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World Twenty20 day two as it happened

ICC World Twenty20 Group D, The Oval:
New Zealand 90-3 beat Scotland 89-4 by seven wickets
Match reduced to seven overs per side

Group C, The Oval:
West Indies 172-3 beat Australia 169-7 by seven wickets

Group A, Trent Bridge:
India 180-5 beat Bangladesh 155-8 by 25 runs


By Mark Mitchener


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2117: Right, that's it for a marathon day. Tomorrow, it's two nail-biters from The Oval - South Africa will hope to send Scotland home for an early bath, while the evening game between Pakistan and England could see a humiliating early exit for the hosts. SA-Scotland is on Five Live sports extra, Pakistan-England is on Five Live (but not Radio 4 LW), both games are live here on the BBC Sport website and Pranav Soneji will be the man charged with text commentary duties - I hope you'll join him then.

Don't forget the highlights of all three of today's games though - they're on telly tonight at 2315 on BBC Two (and the BBC Sport website for UK users), and then they'll be up on the site tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience today when the site went down - it's goodnight from me.

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From Anonymous, via text on 81111: "India are demolishing the opposition. India v Netherlands for the final"


20th over - Ban 155-8
So, 27 needed off the last ball - Bangladesh manage a single and the Indian fans can celebrate.

Wicket falls

19.5 overs - WICKET - Naeem c Yuvraj b I Sharma 28 - Ban 154-9
Bangladesh's defeat is momentarily delayed by a pitch invader, who requires the attention of several stewards, and Ishant Sharma will finish things off. Naeem, however, is still having fun, and swipes the first ball of the over for six. The second ball is slogged to cow corner for six - is he going for six sixes? Naeem can only smear the third ball to long-on for a single. Ishant is bowling full and straight, but Rahim steers a single before another (thankfully closed) pitch invader comes on and probably earns himself a night in the cells down at the Nottingham nick. Naeem goes aerial again - and Yuvraj takes another superb low, tumbling catch at long-off!

19th over - Ban 140-7
Irfan Pathan, who's not been seen since he bowled the second over and it cost 10 runs, returns, bowling round the wicket. Naeem knocks the first ball for two, and Dhoni's cap has mysteriously reappeared. Irfan pings down a legside wide, the next ball is a full toss but Naeem can only bottom-edge it into the ground. With 48 needed from nine balls, Naeem keeps his side in it - just - by hoisting Irfan into the stand at long-off. A swing-and-a-miss leaves them needing 42 off seven, and the last ball is a single to long-off. 41 needed from the last over - so Bangladesh officially need snookers.

18th over - Ban 130-7
Harbhajan prepares to administer the last rites as Naeem swings and misses before steering a two to the lumbering Zaheer at third man. A single brings Rahim on strike - he has a big slog to deep square leg but it only brings him a single. Naeem adds another - it's an unlikely 51 needed from 12 balls.

17th over - Ban 125-7
New batsman is Naeem Islam - just saying his first name still sends a shiver down the spine of an Arsenal fan sat to my right. Zaheer yields just a couple of singles and a wide, while Dhoni has shed his cap behind the stumps.

Jonathan Agnew

Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "England's team selection tomorrow will be interesting - I don't think the tournament organisers wanted the hosts to go out of the tournament on the third day"

Wicket falls

16.2 overs - WICKET - Raqibul c Ojha b Zaheer 16 - Ban 121-7
So, 62 needed from 24 balls. Rahim steers a single and Zaheer strays with a wide. But it's all over for Raqibul as he steers one straight to wide mid-on. And that is probably that.

16th over - Ban 119-6
Ishant replaces Harbhajan again, Raqibul feathers an edge to third man and although Ojha makes a good diving stop in front of the Paula End, the ball trickles onto the rope. A couple of singles are added, but you sense the game has slipped away from Bangladesh. Another careful dab to third man brings a single, and Rahim jabs a quick single off the last ball as some of the crowd start to leave.

15th over - Ban 111-6
New batsman is the diminutive wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim, who can't connect with his first two deliveries. Ojha finishes with 4-21 and could be on for man of the match.

Wicket falls

14.4 overs - WICKET - Mortaza b Ojha 11 - Ban 111-6
Raqibul swings Ojha down to fine leg for one, then Mortaza opens his shoulders and hoists Ojha right back into the top tier of the stand at long-on! He then takes aim at the extra-cover boundary, a diving stop by Yusuf Pathan turns a likely four into two. Mortaza then swings and misses, the ball just brushes the off bail enough to knock it over and Mortaza's gone - he pauses a moment just to check he was bowled and that Dhoni's gloves hadn't brushed the stumps.

14th over - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 102-5
Harbhajan returns - Mortaza smears a single, Raqibul reverse-sweeps and they run two, before a single to third man brings up three figures. Mortaza has a huge heave, it's an easy catch for Yuvraj - but he drops it as it bounces out of his hands! How he can drop that after taking the one last over, I've no idea. Two more singles, but Bhajji will feel he should have a wicket.

13th over - Ban 96-5
Mashrafe Mortaza is the new batsman, and he can hold a bat well (hey, we MMs stick together) - surprised we haven't seen keeper Rahim in yet, he's occasionally batted at three in ODIs. Mortaza is off the mark with a single.

Wicket falls

12.4 overs - WICKET - Mahmudullah c Yuvraj b Ojha 8 - Ban 95-5
Ojha (pronounced "oh-zha" by the way), continues for his third over, but is still restricting the Tigers to singles. Mahmudullah swings high into the air, but it falls short of a stiff-looking Zaheer Khan running in from square leg. Two taken. He then tries a delicate dabbed sweep and is superbly caught by the diving Yuvraj at short fine leg!

12th over - Ban 91-4
Even though the spinners have put the brakes on, Dhoni keeps changing the bowling and gives Ishant Sharma another go. Raqibul knocks a single, Mahmudullah knocks one off his legs and it's signalled as a leg bye by Billy B. Raqibul then gives himself room to guide the ball down past third man for four.

11th over - Ban 85-4
Raqibul smears Ojha - who played in the IPL-winning Deccan Chargers team and took 18 wickets - for a single, Mahmudullah gets a bottom edge when he tries to sweep but they run one once more. Dhoni, keen-eyed under the helmet, whips the bails off as Raqibul swings and misses. A single rounds off the over, India are happy not to concede boundaries at this stage.

10th over - Ban 82-4
Mahmudullah steers his fourth consecutive single, Raqibul is off the mark with a swept single. Mahmudullah goes five for five, then Raqibul tries a reverse sweep and somehow it squirts down to fine leg for one. Dhoni ensures Mahmudullah's first dot ball when he scampers away from the stumps to prevent a quick single.

9th over - Ban 78-4
New batsman is Raqibul Hasan, but they crossed on the catch - Mahmudullah steers the last ball of the over for a single.

Wicket falls

8.5 overs - WICKET - Siddique c Harbhajan b Ojha 41- Ban 77-4
New batsman is Mahmudullah, who's off the mark with a single. Siddique tickles a single to third man. Mahmudullah sweeps for a hesitant single but the throw is wide and Siddique makes his ground. Another big hit but it's straight down Harbhajan's throat on the mid-wicket boundary. 41 from 22 balls for Siddique.

Wicket falls

8.1 overs - WICKET - Shakib c Dhoni b Ojha 8 - Ban 74-3
New bowler is Pragyan Ojha, Shakib swings his first ball high into the sky and the gauntlet-wearing Dhoni takes the catch!

8th over - Ban 74-2
A big cheer goes up for the introduction of Harbhajan Singh, who has his shirt collar right up in the manner of Eric Cantona, the underside of which is bright orange. Shakib dabs a single, Siddique adds another two while Aggers and Sunil on TMS recall Harbhajan's dust-up with Sree Santh in the first IPL. Sunil described the slap which earned Bhajji a lengthy ban as "like a Roger Federer backhand". Siddique aims another big hit to long-on ("six or out" reckons Aggers) and it's six, well caught in the crowd.

7th over - Ban 63-2
With the fielding restrictions over, Yusuf at least now has the protection of five men outside the circle, and the Bangladesh pair are restricted to ones and twos from another rapid over.

Jonathan Agnew

BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "The Agnew rupee, for what it's worth, is still going towards the Indian camp. India are looking more confident now"

Wicket falls

6th over - Ban 55-2
Time for Shakib Al Hasan to show why the ICC rankings say he's the number one all-rounder in the world. He has to duck a bouncer, and doesn't get involved when Ishant strolls down the wicket for some "chat".

5.4 overs - WICKET - Ashraful c Gambhir b I Sharma- Ban 55-2
It's time for the loping fast bowler Ishant Sharma to bowl - he's had a bit of a haircut since the ODI series with England last year. Siddique swipes an edge to third man, and Zaheer makes a great stop at third man to restrict them to a single. Ashraful clips a well-timed four through mid-wicket - remember him taking the Aussies on in Cardiff, last time Bangladesh were in England? Another huge hit sails into the outfield but safely, it looks like six but dribbles to a halt just inside the rope and they can only run two as Zaheer shows off his "Boundary Fox" skills again. But it's all over for the skipper as he's well caught trying to force the ball through cover.

5th over - DROPPED CATCH - Ban 48-1
Yusuf is quickly through his over against Ashraful, who jabs a quick single to third man. Siddique goes aerial, aiming for the long-on boundary, but Ishant Sharma can't quite hold on to the catch over his shoulder despite getting his hands to it. They run two - then Siddique perfects the shot, hoisting Pathan high over the ropes for six. He then nicks the strike from his captain again!

4th over - Ban 38-1
Dhoni is also clearly a fan of one-over bowling spells as Zaheer returns and is pushed for a single by Siddique. Ashraful inside-edges past the stumps for one. Siddique swipes and misses, but eventually connects when he slaps Zaheer for a straight four which bisects the diving umpire and non-striker. Another fierce shot, this time the other side of the stumps, brings him four more. India were 33-0 at this stage.

Colin Croft

Colin Croft on TMS: "Yusuf Pathan is described as an off-spinner, but there's not much semblance of turn, he's nearly a medium-pacer"

3rd over - Ban 28-1
New batsman is Tigers captain Mohammad Ashraful, who has a staggering international T20 strike rate of 172! He's off the mark as he steers Pathan down to third man for three, and Siddique keeps the strike with a single.

Wicket falls

2.3 overs - WICKET - Tamim st Dhoni b Y Pathan 15 - Ban 24-1
The fan with the enormous tiger is still jumping up and down, as is another Bangladesh supporter who is dressed in a complete, full tiger suit! An interesting tactical change as Zaheer is off and off-spinner Yusuf Pathan joins his "bro" in the attack. He's bowling in his sunglasses in the manner of Graeme Swann, but Tamim improvises with a delicate dabbed sweep for four. He then advances down the track, eyeing up the cow corner boundary, but misses the ball and is smartly stumped by Cap'n Dhoni!

2nd over - Ban 20-0
It's left-arm seam from both ends as Irfan Pathan - the younger of the two half-brothers - takes the second over. Junaid Siddique, off the first ball he faces, hoists Pathan over mid-wicket for six! An exchange of singles brings Siddique back on strike, and a good diving boundary stop from Ishant Sharma turns four into two.

1st over - Ban 10-0
Zaheer Khan opens the bowling from the (Paula) Radcliffe Road End, the left-handed Tamim Iqbal can only drive the first ball straight to a fielder but then works a well-run two off his legs to get the scoreboard going. He then rides his luck as a thick outside edge loops up over the solitary slip fielder, Yusuf Pathan, for four! A lofted straight drive brings four more - a good start for "Les Tigres".

Simon Mann

Simon Mann on TMS: "It may not be the Netherlands, but maybe a team with a bit of orange on their kit will get to the final"

1940: Aggers has had a chat with winning Netherlands captain Jeroen Smits on TMS - who confirms that they speak English on the field as some of their players (some of whom were born in Australia, New Zealand etc) don't speak Dutch! (Cue lots of e-mails about England's multi-national squad...)

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From Ronaldomilesahead on 606: "Dhoni's baffling decision to come at number three has spoiled India's chances to get a total of 200. But still he is an awesome captain and will learn it fast!"
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1931: Guess what, a slow over-rate means another truncated interval. Bad times.


20th over - Ind 180-5
New batsman Irfan Pathan joins his half-brother at the crease, and smacks his first ball over square leg for six! The next ball is blasted through mid-wicket for four, and the last ball of the over dribbles for a single to fine leg. Advantage India, I sense - but then again, this is the World Twenty20 and as we've already seen, anything can happen!

Wicket falls

19.3 overs - WICKET - Raina b Rubel 10 - Ind 169-5
Poor old Rubel Hossain gets the last over - I'm informed that that Bangladesh's highest ever T20 score is 166, and that was against Zimbabwe. A single allows Pathan to take guard for the first time, he on-drives and they can only run one. A bouncer is belatedly called "wide" by Umpire Taufel. Then Raina swings, Raina misses, Rubel hits and Raina departs!

19th over - Ind 166-4
New batsman is Yusuf Pathan, and he's another big hitter. Raina aims a big hit down the ground but only gets two, then swipes a four through the short boundary at cow corner. Another swing of the bat brings him two runs to the cover sweeper, Raqibul. A single allows him to keep the strike.

Wicket falls

18.1 overs - WICKET - Yuvraj Singh c Tamim b Shahadat - Ind 157-4
So, who does Ashraful turn to now, with Yuvraj in full cry? He daren't bowl a spinner - Shahadat Hossain comes back on after some wayward bowling earlier. Yuvran swings him high in the air, and is caught at the man running in from long-off.

18th over - Ind 157-3
Rubel Hossain the slinger is back, and his first ball to Yuvraj is a legside wide. A full toss is then smashed over Yuvraj's favourite long-on boundary for his fourth six! The next ball is short, Yuvraj flays it through square leg for four. He looks impregnable out there - he helps the next ball down to fine leg for four and has 40 from 15 balls. Rubel's line and length is all over the place, the next ball is also a wide. A flicked single to fine leg brings new batsman Suresh Raina on strike for the first time, but his first ball is smashed straight at the stumps at the bowler's end.

Wicket falls

17th over - WICKET - Gambhir c Shakib b Naeem 50 - Ind 140-3
Yuvraj takes a huge swing at Naeem for a six over long-on, then repeats the strike with another six. Will he go for six sixes like he did with Stuart Broad last time? No, it's a difficult ball to hit for six as it's short outside off stump and he can only bat it into the covers. The fourth ball, though, is launched into the stratosphere again - that's the biggest hit of the three. A single brings Gambhir on strike - and it's all over for him as he drills it straight to extra cover.

That's 50

16th over - Ind 121-2
Shakib returns, bowling to the two left-handers. Yuvraj guides a single, then Gambhir brings up his fifty (from 44 balls) with another careful jab. Shakib fires in a legside wide, Yuvraj misses it and that might have been another stumping chance. Yuvraj makes him pay by guiding a four through third man, a single keeps up his run-a-ball strike rate then Gambhir gives Shakib the charge but has to retreat when he can't pierce the infield.

15th over - Ind 113-2
Bring on the pie-chucker! New batsman is the always entertaining Yuvraj Singh, who can't get his first two deliveries away but steers the last ball to fine leg for one.

Wicket falls

14.3 overs - WICKET - Dhoni b Naeem 26 - Ind 112-2
Naeem to continue, but he sends down a long-hop which thankfully (for him) only yields a single to Dhoni. Gambhir pushes a sharp single, Dhoni lines up a big hit against the off-spinner but loses his middle stump!

14th over - Ind 110-1
Ashraful desperately needs a wicket - so gambles by recalling his main strike bowler, Mortaza. Sunil Gavaskar reveals that Sehwag's injury absence is because of a shoulder problem he picked up in the IPL. The singles continue to flow off each of the first five balls, Dhoni opens the face to steer a single to third man but picks up another run with an ugly smear to long-on. Gambhir blasts the last ball to long-on for two, yet another throw from the deep hits the stumps - I hope England are watching.

13th over - Ind 103-1
New bowler, same action as Naeem Islam's off-spin is carved through third man for four by Gambhir, who then leans back and flips Islam over the cover fielders for two more to bring up three figures for his country. A single takes him to 44, then Dhoni tries another quick single, Billy B belatedly calls for the third umpire as the stumps are broken but the Indian captain is clearly in. Aggers and Sunil Gavaskar note that Billy B must be the only umpire who does the "TV screen" signal from bottom to top, rather than top to bottom.

12th over - Ind 93-1
Shakib into his third over, Gambhir steers him down the ground for two before dabbing a single to short fine leg. Dhoni adds another, while a delighted Aggers reveals his wife won a dressage competition today. India really are taking singles at will here.

11th over - Ind 86-1
Dhoni goes aerial, hoisting a huge straight six into the pavilion (measured at 90m). More ones and twos, it's easy pickings for the Indians at this stage. Meanwhile, Aggers reveals there are about 400-500 tickets for England v Pakistan at The Oval tomorrow, which will be available at the Hobbs Gate from 1130.

10th over - Ind 76-1
Shakib wheels away as Gambhir and Dhoni exchange singles. Gambhir pushes a crafty two and the throw again hits the stumps, and while the third umpire is consulted, the Indian pair survive. The ones and twos are easily flowing - that's six off the over.

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From Random Guy on 606: "I feel an upset is on the cards here, every team chasing in the tournament has won"
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9th over - Ind 70-1
Bangladesh are operating in one-over spells, Middlesex-style, at the moment as Dhoni guides Shahadat through point for two before working a single. Gambhir takes a fresh guard before another fierce square cut brings two. A single to third man takes him to 26, then Dhoni clips the tall seamer for two to wide mid-on, although Tamim Iqbal's throw hits the stumps.

And don't forget, you can see highlights of all today's games tonight on BBC Two (and the BBC Sport website for UK users) at 2315 BST tonight - then, tomorrow morning, they'll be up on the site for you to watch again whenever you wish. (As the highlights of England's humiliating defeat are now - should you be a masochist or a Dutchman).

8th over - Ind 62-1
A huge cheer greets the arrival of India captain Mahendra Dhoni, who's immediately off the mark with a single. Shakib goes round the wicket to the left-handed Gambhir, and the pair exchange singles.

Wicket falls

7.2 overs - WICKET - R Sharma b Shakib 36 - Ind 59-1
We have a twin spin attack as Shakib Al Hasan enters with his orthodox left-arm spin. Sharma advances down the track and Rahim makes a complete horlicks of the stumping chance. But Sharma gives him the charge again next ball, and is bowled!

7th over - Ind 59-0
As in many other T20 games, the end of the fielding restrictions is the cue for the introduction of a spinner - in this case right-arm off-spinner Mahmudullah, who bowls round the wicket. Sharma steers a careful single, Gambhir tries to flay a shorter delivery but hits it straight to extra cover. Mahmudullah moves to bowl over the wicket, and Gambhir works a single off his legs. Sharma aims a big swipe, but gets an edge to third man and they run two. A single retains the strike for the right-hander.

6th over - Ind 54-0
The Hossains swap over again - Rubel replaces Shahadat after that expensive over, but Sharma launches a huge six which flies just past the new stand and goes first-bounce into someone's garden. He tries to repeat the shot, a bit more agriculturally this time, and that's a first-bounce four. Captain Mohammad Ashraful gives Rubel a consolatory "arm around the shoulders" one-armed hug, while Simon Mann on TMS ponders "who needs Sehwag?" after this explosive start. Sharma tries an unorthodox swipe over his shoulder but it evades backpedalling keeper Mushfiqur Rahim and they run two. Sharma then dabs a single to third man.

Colin Croft

Former West Indies paceman Colin Croft on TMS: "The Indian fans are shouting for every run, they're going to be hoarse by tonight"

5th over - Ind 41-0
Gambhir jabs a single, then Mortaza raps Sharma on the pad, but umpire Billy B is unmoved. He eventually smears a single through mid-wicket and already has 18 from 12 balls. "He's played some very nice shots, but also some very horrible ones", notes Aggers on TMS. Gambhir square-drives a four to get the Indian fans, who are at Trent Bridge in huge numbers, on their feet again. Gambhir chips a single to third man - he has 21 from 17 balls. Sharma nicks the strike.

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From Capital(RED) on 606: "Bangladesh are my second favorite team, as the first cricket match I saw was Ashraful's hundred against the Aussies. Anyone remember last time around where they batted against South Africa and just tried to hit six every ball? Including Ashraful, who hit six, four and out in three consecutive balls. Entertainers, that's what Bangladesh are"
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4th over - Ind 33-0
Our first change of bowling - one Hossain replaces another as Shahadat Hossain replaces his namesake Rubel. His first ball is cut by Gambhir to backward point, Raqibul Hasan gets a hand to it but can't hold on. They run one - then Sharma flicks one off his legs to deep backward square leg, Mortaza leaps into the air but it sails just out of his reach for six! Sharma punches another four through the covers and the Indian fans are loving this. Sharma steps down the wicket for a cross-batted slog and gets an edge down to third man for one, and Shahadat then strays with a legside wide. Gambhir bunts a quick single and the Tigers fielders are once more quick to pounce but just wide with the throw.

3rd over - Ind 19-0
Gambhir pushes Mortaza for a quick single, Sharma's a bit slow setting off but Islam's underarm throw just misses the stumps. Bangladesh's noisy fans include a bloke with an enormous cuddly tiger under one arm - Aggers wonders whether the ICC have relaxed their restrictions on what you can and can't carry into games since the 2007 World Cup. Sharma pushes to mid-wicket, and he has to hurry as Shakib Al Hasan - the top-rated all-rounder in the world, lest we forget - pounces in like, well, a tiger.

2nd over - Ind 16-0
Rubel Hossain takes the second over - he has a scuttling run-up and a slingy action, though not quite as slingy as Sri Lanka's Lasith Malinga. Gambhir takes one ball to acclimatise before steering another four through the covers. That gets the podium dancers going - they're even better wrapped-up than the ones at Lord's and The Oval were, one of them even has a hoodie on. A shorter delivery sees umpire Taufel ponder signalling a wide - but he merely indicates that's Hossain's once bouncer for the over. Gambhir turns a single to fine leg to keep the strike.

1st over - Ind 11-0
Bangladesh in their familiar green (Lincoln Green possibly, considering the venue and proximity to Sherwood Forest), India are in their recently-adopted dark-blue-with-orange-trim kit. Gambhir plays and misses at Mortaza's first ball, and the Bangladesh infielders all rush in to keep the pressure on. But they're off the mark with a square-cut boundary four, and the crowd are going wild already! Gambhir tips-and-runs a single and Naeem Islam gives Stuart Broad a lesson in how to hit the stumps as Gambhir makes his ground. Sharma is off to a flier, steering his first ball for four through extra cover. Two more singles, a good first over for India.

1758: It's overcast at Trent Bridge and the lights are already on. The Antipodean umpiring crew are Simon Taufel (Australia) and Billy Bowden (New Zealand). Aggers on TMS says the atmosphere is "rocking". For those of us hoping for another Chris Gayle-like run-fest, the bad news is that Virender Sehwag isn't playing - all sorts of rumours over injuries and unrest in the camp. I don't know what to believe, but I can tell you that Gautam Gambhir and Rohit Sharma are opening up, with Mashrafe Mortaza taking the new ball.

1755: Here are the teams:

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Junaid Siddique, Mohammad Ashraful (capt), Shakib Al Hasan, Naeem Islam, Raqibul Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mohammad Mahmudullah, Mashrafe Mortaza, Rubel Hossain, Shahadat Hossain.

India: Gautam Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Dhoni (capt, wk), Yusuf Pathan, Irfan Pathan, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Pragyan Ojha, Ishant Sharma.

1753: Right - many thanks for your patience. Unless you've been on Mars, you will have noticed that our live updates stopped working in about the third over of the West Indies innings - I continued the updates on 606 (which was the only part of the site we could post anything), but normal service has been resumed as soon as possible. We're about ready to start with India v Bangladesh - here are the teams for the national anthems.

Arlo White

Arlo White on TMS: "There's a game later in the tournament which, according to the seeding, should be England v Australia - there's now a chance it will be Netherlands v West Indies"

1736: Meanwhile, over at Trent Bridge, India have won the toss against Bangladesh and will bat first.

Australia captain Ricky Ponting on TMS: "Gayle hit the ball exceptionally well, but that's this game - you go out and play your shots from the start. Sometimes it comes off, sometimes it doesn't. All we can worry about now is beating Sri Lanka on Monday, and we'll make sure we do things a bit better then. We were about 20 runs short with the bat, and we were a bit untidy all round"

West Indies captain Chris Gayle on TMS: "Credit must go to Andre Fletcher for the way he batted - but it was a brilliant team effort. We've got to make sure we win the next game to go through"

1729: Thanks for your patience with the updates. The technical team are on the case, clearly we're very aware that no updates since the third over have been going through on the site - that's why I've been posting on 606.


15.5 overs - WI 172-3
New batsman is Ramnaresh Sarwan, and he's in no mood to wait around, bashing Johnson back past the stumps for four to halve the Windies target from eight to four. Johnson helps the score along with a couple of wides - then Sarwan edges for four and it's all over with four overs and a ball to spare.

Wicket falls

15.2 overs - WICKET - Marshall c Hopes b Johnson 8 - WI 162-3
Lee escapes with figures of 4-0-56-1 (64 being the record), and Tony Cozier makes a good point on TMS - West Indies are unseeded in this tournament, along with Ireland, the Netherlands and Scotland. (Even though Bangladesh are seeded). Marshall hands Johnson a consolation wicket as Hopes takes a good catch over his head at mid-off.

15th over - WI 162-2
Bring on The Crab! Shivnarine Chanderpaul normally has to come in to bat when the Windies are struggling, like Australia were (3-2 after the first over), so this will be a walk (or perhaps a scuttle, given his crustacean-like tendency for obdurate crease occupation) in the park for him. Marshall dabs a single, Shiv does his usual "bang-a-bail" routine as he takes guard before leg-glancing his first ball for four (although leg byes are signalled). Just eight needed from five overs.

Wicket falls

14.3 overs - WICKET - Gayle c Watson b Lee 88 - WI 157-2
Brett Lee may have 0-51 from three overs, but Punter recalls him to the attack - Gayle edges him into the air, but safely, and they run two. Another big swing, but it drops short of the three converging fielders in the backward point area and that's two more. Gayle has 88, Windies need 13 more. Gayle goes for the big one again, but he holes out to Watson at long-on. A remarkable innings is ended. Take a bow, Cap'n.

14th over - WI 153-1
More part-time spin is called upon as Michael Clarke's slow left-arm twirlers are introduced. It's all singles at the moment - is Gayle now playing for his average? Don't bet on it - he hoists another straight six over the bowler's head! Six sixes for the Windies skipper. 19 runs needed, and he's 84 not out needs 16 for a century. A single from Gayle and two from Marshall, just 17 needed from 36 balls, and even Tony Cozier feels they're on the home straight.

13th over - WI 141-1
So, 35 needed from 48 balls - Marshall (who wasn't impressive in the Tests in the Windies and may be a bit lucky to be in this side) sensibly brings Gayle on strike, and Cap'n Chris steers a single to long-off. Watson tries to keep it tight, but you sense this situation may even be beyond Australia. Watson pings one in which could have been called a wide for both horizontal and vertical deviation from the "strike zone". Marshall keeps plugging the singles, Gayle scatters the pigeons again and they run two to Warner, who's out in the deep in a big yellow sweater. There's no way he'd not be seen if he tried to cross the road on a misty day.

12th over - WI 135-1
Gayle straight-drives but good fielding from Bracken restricts them to a single. New batsman Xavier Marshall knocks his first ball away for a single, and Gayle adds another. TMS's Aussie commentator Glen Mitchell hands over to "the Cheshire Cat, disguised as Tony Cozier"

Wicket falls

11.3 overs - WICKET - Fletcher c D Hussey b Johnson 53 - WI 133-1
Johnson returns, Gayle is felled for the first time when the ball hits him behind the knee-roll and he crouches down for a while after running his single. Fletcher reaches his fifty from 31 balls with a cross-batted swat towards cow corner that goes for four, despite not winning many marks for artistic impression. But the opening stand is finally broken when he attempts a similar shot and it's straight to David Hussey at cover.

11th over - WI 128-0
Shane Watson, who possesses one of the more fragile bodies in international cricket, always looks like he's trying not to injure himself while bowling, but his medium-fast seam replaces that of Hopes. After a couple of singles, Gayle scatters the pigeons at extra cover with a single, and Fletcher blasts a four through backward point.

10th over - WI 121-0
With no specialist spinner in the side (boo, hiss), David Hussey's part-time off-spin is called into the attack - and Gayle smashes him back over his head for six! He then aims some quicker darts at Gayle's feet, and after two dot balls, Gayle hoists another maximum which is dropped in the crowd behind the fence at long-off! He aims another big blast at the same area but Johnson stops it on the rope and they run two. Fletcher dabs a single, Gayle tips-and-runs looking to keep the strike and Ponting's throw breaks the stumps. It goes to the third umpire... and after a number of adverts on the replay screen, Gayle looks in. And is.

9th over - WI 105-0
Fletcher dabs Hopes to third man for one, but Australia's metaphorical Hopes (as opposed to the man himself) are fading fast. The required rate is down to under a run a ball. Gayle flicks a single to the mid-wicket sweeper, Fletcher executes a "Greenidge-like" (according to Glen Mitchell on TMS) pull with one foot in the air to rotate the strike. Gayle can't connect with a slog-sweep, then aims a straight drive and the ball smacks Hopes in the back in his follow-through! He looks in agony, but he's saved a boundary. He tries a couple of practice deliveries to mid-off before the final ball of the over, which Gayle clips down to deep mid-wicket for one. A better over for the men in yellow.

8th over - WI 101-0
A rare dot ball as Gayle gets an inside edge and keeper Haddin takes it on the bounce. Gayle steers a single, then Fletcher gets his left leg out of the way and smacks Bracken past wide mid-on for four. A wristy flick takes the Windies to 99, Gayle picks up two off his legs to take them to three figures.

That's 50

7th over - WI 92-0
Gayle has 48, Fletcher has 31 and Punter, frankly, has problems. All-rounder James Hopes, who wasn't even asked to bat today, is thrown the ball. He's a right-arm medium-pace trundler, and his first ball is held up as Umpire Dar notices that three pigeons are nearly on the wicket! Henry Blofeld would be proud. Fletcher dabs a single to third man, Gayle shoulders arms to a wide and West Indies are halfway there - 85 scored, 85 to win. Another wide, this is not Australia's day. An exchange of singles allows Gayle to reach his fifty from a mere 23 balls, Fletcher helps a single down to fine leg.

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From Keynotespeaker on 606: "I know that after the IPL the term has been overused, but that straight four after the no-ball was a tracer bullet... nearly decapitated Fletcher"
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6th over - WI 83-0
Nathan Bracken replaces fellow left-armer Johnson - like me, Tony Cozier and Geoff Lawson on TMS are surprised it's taken this long for him to be asked to bowl. Fletcher works him off his legs for another four before pushing a single to bring his red-hot captain on strike. After an exchange of singles, Bracken slings in a legside wide, then Gayle blasts a square cut for four to round off hte over. 87 needed from 84 balls, and now the field restrictions come off!

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From Cubancricket on 606: "Chris Gayle is a monster, no wonder he loves Twenty20"
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5th over - WI 71-0
No, it's still Lee - Gayle pulls his first ball high into the Kennington sky, and that's so high it's out of the ground and onto the Harleyford Road outside! Great way to bring up the fifty stand. Then there's an even bigger hit, Gayle hoists a length ball straight over the pavilion for another six. Lee oversteps for a no-ball which Gayle punches through the covers for four, so that's another free hit. Punter Ponting looks about as glum as he's looked since 2005. The free hit ball is blasted, baseball-style, and nearly decapitates non-striker Fletcher, going for another four. The last ball is hoisted over mid-wicket for four - that over went for 27! Incredible scenes!

4th over - DROPPED CATCH - WI 44-0
Fletcher swings and misses, while my colleague Paul Grunill is visibly intrigued at the prospect of both England and Australia going out of the tournament at the first opportunity... Fletcher gets the podium dancers moving again with a lofted drive over mid-off for four, but then he hoists to deep mid-on - and is dropped by Mike Hussey! It went so high they ran two - strolled the first (thinking it was out) and sprinted the second. Two West Indians in the crowd high-five, but the Aussie fans look glum. Fletcher is out-Gayle-ing Gayle here! The ones and twos are also coming easily. Time for Nathan Bracken?

3rd over - WI 36-0
Tony Cozier on TMS notices that the podium danceers are only now taking their places after their break, having missed the early fireworks, but Fletcher continues his Stanford Series form by blasting Lee through backward point for another four. It's only his third Twenty20 international, but he averages 57 in domestic T20 with a strike rate of 122. Fletcher steers a single before Lee deceives Gayle with a slow bouncer. Gayle swats Lee for three, and that's a no-ball too so it's a free hit which Fletcher carves for a single. Gayle then beautifully flicks a four off his hips - Windies off to a flyer.

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From Phil with sore fingers, via text on 81111: "Mark. Why is cricket the poor relation of BBC Sport? Why do we have to press F5, when the tennis and footy fans don't? What's happened to auto-update? "

As I explained at the start of yesterday's match, we found we had a few technical problems with auto-update when we used it during the recent ODI series - sometimes the system would slow up and it would take two or three overs for an update to go through, which I think you'd agree is too long for a fast-paced T20. There's less time pressure in tennis (where there's only one update per game) and football, so they're still using it, but our bosses decided we shouldn't use it for the World T20 while we iron out the problems. Hopefully it will be back in for the Ashes.

2nd over - WI 22-0
Fletcher takes inspiration from his captain as he smashes left-arm seamer Mitchell Johnson's first ball past mid-on for four. He then launches Johnson over square leg for six! Johnson strays with a wide, and Fletcher carves another single.

1st over - WI 10-0
Brett Lee takes the first over and Gayle (wearing a doo-rag under his helmet again) cover-drives the first ball for four. Another brutal shot off the back foot is superbly stopped by Clarke at extra cover, but Gayle is in no mood to hang around, clubbing Lee over backward point for another four! A single brings Fletcher on strike, he plays and misses before swatting a single to mid-on.

Meanwhile, my colleague Anna Thompson points out that Hampshire are 88-8 against Durham. Have they realised it's the County Championship and not T20?
Latest county scores

Tony Cozier

West Indies commentary legend Tony Cozier on TMS: "The West Indies fielding, once again, was abysmal"

1601: Aussie fielders are out there - many of them have thick yellow sweaters on top of their sleeveless tabards. Chris Gayle and Andre Fletcher, who did reasonably well as an opening pair in the Stanford series, are opening up.

1555: While you're waiting, you may wish to have a listen on the BBC Sport website to Scotland's Ryan Watson, who's been chatting about their entertaining rain-affected game against the Kiwis. And if football is your thing, Jonathan Stevenson is the man in the text commentary chair for today's World Cup qualifiers. Take a look.
Live text - World Cup qualifiers, with Jonathan Stevenson

Geoff Lawson

Geoff Lawson on TMS: "My money's on Australia, but the proviso is that Chris Gayle doesn't get away to a flier. West Indies were poor in the field and their morale's rumoured to be low, but they came out well. David Warner got Australia back into the game and they finished well"


20th over - Aus 169-7
Brett Lee steps up to the plate, but Hussey's facing and digs out a single. The right-handed Lee swipes his first ball and it bounces up into the covers for a single. Hussey drives down the ground, they push for two and the batsmen make their ground. Hussey swings into the deep again, Xavier Marshall gets a hand to it but pushes it over the fence for six! It's a no-ball anyway (but a waist-high full toss, so not a free hit) so the catch wouldn't have counted, but that's the 17th six of the tournament. Hussey takes another swing and gets a four through fine leg. The last ball is mown into the mid-wicket area and they can only run one. Unfortunately, because of the delayed start, we can expect a truncated interval - don't go away.

Wicket falls

19.1 overs - WICKET - Johnson c Bravo b Edwards 9 - Aus 153-7
Fidel Edwards takes the last over, Johnson swings the first ball to long-on and is caught. Bravo has pretty safe hands compared to many of his team-mates.

19th over - Aus 153-6
Taylor surprises Johnson by delivering the ball a couple of yards behind the crease but Johnson knocks it away for a single, then Hussey is deceived by a show bouncer which Hussey edges down onto his chest, but they run one anyway. Johnson drives, they run one and lack of backing-up allows them an overthrow. Taylor shows plenty of variation, but Johnson bisects the field to blast him past long-on for a first-bounce four. A single means the big paceman - pushing for all-rounder status - will be facing the first ball of the last over.

18th over - Aus 144-6
New batsman Mitchell Johnson is off the mark with a single off his first ball.

Wicket falls

17.5 overs - WICKET - D Hussey c Fletcher b Bravo 27 - Aus 143-6
M-Huss flicks Bravo off his legs, that sails away for four leg byes. He then smacks the ball to long-on, it's a difficult chance for Shivnarine Chanderpaul but the ball goes through his hands and through for a one-bounce four. A single brings his kid brother on strike, after smacking a two he launches Bravo miles into the air at long-on, Fletcher takes the catch, is that out? He caught it low - Hussey hesitates before eventually accepting the decision.

17th over - Aus 132-5
Taylor returns to bowl the 17th and 19th overs - left-handed Mike Hussey jabs a single to bring his right-handed brother David Hussey on strike. A well-disguised slower ball beats D-Huss all ends up as he has a massive slog and misses. But D-Huss has his revenge with another enormous blast over long-on for six, one of the biggest hits we've seen all day. Some good fielding in the deep by Bravo restricts D-Huss to a single, then M-Huss pulls to the mid-wicket boundary and they run a rapid two. Taylor sends down a bouncer which is signalled as an aerial wide by Umpire Dar, then M-Huss clips him for a single. Three overs left.

From John Beavis, TMS inbox: "Re: Andy Wickham's comment at 6th over - Because fewer overs isn't a disadvantage for bowlers in T20, it's an advantage - their aim is to restrict the opposition to as low as score as possible. Therefore why would you punish the batting team by taking away wickets when they have already have fewer balls to score from?"

16th over - Aus 120-5
I wasn't looking forward to this - the Husseys are batting together. At least they bat the opposite way round from each other - after a couple of wides from Bravo, the left-handed Mike Hussey is off the mark with a cover-driven four before nicking the strike with a leg bye.

Wicket falls

15.3 overs - WICKET - Warner c Benn b Bravo 63 - Aus 113-5
Warner and Hussey keep pushing the singles against the recalled Dwayne Bravo, but Warner's innings is ended when he smashes the ball straight to extra cover.

15th over - Aus 111-4
Warner smashes Benn over extra cover and they run three. Hussey, not to be outdone, flat-bats another huge six back over Benn's head into the new OCS Stand. Two more singles, and Aussies are on Nelson.

Andrew Symonds arrives at Brisbane airport on Saturday
Andrew Symonds arrives at Brisbane airport on Saturday

Meanwhile, here's a picture of Andrew Symonds looking very sheepish as he arrives home in Oz after his latest drink-related escapade. Many think it may have cost him his international career - Jesse Ryder, take note. Mind you, it should allow him to market himself around the world to play Twenty20 in India, England and anywhere else, so I don't think he'll be knocking on the door of the poor-house just yet.

14th over - Aus 100-4
Pollard continues, a Hussey single allows Warner to square-cut for four. A single brings Hussey back on strike, and he then smashes a massive straight six so high into the pavilion that Arlo White on TMS thinks he should get 12 rather than six! It brings up the hundred in style.

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From Steve in Bristol, via text on 81111: "Can you clarify free hit rules? In NZ innings if the catch was held, do runs count, and can there then be a run out?"

Certainly, Steve - the free hit comes after a front-foot no-ball. The only "normal" way you can be out off it is run out (my colleague Phil Dawkes tells me you can still be out handled the ball, hit the ball twice or obstructing the field - as it would be for a no-ball) - so you can't be caught, and all completed runs count.

13th over - Aus 88-4
Gayle switches to the Vauxhall End but is milked for three singles and a two by Hussey and Warner.

That's 50

12th over - Aus 83-4
A single takes Warner to a 42-ball fifty - the new batsman is the right-handed David Hussey, who's sent in ahead of his brother and is off the mark with a single.

Wicket falls

11.3 overs - WICKET - Haddin c Benn b Pollard 24 - Aus 81-4
The laid-back Gayle withdraws himself from the attack after a presumably tiring one-over spell and Kieron Pollard will have a go with his medium pace. Warner clubs him for two to wide mid-on, then a single takes him to 49. Haddin hoists the ball high into the air aiming for another six... but skies it to Big Benn at mid-wicket. Vital breakthrough for the Windies.

11th over - Aus 78-3
More cat and mouse between Warner and Benn, with the Aussie left-hander scampering two to bring up the fifty stand. A brutal cut brings him two more, then Warner gets a ricochet off the keeper's pads and they run a bye. Benn strays with a shorter delivery, and Haddin pulls him for six over cow corner! More improvisation from the Aussie keeper sees him open the face and nudge the ball past Ramdin for four. Great over for Australia.

10th over - Aus 63-3
Cap'n Chris Gayle introduces his own very slow right-arm off-spin into the attack, Haddin drags him to fine leg for a single. Warner tickles a ball off his legs for a very fine four, then knocks Gayle around for a two and a single. Halfway point of the innings.

9th over - Aus 55-3
Haddin steers Benn for two to long-on, Benn sees Haddin coming and fires in a shorter delivery which Haddin delicately guides to third man for one. Warner jabs a single as Benn alters his line and length subtly, Haddin is keen to hit out but calls for a new bat after carving another single.

8th over - Aus 50-3
While TMS summariser Ian Bishop warns the Windies about complacency as the Aussies bat right down, Bravo has changed ends to the Pavilion End. Yet more comedy fielding from Andre Fletcher this time (in his defence, he's normally a wicketkeeper) on the cover boundary allows Warner four more as the ball squirms out of Fletcher's hands like a bar of soap and touches the rope while he's holding it. Next ball comes to him too, and he does a pre-emptive long barrier as the Aussies run two. A single takes Warner to 33 from 27 balls, Haddin has to check his shot as Bravo slings in a slower ball and the Aussie keeper just "lays down a bunt" (I know, I've got to curb the baseball-speak, but Glen Mitchell on TMS made the same comparison), dropping the ball near his feet for a single. Two more singletons bring up the fifty for the Aussies.

7th over - Aus 40-3
With the fielding restrictions over, it's time for some left-arm spin from West Indies' Big Benn - who is probably geographically closer to Westminster's Big Ben than he's ever been. Haddin can only manage a single off the first three balls, Warner smacks a single to long-on, then Haddin is lucky not to be stumped off a legside wide. Two more singles, that's a good start for the spinner. Australia, by contrast, aren't even fielding a specialist spinner.

Geoff Lawson

Geoff Lawson on TMS: "The Windies have bowled with terrific thought - they got some early wickets but it's been a very thoughtful performance, apart from the misfields. The Australians are struggling a little"

6th over - Aus 35-3
Last over with the fielding restrictions, Warner singles before Haddin cuts down to third man (a similar shot to Clarke's dismissal), but finds the boundary. He rotates the strike with a single, then more sloppy fielding allows Warner to run two from a firm straight drive. He can only dig out the last ball of Edwards' third over.

From Andy Wickham, TMS inbox: "If the bowlers are reduced to the number of overs they can bowl [in a rain-reduced game like NZ-Scotland], why isn't the batting team restricted in the number of wickets available? If the batting team are allocated 10 wickets for 20 overs why isn't it reduced to four (rounded up) wickets for seven overs?"

5th over - Aus 27-3
Bravo removes his aforementioned sunglasses to replace Taylor - and he's going around the wicket to the dangerous Warner. He flicks the first ball to mid-wicket, Benn shies at the stumps and misses as non-striker Haddin retreats. Warner responds by punching Bravo back over his head for a first-bounce four. It then takes a while for the ball to be located under one of the covers, next to the sightscreen. Bravo fields tidily off his own bowling, Warner can only manage a single to point, allowing Haddin to face a ball for the first time. He on-drives but can only find a fielder.

4th over - Aus 22-3
Warner goes aerial, hoisting Edwards over mid-wicket and that's nearly out of the ground! It's measured at 93m, and a new ball is called for. New batsman Brad Haddin looks on in admiration. Warner flashes and misses outside off stump, then punches a quick single to keep the strike.

Wicket falls

3.3 overs - WICKET - Clarke c Benn b Edwards 2 - Aus 15-3
Tony Cozier praises Dwayne Bravo's "psychedelic sunglasses" as Clarke has to duck a quick bouncer from Edwards, who's keeping it tight. Clarke top-edges to third man - and that's right down the throat of Sulieman "Big" Benn!

3rd over - Aus 15-2
Clarke jabs Taylor for a single, Warner isn't timing the ball too well just yet, but he profits from some comedy fielding from Xavier Marshall at cover who lets the ball through his legs on the second bounce. That turns a dot ball into a four, and would have been embarrassing in village cricket. Sarwan, not wanting Marshall to take all the flak, then lets another through his hands at mid-off, and turns a probable two into four! Shocking fielding, but unfortunately not uncharacteristic of the modern Windies side.

Geoff Lawson

Former Australia seamer Geoff Lawson on TMS: "West Indies coach John Dyson isn't too good with arithmetic [referring to his Duckworth-Lewis mix-up against England], but he's all right with the rest of it!"

2nd over - Aus 6-2
A cheeky appeal for a catch behind by Fidel Edwards against Warner begins the second over, umpire Asad Rauf (standing with his fellow Pakistani, Aleem Dar) isn't interested. Edwards picks up well from his own bowling to keep Warner in his crease. The first run off the bat comes with a single off a no-ball, so Clarke will now have a free hit. (Geoff Lawson on TMS doesn't think it was a no-ball, which is generous for an Aussie). As the batsman crossed, they are allowed to change the field for the free hit. Here it comes... Clarke pulls it to mid-wicket for a single. Warner pulls, it's straight and hits the stumps at the bowler's end, denying him a run. Warner then swishes and misses, a decent over from Fiddy.

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From OldRegret on 606: "Fantastic start by Windies. C'mon you Ozzies! Get with the picture"
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1st over - Aus 3-2
Vice-captain Michael Clarke is hit on the pad as he tries to work Taylor to leg, the crowd - with plenty of West Indians there at The Oval, as usual - are really buzzing now. Clarke has to duck a lifter - and we've had three wides and two wickets in the first over. Prior to 1984, that would have been a double wicket maiden!

Out for a duck

0.4 overs - WICKET - Ponting lbw b Taylor 0 - Aus 3-2
Captain Ricky "Punter" Ponting stalks to the middle a little earlier than he'd hoped, and his first ball is another legside wide, signalled by umpire Aleem Dar. Tell you what, I like the look of these umpires' tracksuit tops - black with smart red trim. Taylor's radar is all over the place, the next ball is another wide outside off stump. But his first legitimate ball traps him leg before for what I reckon still counts as a golden duck!

Out for a duck

0.3 overs - WICKET - Watson c Sarwan b Taylor 0 - Aus 1-1
Watson plays and misses at Taylor's first ball outside off stump, as there's a hint of swing. An attempted back-of-the-hand slower ball is called as a legside wide which gets the Aussies off the mark, but then Watson drives straight into the hands of Ramnaresh Sarwan at mid-off! Quack Quack!

1415: Here we go - for many in the UK, this will be our first proper look at exciting young left-handed opener David Warner, who was called up for T20 before his first-class debut. He's opening with Shane Watson, with Jerome Taylor taking the new ball.

1413: Not even Windies commentary legend Tony Cozier can identify the Windies "anthem". Doesn't sound West Indian at all - no calypso, reggae or soca in sight (or hearing). Meanwhile, I can report that the Aussie T20 kit is not quite as horrid as the one they wore in the 2007 World T20 (skintight grey undershirts with bright yellow tabards on top). The undershirts are dark green and slightly looser, the yellow overshirts/tabards are a slightly darker yellow. A few players on both sides look quite cold and are wearing jumpers on top of their shirts.

1410: The teams are out - at this point yesterday, they played national anthems. "Advance Australia Fair" is first up. But as an e-mailer pointed out yesterday, which anthem will they play for the Windies?

1407: Here are the teams:

Australia: David Warner, Shane Watson, Ricky Ponting (capt), Brad Haddin (wk), Michael Clarke, Mike Hussey, David Hussey, James Hopes, Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Nathan Bracken.

West Indies: Chris Gayle (capt), Andre Fletcher, Xavier Marshall, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Jerome Taylor, Sulieman Benn, Fidel Edwards.

1403: Our "gaffer" today, Paul Grunill, has officially authorised me to call Group C the "Group of Death" as it contains Australia, West Indies and Sri Lanka. As far as I know, the term "Group of Death" was first coined circa the 1986 football World Cup, but has been retrospectively applied to just about every tournament before it.

1359: Many thanks for the build-up, Anna, I'll try to live up to it!

By Anna Thompson

1355: Right, it's time to gear up for the second game and Australia have won the toss and will bat first against West Indies.

1347: After my little cameo appearance in the text commentary hot-seat (after an absence of about three years!), I'll hand you over to the much more capable Mark Mitchener!

New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum: "It was a tight one. We got an incredible game of cricket inside 14 overs. At half-time we were pretty nervous as the Scottish boys played incredibly well with the bat."

Scotland captain Gavin Hamilton: "If you'd told me today we'd come here and get 90 against New Zealand I'd have bitten your hand off but in the end we just weren't up to it. We got our first half right but that's not good enough at this level."

1343: So after all that, New Zealand won the match with an over to spare, quite remarkable really, considering there were only seven overs each anyway! So there isn't another shock result for the underdogs but the Kiwis didn't look comfortable until they got over the line and Scotland will take away a lot of positives from this game.

6th over: Stander gives away a no-ball and Styris has no hesitation in dispatching the free hit for six back over his head and Taylor gets in on the act with another huge shot which ends up in the stands caught by a bearded man in a kilt. It's raining sixes at The Oval and New Zealand wrap-up the win with a single to win the match by seven wickets. New Zealand 90-3

From Geordie McFishcake on 606: "Cricket lasting 20 overs is a lottery, seven overs is a joke... But it is fun!"
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Wicket falls

5th over - WICKET - Oram b Watson c Stander
A double disaster for Scotland as Drummond fails to take an easy catch and then accidentally kicks the ball for four... is that the end of Scotland's chances? Rhino thinks otherwise as big Oram is caught off his bowling the next ball by Stander to keep them in the game. A great over by medium-pacer Watson as he almost has Taylor stumped too but he just gets back behind the line in time. 68-3

Wicket falls

4th over - WICKET - McCullum run out
Another free hit and Coertzer drops the catch, which couldn't be out anyway, but there's a complete misunderstanding between the batsmen and McCullum is run out! While we're building up for a great climax in this match, it's no surprise that the next game between West Indies and Australia, also at The Oval, will not start at the scheduled 1400 BST.New Zealand 64-2

Wicket falls

3rd over - WICKET - Ryder b Wright c MacLeod
Medium pacer Craig Wright comes into the attack and Ryder swipes his first ball for six and follows it up with two fours. He's hitting the ball so cleanly and hits an offside six to boot to show his array of shots. But he's then is out attempting another big one and is caught by MacLeod on the boundary. 51-1

2nd over: Drummond gives away a free hit for a no-ball but Ryder cannot capitalise and is disgusted with himself but he follows it up with a well-timed cover shot for four. New Zealand 31-0

1st over: Young fast bowler Calum MacLeod opens the bowling, he was a late replacement in the squad for Jon Blain after he walked out following a row with captain Hamilton. Not suprisingly New Zealand have put big-hitters McCullum and Jesse Ryder at the top of the order and McCullum finds the gaps to hit four successive boundaries. New Zealand 19-0

1302: Well that was a frenetic seven overs but well played Scotland for going about the smash and giggle in the right manner. Can they wipe the smiles off the Kiwis' faces? We'll know in the next half-hour...

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From TheCleaver on 606: "Scotland about to cause another shock perhaps, Twenty20 really proving to be a leveller now"
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Wicket falls

7th over - WICKET - Smith b Butler 89-4

7th over - WICKET - Poonia run out - Scotland 89-3

7th over - WICKET - Coetzer c McGlashan b Butler 33 - Scotland 89-2

7th over: Butler bowls the final over and Coertzer top edges a six behind for Scotland's third of the innings! But he's gone next ball as he bottom edges to McGlashan, Poonia is then run out and policeman Colin Smith is bowled first ball. Not much to report then! New Zealand are set a highly competitive total by the Scots. A cracking match in prospect.Surely there's not another upset on the cards?Scotland 89-4

6th over: Poonia, from Rab C Nesbitt's home town of Govan, hits a massive six and a fine leg boundary as the Scots run riot with the bat (if that makes sense!) Scotland 81-1

5th over: Superb running between the wickets between Warwickshire's Poonia and Koertzer as Coertzer smashes a six and two boundaries off Ryder. Scotland 67-1

4th over: Oram comes into the attack, bowling a much fuller length and with the fielding restrictions eased, New Zealand restrict the damage to seven runs. Scotland 48-1

Wicket falls

3rd over - WICKET - Watson c Taylor b Butler 27 - Scotland 30-1
Rhino's entertaining innings is at an end as he is caught by Ross Taylor at deep extra cover. And there could have been a second wicket but McCullum fails with an over-the-shoulder catch attempt from new batsman Kyle Coetzer. Scotland 41-1

2nd over: Rhino's gameplan is very much in evidence, he is slogging whatever he can and the Scots are taking advantage of the fielding restrictions with 12 runs off the over. Scotland 30-0

1st over: And we're off ...with a swing and a top edge by Ryan 'Rhino' Watson which flies over wicketkeeper Peter McGlashan's head for a boundary and he's at it again all over as Iain O'Brien serves up some poor half-volleys which are swatted away by the Rhino. Scotland 18-0

1215: Teams in full - New Zealand: B B McCullum (Capt), J D Ryder, M J Guptill L R P L Taylor, S B Styris, J D P Oram, P D McGlashan (Wkt) J E C Franklin, N L McCullum, I G Butler, I E O'Brien.

Scotland: G M Hamilton (Capt), D F Watts, K J Coetzer, N S Poonia C J O Smith (Wkt), R R Watson, N F I McCallum, C M Wright G D Drummond, I M Stanger, C S MacLeod.

1203: New Zealand win the toss and will bowl first. Hamilton said he was not shocked at the Netherlands' win and says: "we hope we will be able to compete like they did."

1200: So can minnows Scotland pull off a great result, like the Dutch? Well with a seven-over match anything's possible. Scotland captain Gavin Hamilton reckoned there could be a surprising result... but what match was he talking about??

Netherlands celebrate their last ball victory

Highlights - England lose in final-ball drama (UK users only)

1155: England's shock defeat by the Netherlands in the opener on Friday is still raw but if you want to put yourself through the pain again/or have a good giggle depending on who you support, here's the highlights (or lowlights?!)

1145: Good morning from an overcast London - but the good news is at least it's stopped raining.

Yes we're finally going to have some action soon - more than two hours later than scheduled - with a seven overs a side match between Scotland and New Zealand at The Oval.

Bad light stops play

Some interesting and important team news, New Zealand will be without captain Daniel Vettori after he injured his left shoulder during training so Brendon McCullum will be skipper.

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