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ICC World Twenty20 2007

WORLD TWENTY20 FINAL, Johannesburg:
India 157-5 (20 overs) bt Pakistan 152 (19.3 overs) by five runs


By Mark Mitchener


1655: Bollywood film star Shah Rukh Khan, known as "King Khan", is hugging the Indian players, but they'll be partying long into the night back in India. That's it from the live cricket text here on BBC Sport - ooh, for about a week, as next Monday, normal service will be resumed here for England's first one-day international against Sri Lanka.

Many thanks to all of you who've followed the final, and indeed the whole tournament, here on BBC Sport - cheers to the many thousands of you who have e-mailed in your droves, and apologies if yours was one of the many that we simply didn't have room for. It's been a fun tournament - I just hope you've enjoyed the coverage as much as my colleagues and I have enjoyed bringing it to you. Thank you and good evening.

"One winner - Cricket... simple!"
Count, Amsterdam in the TMS inbox

1647: Dhoni lifts the trophy as the fireworks go off, the champagne is sprayed and the celebrations begin in earnest. The BCCI (the Indian board) have announced a big financial prize (US$2m) which the team will receive for winning, while Yuvraj Singh will also be rewarded for his "six sixes in an over" feat.

"This is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. We're a young side, no-one expected us to win, and I think we deserve a big celebration. I gave Joginder Sharma the last over as Harbhajan was not sure he was getting his yorkers right. But the way Joginder bowled was very good. I think Twenty20 will be a big hit in India, but after the way we went out of the World Cup, it will do the repair work for that"
India captain Mahendra Dhoni

1645: India's winning players collect their medals. Harbhajan is still wrapped in an Indian flag. Dhoni is wearing a sleeveless sweater without a shirt underneath.

"I want to congratulate India for winning. A friend of mine told me I would be man of the series, so this is for him"
Player of the tournament Shahid Afridi

1643: Player of the tournament is Shahid Afridi.

"It's a great feeling - I was under pressure, but held my nerves and bowled it in the right areas. The pitch was a bit on the slow side, but I tried to mix up the pace and throw in the odd quick one as well. All the bowlers did really well throughout the tournament, we played as a team, batted well and I think we deserved it"
Man-of-the-match Irfan Pathan

1641: Man of the match, having taken a vital 3-16, is Irfan Pathan.

"I want to thank everyone back in Pakistan and around the world - sorry we didn't win but we did give 100%. We bowled superbly, but we played a few bad shots"
Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik

1638: The umps get their medals first, then Pakistan get their loser's medals. Always difficult to walk past a trophy which is about to be lifted by your arch-rivals.

1636: Here's the presentation beginning to start. I don't think anyone can argue that this has been a fantastic tournament - it seemed to get so many things right that the World Cup in the Caribbean got wrong, and the atmosphere in the grounds seemed electric.

"What a match! Hats off to Haq... almost won it for Pakistan - but all in all, a match worth remembering for many years to come. Excellent bowling by Singh and Pathan"
Pratik in the TMS inbox

"Could someone please scrap the 50-over World Cup... WHAT A MATCH!"
Nadeem, Birmingham, in the TMS inbox

"Great text commentary for us poor people stuck in offices with no TV. Thanks to my texting mates in Mumbai, 'fireworks going off everywhere!' and you really brought it alive"
James in the TMS inbox

"What a climax to a great tournament!"
Richard in Northampton in the TMS inbox

"Whose idea was T20? This is what cricket should always have been like, it can also be an Olympic event"
Naeem in Canada in the TMS inbox

Graham Gooch
"The crowds have been good, the cricket has been good. Dhoni has led India brilliantly, his bowling changes have been superb and you have to give him credit for leading India all the way in this competition"
Graham Gooch on TMS

1619: The Indian players grab some of the many hundreds of India flags around the stadium to do a lap of honour for their supporters. I'm still getting my breath back after that finish - and I'm just sat at a computer in London!

Graham Gooch
"What on earth was he doing playing that shot? He had three balls left, why didn't he just hit it down the ground again?"
A disbelieving Graham Gooch on TMS


Wicket falls
19.3 overs - WICKET - Misbah-ul-Haq c Santh b J Sharma 43 - Pkn 152
The floodlights come on. Misbah tries an unorthodox Ashraful-style flick over fine leg - and is caught by our old friend Sree Santh at fine leg! INDIA HAVE WON BY FIVE RUNS - what a finish!

19.2 overs - Pkn 152-9
A low full-toss - and Misbah's clubbed it over long-on for six! Six now needed off four balls.

19.1 overs - Pkn 146-9
A priceless dot ball as Misbah goes down on one knee but makes no contact. 12 needed off five balls.

19.0 overs - Pkn 146-9
Joginder Sharma to bowl the last over of the tournament. Misbah on strike, 13 needed. First ball is a wild Steve Harmison-esque wide to the vacant second slip area where Dhoni dives across to stop it! 12 needed off six balls.

19th over - Pkn 145-9
The last man is Mohammad Asif. What will he do? He wouldn't want to take a single as Misbah needs to be on strike for the last over - but he swipes, gets an edge and it sails to third man for four! 13 needed from the last over.

Wicket falls
18.5 overs - WICKET - Gul b RP Singh - Pkn 141-9
Gul swings and misses, and his leg stump flies out of the ground. 17 needed from seven, just one wicket left now.

18.4 overs - Pkn 141-8
Misbah works it to leg for a single. 17 from eight needed.

18.3 overs - Pkn 140-8
Misbah goes for the big hit, a huge appeal for LBW but Taufel is unmoved. 18 from nine.

18.2 overs - Pkn 140-8
Gul is cut in two but runs through for a bye as Dhoni is hit on the inside of the leg. 18 needed off 10, and Misbah on strike.

18.1 overs - Pkn 139-8
Umar Gul is the new batsman, but Misbah is on strike to RP Singh and he takes a single off the first ball. 19 needed off 11 balls.

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET - Tanvir b Santh 12 - Pkn 138-8
Sree Santh returns to the attack, left-handed Tanvir hoists him towards long-on - and he hoists it over the boundary fielder for six! 29 needed from 17. Santh goes round the wicket, strays down the leg side and Mark Benson spreads his arms to signal a wide. 28 needed from 17. The next one is in the blockhole, Tanvir digs it out and evades Santh's throw to the bowler's end. 27 needed from 16. What can Misbah do now? He swings and misses outside off-stump. 27 needed from 15 balls. The next ball is slower, Misbah works it away to midwicket for a single - having seen that six from Tanvir, he's not refusing singles any more! 26 needed from 14 balls. Tanvir then hoists Santh over the hot dog stand at square leg for six! 20 needed from 13 balls. Then Tanvir swings and misses, Santh hits, and Tanvir's bowled! An astonishing over - and I'm going to go ball-by-ball for the last two overs as I can't stand the tension!

"Come on Misbah, never mind you have the same name as my little sister, she hits big too!"
Soban Bashir in the TMS inbox

17th over - Pkn 123-7
Harbhajan boosts the score by sending down a wide, before Misbah hoists him over long-on for six. Is he Pakistan's last hope? He refuses a single, presumably thinking he's got to get these in boundaries - and he's vindicated as Harbhajan drops one in short and Misbah clubs him over midwicket for six. Another low full-toss - and another six over midwicket! "This game is not over yet!" says Arlo White on TMS. 35 needed from 18 balls.

Sunil Gavaskar
"Misbah is the one man who could still take Pakistan to an unlikely victory"
Sunil Gavaskar on TMS

Wicket falls
16th over - WICKET - Arafat b I Pathan 15 - Pkn 104-7
Misbah plays and misses twice, then drills one to long-on where a single off Irfan Pathan brings up the hundred. Arafat bludgeons a lofted slog over the bowler's head for four. Then Arafat has a wild cross-batted swing to the last ball, he misses and Pathan hits. Pakistan starting to run out of batsmen. Sohail Tanvir is the new man.

"Regarding bowlers who deliver beamers, I think Mr T should confront them in a tank and make an example of them"
Robbie, Liverpool (or rather Liverfoo') in the TMS inbox
[I pity the foo' who would bowl a beamer at Mr T - MM]

15th over - Pkn 99-6
Misbah reverse-sweeps Harbhajan for two, and then clubs a low full-toss to long-on for a single. Arafat takes a single but Misbah is then unable to pierce the infield. Another legside slog yields just a single for Misbah - and Arafat is then dropped by Uthappa running in at long-on, who adds a couple of tumbling rolls for artistic impression, but the chance is put down. 59 needed from 30 balls.

"Mark, are you on a bonus for the number of times you mention Paul Grunill in your commentaries? If so print this email and there's another tenner chalked up"
Neil, Slough in the TMS inbox [It's called keeping your bosses happy - MM]

"My office in Santiago also has a power cut, hoping the laptop battery has enough juice to see me through to the end of the game. All things considered would rather be without power in a bar (although warm lager is never the answer)"
Rich, Chile, in the TMS inbox

14th over - Pkn 92-6
Still Irfan Pathan, and he keeps the runs down well as Pakistan are restricted to two singles off the first half of the over. Arafat takes a wild swipe as he tries to get Misbah on strike but fails to connect. He finally gets one away, and Misbah then takes a single to farm the strike.

"I am six months pregnant and am sitting at the edge of my seat screaming (which is probably not the most healthy thing) and only allowed to follow this online as we are not allowed to have the TVs on anything except bloomberg at work! THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT FOR ME!"
Saira Haque Ali in the TMS inbox

13th over - Pkn 88-6
Harbhajan's finally on with his off-spin, Misbah takes a single, and earns a second from a misfield by RP Singh. They scamper some singles, but the required rate is in double figures as Harbhajan spears one in at Arafat's feet, and with a stroke of fortune, zips down to fine leg for four.

BBC Sport
"Anyone who saw Afridi's innings for Leicestershire in the 2001 C&G Trophy final against Somerset at Lord's will not be surprised at him throwing his wicket away on the big occasion"
BBC Sport's Paul Grunill, not in the TMS inbox but sitting across the desk from me

12th over - Pkn 78-6
The batsmen crossed on that catch, so Misbah is facing and he takes a single. New batsman is Yasir Arafat.

Our for a duck
11.4 overs - WICKET - Afridi c Santh b I Pathan 0 - Pkn 77-6
Afridi's first ball is a wide - he lifts his first legitimate ball, which is a slower ball, high to long-on (who had been moved back there that very ball) and is caught! Advantage India? Definitely!

Wicket falls
11.3 overs - WICKET - Malik c R Sharma b I Pathan 8 - Pkn 76-5
Irfan Pathan continues, Malik pulls a short one to midwicket and is caught! Advantage India? But wait a minute, who's next? Shahid Afridi! Game on!

11th over - Pkn 76-4
Aggers on TMS says this is an important partnership for Pakistan - and after Malik takes a single off Joginder Sharma, Misbah replies with a well-judged two. India then appeal for a catch behind, but umpire Simon Taufel signals a wide. The game is being watched by Bollywood film star Shah Rukh Khan, wearing a big pair of mirrored sunglasses, and we could be in for a thriller here.

"Crikey, this is going to be a close run thing if it carries on at one wicket in one over followed by 10-20 runs in the next! Still the game is amazing! Cannot contemplate the fact we're actually going to have to work from next week as there will be no cricket to 'watch' on TMS text! Boohoo! Come on India!"
Pritesh, 'working hard' in London in the TMS inbox

10th over - Pkn 70-4
A change of Pathans in the attack, as Irfan Pathan comes on and Malik works him away for a single to leg. Misbah dabs a single to third man to get off the mark. Three more singles come from the over as Pakistan reach the halfway stage.

"I have to ask. What is the connection with the Houston Astros, Mark? Does this mean you hate Roger Clemens for abandoning the "beloveds" for the hated Yankees?"
Joe, Pennsylvania, USA, in the TMS inbox

The Astros were quite literally the first team I ever heard of when first visiting the USA as a seven-year-old. I wasn't too bitter about "The Rocket" leaving - just pleased to have had such a legendary player turn out for my team, and I even saw him pitch for them at a game I attended in 2005. Would love to continue this, but that's enough baseball chat - back to the cricket!

Michael Slater
"I think the momentum may be slightly with India now"
Former Australia batsman Michael Slater on TMS

9th over - Pkn 65-4
New batsman is Misbah-ul-Haq, who looks a little nervous despite two half-centuries in the tournament so far, including one against India in the tied match. He's unable to get any of the last three balls of the over away, as Yuvraj in the field yells "come on" to his team-mates.

Wicket falls
8.3 overs - WICKET - Younus c Y Pathan b J Sharma - 14 - Pkn 65-4
Younus tries a big hit which sails into the hands of mid-on. The game very much in the balance at this stage.

8th over - Pkn 63-3
Debutant Yusuf Pathan is on for some spin - off-spin in fact - and Younus and Malik tickle him around for five singles. 95 needed from 72 balls at this stage.

"Hi there from Goa! In a bar where there's a power cut, so only way of knowing score is through the BBC website on my Blackberry! Lots of nervous Indians in the bar!!"
Toby and Natalie in the TMS inbox

Graham Gooch
"India have got to swap their bowlers around and use the variation, as Pakistan have made a good start"
Graham Gooch on TMS

7th over - Pkn 58-3
A change of bowling as Joginder Sharma bowls to Younus, who cover-drives for four. He takes a single, while captain Malik is still playing himself in. He whips one into the leg-side, where it goes straight to Uthappa in a midwicket "shortstop"-style position. Five from the over.

"Does Yuvraj Singh remind you of Happy Gilmore?!"
Mandeep Bhaur, Leicester, in the TMS inbox

6th over - Pkn 53-3
New batsman is Shoaib Malik, and he lets the last two balls go through. Discussion is rife over whether Nazir was injured - it looked as he was, but as he'd come into the match with a pre-existing groin problem, he wouldn't have been allowed a runner.

Wicket falls
5.4 overs - WICKET - Nazir run out 33 - Pkn 53-3
Santh continues, from the Golf Course end, trying to keep Younus tied down again. Younus then steers him to leg and the chasing Harbhajan can't prevent the four. The fifty is brought up as Younus spots Santh's slower ball which he hoists away for another boundary. Younus then punches one to mid-off, Nazir runs to the striker's end and the stumps are splayed by a direct hit from Uthappa. A quick consultation from the third ump, and he's gone!

5th over - Pkn 44-2
Nazir and Younus exchange singles, before Nazir carves one down to third man for four. Aggers on TMS notices substitute fielder Dinesh Karthik at midwicket, but the poor visibility of the Indian names and numbers on their shirts (pale yellow on light blue) means they don't know who's off. RP sends down a no-ball, and Younus despatches the resulting free hit for four through square leg.

"Two friends of mine - Attif (Pakistan) in Brussels and Raj (Indian) in the States are getting down to some good old fashioned sledging over email. With our cricket season finishing yesterday, it is good to know that cricket banter never ends"
Guy, Brussels, in the TMS inbox

4th over - Pkn 31-2
The slips return as Santh bowls to Younus, but the first ball even has my usually mild-mannered "gaffer" Paul Grunill saying "oh, pitch it up!". The next ball is also short outside off-stump but sails straight to a fielder at backward point. Santh then has an LBW shout against Younus - but having been fined 25% of his match fee at the semi-final for excessive appealing, only appeals just the once. It looks to be going over. Younus leaves the next one, and when he drives the last ball to mid-on for a dot, astonishingly Santh has a maiden - and figures of 2-1-21-0. Those were the exact figures I had when I last turned my arm over, but I don't get paid as much as Sree Santh...

3rd over - Pkn 31-2
New batsman is Younus Khan (formerly known as Younis Khan). He guides one down to third man for a single. Nazir then flicks one off his legs and it shoots away for four past fine leg. Singh has 2-8 from two overs.

Our for a duck
2.3 overs - WICKET - Akmal b RP Singh 0 - Pkn 26-2
Nazir takes a single to bring his score to 23 off nine balls - but RP Singh strikes back by clean bowling Akmal for a duck with one that cuts back. What a game!

2nd over - Pkn 25-1
It's Sree Santh for the second over. Dare I call him "wayward"? Maybe I should have done, as he's bowling to a field containing two slips. The first ball is flashed through the covers for four, and Nazir then hoists him over midwicket for six. The next ball is edged over the slips and over the fielder at third man for six. That's 16 off Santh's first three balls - he's not doing too much staring now. Hafeez swings and misses at the fourth, but the fifth lands just inside the cover boundary for four. The slips are removed, belatedly. Nazir takes a single off the last ball - 21 off the over. Sree Santh? Wayward? I rest my case.

"In reply to the question earlier for the champagne moment of the tournament it's a no brainer really: Zimbabwe beating the Aussies. In a country where the odds are stacked so heavily against every single player on a daily basis, to see them beat the Aussies, the finest cricketing team of my generation, and to do so magnificently with pride despite Mugabe and his henchmen... well it brings a tear. I called every Aussie I knew that night and I've framed the scorecard twice - one for the office, one for home"
David Lee, Kenilworth, in the TMS inbox

1st over - Pkn 4-1
Slightly surprisingly, keeper Kamran Akmal is thrust into the action at number three, and his first ball accrues two leg byes. At least the tortoise-like Salman Butt's not playing.

Wicket falls
0.5 overs - WICKET - Hafeez c Uthappa b RP Singh 1 - Pkn 2-1
RP Singh takes the new ball, and Mohammad Hafeez takes a single off the first ball, while his partner Imran Nazir follows suit off the third. Hafeez then chips one straight to slip - a great opening for India.

"My missus took a rare step and showed an interest in my life via reading your cricket commentary; Her first (and last) comment was on beamers (re: Greg Farrell) and how she believed they should be called beaners. Silly woman..."
Chris, Manchester, in the TMS inbox

1443: India are out in their "huddle", preparing to defend their total. Aggers was joined in the interval in the TMS box by Stephen Brenkley from the Independent, who as an e-mailer pointed out in a previous match, is a sound-alike for comedian David Mitchell from the "Mitchell and Webb" show. You can just imagine him saying "Ooh, that's a bad miss" at dropped catches.

"Any other Indians at work in the States bring a little something to mix with their soda at the office today? I know I did - come on India!"
Sumit, St Louis, in the TMS inbox
[I saw St Louis on the TV last night, watching my beloved Houston Astros self-destruct against the Cardinals at Busch Stadium - MM]

"We used to play cricket in our cul-de sac with the kids when they were little and you could catch the ball after one bounce on a car roof. A parked car, of course. And if you cried when you were out, it was time to go to bed"
Steve Bouckley in the TMS inbox
[Was it jumpers for goalposts, er, stumps? - MM]

"How is Drew accessing the BBC website in traffic in Mumbai?"
Mahdev in Telford in the TMS inbox

Mahdev, you can keep track of BBC Sport wherever you are - even on your mobile or PDA. Just as long as you're not the one doing the driving.

"This is great fun! Far more entertaining and eventful commentary than normal cricket matches. How on earth am I to get through work days when the competition is over?! Come on India"
Andy in the TMS inbox

"This is intense! I am stuck at work missing possibly the most awesome showdown in a few years! Good on both teams for getting here, but COME ON PAKISTAN!"
Faisal Ansari in the TMS inbox

"Samir Vaghmar saying that all beamers should count for 10 runs plus two free hits. Why stop there? Why not immediately attach the bowler to one of the fireworks and blast him into space?"
Greg Farrell, Stokenchurch, in the TMS inbox

Graham Gooch
"It's a middling score - Pakistan would have taken that at the start, but India will think they've got the runs on the board, although it's not as many as they'd wanted, they came strong at the end. They've also shown they've been able to knock over early wickets in this tournament, and they need to keep it tight"
Graham Gooch on TMS


20th over - Ind 157-5
There's no doubt, India need a big over here. A remix of the Knight Rider theme tune by Panjabi MC rings out over the PA, and Sharma slams the first ball from Tanvir over the covers for two. The next ball is wide of the crease, Sharma hoists it to long-on under the shadows of the pavilion where Mohammad Hafeez tries to catch it but only succeeds in palming it over the rope for six! Sharma can only take a single off the third ball. Pathan gets an inside edge to fine leg for a single. Sharma on strike for the penultimate ball. Tanvir goes around the wicket, Sharma walks across his crease and tries an unorthodox flick to fine leg in the style of Bangladesh's Mohammad Ashraful, and they run two. He then lifts one to long-on for two off the final ball, and that's the innings. Advantage Pakistan, I sense - Dhoni said he wanted over 180, Malik said he wanted to keep it under 150.

19th over - Ind 143-5
Sharma takes a wild swing to Arafat which goes past midwicket for four, then opens the face to a waist-high full toss with a clever shot which guides the ball to the unguarded third man boundary. A well-run two sees him keep the strike, but he can only get a single off the fourth ball which brings new batsman Irfan Pathan on strike for the first time. The left-hander can only dig out a fast yorker, and can't get the last ball away either.

"Mick in Belgium should be delighted to hear the beaches of Jersey still see 'tip and run' every summer. Other standard rules include 'one hand one bounce' catches and 'electric wickets' where a batsman can be run out at either end"
FS in London in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET - Gambhir c Asif b Gul 75 - Ind 130-5
Gul's last over, and India still can't get more than singles at the moment. Finally we have a boundary as Gambhir hoists one high over midwicket. It hits the big scoreboard and, both literally and metaphorically, hits Gul's figures as it strikes the point where Gul's analysis is displayed on the board! Sharma is then restricted to a single by some sharp boundary fielding by Misbah-ul-Haq. Then, Gul has another wicket and it's the man Pakistan wanted as Gambhir tries to paddle one to fine leg and is caught. Gul's spell (3-28) is over and he's now the leading tournament wicket-taker in his own right.

"These 'Beamer' no-balls should count for 10 runs plus two extra free hit balls and either one of the two batsman at the crease can play those free hits! It is getting ridiculously pathetic by the bowlers who raise their hand like the ball slipped from their hand. Imagine someone as fast as Lee or Akhtar, they could kill someone!"
Samir Vaghmar, Atlanta, USA, in the TMS inbox

17th over - Ind 120-4
Sixth bowler Yasir Arafat (who took 2-13 for Kent as they won England's domestic T20 final this year) enters the fray. He's not as quick as Gul, Sharma takes a single and Gambhir works him away for two to the point boundary, before carving a single to the same region. Sharma also works him away for a single - no boundaries have been scored since the 13th over. Gambhir takes a big swing but it only trickles away for a single to fine leg. Pakistan would have definitely settled for six runs from that over.

"T20 reminds me of a form of cricket played when I was a kid - 'Tippeny-run', a corruption of 'Touch it and run'. Only rule was that if your bat touched the ball you had to run. Like T20, it made for some lusty hitting. Does it still exist?"
Mick in Belgium in the TMS inbox

16th over - Ind 114-4
New batsman is Rohit Sharma, who hit an entertaining half-century against South Africa earlier in the tournament. He dabs a single to third man off his first ball, and Gambhir's finally back on strike - he hasn't faced much since Yuvraj holed out. He clips Gul into the midwicket region for a single. Gul is now the joint leading wicket-taker with 12, together with Afridi and Stuart Clark. He sends down a fast yorker which Sharma can only dig out to stop him going the same way as Dhoni. Another yorker trickles away towards third man for a single.

Wicket falls
15.2 overs - WICKET - Dhoni b Gul 6 - Ind 111-4
Gul sends down a head-high beamer and immediately holds his hand out to apologise to Dhoni, who ducked out of the way. That's a no-ball. The next delivery is a bouncer which surprises Dhoni, and the result is a dot ball. Gul then fires in a yorker and Dhoni's leg stump cartwheels away as 111 - Nelson - strikes yet again!

"Yuvraj out! Yaay! I want to jump off my seat and scream Pakistan but I'm in my cold grey London office!"
Usman Munir in the TMS inbox

15th over - Ind 110-3
Afridi returns for his final over. Dhoni scampers two off the first ball, and then some superb Boundary Fox-style fielding from Mohammad Asif, who dives head first into the turf, saves a four in the same area. A single means Gambhir only faces the last ball of the over, and he can't get it away.

14th over - Ind 105-3
New batsman is captain Mahendra Dhoni, but they crossed on the catch and Gambhir carves away another single. Dhoni swings and misses at his first ball. The next one is a full-toss which Dhoni punches back past the bowler for a single to pinch the strike.

Wicket falls
13.3 overs - WICKET - Yuvraj c & b Gul 14 - Ind 103-3
Gambhir continues to shine, bringing up the India hundred with a slogged legside four. Yuvraj, who's not been up to his usual high standards, then top-edges a long-hop and the long-haired Gul is cheered to take the return catch.

"Not sure where Dhawal is, but he's clearly not in Mumbai as I have been stuck in traffic for two hours and just been overtaken by a vegetable cart being pulled by a very large ox"
Drew in Mumbai in the TMS inbox

13th over - Ind 98-2
Hafeez has changed ends, but his slow off-spin is thumped back past him by Gambhir for a single that brings up the fifty partnership. An inviting full-toss sees Yuvraj not quite get hold of it, only taking a single, and he immediately calls for new gloves. Gambhir is having no such trouble though, and flogs another four through the covers. The Pakistan fans in the crowd find their voice as Yuvraj square-drives but is denied a boundary by some sprawling boundary fielding.

"Just to let the readers know, this is not the Twenty20 World Cup. The first Twenty20 World Cup will be in England in 2009. This tournament is equivalent to the Champions Trophy. Sorry to be a spoilsport! That's obviously the reason England and the Aussies are taking it a little less seriously!"
Andy, South Yorkshire, in the TMS inbox

That's 50
12th over - Ind 89-2
Umar Gul, Pakistan's specialist "death bowler", enters the attack, and starts with a wide. Yuvraj then flicks him away for a single. Gul goes around the wicket to Gambhir, and bowls a good yorker which keeps the opener on his toes. This looks to be an economical over... until Gambhir carves one to the third man boundary for four, and then brings up his fifty (off 38 balls) with another single.

"I'm sitting at college during my lunch break constantly hitting the F5 button. Come on Pakistan!"
Ovie, Cambridge, in the TMS inbox

11th over - Ind 82-2
Afridi is quickly through his overs, as Gambhir and Yuvraj continue to take singles at will. A glorious straight-drive from Yuvraj then brings his first boundary of the innings, and Gambhir then hoists a huge six over midwicket. That was a "Big over", Sunil!

Sunil Gavaskar
"India need some big overs if they're to reach Dhoni's target of 180"
Former India batsman Sunil Gavaskar on TMS

10th over - Ind 69-2 Hafeez again, and Yuvraj still can't get more than singles at the moment. Arlo on TMS points out that India won't be panicking as they scored 128 from the last 10 overs against Australia, and like to have wickets in hand at this stage. Gambhir smartly cover-drives for four with, as Sunil Gavaskar on TMS observes, a perfectly-executed orthodox cricket shot. Some comedy fielding from Asif and Afridi, who nearly collide in the gully region, allows Gambhir another two. He then steers another four past cover to take him to 39, and calls for a drink from the dug-out as we reach the halfway stage of the innings.

9th over - Ind 58-2
Gambhir carves Afridi away for a single. Will Yuvraj have a go now? A one-handed straight-drive brings him a single to Umar Gul at long-on. As usual, expect to see Gul come on later to bowl his four overs towards the end of the innings. Gambhir then cleverly bisects the two legside boundary fielders for four. They continue to rotate the strike.

"I am at Powai, here in Mumbai. Usually this is a crowded area, but I can't see a single person here on the streets today. Everybody is glued to their television"
Ronak in the TMS inbox

8th over - Ind 50-2
Spin from both ends as Mohammad Hafeez bowls his off-spin, going around the wicket to the left-handed Gambhir who has a big heave and misses the ball. He does better from the next delivery with a beautifully-timed four past gully. A single brings up the India fifty, but Yuvraj is still playing himself in for the moment as Hafeez fields well off his own bowling.

"This tournament has been a great success. T20 will soon replace ODIs in the near future. Guys won't be able to see batters scoring centuries anymore. But who cares, as long as we get to see 20-20 overs of highlights & firecrackers in each match"
Rakesh, Middlesex, in the TMS inbox

7th over - Ind 45-2
It's time for some spin - Shahid Afridi with his fast leg-breaks. He's bowled well in the tournament, taking 12 wickets so far, but hasn't had many opportunities with the bat. Gambhir takes two off the first ball, then nurdles a single. Yuvraj gets a fortunate edge when he opens the face to get him off the mark. There's then a mix-up as Gambhir runs a single and dives for the crease at the bowler's end, while Afridi fumbles the throw and cheekily brings down the stumps with his fingers.

6th over - Ind 40-2
Doug, hold fire on your lunch as the new batsman is Yuvraj Singh, whose strike rate is an astonishing 227.1. There are some reasonably short boundaries here, so we could be in for some fireworks. Two dot balls round off the over, and that's it for the fielding restrictions.

Wicket falls
5.4 overs - WICKET - Uthappa c Afridi b Tanvir 8 - Ind 40-2
Arlo White replaces Aggers on TMS as Gambhir prods another single. He's a bit like Neil Fairbrother used to be in one-day cricket, seemingly able to take a single off nearly every ball he faces. Uthappa then tries to go deep, but lifts one straight down mid-off's throat.

"Should I take my lunch now or should I wait for the Indian run barrage?!"
Doug Robinson in the TMS inbox

"This is so exciting - two teams who play thilling Twenty20 cricket and no prospect of a disappointing performance from England to spoil my enjoyment! India - just - to win, as they have the player of the tournament in Yuvraj and, most significantly, whooped Aussie bottoms and sent them home!"
Sarah, Canterbury, in the TMS inbox

5th over - Ind 39-1
Asif continues, but Uthappa steers him through extra cover with a lofted cover drive. A couple more swiftly-run singles ensue - one more over of the fielding restrictions to go.

"Favourite moment(s) of the World Cup? Watching the dancing girls strut their stuff after each boundary. I was spurring on the batsmen of all teams to crack a boundary off each delivery - I think everyone should bat like Yuvraj"
Shamy, St Johns Wood, in the TMS inbox

"Am I the only Scotsman sitting in Boston hoping India win? Not only for Dravid (with his Scottish connection), but so we can say we took a point off the champs"
Ewan in the TMS inbox

"Let Lee Fowler know that Dravid had resigned as captain and Dhoni has already been assigned the one-day captaincy. Test captain is yet to be decided"
Promit in the TMS inbox

4th over - Ind 33-1
Gambhir tickles a single to midwicket, bringing Uthappa on strike for the first time. Indeed, the two batsmen exchange singles for the first five balls of the over from Tanvir, before Uthappa tries to cut at one which is called a wide. They also take a single from the last ball - this is a good start by India.

"It's Monday morning over here, and I've already gotten heat over using up too much bandwidth at work while trying to follow earlier matches. I suppose I'll have to content myself with the TMS updates. Let's just hope for a great match - with plenty of highlights that I can catch this evening"
Kaiser (who wishes he called in sick this morning), Washington, in the TMS inbox

3rd over - Ind 26-1
New batsman is Robin Uthappa, and Gambhir sees off the over with a single.

Wicket falls
2.4 overs - WICKET - Pathan c Malik b Asif 15 - Ind 25-1
More scampered singles, and Pathan then flays a wide one through backward point for four. He then hoists one into the air and is caught at wide midwicket. Pathan's cameo (15 off eight balls) is over.

"Today is a national holiday in South Africa - Heritage Day - so it's a perfect day to fill the stadium. Although clearly the organisers and the thousands who bought tickets months ago were hoping for SA to actually be in the final"
Richard Lee in the TMS inbox

"India has gone frenzied today with everyone leaving early from offices and streets can be seen empty. After all, it's an India-Pakistan match and that too is a World Cup final. I bet it's bigger than England-Argentina rivalry in football"
Dhawal, India, in the TMS inbox

2nd over - Ind 20-0
Second over goes to Sohail Tanvir, who many people have compared to a left-handed Mike Procter as he appears to bowl off the wrong foot (though I don't think he does, quite). Pathan, a young man in a hurry, takes another single before Tanvir strays down the leg side with a wide which is signalled by ump Mark Benson. The next ball is also down the leg side, and Gambhir flicks it away for four. Aggers on TMS notices that stadium DJ Dr Beat is back in situ, as Gambhir nudges another quick single to square leg, and Pathan runs another single to gully. They're not missing Sehwag much at this stage.

"It will be interesting if India were to win. Would Dravid get straight back into the side as captain with Dhoni doing such a great job?"
Lee Fowler, stuck at work and would much rather be at home watching the cricket (not that your coverage isn't great), in the TMS inbox

1st over - Ind 13-0
Mohammad Asif takes the new ball, Gautham Gambhir pushes the first ball to mid-on for a quick single and the debutant Yusuf Pathan has to dive for the crease at the striker's end - and the third umpire's verdict saves him from being run out off the first ball of the match without facing! (A similar fate once befell Hampshire's Tim Tremlett, run out to the first ball of a match without facing against Sussex in 1981, the day after his son Chris - the England bowler - was born). Pathan runs through for a leg-bye, Gambhir pushes another single and then the debutant launches a lofted drive that sails away for an astonishing straight six! He then scampers a three to wide long-on. Wow, what a first over!

1302: Pakistan are out in the middle, as Aggers on TMS notes that Dhoni has won four tosses in this tournament.

"Why is the final on Monday? And my boss, who is Scottish, doesn't like cricket. Otherwise could have taken a half day's leave from the office to watch the final. I bet it is going to be a hell of a contest between two sub-continent teams"
Subrahmanya Manippadi in the TMS inbox [Apparently today is a public holiday in South Africa - MM]

1258: Here's a rare sight at cricket - national anthems.

Graham Gooch
"You'd think Yusuf Pathan would have a few butterflies - what a match to make your debut in! I hope he does better than I did!"
Former England captain Graham Gooch - who made a pair on his international debut - on TMS

"It's clear that a lot of people are tipping India to take the trophy at a canter - and why? Yuvraj, Yuvraj, Yuvraj. May I also point out that nobody gave Pakistan a chance at the beginning of the tournament. I remember reading somewhere that Geoffrey Boycott didn't even have them passing the group stage!"
Azeem Ahmad in the TMS inbox

"Hoping for a 400 run thriller, with a sudden death bowl-out being decided by the 11th bowl by the wicket keepers deciding it"
Noel, Surrey, in the TMS inbox

"How is it decided upon which of you gets the final, Mark? Do you all gather in one place and wait for white smoke to rise from a chimney or, in BBC tradition do you pretend to have a phone vote and fake it?"
Nemo, Strasbourg, in the TMS inbox [I just do what I'm told - MM]

"It would be great if we could win this. It would be a fitting tribute to the late Bob Woolmer"
Khuram, Staffs (Pkn fan, at work wishing I was at home watching the match), in the TMS inbox

"It has been a good tournament and very quick but you can't compare it to rugby as that is a bit more physically gruelling than 20 overs of cricket"
NR in the TMS inbox

1250: Don't forget, wherever you are today, you can follow the game here on BBC Sport - even on your mobile or PDA. There's no excuse for not being up-to-date with the action! TMS is also gearing up for action, with Aggers and the crew standing by.

"The tournament has been a success, but please can anyone tell me who's bright idea it was to have the final on a Monday afternoon?! Most of us are stuck in offices and whilst TMS is offering a chance to keep up with affairs I'd much rather have been watching it with my yorkshire puds yesterday afternoon!"
Mark Airey, Rochdale, in the TMS inbox

1247: Yusuf Pathan, 24, elder brother of Irfan Pathan, is making his first appearance for India. It's thrown a few people a curve ball - it had been reported earlier that Dinesh Karthik was Sehwag's replacement, but he's not playing.

TOSS NEWS: Shoaib Malik tosses the coin, Mahendra Dhoni calls heads, and it's heads - India will bat first, as has been their strategy in recent games. He thinks 180 will be a good score. Malik wants to keep India to under 150.

"Battle lines are being drawn. Sides are being chosen. The vitriol is venomous. It's war! This is Hertfordshire. What must it be like on the sub-continent?"
Sanjay from Stevenage in the TMS inbox

TEAM NEWS: India opener Virender Sehwag has failed a fitness test on his groin injury, and will be replaced by debutant Yusuf Pathan. Pakistan also make one change, with Yasir Arafat replacing fellow all-rounder Fawad Alam.

1238: A stat from my gaffer Paul Grunill - Pakistan have played twice in Jo'burg, against Sri Lanka and Australia, and have won both times. India have only played there once, against New Zealand, and lost.

"Who will you be cheering on Mark? As an Indian fan, I fear the umpires (all Aussies) will have it in for us today"
Praveen (working in office while the building opposite has caught fire and is burning) in the TMS inbox

Praveen, I'll be adopting strict BBC neutrality - how can you doubt me? You can be sure of the straightest of straight bats on here. I just want to see an exciting game. Another tied match & bowl-out would be fun! (And the umpires aren't all Aussies - just one of the on-field umps, and the TV replay man).

1227: Don't forget to get involved today, on e-mails or 606 - not only about today's final, but about the tournament as a whole. Most people seem to regard it as a success - is that fair? It shows that you can get an exciting tournament into a fortnight, in which time the Rugby World Cup (by comparison) hasn't completed the group stages.

Who are your players of the tournament? Best/worst batsmen, bowlers or fielders? Best catch? Worst drop? (Vernon Philander, you've got to be in the shake-up here, mate). Unsung hero? Funniest moment? And what would be your champagne moment - Yuvraj's six sixes? The bowl-out? Or something else?

"Really looking forward to today's final. After today, I will have nothing to do while working with no scores to follow online. India to win in a tight game"
Dave from Salford in the TMS inbox

1222: A post-script to Saturday's semi-finals was that our old friend Sree Santh was, as Jonathan Agnew correctly predicted, fined 25% of his match fee for his excessive appealing (if you didn't hear about it, he yelled "How's that" four times in succession for one delivery), while India were also fined for a slow over-rate.

I took a bit of stick on the e-mails last time after describing Santh as "wayward" - which I didn't think was a particularly unfair description, given that one can never quite be sure whether his opening spell will contain a burst of wickets or a smattering of wides - and let's not forget the beamer he bowled at Pietersen at Trent Bridge. But fair play, he bowled superbly in the semi - can he repeat that today?

1211: We're a while away from team news, but I can tell you that the umpires today will be Australia's Simon Taufel and England's Mark Benson. Third umpire, on TV replays is Aussie Daryl Harper, while fourth umpire (whose probable tasks include bringing out any replacement balls for when Yuvraj Singh hits them out of the ground) is Billy Doctrove of the Windies. Match referee is Sri Lanka's Ranjan Madugalle.

1205: As the great man used to say, "Morning, everyone". It's eyes down for what we hope may be an exciting conclusion to a fortnight of fun at the World Twenty20.

India face their great rivals Pakistan, and if this match is half as exciting as the last time these two sides met, in the group stages, then we are in for a thriller. After a thrilling tied game, India triumphed in a bowl-out - it was genuinely one of the most exciting games of cricket I've ever seen, with fortunes swinging between both teams at several points during the match.

Jonathan Agnew
"Nothing can be predicted in Twenty20 cricket, but for passion, commitment and public interest on the sub-continent, this promises to be one of the year's biggest sporting occasions"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew

World Twenty20 final ratings
24 Sep 07 |  Cricket


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