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Last Updated: Monday, 17 September 2007, 19:13 GMT 20:13 UK
Pakistan v Sri Lanka as it happened
WORLD TWENTY20, Johannesburg:
Pakistan 189-6 bt Sri Lanka 156-9


By Paul Fletcher

e-mail (with 'For Paul Fletcher' in the subject) or use 606 or text 81111

To those who sent in comments, insults or otherwise, many thanks indeed. A few of you even spotted some of the deliberate mistakes I like to slip in to keep you on your toes.


20th over - Sri Lanka 156-9
That's it - a very comprehensive victory indeed by Pakistan, who brought their A-game to the Wanderers today. Of course, what sort of performance they will muster against Australia on Tuesday remains to be seen.

Wicket falls
19.3 overs - WICKET - Malinga c Younus b Gul 1 - Sri Lanka 155-9
Malinga tries to pull the ball but it ends up caught by Younus.

Wicket falls
18.5 overs - WICKET - Dilshan c Younus b Hafeez 38 - Sri Lanka 150-8
Finally, finally. Dilshan connects with a full toss and almost decapitates the DJ. Another six follows next ball. Hafeez is not thrilled. Younus Khan then drops him on the boundary - so that's three sixes in the over so far. But as he attempts to hit a fourth he is caught in the deep - Younus holding on this time.

18th over - Sri Lanka 130-7
Just two overs left now and Sri Lanka require 60 to win from the final 12 balls. Another tidy over from Gul, while Dilshan is having major problems laying bat on ball.

17th over - Sri Lanka 125-7
Sohail Tanvir back into the attack, running through the crease without really bothering with a delivery stride. You can see why people try to compare him with Wasim Akram. He has given away a few extras but looks to be a real find. Sohail finishes with figures of 1-26 from four overs.

"Hello, hello - have you gone to sleep?"
Colin, Newcastle, in the TMS inbox

Still here Colin, tricky work squeezing in 40 winks during a Twenty20 innings.


16th over - Sri Lanka 119-7
Dilshan has brought out the long handle but I do not think that will be enough. Looking at his batting, though, I reckon he could smash a golf ball several hundred yards. Another good over from Gul.

15th over - Sri Lanka 116-7
Afridi's spell finishes. It has been brilliant, with figures of 3-18 from his four overs. All over now, surely.

Wicket falls
14.4 overs - WICKET - Wijekoon c Hafeez b Afridi 0 - Sri Lanka 115-7
Another wicket for Afridi. Wijekoon tries to smash the ball out of the park but gets a top edge.

14th over - Sri Lanka 113-6
Pakistan very much on top now at Wanderers. Lanka have lost crucial wickets at key moments.

Wicket falls
13.3 overs - WICKET - Mubarak c Afridi b Gul 0 - Sri Lanka 112-6
Jehan Mubarak tries to pull the ball but it is on him quickly and he is caught by Afridi coming in from mid-wicket.

Wicket falls
12.5 overs - WICKET - Silva b Afridi 38 - Sri Lanka 111-5
Silva hits a couple of fours but then plays around a straight one and is bowled by Afridi, who tends to have a say on the outcome of a match one way or another. Silva was looking the form man for Sri Lanka.

"Surely the word you're looking for is 'maxima'? And I don't know when they became them."
Marco, Huddersfield in the TMS inbox

Point taken, but I've been listening to lots of talk of maximums over the summer months and even more so with regard to the Twenty20. Don't think John Arlott would have approved.

He's reached 100
12th over - Sri Lanka 102-4
Pakistan are speeding through their overs. It looks for a moment as though Silva might be caught sweeping but the ball goes for six.

11th over - Sri Lanka 90-4
Another top over from Afridi, who now has figures of 1-6 from his two overs.

Wicket falls
10.1 overs - WICKET - Jayawardene c Hafeez b Afridi 28 - Sri Lanka 88-4
Mohammad Hafeez takes an excellent catch above his head at deep square leg to send the Sri Lankan captain on his way.

That's 50

10th over - Sri Lanka 88-3
The 50 partnership between Jayawardene and Silva comes up in just 31 balls. Hafeez, like Afridi before him, is mixing up his bowling to keep the Sri Lankans guessing. Hafeez's over goes for just four runs - 16 deliveries since a boundary.

9th over - Sri Lanka 84-3
Shahid Afridi into the attack, mixing up his length and pace to good effect. He concedes just four singles.

8th over - Sri Lanka 80-3
Seems like a quiet over but Sri Lanka still manage to pick off nine runs. Silva hits the only boundary of the over.

"Sri Lanka are playing with the weight of my 100 to win on their shoulders."
Paul Dargan in the TMS inbox

That's 50

7th over - Sri Lanka 71-3
Another messy over from Pakistan sees Sri Lanka move to 50 with Silva hitting a four. He then plays a lovely cut for another boundary and, after a no-ball from Asif, he top edges the free hit for six. Asif is harshly penalised for another no-ball, which Silva hits for four with an outside edge.

6th over - Sri Lanka 49-3
Sohail Tanvir drifts down leg again and is clipped for four. He also pings down a couple of wides. Another wideish delivery is run down to third man for a single by new batsman Chamara Silva. Mahela Jayawardene then smashes a very big six

5th over - Sri Lanka 35-5
Sri Lanka's habit of losing wickets is undermining their cause.

Tell me this - since when did sixes become "maximums"?

Wicket falls
4.5 overs - WICKET - Sangakarra b Asif 18 - Sri Lanka 35-3
Sangakarra pulls the first ball of Asif's over for a boundary. Maybe the pressure is starting to move on to Pakistan as Asif bowls an extremely wide, wide. Should be penalised two runs. Sangakarra gives himself some room and hits a majestic four. Pure class. But next ball Sangakarra tries to make room again and plays on after the ball hits his arm and rolls on to the stumps. He look very, very angry with himself. Asif sends him on his way with some directions as to where he should be going.

4th over - Sri Lanka 24-2
Sohail Tanvir starts to drift a little leg side, conceding a wide and, later, clipped for four. Another solid over for Sri Lanka, who are under pressure after their poor start.

"Paul, does Whoosher actually exist or is he a figment of your imagination? If he exists (I assume it's a he from the cricket references, although he apparently bowled like a girl), could you have him check on my aging Aunt in Ashton-on-Ribble?"
Graham in the TMS inbox

Oh, he exists alright. But Graham, no one in Preston would say Ashton-on-Ribble. Ashton will suffice (at least it did when I lived there). I also think that he has left Preston now, or was driven out of town.

3rd over - Sri Lanka 15-2
Pakistan are trying to turn the screw with another tight over. Well, almost a tight over before Kumara Sangakkara makes room and cuts the last ball of Asif's over for six.

2nd over - Sri Lanka 6-2
Pakistan have made a great start and Sri Lanka look a little unsettled by Sohail Tanvir's unorthodox action. Just one run off the over.

Wicket falls
1.1 overs - WICKET - Jayasuriya b Sohail 5 - Sri Lanka 5-2
I take it all back. Old strange action Sohail Tanvir bowls it fast and full and Jayasuriya is on his was back to the pavilion, or dugout, or whatever it is they have in this crazy world of Twenty20.

1st over - Sri Lanka 5-1
Oh dear - could that be a major incident in the course of the match? Sanath Jayasuriya tries to pull the ball but it is on him quickly and he top edges. Sohail Tanvir comes in from the deep but spills the chance.

Wicket falls
0.2 overs - WICKET - Thuranga c Gul b Asif 0 - Sri Lanka 0-1
Pakistan strike early - Upul Thuranga goes for the big one and gets a top edge. He is caught at third man off just the second ball of the innings. Game on.

"Left work? I just got back from lunch!"
Graham, Florida, in the TMS inbox

"That's more like it Paul, humour the nation! It's what us cricket junkie's want to see since we have been deprived of Ben Dirs. Anyway, at least my "Merv the Swerve" bowling was fractionally quicker than yours."
Whoosher, Preston, in the TMS inbox

Hello, I had heard that unfortunately you had lost your senses over the last few years and that seems to be the case. To say that you bowled quicker than me is like suggesting Derby County will be extending their tenure in the Premiership beyond one season - lunacy.


"I think I did well today."
Dilshan Fernando, who took 2-17 from his four overs.

20th over - Pakistan 189-6
Misbah-ul Haq hits a big six off Jayasuriya's second ball - should he not have been in before Kamram Akmal. Misbah deposits the final ball of the over for a massive straight six. Great clean hitting. Jayasuriya has gone for 64 runs in his four overs.

19th over - Pakistan 171-6
Six balls left and a big over required by Pakistan. The final over will be bowled by Jayasuriya - who has gone for 46 in his previous three overs.

Wicket falls
18.4 overs - WICKET - Shahid Afridi b Malinga 17 - Pakistan 170-6
Another over for Malinga, who has come back well after an awful first over earlier in the innings. Afridi shuffles across his stumps and paddles it from outside his off-stump over the man at short fine leg for four. Amazing from Boom Boom. Of course, he is out next ball, a full delivery striking his leg stump.

18th over - Pakistan 164-5
The excellent Fernando is back into the attack and he almost deflects a drive on to the stumps at the non-striker's end, nearly running out Afridi. The boundaries have started to dry up. There are just two runs off the first five deliveries before Kamran Akmal edges the final ball of the over to the ropes.

Is there anybody out there or has everyone left work for the day?

17th over - Pakistan 158-5
Afridi hits a short ball around the corner for four and moves on to 12. What sort of damage can he do in the remaining three overs?

Wicket falls
16.4 overs - WICKET - Shoaib Malik c Dilshan b Malinga 57 - Pakistan 152-5
Malinga continues and is bowling a full length. Afridi plays a couple of relatively conservative shots - by his owns standards of course. However, Malik goes for another big shot but gets underneath it and is caught in the deep.

That's 50

16th over - Pakistan 147-4
Malik reaches his 50 with a huge six, his half century coming off just 27 balls. Shahid Afridi is out in the middle now and I'm struggling to keep up.

Wicket falls
14.6 overs - WICKET - Younus Khan c Dilshan b Malinga 51 - Pakistan 134-4
After a superb innings Younus falls, caught at deep mid-off trying to drive Malinga for a high, straight six.

That's 50
14.1 overs - Pakistan 126-3
Malinga is back into the attack after a first spell that comprised one over. A leg side wide does not bode well for the slinga! Younus then gets a leading edge to a fuller delivery and collects the run he needs to raise his 50, which comes up from 32 balls.

14th over - Pakistan 121-3
Wijekoon continues and he is smashed through mid-wicket for six by Younus, who is clearly having a very good time indeed thank you. Apparently one of Younus' sixes went 103 metres. The last five overs have gone for 71 runs.

13th over - Pakistan 109-3
Another six and no less than 20 runs in total from the over. Pakistan are playing their way back into this match.

He's reached 100
12.2 overs - Pakistan 100-3
Younus moves to leg, Jayasuriya tries to follow him but the Pakistan batsman clubs a six and follows that up with a beauty of a reverse swept four. The 100 comes from 77 balls.

12th over - Pakistan 89-3
Pakistan are running plenty of twos to keep the scoreboard moving. This is intelligent batting but some big hits are required because this is a pretty decent track.

That's 50
11.1 overs Pakistan 82-3
The 50 partnership comes up between Younus Khan and Shoaib Malik. A lot rests on these two players as far as Pakistan are concerned. Malik has 33 from 16 balls.

11th over - Pakistan 81-3
Jayasuriya continues but a half-decent over is somewhat ruined when the penultimate ball is clubbed to cow corner for four. Ones and two keep the scoreboard ticking over.

10th over - Pakistan 69-3
Gayan Wijekoon into the attack, but the boundaries are starting to flow and Pakistan are trying to work their way towards a half decent total.

"I see your text commentary is very much like the cricketing prowess you displayed when we played for The Unicorn CC - somewhat laboured with very little flair!"
Whoosher, Preston, in the TMS inbox

I'm not having that from the man who used to bowl at one mile an hour then stare at a batsman like Merv Hughes with a hangover. Even your own team-mates laughed at you.

9th over - Pakistan 63-3
Another good over for Pakistan, who are now after Sanath Jayasuriya. Skipper Shoaib Malik hits a boundary over the bowler's head and ends the over with a six after some great footwork down the track. At first I thought he had hit it too high but it cleared the ropes with a couple of metres to spare.

A lot of you e-mailing the TMS inbox are asking about a facebook site. I honestly don't know what you're talking about.

8th over - Pakistan 49-3
Lasith Malinga into the action. The blonde locks are back and flowing. I'm sure that when I saw him they other day they weren't there, perhaps he'd had them temporarily braided or something. Malinga slings down a wide and is then whipped through midwicket for a couple by Younus Khan - though Pakistan are still struggling for boundaries. Hold on a minute - Younus Khan finds the rope with another shot through the on-side. It looks as though Pakistan are after Malinga.

7th over - Pakistan 37-3
Very much a case of singles for under-pressure Pakistan. That is until Younus Khan plays a delightful straight drives that nets him two runs. Still, Sri Lanka are very much on top. Just four runs off the over.

"Oh, I see. So this is how it works with you. You can't take criticism, but you can take praise. Well, to be honest, your reporting is too slow and with quite a few mistakes. I dare you to print this."
Shafique Cockar, London in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
5.5 overs - WICKET - Hafeez b Fernando 10 - Pakistan 33-3
This Hafeez fella really does like trying to hit the ball into space. Down the track to the first ball of Fernando's over and misses completely. Fernando then deceives Hafeez with the second slower ball of the over. Hafeez then drops on to one knee to attempt a delicate paddle and top edges into the grill of his helmet. Insert gag about dentists. A fourth dot ball follows and then a yorker sees Hafeez on his way. The over ends with a dot ball. That'll be a wicket maiden then. Anything Pollock can do, Fernando can do better.

"Could Peter of Preston lend me a fiver please - he was posted before me again and I'm a bit short this week."
Sarah, Canterbury in the TMS inbox.

5th over - Pakistan 33-2
Mohammad Hafeez comes down the track and misses completely. Looks really ugly. The next ball he smashes Vaas for a one-bounce four. Repeats the dose next ball. I kind of like Hafeez's stand and deliver approach. A decent over for Pakistan with nine runs coming off it.

4th over - Pakistan 24-2
Another good over for Sri Lanka ends - they are very much on top against a team who look nervous.

"Paul, I am very impressed with your reporting, quick and witty. Much better then your senior partners. I will be even more impressed if you published my email on TMS."
Ted, Montreux, Switzerland in the TMS inbox

My pleasure Ted. My absolute pleasure.

Wicket falls
3.1 overs - WICKET - Salman Butt b Fernando 12 - Pakistan 22-2
First ball of the next over sees Butt move to leg to make room. Too much room. Fernando hits the top of his off stump and that is another failure for the Pakistan top order.

Wicket falls
2.6 overs - WICKET - Imran Nazir c Mubarak b Vaas 7 - Pakistan 22-1
Oh dear. Imran Nazir is initially fooled by a slower ball but cannot check his shot in time and lobs up a dolly to Mubarak in the covers.

The teams in full - for those who cannot seem to live without them:
Pakistan: Shoaib Malik (capt), Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal, Mohammad Asif, Salman Butt, Umar Gul, Mohammad Hafeez, Misbah-ul Haq, Younis Khan, Imran Nazir, Sohail Tanvir.

Sri Lanka: Mahela Jayawardene (capt), Dilhara Fernando, Sanath Jayasuriya, Lasith Malinga, Jehan Mubarak, Kumara Sangakkara, Chamara Silva, Upul Tharanga, Tillekeratne Dilshan, Chaminda Vaas, Gayan Wijekoon.

2nd over - Pakistan 17-0
Oh (Dilhara) Fernando, there is no room in this game for a no-ball. Butt creams the free hit into the air, far too high but nonetheless collects two runs. The ball is swinging but that does not prevent Imran Nazir from clipping the ball off his legs for six later in the over. The dancers move into action.

"Does your statement that "Pakistan make on change" mean "one" or "no" changes? We are very much used to the accuracy of Ben Dirs here at work."
Peter, Preston, in the TMS inbox

Peter, I am from Preston. Lets stick together eh.

1st over - Pakistan 7-0
Salman Butt drives Chaminda Vaas through the covers for four - the highlight of a steady first over. The ground is far from full.

"Actually the largest six hit was by Albie Morkel last night against England. It was 106 metres out the ground into the Brewery."
Jeremy in the TMS inbox

Not at the Wanderers my friend!

1658: The dancers are here again, grinding away close to the boundary rope. They get seriously on my nerves. One of the umpires today is Nigel Llllllllllllong.

1655: The Pakistan openers are very keen, arriving too early and then retreating to sit down on some steps for a couple of minutes. Chill out lads.

1650: Apparently there have been 137 sixes so far in the Twenty20 World Cup, clubbed by 50 different batsmen. Of course, Bangladesh badly let me down in this regard on Sunday, when a few more would have netted me the office sweep.

The biggest hit so far at Wanderers came from Chris Gayle, who leathered the ball 101 yards. Right then, no more stats unless they are massively interesting.

TOSS Sri Lanka win the toss and decide to field first. They are unchanged from the team that beat New Zealand.

Pakistan make one change from the team defeated by India, with seamer Yasir Arafat replaced by spinner Mohammad Hafeez.

"Pakistan are a good side in Twenty20. All we have to do is to take the positives from the last game and do it all over again."
Sri Lanka skipper Mahela Jayawardene

WEATHER REPORT A lovely sunny day in Johannesburg, which is more than can be said for west London. The pitch is apparently from the top drawer and a run fest is virtually guaranteed. Both teams out for less than 100 then!

"Sri Lanka's batting line-up is formidable, to say the least!"
Mikesiva on 606

1625: Now then. After years working on the football desk I did my first cricket clockwatch yesterday as New Zealand defeated India. This sort of thing is, as one broadcaster once said, a whole new ball game for me so don't be too harsh.

I must confess that I have a soft spot for Sri Lanka, having got married over there last year. Very nice place.

They certainly know how to play an exciting brand of cricket as well. If those Pakistan bowlers are as erratic as they were during the bowl off the other day then it could be very interesting indeed.

1615 BST: Pakistan and Sri Lanka begin their Super Eights campaign when they face each other in Johannesburg on Monday.

This encounter is the only game of the day, while the other six teams - who all played on Sunday - take a break.

Sri Lanka are in top form after comfortably beating New Zealand and thrashing Kenya in the group games.

Pakistan qualified for the Super Eights after beating Scotland, and were then defeated by India in a bowl-out on Friday after a thrilling tied match.

Pakistan clinch comfortable win
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