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ICC World Twenty20 day eight as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 Super Eights, Lord's:

Group E: West Indies 156-3 (18.4 ovs) beat India 153-7 (20 ovs) by seven wickets

Group F: Sri Lanka 150-7 (20 ovs) beat Pakistan 131-9 (20 ovs) by 19 runs


By Pranav Soneji


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Alan, Scotland, text 81111: "Re Iain in LA, the Fox and Hounds in Santa Monica would be your best bet to watch the Ashes."

2046: Unsurprisingly, Dwayne Bravo is named man of the match for a quite brilliant innings of clean hitting and intelligent manoeuvring. However, no larging it for the West Indians in Laaaandan taaaan tonight, they're up against South Africa at 1330 BST at The Oval on Saturday. As for India, how's about that for a shot across the bows. Time for me to say goodnight, catch you on a live text commentary very soon.

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Iain, Los Angeles, missing cricket and Ribena, text 81111:

"I'm not looking forward to the ashes in los Angeles. Was here in 05 and apart from it being impossible to watch on TV anywhere, when we won and i danced round the office i was roundly mocked by my 'co-workers' who had found an image of the three-inch trophy I was so excited about winning. That said if any one does know anywhere I can watch cricket in LA please, please tell me."

Someone put Iain out of his misery, purrrrrlease.

Colin Croft

Colin Croft, former Windies fast bowler and Five Live summariser:

"Something special just happened - a new west Indies team has just turned up. The whole team just seems to be up for this game."

Rob, Newbury, text 81111: "Re this F5 problem - I favour the right-click-and-refresh method. Arm doesn't move, good exercise for the bowling fingers.


2040: 18.4 overs - West Indies 156-3
Chanderpaul survives a close call as Ishant Sharma falls to chase down a tough chance over his head off Zaheer Khan, but adds two to the total. The sizeable Indian contingent is dwindling my the second as fans stream out in their droves. And what a way to win the match! Dwayne Bravo skips down the track and thumps a full toss over extra cover for his third maximum of the match. A thoroughly, thoroughly deserved victory from the Windies, with Bravo finishing on 66 from just 36 balls.

2035: 18 overs - West Indies 146-3
A thick outside edge from Bravo rolls down behind backward point for four, with Gautam Gambhir unable to cut off the boundary. Bravo adds two more with a flick off his hips, although he dices with destiny with a risky single to extra cover, where Yuvraj misses the stumps with a shy as Bravo is grounded in a heap following an unintentional clash with the bowler. Things go from bad to worse for India as Chanders lands two successive boundaries, one through second slip with a fine edge and the second with a very intentional reverse sweep from a full toss over point's head. Unless there is a twist as big as a tornado, this game is over. Eight required from 12 deliveries.

That's 50

2031: 17 overs - West Indies 131-3

The so-far ineffectual Ishant returns or Injia, as my five-year-old nephew calls his favourite country. Only a brilliant one-handed dive from Suresh Raina stops a certain boundary from Bravo, scooping the ball to long off in the process, quite brilliant cricket all round. WALLOP! Dwayne Bravo belts the ball straight back over Sharma's head for six before bringing up a quite brilliant 50 with two runs to long-off, while Chanderpaul swings the momentum back towards the Windies favour with a scythe through point for four. Ooh I could crush a grape. I desperately need a "comfort break" but I may have to shame myself to watch the end of this game. 23 needed from 18 balls.

Michael Johnson, TMS inbox: "I wish the Windies would get their skates on, only my wife's engrossed in the cricket and won't make my tea until the end of the match, that could be nearly 9pm - harrumph."

2024: 16 overs - West Indies 115-3
Harbhajan continues, as does Bravo, who moves to 40 with another wristy on drive for two. The all-rounder backs away to leg and smears a rank long-hop to deep point, a ball which had "slap me, I'm bad" written all over it. New man Shivnarine Chanderpaul makes a complete horlicks of a reverse sweep and opts for orthodoxy with a glance off his pads for a single.

Doug hitting F5 too much in Colorado, TMS inbox: "Is this the same Windies side that looked like a bunch of primary schoolkids against England just a few weeks ago? By the same token, was that the same England side that shoed up yesterday?"

Wicket falls

2017: 14.3 overs - WICKET Simmons ct Irfan b Ojha 44 West Indies 100-3

After surviving a certain run out opportunity after Dhoni spills a regulation return from inside the 30m circle, Simmons' entertaining knock comes to an end when he top-edges a sweep off Ojha into the hands of Irfan Pathan at deep squaer leg, a much-needed dismissal for the defending champions. But Bravo's response is emphatic - skipping down the track and smashing the left-arm spinner straight back over his head for the first six of the West Indian innings, although a similar shot lands just short of the onrushing fielder at long on. 15 overs - West Indies 109-3

2016: 14 overs - West Indies 98-2
Ishant Sharma returns and peppers Lendl Simmons with attempted chin music, but sees his third delivery called a wide for height. Simmons launches a pull to deep midwicket, but must do with a single as Rohit Sharma cleans up on the boundary. However, he launches into the penultimate ball of the over, another short of a length delivery, between midwicket and mid-on for his fifth four of his innings, moving to 42. Simmons is a tad fortunate to keep his wicket as he edges a slower ball just in front of the diving Dhoni, who collects the ball on the second bounce and cannot prevent the duo adding a single.

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Matt, Telford, text 81111:

"I wish the Windies would get their skates on, only my wife's gone into labour and I want to catch the end of the match before i take her to the maternity unit."

2009: 13 overs - West Indies 88-2
Zaheer returns and lands three dot balls to put the pressure firmly back on the shoulders of Simmons, but a leg-side wide and a boundary through point allows the West Indies to once again regain the impetus in this belter of a Super Eights match.

2005: 12 overs - West Indies 80-2
More delightful batting from Bravo, who once again makes hay with the inside-out drive over extra cover for his third boundary, this time off the returning Harbhajan Singh. The Windies duo are like hares running through the early-sping meadows of Kent between the wickets, turning ones into twos, infuriating Dhoni further and exacerbating his bowler-juggling conundrum.

Punkish, Madison, WI, United States, one of the millions of Indians getting a carpal tunnel refreshing the browser: "Millions of Indians crammed into Lord's"! Careful with those big numbers Pranav."

2000: 11 overs - West Indies 70-2
Who needs Chris Gayle as Lendl Simmons goes inside-out and smashes Ojha over extra cover for four, wonderful batting. A little impetuousness from Dhoni, who is not happy with Ishant Sharma's lack of endeavour to make ground for a potential catch off Bravo's drive down to long on.

1959: 10 overs - West Indies 61-2
More deft batting from Bravo, who opens the face of his bat and runs the ball past the vacant first slip area for four. The all-rounder skips down the track and chips into the leg side for a couple more. Dwayne is looking tastier than a freshly fried veggie samosa right now.

1956: 9 overs - West Indies 53-2
New man Dwayne Bravo has to break into a sprint for his first runs as Yuvraj Singh sends in a rocket throw from the ropes. The Trinidadian gets into his stride, skipping down the wicket and crashing the so-far impressive Pragyan Ojha for four through extra cover. Bravo loves using his feet to the tweak.

Ron Eshel, TMS inbox: "Reading your commentary from Los Angeles. Love it !! can't wait though for the main event, The Ashes! Should be plenty of dry humour to munch on. I think KP should open for England in the Twenty20. Your thoughts?"

Wicket falls

1948: 7.3 overs - WICKET Gayle ct Zaheer b Pathan West Indies 42-2

Is that the sound of five million West Indian hearts breaking? Chris Gayle top-edges a quicker ball from Yusuf Pathan high above wicketkeeper Dhoni's head, but Zaheer Khan puts his name on the ball and runs around from the 45 behind square to claim the catch. Cue celebrations of epic proportions from the millions of Indians crammed into Lord's.8 overs - West Indies 44-2

1947: 7 overs - West Indies 40-1
On comes Ishant Sharma, whose facial hair is positively flourishing around the chin and upper lip region. A lovely cut from Simmons, with both feet off the ground the Trinidadian guides a delivery outside off stump to the vacant deep point boundary, while Gayle is fooled by a slower delivery, changing his shot just at the point of clearing his front foot to leg. Sharma digs one in short and Simmons top edges the ball high into the leg side, but the onrushing Gautam Gambhir cannot get his hands on the ball running in from the deep midwicket boundary and the duo sneak a single.

1942: 6 overs - West Indies 32-1
On comes Harbhajan, keen to make amends for his earlier fielding howler. And doesn't he just - amazingly, the off-spinner sends down only the second maiden of the tournament. More amazingly, all six balls were sent down to Chris Gayle from the last over of the powerplay.

1938: 5 overs - West Indies 32-1
Wow - Chris Gayle pushes an on-drive through mid-on, but the ball just keeps accelerating to the boundary, incredible timing, the ball had absolutely no right to cross the ropes. His next shot is not as impressive, just evading the outstretched hands of bowler Yusuf Pathan. Simmons moves on to 10 with an ugly off-side swipe for two.

1935: 4 overs - West Indies 24-1
Harbhajan goes all village as a Chris Gayle drive rolls under his sliding body and skids away for four very welcome West Indian runs. The off-spinner looks forlornly down to the ground, pleading the immaculate Lord's turf to open up and swallow him in one go. Lendl Simmons attempts the Dilshan, but doesn't make quite as good a contact as the Sri Lankan does. Still, two more runs to the total.

Graham, wilting in the heat a bit, Barcelona, TMS inbox: "Re the England thing. Couldn't we just do a deal with the Dutch to turn out in our stead wearing TMS Download masks. I mean, they have already beaten England and much worse than the other day, they couldn't really do!"

1930: 3 overs - West Indies 18-1
Immediate change from Dhoni, who summons off-spinner Yusuf Pathan for a tweak. The burly all-rounder, who a colleague points out looks more like 40 than his 26 years, sees Gayle treat his first delivery with respect, before turning a single off his pads. Simmonds then opens his body up and drills an off drive over the lead of mid-off for four.

Wicket falls

1922: 1.2 overs - WICKET Fletcher ct Yuvraj b Pathan West Indies 9-1

After watching umpire Rudi Koerzten call a dead-ball to a delivery which flicked the pad and rolled down to the fine leg boundary for not offering a shot, Andre Fletcher drills an off drive straight into the hands of Yuvraj at mid-off. Simple catch and a cracking start for India as Lendl Simmons, nephew of former Windies opener now Ireland coach Phil, strolls to the crease. 2 overs - West Indies 12-1

1920: 1 over - West Indies 8-0
After three early sighters with Zaheer Khan's first three deliveries, the Windies captain opens his shoulders and casually lifts the ball between mid-on and midwicket before finishing off the over with a sumptuous straight drive all along the deck. Did I say sumptuous? More a thrash, but still, damage done.

1907: In less time than it takes to find out Matt Damon is to play former South Africa rugby captain Francois Pienaar in a Hollywood film about the Springboks' 1995 World Cup win, openers Chris Gayle and Andre Fletcher take their places, alongside 11 men dressed in blue.

Alex, Bradley Stoke, TMS inbox: "I was going to question Tom that he's actually 'slaving away' if just continually emailing TMS until he gets published, but then I realised that the content of his post is all about following England. Now I agree, in fact I think William Wilberforce had that precise pastime in mind when lobbying for his 1833 act.""

1907: Sensational hitting from Harbhajan Singh, whose late, late, late clubbing has swung momentum back in India's direction. However, the mighty blade of Chris Gayle awaits. Hard hats at the ready.


INDIA 153-7 (20 OVERS)

Wicket falls

1903: 19.3 overs - WICKET Irfan Pathan ct Simmons Bravo 2 India 141-7

Brilliant start from Dwayne Bravo, who cleans Yusuf up with a fantastic yorker which just clips the base of the off stump. In comes Harbhajan Singh, who sees Irfan Pathan perish with a leg-side swipe into the hands of Lendl Simmons, who clings on for his third catch of the match. Brilliant batting from Harbhajan, who cuts two successive four down to the deep point boundary before smashing the last ball of the over, a slower ball, to the long on boundary for the third four of the over. And I can't feel my fingers anymore. Incredible scenes.

Wicket falls

1901: 19.1 overs - WICKET Yusuf Pathan bowled Bravo 31 India 140-6

1900: 19 overs - India 140-5
Brilliant from Yusuf, who absolutely lays into a Jerome Taylor slower ball for a one-bounce four over midwicket. The right-handed Pathan adds two more in the same area but sees Taylor drop a semi-tough catch in his follow through. Irfan sneaks two from the last ball of the over, handing the strike over to his elder brother.

Wicket falls

1852: 17.4 overs - WICKET Yuvraj ct and bowled Edwards 67 India 130-5

More jet-propelled short stuff from Fidel Edwards, who has Yusuf Pathan jumping around his crease, although a leg-side wide doesn't help the bowler's cause. But the slinger makes the important breakthrough as Yuvraj top-edges an attempted pull high into the air, giving Edwards plenty of time to run to his left and get under the ball for the catch. The Pathan brothers are at the crease as Irfan joins elder brother Yusuf, who is once again hopping around with another burst of short stuff. 18 overs - India 131-5

1849: 17 overs - 126-4
Four more runs for Yuvraj, albeit slightly fortuitous, with a fine edge past a vacant first slip area off Taylor. The left-hander adds two more with a thick outside edge over the keeper's head before keeping his composure from a slow bouncer and smashing the ball through midwicket for a four. Words. They do not do any justice to what Yuvraj Singh has just done... The left-hander somehow plays a sand wedge on middle stump with minimal backlift over the deep midwicket boundary for six. Honestly, what is that thing in his hands? Incredible.

Brian in Grenada, TMS inbox: "Looking into my crystal I behold a beautiful sight: A Windies Revival!! If the biblical prophesy 'And the last shall be first' is anything to go by, we're in line to win this thing!"

That's 50

1844: 16 overs - 109-4

Pathan opens his shoulders once again and thumbs Sulieman Benn straight back over his head for his second boundary, while Yuvraj adds two more to the total with a top-edge sweep over Ramdin's head before clearing his front foot out of the way and marmalising an aerial on-drive to long on for a one-bounce four, bringing up his half century in the process.

1840: 15 overs - 97-4
The decibels are cranked up by a ton as Yuvraj whips Bravo off his toes behind square leg for four, moving on to 44 from 34 balls with a single to long off. More crowd celebrations as Yusuf Pathan opens the face of the bat and slides the ball down fine past three man for four. And he finishes off the over with a tremendous thwack down the pitch for six, although the ball just about flies over the head of the retreating long on fielder. hello heart, when did you start beating at 200 bpm?

1836: 14 overs - 81-4
Really harsh from umpire Aleem Dar, who calls Benn for a marginal wide. The bowler, who looks aghast, as if someone has nicked his favourite pair of pants, fires in a yorker straight at Yuvraj's toes. All is looking good for the left-arm spinner until Yuvraj plonks his right knee down on the turf and smashes a six over midwicket into the stands.

Craig Brown, TMS inbox: "I realise Napier is only a small New Zealand town (Andy 18:09) but what makes him think England could beat them?"

Wicket falls

1825: 12.1 overs - WICKET Dhoni ct Fletcher b Bravo India 66-4

Dhoni is finally given a chance to free his arms with a rank long-hop outside off stump, but directs the ball straight into the hands of Andre Fletcher camped on the deep cover boundary. A huge cheer erupts when Dhoni struck that shot, only to whimper moments later once they realised the result. Yusuf Pathan is the new man at the crease as Yuvraj caresses a cut over point for four, but is fortunate survive the next delivery as Fletcher grasses a tough chance running around from on midwicket boundary. The 21-year-old looks as if he's just flushed £500 down the pan. There's a brief hold-up in play as Yusuf receives treatment on his right elbow after diving to make his ground, which gives the cameraman an opportunity to survey a whole gamut of Indian outfits on display, including a full-on regal turban last seen on the head of the Air India mascot from the 1980s. 13 overs - India 73-4

1823: 12 overs - India 66-3
Yuvraj kick-starts the scoring with a reverse paddle sweep for three, but his captain is woefully wafting at air from Sulieman Benn's first over, Dhoni now has 11 from 21 with a couple of pushes into the covers. An incredible transformation from the Windies - was this really the same side that capitulated to England?

1820: 11 overs - India 60-3
Despite some lusty hitting, the India duo cannot find the gaps as Chris Gayle concedes six from his over.

1818: 10 overs - India 54-3
Kieron Pollard has the ball on a piece of string right now, just four runs from his second over. India have only scored 14 runs from the last five overs. "Enough's enough" says the man to my left, I can't help but think it's time to unleash a can of whoop ass.

Tom, slaving away in Canary Wharf, TMS inbox: "Still sitting at work, and I promise you, I am going to keep emailing until one of my comments come up! I think England's best bet is to ask the ICC nicely to allow us to leave the tournament right now. We need Ashes preparation, rather than prolonging the inevitable of being knocked out of this competition, which can surely only bring about more embarrassment for us if we stay in it?!"

1815: 9 overs - India 50-3
Blimey, who put Ritalin in Dhoni's water earlier today? The India captain cannot pierce the infield and the tension is so thick you could use it as the filling in your sandwich. Dhoni demands a change of bat, wonder if that will make a difference.

1812: 8 overs - India 47-3
Sachin Tendulkar sits next to Ravi Shastri in the stands as Kieron Pollard comes on for his first over of the day and the burly, broad-chested all-rounder is all over Dhoni, who cannot get the ball off the square. Just three from the over, someone has nicked the wicks from all of India's fireworks.

1809: 7 overs - India 44-3
Chris Gayle and his brand of tweakery comes in now the powerplay has finished as Yuvraj plays a very uppish sweep to deep square leg, but just manages to avoid the safe hands of Lendl Simmons at deep square leg. Tidy start from Gayle.

Andy, on a slow train home, Grove Park(ish), text 81111: I think England should actually play some of the Twenty20 specialists like Napier and ditch the running liability that is Shah."

1806: 6 overs - India 40-3
Dhoni's bat, which has the ability to wreak havoc like the mighty Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, nurdles a single down to fine leg off Edwards. Lordy - Yuvraj creates room by taking a step to leg and absolutely smashing the sheen off the white ball past mid-off with a thumping drive. More than a few Indian hearts in mouths watching that shot.

Wicket falls

1757: 4.1 overs - WICKET Gambhir ct Simmons b Bravo 14 India 29-3

Doesn't matter what the boy is wearing, take a bow Lendl Simmons. Dwayne Bravo comes on for Taylor and his first delivery finds the top edge of Gautam Gambhir's bat attempting to pull to leg. Simmons, fielding at square leg, runs a good 20 metres with his back to the batsman and catches the ball with his hands fully extended to take a quite breath-taking catch. Not quite as good as Kyle Coezter's incredible catch against South Africa, but up there in the top three of the tournament. In comes captain MS Dhoni with India knee deep in something smelly. 5 overs - India 30-3

Jethro, London, TMS inbox: "On a sartorial note, why aren't the West Indies caps the same colour as the rest of their kit? More positively, Lendl Simmons' purple and orange sunglasses match his kit perfectly."

Wicket falls

1755: 3.5 overs - WICKET Raina ct Ramdin b Edwards 5 India 27-2

Excellent second over from Edwards, who lands the ball just short of a length at decent pace, his fourth registering an electric 93.9mph to Suresh Raina, who doesn't look too comfortable dancing to chin music, but mind you, who is? Raina edges a good delivery on off stump into the gloves of Denesh Ramdin, which sparks scenes of celebrations from the men in red, but Raina is refusing to budge. The umpires go upstairs and Mark Benson must be wondering what all the fuss is about - the catch went straight into the mitts of Ramdin. In comes new man Yuvraj Singh. Brilliant bowling by Fidel and what a fantastic start by the Windies. 4 overs - India 28-2

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Rob, Newbury, text 81111:

"I think England's best bet is to bat first AND second."

Ravi, Ottawa, TMS inbox: "I think England have got to bat first and be a little different in their approach. How about sending Broad one down as a pinch hitter? An even better option will be if Napier can come one down."

1748: 3 overs - India 25-1
The left-handed Raina plants his front foot down the track and lifts Edwards over mid-off for three, while Gambhir sends the hordes of India fans into ecstasy, slapping a rank long-hop outside off stump down to deep point for four. A wide, a leg-bye and a couple of singles see India milk 11 from the over.

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Martyn, stuck on hold at work in Reading, text 81111: "Chris Gayle's glasses. Something of a cross between bingo and drooper from the banana splits, maybe?"

Wicket falls

1740: 1.2 overs - WICKET Sharma ct Simmons b Edwards 4 India 12-1

Fidel Edwards does the honours from the Nursery End, his first ball, a 92.8mph cannonball, is crashed through midwicket for four, although Sharma didn't quite get the ball off the meat of the bat. He attempts the same again from the very next delivery, but top edges the ball high into the sky, allowing Lendl Simmons plenty of time to compose himself and catch the ball above his face, Aussie-style. New man is Suresh Raina, who hasn't had a sniff in this tournament because of the outgoing Sharma's awesome form. Interesting to see Raina coming in at three, rather than Dhoni. Excellent start from the West Indies pacemen. 2 overs - India 14-1

1738: 1 over - India 8-0
Jerome Taylor to open up from the Pavilion End to the left-handed Gautam Gambhir, who flicks his delivery from around the wicket off his hips for the first boundary of the day. A good sliding stop from Shivnarine Chanderpaul stops at least two runs from an on-drive from Rohit Sharma. A brute of a final delivery from Taylor - dug short and straight at Gambhir's chin - is fended just above second slip's head for a single. Plenty of juice to be extracted from this wicket it seems. Good start.

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Adam Dawkins, High Wycombe, text 81111:

"Just had some pre-match analysis with some Indian colleagues about England vs India. I say England must field first so that they have a clear target and don't end up in a meaningless game like yesterday, they say England's only chance is to bat first. What do you think Pranav?"

Interesting Adam, we could call it "The England Delusion". India have always loved chasing totals, so England's decision to bat could well backfire, especially if they attempt to go too big early doors. I say England should bowl first, target the middle orders to strangle the runs and chase, with Kaypee central to any hopes of victory. Anyone else concur?

1726: Thank you Fletch, a pair of Kanye West/Gayle-style bins coming to a front door near you. The two teams wander out on the pitch for the national anthems. By jove, the Windies anthem is a lovely little ditty.

By Paul Fletcher

1724: David Lloyd is wearing Chris Gayle's fluorescent shades as he discusses the forthcoming match on television. Crazy scenes from the Accrington lad.

1723: Very cloudy at Lord's. A few of the players look a touch chilly. After a cracking start to the summer, I've been a little disappointed with the way the weather has shaped up over the last few weeks. Good for the allotment mind.

1719: Who is going to win this match? I think India are clearly the better side but just ask the Aussies what sort of damage Chris Gayle can do in this format of the game.

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Ajit Kulkarni, London, text 81111:

"See 1509 - Batsman shares the bat with the runner...called 'gulley cricket' in Mumbai!"

1714: India are unchanged from their previous game against Ireland. Windies skipper Chris Gayle is still sporting those remarkable shades, all fluorescent yellow frames. Takes me back to the era of bright, orange and green fluorescent socks. Great days. Gayle returns today in the only change for West Indies, replacing Xavier Marshall.

1713: India win the toss and have elected to bat. The news is greeted with plenty of cheers from the India supporters inside Lord's.

1709: How about this for honesty.

England coach Andy Flower following his team's crushing Twenty20 defeat to South Africa on Thursday: "I think it's a reflection of where we are as a team, to be honest."

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Saleban, Lord's, text 81111:

"What a great game! I might even start playing cricket for the first time. Me and my boyfriend have bought a bat to share!"

How do you share a bat?

1705: I've just been reading down Pranav's live text and it would seem that Pakistan rather blew it towards the end of their innings. Not really big news that I suppose.

1700: Not long until the toss in the match between India and West Indies. Queue plenty of cliches about a Gayle force etc.

Text in your views on 81111

Rich, London, text 81111:

"In response to Saleban at 16:15 - India, South Africa and New Zealand spring to mind."

What no England after their performance to make a nation proud last night?

1659: BTW, I have been doing other stuff besides cricket this afternoon so forgive me if it takes me a while to get up to speed with all the different banter strands that have been running through this commentary.

1657: Pranav has skipped off for some lunch. There will probably be a lot of fruit in that. So I, Paul Fletcher, have briefly stepped into the breach. I hope I don't let you down.

By Pranav Soneji



Wicket falls

1648: 19.4 overs - WICKET Aamir run out 0 Pakistan 124-9

With nothing else to do but swing like Buddy Rich, Fawad Alam's top-edged swipe across the line ends up in the gloves of Kumar Sangakkara, while Mohammad Aamir is run out from the very next ball attempting a second which he would have made had he put any effort in his first run. Umar Gul shows them how it's done with a big hoik down to the deep midwicket for six, but it's all in consolation as Sri Lanka clinch the match by 19 runs. A great game.

Wicket falls

1647: 19.3 overs - WICKET Alam ct Sangakkara b Kulasekera 12 Pakistan 123-8

Wicket falls

1643: 19 overs - WICKET Tanvir ct and b Malinga 3 Pakistan 121-7

Lots of tension on the faces of Pakistan fans in the crowd as Lasith Malinga winds up for his fourth and final over. Once again the big-haired slinger mixes up his yorkers and slower balls, the latter of which accounts for Sohail Tanvir, who top edges a skier, giving Malinga all the time in the world to nip down the shops for a can of ginger beer and pickled onion Monster Munch and still take the catch, which he does at the second attempt after fumbling the first. A massive cheer rings around Lord's as the Indian contingent spy their boys on the balcony.

Text in your views on 81111

Russ, Northampton, text 81111:

"I am disgusted and annoyed at this Puma talk. 45mph . Never. I just bought a pair of Puma trainers and I cant get above 10mph max and i need a lie down now..."

1641: 18 overs - Pakistan 118-6
Lovely pick-up from Fawad Alam, who smashes Nuwan Kulasekera over long on for a much-needed boundary. TMS summariser and former Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson says the left-hander has the ability to play match-winning innings, while partner Sohail Tanvir's first scoring shot at the 2007 Twenty20 in South Africa was a six. Fawad eyes light up as Kulasekera sends down a tasty full toss, but he fails to find the middle of the bat as the ball rolls harmlessly to Angelo Mathews at long on for a single. Pakistan need 33 to win from 12.

Wicket falls

1634: 16.4 overs - WICKET Younus ct Sangakkara b Malinga 50 Pakistan 108-6

Younus, joined by new batsman Fawad Alam, brings up his half century with two runs down to point, but the very next delivery sees him back in the hutch as he is deceived by a Malinga slower ball, slicing the ball high into the offside, where Kumar Sangakkara takes a good catch running to his right, smashing into Muttiah Muralitharan, who failed to hear his captain's call for the catch. Fortunately for Sri Lanka, the wicketkeeper holds on to the catch, cue relief all round from the men in blue and yellow as Sohail Tanvir takes his place at the crease. This Twenty20 business, swings and roundabouts. 17 overs - Pakistan 110-6

Wicket falls

1626: 15.4 overs - WICKET Afridi ct Dilshan b Murali 0 Pakistan 101-5

Wicket falls

1624: 15.3 overs - WICKET Misbah ct Silva b Murali 21 Pakistan 101-4

Just when the Pakistan duo threaten to take this game beyond the Sri Lankans, up pops Murali, who sees Misbah sweep straight into the hands of Chamara Silva at deep midwicket. New man Shahid Afridi forgets to his superhero costume as he top-edges an attempted sweep into Regent's Park straight up in the air, giving Dilshan all the time in the world to compose himself and take a comfortable catch on the deep midwicket boundary. Thoughtless cricket from Afridi, surely a single to the well-set Younus was the order of the day? 16 overs - Pakistan 103-5

1623: 15 overs - Pakistan 99-3
Younus latches on to a loose delivery first up from the returning Ajantha Mendis, pummelling the spinner over extra cover for a spanking four before doubling up with two wide of long-off. Misbah takes a huge stride to leg during Mendis' run-up, but the bowler outfoxes him with two deliveries into the body. This partnership - worth 64 runs - prompts an impromptu team meeting between Sangakkara, Jayawardene and Jayasuriya as 52 runs are needed from 30 balls.

1619: 14 overs - Pakistan 91-3
Wonderful batting from Younus, who plants his front foot down the track and sweeps a Murali full toss on middle stump, bisecting the leg-side field for his third boundary. Murali switches his line of bowling from over to around the wicket, but his decision has little impact on Younus, who thumps two more down to long-on before another sweep collects a single, taking their run tally to nine from the over. Excellent batting from the Pakistani duo, but Murali, for once, has been largely ineffectual.

1615: 13 overs - Pakistan 82-3
Ajantha Mendis is taken off and replaced by the excellent Lasith Malinga, whose first ball has Misbah swaying out of the way of a straight - and fast - bouncer. A couple of cleverly disguised slower balls and the run flow is temporarily stemmed, although both Younus and Misbah have the ability to win matches on their own, let alone as a pair. Intriguingly poised match.

Text in your views on 81111

Saleban, Lord's, text 81111:

"Sat with my boyfriend in the stands watching the mighty Sri Lanka on their way to winning the World Cup. Who can stop us?"

1608: 12 overs - Pakistan 77-3
Lots of nickname suggestions for Misbah - "haviour" suggests Bill from Northampton, which I'm a big fan of. Younus is a big fan of the slog sweep, unleashing his second in successive overs, this time off Murali, for his second boundary. The captain is looking in excellent nick, adding a couple more while Misbah nurdles a single to keep the scoreboard ticking over to the tune of nine more runs.

1604: 11 overs - Pakistan 68-3
Right on cue Younus reduces the run rate to under nine with a tremendous slog-sweep over deep midwicket for four before doubling up with a drive through cover off Ajantha Mendis. Another nine runs from the over and more worryingly for Sri Lanka, not much deviance off the pitch for any of the three spinners.

1602: 10 overs - Pakistan 59-3
Murali is taken off after one over, with the left-arm darts of Sanath Jayasuriya coming on. Not the best start from the veteran, who leaks nine with a series of singles and two doubles. A wide doesn't help his cause either. Sri Lanka in front here, but a couple of lusty blows and Pakistan and this game is right back in the mixer.

1558: 9 overs - Pakistan 51-3
On comes Ajantha Mendis, who concedes seven runs, five singles and a double, from his first over. Not too much spin for either tweaker so far.

Anon, text 81111: "With a never ending praise for Dilshan and Kulasekara, the cheers of Pakistani crowd are a "cacophony" for Pranav. And I thought BBC's cricket commentary would be neutral and focussed on the game. Pranav, I get that you're biased, but Sir! At least portray a sense of integrity!"

Erm, a bit perplexed by this message - anyone help?

1554: 8 overs - Pakistan 44-3
A Mexican Wave breaks out around Lord's as Muttiah Muralitharan is introduced to the proceedings, bowling around the wicket to both right-handers. Nothing to concern the batsmen too much, with both men unfurling sweeps, hitting with the spin, down to fine leg to collect six runs from the over.

Rob, TMS inbox: "Re. Paul 1512. Not sure whether you've received accreditation from the DQCDA (Dilshan Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency) or had your funding authorised by JACQAD (Joint Accreditation Committee for Qualification Approval for the Dilshan. Consequently, think you may need to be careful over advertising that you are a 'registered' Dilshan training establishment."

1548: 7 overs - Pakistan 38-3
Anyone think of a better nickname for Misbah? I like "Rock the", and that's not just because Joe Strummer was the greatest frontman in the history of rock 'n' roll. "Rock the" is fortunate to make his ground after scampering through for a quick single off Angelo Mathews, the toe of his bat millimetres past the popping crease when the bail is removed by a direct hit from the bowler. Just three from that over, the last of Mathews' stint. Time for tweak, one assumes.

Wicket falls

1542: 5.3 overs - WICKET Akmal run out 5 Pakistan 35-3

Yuck! Another ugly dismissal as Kamran Akmal is made to look like a buffoon by Malinga's brilliant slower ball, looping up to midwicket. New man Younus Khan wants a single, Akmal doesn't and a brilliant bit of fielding from Chamara Silva, whose under-arm throw on the dive, is smartly taken by Angelo Mathews, who whips off the bails with Akmal an inch short of his ground. Excellent over for Sri Lanka, needless from Pakistan, who send in Misbah-ul-Haq, whose nickname, somewhat baffingly, is Misbah. 6 overs - Pakistan 36-3

Wicket falls

1537: 5.2 overs - WICKET Shoaib ct Kulasekara b Malinga 28 Pakistan 34-2

All bets off for the ugliest dismissal of the tournament. Shoaib plays a hoik so ugly it could make babies cry, completely mis-hitting the ball, which loops into the hands of Nuwan Kulasekara at mid-on. There was no need for that to happen. Mary Whitehouse Experience, nes pas?

1537: 5 overs - Pakistan 33-1
Shoaib livens up the crowd with three successive boundaries all through point, resulting in cacophony of "Pakistan! Zindabad!" But you have to say, poor bowling from Mathews, who has his cover fielder to thank for preventing boundary number four off the last delivery of the over, which was hit as hard as a Manny Pacquiao left hook.

1532: 4 overs - Pakistan 18-1
Malik does a not-too-shabby Mick Channon impression (ask yer dad kids) with a one-handed swing for four through point for four off Kulasekara. But the bowler, ranked number one in the world by the ICC, does well to keep the Pakistan duo in check and concede just two runs from the rest of the over.

1528: 3 overs - Pakistan 12-1
Liquid glovework from Sangakkara, who takes two very good snaffles outside off stump standing up to Mathews with the flashing blade of Akmal failing to land willow on leather. Shoaib adds two to the total with a not-too-convincing scythe to third man. Not intelligent batting from Pakistan, who are attempting to batter every delivery into the recently refurbished Hawley Arms in Camden.

Rachel, having an all day lunch break in Ipswich, TMS inbox: "Re the speed of big cats...My mate's Jaguar can easily top 150mph."

1522: 2 overs - Pakistan 7-1
Kulasekara, no, not that faux Indian indie band from the 90s fronted by the grandson of Sir John Mills, shares the new ball alongside Mathews and sees his good over somewhat spoiled by Shoaib Malik, who shuffles out of his crease and thumps a lovely straight drive for a two-bounce four.

Paul Groat, Southampton, staring out from the prison cell disguised as an office, TMS inbox: "All I can envisage is a pub player trying to disguise the 'Dilshan' as the KP switchhit and ending up with either no teeth or a painful blow to the groin and being the laughing stock down the local."

Wicket falls

1514: 0.3 overs - Pakistan 0-1 WICKET Butt bowled Mathews 0

Success for Sri Lanka - Butt is cleaned up by a Mathews ball which swings back into the left-hander, although the opener will not want a video of that particular shot to proudly show the grandkids 50 years down the line. New man Shoaib Malik scores the first run of the innings with an elegant drive off the front foot. Super start from Mathews, who has a lovely side-on action at a useful pace. 1 over - Pakistan 1-1

Jed Spink, TMS inbox: "In reply to RATTIE (Hants) the relative speeds of the big cats are as follows: cheetah 70-75mph, Puma 35-45mph, Lion 40mph, Leopard ~36mph. So bit of a battle for second place between lion and puma...."

1512: Quicker than I can finish an unpeeled carrot, the players are out on the field, with Angelo Mathews to bowl the first ball to Salman Butt.

Paul, Lancs, TMS inbox: "Further to Bernie's pre-booze comments (what on earth is he like AFTER he's had a drink?), as libertarian on cricket shot legislation, I do not believe the Dilshan should be banned outright, though I do think the dangers to public safety require that it only be played under licence from a new regulatory agency, OfDilsh. As it happens, I run Lancashire's premier registered Dilshan training establishment, and the introductory manual and self-assessment can be downloaded at a very reasonable price from our website (website deleted for purposes for BBC policy - plus it's not actually real, Ed)."

Barry Williams, TMS inbox: "With regards to the big cats debate, what hampered Bravestarr was he was restricted to American animals - I'm sure given the chance, Mr Starr would have opted for one of the Asian or African big cat's powers if he wanted to dash between the wickets. Maybe the leopard?"


Wicket falls

1459: 19.5 overs - Sri Lanka 148-7 WICKET Kulasekara lbw b Gul 0

Wicket falls

1458: 19.4 overs - Sri Lanka 148-6 WICKET Mubarak run out 5

Umar Gul steams in like the Rawalpindi Express (hang on, that's not a real train...) but sees Mathews free his arms and heave a full delivery over midwicket for a much-needed boundary. But Jehan Mubarak is caught short of his crease pushing for a second and the tidy glovework of Kamran Akmal takes care of the rest, with no need for umpire Mark Benson to go upstairs. The very next ball sees Nuwan Kulasekara trapped right in front of the stumps before Lasith Malinga nurdles two off the final ball of the over. Considering Sri Lanka were 75-0 from 7.2 overs, that is one serious turnaround from Pakistan, whose spinners absolutely choked the runs out of the Sri Lankan middle order. However, the Sri Lankans have Muttiah Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendis and Sanath Jayasuriya in their ranks. Tweakage of the highest quality.

Sean, Bristol, As speedy as a Jaguar with his work this afternoon, TMS inbox: "Pranners….(can I call you Pranners?) According to Wikipedia (apparently the answer to life the universe and everything - not '42' as we were led to believe) Cheetahs zip along at around 70mph, A Siberian Tiger can motor also at 50mph, then it slows down with Lions being no faster than your common moggy at 30mph. Jaguars are very the poor cousins of the speedy-feline world at 28 mph."

1454: 19 overs - Sri Lanka 142-5
Mohammad Aamir is recalled and the left-armer is searching for toe-crunching lengths, although his third delivery is more chest-battering as Mathews bunts a full-toss down to long off for a single. Of more concern for Pakistan will be their over rates, what with all their early no-balls and wides. Two leg-byes sort-of spoils another excellent over.

Wicket falls

1447: 17.1 overs - Sri Lanka 132-5 WICKET Jayawardene ct Afridi b Ajmal 19
More brilliance from Ajmal, who sees Jayawardene guide an aerial drive to Shahid Afridi, who takes a good catch over his head on the 30m circle. In comes new man Angelo Mathews, who can only glean a couple of singles from another watertight over from Ajmal, who finishes with 2-26 from four overs. SL 136-5

Rob, had enough of work today, text 81111: "I was doing the 'Dilshan' years ago and it was never named after me. The cheek of it."

Andy, dodging work, in Bristol, TMS inbox: "Reading Bernie's message, I was left wondering about the order in which a health and safety officer might class his 'dangers'. I would imagine nephews are the highest risk, followed by cricket playing and then emailing the BBC... although the latter will rapidly increase its rating if my boss spots me sending this."

Wicket falls

1441: 16.1 overs - Sri Lanka 128-4 WICKET Silva ct Akmal b Gul 8
Silva gallops down the track to Gul, but feathers a fine edge into the gloves of Kamran Akmal behind the stumps for a simple catch. Excellent fightback from the Pakistanis as Jehan Mubarak is greeted by a brute of a delivery which bisects him in two, sent down with 91mph wheels too. Good over from Gul. SL 132-4

1439: 16 overs - Sri Lanka 128-3
Ajmal bounds in for over number three, only to see Mahela edge a fine cut past a vacant first slip area for four. A similar shot sees him steal two, courtesy of a wild throw from short third man, which allows the pair to add the overthrow. Who would have thought the green pastures of England would become a spinner's paradise? More of the same for the Ashes, one ponders...

John, TMS inbox and loads of other people (too many to name) on Bravestarr: "Eyes of the Hawk: Enhances his vision and can also grant him an aerial view of the surrounding area. Ears of the Wolf: Gives him super-hearing. Strength of the Bear: Gives him super-strength. Speed of the Puma: Gives him super-speed."

1436: 15 overs - Sri Lanka 120-3
Slight hands from Mahela, who opens the face of his bat and runs Umar Gul down to third man for two, while new batsman Chamara Silva caresses a front-foot drive through extra cover down the hill for four, much to the abject horror of the chasing fielder. An attempted slower ball bouncer sees Gul concede the 10th wide of the innings before Silva adds a couple more with a leg-side dab.

Wicket falls

1432: 14 overs - WICKET Sangakkara st Akmal b Ajmal 15 Sri Lanka 110-3
Younus mixes up his bowlers again, recalling Saeed Ajmal, who sees Jayawardene go inside out and smear him over extra cover for four. However, the off-spinner has his revenge three balls later as Sangakkara skips down the wicket and completely miss a big mooey over mid-on, and swift hands from Kamran Akmal sees the bails whipped off in an instant with Sanga a good two feet outside of his crease.

Bernie, Liverpool, 2 hours til boozer o'clock, TMS inbox: "Pranav, am I the only person who believes 'the Dilshan' should be banned? I tried it with my nephews in the garden 2 nights ago and proceeded to knock out 3 of my bottom teeth as well as develop a lump on my chin that Quasimodo would fancy. Performing it should result in a statutory 2 years stint at Her Majesty's 5 star apartments, and I'm sure if we have one of the worlds 'health and safety' people reading the text they would agree. Saying that they'd probably want to ban cricket full stop, and e-mailing the BBC and nephews, all purely from a safety perspective."

1427: 13 overs - Sri Lanka 102-2
Enough of his cat and mouse business, Sanga drops his right knee and sweeps Afridi over square leg for four before adding a couple more with intentional chip over extra cover for two twos, the second of which brings up the Lankan ton, which also brings an end to a very tidy spell from Afridi.

1424: 12 overs - Sri Lanka 91-2
More tight lines, this time from former captain Shoaib Malik, who concedes just two runs with his off-spin. Sangakkara seems content for a few sighters alongside new batsman and best mate Mahela Jayawardene.

Euge (Dublin, clearly bored and wating to finish 'work' for the weekend in time to watch India v Chris Gayle), TMS inbox: "In response ot RATTIE's query; I think 'speed of a puma' comes from that old cartoon Braveheart, the one with the native American sheriff on a futuristic wild west planet featuring a talking horse which named it's gun 'Sarah Jane' (Any one else remember that or do i just have a worryingly over active imagination?)"

Wicket falls

1420: 11 overs - Sri Lanka 89-2 WICKET Dilshan bowled Afridi 46
Dilshan, who discards his helmet for a cap now the tweakers are on in full force, is kept under wraps by Afridi, who cleans the opener up with a faster delivery, or a top spinner, one of the two. Either way, a fantastic delivery which ends another entertaining knock from the opener. That's three overs for 12 from Boom Boom, with just nine runs coming from the past four overs.

Matt, TMS inbox: "Further interesting news from Headingly where the mop-topped Matthew Hoggard already has 5-38 against Somerset, an England recall for the pace boys maybe?!"

1417: 10 overs - Sri Lanka 86-1
Kumar Sangakkara gets off the mark with a little clip off his pads as Shoaib Malik comes on for a twirl. A couple of gentle singles down the ground, are followed by a couple more singles and it's suddenly gone all tidy from the Pakistanis.

Wicket falls

1412: 9 overs - WICKET Jayasuriya ct Younus b Afridi 26 Sri Lanka 81-1

Top over from Afridi, who pins Jayasuriya in his crease before frustration sees the left-hander top-edge an attempted pull into the hands of Pakistan captain Younus Khan. Just one from the over too.

1410: 8 overs - Sri Lanka 80-0
Saeed Ajal, purveyor of doosras which bamboozled the Netherlands, is called upon, but cannot shackle Dilshan, who crashes a delivery - a fraction short - through cover point for boundary number eight. The man is seeing the ball like a Zorb.

RATTIE (Hants), TMS inbox: "Re 13.42. Could you kindly clarify your hierarchy of Big Cat speeds and where a Puma sits on it in relation to say, lions, leopards etc. I assume a cheetah sits at the top but beyond that I'm stumped (no pun intended)."

1406: 7 overs - Sri Lanka 73-0
On comes Pakistan poster boy Shahid Afridi with his brand of leggies and missile-like faster balls. Like Dilshan cares as the opener latches on to a long-hop outside off stump down the slope for four past point.

1402: 6 overs - Sri Lanka 65-0
Dilshan heaves Mohammad Aamir over midwicket for his sixth boundary of the innings, moving on to 30 with a single to mid-off. Interesting news from the Riverside, where Durham are entertaining Lancashire. Stephen Harmison has bowled Andrew Flintoff for three.

Text in your views on 81111

Yorrick, text 81111:

"I hope the Dilshan doesn't come out too early - I need one to get the mower up the steps when i get home."

1358: 5 overs - Sri Lanka 59-0
Unsurprisingly, Tanvir is banished and Umar Gul is summoned to stem the run haemorrhage, although no-one has told Dilshan, who absolutely batters a length ball through midwicket for four before unfurling the frying pan for another boundary past fine leg. Awesome batting, although he could have been run out taking a tight single had Shoaib Malik's throw got anywhere near the non-striker's end.

1352: 4 overs - Sri Lanka 47-0
Aamir drops short and Jayasuriya plays that short-arm jab over deep square leg for a effortless six. Wahoo! There it is - The Dilshan is unleashed - and right off the middle of the bat too. For Stuart in London and anyone else who isn't too au fait, "The Dilshan" is the art of dropping down on one knee and shovelling the ball straight over your head and the wicketkeeper for four. No doubt village dentists throughout the country will be in business on Monday fixing countless broken teeth... For all those having trouble listening to the online commentary, I have been told the problem has been fixed, along with the never-changing overs.

1348: 3 overs Sri Lanka 32-0
Younus Khan maintains his faith in Tanvir, who continues after a nightmare first over. But he errs on leg stump and Dilshan whips him off his pads for four through square leg. Tanvir goes around the wicket but concedes another no-ball, not for overstepping but for bowling wide of the return crease. Shocker! Tanvir's slower ball is called a wide and Kamran Akmal cannot collect the skidding ball, so the Sri Lanka duo run through for another bonus run. This is getting stupid now - Tanvir's next delivery is a wide - still a free hit - but Tanvir eventually pulls his finger out and yorks Jayasuriya. A couple more singles and there ends a very painful over, for Pakistan fans and my fingers.

1342: 2 overs Sri Lanka 21-0
Much tidier over from teenager Mohammad Aamir, who leaks just three singles, bowling with speed of the puma at back of a length.

Mark Earthrowl , Cambs, TMS inbox: "I think Dilshan missed out on some sponsorship, had he started using 'The Dilshan' around shrove Tuesday I am sure lemon juice manufacturer Jif (other lemon juice manufacturers available, Ed) would have been tossing money at him."

1337: 1 over Sri Lanka 18-0
Absolute belter first up from Sohail, who beats the outside of Dilshan's bat, only to find umpire Rudi Koertzen penalise him for overstepping. The left-armer bowls an ugly wide before beating the swiping Dilshan outside off stump. Stinker from Tanvir, who bowls his second no-ball of the over, with Dilshan smashing the free hit for four through cover point. Ergh! More horrors, this time a wide before a half volley, gently eased through the covers by Jayasuriya. The evergreen opener adds the third boundary of the over, albeit fortuitously, with a Chinese cut past fine leg, who watches forlornly as the ball squirts down to the boundary from inside the 30m. Eleven balls from that over. Oh dear, poor Soban (see below) must be head-butting his desk into dust right now...

1329: Sri Lanka openers Tillakaratne Dilshan and Sanath Jayasuriya stroll out to the middle, where the whippy reverse Mike Procter-a-like Sohail Tanvir will open the bowling for Pakistan. Let's play the "when will The Dilshan be unleashed" game. I'm thinking third ball of the second over.

Soban Bashir, TMS inbox: "Pakistan to get totally tonked. I've had it with them, year in, year out, I've been behind them, my father gave up with all the match fixing allegations years ago but I stood by them...Pakistan have no pride and no real skill, one-off match wins will no longer appease me. In the bin goes the hooter, I shall toot no more."

1327: Nice touch from the ICC, who, rather than having both sides line up either side for the anthems, see the teams standing side-by-side, Sri Lankan to Pakistani, all the way through. Match referee for this match is Chris Broad, who was also involved in the attack in Lahore travelling with the officials in a van behind the Sri Lanka bus.

1322: Plenty of low clouds about over Lord's, but not the threatening grey stuff, which is a blessed relief.

Jim in Sunny Manchester, TMS inbox: "Afternoon Pranav. Has there ever been a more redundant phrase than 'armed gunmen' used in a BBC Cricket text commentary?"


1316: Hard hats at the ready for the second match of the day which sees world champions India against West Indies, who will have arch biffer Chris Gayle back in their ranks. The plush apartments surrounding Lord's in leafy NW8 will be boarding up their windows at the thought of a white-ball hailstorm if Gayle, Rohit Sharma and Yusuf Pathan get any opportunity to free their arms.

1313: A reminder of the teams:
Pakistan: Salman Butt, Kamran Akmal (wkt), Shoaib Malik, Younus Khan (capt), Misbah-ul-Haq, Shahid Afridi, Fawad Alam, Sohail Tanvir, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Mohammad Aamir

Sri Lanka: Kumar Sangakkara (capt/wkt), Sanath Jayasuriya, Tillekaratne Dilshan, Mahela Jayawardene, Jehan Mubarak, Chamara Silva, Angelo Mathews, Lasith Malinga, Muttiah Muralitharan, Nuwan Kulasekera, Ajantha Mendis

1310: I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing "The Dilshan" in full force today. There have been a few poor imitations over the past few days, which have probably tickled Tillakaratne's ribs a tad. I'm thinking of taking The Dilshan on to the dancefloor this weekend. Anyone think of any other uses for The Dilshan? An impromptu ramp for BMX tricks? A very rubbish one-seat see-saw? Let's have your thoughts via the TMS inbox (email address above), the 606 website (link above) or text 81111 with the word "cricket" before your message. And if you want, you can talk about cricket too.

1306: News from the middle - Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara wins the toss and elected to bat first on a new deck at Lord's. Sri Lanka have made one change with left-arm seamer Isuru Udana making way for Nuwan Kulasekara, ranked the number one bowler in the world, while Pakistan named an unchanged side from the one that thrashed the Netherlands the other day.

1300: Hello you, the consistently inconsistent Pakistan take on the spinnery of Sri Lanka in our first Super Eights encounter of the day at Lord's. But more pertinently, it is also the first time the two teams have met since the horrific terrorist attacks in Lahore in March, when Sri Lanka's team bus was shelled by armed gunmen just outside the Gaddafi Stadium. Here's a great read with former Middlesex wicketkeeper now Sri Lanka's assistant coach Paul Farbrace on how the team has moved on since then.

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