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Last Updated: Sunday, 16 September 2007, 15:19 GMT 16:19 UK
England v South Africa as it happened
WORLD TWENTY20 Super Eights, Cape Town:
England 135-7 (20 overs) v South Africa 154-8


By Jonathan Stevenson



"SA completely destroyed the English at rugby and cricket. If it's any consolation, if our nations were to meet on the football pitch I have a sneaky feeling England would edge us."
Nasr, SA via TMS

Yeah, that's what we said about Australia, Nasr. Thanks for the reminder that we're rubbish at everything.

"I think the England doctor should be checking the players for both evidence of a backbone and some signs of brain activity. Are these real men out there?"
Samuel, via TMS

Not sure, to be honest Sammy. The last two games have not even been close. If England lose against New Zealand in Durban on Tuesday, they can kiss goodbye to the World Twenty20.

"How about a controversial viewpoint: Flintoff hasn't got it any more and the sooner he retires the better. Can't believe a guy with his strength moved about so much on the crease. And to think I called my firstborn Freddie!"
Andrew W, via TMS


20th over Eng 135-7: Dimi gets one away for four but a swish-and-a-miss leaves England needing 23 to win from three balls. The crowd are dancing in the stands and England, for the second successive game, have been comprehensively outclassed by superior opponents.

19th over Eng 126-7: Chris Schofield carves one for four off Wathers and then sneaks a single, leaving Dimi one ball. He takes one, leaving the Hampshire all-rounder 29 to win from the last over.

Wicket falls
19th over Eng 120-7 WICKET Flintoff b Van der Wath 17: Mascarenhas is finally in and he clubs Wathers down the track for four. I rest my case and all of you going apoplectic with rage at England's batting order. Flintoff then walks over to the offside and is bowled trying to heave one over mid-wicket.

18th over Eng 115-6: 40 needed now from two overs. Really? England have got some big questions to ask themselves after this shambles.

Wicket falls
18th over Eng 113-6 WICKET Snape c De Villiers b M Morkel 7: England need nearly three per ball and Snape is missing a waft outside off stump to Albie Morkel. Snape is so far out of his depth here it really is just providing more embarrassment for England. He slaps the next ball tamely into the offside and is easily caught about 10 yards away from the bat. Frankly, pathetic.

17th over Eng 112-5: Van der Wath is on and it's a brilliant over from the rangy seamer, throwing in some devilish slower balls. Just five from it and England now need 43 from three overs. It's a pretty limp finish, unless someone produces something truly incredible. Flintoff changes his bat - the new one had better be good.

"Why's Snape in before Mascarenhas, that's stupid."
Wackster219 on 606

Have to agree with you, sadly. England are blowing this big time at the moment.

16th over Eng 107-5: Philander is back for his second over - his first went for 16 - and it's boundary-less. Six from it and England now need two runs per ball, a massive ask. Freddie has to go for it now - expect fireworks.

15th over Eng 101-5: Snape tucks his first ball away for a single and Freddie nudges for the same reward. Snape nicks another single to keep the strike - no offence, but Freddie's got to face more balls here if England are to have any chance.

Wicket falls
15th over Eng 98-5 WICKET Shah b A Morkel 36: Freddie is dropped on the cover-point boundary by Philander, much to bowler Albie Morkel's chagrin. Shah plays a beautifully wristy shot behind square on the legside for four before missing a straight one and being cleaned up. Advantage back to South Africa.

14th over Eng 93-4: Freddie hammers Ntini over mid-wicket for four and then plays a risky lofted straight drive which gets him four more. Not hugely convincing, you'd have to say. A play-and-miss is followed by a single and then Shah misses one outside off stump. Ntini and Polly both done now.

"Any idea if Morkel broke Gayle's record? You implied he topped 200 metres for sure."
Giles, via TMS

Yep, he did Gilo. 106 metres for one and 102 for the other, handing him the top two places. Cheers for the reminder fella.

13th over Eng 82-4: Morkel ends his over with a yorker that Shah gets one from and an induced leading edge from Flintoff, which falls agonisingly short of cover.

Wicket falls
13th over Eng 82-4 WICKET Prior c Philander b A Morkel 32: Albie Morkel, the big six-hitting destroyer, is on. Two singles and a wide later and Prior gets a leading edge that flies into the sky and lands in the grateful hands of VP moving in from cover.

12th over Eng 79-3: Shah lofts Vernon Philander over mid-on for a quickly-run two, before Owais hammers VP into the crowd in the deep mid-wicket area for six spirit-raising runs. Last ball of the over, and Shah does it again. 16 off the over, a brilliant one for England. 50 partnership, too.

11th over Eng 63-3: Wathers keeps it tight with four from the over. I wonder when England are going to cut loose now - 92 needed from just 54 balls. They can't leave it too much longer, that's for sure.

"Am I alone in thinking England are going to win this game? Where is the love Stevo?"
Callows, via TMS

No mate, I'm believing again. I have to. Aside from a dull ache at the bottom of my spine, it's all I've got.

10th over Eng 59-3: Prior swings at an MM yorker and only just survives, the ball whistling past his off stump. Six from the over in nudges and nurdles and England need to score at 9.6 an over to win this. Ramp it up boys, it's time.

"I'm hating all this negative talk. Shah will bring us home with eight balls to spare."
Richard in Carshalton, via TMS

Rich, you legend. People - let's follow his lead.

"A lot of question marks, but very few answers, Stevo."
Mark Brown, via TMS

Hey, if you want answers, you have to pay extra. I'm just the middle man Marko.

9th over Eng 53-3: Johan van der Wath springs into the attack with his brand of just-short-of-a-length seam up. Prior takes three down to fine leg and then hooks Wathers impressively over square leg for the first maximum of England's innings.

"How long does it take to change nationality. I can't take the pain anymore."
Dave, Bristol, via text

8th over Eng 42-3: Morne Morkel is into the attack now and he picks up where the other two left off, with some good line and length. Prior gets his first four by uppishly cutting over gully, but tries to repeat the trick and gets nowhere near it.

"As an Australian who enjoys watching England fail (how rare - Stevo), it even does my head in to understand how Wright and Prior are in the team, let alone facing the new ball. Very, very average."
Geoff, via TMS

"If the only way SA can win is by cheating then give them the damned game. Pollock obstructed KP deliberately and knocked the bat out of his hand. If that isn't cheating I don't know what is."
Maureen, Cheshire, via TMS

7th over Eng 37-3: Polly is bowled right through and three more singles and a three for England. Fabulous spell from the master opener, conceding just 17 and picking up two wickets from his four-over spell.

6th over Eng 31-3: Shah and Prior settle for three singles and at the moment any over they don't lose a wicket is a good one.

"Is there a Twenty20 rule that says wrestling the batsman to the ground is allowed? Is that what they mean by 'free hit'?"
Gordon, Taunton, via TMS

"Are this England side the biggest bunch of donkeys in world cricket or what?"
Christian, Warrington, via TMS

I don't want to say yes, Christian. But yes. Unless they win.

5th over Eng 28-3: Owais Shah has joined Matt Prior at the crease and you feel Shah is England's best hope of even coming close to South Africa's score of 154. Come on England, not another humiliation, please.

Our for a duck
5th over Eng 27-3 WICKET Collingwood C Kemp b Pollock 0: An absolute gift from the captain and England are in danger of embarrassment here. Captain Colly plays a woeful waft outside off stump and is snaffled at slip. Thanks to all of you who sent in a golden duck graphic. I hope you're all happy. No, I'm not using any of them. See?

Wicket falls
5th over Eng 25-2 WICKET Pietersen run out 15: KP is gone. I'm not even sure how to explain it, but the cheers are thunderous. KP goes for a quick single and, as he gets towards the bowlers end, he collides with Polly, he loses his bat and his foot is about an inch outside the crease. Most of his body is over the line - but, crucially, his foot isn't. Heartbreak for the big man, shocker for England.

4th over Eng 23-1: I don't want to pick on Prior, but he doesn't look comfortable here. He miscues two pulls off Ntini and somehow survives both times as the ball flies past mid-on. KP squeezes the last ball of the over just above Johan van der Wath at mid-on, my goodness me that was too close for comfort. If KP goes it could be goodnight England.

"Luke Wright appears out of his depth at international level. Open with Freddie, surely it can't get any worse?"
phonemarket1 on 606

3rd over Eng 14-1: You can hear a pin drop every time KP hits a four - let's hope that silence becomes deafening. A lovely flick off his pads reaps another boundary, off Polly, who has a hold over Prior too now.

"I presume the SA fans are booing their cricket bosses for letting KP - one of the world's best batsmen - slip through their hands."
Matt, Portsmouth via TMS

2nd over Eng 7-1: Prior gets off the mark straight away with a nurdle down to third man and KP is up again, this time to Makhaya Ntini. KP clips him away through mid-wicket for four, a proper cricket shot. KP then misses an attempted pull - which gets the crowd going again. It's box-office stuff every time KP is involved - especially in the land of his birth.

"How about you don't post the negative comments then we don't have to read them and get brought down?"
Marcus... not a million miles away but positive, via TMS

1st over Eng 0-1: Polly finishes with a wicket-maiden, an extraordinary feat in Twenty20 cricket. England up against it already here with the home crowd in terrific voice.

Our for a duck
1st over Eng 0-1: WICKET Wright c De Villiers b Pollock 0 Polly opens up and the veteran is right on the money to Wrighty. Three dot balls and he goes on the drive, slicing straight to backward point where AB de Villiers takes an easy catch. KP strides out and a chorus of boos greet his arrival.

1838: The players are back out on the field and Luke Wright and Matt Prior will open the innings for England.

"For Robert - presuming England win, just say that any sport where the World Cup is named after a cheat, it isn't a real sport."
Warren in Walkabout, Wimbledon, via text

"Come on guys - stay positive. Let's give these South Africans a good spanking in revenge for that rugby mauling on Friday."
Craig, working in Mexico City, via TMS

Good work Craig. Do you have to be a million miles away from England in order to be positive? Banish those negative thoughts people, let's see England home here.

"Aren't you going to tell us when the England innings starts?"
John, Amersham, via TMS

Yes John, I am. I'll do it as soon as the England innings starts. Promise.

"I'm playing a drinking game and I am indeed very furious with Morkel - I'm supping this tea so fast it's burning my insides."
Mark, Southampton, via TMS

"England will just collapse and bottle it, as usual."
franky_four_fingers, on 606

Still, at least we're all staying positive, eh? Nice one.

Wicket falls
20th over SA 154-8: WICKET Morkel c Snape b Flintoff 43 Flintoff bowls yorkers for the last over and Van der Wath drills him down the ground for a lovely four. Wathers then lofts one into the sky and this time it's KP who fails to go for the catch, preferring instead to wait for the ball to bounce. Very, very strange fielding from England. Off the last ball, Morkel slices Fred into the offside and Jez takes a tumbling catch.

"Is anyone playing a Twenty20 drinking game and, if so, are they furious with this Morkel chap?"
Chris C, via TMS

"What is it with England? The perfect position to win with ease and our fielders fall asleep. Three missed catches and it's looking a lot harder now."
James, Newcastle via TMS

19th over SA 145-7: Van der Wath gets a single to put Morkel on strike and Broad gives him a high full toss, which causes him discomfort. Morkel gets his revenge by swinging four behind square leg before another skier is dropped, this time by SchoFo, with a "pathetic effort, sticking one hand out," according to Geoff Boycott on TMS.

Wicket falls
18.1 overs SA 133-7 WICKET Philander b Broad 6: Good reply from Stuey Broad, keeping one up to the bat and straight and old Vern misses it completely. Van der Wath in now and Emgland need to keep Albie off strike.

"I noticed that after Pollock was out, that the duck icon is the same as a normal duck. Could it not be gold when it's a golden duck or would that mean an increase in the TV licence fee?"
Graham, via TMS

Yes it would, Graham. It's expensive enough, isn't it?

18th over SA 133-6: Albie Morkel hits SchoFo miles into the air but the polite English fielders don't want to bump into each other, so Collingwood and Shah both leave it to each other. Shocker. Morkel then hits one about twice as far as his previous six, getting down on one knee and sending it into outer space. The next ball goes almost as far, two absolutely unbelievable shots from Albie. The last ball of the over only goes into the back row of the stand. 21 off the over. How costly will that prove for England?

17th over SA 112-6: Freddie's back and he's full and straight, as the situation requires. He drops one a touch shorter and Albie Morkel smears him over cover for a two-bounce four. Barring someone having a brain melt, England will have a very gettable target. Morkel's hit is registered at 100 metres. Unlucky, Albo.

"To the English chap with the South African wife - I'm afraid only if England win in the 5th over will you have right of reply to any rugby-related comments. Geoff Boycott's grannies' 15 could've put up a more determined display on Friday."
Nam, via TMS

16th over SA 104-6: Albie Morkel hits the mother of all sixes, taking aim and thundering Mascarenhas away into the Cape Town sky - it goes so far the ball lands on the roof of the stand. Chris Gayle has hit the biggest six so far in this tournament at 101 metres, but this one might come close.

Wicket falls
16th over SA 94-6 WICKET Kemp c Prior b Mascarenhas 21: Prior takes a great catch and England are more than making up for their earlier dropped catches with a fine fielding performance. Kemp tries to launch Dimi away and gets a big top-edge that the keeper takes running around to near mid-wicket.

"I was there at the rugby on Friday night with my missus - unfortunately she's South African. I need England to win this match so that I've got something to reply with when the next gloating comment comes my way."
Robert, via TMS

15th over SA 94-5: Another fabulous over from England at a tricky time of the innings, just three coming from it. Kemp is hitting with power, but he keeps finding the fielders at the moment.

Our for a duck
15th over SA 91-5 WICKET Pollock c Prior b Anderson 0: It's a golden duck for Polly, playing not a very pretty shot, attempting to hoik Jimmy A into the leg side and getting a top-edge which is easily taken by Matt Prior.

14th over SA 91-4: Great over from SchoFo, just two off it and a wicket into the bargain. England will want to get rid of big-hitting Justin Kemp next.

Wicket falls
14th over SA 91-4 WICKET Boucher c Pietersen b Schofield 29: SchoFo is back on and Kemp tries to hammer him through the legside - a piece of Kemp's bat flies off in the process. Next ball, Boucher lofts Schofield to KP at long-on and he takes a comfortable catch.

"I play cricket at a 'ludicrously low level' with David Ireland and have to disagree. He has bowled a 12-ball over before, complete with Harmison-esque second-slip wides. Leave Jimmy alone."
John Lucarotti, London, via text

13th over SA 89-3: Jimmy A is back on and Boucher misses with a vicious-looking pull from a short ball. Three singles from the over and a great comeback from the Lancashire lad.

"Of course he isn't sipping Chardonnay... everyone knows Stevo only drinks 50-year-old vintage port!"
Mike, US, via TMS

Really? How did everyone know that? Gutted.

12th over SA 86-3: Boucher slogs Mascarenhas for four and the Proteas have really stepped things up here. Most balls are going airborne now, with England doing plenty of chasing around in the field.

11th over SA 77-3: Scoffer bowls a high full toss that Boucher hammers away for four. Nine from the over with a few more singles and the partisan home crowd are getting in the mood now.

"This waiting for the end of each over is hard work, can you do a ball by ball, pretty please Stevo?"
Louise, via TMS

No, Louise. You might not value my life, but someone has to.

10th over SA 68-3: Now Jeremy Snape gets his first World Twenty20 bowl and Jimmy A drops a clanger racing in from deep mid-wicket, Boucher clipping Snape miles in the air but being given a second life. Next ball and Luke Wright drops a difficult chance close in on the leg side. Kemp makes England pay by swotting Snape into the crowd for six.

9th over SA 56-3: Chris Schofield and his leg-breaks are on and he's straight on the money until he bowls a leg-side wide. Two from the over though, top effort from Scoffer, who races through his six balls too. Phew!

"Stevo, is it me or does Flintoff's new shaved-sides-longer-on-top haircut have something of the 1980s about it? In fact, with that diamond stud earing he looks scarily like that bloke from Bros."
Rob, Chiswick, via TMS

8th over SA 54-3: Mascarenhas comes on and bowls his dibbly-dobblys. He rattles through the over which is no good for me, but a few singles apart it does the job.

"Afternoon Steve, you don't seem to be busy, or you can't be bothered to post anyones messages! I bet your sat there with your legs stretched out on the desk whilst sipping on a glass of Chardonnay!"
Dan, via TMS

Dan, there's so much wrong with what you just said. I've left it unsubbed so the general public can gorge themselves.

7th over SA 49-3: Boucher plays and misses at Broad, before swivelling on his toes and pulling him past mid-wicket for four. Still just a touch short occasionally, young Broad.

6th over SA 43-3: Fabulous over from Freddie, just one off it and a priceless wicket too. "He's a crackerjack bowler this lad, he can bowl in any sort of cricket. Sometimes he's brilliant, sometimes he's just good, but I've never seen him bowl a bad spell," says Geoff Boycott on TMS.

Wicket falls
5.1 overs SA 42-3 WICKET De Villiers c Prior b Flintoff 18: Captain Colly's decision to keep switching his bowlers is paying big dividends here. Freddie is back on and first ball AB snicks one behind into the gleeful gloves of effervescent's Matt Prior.

"Do you suppose Jimmy Anderson has ever bowled six consistently good balls together in his whole life? I play my cricket at a ludicrously poor level and even I don't concede that many extras."
David Ireland, via TMS

5th over SA 37-2: AB fortuitously slices Broad through third slip-ish for four, before getting down on one knee in magnificent fashion and carving the fresh-faced seamer through extra-cover for four. An LBW appeal off the last ball is turned down by umpire Asad Rauf.

Wicket falls
5th over SA 33-2 WICKET Smith c Mascarenhas b Broad 19: Now Broad is back on as Colly rings the changes a la Daniel Vettori earlier. It works too, Smith mis-timing a hook and Dimi making no mistake with his safe hands at fine leg.

4th over SA 32-1: Change of ends for Anderson and Smith swishes him uppishly through the legside for four. Jimmy sends down a couple of decent ones before a full half-volley way outside off stump is banged away for four through the covers.

Geoffrey Boycott
"I don't think we have any seamers who like bowling at left-handers at the moment. Flintoff's quite good when he's in-form, but I don't think Anderson and Broad like it much."
Geoff Boycott on TMS

3rd over SA 23-1: Flintoff is brought straight into the attack and beats Smith first up. Smith then helps Fred off his hips for four down to fine leg. Fred has a different haircut today, he's taken a fair bit off the sides and left a bit of a mop on top. Takes years off him. He looks like a young Vanilla Ice.

2nd over SA 18-1: AB de Villiers is in at three and he has two looks before clattering Broad through the covers for four, belting shot. AB then carts him deep into the mid-wicket boundary for a two-bounce boundary. Too short from the youngster.

Our for a duck
1.1 overs SA 8-1 WICKET Duminy c Prior b Broad 0: First ball for the young paceman Broad and he induces a feather-like edge from Duminy, who is caught behind. JP walks, too, to be fair to him. Great start Broady.

1st over SA 8-0: Smith turns Jimmy A off his pads for one first up and then Jimmy loses the plot with a couple of shocking wides miles outside off stump. Smith clips another down to fine leg for four and it's a pretty uninspiring start from the Burnley express.

"A protea is also an asteroid - if I was Graeme Smith, I would much rather be named after an extraterrestial object that could destroy a planet rather than a sugarbush."
Michael, Lancs via TMS

1658: The players are out and James Anderson is preparing to open the bowling to Graeme Smith.

"Your mate doing the live text on the painfully slow Man City-Villa game has just given you an enormous plug telling the world how great you are. How much did you pay him?"
Simon, via TMS

Simon - pay HIM? I'm telling you, Caroline Cheese is no man. She may never forgive you for such a slur. Oh, and it was an ayrton.

"Hurrah - the toss! We've finally won something crickety!"
Mark (am I hopelessly pessimistic?) Pearson, Kent via TMS

"The sports writers seem to be plugging each other a lot today. Before you told everyone to go and read about the football and when you do that, you're told to go and read about the cricket. I've no idea what I should do, so I'll probably end up watching the teletext scorecard flick over instead."
Ray, via TMS

Ray, come on, don't be like that. We're just making sure you know what's on offer today. I mean, if anyone out there really really wants to know what's going with Aston Villa 0-0 Man City, how can I deny them that pleasure?

"If anybody (like me) wondered what a protea was, its... a flower. How disappointing."
Will, Bristol via TMS

Teams in full:
South Africa: Graeme Smith, Jean-Paul Duminy, A B de Villiers, Justin Kemp, Mark Boucher, Shaun Pollock, Vernon Philander, Albie Morkel, Johan van der Wath, Morne Morkel, Makhaya Ntini.
England: Matt Prior, Luke Wright, Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Owais Shah, Andrew Flintoff, Dimitri Mascarenhas, Chris Schofield, Jeremy Snape, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.

"Steve(o), are you an Aussie? Only Stevo sounds a bit down under, you know how they like to shorten names and add an "o". Anyhow hope the England openers can put it together today and give Super Kev and Super Fred a platform. Oh and can we bowl first please?"
Phil, via TMS inbox

Phil, let me answer your two questions as succinctly as possible: A) No, for the love of God I'm not, and B) Yes.


1640: Graeme Smith flips the coin, Paul Collingwood calls 'heads' and, brilliantly (if you're English), it is a head. The flame-haired skipper tells his South African counterpart he'd quite like Smith to have first go on the wicket.

"I think the English South African Pietersen will be keen to put the comments made to him about his nationality into the stand with sixes. Come on England - the rugby is shabby, let us show them how to play cricket!"
Damien, West Yorks via text

1634: My editor Paul is extraordinary. Within seconds of hearing about Snape's call-up, he informs me that Jez's last appearance for England was on 18 September 2002, in an ODI against Zimbabwe. He scored seven and took 1-18 in six overs. Paul, I bow to you.

1632: Team news has come in and England have made two surprise changes for this clash in Cape Town. Darren Maddy and James Kirtley have bene dropped, with Jeremy Snape getting his first World Twenty20 chance and James Anderson recalled. Luke Wright is set to open with BBC Sport columnist Matt Prior. What a shameless plug. Apologies.

"If England can win this one against the Springboks then it will go some way to offsetting the embarrassment of Friday night in Paris."
Toby, on TMS

Toby my man, thanks for emailing in. You've stepped up to the plate in a fashion few others have today. But I must point out the South African cricketers are the Proteas, not the Springboks. Sorry.

"Colly should bat first today, I just don't fancy England in chases. But we will have to get around the 200 reigon for the score to be competitive."
englandmad666, on 606

1619: Guys and girls - it really is time to get involved. Looking at the texts so far and they're pretty much all for the live football. Come on, we don't want Caroline Cheese getting big-headed - start texting your cricket views on 81111. If you don't want to, email me at, with 'For Stevo' in the subject. If you don't want to do that, join the 606 discussion by clicking on the link above. If you don't want to do any of that, I don't think I want to know you.

1617: South Africa have two wins out of two so far after a breathtaking victory against West Indies in the first game of the tournament and a slightly more routine seven-wicket win over Bangladesh yesterday.

1614: England will want to bounce back immediately from their eight-wicket defeat to the Aussies on Friday, a reminder if any was needed that Paul Collingwood's men have a lot do to to get their hands on the inaugural international 20-over game trophy.

1607: Right then, here we go. Forgive me for being a bit more pumped for this one than Australia's systematic dismantling of Bangladesh earlier, but this is a massive game. The hosts South Africa against England, in the Super Eights stage of the World Twenty20 tournament.

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