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ICC World Twenty20 day nine as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 Super Eights, The Oval:

Group F: Pakistan 100-4 (13.1 overs) beat New Zealand 99 (18.3 overs) by six wickets

Group E: South Africa 183-7 (20 overs) beat West Indies 163-9 (20 overs) by 20 runs


By Mark Mitchener


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2015: Right then - that's it from us, we'll see you back here tomorrow for the mouth-watering prospect of Ireland-Sri Lanka followed by England-India. Don't forget to check out the highlights of today's two games at 2305 BST tonight on BBC Two and the BBC Sport website. Until then, TTFN and enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening.

New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori on TMS: "Today wasn't our day, our run-rate has taken a big hit so we're going to have to play really well against Sri Lanka who have been one of the best teams in the competition"

2011: So, what does this do to the table? New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Pakistan all have two points in Group F, although the Kiwis have the best net run rate at this time. However, Sri Lanka are arguably in pole position as they have a game in hand, against Ireland tomorrow. That's the first game of Sunday's double-header at Lord's (starts at 1330 BST), with India v England to follow at 1730.


13.1 overs - Pkn 100-4
Nathan McCullum - the elder of the two brothers in the NZ side, despite being the less experienced in international terms - serves up a juicy delivery which Afridi hoists into the sky over mid-wicket. Brendon McCullum and Neil Broom collide in comedy fashion as they both try to take the catch, but they only succeed in hurting each other. Pakistan run an easy two, and it's all over.

13th over - Pkn 98-4
Franklin replaces Butler, Afridi hangs his bat out at a wide delivery, taking one hand off the bat and they run two. Substitute fielder Neil Broom then earns his corn, diving well to turn four into two as Afridi cover-drives. Then, Franklin overpitches and Afridi blasts him over extra cover for four. New Zealand are playing Afridi back into form nicely here. Seven to win, Afridi goes for the big one but it lands safely by the point boundary and they run three. So, just four needed from 44 balls - even I'd fancy myself to knock off the runs in these circumstances. Younus clips the last ball for a two to mid-wicket. Start the car!

12th over - Pkn 85-4
Vettori wheels away for his final over, Younus and Afridi exchange singles before the Pakistan captain guides a careful signal through mid-wicket. Afridi cracks a single to Oram, the cover sweeper - just four singles off the over, but only 15 more needed off 48 balls and they've seen off Vettori, who finishes with 2-20.

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From sevenseaman on 606: "Razzaq's arrival has raised Pakistan's fortunes. Creditable performance after a long absence from the game. And Younus has smartly sent him in for some batting practice. Umar Gul's 5 for 6 is out of this world."
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11th over - Pkn 81-4
Butler replaces McCullum, Afridi knocks him through mid-wicket for a double. The bearded all-rounder remains watchful rather than eyeing up the boundaries like he normally does - although a fierce hit can't beat the man at long-on and they trot through for a single. Younus rotates the strike, then Afridi finally goes aerial, hoisting a slower bouncer from Butler over mid-wicket. It's initially signalled six, but clearly bounced in front of the rope and is re-signalled as four.

10th over - Pkn 73-4
Captain Younus Khan hopes to stop the rot here. He's off the mark with a single, "Boom Boom" Afridi uncharacteristically nudges a single off his legs. Three runs and a wicket from Vettori's over, that's more like the Cap'n Dan we know.

Wicket falls

9.2 overs - WICKET - Malik c B McCullum b Vettori 4 - Pkn 71-4
Afridi steers Vettori for a single through the covers, then Malik prods into the covers and it's an easy catch for McCullum of the Brendon variety!

9th over - Pkn 70-3
New batsman is... Shahid Afridi, whose batting form is in a right state at the moment. He paddle-sweeps his first ball for four, then is denied by some superb fielding off his own bowling by McCullum, who leaps through the air like Superman to field the ball. Some people down the other end of our office didn't realise it was a bump ball... After a single from Afridi, Malik hits the ball to Brendon McCullum at "shortstop" and daren't risk a run to him, but he fluently sweeps the last ball for four.

Wicket falls

8.1 overs - WICKET - Shahzaib run out (B McCullum/McGlashan) 35 - Pkn 61-3
New batsman, new bowler as Shoaib Malik strides to the crease and we have spin at both ends with Nathan McCullum entering the attack. Shahzaib goes forward to McCullum, prods it to Brendon McCullum who's in a "shortstop"-style position at short mid-wicket, his throw fizzes in to McGlashan as Shahzaib is sent back and is that out? Goes to the third umpire - and he looks out to me, as the line belongs to the fielding side - and he is out!

Wicket falls

8th over - WICKET - Razzaq c McGlashan b Vettori 5 - Pkn 61-2
Pakistan must be eyeing up a vast improvement to their net run-rate if they can win this quickly. Vettori returns now the field is set back - the Kiwis' only (faint) hope of winning from here is to bowl Pakistan out. Fast. Razzaq nurdles a single, Pakistan have plenty of time here and Shahzaib steers another single through the cover. But it's all over for Razzaq as he feathers an edge behind to McGlashan, who's the latest keeper to don a baseball catcher's mask rather than a helmet when standing up to the stumps.

7th over - Pkn 59-1
Mills to bowl his fourth over straight off the reel, Razzaq dabs a perfectly-timed single into the covers and Shahzaib blasts a four through cow corner - he has 34 from 24 balls. Would you believe, this is his international debut for Pakistan? No sign of stage fright from him.

6th over - Pkn 54-1
The Vettori experiment is strangled at birth as Ian Butler takes the last powerplay over, but Shahzaib continues his assault on the Kiwi bowlers by heaving a first-bounce four to mid-wicket. He then lifts a six over backward point into the front row of the stand! Shahzaib hammers another four through mid-wicket.

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From hotdiva7 on 606: "I'm sorry but Kyle Mills does himself an injustice by likening himself to Andy Murray. He's much cuter in a more dishevelled way"
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5th over - Pkn 40-1
New man Abdul Razzaq blasts his first ball through the covers for three, Shahzaib adds a single and we could be on for an early finish here at this rate. But Mills' riposte is a brutal swinging delivery which beats Razzaq's outside edge.

Colin Croft
Geoff Lawson

Geoff Lawson on TMS: "Colin Croft, in the commentary box next door, is a qualified commercial pilot - he's taking pictures of the planes as they fly by and getting excited!"

Wicket falls

4.2 overs - WICKET - Akmal c Guptill b Mills 19 - Pkn 36-1
Akmal shows he can give it the long handle too, he hoists Mills over his head for six! He then tries a brutal pull - and is caught at deep square leg by the safe hands of Martin Guptill.

4th over - Pkn 30-0
An interesting change of bowling as Cap'n Dan introduces his own left-arm spin from the Pavilion End. It takes him ages to set the field - then Shahzaib goes aerial with his first ball, hoisting him safely towards the cover boundary for two. Another lofted hit just evades mid-on, and that's two more. Shahzaib takes aim again, launching Vettori into the stand at long-off for six! A flighted delivery turns outside off stump and is signalled as a wide, it's not Vettori's day...

3rd over - Pkn 19-0
Shahzaib Hasan gets to face a ball for the first time, Mills oversteps with a no-ball so we get our first "free hit" of the day. Shahzaib hooks the free-hit ball, and it's another first-bounce four. He keeps the strike with a single off the last ball.

2nd over - Pkn 13-0
Left-arm seamer James Franklin takes the second over, Akmal guides a two to long leg and sees off four dot balls before guiding a four through the covers.

1st over - Pkn 7-0
Kamran Akmal takes a while to put bat on ball successfully against Mills, but he works a single to fine leg where a misfield by Butler allows a second run. Akmal then guides a single to mid-wicket, Aaron Redmond's throw hits the stumps but ricochets away for four overthrows - earning Akmal a "five"!

1908: We're up and running again. Kyle Mills, who apparently thinks he looks like Andy Murray, takes the new ball.

1855: Wow. That was a superb bowling and fielding performance by Pakistan - it shows what they can do when they put their minds to it.


Wicket falls

18.3 overs - WICKET - Vettori run out (Younus/Razzaq) 8 - NZ 99 all out
Razzaq takes the penultimate over, Vettori gives it the long handle and hoists him through long-on for four. Then, Vettori hits a slower ball straight to Younus Khan at mid-on, and his throw easily beats the dawdling Vettori - he's not even in the picture.

18th over - NZ 95-9
Last man Ian Butler survives the hat-trick ball, working it to leg for a single. Vettori guides the last ball for a single, Gul has 5-6.

Out for a duck

17.4 overs - WICKET - Mills c Shahzaib b Gul 0 - NZ 93-9
We had this earlier today with Parnell - can Gul improve on Kiwi Mark Gillespie's T20 international record bowling figures (4-7)? Yes he can - Kyle Mills spoons his first ball into the hands of Shahzaib Hasan at extra cover! Gul has 5-4 (that's the first ever T20 international five-for), and he's on a hat-trick again!

Wicket falls

17.3 overs - WICKET - Franklin b Gul 7 - NZ 93-8
The irrepressible Gul to continue - eight of his first 12 deliveries were dot balls (and three were wickets). The first ball is yorker-length, which Franklin can only jab off his toes. The second is a bouncer (dot ball), the third is a fast yorker which bowls him! Gul has 4-4!

17th over - NZ 93-7
Ajmal goes round the wicket to the left-handed pair, Franklin jabs a single and Vettori - possibly still feeling his injury - turns down a second. The Kiwi skipper sweeps and they do run two this time. Vettori digs out a fuller delivery before dabbing a single, Franklin too can only block a quicker ball. Big shout for lbw off the last ball... but they run a single.

16th over - NZ 88-7
Captain Daniel Vettori comes in, with his side in something of a pickle to say the least. He wafts and misses at his first ball, and can't get his second away either. Gul has 3-4.

Wicket falls

15.4 overs - WICKET - N McCullum b Gul 7 - NZ 88-7
Gul has changed ends, McCullum scampers a leg bye off the first ball and Franklin cracks a two to third man. The left-hander can't connect with a big hit as they run another. Then, McCullum is beaten all ends up and sees his leg stump sail out of the ground!

And India's women have beaten Pakistan by five wickets at Taunton...
India women v Pakistan women scorecard

15th over - NZ 84-6
Captain Younus Khan shuffles his field as Ajmal returns, Franklin nudges a single off his legs. McCullum jabs another, Franklin tips-and-runs and the dawdling McCullum only just makes his ground at the striker's end. McCullum can't connect with a reverse sweep, but runs a single to third man. Franklin sweeps for a dot ball, just four singles from the over.

14th over - NZ 80-6
Afridi stays on for his final over, following his fielding heroics. Franklin dabs a single. McCullum helps a quicker ball down to fine leg for four, aided by some comedy fielding on the edge of the circle. A wide is followed by another screamed lbw appeal - which is turned down

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From nigeweir on 606: "What a catch by Afridi - New Zealand are falling apart at the seams."
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13th over - NZ 74-6
James Franklin in to face the hat-trick ball, which is straight... and worked into the leg side for a single.

Wicket falls

12.4 overs - WICKET - McGlashan lbw b Gul 80 - NZ 73-6
Nathan McCullum is the new batsman, but McGlashan's on strike (after some long deliberation from the umpires over whether they crossed on the catch) - and he's lbw sweeping! Gul on a hat-trick!

Wicket falls

12.3 overs - WICKET - Styris c Afridi b Gul 22 - NZ 73-5
Specialist "death bowler" Umar Gul is on, and he foxes Styris with the first couple of deliveries. Gul strays with a wide, then Styris goes aerial again, the bearded Afridi scampers back and takes a superb diving catch over his shoulder! Afridi is a huge favourite with the Pakistan fans, and their supporters go wild!

Meanwhile, Pakistan's women aren't having a good day - they were bowled out for 75 by India, who are already 55-4 chasing down the target.
India women v Pakistan women scorecard

12th over - NZ 72-4
McGlashan gets a bottom edge to Afridi and nearly plays on but survives... He and Styris manage several singles until Styris hoists Afridi into the Oval sky, and it drops just out of the reach of deep mid-wicket. They run three.

11th over - NZ 64-4
Former skipper Shoaib Malik comes on with his occasional off-spin - a Styris single brings McGlashan on strike for the first time. He tips-and-runs a single, Afridi's throw is just wide. Styris adds another, then a full toss is blasted through long-off by McGlashan and nearly hits some of the pitchside dancers who appear to be taking a break from their duties. A single concludes a better over for the Kiwis.

10th over - NZ 56-4
New batsman is keeper Peter McGlashan. Styris survives a big lbw shout, then gets a thick inside edge but it rolls safely. Just one more from the over.

Wicket falls

9.3 overs - WICKET - Oram c Misbah b Afridi 5 - NZ 55-4
Styris turns Afridi off his toes for one, then Oram goes for a big hit and is caught on the long-off boundary!

9th over - NZ 54-3
Styris goes aerial against Ajmal, will it carry? Yes it does - it sails just over the head of long-on. Styris pushes a single, then Oram guides a two off his legs. Jeremy Coney on TMS wonders whether a younger Styris (he's 34 next month) might have come back for a third. But Oram keeps the scoreboard ticking with a single, and Styris keeps the strike with another.

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From [El Nino] [YNWA] on 606: "Pakistan doing well, but keeping it like this in the final few overs will be key"
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8th over - NZ 43-3
Time for Shahid Afridi with his fast leg-breaks, which have been much more potent in this tournament than his rapidly disintegrating batting skills. Oram helps him round the corner for a single. Styris tries an Ashraful "frying pan" over-the-shoulder shot, turns for a run, is sent back as Misbah-ul-Haq's throw from short fine leg comes in and keeper Kamran Akmal demolishes the stumps. It goes to the third umpire - and Styris remains. He eventually works a single off his legs, Oram cuts and misses - a very tight over.

7th over - NZ 41-3
Powerplay over, our first sight of spin as off-tweaker Saeed Ajmal comes on - Styris sweeps him for a single. The left-handed Oram rotates the strike well, looking to frustrate Pakistan with their left-hand/right-hand combo. Styris guides a single to leg, Oram bunts a single off his legs.

From Mike Saint, TMS inbox: "Hey Mitch, just logged on after playing for my local side today. Set 186 to win and needing 11 off the final two overs I came in at 11 with the intention of giving my dad, who was 94 not out, the strike. I ran him out two balls later with victory and his maiden century in sight. Needless to say, things are a bit frosty back home"

6th over - NZ 37-3
The giant figure of Jacob Oram joins his long-term Black Caps team-mate Styris at the crease, these two must have batted together hundreds of times... The big man is beaten by his first ball from Razzaq, to huge cheers from the Pakistan fans, then Oram fences and misses. The last ball is defended - that's a wicket maiden from Razzaq (as the leg bye doesn't count against the bowler).

Wicket falls

5.3 overs - WICKET - Guptill lbw b Razzaq 8 - NZ 37-3
Still no bowling changes from Younus Khan as Razzaq continues - he still has four useful overs of seam from Umar Gul up his sleeve, as Gul seems to be their regular "death" bowler in T20. But after a leg bye from Styris, Guptill misses a fairly straight ball and is trapped in front!

5th over - NZ 36-2
Time for "The Penguin" to enter the fray - the very experienced Scott Styris is next in, and is off the mark with a single to leg. Guptill adds a two, he has eight from seven balls.

Wicket falls

4.2 overs - WICKET - Redmond c Gul b Aamir 15 - NZ 33-2
Redmond tries another big hit against Aamir, but lofts a catch to Umar Gul at mid-on to get the Pakistan fans on their feet.

4th over - NZ 33-1
Guptill blasts Razzaq across the line for four through mid-wicket, nudges a single and Redmond hoists him over mid-off for a first-bounce four, before pinching the srike.

3rd over - NZ 23-1
Redmond swishes and misses at Aamir, who gets a bit of movement away from the right-hander, who eventually eases the pressure with a chipped four over the infield. Two singles round off the over.

2nd over - NZ 17-1
New batsman Martin Guptill sees off the rest of the over unscathed.

Wicket falls

1.4 overs - WICKET - B McCullum c Alam b Razzaq 12 - NZ 17-1
Abdul Razzaq (recently returned to "official" cricket after a spell in the unsanctioned Indian Cricket League) takes a long run from the Pavilion End, has a loud shout against fellow injury call-up Redmond and they scamper a run - it's not even a leg-bye, there must have been an inside edge. But after an exchange of singles, McCullum spoons a catch straight to Fawad Alam on the edge of the circle.

1st over - NZ 14-0
Experienced one-day biffer Brendon McCullum opens up for the Kiwis (now freed from any responsibility of captaincy or wicketkeeping), and he smashes 17-year-old seamer Mohammad Aamir's first ball through the covers for four! McCullum adds a two before clipping a single to fine leg. Aaron Redmond, a late replacement who looks like he's playing in an inside-out shirt (as there are no markings, names or numbers on it) jabs his first ball for two, then adds a single. McCullum adds two more before guiding the last ball for four to fine leg. A wayward and expensive first over for the teenager.

1726: Anthems are played - plenty of Pakistan fans at The Oval, while the Kiwi anthem (which goes on a bit) gets plenty of cheers too.

1723: Plenty of chat on TMS about how Aaron Redmond was playing league cricket in England when he was called into the squad for the injured Jesse Ryder. Talk about being in the right place at the right time

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From Rafa_Bearded_Wonder - Would a fly with no wings be called a walk? on 606: "Razzaq coming back could win this match for Pakistan. The guy's tremendous at his best and with him being there, there's a case for Afridi opening"
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1714: Here are the full teams:

New Zealand: Brendon McCullum, Aaron Redmond, Martin Guptill, Scott Styris, Jacob Oram, Peter McGlashan (wk), Daniel Vettori, James Franklin, Nathan McCullum, Kyle Mills, Ian Butler.

Pakistan: Kamran Akmal (wk), Shahzaib Hasan, Younus Khan (capt), Misbah-ul-Haq, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Umar Gul, Abdul Razzaq, Saeed Ajmal, Fawad Alan, Mohammad Aamir.

1710: Toss news - Fit-again New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori wins the toss and elects to bat first. He replaces Neil Broom, but Ross Taylor is still injured, though. Pakistan make two changes, bringing in Abdul Razzaq and Shahzaib Hasan for Sohail Tanvir and Salman Butt.

1649: And while you're waiting, the second women's game is under way - Pakistan won the toss and are batting first against India at Taunton. Take a look at the scorecard.
India women v Pakistan women scorecard

1643: TMS have gone off air on Sports Extra, but hold on to your hats - as Five Live will be taking over commentary duties for New Zealand-Pakistan, for which play begins at 1730 BST. We're going to get our breath back, but we'll be back to bring you news of the toss.


20th over - WI 163-9
So, 25 needed for an unlikely win - Parnell needs one wicket for a T20 international record, as no-one has ever taken a T20I "Michelle" (five-for). The first ball is a yorker speared in at Benn - dot ball. Benn guides the second to fine leg for a single, leaving last man Fidel Edwards needing four sixes to win the game. Edwards plays defensively and the ball squirms out for a single - the Windies seem to be playing to bat out the overs to improve their net run-rate. Benn plays and misses at the fourth ball, the fifth is driven to mid-off for a single, and Edwards digs out the last for a single. An anti-climax of a last over, Parnell's figures are 4-13 and South Africa win by 20 runs - they have one foot in the semi-finals.

Wicket falls

19th over - WICKET - Ramdin b Steyn 8 - WI 159-9
While Parnell takes the plaudits down on the boundary, West Indies need 36 from 12 balls. Benn straight-drives but it hits non-striker Ramdin and they can only run one. Ramdin rotates the strike, then Benn heaves a four through cow corner. The giant spinner then steps across his stumps to flick the ball down to fine leg for a superb first-bounce four! 26 needed from eight balls. They can't, can they? Benn steps away again, but smacks a single to mid-off. Ramdin tries an unorthodox flick to the last ball and is bowled by a leg-stump yorker.

18th over - WI 148-8
Big Benn steers the hat-trick ball for a single, Ramdin carves the last ball through backward point for four, to spoil Parnell's figures - he now has 4-9.

Out for a duck

17.4 overs - WICKET - Taylor b Parnell 0 - WI 143-8
Ramdin manages a single, then Jerome Taylor is yorked first ball! Parnell has 4-4, which at the moment is the best ever T20 international bowling figures. No-one's ever taken five.

Wicket falls

17.2 overs - WICKET - Pollard c Smith b Parnell 6 - WI 142-7
Parnell (2-3 from two overs) to conclude matters with the 18th and 20th overs - Ramdin flicks him off his hip for a leg bye. Pollard spoons what looks like a catch straight to Smith, Pollard trots through as though he thinks it's a bump ball. Umpire Mark Benson's not sure, so he's going to go upstairs to Aussie third ump Rod Tucker. And that's out, son. But it comes up on the screen as "Not out"!?! What game are you watching, Tucker? Then the screen comes up as "Out" - did Tucker press the wrong button? Or should he be checked for red-green colour-blindness (from which Arlo White on TMS admits he suffers). Anyway, Pollard has to go.

17th over - WI 141-6
Pollard is off the mark with a single, he's joined by keeper Denesh Ramdin who singles to mid-off. Pollard bashes a four just out of the reach of mid-off, then steers a slower ball through the same area for one. Ramdin digs out a yorker for one to keep the strike - 43 needed from 18 balls.

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From NapoleanEinstein on 606: "Simmons is impressing me in this tournament. Before it, I thought he looked the part in Tests but wasn't suited to limited overs. Maybe bedding into the international set-up is helping his confidence. I hope the Windies can qualify, though it's in the balance now"
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Wicket falls

16.1 overs - WICKET - Sarwan c Botha b Steyn 8 - WI 133-6
Kieron Pollard has the reputation of someone who can hit the long ball, but he's going to have to get going straight away - and against Dale Steyn of all people. He'll have to do without Sarwan - who spoons a slower ball straight to Botha who's a few yards in from the cover boundary.

Wicket falls

16th over - WICKET - Simmons c de Villiers b van der Merwe 77 - WI 133-5
RVDM has changed ends, Sarwan pings him through extra cover for a single to get Simmons back on strike. He has 75, but the required rate is more than 12 per over. He can only manage a single through mid-wicket, Sarwan clubs another to long-on. South Africa are restricted to singles, though they do manage an overthrow after a fumble by Boucher. RVDM spears in a wide one, that beats both Simmons and Boucher and it sails away for five wides. But Simmons' defiance is ended as he blasts the last ball into the safe hands of ABDV at long-off!

15th over - WI 123-4
Kallis returns in place of RVDM, his only over so far cost 18. Sarwan jabs a single to the cover sweeper, Simmons misses while trying to hook a bouncer and he and Kallis exchange Paddington Bear-style "hard stares". But he eventually connects with another lifter and punches it past Duminy on the square leg boundary. Simmons tries to square-cut a wideish one, but it's well taken by Boucher the poucher on the bounce. Just five runs from Shark's over.

14th over - WI 118-4
Duminy to continue, but that's another quality shot from Simmons - perfectly picking out the extra cover boundary. A similar effort speeds along the ground and out of the reach of two diving fielders. A square-cut brings hope of a third successive four, but that's cut off and they run two. Duminy strays with a legside wide and they run a leg bye. Sarwan steers a single, then there's some cat and mouse from Duminy as he fails to deliver the ball, waiting to see where Simmons will step out. He gets a round of boos from The Oval crowd for his trouble.

From North Sea Tiger, TMS inbox: "Many a bowling action should be scrutinised, my six-year-old says Malinga throws and Murali chucks it like his sister!"

13th over - WI 106-4
The asking rate's up to nearly 11 an over - Simmons whacks RVDM back over his head but some smart relay fielding restricts them to two. Then it's a "shot of the day" contender from the youngster as he steps back and brilliantly hoists a six over extra cover. A failed reverse slog-sweep brings a leg bye to fine leg, Sarwan steers a well-run two.

12th over - WI 95-4
New batsman is Ramnaresh Sarwan, who I saw play a very, very long innings in Barbados a few months back. He's off the mark with a single, then Simmons hoists one which drops just short of long-off and they run another. Sarwan rotates the strike again, Simmons can only add the fifth single of the over.

Wicket falls

11.2 overs - WICKET - Chanderpaul c & b Duminy 8 - WI 91-4
A seventh bowler for the Proteas - it's time for their third spinner, off-break merchant JP Duminy. Simmons dabs a single, then Chanderpaul tries to advance down the wicket and chips a return catch to JP. Good bowling change.

From Mark, Oxford, TMS inbox: "Ani (2nd over), if West Indies win this game, we have to beat India to have any chance of qualifying, and quite possibly West Indies as well. If South Africa win this game, we can go through just by beating West Indies and losing to India, providing SA beat India. In that situation it would come down to run rate between the three teams. So in conclusion, a huge South African win would do us best. Not that I'm really harbouring any hope of qualifying! 0 from 3 for England I fear"

That's 50

11th over - WI 90-3
Chanderpaul adds a two and a single off RVDM before Simmons reaches his fifty with a single off the 31st ball he has faced. The Crab reverse-sweeps the last ball over short third man for four!

10th over - WI 82-3
Bring on The Crab! Shivnarine Chanderpaul, who helped out in the run chase against India last night, is at the non-striker's end as Botha adjusts his field for the big-hitting Simmons, who smears a single to leg. Chanderpaul is off the mark with a single, then Simmons advances to smack a straight-driven four over the bowler. Botha gives it a bit of flight, but Simmons powers another four over extra cover - he has 49 from 30 balls.

Wicket falls

9th over - WICKET - Bravo c Steyn b van der Merwe 19- WI 70-3
Spin from both ends as Roelof van der Merwe is smacked to long-on by Bravo for a single. Simmons is denied by an excellent stop by ABDV at cover, but he and Bravo are taking singles at their leisure here. But Bravo's contribution is ended when he hoicks the last ball to long-off, it's six or out - and it's caught on the boundary by the leaping Dale Steyn.

8th over - WI 66-2
With 129 needed from 78 balls, Bravo aims another big hit, taking one hand off the bat as he does so... but it falls safely to third man and they run two. Morkel then sends down a high full toss, Bravo gets a leading edge and Smith takes the "catch" at mid-wicket... but it's called a no-ball by Umpire Benson as it was above waist height. A single gets Simmons back on strike, he steps across his stumps to try a paddle-sweep but can't connect properly and they run one. Bravo rotates the strike well, Simmons then backs away and Morkel is frustrated to be penalised with a wide. He finally connects with the paddle-shot to fine leg he'd been aiming for, and that's his seventh four. Simmons then thinks he should have had a wide... an eventful over.

From Carole in Maidenhead, TMS inbox: "MM (I don't feel I know you well enough to call you Mitch) - wouldn't it be wonderful if the Windies won the whole thing? I have been very sad to witness the demise of Windies' cricket over the last few years, and would love to see a resurgence. Ah, those lovely scary bowlers in the 70s and 80s"

7th over - WI 55-2
The powerplay concluded, Botha's off-spin is brought on. No doubt, his action will be as scrutinised as ever. Simmons aims a reverse-hit but it flies through as he fails to connect and they scamper a bye. Controversially, it's not called a wide. Botha is quickly through his over, three singles are added before Simmons reverse-sweeps for two. The final ball perfectly bisects two figures who slide across each other on the square leg boundary but fail to prevent the four. Simmons has 34 from 19 balls.

6th over - WI 45-2
Albie Morkel's only over against India yesterday was a wicket maiden, can he repeat that success today? He replaces Parnell and after a single from Simmons, Bravo whacks another four. A single brings Simmons back on strike and he whips his fifth four of the innings through mid-wicket. He jabs a quick single, has to hurry but Johan Botha's throw from cover just misses the stumps.

5th over - WI 34-2
Medium-pacer Jacques "Shark" Kallis replaces Steyn, but Bravo shows no mercy with a big blast which just bounces in front of the rope at long-off for a four. He dabs a single to leg, then Simmons hammers three successive fours - the first between cover and extra cover, the second through fine leg and then he belts Kallis through extra cover for another first-bounce boundary! A single completes a very expensive over for the unbeaten Proteas.

Get involved on 606

From VoiceOfCricket on 606: "West Indies have rode their luck for too long. Now the law of averages will catch up. They will go down by a big margin today. "
Join the debate on 606

4th over - WI 16-2
New batsman is Dwayne Bravo, he who put India to the sword yesterday. He and Simmons rotate the strike with a leg bye and a couple of singles, but Parnell's line and length are pretty tight.

From Mark in Newmarket, TMS inbox: "Watching the West Indies argue among themselves even when things aren't going too badly in a major competition is reminiscent of the Dutch football team at virtually every football tournament for the last 30 years! Are we going to see them internally combust as they hit the semi-final stage too?"

Wicket falls

3.1 overs - WICKET - Gayle c Botha b Parnell 5 - WI 13-2
The solitary slip comes out as South Africa try to put the squeeze on Gayle, there's clearly a single there if he wants it. But he tries to flick one off his legs and hits it straight to Johan Botha on the edge of the circle at mid-wicket! Big wicket for the Proteas.

3rd over - WI 13-1
Simmons steers Steyn through the covers for two before stepping up on his toes to crack him over the infield for four. Wonder if his uncle Phil is watching this, while he's coaching Ireland. A single takes him to seven, then a misfield by Smith at mid-on allows fellow skipper Gayle to keep the strike.

From Ani, 'revising' in Cambridge, TMS inbox: "Help me out here - in terms of England having any chance of qualifying, should we be cheering on South Africa or the West Indies? My logic is failing me"

2nd over - WI 5-1
New batsman Lendl Simmons, once again elevated in the order, nudges his first ball for a leg bye to fine leg.

Out for a duck

1.4 overs - WICKET - Fletcher b Parnell 0 - WI 4-0
Wayne Parnell, recently of Kent, is right on the money with his left-arm seam as Gayle nudges a single and Fletcher can't get him away for two balls - and then is bowled by the fourth ball of the over, heaving across the line. Quack! (Second in two days!)

1st over - WI 3-0
Gayle gets West Indies under way by nudging Dale Steyn for two off his legs. He's not aiming for the Harleyford Road just yet, as he did against Australia this time last week, just dabbing another single.

1511: You can't rest for a minute with T20... Cap'n Gayle and his First Mate, Andre Fletcher, are ready to shiver South Africa's timbers. Arr. As it were.

1506: Meanwhile, if you can bear to step away from cricket for a minute or two for a bit of egg-chasing, Mark Orlovac is your expert guide elsewhere on the BBC Sport website for the Lions' latest rugby match in South Africa. I won't tell you the latest score so as to avoid "spoilers"...
Live text - Western Province v Lions, with Mark Orlovac

1504: TMS will be talking to the newly-honoured England women's captain Charlotte Edwards MBE in a moment or two... first up, they're going through the county scores. Andrew Flintoff has warmed up for the Ashes with a duck against Durham.
Latest county scores


20th over - SA 183-7
Now, what can the Proteas plunder from the last over, bowled by Fidel Edwards? Johan Botha is on strike for the first time, and rocks back to place a single through the covers. Boucher then aims an almighty blast which lands several rows back in the stands behind long-on! The next ball is fuller and Boucher digs it out for a single. Fine leg comes up for Botha, who lofts it over his shoulder and is nearly caught by that man at fine leg, Andre Fletcher, who gets his fingertips to it and they run three. Edwards is lucky not to have a wide signalled as a bouncer sails over Boucher's head, then he smears a two to long-on off the final delivery. 184 to win - not as many as South Africa may have hoped for, but still likely to need Chris Gayle to tee off early on if West Indies are to win.

Get involved on 606

From nigeweir on 606: "Great bowling this now, and keeping this game very interesting. The Windies have not let the Saffers get away from them, despite massive pressure and it's going to be a superb second half"
Join the debate on 606

19th over - SA 170-7
Boucher jabs a two to leg, then digs out a yorker and they scamper two more. He swishes and misses at a slower ball, then fails to connect with an attempted pull as Taylor retires with figures of 3-30 from four overs.

Wicket falls

18.2 overs - WICKET - Van der Merwe c Ramdin b Taylor 1 - SA 166-7
Taylor to take the penultimate over. RVDM has to adapt quite quickly, coming in at this stage, he aims a big shot but skies it miles and miles into the air... and keeper Ramdin takes a comfortable catch!

18th over - SA 166-6
New batsman is Roelof van der Merwe, who was promoted as high as number four (without much success) for the group game against New Zealand which I watched at Lord's on Tuesday. Boucher dabs a single, then RVDM swishes and misses at a wide before getting off the mark with a single.

Out for a duck

17.4 overs - WICKET - Duminy c Sarwan b Edwards 0 - SA 163-6
The depth of South Africa's batting is showed by the fact they have the talented JP Duminy coming in at number seven. But it's Boucher to face his first ball against Edwards, which he prods for a comfortable two through mid-wicket. Edwards strays with a legside wide before a single brings Duminy up to the plate. He tries to blast his first ball but gets a top edge to deep square leg! Quack! (Of the golden variety!)

Meanwhile, over at Taunton, the West Indies' women have fallen well short, losing to New Zealand by 52 runs. NZ's Lucy Doolan, who's fast becoming one of my favourite cricketers (see earlier), took 3-16 from four overs to add to her 41 opening the innings.
Live scorecard: West Indies women v New Zealand women

Wicket falls

17th over - WICKET - Morkel b Taylor 10 - SA 159-5
Mark Boucher is the new man, watching from the non-striker's end as they crossed on the catch. Left-hander Morkel whips Taylor through third man for four but has to weave away from a bouncer. Morkel cuts straight to backward point but then backs away and is bowled by a brute of a yorker. Good over for Taylor.

Wicket falls

16.2 overs - WICKET - De Villiers c Gayle b Taylor 17 - SA 155-4
Dermot Reeve on TMS thinks ABDV and Morkel will have a go at Taylor here. De Villiers smashes a four along the ground towards cow corner with plenty of control, then he hoists a skier into the hands of Cap'n Gayle at mid-off, who takes the catch while still wearing his shades! They clearly don't hamper his catching ability.

Text in your views on 81111

From Andrew in Nuneaton, via text on 81111: "Could the real West Indies please stand up? They seem to be more focused than a few weeks ago in the ODI series!"

16th over - SA 151-3
ABDV opens the face to steer Benn to third man, Cap'n Gayle pursues and uses his soccer skills to stop the ball just before the rope with the tried and tested method called "stepping on it". They run three. Morkel's watchful so far, dabbing another single, but ABDV punches a four through mid-wicket. The batsman then falls over attempting another brutal pull shot, so they can only run one. Morkel leans back and late-cuts for four

15th over - SA 138-3
New batsman is the big-hitting Albie Morkel, who may be eyeing up which boundary he's going to aim at. He's off the mark with a single, ABDV dabs the final ball to third man for one.

Wicket falls
That's 50

14.4 overs - WICKET - Gibbs c Taylor b Pollard 55 - SA 136-3
ABDV sensibly gives Gibbs the strike with a single, and Herschelle doesn't disappoint as he brings up his fifty off 33 balls with a Mohammad Ashraful-style "frying pan over the shoulder" shot for four. He then sweeps another four, but holes out at mid-on just when he was looking really dangerous.

14th over - SA 127-2
Gibbs and De Villiers tap Simmons for a pair of singletons, Gibbs smears a well-run two to long-off, then blasts a huge six over mid-wicket. An off-drive brings four more, beating Bravo's despairing dive at long-off. Suddenly, he has 47.

13th over - SA 113-2
Pollard on as Gayle rotates his bowlers, Gibbs takes an easy single to extra cover. (Kallis is now the highest scorer in the tournament with 174, one run more than Sri Lanka's Tillakaratne Dilshan). ABDV is off the mark with a single - these two are like greased lightning between the wickets, Gibbs scampers a two before carving a single to long-off. ABDV punches a full toss to long-on for one, Gibbs nicks the strike again.

12th over - SA 106-2
New man is AB de Villiers, who's also been in good form. They crossed on the catch, and Gibbs steers the last ball of the over for a single.

Wicket falls

11.5 overs - WICKET Kallis c Pollard b Simmons 45 - SA 105-2
With Kallis and Gibbs in full flow, West Indies turn to their seventh bowler, medium-pacer Lendl Simmons. He bowls round the wicket to Gibbs, who hoists him over his head and it seems to bounce just on the rope - four or six? It's four. Gibbs nudges a single. Kallis pushes through the covers and they run an easy two which brings up the fifty stand, then Kallis goes for the big one over the top... and is caught at a fairly straight long-on.

11th over - SA 98-1
Bravo returns in place of Gayle, a fierce Kallis drive brings a single to long-off. Gibbs hangs his bat out to ping one to the cover sweeper, Kallis's cover-drive picks out the same man and they run one. Gibbs dances down the track but can only manage a single, but a sliced edge past the keeper brings Kallis four more. A fierce pull into the mid-wicket fence takes him to 43 (off 29 balls) and South Africa to 98.

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From Gerrardwhiskers on 606: "If Chris Gayle can get away with those glasses then Stuart Broad needs to get himself some Kanye West specs for the England game tomorrow"
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10th over - SA 86-1
Benn twirls away for his third over, Kallis steers a single past the bowler. Gibbs goes for a big hit and it sails through third man for four, then the Proteas pair milk Benn for some easy singles.

9th over - SA 77-1
Time for Cap'n Gayle, the Man with the Luminous Sunglasses, whose shades TMS commentator Arlo White likens to those of Kanye West. Kallis nudges Gayle for a single, then Gibbs is hit on the pad, there's a big shout... but Umpire Benson remains motionless. Gibbs finally breaks the shackles with a lofted drive for four, then guides a single through mid-wicket.

8th over - SA 70-1
Kallis chops Big Benn for four through third man before guiding a gentle single. But Benn beguiles Gibbs for the rest of the over.

7th over - SA 65-1
Medium-pacer Kieron Pollard replaces Bravo, and Kallis dabs a single before Gibbs is off the mark, sweeping a slower ball for four. Gibbs curiously changes his shirt number each year to correspond with the year - he's now "09", having been "08" last year. Well, if it works for him... He leg-glances a careful four before working a single to square leg. Kallis nicks the strike.

6th over - SA 54-1
New batsman Herschelle Gibbs blocks his first ball, the last of the powerplay overs.

Geoff Lawson

Former Australia seamer Geoff Lawson on TMS: "That was classic Twenty20 cricket, trying to score as many runs as he could while the fielding restrictions were on, but the bowler came back with a good riposte"

Wicket falls

5.5 overs - WICKET - Smith c Fletcher b Benn 31 - SA 54-1
With the fours flowing quicker than the nearby River Thames, Cap'n Gayle turns to spin, in the towering persona of left-armer Sulieman Benn, who's nearly as tall as the famous Oval gasholders. Kallis guides a single, Smith mistimes a lofted drive but they run two. The skipper backs away aiming for the same shot, but gets a fortunate edge down to third man for four, which brings up the fifty stand. Smith gives Big Benn the charge, but the sprightly figure of Shivnarine Chanderpaul makes a great stop at long-on to turn four into two. But Smith's cameo is ended when he flashes another drive straight into the hands of Andre Fletcher at backward point.

5th over - SA 45-0
Dwayne Bravo, fresh from his heroics against India yesterday, is worked for a leg bye by Kallis, then Smith steers an attractive cover drive for four. The Proteas skipper moves to 19 by guiding a loose ball through the vacant third man area for another four. Smith looks in imperious form, ending the over with the third boundary of the innings with another fluent cover drive.

From Derry Tyrell, TMS inbox: "It's over 30 degrees up here in the mountains of Spain, we have a Cherry Fiesta going on in our village where the locals play Pelota. As a more-than-middle aged woman I am just loving this Twenty20, the skill, athleticism, emotion and tension make brilliant reading and viewing. And does anyone know where Chris Gayle got those brilliant sunnies?"

4th over - SA 32-0
Smith flashes and misses at Edwards before smearing a single to third man. The burly Kallis - whose physique is not flattered by the virtually skin-tight SA shirts, though it doesn't seem to have hampered his form - powers a square-driven four past Kieron Pollard at backward point before tipping-and-running a quick single.

3rd over - SA 26-0
Kallis steps back and firmly straight-drives Taylor, but that's straight to the giant figure of Sulieman Benn at mid-off. A wayward legside delivery is helped on its way for four, before Kallis marmalises Taylor with a casual swat over extra cover for six! A couple of singles - helped by some uncharacteristically untidy fielding by Dwayne Bravo - bring Kallis back on strike to power another four. Big over for the Proteas.

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From 'if they play football in heaven, this is how it would be done' on 606: "I love Gayle's raver sunglasses"
Join the debate on 606

2nd over - SA 10-0
Fidel Edwards to bowl from the Pavilion End, and he keeps it right up in the blockhole against Smith, who finally pierces the infield with a lofted shot over backward point for four, while finding the boundary again with another, more orthodox drive.

Text in your views on 81111

From Saleban, Sheffield, via text on 81111: "I'm here at The Oval today with my boyfriend, what could be more exciting?"

1st over - SA 2-0
Jerome Taylor takes the first over, while Tony Cozier on TMS enthuses about the end of the Tube strike. Taylor raps Jacques Kallis on the pad with a good delivery which hits him fractionally outside the line. Kallis is off the mark with a single, bringing his skipper Graeme Smith on strike. He guides a single to backward point.

From James, "practising the Dilshan" heavily, Lancashire, TMS inbox: "Any news on Abdul Razzaq starting today Mitch (can I call you that?), he has been called up for the injured Yasir Arafat and I reckon he has come at the right time to take this tournament up a notch. If only Imran Nazir was there... but hey-ho, winner of Windies v Proteas to win the tournament for me"

Of course you can call me Mitch. Everyone else does. No news on Razzaq yet.

1327: Teams line up for the anthems. I was really impressed yesterday to see Sri Lanka and Pakistan line up alternately to form one long line, as it was their first game against each other since the Sri Lankan team bus was attacked on the way to the game against Pakistan in March.

1324: And don't forget, we want you involved today. Whether you're from Bloemfontein, Bridgetown, Lahore or Wellington or are a neutral following the game in the UK or abroad, get in touch via text on 81111, e-mail (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line) or use 606.

1320: Meanwhile, down at Taunton, today's first game in the women's competition has already started. New Zealand are 150-6 in their last over against West Indies thanks to an opening stand of 94 by Suzie Bates (60) and Lucy Doolan - who caught my eye with some heroic batting and bowling in the World Cup final against England, and made 41. Unfortunately, the game has been delayed because of a medical emergency.
Live scorecard: West Indies women v New Zealand women

1306: Here are the teams:

South Africa: Graeme Smith, Jacques Kallis, Herschelle Gibbs, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, Albie Morkel, Mark Boucher (wk), Roelof van der Merwe, Johan Botha, Dale Steyn, Wayne Parnell.

West Indies: Chris Gayle (capt), Andre Fletcher, Lendl Simmons, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Jerome Taylor, Sulieman Benn, Fidel Edwards.

Umpires are Pakistan's Aleem Dar and England's Mark Benson. I'm joined on match-report duties today by David "Steino" Ornstein, who's already taking issue with my use of the word "scorchio" at 1300, and our gaffer is a powerful right-handed all-rounder from Preston who can turn a game with bat or ball. No, we haven't taken Flintoff on loan... it's the equally heroic Paul Fletcher.

1302: Chris Gayle (the Man with the Luminous Sunglasses) has won the toss, West Indies will field first. He fancies a good run-chase. South Africa captain Graeme Smith admits he would have made the same choice if he had won. Both teams are unchanged.

The sun is out

1300: Afternoon, everyone. It's "scorchio" in London, so it should be all systems go for today's two games at The Oval - first up are unbeaten South Africa against the sparkling West Indies at 1330 BST, then it's eyes down for New Zealand against Pakistan at 1730.

Not a million miles from The Oval, it's Trooping the Colour today at Horse Guards Parade to mark the Queen's official birthday - which has come with the usual raft of honours. There's a very-long-overdue knighthood for Christopher Lee, who becomes the Man with the Golden Knighthood - while in the world of cricket, there are MBEs for England's World Cup-winning captain Charlotte Edwards and centurion of centuries Graeme Hick, as well as an OBE for Ireland team manager Roy Torrens.
REPORT: Edwards delighted with MBE honour

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