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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 September 2007, 07:33 GMT 08:33 UK
Australia v Sri Lanka as it happened
WORLD TWENTY20 Super Eights, Cape Town:
Australia 102-0 (10.2 overs) bt Sri Lanka 101 by 10 wickets


By Sam Lyon


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"Did you have your bet on the Aussies to win within 10 overs? If so, unlucky - it's a mugs game, one which I partake in regularly..."
Kev - Freetown, Sierra Leone in the TMS inbox

I say a couple of hits away - well Hayden does it in true Aussie style, down on one knee and crashing Mubarak high into the stands to seal a truly comprehensive victory. Australia go into the semi-finals alongside Pakistan, Sri Lanka must lick their wounds before England visit later this month. Thanks for playing today people, Mark Mitchener will talk you through Pakistan-Bangladesh next - be gentle with him. Aus 102-0

That's 50
10th over - Aus 94-0 Dilshan continues, and Hayden continues to batter him all over the gaff. A delightful square cut brings preceded by a simple push onto the on-side brings up the opener's 50 and Australia are just a couple of hits away.

"How do you mean "revealed" as a complete and utter halfwit saddo. I thought that was well and truly established yesterday."
Colin, Norwich in the TMS inbox

9th over - Aus 86-0 Lasith Malinga comes on but his unusual action can't rock the Aussie openers from their canter - Hayden kerpowing a four through the covers as eight come off the over. For anyone who is interested, Avram Grant is the new Chelsea manager - which is a bit like INXS replacing Michael Hutchence with that pop idol loser JD Fortune if you ask me.

8th over - Aus 78-0 Tillakaratne Dilshan comes on for a few slow right-armers and Australia are content to knock it around for five singles. No panic here.

"Unfortunately, I am one of your younger readers, and as such have no idea what you are on about, the Beatles having been famous about 20 years before my existence. Could you slip in a few, say, Oasis lyrics in to for the younger generations to find?"
Alistair D in the TMS inbox

No idea about the Beatles Alistair?! Back to school for you young man - although a brief study of any Oasis song will no doubt provide brief summary of the Beatles output. Anyway, thems the breaks son, roll with it.

7th over - Aus 73-0 KERPLUNK! Haydos launches the first six of the innings, taking a step and marmalising one over long-off with a brutal hit. Four wides add to Maharoof's misery, and when Hayden tonks one though the covers for another boundary off the last ball to make 19 from the over, Maharoof calls for his blanket and dummy and curls up on the boundary rope with his teddy.

1105: Right - here's my list then (in order from the bottom up): Come Together, It's Getting Better, Help, Get Back, In My Life, It Won't Be Long, Twist and Shout, Don't Let Me Down, Helter Skelter, Nowhere Man. Mark Shakespeare was the first in with those 10 and wins absolutely nothing. Apparently, 'bonus' ones that you can argue the merits of or otherwise are; Boys, Flying, The End, Shout and Because. When I tell this story later in the pub, I will claim to have shoe-horned 15 Beatles titles into an innings commentary without anyone noticing. Actually, for fear of being revealed as a complete and utter halfwit saddo, maybe I won't.

6th over - 54-0 Adam Gilchrist is clearly in no mood to hang around, punching Fernando through the covers with aplomb, before clipping away on the leg side for another four to bring up the Aussies' 50.

5th over - 44-0 Farveez Maharoof is brought up to the sacrificial altar and Haydos and Gilly show no mercy, the latter bludgeoning him away on the pull for four second ball and Hayden then hooking through midwicket for another boundary two balls later. A delicious punch down the ground from Hayden makes it 15 from the over and we could all be done here before you can say "Being For the Benefit of Mr Kite" - that doesn't count by the way.

4th over - Aus 29-0 Another tight over from Fernando, who is tying both Gilchrist and Hayden up nicely with his line and length, is ruined when Kumar Sangakkara allows one to slip through his legs and away for four byes.

3rd over - Aus 23-0 You'll all be relieved to hear that all 10 of my deliberate ones have been found by various people, but not all 10 by one, if that makes any sense. It would also appear there are three 'bonus' ones in there so you have no excuses - I'll tell you after the first powerplay. Vaas is getting a bit of treatment at the moment, Hayden opening his shoulders and lofting a drive just over Malinga's head for four, before Gilchrist repeats the stroke off the penultimate ball to make it 12 from the over.

"I have to say that The Beatles' "Cricketing Suicide" remains one of their most underrated works."
James in London in the TMS inbox

2nd over - Aus 11-0 A few of you are claiming 'Yesterday' - but you can't have that one because I wrote 'yesterday's' (in the 14th over) - sorry, rules are rules. Out in Cape Town it's a more considered effort from the Aussie openers, two singles coming off Fernando's over.

1st over - Aus 9-0 Matthew Hayden looks to dominate from the off - spanking Vaas through midwicket for four - and a few singles make it nine from the over in a flash.

"Was 'Into The Safe Hands of Andrew Symonds at Mid-off' on The White Album?"
J Miller in the TMS inbox

1039: Right, given that I've sparked a literal frenzy of scanning of my commentary looking for Beatles songs (alright, about three people are giving it a casual glance)... I'm giving you all some extra time to dig them out. I'm not sure when I'll reveal 'em, just when I get bored. And the Aussie openers stride out to the crease, unaware of the white hot Beatles-song search...

"I noticed you put in Nowhere Man. I didn't notice the Beatles link, I just thought you were trying to be trendy, man."
Joseph Harvey in the TMS inbox

"Is it me or was the person who designed those ludicrous Australian outfits the same one who made Russ Abbott's Cooperman costume, complete with bulging 'muscles'? I bet that, underneath, they are all built like Phil Tufnell!"
Alan, Bristol in the TMS inbox

Right, I'm back in a bit people. Due to a distinct lack of email contact from you people I've been amusing myself by slipping 10 Beatles' song titles into this innings commentary (on a dare, I add. And I won). I'll let you know what they are in a bit, but see how you get on...

Our for a duck
20th over - WICKET! Fernando c and b Bracken 0, SL 101 all out And that's a wrap folks - Dilhara Fernando playing a shot straight out of the 'How Not to Play Fast Bowling' manual and dollying a simple return catch to Bracken. Dismal effort from Sri Lanka and Australia are on course for a simple progression into the semi-finals, bar a miracle.

Wicket falls
19th over - WICKET! Vaas c Lee b Symonds 21, SL 99-9 Ouch - a rare double whammy against Australia - Lasith Malinga spanks Shane Watson away for the first six of the innings over midwicket, and Watson pulls up in his follow through with a hamstring pull - looks like the all-rounder's injury jinx shows no sign of abating. Andrew Symonds comes on to finish the over - and strikes third ball, luring Chaminda Vaas into an ugly hoik and Brett Lee takes a fine catch on the run. A single off the last ball brings up the Sri Lankan 100 - huge sighs of relief all round.

18th over - SL 92-8 Lee will bowl out and he restricts Sri Lanka to six singles, despite the tail-enders' almost comical efforts to open their shoulders and fine the boundary. Half of Sri Lanka's runs so far have come in singles - which tells you all you need to know about their innings, really.

Wicket falls
17th over - WICKET! Mubarak c Symonds b Watson 28, SL 85-8 Erm, I didn't mean it literally Muba! Alright, maybe I did... Mubarak goes for the big how's-your-father but succeeds only in spooning a slower ball high and into the safe hands of Andrew Symonds at mid-off. His feet were nowhere man. Awful stuff. A single to end the over. 86-8

16th over - SL 82-7 This is just crazy from Sri Lanka, surely? Anything less than 130-140 will be an absolute breeze for this Australian side I reckon, and yet the boys in the blue jim jams are happy to poke around for ones and twos - hit out or get out peeps! Five very dull runs from an uneventful over.

"Peter C: Symonds wouldn't know who Papa Lazarou is. These crazy Australians live in a bubble world where it's sunny, the women are pretty and the sports team possess a certain degree of competency."
Andy M in the TMS inbox

15th over - SL 77-7 Singles are the order of the day again for Sri Lanka, with five coming off Watson's over. Dum de dum.

"Please don't compare Andrew Symonds with Papa Lazarou, He always freaked me out and his catch phrase "you my wife now" sends shivers down my spine just thinking about him. GO AUSTRALIA!!!!"
Sarah (Tasmania) currently in London, pretending to do work, in the TMS inbox

14th over - SL 72-7 Well isn't this a bit of a damp squib after the helter skelter of yesterday's England match? Mubarak makes the most of some dross on leg stump from Nathan Bracken to punch the first ball for four, but it's still just seven from the over and Australia should chase this down in no time. In fact, I might have a squizz at the bookies that they knock the target off in less than 10 overs - come on boys, don't let me down, BBC wages need boosting at every opportunity!

13th over - SL 65-7 Shane Watson comes on for a spell and concedes just five singles off the over. Very much a case of damage limitation here for Sri Lanka - how we all know how that feels as England fans huh?

"Re: Chris on Symonds - I don't suppose you'd be brave enough to say that to his face would you mate? He marmalise you son and no mistake."
Peter C in the TMS inbox

12th over - SL 60-7 Stuart Clark, immaculate throughout the day, falters with a front-foot no-ball gifting Sri Lanka a much needed free hit and sparking an impromptu twist and shout from their supporters in the crowd. Predictably, though, Mubarak can't take advantage and he fails to get it away. Just five singles come off the over and it ends Clark's spell with figures of 4-20.

"Is it just me or does Andrew Symonds look a lot like Papa Lazarou from "The League of Gentlemen". Could explain the ridiculous outfits perhaps??"
Chris, Portsmouth in the TMS inbox

11th over - SL 55-7 Brett Lee returns but it returns the first double-figure score off an over in the innings so far. Chaminda Vaas, who fancies himself with the bat a bit, deliberately slices one over the keeper's head for four, before Mubarak crunches a brutaliser through the covers with Rolex timing.

Our for a duck
10th over - WICKET! Maharoof c Clarke b Clark 0, SL 43-7 I'm not sure I've seen a top order crumble like this in my life. Oh no hold on, except every time England play. Farveez Maharoof lasts all of two balls before he becomes Clark's fourth victim, Michael Clarke taking a sensational right-handed diving catch at backward point, and it won't be long before Sri Lanka are skittled for double figures here.

Wicket falls
10th over - WICKET! Sangakkara c Clarke b Clark 22, SL 43-6 It was never going to last! Kumar Sangakkara is the latest man to perish, slashing the dreamily accurate Stuart Clark straight to at gully.

9th over - SL 39-5 It is literally all happening in the office right now - Not only has Jose gone from Chelsea with Avram Grant the man set to take over, it has broken that Andrew Flintoff has been ruled out of England's tour of Sri Lanka after failing to prove his fitness following ankle surgery. That AND Clive's got the teas in for the first time since 1972. Unbelievable scenes. Back in Cape Town and Sri Lanka do the impossible and get through an over without losing a wicket.

8th over - WICKET! Dilshan c Gilchrist b Clark 3, SL 30-5 The equivalent of cricketing suicide is going down in Cape Town, with Tillakaratne Dilshan the latest to give his wicket away - slashing at a wide one from Stuart Clark and edging a simple one behind to Gilchrist. Jehan Mubarak clips one off his pads for four to end the over and it's down to him and Sangakkara now you feel. 34-5

7th over - SL 28-4 A quiet over for Sri Lanka, with a minor scare when Tillakaratne Dilshan goes down the wicket to Mitchell Johnson but manages to get back in time to save his skin. Just two from the over.

"21-4 off 6 overs? are you sure the England team haven't disguised themselves as Sri Lankans as a way of trying to stay in the tournament??"
Kev, Carlisle in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
6th over - WICKET! Silva c Lee b Clark 6, SL 21-4 Oh dear, Sri Lanka are in desperate need of some help here, with Silva the latest man to perish, top-edging straight to Brett Lee at third man off of only Stuart Clark's third delivery of the innings. That's four down now and a target of 160-plus looks well beyond reach as it stands. A four from Sangakkara through the covers does little to ease the pressure. 26-4

5th over - SL 21-3 Mitchell Johnson gives Lee a bit of a breather but his first ball is worked off his pads fine for four by Chamara Silva and a couple of singles make it six from the over. It's getting better for Sri Lanka, but they need more than that.

4th over - SL 15-3 Let-off for Kumar Sangakkara as the wicket-keeper batsman chips one towards Brad Hodge at mid-on, only for the Aussie fielder to spill a tough one over his head diving backwards. A cheeky single almost sees the end of new batsman Chamara Silva but Andrew Symonds' diving throw misses the stumps, prompting the two batsmen to come together mid-pitch for a mini conference. Need to settle here Sri Lanka.

"Not that i want to dispute the meteor claim, but did any of this coincide with Yuvraj's efforts last night? Was 'with love, Stuart Broad' written on the side of it?"
Rich, Leicester in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
3rd over - WICKET! Jayawardene c Clark b Lee 1, SL 11-3 Sensational start for Australia - Brett Lee gets more movement through the air and Sri Lanka captain Jayawardene can only send a leading edge to Stuart Clark diving forward at mid-on.

"Conspiracy theorists start the Mourinho story a smokescreen to divert attention from the alien landing in Peru? Will The Special One re-emerge as leader of the inter-planetary advanced guard? And will he keep them lined up in a rigid defensive formation? And what has any of this to do with the cricket??"
J in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
2nd over - WICKET! Tharanga c Lee b Bracken 4, SL 9-2 Disastrous start for Sri Lanka. The ball is doing a bit in the early-morning conditions and Upul Tharanga gets away with one when he strides down the wicket and lofts a leading edge over mid-on for a couple. He doesn't two balls later, though, when Tharanga sends one down Brett Lee's throat at third man.

"The next time I suffer from headaches, vomiting and nausea I'm going to blame it on a meteor and not the Belgian beer."
Denzil, Belgium in the TMS inbox

Our for a duck
1st over - WICKET! Jayasuriya lbw Lee 0, SL 1-1 Jaya goes! Brett Lee needs just three deliveries to make the breakthrough - having had one decent shout for leg before turned down off the second ball, the blond paceman gets another full delivery to swing back in and it raps Jayasuriya on the pads in front. It could have been a bit high, but Asad Rauf raises the dreaded finger... Kumar Sangakkara ends the over with a flash for four that just evades Mike Hussey at backward point. Nervy start from Sri Lanka.

"Those aliens clearly know what they're doing targeting those Peruvian villagers. People might think it's stupid but it's the perfect way to lull us into a false sense of security. That's where the aliens from Independence Day went wrong - straight for the White House! It gave us the chance to fight back..."
Chris Bradley in the TMS inbox

0858: It's another glorious day in South Africa, and Sanath Jayasuriya - so in need of a score in this tournament - and Upul Tharanga stride to the crease desperate to help Sri Lanka get a score on the board that will put the 50-over world champions under the cosh... here we go peeps...

"Maybe Mourinho fancies doing a Clive Woodward and managing the English cricket team? With the questionable umpiring decisions and consistent English losses the post-match press conferences would be more exciting than on-field action."
Mark, Abu Dhabi in the TMS inbox

0849: Confirmation of the teams, then:

Australia: AC Gilchrist (capt, wkt), ML Hayden, BJ Hodge, A Symonds, MEK Hussey, MJ Clarke, SR Watson, B Lee, MG Johnson, NW Bracken, SR Clark.

Sri Lanka: WU Tharanga, ST Jayasuriya, KC Sangakkara, DPMD Jayawardene, TM Dilshan, LPC Silva, J Mubarak, MF Maharoof, WPUJC Vaas, CRD Fernando, SL Malinga.

Umpires: Asad Rauf and I L Howell

"I would love SL to win, but I reckon the Aussies will dig deep..."
zapmag on 606

"You have to love Berocca. I use it when away ski-ing, being just that little bit too old for all the apres (to keep up), and find it adds new meaning to 'making yellow snow'..."
Bruce M in the TMS inbox

0843: With a blessed absence of flying saucers and alien warrior ships overhead, Adam Gilchrist wins the toss in Cape Town and opts to field first. The Aussies do love a chase, and this wicket shouldn't change too much. Australia captain Ricky Ponting is of course out with a hamstring injury, but key all-rounder Shane Watson returns after injury, while Sri Lanka are unchanged from their last match against Bangladesh.

0837: Alright, some people might be assuming that Jose Mourinho's stunning departure from Chelsea is the big news of the last 24 hours - but they would be wrong. Who read about the meteor crash in Peru that left whoever came in within reach of it - hundreds of people - ill with headaches, vomiting and nausea? I'm telling you - the invasion is only days away now!!

0830: Right, England may be out of the competition but that can only mean one thing - good sides are still in it! And they don't come much better or bigger than Australia and Sri Lanka.

Let's be honest, the wind may have been taken out of England supporters' sails, but this is arguably the biggest match of the competition so far - with Pakistan already through, this is a winner-takes-all, (hopefully) run-fest between two of the best exponents of the short form of the game in recent years. Alright, I'm talking it up... I blame the morning Berocca... but come on people, let's have it!

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