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Last Updated: Sunday, 16 September 2007, 11:28 GMT 12:28 UK
New Zealand v India as it happened
WORLD TWENTY20, Johannesburg:
New Zealand 190 all out (20 overs) v India 180-9 (20 overs)


By Paul Fletcher



New Zealand did superbly to halt India's charge - after all when Virender Sehwag was out in the sixth over India had 76 on the board. Skipper Vettori was the key figure for NZ, taking 4-20. India though will have to ask themselves where it went wrong. They badly lost their way and could not get back on track.

"It is a difficult game for a spinner at a ground with small boundaries. It is pleasing to put in a performance that helped us win the game."
NZ skipper and man-of-the-match Daniel Vettori, who took 4-20.

Both of these teams take on England in their next game - NZ playing Paul Collingwood's side on Tuesday and India on Wednesday.

The next match in the tournament is Australia versus Bangladesh at 1300 BST. Jonathan Stevenson will be doing the live text for that match so keep an eye out. Apparently he watched The Bourne Identity last night.

20th over - India 180-9
The match finishes with New Zealand victorious - a fine return to form after their defeat to Sri Lanka on Saturday.

19.4 overs - India 178-9
A dot ball is followed by an edged four. India need 13 off two so NZ should be home.

19.2 overs - India 174-9
Santh hits the first ball for, then scrambles two.

19th over - India 168-9
India need 23 from the final over. Not happening.

Wicket falls

18.3 overs - WICKET Harbhajan c Vettori b Bond 7 - India - 163-9
The first ball of Bond's over is hit for four but it is not a sign of things to come. Harbhajan hits the ball high into the sky and Vettori takes a good catch.

18th over - India 158-8
India started their innings like an express train. They are finishing it like a rusty old bus weaving its way through a congested Delhi rush hour. New Zealand have not let go of the leash after taking control in the middle of the innings and the Indians have been unable to wrestle back the initiative. That said, Harbhajan slaps a four. India need 33 from 12 balls.

Wicket falls

17.2 overs - WICKET Agarkar run out (Vincent) 1 India - 153-8
A low under-arm throw from Vincent sees Agarkar on his way to the pavilion after the third umpire makes the correct decision.

Wicket falls

17 overs - WICKET Karthik c Bond b Vettori 17 - India - 151-7
Two Metre Peter drops Karthik, a truly awful drop and the ball then goes for four. However, Karthik holes out next delivery and is caught on the midwicket boundary by Bond. Vettori now has four wickets.

Wicket falls

16.2 overs - WICKET Pathan b Vettori 11 - India - 146-6
Pathan tries to make some room to open the face and run the ball down to third man but, instead, is bowled. Vettori, with his third wicket, is bowling his side to victory.

16th over - India 145-5
Karthik is looking for some big hits but struggling to make clean contact. Bowler Patel is taking his time - inducing slow hand claps from the India fans. Vettori has chopped and changed his bowlers constantly but it seems to be working. Or is it. Pathan connects and hits a straight four, just eluding a spectacular dive, and then ends the over with another four. India need 46 in 24 balls.

15th over - India 135-5
Another quiet over from Vettori - with three runs coming from it - and that suits NZ very nicely. India need 56 runs from five overs.

14th over - India 132-5
Karthik ends the over with a boundary but it does not compensate for the loss of Dhoni.

Wicket falls

13.5 overs - WICKET Dhoni run out (Vettori) 24 - India - 128-5
Dhoni uses brute force to smash a boundary, Dinesh Karthik opts for placement but the result is the same.
However, things take a turn for the worse when Dhoni is sent back but just fails to make his ground, Styris collecting Vettori's throw and breaking the stumps. It could be a truly decisive moment.

13th over - India 118-4
More than 10 runs per over required and NZ increasingly in control. Indian hopes rest with Dhoni.

Wicket falls

12.4 overs - WICKET Yuvraj c Taylor b Patel 5 - India - 116-4
Patel, who went for 20 in his one previous over, is back into the attack. NZ are clearly trying to capitalise on the control they have taken on the mid-phase of India's innings. Dhoni crashes a four but Yuvraj, top edging a sweep, is then caught in the deep.

"India need a partnership now and need Dhoni to be there in the last few overs."
Muhammad, Durban, South Africa, in the TMS inbox

12th over - India 110-3
The required rate is now more than 10 runs per over. This relatively quiet phase of the game suits NZ, though with Yuvraj and Dhoni at the crease India certainly aren't lacking firepower.

Wicket falls

10.5 overs - WICKET Gambhir c McCullum b Vettori 51 India - 104-3
Gambhir is out to a very soft dismissal. He tries to sweep the ball but plays too soon and it hits his gloves and loops up for an easy catch by the keeper. Gambhir hit five fours and two sixes.

That's 50
10.1 overs - India 102-2
The Boundary famine ends as Gambhir brings up his 50 with his second six. It also brings up India's 100. Gambhir's 50 came in just 31 balls.

10th over - India 96-2
India have not hit a boundary for four overs and the Kiwis are trying to create some pressure. Who will crack first? Dhoni is so far happy to collect singles. Six singles taken from the over

9.1 overs - India 91-2
Scott Styris into the attack. Worst haircut in world cricket? Surely.

9th over - India 90-2
Vettori, after taking a wicket and conceding just two runs, whips himself out of the attack after just one over. Bond is back - and Gambhir tops edges him miles into the air (not literally) but the ball lands safely. The Indians are still playing big shots but not finding the boundary nearly as often. Bond has now bowled three overs for 29 runs.

8th over - India 83-2
The fielding restrictions no longer apply and NZ are starting to peg back the Indians a little. Five singles in the over and, relatively speaking, a chance to catch one's breath.

"Wow, the clockwatch hasn't updated in a while, I bet you're regretting that curry now."
Sarah, Bucks in the TMS inbox.
Hmm, I'm told it is a systemic error. Or something.

7th over - India 78-2
Just two runs off Vettori's over. Great stuff. Mahendra Dhoni is out in the middle with Gambhir.

Wicket falls

6.2 overs - WICKET Uthappa c&b Vettori - India 77-2
Vettori replaces Patel, whose one over went for 20. The NZ skipper shows better control and is soon into the wickets, catching a drive low down from Robin Uthappa, who faced just two deliveries.

"I agree. Those dancers are ridiculous. Let's watch cricket."
Doug, Stellenbosch, South Africa, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls

6th over - WICKET Sehwag c Styris b Oram 40 - India 76-1
Vettori turns to Oram, whose first ball is a full toss that is driven for four. Sehwag drives the third ball through a gap behind square for another boundary but then tries to smash a full toss and is caught at midwicket by Scott Styris. Sehwag scored 40 off 17 balls but looks furious to be out to a full toss.

"Terrible weather here in Norway but I want to thank you guys for great coverage of the World Cup, which is keeping the mood up."
From Nigel Weir in the TMS inbox.

"The captaincy of Daniel Vettori is working for India. He would have been a much better choice of trying to induce a miss-hit."
Sunil Gavaskar on TMS

5th over - India 67-0
Vettori turns a spinner despite the fact fielding restrictions still apply. Jeetan Patel is cut through point for four off his first ball by Sehwag, who then makes room and carves another boundary off the next deliver. Two singles follow and then Sehwag ends the over with four then six. Just the 20 off the over. Carnage, mayhem, brutality - Twenty20.

4th over - India 47-0
Gambhir profits from too much width once again. He gets a thickish edge that Bond should stop but fails to do so. Not great fielding and bowler Gillespie has the demeanour of a man who is currently not relishing his chosen profession. A seemingly unspectacular over but 10 off it nonetheless.

"Not unless your under five years old and your mum forgot to tell me."
Michael, (slightly worried he has a son), Lancs, in the TMS inbox.

3rd over - India 37-0
Gambhir joins the party, picking up a length ball from Bond and somehow smashing it over midwicket for six. An edge over slip follows for four. Bond then gives too much width. Result? Four more. Did I say the Indian openers looked nervous? Gambhir tries to hit the ball into outer space and misses completely. A proper shot follows, through the covers for four. In total 18 runs came off the over.

2nd over - India 19-0
Mark Gillespie starts with a wide. Sehwag then smashes a four through point then survives an appeal for a caught behind off an inside edge. Sehwag is going to play his entire innings in fifth gear, no question. As if to prove my point he creams a six over mid on. Those ridiculous dancers in cropped red tops and camouflage trousers start bumping and grinding. I don't like them. Sehwag hits another four.

"If there is a weak link in New Zealand's fielding it is Shane Bond."
Sunil Gavaskar on TMS

1st over - India 4-0
A tidy first over from Shane Bond. India's openers - Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir - look slightly nervous. Gambhir top edges the final ball but it is fielded on the boundary.

1037: The New Zealand players are out on the field. It really is fast and furious this Twenty20 business. I went to one of England's games at The Oval in the summer and struggled to fit in a few pints between the action. That cannot be right, surely?

I'm just eating some leftover curry from last night and wondering if I'm doing the right thing. It tastes good - but what does that mean?

Come on then Paul, with you being new to this, tell us a bit about yourself? What's your favourite curry for a start?
Michael, Lancs in the TMS inbox

Well, I'm from Lancashire and my dad is called Michael. You're not my dad are you?

Wicket falls

20 overs - WICKET Patel run out (Dhoni) 0 - NZ 190 all out
The innings ends with another run out, the third of what turned out to be a very, very bizarre final over. Is 190 enough?

Wicket falls

19.5 overs - WICKET McMillan run out (Dhoni) 44 - NZ 190-9
Mark Gillespie misses, but McMillan calls him though and is run out. It's all just a little bit of history repeating.

Wicket falls

19.3 overs - WICKET Bond run out (Dhoni) 4 - NZ 189-8
Shane Bond misses the ball, McMillan calls him through anyway and the quick bowler is dismissed.

Wicket falls

19.1 overs - WICKET Vettori b RP Singh 15 - NZ 185-7
Vettori steps right across his stumps trying to lap the ball to fine leg but misses. RP Singh does not.

19th over - NZ 185-6
Daniel Vettori starts with a boundary. And follows it with another, and another. Great batting from the skipper but not great bowling from Agarkar, who has been leg side, leg side, then wide outside off stump. Vettori scores three off the fourth ball. Great running. McMillan then hits a six with a top edge. NZ have really stepped on the gas. Top stuff. Agarkar ends with a dot ball but nevertheless the Kiwis scored 21 from the over.

Wicket falls

18th over - WICKET Oram c RP Singh b Santh 35 - NZ 164-6
A crude, ugly swipe of brute baseball-style force from McMillan sees Santh smashed for six from the first ball of the over. The next ball is a massive blow over long on for six. The beatbox is cranking up. Oram hits a sliced six but is caught off a full toss with the last ball of the over. McMillan and Oram put on 73 in 5.2 overs.

That's 50
17th over - NZ 145-5
Oram starts the over with a clipped pull to Karthik, who lets the ball slip through his hands at square leg. A poor drop. The 50 partnership comes up from 23 balls. Some great hitting from these fellas. A straight drive is fumbled by Gambhir but he manages to prevent a boundary.

16th over - NZ 137-5
Oram is a big man with huge power and he smashes Yuvraj for a huge six. He follows this with a flat six. Yuvraj must be having Mascarenhas flashbacks. McMillan joins the party and hits another six, followed by a four and two more to end the over. Yuvraj looks, hmm, not thrilled - 25 off the over.

15th over - NZ 112-5
Oram is a big man with a deft touch and plays a wonderful reverse sweep - the 12th boundary of the innings. However, it is the only boundary of the over and the Kiwis need a couple of really big overs.

"Here's one for ya. Why is starting a cricket match at 09:00 like a pigs tail? It's twirly (too early - geddit?) Seemed funny to me in my sleep deprived state."
James, Newcastle in the TMS inbox

He's reached 100
14th over - NZ 104-5
NZ reach 100 - the second 50 coming in 43 balls. An inside edge runs for four to help NZ's cause but India have the look of a team who are increasingly in control.

13th over - NZ 94-5
New Zealand are under increasing pressure. The Wanderers is a ground at which teams traditionally like down totals, no matter how big. Yet the Kiwis have lost a rash of wickets and now temper their aggression.

Wicket falls

12.4 overs - WICKET - Styris run out (Yuvraj) 2 - NZ 91-5
Yuvraj runs around from mid-on to midwicket and smashes the stumps with a direct hit. No problem with that piece of fielding. Scott Styris is inches short. No fireworks from him today. The match is taking a serious turn for the worse for NZ. Jacob Oram comes out to the middle.

Wicket falls

11.5 overs - WICKET - Taylor lbw Yuvraj Singh 11 - NZ 89-4
Taylor hit 62 off 43 balls against Sri Lanka on Saturday. No repeat today. He moves across his stumps and is trapped in front. NZ are starting to lose their way. The over ends with a dot ball.

"If my name was Shanthakumaran Sreesanth I would also want to be known as Sree Santh, perhaps other cricketers could follow suit - KP could be known as Peter Son and Lasith Malinga would be Mal Inger!"
Michael, also stuck in work in Liverpool in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls

11th over - WICKET - McCullum c Gambhir b Harbhajan 45 - NZ 86-3
Ross Taylor starts the over by bludgeoning Harbhajan for six. The spinner responds well - and takes a wicket with the last ball of the over. The excellent McCullum holing out, caught in the deep. He faced 31 balls for his 45.

10th over - NZ 77-2
Pathan continues. Nothing like a wicket to check the scoring rate. Nothing like a tired old cliche on a Sunday morning. It was shaping up to be a very tidy over before McCullum clipped the last ball for four.

Wicket falls

9th over - WICKET - Fulton lbw Harbhajan 21 - NZ 69-2
Dhoni calls on spin, with Harbhajan Singh into the attack, and it works. Two Metre tries to cream a full one but misses and the finger of doom sends him on his way (it won't take too many strides for him to make it back to the pavilion). I think he fell to Harbhajan's doosra.

"Ever heard of the Llongo tribe from Phantom comics?"
Hrishikesh, Atlanta in the TMS inbox

I can't say that I have. I'm wondering whether I want to hear more.

That's 50
8th over - NZ 65-1
Two-Metre cracks another four, off the first ball of Irfan Pathan's spell. Some sloppy fielding follows, as does a wide, as does the sound of the wheels starting to fall off the India bus. McCullum and Two-Metre have now put on 50 for the second wicket.

"Talking of names, am I missing something, or has Shanthakumaran Sreesanth changed his name to Sree Santh?"
Mike S, Somerset (what a season!)
[The explanation is that we interviewed him in July and he said he wanted to be known as Sree Santh]

7th over - NZ 57-1
Fulton had scored just five off 12 balls faced but hold on a minute, what's this, old "Two-Metre" only goes and hits the ball for the first six of the match, smashing it over midwicket.

"You must be able to mix your pace and bowl a good slower deliver."
Danny Morrison on TMS

6th over - NZ 48-1
McCullum is given too much width by RP Singh and it is very much happy days for the Kiwi. McCullum plunders a couple of early boundaries before taking a risky single. He has 36 from 22 balls faced. Left-armer RP Singh comes around the wicket.

5th over - NZ 36-1
A very good first over from Ajit Agarker, the seamer conceding just two singles. Perhaps Peter Fulton's nickname should actually be Wishy Washy as he is not looking too convincing at all outside his off-stump.

4th over - NZ 34-1
McCullum square cuts for four, then pulls for another boundary. These are proper cricket shots and impressive to watch. A couple of wides in RP Singh's over will not have done much for India skipper Dhoni's mood - though the bowler does finish with two precious dot balls.

Peter Fulton is at the crease. According to cricinfo the rather large unit is known as "Two-Metre Peter".

3rd over - NZ 23-1
McCullum off drives the first ball of Santh's over for four and a couple of deliveries later slaps him through the covers. A repeat dose follows immediately - Santh is not a happy bunny.

"This is such a good pitch you can just stand up and play through the line."
Sunil Gavaskar on TMS

Wicket falls
2 overs - WICKET - Vincent c Karthick b RP Singh 3 - NZ 11-1
Lou Vincent tries to pull the ball but it is on him quickly and he is caught low down by Dinesh Karthik. Vincent hangs around before the officials eventually send him on his way.

The ball is swinging. Don't forget it is just 10am in Johannesburg. My editor is mulling some key issues - notably has Mahendra Dhoni had hair extensions?

1st over - NZ 11-0
No major pyrotechnics so far with NZ scoring in singles until an edge from the final ball of the over runs down to the boundary. A solid first over by the intense young man known as Sree Santh, who went past Brendon McCullum's outside edge with his fifth delivery. I personally think Sree Santh should not have had his hair shorn after the tour of England. Lost a bit of his magic.

"Maybe they just wanted to make his name longer."
Bernie, stuck in work, Liverpool in the TMS inbox

0857: By the way, the umpires are Mark Benson and Nigel Llong. Do you think the pen slipped when Llong's birth was registered and he ended up with a bonus L?

A good crowd is in at Wanderers for the match.

0855: Almost ready to start in Johannesburg. There is something about the word Johannesburg that always make me think of Elvis Costello. Oliver's Army is my brother's all-time favourite song and he likes to sing it again and again and again.

WEATHER CHAT There should not be any worries with regards to this match as the sun is shining in Johannesburg.

TOSS India win the toss and elected to field.

TEAM NEWS India name the same side that defeated rivals Pakistan in a bowl-out the other day, while New Zealand make one change from the team hammered by Sri Lanka on Saturday.
Spinner Jeetan Patel comes in for seamer Chris Martin. The Black Caps are clearly opting to take the pace off the ball. Will it work?

0840: New Zealand are back in action today less than 24 hours after their sub-standard showing against Sri Lanka.
"We let ourselves down on the fielding side of things yesterday," said skipper Daniel Vettori.

0830 BST: Good morning, though I'm not sure what time this is for a game of cricket!

If you are reading this from England perhaps you could let me know exactly why you're not in bed enjoying some well-needed sleep.

Having said that, it is mid-morning on Sunday in India and early evening in New Zealand so fans watching from their respective countries have no excuses for not being pumped and ready for some high-octane cricket as their two teams get the Super Eight stage of the campaign under way.

One point to bear in mind, I've not done one of these before and I hear it can all get a little hectic so take it easy with me.

I also went for a pre-match curry so last night so if things go a little quiet for a while don't panic.

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