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Last Updated: Saturday, 22 September 2007, 19:36 GMT 20:36 UK
Australia v India as it happened
WORLD TWENTY20 semi-finals, Durban:
Australia 173-7 (20 overs) v India 188-5 (20 overs)


By Mark Mitchener


2031: That's it from Durban, and that's it from me. We've had two cracking semi-finals today, and we can now look forward to a passionate final between India and Pakistan on Monday - start time is 1300 BST.

And with the Nurofen having done its work [see 1645 entry], I'm pleased to say that I'll be your man in the live text chair for the final. Cheers for all your e-mails today, and I'll see you here on Monday for the build-up. Thank you and good night.

2027: Big-hitting Yuvraj Singh is the official man of the match, although I felt Dhoni also batted (and captained) well, while Sree Santh did bowl brilliantly.

But bowlers rarely get man-of-the-match awards, do they? I recall hearing about how one old cricketer, looking at a list of knighted cricketers (Bradman, Hobbs, Hutton etc) commented that "the last bowler to be knighted was Sir Francis Drake!"


"Can we have you on live text for the final please, Mark? The matches you've been commentating on, by and large, have been thrilling!"
Sarah, Canterbury, in the TMS inbox

"Two teams who had an early exit in the World Cup are in the final. How's that?"
Narayan Prabhu in the TMS inbox

"I guess no one would label Sree Santh as "wayward" any more"
Vijay, from Arizona, proud of his local town laddie, in the TMS inbox [Didn't know Sree Santh was from Arizona - MM]

20th over - Aus 173-7
Mitchell Johnson is the poor fellow sent in to face the last ball and expected to hit it for 20. He clubs one away for four to square leg, but it's an India-Pakistan final after Dhoni's boys win by 15 runs.

Ian Chappell
"Harbhajan is dancing in front of the crowd - I think he wants stadium DJ Dr Beat's job!"
Ian Chappell on TMS

"This will be a dream final - India v Pakistan"
Pankaj Luthra in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
19.5 overs - WICKET - Lee b J Sharma 2 - Aus 169-7
It's realistically over now, barring no-balls or wides, with 22 needed from three balls. New batsman Brett Lee carves one away for two, but to no avail. The penultimate ball sees Sharma take another wicket as he cleans up Lee's leg stump.

Wicket falls
19.3 overs - WICKET - Hussey c Yuvraj b J Sharma 13 - Aus 167-6
Joginder Sharma is given the last over - 22 needed from six balls. Chappelli on TMS says he should concentrate first and foremost on not bowling a front-foot no-ball (with a resulting free hit). Hussey swings and misses - 22 needed from five. He then can't get the next one off the pitch, and Sharma fields off his own bowling. 22 needed from four. Hussey then hoists high into the air - and is caught by Yuvraj running in from long-on.

19th over - Aus 167-5
RP Singh to bowl the penultimate over - which means the non-specialist (Sharma?) will get the last one. An ugly swing-and-a-miss from Haddin - 27 needed off 11. The same happens again - 27 from 10. Did you know that today is the anniversary of the tied Test between these teams in Madras? Singh then sends down a head-high beamer, and immediately apologises - it's a no-ball, but not a free hit. Haddin finally connects but mistimes it and can only get a single. Hussey then hoists RP to cow corner, but gets just one as there's a fielder there. 24 needed off eight balls. Haddin furiously swings and misses again - 24 needed off seven. He gets two from an off-drive - 22 needed from the last over.

18th over - Aus 162-5
Now it's a single from Brad Haddin - a good player of spin according to Chappelli, who also advocates that Harbhajan needs to bowl to Hussey in order to make him use his feet (and thus test his injured hamstring). Hussey is tied down for a couple of priceless dot balls, before taking a single to cover. Haddin takes another single, but it's a great over from the "Turbanator".

Wicket falls
17.1 overs - WICKET - Clarke b Harbhajan 3 - Aus 159-5
When do India put in the non-specialist over? Aggers says now, Chappelli says wait. Dhoni sides with Chappelli as he throws the ball to Harbhajan, and he bowls Clarke leg stump with his first ball! Dhoni raises a fist in celebration after a brilliant bowling change.

17th over - Aus 159-4
New batsman Michael Clarke is off the mark, and it's simple maths for the Aussies - 30 needed from three overs.

Wicket falls
16.4 overs - WICKET - Symonds b Pathan 43 - Aus 155-4
Pathan takes the 17th over, although Dhoni will be aware he still has to find one more over from a non-frontline bowler. After Symonds takes a single, Hussey shrugs off his injury to slog-sweep Pathan over midwicket for six. An off-drive earns him a quick single. Pathan then bowls Symonds (43 from 26 balls) who looks like he got an inside edge. Huge wicket.

Ian Chappell
"If Australia make the final, they may have trouble finding 11 fit guys - Watson's gone home, Ponting can't play, now Hussey's pulled a hamstring"
Ian Chappell on TMS

16th over - Aus 148-3
Joginder Sharma returns in place of Harbhajan, and Symonds flicks him away for a first-bounce four to long leg. He's the key man now as they still need more than 10 runs per over. He then smashes one to long on where it falls just short of the diving Uthappa. Symonds then swings and misses, India appeal for a catch behind and umpire Mark Benson signals a wide! Santh gets involved with more verbals at the batsmen. Hussey then appears to have pulled a muscle as they run a quick two. The physio comes out, and eventually Hayden is recalled from the dressing-room as Hussey's runner. Yet more verbals from Santh to both Hayden and Symonds as they pass him in the field. 44 needed off 26 balls. Symonds clubs one to long-on but they only manage a single. Hussey then takes two from the final ball. A lengthy over is finally over - 13 runs came from it.

Jonathan Agnew
"Sree Santh is an exciting young bowler, but he's a silly young man, and a hothead"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

"The Aussies were sledging throughout the Indian innings in their usual arrogant way - I really hope India win!"
Burner in the TMS inbox

15th over - Aus 135-3
New batsman is Mike Hussey, and he's off the mark with a single. Santh's last ball is a dot (with one last menacing stare at Symonds) and he finishes with marvellous figures of 4-1-12-2.

Wicket falls
14.4 overs - WICKET - Hayden b Santh 62 - Aus 134-3
Who will Dhoni turn to now? It's our old friend Sree Santh - can he make the vital breakthrough like he did against South Africa? Symonds nearly plays on but Dhoni makes a smart stop to prevent the four. Another edge sails away to third man as the PA belts out a quick burst of "Don't Stop Movin'" by S Club 7. Then Santh works up even more excitement as Hayden is yorked, leg-stump. Santh pounds the turf in celebration. Maybe it was the stare that did it.

"Here I am sitting in a hotel room at Interlaken trying desperately to get the latest scores through my ever-so-slow blackberry, with my wife staring at me as if I am crazy"
Mukund in the TMS inbox

14th over - Aus 129-2
These two have already added 52, but Symonds makes the boundaries look very short as he carves Harbhajan over long-on from outside off-stump. After a single, Hayden hits one straight back at Harbhajan - it was a bump ball, btu he stops it well. Symonds then takes a sharp single to mid-on, and the throw comes in and hits Harbhajan painfully on his bowling hand. India will hope it isn't serious.

That's 50
13th over - Aus 120-2 While Sree Santh looks like he's got a problem with a contact lens, Sehwag comes on with his occasional off-spin. His only previous bowling in this tournament was in the bowl-out against Pakistan, where he bowled with his cap on but nevertheless hit the stumps. He's bare-headed now, and will be happy to restrict the Aussie pair to singles before Hayden despatches an ugly full-toss over cow corner for six to bring up his half-century. He then bowls a no-ball - unforgivable for a spinner? - and Hayden blazes the free hit to extra cover where Uthappa stops the boundary and they're restricted to two. Another clean hit skies over long-on for six, and that may be the last we see of Sehwag after 20 runs from that over.

12th over - Aus 100-2
Symonds tries to sweep Harbhajan, and gets a lucky edge which flies over the helmeted keeper Dhoni for two, before driving a single to long-on. Two more singles are scampered, and Symonds rounds off the over with another two to bring up the hundred.

11th over - Aus 93-2
Pathan continues for his third over, and the Queensland pair are restricted to singles for the first half of the over before Symonds flays Pathan over the cover boundary for six. After he takes a single, Hayden then launches another six over the dugouts. 16 from the over, Haydos moves on to 41.

"Go easy on the lad Sree Santh - his stares usually win us wickets"
Vijay from Arizona, USA in the TMS inbox

"I am looking for Australia to step up to the plate and beat India so that we, Pakistan, can beat them in the final"
Khalid, Blackburn, in the TMS inbox

10th over - Aus 77-2
Chappelli on TMS has called it right - Sharma's off right away and Harbhajan comes on. Hayden drives him to long-off for two, then works him away for a single. Symonds takes a comfortable two - but that's it from the over, and we're halfway through the innings.

9th over - Aus 72-2
New batsman Andrew Symonds gets a four when the ball squirms away from the diving Santh at third man and just crosses the rope.

Wicket falls
8.4 overs - WICKET - Hodge c J Sharma b Pathan 11 - Aus 68-2
Hayden's in luck again as he skies one to fine leg that falls just short of the scurrying Santh, before Pathan strays with a wide. Hodge then hits a long-hop straight to short fine leg where he's well caught.

"If India wins that cup I will most definitely consume my socks with garlic bread and ranch dressing"
Pratik Khan in the TMS inbox

8th over - Aus 64-1
Joginder Sharma replaces Santh, and after Hodge takes a single off the first ball, Hayden takes advantage of fine leg being up to work him for four. Some smart fielding from Uthappa then forces Hodge to dive back into his crease. A monster hit from Hayden then sails over the stand at midwicket and out of the ground for six. Will that take away Yuvraj's record of 119m from the India innings today? Aggers is told it's been measured at 110m - third place in the rankings. Hodge then "goes deep" on the on-side, lifting Sharma to cow corner for six. Even Dhoni is impressed, clapping his gloves as if to say "well hit".

Ian Chappell
"If the Indian bowlers hold their nerve and don't get intimidated by batsmen like Hayden, they should win the game"
Ian Chappell on TMS

7th over - Aus 46-1
First change of bowling as Irfan Pathan comes on for some left-arm seam. Hodge takes two, then a quick single when he advances down the track but plays a back-foot defensive shot, killing the ball dead and they scamper through. Hayden finally gets one away when an improvised flick sails past fine leg for four. He then swishes at one outside off-stump and comes back for the second. 11 runs per over now needed.

6th over - Aus 37-1
The new batsman is Brad Hodge, he takes a single, and Aggers on TMS wonders whether match referee Chris Broad may call Santh in for a visit after the game because of his excessive, repeated appealing. More playing and missing from Hayden, and Santh has conceded just six runs from three overs.

Jonathan Agnew
Ian Chappell
"You fast bowlers are all hotheads, trying to upset batsmen"
Ian Chappell to Jonathan Agnew on TMS

Wicket falls
5.1 overs - WICKET - Gilchrist b Santh 22 - Aus 36-1
Santh has Gilly bowled through the gate, the middle stump flies back and Santh looks so excited he may explode.

5th over - Aus 36-0
RP Singh continues, but Gilchrist effortlessly lifts him to midwicket for four, while Alison Mitchell on TMS notices the pitchside podium dancers in action again. Gilchrist then hoists RP high and straight - but it lands inches over the rope for six. RP then has an LBW shout, though without Sree Santh's histrionics, and they trot through for a single. Another lofted drive from Hayden goes for a straight four, and a leg-bye and a single wrap up the over, from which 17 runs have flowed.

Leslie Phillips
Ian Chappell
"Has anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance between former Australia skipper Ian Chappell and ageing, celebrity crumpeteer Leslie Phillips?? Ding-dong, hello etc"
Viv in Belfast in the TMS inbox

4th over - Aus 19-0
Another swing-and-a-miss from Hayden, who would have struck out by now if he was playing baseball. Hayden then digs one out and Santh makes as if to throw the stumps down. More hard stares from the bowler as Hayden swings and misses once again. Then, he tries to work him to leg and misses yet again. Four dot balls, and Harbhajan is sent back to the midwicket boundary. Hayden's hit on the pads, Santh delivers an imploring LBW shout, yelling "How's that?" at least four times (although Hawk-Eye insists it would be too high), but some lax fielding allows a couple of leg-byes. A maiden over - rare in T20.

"Chrissy, bemused of north Notts, let me bring you up to speed. England's strategy of bits-and-pieces cricketers in Twenty20 has failed, as has their ODI strategy in the past. They need to get 'propah' cricketers back in the fray and move on. Yuvraj Singh and India's young guns like Rohit Sharma accounted for the Kiwis and the Proteas. If our bowling holds up, Yuvraj's scintilating 70 off 30 balls will hand the same fate to the Aussies. It might just be an unlikey sub-continental clash in the finals"
Sanchit, amazed by Yuvraj's fireworks, Paris, in the TMS inbox

3rd over - Aus 17-0
A clever slower ball from RP Singh sees Hayden completely miss a pull. A slightly streaky shot to third man brings Hayden a single. Gilchrist then cuts loose, hoisting RP over midwicket for six to spoil an otherwise excellent over for India.

"Where did Chrissy, bemused of north Notts go on holiday? Never Never Land?"
B Burge, Kent, in the TMS inbox

Sunil Gavaskar
"The new ball will move around a bit for the first couple of overs, but once the batsmen have settled down, they will start hitting the ball around"
Former India batsman Sunil Gavaskar on TMS

2nd over - Aus 10-0
Sree Santh takes the second over - will it be wickets or wides? The first ball is firmly off-driven by Hayden for four - he doesn't bother to run, nor does he need to. But he gets some late movement with the second ball as Haydos shoulders arms. The next ball sees Hayden swing and miss, and Santh gives it the "Sree Santh stare" that will be familiar to any England fans who saw this summer's Tests and ODIs. Hayden gets a single off the last ball when he gets an inside edge to fine leg

"Nathan Bracken. The worst haircut in world cricket? Or Andrew Symonds? Take your pick!"
Polar, Liverpool, in the TMS inbox

1st over - Aus 5-0
Gilchrist and Hayden opening up as usual - RP Singh rather than the wayward Sree Santh takes the first over. He gets the scoreboard moving with a wide, and then Gilchrist excites the small number of Aussie fans in the crowd when he on-drives for four. After Gilchrist plays and misses at one that swings, RP then has an appeal for a catch behind but umpire Asad Rauf isn't interested.

1839: It's a short interval - someone points out to me that Yuvraj has scored 128 runs off 46 balls in his last two innings.

"This version of cricket (T20) is far better than the Test and ODIs. It is exciting and quick. With Yuvraj in such extraordinary form, it's for sure India has got a place in the final. Pakistan beware..."
Abhijit, Visakhapatnam, in the TMS inbox

"If India wins today I'll get married to my would-be missus... and if India wins the cup my next door Pakistani neighbour will perhaps seek a divorce!"
Ranjan Joshi in the TMS inbox

"Apologies for my ignorance, but never heard 'cow corner' prior to this tournament. Is it something exclusive to Twenty20?"
Vikas, Germany in the TMS inbox

Vikas, 'cow corner' is in fairly common usage in England. It's the area between mid-wicket and long-on, where the so-called cross-batted "cow shot" often ends up. Wikipedia adds that 'because few legitimate shots are aimed to this part of the field, fielders are rarely placed there - leading to the concept that cows could happily graze in that area'. Hope that helps.


20th over - Ind 188-5
Irfan Pathan comes out for one ball. It hits him, but Gilchrist misses it and it shoots away for four. Byes? Runs? It makes no difference - India finish on 188.

Wicket falls
19.5 overs - WICKET - Dhoni run out 36 - Ind 184-5
Johnson has the unenviable task of bowling the last over to Dhoni, who has 31 from 14 balls. The first ball is short, Dhoni mistimes it to deep extra cover where it falls safe and they take two. The next ball is hooked to long leg, but they just manage two. Aggers on TMS says the Aussie bowlers have "lost the plot" by bowling so short. Sharma then avoids being run out off the third ball - it's a close one. Third ump Billy D says not out. Another single is scrambled off the fourth ball. Sharma swings and misses at the fifth ball, they go for a run, Gilchrist breaks the wicket and Dhoni's gone.

"What is going on? I have just returned from holiday - I thought England were going to win this. Anyone care to give me a rundown of the last week's happenings?"
Chrissy, bemused of north Notts, in the TMS inbox

19th over - Ind 179-4
Bracken returns, going around the wicket, and after Sharma takes a single, Dhoni whacks him for another six over long-on. A more unorthodox legside slog flies away for four. A single from the penultimate ball, and Sharma then hoists Bracken's last ball for another six over the favoured long-on boundary.

18th over - Ind 161-4
As they crossed on the catch, Dhoni's on strike and he clubs a single. New batsman Rohit Sharma follows suit, and Dhoni then blasts Clarke for four past mid-on.

Wicket falls
17.3 overs - Yuvraj c Hussey b Clarke 70 - Ind 155-4
Gilchrist turns to Michael Clarke's orthodox left-arm spin, rather than risk more carnage against Symonds. Dhoni takes a single off the first ball, and then Yuvraj hoists his fifth six of the innings over midwicket. He then tries the same shot but is caught on the boundary by Hussey. 70 off 30 balls, an unbelievable knock.

17th over - Ind 148-3
Lee's back for his final over, and Dhoni smashes him back to long-on for two. The next ball is slower, but he pulls it safely to midwicket for a single. After a rare dot ball, Yuvraj tickles a single, and then Dhoni works the fifth ball to fine leg for one. Lee's last ball sees Yuvraj check his swing, but still lift the ball to long-on for two.

16th over - Ind 141-3
Symonds changes ends to bowl off-spin to Yuvraj, who takes a single. Dhoni then brutally biffs the next ball back past the bowler for four. Dhoni then shows no sign of his back trouble from the last game as he pulls Symonds through midwicket for four, then hammers a single to long-off. The force appears to be with Yuvraj as he slashes one just over the leaping Haddin at extra cover for four. Symonds has bowled his three overs for 37.

15th over - Ind 127-3
After that superb 84-run stand, new batsman Mahendra Dhoni is off the mark with a single. Yuvraj works it to backward square leg, where Haddin holds his leg as though he's pulled something. And Surrey have beaten Lancashire by 24 runs - SUSSEX ARE COUNTY CHAMPIONS.

Wicket falls
14.3 overs - WICKET - Uthappa run out 34 - Ind 125-3
Uthappa joins in the fun, striding down the crease to swipe Johnson over long-on for six. The next ball is flatter, but is nevertheless despatched for six to the same area. The next ball is struck to extra cover, but Symonds throws the ball in like a tracer bullet where it demolishes middle stump, and Uthappa's gone.

That's 50
14th over - Ind 113-2
Clark returns, but Yuvraj lifts him over point. It looks like Haddin is going to catch him on the boundary - but he just dives and misses it, and it bounces just in front of the rope for four. Slats on TMS tries to console Haddin by pointing out that he's a wicket-keeper, and thus unlikely to have to take chances like that most of the time. After Clark sends down a wide, some clever running sees Yuvraj scamper two. Another diving stop by Hayden nearly pulls off a catch at long-on, but it doesn't quite reach him. Another two. He forces the next ball away to backward square leg, and a diving Hodge stop brings another two. But the next ball is lifted over midwicket and nearly clears the scoreboard. A massive hit brings up his fifty. The next one is flayed past cover for four.

Michael Slater
"I don't care who you are, you can't bowl to Yuvraj at the moment when he's in this form. At the moment he's the biggest hitter in world cricket"
Michael Slater on TMS

13th over - Ind 92-2
Symonds stays on, despite that punishment he got last time out. Yuvraj has to dive for his crease when Uthappa pushes it to midwicket and Yuvraj is nearly run out at the bowler's end. With Yuvraj on strike, Symonds goes around the wicket and switches to off-spin. He takes a single, so Symonds goes over the wicket and reverts to medium pace. That's the fifty stand.

12th over - Ind 88-2
Bracken returns, bowling around the wicket to Uthappa, and a leg-bye brings the dangerous Yuvraj back on strike. A couple more singles rotate the strike, then Yuvraj carves one past extra cover for four. He reaches 32 off 12 balls.

Michael Slater
"With this Aussie Twenty20 kit, you can't really carry it off unless you've got the biceps for it"
Former Australia batsman Michael Slater on TMS

11th over - Ind 79-2
Andrew Symonds comes on to bowl, in medium-pace mode, and Uthappa nudges him away for a single. Yuvraj flicks another one off his legs which just bounces once inside the rope for four. The six from the last over is measured at 119 metres - the longest of the tournament. After Yuvraj dabs a single, Uthappa hoists a six of his own over cow corner, and after he takes a single, Yuvraj lifts another six over midwicket. 19 runs of that over. Rock and roll!

"Will the Aussies squeeze out the runs and make it a boring one-sided affair again. I hope they falter for once. Come on India!"
Vikas, Germany, in the TMS inbox

10th over - Ind 60-2
Lee's back from the other end, and Johnson's off despite having taken both wickets. Lee gives a Paddington Bear-style "hard stare" to Yuvraj, who then brings up the fifty with a straight-driven two as a combination of Johnson and Mike Hussey prevent the four. Next ball, Symonds then hits the stumps with a direct hit, but Uthappa is in his ground and they run a second from the ricochet. Yuvraj them lifts another one over midwicket, an orthodox cricket shot but it's gone miles back into the stand for six.

"I think the Australians throw at the stumps far too much when there's no chance of a run-out. That used to annoy the hell out of me as a captain"
Ian Chappell on TMS

9th over - Ind 48-2
Clark greets new batsman Yuvraj Singh with a bouncer. The next one is short too, and Yuvraj hooks it high over backward square leg for six. He then prods a slower ball for a single to point.

"Mark, It's me again. To heck with the library. I'll do a full monty on the librarian's table if India pull this one off"
Rahul, still sitting next to a lovely Danish girl, Copenhagen
[BBC Sport is not responsible for montys, full, half or otherwise, or any distress caused to any lovely girls, Danish or otherwise]

Wicket falls
8th over - WICKET - Gambhir c Hodge b Johnson 24 - Ind 41-2
Symonds remains a livewire in the off-side "shortstop" position. Just two singles are possible as the Aussie fielders keep it very tight. Then, a rare short ball is pulled to the midwicket boundary where Brad Hodge throws himself forward to take a smart catch.

"Someone should tell Anwar that Pakistan have yet to beat India in any World Cup match, Twenty20 or Fifty50. The game in the 2003 World Cup ranks as my personal favourite"
Vikramaditya in the TMS inbox

7th over - Ind 39-1
Fielding restrictions are over, and Alison Mitchell replaces Aggers on TMS. Another quick Gambhir single, but Clark keeps it tight against Uthappa - until he's dropped by Michael Clarke at backward point. It was high above his head, but he got both hands to it. A single ensues, and Gambhir scampers another to keep the strike.

Ian Chappell
"The Antipodeans have grassed a few catches today, although the New Zealand chances were easier than that one. Most teams seem happy to concede singles within the circle, but Australia are going the other way"
Ian Chappell on TMS

6th over - Ind 36-1
New batsman is Robin Uthappa, and he nudges his first ball past the diving Hayden at slip for a single. Another tip-and-run by Gambhir brings him another run. Uthappa then handsomely cover-drives for four. It seems it's nearly all India fans in the crowd.

Ian Chappell
"I think it's just me and one other person here in the stadium supporting Australia"
Former Australia skipper Ian Chappell on TMS

Wicket falls
5.2 overs - WICKET - Sehwag c Gilchrist b Johnson 9 - Ind 30-1
New bowler, same action as Johnson replaces fellow left-arm seamer Bracken, but it's vintage Sehwag as he cuts one through point for four. But when he attempts the same shot, he gets a faint edge and is caught behind.

5th over - Ind 26-0
Stuart Clark, who is the joint leading wicket-taker (with Shahid Afridi) on 12 wickets in this World Twenty20, replaces Lee. Clark is sporting a shorter haircut than usual, a little like an army recruit, and just three singles are taken from the first five balls before Gambhir pulls a loose one to the square leg boundary. It also brings the pitchside podium dancers into action.

"Never miss a commentary if I can help it - Surrey fan all my life - can they do this?! Got to go and do the shopping before the wife uses that machete she's walking around with!"
Derek Tyler, Grand Cayman, in the TMS inbox

Derek, if you're out and about, don't forget you can follow all the news from BBC Sport on your mobile or PDA. There's no excuse not to keep in touch!

4th over - Ind 19-0
Sehwag clubs Bracken towards mid-on but Mitchell Johnson makes a good diving stop to restrict them to a single when four looked on the menu. Gambhir then gets the crowd on their feet with a slash through gully for four - and then a streaky edge through the vacant slip region brings another boundary.

Jonathan Agnew
"I don't think I've seen as many Indian flags at a game in in Bombay as I've seen here"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

3rd over - Ind 10-0
As Aggers and summariser Sunil Gavaskar on TMS ponder who calls in the event of a quick single (the injured batsman? the runner?), Sehwag has more treatment. Lee charges in and gives Sehwag some verbals as he prevents a run by fielding off his own bowling. Symonds, whose lips are covered with white zinc cream as usual, is as energetic as ever in a "shortstop"-style position at short cover. Sehwag dabs a single as Sharma scampers through to the bowler's end. Just the one run from the over - well bowled Brett.

"Will India be able to overcome their nerves and poor run in key matches, especially against Australia? I would certainly hope so, for that would be two mouthwatering ties for India against Australia and Pakistan. Let's hope India's batting comes to the party"
Sanchit in the TMS inbox

2nd over - Ind 9-0
Sehwag has treatment from the physio, and eventually calls for a runner. It's Rohit Sharma, who was man-of-the-match in India's last game against South Africa. The flaxen-haired Nathan Bracken takes the second over and Gambhir tips-and-runs a single from the first ball. Sehwag does the same. With all the confusion over runners, square-leg umpire Mark Benson moves to point. Gambhir gets a fortunate edge past gully for a single, and Sehwag tickles another single. Andrew Symonds' throw hits the stumps at the bowler's end, but runner Sharma is easily home.

Jonathan Agnew
"Asad Rauf is like an effeminate version of Billy Bowden with his hand signals"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS

"It seems Anwar has forgotten Pakistan's defeat last week at the hands of India!"
Abhishek in the TMS inbox [Although, remember that was in a bowl-out - MM]

1st over - Ind 5-0
Lee beats Gambhir's outside edge with the first ball and has a half-hearted shout for a catch behind. Gambhir then slices one wide of Bracken at third man for four to get the scoreboard moving. Sehwag then calls Gambhir through for a smart single - despite looking like he may have pulled a muscle going for it. Aggers on TMS suggests that he could always bat like Gordon Greenidge, who was sometimes at his most dangerous on one leg.

"What a final it would be if India can pull this one off!"
Sam on 606

1657: Here they come. Asad Rauf and Mark Benson are the umpires, third ump Billy Doctrove is the man with his finger on the freeze-frame for the TV replays, and Chris "father of Stuart" Broad is the match referee. Aggers is opening up on TMS. I'm here with you on the live text. Oliver Brett's on match report duties. Gambhir and Sehwag are opening for India. Brett Lee takes the new ball - have I missed anyone?

"India will lose for sure. Pakistan will be the champion"
Anwar Hafsa in the TMS inbox

1648: Mention of Shane Watson reminds me I also must share with you, one of the funniest e-mails I've ever received. During Friday's games between Bangladesh-Pakistan and South Africa-India, everyone had been e-mailing in stories of who the most famous person they had ever played with or against in club cricket. Take it away, Angela...

"I was in a primary school musical with Shane Watson as my opposing love interest and I had to sing a love song to him. Does that count? He played a superhero called Captain Vegemite and wore tights, not unlike the current Australian T20 uniform!"
Angela, from Australia, living in London, in the TMS inbox

1645: As ever, do get involved on e-mail and on 606 - I'm looking forward to hear how you think the game will go. The gap between semi-finals gave me the chance to swig down some Nurofen to (hopefully) stave off a headache - so be gentle with me!

"Uthappa, Sehwag and Dhoni need to do well for India. Sree Santh is hot headed but needs to bowl calmly. I have a feeling the Aussies will have too much for the Indians. Prove me wrong and we meet again old foes"
Majestic Inzi on 606

TOSS AND TEAM NEWS: Gilchrist calls incorrectly, India captain Dhoni chooses to bat first. Fit-again Yuvraj Singh comes in for Dinesh Karthik. The Haddin/Watson switch is confirmed.

India: Gambhir, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Uthappa, R Sharma, Dhoni (capt & wk), Pathan, Harbhajan, J Sharma, Santh, RP Singh.

Australia: Gilchrist (capt & wk), Hayden, Hodge, Symonds, Hussey, Clarke, Haddin, Lee, Johnson, Bracken, Clark.

1637: A bit of team news - with captain Ricky Ponting and all-rounder Shane Watson both ruled out, Australia had a choice of three players with surnames beginning with 'H' - but have preferred reserve wicket-keeper Brad Haddin, who will play as a batsman, ahead of spinner Brad Hogg or seamer Ben Hilfenhaus.

1630: Afternoon, all - it's eyes down for the second semi-final between Australia and India, with the winners going through to play Pakistan in Monday's final.

If you've just got in, it was fairly comfortable for Pakistan in the end. And it's the final countdown in the County Championship, with Lancashire and Sussex tussling for the title.

Australia power into semi-finals
20 Sep 07 |  Cricket
Watson forced out of India tour
21 Sep 07 |  Australia


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