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World Twenty20 day four as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 Group C, Trent Bridge:
Sri Lanka 160-4 (19 overs) beat Australia 159-9 (20 overs) by six wickets

Earlier match: Group A, Trent Bridge:
Ireland 138-4 (18.2 overs) beat Bangladesh 137-8 (20 overs) by six wickets


By Mark Mitchener


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2100: Well, it's been another marathon Twenty20 day but I hope you've enjoyed following the coverage. Highlights are at 2320 BST on BBC Two (and the BBC Sport website for UK users), and will be up on the site tomorrow morning.

I'm off to Lord's tomorrow (as I was able to buy a ticket), where it's Pakistan-Netherlands followed by New Zealand-South Africa. Feel free to buy me a beer if you see me. Alternatively, if you're following the live text tomorrow, make sure you join Ben Dirs as you'll be pleased to hear he's back in this chair. Until next time, TTFN - the Group of Death has claimed its victim!

From I'm So Scary on 606: "I live in Leicester and all I want to say is: Welcome Ricky and co for two weeks of rain and wind. Although you're in the right place if you're after a good curry"
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Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara: "It was a great performance - the key when you play a team like Australia is to believe you can win. We've got a variety of bowlers - we played two guys the Australians hadn't seen much before in Mendis and Udana, and we kept rotating the bowlers so they couldn't get used to anyone. Dilshan has been getting a lot of runs for us at the top of the order - the key was Mubarak coming in and hitting a quickfire 20"

Australia captain Ricky Ponting on TMS: "We got off to a reasonable start, and 160 was a pretty good effort, but we made too many mistakes with the ball - we bowled too many no-balls, I don't know how many runs were scored off the extra balls. And when you make mistakes against good players, you get punished. When we've tried to execute something, we haven't been able to do it. We've got to change things - whether it's personnel I'm not sure"

2043: Wow, what a game. It's also congratulations to the West Indies, who will take Australia's seeded place in the Super Eights. They will be in a group with India, England and South Africa. The other group will be Pakistan or the Netherlands, Ireland, Sri Lanka and New Zealand.


19.0 overs - SL 160-4
Johnson takes the last over, the first ball is a legside wide! Sri Lanka win by six wickets, and Australia are out!

19 overs - SL 159-4
Mubarak hoicks to leg, just the one run, scores level. And Australia need to bowl a maiden and win the super-over to stay in the competition.

18.5 overs - SL 158-4
The Sri Lanka fans are on their feet, and there's a slip in. Mubarak is calmness personified, hits it down the ground and over mid-off (who's up), and that's four! Two needed from seven! Start the car!

18.4 overs - SL 154-4
Mubarak swishes and misses. Six from eight.

18.3 overs - SL 154-4
Now that is a wide - and signalled as such. Six needed from nine.

18.3 overs - SL 153-4
Huge hit from Mubarak, over mid-wicket and that's a big six! Seven needed from nine and Punter's face is a picture!

18.2 overs - SL 147-4
Mubarak moves away to leg, that's clearly a wide... the grinning Lee knows but it's not signalled. 13 from 10.

18.1 overs - SL 147-4
Lee to Sanga, who hangs hit bat out for a single to cover. 13 from 11 needed.

18th over - SL 146-4
Sangakkara on-drives Bracken for a single, Mubarak rotates the strike. Sanga comes down the track to attempt an unorthodox flick and a wide is signalled. Sanga digs out a yorker for a single to long-on, Mubarak aims another big hit but it's only a single to cow corner. A dab-sweep goes very fine and brings the inventive Sanga his half century off 44 balls. The last ball is driven to long-on for one. 14 needed from 12 balls, and I'm going ball-by-ball!

17th over - SL 136-4
New batsman Jehan Mubarak plays and misses at Lee, who fires in a bouncer with some added "chat" aimed at the new man. Mubarak survives three dot balls before a bouncer is adjudged to be an aerial wide by Gunner Gould, and he's off the mark with a lofted drive for two. The last ball is astonishing, Mubarak aims a lofted heave towards the short boundary at long-on and it sails over the leaping Johnson for six! 24 needed from 18 balls.

Wicket falls

16.1 overs - WICKET - Silva c Ponting b Lee 11 - SL 127-3
A child in the crowd holds up an "Enjoy Leicester Ricky" sign as Ponting recalls Lee to the attack. And he makes the breakthrough as Silva spoons a straightforward catch to the Punter himself at mid-wicket.

16th over - SL 127-3
Bracken replaces Clarke, Silva steers a single to third man. Sanga, whose helmet is one of those modern ones that looks like a cycle helmet with a grille attached, drives a single down the ground. Two more singles are cheered by the Sri Lanka fans - then Silva swings and misses, Haddin and Bracken are convinced that's a catch behind but Billy Bowden - the man whose opinion matters - shakes his head. Silva chops a single off the last ball - 33 needed from 24 balls.

From Nick Pasiecznik, Aleppo, Syria (trying to find 22 players here to have a match - anyone out there?), TMS inbox: "I watched Ajantha Mendis play his first Test in Colombo last summer, when he and Murali took 14 Indian wickets in a day and the Sri Lankans won by an innings. The class Indian batsmen didn't know what to do. A star in the making for sure"

15th over - SL 122-3
Hauritz in for his last over, Sanga gets a leading edge and they run two. The Sri Lanka captain then gets his side's fans all excited as he gets down on one knee and hoists a six over deep backward square leg! The next ball is smashed over the bowler's head, six more! As Sanga dabs a single, it's amazing how two big hits can entirely change your perspective on the game. Silva drives a single to long-on - 38 needed from 30.

14th over - SL 106-3
New batsman Chamara Silva sweeps his first ball from Clarke and the run one. Sanga knocks a single off his pads to bring up the hundred for his country - Dougie on TMS thinks Sangakkara needs to be there at the end if Sri Lanka are to win. Clarke gives it some air, but it's a full toss which is slog-swept by Silva for four. Another two through mid-wicket is taken, then Silva tries another slog-sweep and fails to connect. 54 needed from 36 balls.

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From Keith, Leeds, via text on 81111: "Suddenly this is getting interesting..."

13th over - SL 98-3
Sanga sweeps the last ball, he's hit on the pad, that's close... but the umpire says "not out".

Wicket falls

12.5 overs - WICKET - Jayawardene c Bracken b Hauritz 9 - SL 98-3
Sanga advances down the track to steer Hauritz down the leg side for a single. Jayawardene aims a brutal reverse sweep and nearly plays on! But he gets hold of the next one and a stop just in front of the rope by Johnson at long-off restricts them to two rather than four. Jayawardene tries a big hit but can only sky the ball to short third man. He really hasn't looked like the player we know he can be.

12th over - SL 95-2
Jayawardene flicks Clarke off his legs, a quicker ball is lofted towards cow corner by Sanga for two, while Brett Lee is a magnet in the field at the moment. Sanga aims a similar shot, it reaches Watson at long-on on the first bounce and they scamper two more. Sanga takes one hand off the back as he pulls through mid-wicket for a single, and the spinners have put the brakes on somewhat.

Dougie Brown

Dougie Brown on TMS: "The Australian fielders are very tight on the singles when Jayawardene is on strike"

11th over - SL 89-2
Jayawardene pushes Hauritz for a single, while multiple white duvets are now in evidence in the Sri Lanka dug-out, which now resembles a slumber party. Two more singles keep the score ticking as Hauritz keeps it tight, while Sanga is beaten by one that spears in from outside off stump.

10th over - SL 86-2
Former skipper Mahela Jayawardene is off the mark by pushing a single to leg, his successor Sangakkara pushes another before Jayawardene pushes a two through extra cover. A single ensures Sri Lanka need 74 from 60 balls.

Wicket falls

9.1 overs - WICKET - Dilshan b Clarke 53 - SL 81-2
Spin from both ends as Michael Clarke comes on with his part-time left-arm twirlers. And his first ball beats Dilshan and flicks his leg bail as it goes through! And if he wasn't bowled, he would have been stumped.

9th over - SL 81-1
What can Punter do here? He brings on his solitary specialist spinner, off-break merchant Nathan Hauritz. Sanga opens up with a well-placed clip for two off his legs. A single sees Hauritz switch to bowling round the wicket to the right-handed Dilshan, who smears a scuffed two to square leg. He keeps the strike with a singleton.

That's 50

8th over - SL 75-1
With figures of 0-16 from his first over, Watson's going to have another go, this time from the Paula End, and Punter takes a long time to set the field. Australia's over-rate is getting worse and worse. Dilshan smears a single, Sanga adds another, Dilshan bashes a full toss for two to the cover sweeper - and then brings up his fifty with an outrageous flip over the wicketkeeper's head for four! Some of the Sri Lankan players in their dug-out are sheltering under a white duvet.

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From Happy India Fan, via text on 81111: "I wonder what the odds were on Australia not making it to the Super Eights before the competition had started and before Symonds was sent home!"

7th over - SL 67-1
Watson's nightmare is ended as Johnson replaces him in the attack. Sanga and Dilshan rotate the strike well as the left-hand/right-hand combo ensuring plenty of field changes, while Johnson slings in an awful wide which barely makes it onto the cut strip, and it takes a great stop by bare-headed keeper Haddin to prevent it going through for four. Dilshan tries another pull shot, but it only brings another single.

6th over - SL 62-1
Sanga dabs a single, Dilshan resumes normal service with a lofted drive for four over the bowler's head. A square-cut brings a single to the cover sweeper, then Sanga goes aerial too - but safely - scampering a two over mid-off. A single ensures he retains the strike - at least Australia can put the field back now.

5th over - SL 53-1
The Aussie commentators on TMS think bowling coach Troy Cooley, once of England, may have some work on his hands now as medium-fast Shane Watson replaces Lee. Dilshan blasts him through long-on for four and the ball strikes a steward (who is doing his job and watching the crowd, not the game). The Sri Lankan then steps forward to angle the bat and lap-sweep for four, then top-edges another four through third man! The last ball is slashed over point for the fourth four of the over - Watson is having a nightmare here, a bit like when he stayed that night at Lumley Castle in 2005 (and was reported to have slept on Brett Lee's floor amid tales of ghosts).
REPORT (June 2005): Aussies spooked by ghost

4th over - SL 37-1
Johnson replaced by fellow southpaw Bracken, whose hairband is struggling to keep his flowing blond locks out of his face. His first ball is a slower ball, but Dilshan pumps it through the covers for a brutal four. Another fierce stroke is stopped superbly by Watson, who is one of five men saving one on the off side. Dilshan pushes another slower ball for a single, while someone (or something) is being roundly booed by the Trent Bridge crowd. A quicker ball is brutally despatched over mid-off for four by Sanga.

From Martyn, The Netherlands, TMS inbox: "Hey, lay-off Leicester. I left the UK 26 years ago and have tried to forget my birthplace. I'm now living in Holland, returning briefly to the UK last Friday as a long-suffering England fan, only to watch the Dutch part-time team humiliate England at Lord's. I endured the 'Oranje' party in my hotel all Friday night. I have put up with taunting from my colleagues all day today. Then I check in to do my own bit of gloating over Australia, only to find that poor old Ratae Coritanorvm - famed as the birthplace of the Elephant Man, Gok Wan and David Icke amongst others - is now being held up as some sort of hell-on-earth to which Australia will be banished. It may be true - but you don't have to remind me"

3rd over - SL 28-1
Cap'n Kumar Sangakkara is the new man in, while Jayasuriya is still shaking his bald head in disbelief as he takes his seat in the dug-out. There's even a debate in our office over whether this was better than Kyle Coetzer's catch for Scotland against South Africa yesterday, with both catches being acted out by participants. Sanga has a bit of trouble getting off the mark, until Lee's last ball is a no-ball and Sanga edges it past the slips, just when we were on for a wicket maiden. Sanga punishes the free-hit ball, scything it through point for four.

Wicket falls

2.1 overs - WICKET - Jayasuriya c Warner b Lee 2 - SL 19-1
Jaya pulls Lee towards the mid-wicket boundary, but David Warner leaps through the air like Superman and pulls off an absolutely stunning catch in mid-air on the boundary!

2nd over - SL 19-0
Mitchell Johnson takes the second over, again preferred to fellow left-arm seamer Nathan Bracken to take the new ball. Jayasuriya flicks him to fine leg for a single, Dilshan pokes a two to third man before giving it the big heave-ho and hooking a shorter ball through square leg for a first-bounce four. Dilshan shows he's equally adept through the off side by blasting another four, forcing Ponting to shuffle his field.

From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "Re: 1905 - How many victims can the group of death actually have?"

1st over - SL 8-0
Dilshan blocks Lee's first ball and then immediately calls for a change of bat, which causes a delay. The new bat clearly works as a wideish ball is carved away for four through third man! Lee oversteps for a no-ball which Dilshan helps to fine leg, so Jayasuriya has a free hit! The veteran swings and misses at a shoulder-high slow bouncer, while a legside wide makes this a marathon over. Jayasuriya is off the mark with a quick single.

From Mark, Chessington, TMS inbox: "Murali bowls four good overs, gets nothing. And this young upstart Mendis gets Ponting, Watson and Hussey! Are we witnessing the changing of the guard? How annoyed must Murali be?"

I'm sure Murali will forgive him if Sri Lanka win!

1910: Old campaigner Sanath Jayasuriya will open up with Tillakaratne Dilshan, who's recently moved up from the middle order to open in one-day cricket. Brett Lee taking the new ball.

1905: So, will the Group of Death claim its victim tonight?

From Leel de Silva, TMS inbox: "Aussies shot themselves in the foot before the tournament by sending Symonds home. Symmo, Symmo where art thou?"

At a guess, down the pub?


20th over - Aus 159-9
Bracken swings like an old-fashioned fast bowler, gets a streaky edge and it races to fine leg for four. Sri Lanka need 160 to knock Australia out of the tournament, and as has been mentioned today, consign them to a fortnight in Leicester.

Wicket falls

19.5 overs - WICKET - Hauritz c Sangakkara b Malinga 4 - Aus 155-9
New man Nathan Hauritz, to be honest, looks absolutely petrified at facing the Slinger, who is grinning like a predatory hyena closing in for another kill. Swing-and-a-miss from his first ball, then Malinga strays down the leg side and Hauritz flicks it off his pads for four. He then nicks a catch to the keeper - and poor old Nathan Bracken has to come out for one ball.

Wicket falls

19.2 overs - WICKET - Lee b Malinga 15 - Aus 151-8
Last over, and it's given to The Slinger. Lee takes a wild swing, this could go anywhere and it's down to fine leg for four. 150 up, and Lee has 15 from four balls. But his luck can't hold as The Slinger removes his leg stump.

19th over - Aus 147-7
Brett Lee is the new batsman, but they crossed on the catch. Johnson jabs a single, then Lee straight-drives his first ball for four. He takes an even bigger swing at the fifth ball and it sails over long-off for six! Lee edges the last ball for one to third man.

Wicket falls

18.2 overs - D Hussey c Jayasuriya b Udana 28 - Aus 135-7
T20 international debutant Udana gets the penultimate over as the sun fades, but Hussey aims for the sky as he lifts a legside delivery over mid-wicket for six. The next ball is sliced into the sky - and he's caught at backward point.

18th over - Aus 129-6
Malinga returns, Hussey digs out a yorker and they run one. Johnson flicks a single off his legs for two, then adds another as a wild throw to the stumps strikes the laughing Umpire Gould a painful blow. Hussey bunts a single towards mid-wicket, then Johnson seems to lose sight of a low slider past the off stump before wafting and missing at the last ball.

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From Sportsfan87 on 606: "Bye bye Australia, hopefully not the first time this summer they will fall to a humiliating defeat"
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Not counting your chickens then?

17th over - Aus 124-6
Mendis to bowl his last over. Hussey heaves him to square leg for two before pushing a trotted single through the covers. Johnson late-cuts a four through third man before off-driving a single to long-off. Hussey heaves a single to mid-wicket, and Mendis finishes with figures of 3-20.

16th over - Aus 115-6
Hussey steers the first ball of Murali's last over for a single, then Johnson has the crowd on their feet by hoisting the veteran over square leg for six - the 71st maximum of the tournament. Jayasuriya shows his age in the field, allowing Johnson a third run to long leg, then Hussey pushes a single to leg. Johnson takes aim at Row Z again, and is caught in the stand by a group of celebrating Sri Lankan fans. The last ball is looser down the leg side, and Johnson helps it on its way for four - a much better over for the Aussies.

15th over - Aus 94-6
New man Mitchell Johnson looks relieved to survive his first ball from Magic Man Mendis, who has 3-11 from three overs.

Wicket falls

14.5 overs - WICKET - M Hussey lbw b Mendis 1 - Aus 94-6
Mendis on to increase the pressure, D-Huss gets a big inside edge which nearly hits the stumps. D-Huss then lifts a huge six in the general direction of the TMS commentary box over long-off before carving a single to long-on. But it's all over for "Mr Cricket" as he's trapped in front and despatched by Billy B's crooked finger of doom.

14th over - Aus 87-5
D-Huss is hit in front by Murali, that's got to be close? Not out, says Gunner Gould. The right-hander eventually works a single to fine leg, but the Hussey Bros can't seem to pick Murali at all - just one run from the over.

13th over - Aus 86-5
The Hussey Bros are reunited as left-handed Mike Hussey, who's slipped down the order a bit lately, joins brother David. The TMS commentators are appalled at Billy B's decision to signal an offside wide against Udana, M-Huss is off the mark with a single then D-Huss reaches out to smash a boundary through the covers before a single completes the over.

Wicket falls

12.2 overs - WICKET - Clarke c & b Udana 11 - Aus 79-5
Udana, who's one of the thinnest men in world cricket, is biffed for a couple by Clarke but the Aussie vice-captain then completely fails to pick up a slower ball from the left-arm seamer, pings it back up the wicket and Udana takes a tumbling return catch!

12th over - Aus 77-4
Murali is quickly through his over, a single apiece for Clarke and new man David Hussey before Clarke carves the last ball for a very quick single to fine leg. And with 12 overs gone, each of Sri Lanka's six bowlers has bowled two overs!

Wicket falls

11th over - WICKET - Haddin b Malinga 16 - Aus 74-4
The chopping and changing of bowlers continues as Malinga has another go, but slings in another legside wide. Keeper Sanga is now bare-headed. Clarke drives straight to Mubarak at cover, then dabs a single to point. Haddin swishes and misses, an on-drive brings him a single, Clarke flicks a single then the last ball is a brutal slower ball which bowls Haddin all ends up! Two stumps knocked out of the ground, and revenge for Lasith!

From Chris in Amsterdam, TMS inbox: "I tried to avoid most of my Dutch colleagues at work today, but they ambushed me as I was leaving a meeting with their new cricket enthusiasm"

10th over - Aus 70-3
Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire for Australia - Mendis is off after two overs and old campaigner Muttiah Muralitharan comes on as the sixth bowler. He goes round the wicket to bowl his off-spin, the Aussies curb their attacking instincts and manage four singles.

9th over - Aus 66-3
Udana replaces Jayasuriya at the Paula End, Haddin square-cuts for two and once more Sangakkara seems to love knocking over the stumps, whether the batsman is clearly in or not - a bit like the Dad's Army episode where they play cricket, Fred Trueman guest-stars and Corporal Jones keeps wicket, demolishing the stumps every time he catches the ball! More quick singles ensue, while Mendis's throw from third man hits the stumps. Punter is biting his nails in the Aussie dug-out, as well he might.

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From Moon1971 on 606: "Of all nations, especially in cricket, never underestimate the 'bouncebackability' of the Aussies. having played there for a while, they just never ever lie down... as a nation, and especially in cricket"
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8th over - Aus 61-3
Michael Clarke turns Mendis off his pads, they run a quick two and the ever-demonstrative Billy Bowden signals for a TV replay decision. He's home, and survives an lbw shout off the last ball - Mendis has 2-4.

Wicket falls

7.3 overs - WICKET - Watson lbw b Mendis 22 - Aus 59-3
Mendis to Haddin, who clips him to long-on for one. But it's all over for Watson, who tries to drag him across the line and is trapped lbw - as he should have been last over. "The first one was more out than that", says Simon Mann on TMS.

7th over - Aus 58-2
New batsman is keeper Brad Haddin - we're getting through a lot of one-over bowling spells here as Jayasuriya returns, still in Gilo mode. A single apiece brings up the Aussie fifty, then Haddin lofts a six over square leg before steering a single to long-on. But does he really want to get up to Mendis's end?

Wicket falls

6th over - WICKET - Ponting b Mendis 25 - Aus 48-2
It's time for the mystery man - Ajantha Mendis takes over. He's capable of bowling off-spin, leg-spin and just about anything else - his first ball provokes a loud lbw shout but umpire Ian "Gunner" Gould shakes his head. Hawk-Eye thinks it would have hit off stump (and the TMS crew agree). Watson looks pleased to get off strike with a single. Punter is almost completely befuddled by the rest of the over, and the last ball removes his leg stump!

5th over - Aus 47-1
Bring on The Slinger! Lasith Malinga, who missed nearly all of 2008 with injury, enters the game - his hair is less wild than when he first burst onto the scene, but Ponting clips his first ball off his pads for four. The next ball is equally wide on the off side, but Punter expertly blasts it through point for four. The Aussie skipper lifts Malinga just over mid-on, Ajantha Mendis tries a sliding-tackle-stop on the boundary, and the third umpire rules that's another four! A legside full toss is called as a wide and they run one as well, The Slinger's radar is all over the place here. He finally bowls a dot ball as Watson digs out a fuller delivery, but he keeps the strike with a single to round off an expensive over.

4th over - Aus 32-1
Sanga shuffles his bowlers as Isuru Udana takes over. I haven't seen him before - he's a 21-year-old left-arm seamer, presumably in the mould of Chaminda Vaas. Punter jabs a single, Watson goes for the big one and it's a first-bounce four through long-on. The blond all-rounder then attempts the same shot, gets a thick outside edge and it sails to the opposite angle from the last ball, going through third man for four! Watson continues his assault with a heave over mid-wicket for six, although he's foxed by a slower ball out of the back of the hand and then fails to connect with a slog-sweep. So, 15 off the over, but a couple of good deliveries - Udana isn't the new Vaas just yet.

3rd over - Aus 17-1
Watson heaves across the line and is hit on the body by Mathews while aiming for the mid-wicket fence. A quick single means Ponting has to scamper to make his ground as Mahela Jayawardene's throw just misses the stumps. Punter continues to ride his luck as he inside-edges just past the stumps and it shoots away for four. He takes aim at the cover boundary, there's a slip in the infield by Jehan Mubarak but he redeems himself somewhat with a dive in front of the rope to turn four into three. Sri Lanka appeal for a catch behind against Watson, more in hope than expectation as umpire Billy Bowden signals a legside wide.

2nd over - Aus 8-1
Unorthodox tactics from Sangakkara as left-arm spinner Sanath Jayasuriya takes the second over. He'll be 40 years young on 30 June. His usual repertoire is left-arm "darts" - Watson steers a single, then Ponting turns one off his legs for a single to the patrolling Muttiah Muralitharan at short fine leg. Jayasuriya is pinging it in from over the wicket, Ashley Giles-style, Watson rotates the strike and then Ponting finds the boundary for the first time with a cover drive.

1st over - Aus 1-1
Yet again, Punter Ponting takes the crease with less than one over bowled. He leaves his first ball, while his second trickles to the red-hot Dilshan.

Out for a duck

0.4 overs - WICKET - Warner c Dilshan b Mathews 0 - Aus 1-1
Having been 3-2 after the first over against West Indies, Aussie openers Shane Watson and David Warner will hope for better against Angelo Mathews. (The back of his shirt says "Mathew", but TMS commentator Glen Mitchell thinks the S may have fallen off in the wash). Watson inside-edges the first ball, it just misses the stumps and they run one. Confusingly, Tillakaratne Dilshan has neither a name nor a number on his shirt. Left-handed Warner flashes a drive, and it shoots straight to the seemingly anonymous Dilshan at point!

1728: Anthems time - the Sri Lankan tune is followed by "Advance Australia Fair". Sri Lanka begin with a huddle - their T20 shirts are royal blue on the front with a big splash of canary yellow on the back. (Jumpers are all blue). Here we go - remember, anything less than a win for the Aussies and they're out of the competition.

1724: Good news from Taunton - England's women beat New Zealand by seven wickets in a warm-up game for the Women's World Twenty20 today. Captain Charlotte Edwards scored 55 not out. Look out for some more blogs from all-rounder Ebony Rainford-Brent when the tournament itself begins (on 11 June).
INTERNET LINK: England Women v NZ Women scorecard (Cricinfo)

1718: Here are the teams:

Australia: Shane Watson, David Warner, Ricky Ponting (capt), Michael Clarke, Brad Haddin (wk), David Hussey, Mike Hussey, Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Nathan Hauritz, Nathan Bracken.

Sri Lanka: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Sanath Jayasuriya, Kumar Sangakkara (capt & wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Jehan Mubarak, Chamara Silva, Angelo Mathews, Isuru Udana, Muttiah Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendis, Lasith Malinga.

So, for many of us, it's going to be our first proper look at Sri Lanka's "mystery spinner" Ajantha Mendis, who rose to fame in last year's Asia Cup. It's good to see Lasith "The Slinger" Malinga back after injury, and although Abba fans will be disappointed at Dilhara Fernando's absence from the squad, there's a T20 international debut for all-rounder Angelo Mathews (as immortalised in a song very similar to "Fernando" - Brotherhood of Man's "Angelo").

1712: Sri Lanka have won the toss - Kumar Sangakkara puts Australia in, while Ricky Ponting says he would have batted anyway. Lordy Lordy, the Aussies are playing a specialist spinner - Nathan Hauritz replaces all-rounder James Hopes. Aussies are Hopes-less - official.

1706: Right, we're back in business but are still waiting on the toss for Australia-Sri Lanka. This pair met in the Super Eights of the 2007 tournament, and the Aussies, missing the injured Punter, romped home by 10 wickets after skittling Sri Lanka for 101.
REPORT (September 2007): Australia power into semi-finals

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From sevenseaman on 606: "This cup is already a humdinger. T20 in its truest colors. All we need now is for Sri Lanka to roll over the Aussies, possibilities are all too real"
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From Andrew, not really revising for en exam tomorrow and an audible distance from Trent Bridge (when the crowd roars at least), TMS inbox: "For Finchos, park anywhere in West Bridgford which is over Trent Bridge down from the station, Musters Road or a road just off that is safe and free and closer than the station by at least 15 minutes walking"

From Finchos, TMS inbox: "Could anyone who knows Trent Bridge please advise the safest place to park my car on Wednesday? I'm just wary that if Chris Gayle gets hold of any of the Sri Lankan bowlers I may have to get onto a windscreen replacement company in advance!"

I've never been to Trent Bridge, Finchos, but it's only a reasonable walk from Nottingham railway station. You might be more concerned that if Sri Lanka win this evening, you'll be there to watch two "dead" games!

1631: Well, as Tom Jones' "Delilah" belts out over the PA at Trent Bridge, Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful may well be asking "why, why, why, O'Brien?". So, before Sri Lanka come to try to break down the Australians' door, forgive me O'Brien if I take a quick break and come back for more.

In other words, stick around, I'll be back in a while for Australia-Sri Lanka.

From Jimbo, TMS inbox: "The supposed 'perfect four' which tires fielders out [see 7th over] really grinds my gears. Both batsmen have to run in case it doesn't go, so it tires them out too. Smash it, and sit on your bat while it goes miles"

Well, in the team I play for we often talk about a "perfect four" (but don't hit many ourselves). We once tired out a batsman by contriving to concede an all-run six (don't ask) - the next ball, the shattered batsman struggled to get forward to a length ball and was out lbw!

Ireland opener Jeremy Bray on TMS: "It's unbelievable - we kept taking wickets which was important for us. But we stuck to our plans, even though the last over didn't go as well as we'd hoped. If you're going to compete against the big boys, you've got to do well in the three disciplines and we did that"

1626: So, Kevin O'Brien finishes with 39 not out from 17 balls. Well done him.


18.2 overs - Ire 138-4
TMS have despatched John Kenny down to the Irish dug-out, and Rubel Hossain will bowl his last over - will it be the last over of the game? "Finish the job", Dougie urges Ireland. O'Brien goes aerial again, but safely over extra cover, and they run two. Four to win - O'Brien off-drives, it sails away for a first-bounce four and Ireland have won with 10 balls to spare! Bangladesh will just go home...

18th over - Ire 132-4
So, which spinner will bowl the last two overs from this end? Shakib is thrown the ball - and Mooney reverse-sweeps his first ball over third man for four! 16 needed from 17 balls. Mooney pushes a single to bring the dangerous O'Brien on strike, and Ashraful has problems here. O'Brien nudges a single, Mooney tickles another off his legs. O'Brien then comes across his stumps and heaves a six from outside off stump, over the mid-wicket fence! Any batsman would have been proud of that stroke. A single means just six are needed from 12 balls.

Get involved on 606

From Argiewizzard on 606: "Man oh Man... who is this Gary Wilson? Honestly I have never seen any international number four as bad as him. The guy was batting like a number 11"
Join the debate on 606

17th over - Ire 118-4
Slingy seamer Rubel Hossain returns, O'Brien thumps him high into the sky and they run two. Rubel then sends in an appalling delivery ("a big, juicy pie" says Dougie on TMS) and O'Brien gives it the treatment it deserves, hoisting it over the cover fielders for four. Rubel's next ball is short and wide, and is called a wide by the umpire after O'Brien himself extends his arms to indicate he thought it was well out of his reach! O'Brien swings and misses at the next one, but shows he's been watching Virender Sehwag coaching DVDs by just smashing the fourth legitimate ball through the covers. Four more! Like Sehwag, he clearly only plays one way. O'Brien then blasts a single to mid-wicket, Mooney stumbles through for a leg bye off the final delivery.

From David Brennan, Ireland, TMS inbox: "John Mooney and his father are both electricians and they wired rooms in my parents' house!"

16th over - Ire 105-4
Razzak to continue, O'Brien nudges a single before Mooney aims a big blast and misses. He eventually connects for a single, then O'Brien shows he has his brother's genes by hoisting the slow left-armer for a six over mid-wicket! A single takes him to 14.

From Chris Anderson, N. Ireland, TMS inbox: "Nice to see my old friend Gary Wilson doing well for Ireland, he was always good with the bat when we played against him at Methody!"

15th over - Ire 96-4
Kevin O'Brien is the new batsman, angling his first ball to third man for one. Mooney the electrician comes down the track and flicks a quick single off his legs, O'Brien does well to work a loose legside delivery past short fine leg for four. A single ensures he keeps the strike. 42 needed from 30 balls.

Wicket falls

14.2 overs - WICKET - Wilson c Ashraful b Mortaza 10 - Ire 89-4
As they did against India, Bangladesh gamble by turning to strike bowler Mortaza to bowl his final over before the "death" overs. He has Wilson swinging and missing, when he does connect he blasts the ball straight to the skipper at short extra cover. Ashraful's gamble pays off, and Wilson, who didn't look in great nick, departs.

14th over - Ire 89-3
A young Irish fan in the crowd takes a doze as Mooney reverse-sweeps another single, then Wilson swings and misses. The Irish pair ride their luck with a couple of edges, but they keep pushing the ones to stay in the game.

From James, Edinburgh, TMS inbox: "My understand of seeding the Super Eight stage is to allow a more fluid prediction of who will be playing who and when. This helps teams with match planning and also venues. It allows pre-match planning over stocking of merchandise etc etc. Its all very commercial, but makes sense. As someone who should (weather and final games assuming) see England v South Africa next week at Trent Bridge, its just peachy. My only annoyance with the tournament is as a Scottish-based cricket fan, the closest I can get to a game is five hours on a train, when Headingley, Old Trafford or Durham are much closer. Same story with the Ashes. Perhaps the ECB should remember the fans outside the South for once!"

13th over - Ire 85-3
Wilson and Mooney work a couple of singles, Wilson reverse-sweeps Mahmudullah for another. Mooney turns one into two with some speedy running, then has a huge heave and gets a rather fortuitous edge down past the stumps (and the keeper) for four! A scampered single means it's 10 from the over - 53 needed from 42 balls. Anyone's game.

Dougie Brown

Dougie Brown on TMS: "In many ways, Ireland are playing against themselves here - it's still in their hands, they're putting the pressure on the Bangladesh fielders now with quick singles and need to keep a level head"

12th over - Ire 75-3
John Kenny on TMS hopes that "the electrician can spark Ireland" as John Mooney, another leftie, comes in - he survives a first-ball lbw shout before working a single to leg. Wilson nurdles a two down to the point boundary, then makes his ground with a quick single off the last ball.

Wicket falls

11.2 overs - WICKET - Porterfield c & b Razzak 23 - Ire 71-3
Bangladesh's fourth spinner, Abdur Razzak, enters the game and he's another slow left-armer. But he removes the Irish captain when Porterfield spoons a simple return catch.

11th over - Ire 70-2
Mahmudullah's back as Gary Wilson, the first right-handed batsman we've seen in the Irish side today, nudges a leg bye as a single takes Porterfield to 21. Wilson bisects the field to steer a single to long-on, Porterfield scampers a well-run two throught he covers.

10th over - Ire 65-2
Porterfield has the luck of the Irish as he steers the ball inches past Raqibul at short third man, and on that short boundary it turns one run into four. Tigers were 65-4 at this, the halfway point.

Wicket falls

9.4 overs - WICKET - N O'Brien c Rubel b Shakib 40 - Ire 61-2
Shakib continues to put the brakes on as Porterfield nudges a single, then O'Brien steers another to the mid-wicket sweeper. O'Brien tries to go aerial, but Rubel Hossain comes in at long-off to take the catch.

9th over - Ire 58-1
More quick singles against Naeem, while Geoff Lawson on TMS notes that "Bray's running so wide, he's nearly in the Radcliffe Road and so won't show up on TV replays!" O'Brien is struck on the pad while sweeping, but Umpire Llong is unmoved. 80 needed from 66 balls.

From Andrew Gell, TMS inbox: "I really don't know what to make of all this. The people at work who normally talk about cricket are all laughing at this competition and not bothered how England do in it but the people who don't normally talk about cricket are all talking about it and taking it seriously"

8th over - Ire 55-1
Our third successive over from a third different spinner as left-arm twirler Shakib Al Hasan comes on. His first ball sees a mix-up between the batsmen and the runner - but runner Bray just makes his ground for the single in time. But just one more run is possible from a very tidy over from the world's top-ranked ODI all-rounder.

7th over - Ire 53-1
That's it for the fielding restrictions - it's off-spin at both ends as Naeem Islam comes on. Porterfield rocks back and chops his first ball for four. Possibly the mythical "perfect four" (as it has two men chasing it all the way before just beating them to the rope, thus tiring them out). Naeem, bowling round the wicket, is tickled for a single off his legs by the Irish skipper - that legside boundary is so short that there won't be many twos on that side, either one or four. O'Brien nicks the strike.

Get involved on 606

From dazzlingdublinblue on 606: "O'Brien has been in great form lately. Hands off England!"
Join the debate on 606

6th over - Ire 47-1
Bangladesh's response to O'Brien's assault is to introduce spin into the last over of the powerplay - off-spinner Mahmudullah's first ball is nudged to third man for two, the second is blasted through the covers for four! With 14 players in green now on the field, the presence of the runner is confusing even the TMS commentators. O'Brien's not confused, he hoists Mahmudullah over the infield for four more.

5th over - Ire 37-1
O'Brien finally summons a runner (Bray) - Mortaza tries a slower ball, but O'Brien flicks him for six off his toes, over the short boundary at mid-wicket. Mortaza attempts another off-cutter but O'Brien repeats the shot for another six. Two balls later, O'Brien clears the ropes once more with a slightly more improvised shot to that same short boundary! O'Brien (and his runner) take a single off the last ball. Bangladesh were 39-1 at this stage.

4th over - Ire 18-1
Porterfield knocks Rubel for a single, O'Brien has to duck a bouncer and he does look in pain - why doesn't he call for a runner, considering he was injured in the current match? He won't have to run for the next one - blasts a straight drive for four. A single allows Porterfield to hit out for the first time with a fluent cover-driven four. Easily Ireland's best over.

From David in (cold wet & windy) Spain, TMS inbox: "I'm sure you've noticed - warm-up games begin today for the women's teams in this T20 tournament. England Women will find themselves tested against the White Ferns, their opponents in the World Cup final in March - now captained by Aimee Watkins. Aimee who? - Yep! Aimee Watkins! - Miss Mason got married"

3rd over - Ire 8-1
New batsman Niall O'Brien, who's still running slightly gingerly after he picked up a knock in the field, knocks his first ball away for two.

Wicket falls

2.5 overs - WICKET - Bray c Raqibul b Mortaza 3 - Ire 6-1
Bray nudges Mortaza for a single off his hip, Porterfield manages another despite some hesitant calling between the Irish pair. But then Bray tries to work Mortaza to leg, there's a half-appeal for lbw but he's caught at point.

Text in your views on 81111

From Uma in Surrey, via text on 81111: "Come on Tigers! That last over may really have made a difference for us. Now it's up to our bowlers to show that we can actually play cricket! "

2nd over - Ire 4-0
Bray jabs the slingy-bowling-action of Rubal Hossain for a single, then a superb stop at backward point by Raqibul Hasan earns him high-fives from nearly the entire Tigers team. Porterfield sinks to one knee but plays and misses at a wideish one. A couple of legside wides boost the total, though.

From JJH, Peterborough, TMS inbox: "Well done to whoever came up with the inspired idea of putting three dancers in hoodies on a podium in order to entertain the crowd at the World Twenty20 matches. I am sure I speak for the entire cricket-loving world that this innovation has increased my enjoyment of the matches immeasurably. These energetic, happy dancers are the only conceivable explanation for the healthy crowds and encouraging viewing figures. Congratulations ICC!"

I can't tell if he's being sarcastic or not...

1st over - Ire 1-0
Mashrafe Mortaza gets a bit of movement with the new ball against left-handed opener Jeremy Bray, who eventually gets Ireland under way with a single to third man off the fifth ball. Fellow southpaw William Porterfield swings and misses at the last delivery.

1508: By the way, for those of you who have asked about our fixtures page, we know who New Zealand and South Africa will be playing in the Super Eight phase because the seedings are pre-determined, wherever teams finish in their groups. So if Ireland beat Bangladesh (knocking the Tigers out), they will take over Bangladesh's place as A2 in the Super Eight - even if Ireland were to go on and beat India and finish top of the group.

From James McCloy, TMS inbox: "Coolio and his Gangster's Paradise [see 1322] has got nothing on Sri Lanka knocking Australia out today for a Cricket Paradise!"

Get involved on 606

From dazzlingdublinblue on 606: "Fingers crossed for another historic Irish victory. It's within their reach but Bangladesh will still fancy their chances"
Join the debate on 606

Text in your views on 81111

From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "Why are the seeds for the Super Eights decided before the tournament? Are there any benefits except a few dead games at the end of the group stage?"

Anyone from the ICC care to answer? Meanwhile, the TMS crew are divided on the predicted result of this game...

Geoff Lawson

Geoff Lawson on TMS: "I'm going for Bangladesh to win, as I think their slow bowlers can do the job - that last over may have made the difference. For 125 I'd have favoured Ireland, but chasing 138 I'm going for Bangladesh"

Dougie Brown

Dougie Brown on TMS: "I'm still going for Ireland as I said before the game, as even the experienced international players can sometimes panic when things go wrong in this format"

Simon Mann

Simon Mann on TMS: "I marginally favour Bangladesh, but I'm going for the super-over"


20th over - Ban 137-8
Cusack has the last over - it's all going off as there's a run-out appeal turned down off the first ball, then there's a scramble off the second and keeper Niall O'Brien stretches awkwardly as he tries to retrieve the ball, and he looks in pain. The physio comes on, he removes his right pad for treatment, and O'Brien's OK. Two runs are taken off the first three balls, then Mortaza goes deep, hoisting Cusack into the crowd at cow corner to the delight of the Tigers fans. It's measured at 97m (though how they measure all these sixes without a tape measure I'm not sure). Mortaza steers another well-run two through the covers, and the last ball is hoisted high over the bowler's head - six or out - and it's six. So, 20 off the last over from Bangladesh, so better than they may have hoped for at one stage. Mortaza finishes with 33 from 16 balls.

Wicket falls

19th over - WICKET - Naeem b Rankin 7 - Ban 117-8
Big Bad Boyd Rankin's back, Naeem works a slower ball to the square leg boundary for one. Mortaza finally connects with a straight-driven four before clipping a single to long-on. Naeem off-drives, but some comedy fielding by John Mooney allows a couple of unearned runs. The last ball of the over sees Naeem walk across his stumps to try to flick to leg but he loses his leg stump.

Text in your views on 81111

From Andre the Giant, via text on 81111: "70 years on, and still Bill Voce is the only reference we have for a large man!"

Well, they're playing at Trent Bridge and Voce (who played at Trent Bridge for Notts) was a burly left-arm bowler like West! Although I recall the 1980s Bodyline TV series more clearly than the grainy Pathe news footage of the series itself!

18th over - Ban 109-7
Cusack switches from the Paula End to the Pavilion End, Naeem steers a deliberate single and Dougie Brown on TMS thinks it's time for Mortaza to give it the long handle. He can only pick out Boyd Rankin on the cover boundary for a single, Cusack has an lbw appeal against Naeem but they run a leg bye. Mortaza can't time the ball at the moment and when he does, he's picking out the boundary fielders for singles. Naeem tries a sweep, and Bangladesh finally have a boundary as the hulking figure of Regan West, who looks like he'd be more at home in the scrum at Lansdowne Road, dives but can't prevent the four. It's signalled as wides, so there's another ball and Naeem dabs another cheeky single.

From Darren, Dublin, TMS inbox: "I can't wait to see the number of Irish broadcasters jumping on the bandwagon again if we pull off another unexpected victory on the world stage, you will think that it's our national sport by 6pm this evening!"

17th over - Ban 99-7
Bangladesh are going to pieces here, Mortaza is joined by Naeem Islam as they add five more runs at a crawl - there's been no boundaries for more than 10 overs.

Wicket falls

16.2 overs - WICKET - Rahim c Mooney b West 14 - Ban 94-7
West to complete his spell, Mortaza steers a single before Rahim holes out to John Mooney at long-off!

16th over - Ban 93-6
New batsman Mashrafe Mortaza helps Rahim add three more singles - McCallan has 1-17 (and a run-out) from four overs.

Wicket falls

15.2 overs - WICKET - Raqibul b McCallan 13 - Ban 90-6
McCallan to bowl his fourth over off the reel, and after Rahim plunders another single, McCallan knocks over Raqibul's off stump as he tries to bash him through the covers!

15th over - Ban 89-5
West returns to the attack, definitely bowling left-arm spin now, round the wicket to the two right-handers but varying his pace well as the Tigers push the singles. A rare slip in the field from Kevin O'Brien at backward point allows a couple of extra runs. But West has Raqibul playing and missing at the last couple of deliveries, earning him a moral victory of sorts.

14th over - Ban 83-5
Raqibul tries a switch-hit, but can only smear McCallan for a two through backward point. A couple of more orthodox shots bring him a two and a single, Rahim keeps the scoreboard ticking - he has eight, Raqibul has 11.

Dougie Brown

Dougie Brown on TMS: "This is the way for Bangladesh to bat - they're not going to get to 160 or 170, but need to establish a base from which they can launch an assault in the last few overs"

13th over - DROPPED CATCH Ban 76-5
Cusack continues from the Paula Radcliffe Road End, Raqibul tries to lift him into the new stand at mid-wicket but the diving Johnston can't hold on to the catch as he runs back - should he have conceded it to Rankin, who was coming in from the boundary? Raqibul and Rahim can still only manage singles and the odd two.

12th over - Ban 69-5
After a single from Rahim, Raqibul tries to sweep McCallan, who stifles an lbw appeal. The fielders keep it tight, and just one more run from the over.

Get involved on 606

From Steve_Ireland on 606: "I feel a little schizophrenic here as a dual Australian/Irish citizen but I'm concentrating first on us going through before the next match where you all want us to go out!"
Join the debate on 606

11th over - Ban 67-5
Keeper Mushfiqur Rahim is the new batsman, he can only smear a single. Another great over for Ireland.

Dougie Brown

Dougie Brown on TMS: "That was a brainless bit of cricket from Mahmudullah. If Bangladesh are going to win, it's going to take some big striking at the end of the innings, and some incredible bowling and fielding"

Wicket falls

10.3 overs - WICKET - Mahmudullah st N O'Brien b Cusack 7 - Ban 66-5
Brisbane-born Alex Cusack, a carpenter by profession, is into the attack with his right-arm medium pace - he and Johnston are Ireland's two centrally-contracted players. Raqibul nurdles a single, then Niall O'Brien quite brilliantly stumps Mahmudullah when the Tigers all-rounder lifts his back foot for a split second! Another third umpire decision, but the Irish players and fans go wild!

10th over - Ban 65-4
Ireland are suddenly live-wires in the field, restricting Bangladesh - with Mahmudullah joined by Raqibul Hasan - to ones and twos.

Wicket falls

9.1 overs - WICKET - Tamim run out (O'Brien/McCallan) 22 - Ban 61-4
Simon Mann reminds TMS listeners that a win for Ireland today would eliminates Bangladesh and would send them through, whatever they do against India. Johnston is replaced by Kyle McCallan's right-arm off-spin - his first ball is driven by Mamudullah, Tamim is halfway down the track for a single and is sent back, keeper Niall O'Brien's throw to the bowler's end is fumbled by McCallan but it rebounds off McCallan's chest and breaks the stumps! It goes to the third umpire who says out! A bizarre dismissal but Ireland won't mind!

9th over - Ban 61-3
West, whose run-up this over looks more like a left-arm spinner, allows a single to Mahmudullah but gets it right up in the blockhole for the dangerous Tamim, who can only manage a two through point and another double to square leg as Porterfield makes a great diving stop.

8th over - Ban 56-3
Suddenly, Bangladesh are three down and the new batsman is Mahmudullah. He and Tamim work a couple of singles apiece as Porterfield shuffles his field, while they pick up a couple off the last delivery with a straight drive. There's a Bangladesh fan in the stand in full kit (helmet, gloves etc) - Johnston retires with figures of 3-20 from four overs, a great spell.

Wicket falls

7.1 overs - WICKET - Shakib c Wilson b Johnston 7 - Ban 50-3
Johnston has 2-14 from his first three overs, and he's going to bowl his fourth straight through. The decision is justified as Shakib launches another blast into the Trent Bridge sky and Gary Wilson does well to hold on to the steepling effort at long-on.

7th over - Ban 50-2
Sandy-haired left-arm seamer Regan West comes on, he looks quite a burly fellow - any very old Notts fans in the crowd may recall Bill Voce, who played in the Bodyline series of 1932/33. Tamim nudges a single before Shakib goes for the big one and biffs a first-bounce four through cow corner. But the over yields just three more singles as Bangladesh reach the fifty mark.

From Ian, in Muscat, in the TMS inbox: "I got some tickets for the final and had to give them to my wife and son because I would be overseas, and now that I'm here I find that the so-called Sports Bar where I am staying doesn't want to show the tournament on its screens. Nothing on TV either. And Gordon Brown thinks he's got it tough."

6th over - Ban 42-2
New batsman Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim exchange singles, and Ireland will be pleased with their performance so far.

Wicket falls

5.3 overs - WICKET - Ashraful c K O'Brien b Johnston 14 - Ban 40-2
It's still Johnston for the last over of the field restrictions - Tamim steers a single through the covers. But then Ashraful hasn't learned from the last over as he fences outside off stump again and this time the man at first slip makes no mistake! A big blow for the Tigers - Ashraful is one of the most naturally talented batsmen in the world but seems to lose his head at times.

Text in your views on 81111

From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "Come on Mighty Tigers, this should already be in the bag. We need a big performance from our captain Ashraful"

5th over - Ban 39-1
RTE's John Kenny takes the mic on TMS as Ranking begins his third over, but a rank long-hop is hooked for six over square leg by Ashraful. The skipper then pushes a two, then blasts another four through the leg side which bounces inches in front of the rope. A much better over for the Tigers.

4th over - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 27-1
Johnston has a slip in for Ashraful, and has him playing and missing. He then edges to Kevin O'Brien at slip, almost like a man giving slip catching practice... but the ball squirms out of his hands! They run one - but that's the only run of an even tighter over.

3rd over - Ban 26-1
Tamim finds the gap to bring the right-handed Cap'n Mo on strike for the first time. He on-drives his first ball for a single, then Tamim guides another four to the short boundary at third man, but Rankin keeps it pretty tight.

Get involved on 606

From from_the_stands on 606: "Eoin Morgan should be playing in this match. He has played his first, and possibly his last match for England in this tournament already. A travesty"
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2nd over - Ban 20-1
New batsman is Tigers skipper Mohammad Ashraful - they crossed on the catch and Tamim joins the party by steering Johnston through point for four before bagging the strike with a single off the last ball.

From James the geophysicist, TMS inbox: "Why isn't Ed Joyce in the Ireland squad? I know he played a few matches for England - does that mean he cannot go back and represent Ireland? Gavin Hamilton represents Scotland and I'm sure he also had a couple of appearances for England"

Wicket falls

1.2 overs - WICKET - Siddique c Bray b Johnston 13 - Ban 15-1
Former skipper Trent Johnston, who led Ireland at the 2007 World Cup, takes the second over but Siddique flicks him off his legs for four past Jeremy Bray at short fine leg. TMS summariser Geoff Lawson knows Johnston and Bray, who were both born in New South Wales. Johnston strays with a wide, but then the NSW combo come up trumps as Siddique tries another hoick to leg and skies a catch to Bray!

1st over - Ban 10-0
Boyd Rankin takes the new ball, Tamim Iqbal tips-and-runs the second ball for a risky single but Gary Wilson's underarm throw just misses the stumps. In Wilson's defence, he's normally a wicketkeeper, playing as a batsman today. Junaid Siddique picks up where he left off on Saturday, flashing his first ball over the slips for four before blasting another boundary between extra cover and mid-off. A single means the Tigers are already in double figures.

1327: Simon Mann is joined by ex-Warwickshire and Scotland all-rounder Dougie Brown and ex-Aussie paceman Geoff Lawson on TMS. Trent Bridge is nowhere near as full as it was for India-Bangladesh on Saturday, but Simon was on a train up from London with plenty of Tigers supporters this morning. Here we go.

1325: Teams are out for the anthems - a lively Bangladesh tune is followed by the Irish anthem that may be familiar from rugby internationals. Both teams in green, naturally.

1322: And whether you're rooting for Ireland, Bangladesh, Australia, Sri Lanka or for cricket in general, we want to hear from you and it couldn't be simpler. E-mail us on (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text us on 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word, as we share that text number with Radio 1 who are getting loads of texts about "Gangster's Paradise" by Coolio), or use 606. Go on, you know you want to.

1313: Here are the teams:

Ireland: William Porterfield (capt), Jeremy Bray, Niall O'Brien (wk), Gary Wilson, Kevin O'Brien, John Mooney, Trent Johnston, Alex Cusack, Kyle McCallan, Regan West, Boyd Rankin.

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Junaid Siddique, Mohammad Ashraful (capt), Raqibul Hasan, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mahmudullah, Naeem Islam, Mashrafe Mortaza, Rubel Hossain, Abdur Razzak.

Umpires are England's Nigel Llong and Australia's Simon Taufel, I'm joined by Oliver Brett on match report duties (hotfoot from The Oval yesterday), while our "gaffer" today is Anna Thompson.

1304: Toss news is in, Raymondo - Ireland captain William Porterfield has won the toss and has elected to field first. That won't be too bad for Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful, who was intending to bat first anyway. The Tigers make one change - left-arm spinner Abdur Razzaq in for seamer Shahadat Hossain.

1300: Afternoon, everyone. We have two portions of prime fillet on the menu for today - we start with a lightly-grilled Ireland, who will be looking to pull the rug from under Bangladesh, while later this evening, we crank up the heat to the max for Australia against Sri Lanka, with Ricky Ponting's men needing to win to avoid a humilating early elimination.

Hopefully, we'll be home and hosed in time for the season finale of Ashes To Ashes tonight. So, in the best traditions of Gene Hunt, let's fire up the Quattro and get straight into the action.

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