think my mouse button has fallen through my keyboard and is now over by the door! Won't have any fingernails left after this! Come on KP! Sort it out"

I'll be even more impressed if you're related to the Tremlett cricketing dynasty that has served Somerset, Hampshire and England!

6th over - Eng 40-1
Umpire de Silva calls for a new ball, but it's still RP at the Pavilion End. KP gives RP the charge and blasts him for a straight-driven four! A quick single keeps England ticking - Alec Stewart on TMS reckons this pair are England's best T20 batsmen. Bopara steers the final ball of the powerplay for a single.

Meanwhile, down at Taunton, England made 140-7 from their 20 overs against Sri Lanka, who are 13-3 in the sixth - Isa Guha already has two wickets.
Live scorecard: England women v Sri Lanka women

5th over - Eng 34-1
Ishant Sharma replaces Zaheer at the Nursery End, KP steers him for a well-run two through the leg side. He then tries one of his one-foot-in-the-air "flamingo" flicks, which just sails over the leaping Jadeja at mid-wicket and away for four. A big sign in the crowd reads "KP Nuts v Bombay Mix" - other snacks are, of course, available. A fumble by KP's old nemesis Yuvraj Singh at mid-on allows him a single, then a lovely cover drive by Bopara (which looks four all the way) is reduced to a dot ball by a great stop by Gautam Gambhir. Last ball is a bouncer, Ravi hoists it over mid-wicket and into the Grandstand for six!

4th over - Eng 21-1
Bopara dabs a single, KP takes a fresh guard against RP, and pulls a single to deep backward square leg. Ravi almost effortlessly steers a long-hop through mid-wicket for his second four but then flashes and misses outside off stump. He's struck on the pad, umpire De Silva shakes his head and it looked to have pitched outside leg.

3rd over - Eng 15-1
Bopara turns Zaheer off his legs and the ball scuttles down into the shadows under the Warner Stand for four. He keeps the scoreboard ticking with a single, finally the England fans can cheer as KP flicks a four off his legs. Two more, courtesy of a misfield, round off the over.

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From Sportfan91 on 606: "Shah and Pietersen will need to fire today if England are to stand a chance of getting a good score"
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2nd over - Eng 4-1
Kevin Pietersen turns RP's last ball for a single. India are bouncing.

Wicket falls

1.4 overs - WICKET - Wright c Y Pathan b RP Singh 1 - Eng 3-1
Mystic Steino strikes again as Wright has a big heave at RP Singh, gets a top edge and Yusuf Pathan takes the skier, diving to the ground as he does so.

1st over - Eng 3-0
Zaheer Khan opens proceedings from the Nursery End, getting England going with a wide. Ravi Bopara prods a single, Luke Wright works another off his legs but it's a good first over for the thousands of Indian fans inside Lord's.

1727: My match-report colleague David Ornstein shows the optimism that England cricket fans have adopted over recent years. "They're going to destroy us", predicts Mystic Steino.

1726: Teams are lining up for the anthems. The Indian mascots are singing their national anthem with more gusto than most of the players!

1722: OK - at the risk of repeating myself from earlier, if England win, India are out. But if India win, England aren't out. Here's why:

If India lose, they will be on zero points, SA on four, WI and England on two. As West Indies play England in their final group game, the winner of that game will reach four points (or if it's a washout, they will both be on three) - so India couldn't qualify, even if they were to beat South Africa.

However, if India beat England, there will then be SA on four points, India and WI on two, England on zero. But if England then beat the West Indies and South Africa beat India, then SA will have six points, and the other three teams will have two points each - and it will all be down to net run-rate. So although defeat today for England would be a huge downer, they aren't necessarily out. Get it? Got it. Good.

1719: Here are the full teams:

England: Ravi Bopara, Luke Wright, Kevin Pietersen, Owais Shah, Paul Collingwood (capt), Dimitri Mascarenhas, James Foster (wk), Graeme Swann, Stuart Broad, Ryan Sidebottom, James Anderson.

India: Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Dhoni (capt & wk), Yusuf Pathan, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, RP Singh, Ishant Sharma.

Umps are Australia's Steve Davis and Sri Lanka's Asoka de Silva.

1711: Toss news - Mahendra Dhoni wins the toss and India will field first. They also make two changes, with seamer RP Singh and all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja coming in for seamer Irfan Pathan and spinner Pragyan Ojha. England make one change, with left-arm swing bowler Ryan Sidebottom in for leg-spinner Adil Rashid.

1655: TMS have gone off air, we're going to take a short break (so I can rest my typing fingers), but we'll be back very shortly when England and India toss up.

Ireland's Kyle McCallan on TMS: "Trent and big Boyd got us off to a good start, but you can tell the difference between our spinners, me and Westy, and theirs - they're the best in the world. We fell away a bit in the middle when we batted, but you can't underestimate how difficult it can be going out to bat in the middle of a run chase against some of the best bowlers in the world"


20th over - Ire 135-7
New batsman is the burly Regan West, he's going to need to give it some long handle here. He chops his first ball to third man for a single, an unlikely 15 now needed from two balls. Mooney smashes Malinga over his head, that's four runs but too little, too late. 11 needed from the last ball - Ireland needing snookers (or no-balls or wides). The last ball is forced through the covers for a single, Sri Lanka win by nine runs and well done them - but as Alec Stewart pointed out earlier, the close margin may mean Ireland could rue not sending out a runner for O'Brien as they missed several runs when he was hobbling around.

Wicket falls

19.3 overs - WICKET - Cusack run out (Sangakkara direct hit) 2 - Ire 129-7
Malinga to bowl. Mooney on strike, on 24 from 16 balls. A bit of cat and mouse as Mooney pulls away and Malinga doesn't deliver the ball... the first actual ball is slung past the stumps and Mooney, backing away, can't make contact. 18 needed from five. There are three men on the boundary between point and third man, Mooney thrashes through extra cover but they can only run two. 16 needed from four. Mooney swings and misses, they try to run a bye and non-striker Cusack is run out as Sanga's throw hits the stumps.

19th over - Ire 127-6
Mooney swings Kulasekara for four past the keeper, can't get the second ball away, then hangs his bat out to squirt a four through backward point. Mooney digs out a two, again to third man - 26 needed from eight. A full toss is crashed through backward point for four - then incredibly, a no-ball is bludgeoned to leg for two and Ireland have a free hit! But Mooney can only steer that one for a single - 18 needed off the the last over. Against The Slinger.

18th over - Ire 109-6
Alex Cusack to face the hat-trick ball, it's right up in the blockhole but he just gets a bit of bat on it (despite a loud lbw appeal from Malinga) and digs it out for two. Cusack swings and misses, then Malinga strays with a legside wide but that's it from the over - Malinga has 2-11 from three. Ireland need an improbable 36 from two overs.

Out for a duck

17.3 overs - WICKET - Botha b Malinga 0 - Ire 106-6
New batsman Andre Botha is bowled first ball by an exocet from the Slinger which demolishes his middle stump! Malinga on a hat-trick!

Wicket falls

17.2 overs - WICKET - Johnston b Malinga 9 - Ire 106-5
So, can Ireland pull it off, with two of the last three overs set to be bowled by The Slinger? Left-hander Mooney comes across his stumps and flicks a single to fine leg - then Johnston gives himself room but is yorked by a perfect inswinging yorker from Malinga.

17th over - Ire 105-4
Mendis keeps it tight against Mooney, who edges a single to leg, and Tuffers on TMS wonders if the Aussies are watching this, having been condemned to spend two weeks in Leicester after their early exit at the group stage. (If you're watching, Punter, do send us an e-mail). Johnston straight-drives but they can only run one. Mooney tips-and-runs a single, then Johnston goes for a big heave and hoists Mendis over mid-wicket into the Grandstand from six! 42 needed from 19 balls. He smacks another one straight and they run two - 40 needed from three overs. Mendis has a set of figures which would please Richie Benaud - 2-22 from his four overs.

16th over - Ire 93-4
New batsman is former skipper Trent Johnston - suddenly there are two new batsmen in against the returning Murali, who's back for his fourth and last over. A slip in the field by Malinga allows Mooney to run back for two, then he prods a single through the gap in the covers. Murali goes round the wicket to Johnston, but he can't get the last two deliveries away. Murali takes his cap with 1-13 from four overs.

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From Girish and Waleed., via text on 81111: "In the east stand at Lord's. Majority of fans here for Eng v India game. Sri Lanka are playing their way back into this"

Wicket falls

15th over - WICKET - N O'Brien st Sangakkara b Mendis 31 - Ire 91-4
New man in is John "The Electrician" Mooney. O'Brien lifts a single over the keeper's head, Mooney is off the mark with a single to long-on, then O'Brien walks down the track, misses it and is easily stumped. He departs, and possibly so do Ireland's hopes.

Out for a duck

14.3 overs - WICKET - K O'Brien c Dilshan b Mendis 0 - Ire 89-3
Mendis replaces Malinga to face the O'Brien Bros. Niall steers a single, but Kevin perishes when he hoists his second ball straight up and Dilshan takes the catch.

14th over - Ire 88-2
The big-hitting Kevin O'Brien joins his brother at the crease. They ran on the catch, Niall steers the last ball for a single.

Meanwhile, down at Taunton, England captain Charlotte Edwards won the toss against Sri Lanka and elected to bat first, but she's already back in the hutch after being trapped lbw for one. Sarah and Claire Taylor are now at the crease together - "a tale of two Taylors", notes my literary-minded "gaffer" Paul Fletcher, who also rather ungallantly suggests that Charlotte should have her MBE rescinded for getting out so cheaply. Harsh, very harsh.
Live scorecard: England women v Sri Lanka women

Wicket falls

13.5 overs - WICKET - White c Sangakkara b Kulasekara 22 - Ire 87-2
Kulasekara returns, White works a two off his legs but it should have been three - the TMS crew think O'Brien's injury has cost them at least four runs now. Kulasekara tries to bounce White, he helps it on its way and that's an incredible six over fine leg! White then punches a four through the covers, but his cameo is ended when he skies one into the air and Sanga takes the catch.

13th over - Ire 75-1
Malinga replaces Jayasuriya - Alec on TMS notes that the Slinger's action "looks like he's going to pick the umpire's pocket" at times. White looks uncomfortable as he prods out a yorker before eventually dabbing a single. O'Brien swings and misses, and a fumble by Sanga behind the timbers allows them a bye. White nicks the strike with a single, but Ireland are getting a bit bogged down here.

12th over - Ire 72-1
White and O'Brien dab some careful singles against Murali (who's in his third over), and O'Brien brings out his faithful reverse sweep to good effect.

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From 13 Years to achieve a treble? Pep done it in 1 on 606: "How long can Murali and Jayasuriya carry on playing cricket? Is there an age limit?"
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11th over - Ire 67-1
John Kenny on TMS is "nervous, to say the least" about Ireland as Sri Lanka introduce their third spinner - Sanath Jayasuriya with his left-arm darts. White sweeps him for a single, O'Brien goes down the wicket and a bit of comedy fielding in the deep allows him to run three. White cuts for two, and O'Brien "really is in trouble" according to JK on TMS. White dabs a single, Sanga appeals for a stumping against O'Brien but the third ump presses the "not out" button after the replay screen shows the lengthy advertisment it does for every referred decision.

10th over - Ire 60-1
Andrew White is the new batsman, he sweeps and is rapped on the pad. He's then off the mark with a single, and Murali has another big lbw shout against O'Brien... not out.

Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart on TMS: "Ireland have got to target Kulasekara and Mathews, as they won't get much out of Murali, Mendis and Malinga"

Wicket falls

9.1 overs - WICKET - Porterfield c Sangakkara b Muralitharan 31 - Ire 59-1
Porterfield tries to guide Murali through the off side but nicks an edge to Sanga - Sri Lanka have the breakthrough.

9th over - Ire 59-0
Lord's is gradually filling up after the conclusion of the tennis final from Queen's (I'll not mention the result in case you're trying to avoid spoilers), Mathews returns and O'Brien dab-sweeps for two to bring up the fifty stand. O'Brien stands and delivers, punching a four past mid-off before getting a fortunate edge to third man for four as he tries to repeat the stroke. A brilliant stop by Jayawardene then turns a likely four into a dot ball.
Live text - Andy Murray v James Blake, with Chris Bevan

Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart on TMS: "O'Brien seems to be fine when he runs in a straight line but then starts limping when he turns for two. I'd get the runner on"

8th over - Ire 49-0
Time for Muttiah Muralitharan to rescue Sri Lanka? O'Brien gets a thick edge which brings him a single through the covers, Porterfield steers one through mid-on but O'Brien's injury prevents them considering a second. O'Brien carves a single to mid-wicket, he's still clearly limping. Porterfield chops a single to backward point, then another reverse hit to the same man from O'Brien. So, five singles against Murali.

7th over - Ire 44-0
Mendis has a half-hearted lbw shout as O'Brien gingerly trots through for a leg bye. Porterfield rotates the strike, O'Brien doesn't look too comfortable against Mendis but then hoists a reverse hit through the covers for four! A quick single rounds off another good over for the Irish.

Phil Tufnell

Phil Tufnell on TMS: "Ireland haven't lost a wicket, which could be crucial - they've got themselves in a good position, but can they hold their nerve?"

6th over - Ire 37-0
O'Brien eventually opts to continue, while Malinga slings in a bouncer which is adjudged to be an aerial wide. Porterfield eventually clips a four off his legs and it runs up the slope to the Grandstand for four. A long over is ended as Porterfield can't get a slower ball away.

5.2 overs - Ire 32-0
Time for "The Slinger" - Lasith Malinga to bowl the last over of the powerplay. Porterfield plays and misses at the first ball, then tries to tip-and-run a single, O'Brien slips as he's sent back and has to dive for the crease. Looks like he's injured again, having injured an ankle against Bangladesh and batted with a runner. The physio comes on to treat him, and there's a lengthy stoppage.

5th over - Ire 32-0
This could halt the Irish rally - spinner Ajantha Mendis comes on. He has bedazzled some of the best players of spin in the world, but O'Brien nudges a single before Porterfield flicks a single off his legs. O'Brien tries a reverse sweep, there's a big shout for a catch behind but the umpire is unmoved. A stray delivery down the leg side is called wide - just three runs from the over.

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From worldaudience on 606: "A question - can O'Brien play for England in the next match in place of Foster?"
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4th over - Ire 29-0
Porterfield prods Kulasekara for a single, O'Brien steps down the pitch and on-drives another. Porterfield has the Irish fans on their feet when he opens the face and steers a four through third man, then he walks across the stumps and nicks another four through fine leg!

From Andy Pints, TMS inbox: "So it's not inconceivable that England could reach the semi-finals having won two and lost three of their matches, that just seems wrong - maybe the organisers should have a rethink about the structure of the tournament"

3rd over - Ire 19-0
Niall O'Brien faces for the first time - Tuffers on TMS hopes Ireland can bat around him. He's off the mark with a quick single to fine leg, then Porterfield's quick running between the wickets brings them three through the leg side. O'Brien goes aerial and it sails for four over the cover fielders. Good start for the underdogs.

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From TheLegendMellberg on 606: "I still question whether Sri Lanka can win this tournament. Their batting is not as good as their bowling - they will show now just how strong their bowling attack is"
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2nd over - Ire 11-0
Kulasekara takes the second over, he's already keeping it tight against the watchful Cap'n Will. John Kenny and Phil Tufnell on TMS agree that Ireland don't have to go mad early on, as they don't want the pressure on them when the bewitching spinners Murali and Mendis come on. Porterfield eventually steers a four over extra cover that beats the pursuing Slinger to the rope. The Irish pair then run a two to deep extra cover, Sangakkara (who's going for the Adam Ant look with a stripe of sun cream across his nose and cheeks) whips the bails off and it goes to the third umpire, it's close... third umpire Steve Davis says "not out".

From Stephen Lawley, TMS inbox: "Any chance Ireland have a part time DIY store worker to really turn the screw on the Sri Lankans?"

1st over - Ire 5-0
After the usual quicker-than-is-reasonably-comfortable turnaround between innings, Angelo Mathews is already taking the new ball and Ireland captain William Porterfield is swinging and missing. After four dot balls, Porterfield gets them off the mark when he hoists a shorter ball over mid-wicket for four. A single ensures he retains the strike.

1502: Kevin Howells down at Taunton reveals that Australia's women have kept their World Twenty20 semi-final hopes alive by beating West Indies by eight wickets. The result also makes New Zealand certain of a semi-final place. "Australia were sloppy in the field, but got away with it because West Indies were even worse", Kevin adds. Next up is England's game with Sri Lanka at 1600 BST.
Scorecard: Australia women beat West Indies women

Meanwhile, better news for Alec Stewart is that Surrey have won a County Championship match for the first time since September 2007.
Latest county scores


20th over - DROPPED CATCH - SL 144-9
Last man Ajantha Mendis has a big swing at the last ball of the innings, it sails to long-off and Kevin O'Brien can't hold on to the catch as it goes through for four. Cusack just misses out on an unlikely five-for and finishes with 4-18.

Out for a duck

19.5 overs - WICKET - Muralitharan c N O'Brien b Cusack 0 - SL 140-9
New batsman is Lasith Malinga, he can't get his first ball away. The Slinger has a swing but can only carve a single to leg. Murali takes a big swing at his first ball and is either caught behind or stumped, whichever you prefer. There's some confusion at first, but given that the umpire at the bowler's end gave him out, we think he must have been caught.

Alec Stewart

Alec Stewart on TMS: "Ireland have been busy in the field all day, I'd say they have outperformed the Dutch, and that's saying something"

Wicket falls

19.2 overs - WICKET - Mathews b Cusack 10 - SL 139-8
Mathews pushes the first ball for two, then steps across his stumps, misses the ball and is bowled!

19th over - SL 137-7
Mathews cracks Rankin for four, then keeps the strike for the last over ahead of new batsman Muttiah Muralitharan with a single.

Wicket falls

18.4 overs - WICKET - Kulasekara c Mooney b Rankin 1 - SL 132-7
Nuwan Kulasekara (full name Kulasekara Mudiyanselage Dinesh Nuwan Kulasekara) is the new batsman - he was the highest-ranked ODI bowler in the world earlier this year and averages 10 with the bat in T20 internationals. Mathews dabs a single (then calls for a new bat) before Rankin strays with a legside wide. Every run is crucial here - Kulasekara chips one over the bowler and is running away together, running away together with Angelo as the batsmen scamper through for a quick single. Mathews rotates the strike, Kulasekara punches one to long-off and electrician John Mooney cranks up the voltage with a superb diving catch!

Wicket falls

18th over - WICKET - Jayawardene b Cusack 78 - SL 128-6
New batsman is all-rounder Angelo Mathews, who hasn't had many batting opportunities in this tournament yet. Jayawardene clubs a single, Mathews is off the mark with a prod to extra cover. Jayawardene then aims another big hit through the off side, and he's bowled! Great wicket for Ireland.

Wicket falls

17.3 overs - WICKET - Mubarak c N O'Brien b Cusack 7 - SL 126-5
So, three overs left and Cusack returns - Niall O'Brien's impressive wicketkeeping has ex-England stumper Alec Stewart purring on TMS. Mubarak carves a two to the cover sweeper, then another top edge sails into the air and gives the aforementioned O'Brien another steepling catch.

17th over - SL 124-4
Mubarak steers West for a single, Jayawardene square-drives for two. After a couple of singles, Jayawardene shows his class with a confident cover-driven four off the back foot. A full toss is then lap-swept for four by the former skipper, West looks upset with himself for letting that one slip.

Alec Stewart

Former England skipper Alec Stewart on TMS: "Ireland have been impressive so far and have fielded exceptionally well, but how will they fare against the mystery of Sri Lanka's bowlers? I wonder whether later on, when all the Indian fans are in, England will realise they'll be playing in an atmosphere that will sound more like Mumbai than London"

16th over - SL 111-4
McCallan bowling his overs straight through, Jayawardene clips a single off his legs. Mubarak nudges one off his pads, Jayawardene square-cuts but some tidy fielding by Andre Botha keeps it down to one. The singles keep flowing until Jayawardene works a two to the lumbering Rankin at deep square leg. He then goes across his stumps and hoists a four through fine leg to round off the over.

15th over - SL 101-4
West returns for O'Brien, bowling over the wicket Gilo-style - Jayawardene can't get the first ball away and then plays and misses at the second. West is quickly through his over despite bowling a wide, Jayawardene can't get him away until he works a single to fine leg. Mubarak is off the mark with a single through mid-wicket to bring up three figures for the Sri Lankans, Jayawardene ensures he keeps the strike. Much better over from the big man.

14th over - SL 97-4
New batsman is the skinny, angular figure of Jehan Mubarak, who steers his first ball straight back to the bowler.

Wicket falls

13.5 overs - WICKET - Silva c Rankin b McCallan 4 - SL 97-4
Jayawardene reverse-sweeps at McCallan, gets a lucky edge and they run one. Silva has better luck with an orthodox sweep which brings two, before he nudges a single. Jayawardene rotates the strike, but then Silva loses his sheen when he hoists an easy catch to Rankin at deep square leg.

From Fairmeadow, Wellington, TMS inbox: "Please stop saying F5 for refresh. That's only for some users. I find cmd-R works really well"

Consider me corrected...

13th over - SL 92-3
Kevin O'Brien is the sixth bowler used by Ireland, and his first ball of dibbly-dobbly right-arm medium pace is helped down the Lord's slope by Jayawardene for four to bring up his fifty from 33 balls. O'Brien strays wide and Jayawardene opens the face to poke a superbly-timed late cut for four. The former skipper straight-drives and trots through for a single.

12th over - SL 83-3
New batsman (wearing a sleeveless sweater) is Chamara Silva, who plays his first ball back past schoolteacher McCallan for a single. A single takes Jayawardene to 46.

Wicket falls

11.4 overs - WICKET - Jayasuriya lbw b McCallan 27 - SL 81-3
Jayawardene looks in good nick, stepping across his stumps hoisting McCallan down to fine leg for four. A square drive brings a well-run three and leaves Porterfield wondering how to set his field. But the old man departs as he tries to sweep and McCallan traps him in front after a stand of 57.

11th over - SL 74-2
West takes a rest after the carnage in his last over, and Alex Cusack - Ireland's other centrally contracted player, alongside Johnston - comes on with his medium pace. Some heroic fielding by Cap'n Porterfield at short cover prevents a couple of singles, but then Jayawardene nonchalantly flips a legside delivery over backward square leg for six. A single takes his score to 38, then he has to dive back for his crease when sent back by Jayasuriya.

10th over - SL 67-2
Time for off-spinner Kyle McCallan from the Pavilion End - after an exchange of singles, Jayasuriya feasts on a shorter delivery and brutally sweeps for four. A single brings Jayawardene on strike, he aims a reverse hit into the air and they run two. A single sees Sri Lanka reach the halfway stage with a platform from which to tee off.

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From eirebilly on 606: "I cannot believe that Ireland are playing this well. I honestly expected Sri Lanka to have at least 80 runs by this stage."
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9th over - SL 57-2
Jayasuriya tickles West for a single off his legs, then Jayawardene sets about the left-arm spinner by blasting two fours and two twos through the off side - making a mockery of all the men stationed on the leg side - before nicking the strike with a single.

8th over - SL 42-2
Jayawardene heaves Johnston down to fine leg, but the diving Boyd Rankin somehow allows the ball to slide through him for four. A beautiful cover-driven two is applauded by a couple of female India fans who have taken their seats early, and Jayawardene prods a quick single as Porterfield's throw from backward point just misses the stumps - Jayasuriya would have been run out if it had hit. Jayasuriya helps one down the leg side for four, and a single completes Johnston's spell - he has figures of 4-1-18-1.

7th over - SL 30-2
The beefy figure of Regan West enters the attack in left-arm spin mode, and he whips through his over which yields just two singles.

And for those of you asking about the lack of auto-refresh, we had a few problems with it during the last ODI series, when the system got jammed up and the scores didn't update for two or three overs. I think you'd agree that in a fast-paced T20 game, that's too long to wait (tennis doesn't have this problem as the updates are only once per game - much less frequent) - and asking you to press F5 is the lesser of two evils in this instance. We're hoping it'll be back again for the Ashes.

6th over - SL 28-2
Johnston to bowl his third over, Jayawardene hoists him towards cow corner and despite some good relay fielding, they sprint through for an all-run four. Not bad, considering Jayawardene is 32 and Jayasuriya will be 40 at the end of this month. But that's the only scoring stroke of the over, well bowled Johnston.

5th over - SL 24-2
Jayasuriya clips Rankin (who has a big splodge of sun cream on both cheeks) for four through the covers then jabs a single, while Jayawardene takes on the burly Regan West's arm at mid-on successfully as he runs another quick single. Jayasuriya gives himself room to flay another four square of the wicket.

From David, London, TMS inbox: "If England and South Africa finish tied on four points with England having a better net run rate but South Africa having beaten them, who would go through top?"

The team with the better net run rate.

4th over - SL 14-2
New batsman Mahela Jayawardene shoulders arms to his first ball as Johnston is right on the money, and completes a rare maiden over!

Wicket falls

3.3 overs - WICKET - Sangakkara c N O'Brien b Johnston 3 - SL 14-2
Captain William Porterfield is quickly in to prevent a single as Sanga looks to take Johnston on. Johnston has a half-hearted lbw appeal as the Sri Lankan pair scamper two leg byes. We've had a lot of extras so far. But then Sanga nicks one to the keeper, who stands up to the next ball, and John Kenny on TMS says "Ireland are in dreamland here!"

3rd over - SL 12-1
Jayasuriya hooks Rankin, it falls safely and they run one. His captain rotates the strike, Rankin sends down a wide and Jayasuriya prods another well-run quick single before Sanga steers the last ball for a single.

From Karthik Balram, Chennai, India, TMS inbox: "Unless and until Dhoni changes his strategy to suit the opposition, India are not gonna progress beyond the Super Eights. Persisting with Irfan Pathan will be the death of us. Why isn't RP Singh in the team?"

2nd over - SL 7-1
Former skipper Trent Johnston will share the new ball, and he begins with a wide against Sangakkara, who then chips a single to third man. John Kenny on TMS explains how Johnston's central contract with Ireland includes coaching duties, as Jayasuriya nudges a leg bye down to fine leg. Pretty tight over.

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From Anonymous (don't forget to put your name on), via text on 81111: "What's annoying is I predicted Sri Lanka to win this year but did not have the guts to put money on it. Looking forward to England or should I say KP against India"

1st over - SL 4-1
Captain Kumar Sangakkara won't have come in at 0-1 very often, but they ran on the catch and Sanath Jayasuriya gets Sri Lanka off the mark by carving Rankin to his favourite boundary area (backward point) for four.

Out for a duck

0.2 overs - WICKET - Dilshan c N O'Brien b Rankin 0 - SL 0-1
The recalled Boyd Rankin takes the first over - Dilshan gets a top edge off the second ball, it skies into the air and keeper Niall O'Brien runs over to take the catch! Great start for the Irish! It's cheered by plenty of Irish fans at Lord's, including one with an Ireland shirt and a burnt-orange University of Texas cap.

1328: While we're waiting and the anthems are played, I can tell you that at Taunton, West Indies' women made 135-8 against Australia from their 20 overs.
Scorecard: West Indies women v Australia women

From Olivier Kapo, TMS inbox: "Hi there Mark, I don't understand how if India lose they're out, but if England lose their hopes hang by a thread? Surely as both teams are on the same number of points, it is an all or nothing contest for both teams?"

Right - if India lose, they will be on zero points, SA on four, WI and England on two. As West Indies play England in their final group game, the winner of that game will reach four points (or if it's a washout, they will both be on three) - so India couldn't qualify, even if they were to beat South Africa.

However, if India beat England, there will then be SA on four points, India and WI on two, England on zero. But if England then beat the West Indies and South Africa beat India, then SA will have six points, and the other three teams will have two points each - and it will all be down to net run-rate. So although defeat today for England would be a huge downer, they aren't necessarily out. Get it? Got it. Good.

1320: And don't forget, we want you involved today, wherever in the world you may be following this live text. E-mail us (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text us on 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word - and don't forget to include your name), or use 606. As HarlequinJack has done...

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From HarlequinJack on 606: "Sri Lanka have been awesome. Their bowling is the best in the tournament. Two world class spinners and some vicious fast bowling. Bit of a long tail, though. Wouldn't rate Ireland's chances... As for England, I have the sinking feeling that every England cricket fan knows, that awful sensation that there could be a famous batting collapse"
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1309: Here are the full teams:

Ireland: William Porterfield (capt), Niall O'Brien (wk), Andre Botha, Kevin O'Brien, Andrew White, John Mooney, Trent Johnston, Alex Cusack, Kyle McCallan, Regan West, Boyd Rankin.

Sri Lanka: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Sanath Jayasuriya, Kumar Sangakkara (capt & wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Jehan Mubarak, Chamara Silva, Angelo Mathews, Nuwan Kulasekara, Muttiah Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendis, Lasith Malinga.

Umpires are South Africa's Marais Erasmus (not seen him before) and New Zealand's Tony Hill (yep, remember him). My "crew" is unchanged, comprising the ever-helpful David Ornstein (match report) and Paul Fletcher (our lord and master today).

1302: Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara wins the toss and elects to bat first. Ireland bring back seamer Boyd Rankin, who was rested from their last game, and also recall Andrew White - the pair missing out are Gary Wilson and Peter Connell. Sri Lanka are unchanged.

1300: Afternoon, everyone. The sun is shining and we've a sizzler of a double-header for you from Lord's. First up, it's Ireland against unbeaten Sri Lanka - then England against India. A win for Sri Lanka will see them all but through, defeat for Ireland will see them with a mountain to climb.

Meanwhile, although England and India both lost their first Super Eights game, it's all-or-nothing for India - defeat will see them eliminated from the competition.

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England victory eliminates India
14 Jun 09 |  England
Windies knock England out of T20
15 Jun 09 |  England
Dhoni blames batsmen for defeat
14 Jun 09 |  India
Jonathan Agnew column
14 Jun 09 |  Cricket
Sri Lanka see off valiant Ireland
14 Jun 09 |  Cricket
World Twenty20 day 10 photos
14 Jun 09 |  Cricket
Gul heroics inspire Pakistan win
13 Jun 09 |  Cricket
South Africa see off West Indies
13 Jun 09 |  Cricket
India stunned by brilliant Bravo
12 Jun 09 |  Cricket
Sri Lanka too strong for Pakistan
12 Jun 09 |  Cricket
South Africa crush sorry England
11 Jun 09 |  England
New Zealand too good for Ireland
11 Jun 09 |  Cricket
World Twenty20 tables
06 Jun 09 |  Cricket
ICC World Twenty20 2009
21 Jun 09 |  Cricket
Women's World Twenty20 2009
21 Jun 09 |  Women's cricket
Live cricket on the BBC
26 Oct 11 |  Cricket

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