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Last Updated: Friday, 14 September 2007, 20:01 GMT 21:01 UK
India v Pakistan as it happened
India 141-9 (20 overs) v Pakistan 141-7 (20 overs)


By Mark Mitchener



INDIA 2 POINTS, PAKISTAN 0 POINTS - Both sides qualify for Super 8s, Scotland eliminated

2050: Wow. What a game. What a finish. I feel drained. If more Twenty20 internationals are as exciting as this, I can understand people who are saying that T20 is the future and 50-over ODIs will be on the way out. Mohammad Asif is man of the match for his terrific spell of 4-18.

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to each and every one of you who have stuck with the live text here throughout the evening/morning/night, all the way through to the bowl-out. Cheers for all your e-mails, and I hope you continue to follow the rest of the tournament here on the BBC - though surely there can't be another game as exciting as this one was?!

BOWL-OUT - Shahid Afridi MISSES - India 3-0 Pakistan - INDIA WIN
Afridi also bowling in his cap, but misses! India go wild!

BOWL-OUT - Robin Uthappa HITS - India 3-0 Pakistan
Uthappa also bowling in his cap. Pakistan now need to hit to stay in the game.

BOWL-OUT - Umar Gul MISSES - India 2-0 Pakistan
Another short run from another Pakistan paceman, who misses!

BOWL-OUT - Harbhajan Singh HITS - India 2-0 Pakistan
A beauty from the Turbanator! Pressure on Pakistan!

BOWL-OUT - Yasir Arafat MISSES - India 1-0 Pakistan
Arafat takes a short run of a few paces and is well wide.

BOWL-OUT - Virender Sehwag HITS - India 1-0 Pakistan
The part-time spinner gets us under way, bowling in his cap!

2034: One bowler from each side will bowl alternately. It's five each, like a penalty shoot-out in football - then sudden death if it's still level. The umps will stand in their usual place to make sure no-one is daft enough to bowl a no-ball! The wickie stands behind the stumps as normal, but all the other players have to stand outside the fielding circle.

Website users can click the link below for the bowl-out regulations, which are too long to list in full here, but each side nominates five bowlers. India will bowl first after Pakistan's Shoaib Malik won the toss and asked them to bowl first. Five Live Sports Extra has gone over to rugby league, but stick with me here on the live text for ball-by-ball coverage of the bowl-out!

"I've got to sue the BBC for taking too long to refresh that last ball (19.6). It skyrocketed my heart rate. What a game of cricket"
Dindi in the TMS inbox

"Great work done for giving us such a vivid moment on the net"
Ram in the TMS inbox

"My British sense of fair play would like to see Pakistan win the bowl-out as they lost fewer wickets. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Yasir Arafat plays for the Spitfires and is extremely cute, oh no!"
Sarah, Canterbury in the TMS inbox

2028: And what's more, we now have a BOWL-OUT!

Wicket falls
20 overs - WICKET - Misbah run out 53 - Pkn 141-7 (chasing India's 141-9)
A bit of gamesmanship as Dhoni shuffles the field and Misbah steps away. Santh eventually runs in, Misbah hits it into the off-side and going for the single he has to go for, he's run out at the bowler's end. Ladies and gentlemen, we have A TIE!

19.5 overs - Pkn 141-6 (chasing India's 141-9)
Misbah plays and misses. Dot ball. One ball left. Scores level. Every fielder comes in on the single. Even a helmetless short leg comes in.

19.4 overs - Pkn 141-6 (chasing India's 141-9)
Misbah off-drives, and it goes past long-off for four. Two balls left. Scores level.

19.3 overs - Pkn 137-6 (chasing India's 141-9)
Santh goes round the wicket. Misbah pushes to long-on, and they scamper through for two. Five needed from three balls.

19.2 overs - Pkn 135-6 (chasing India's 141-9)
Misbah goes over the top, swipes one over extra cover and it goes for a first-bounce four. Seven needed from four balls.

19.1 overs - Pkn 131-6 (chasing India's 141-9)
Santh bowls the last over. Arafat facing. He strikes the first ball straight to Yuvraj at backward point. Just a single taken. 11 needed off five.

19th over - Pkn 130-6
Agarkar bowls, Yasir Arafat swings at his first ball and it flies away to the midwicket boundary for four. 25 needed off 11. They then scamper two. 23 needed off 10. Arafar swings again, and it evades Karthik at long-on. Four more - 19 needed off nine. Dhoni rotates his field. Agarkar slogs to third man, but they can only manage a single. 18 needed off eight balls. Misbah paddles the fifth ball of the over from middle stump down to fine leg for four. 14 needed off seven balls. Agarkar goes round the wicket, and Misbah cover-drives for two. 12 needed off six balls. 17 off this over. I can't stand the tension. I'm going ball-by-ball for the last over.

18th over - Pkn 113-6
Harbhajan sends down a Jeremy Snape-style "moon ball" and Misbah clubs a huge six, before smashing another four to long-on off the last ball. 29 needed off two overs. They can't, can they?

Wicket falls
17.4 overs - WICKET - Afridi c Karthik b Harbhajan 7 - Pkn 103-6
Dougie Brown on TMS is blaming Salman Butt for almost single-handedly causing Pakistan to lose with his slow scoring. Get over it, Dougie. Misbah takes a single to bring Afridi on strike, and he swings Harbhajan to the cow corner boundary for one. Misbah gets the ball away for a leg-bye, Afridi aims a huge shot into the air, and he's caught at deep mid-on. Is that is for Pakistan?

17th over - Pkn 100-5
With Pathan having completed his spell, Agarkar returns as we close in on the finale of this game. Misbah gets a thick edge to third man to bring Afridi on strike. 48 needed from 22 balls. Afridi skies one high into the infield, Agarkar runs back to attempt a caught-and-bowled, and gets his fingertips to the ball but misses the catch. Misbah then smashes the ball back past Agarkar, who is nearly decapitated, for four. A single brings up the hundred. Afridi swings and misses at the last delivery - 42 needed off 18 balls.

16th over - Pkn 93-5
Finally, we have Shahid Afridi at the crease - after he took 22 from seven balls against Scotland. Pakistan need 55 from 30 balls - are India favourites now? Afridi is off the mark with a single, and grins as he aims a big hit at Harbhajan but can't get the ball away. He eventually heaves the ball to deep extra-cover but it falls safely, just clear of the diving Karthik.

Wicket falls
15th over - WICKET - Malik c Harbhajan b Pathan 20 - Pkn 87-5
Pathan's fourth over, and as the fifth ball passes with Pakistan still short of their total, Scotland are eliminated - and in the manner of all of their illustrious countrymen's World Cup football squads, have failed to make the second round. Poor old Dougie Brown. Malik has an agricultural heave to leg which brings him a first-bounce four. He then skies the last ball of the over to extra cover where "The Turbanator" takes a simple catch.

14th over - Pkn 80-4
Harbhajan rushes through his second over as the singles continue to flow. Misbah tries an unorthodox scoop to fine leg from outside off stump, but can only get one run.

13th over - Pkn 75-4
Pathan continues and Malik nudges him for a four to fine leg. A couple more singles are also added.

"Argh! This match is seriously affecting revision for my neuro exam next week. If I fail and am forced to drop out of medicine, I know who to blame"
Visesh, in an old, dark library in Cambridge, in the TMS inbox

12th over - Pkn 69-4
The first sign of spin as Harbhajan enters the attack. Malik and Misbah nurdle a few singles, before some hapless boundary fielding by RP Singh allows a four to long leg.

"When will you stop calling Sri Sreesanth 'Sree Santh'? His surname is not Santh!"
Ed Henderson in the TMS inbox

Ed, my colleague Jamie Lillywhite interviewed the man himself at Lord's during the recent tour of England - and despite having been previously referred to as S Sreesanth, Sri Sreesanth and by his full name, Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, he told us he now wanted to be known as Sree Santh. That's straight from the horse's mouth, as it were.

11th over - Pkn 60-4
First runs off Pathan as he swings one in to right-hander Misbah, who gets a bottom edge which just misses his stumps and flies away for a fortuitous boundary. Misbah-ul-Haq, who looks far more athletic than his namesake Inzamam, tries a hook to midwicket but the ball plugs in the damp outfield and they just take a single.

10th over - Pkn 53-4
Pakistan have to weather the storm now, and captain Malik cover-drives Agarkar for four to bring up his country's fifty, before steering a single to third man. Six runs from the over, and the camera focuses on a number of fans who are either wearing some frighteningly hideous rubber masks - or are very, very, ugly.

"Mark - stop over for a cuppa and a scone with jam the next time you are on this side of the pond and make it 21!"
Joe, Pennsylvania, USA, in the TMS inbox

9th over - Pkn 47-4
The final ball of the over is left alone by new batsman Misbah-ul-Haq. A wicket maiden from Pathan.

Wicket falls
8.5 overs - WICKET - Younus Khan b Pathan 2 - Pkn 47-4
The new batsman is Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik, but he's at the non-striker's end. Younus (formerly known as Younis) Khan has trouble getting Pathan away - and he's then bowled and suddenly Pakistan have lost three quick wickets. Is the pendulum swinging back to India?

Wicket falls
8.1 overs - WICKET - Akmal run out (Yuvraj) 15 - Pkn 47-3
A superb piece of fielding by Yuvraj Singh runs Akmal out at the bowler's end with a direct hit from Irfan Pathan's first ball.

8th over - Pkn 47-2
Just five runs from the remainder of Agarkar's over. New batsman is Younus Khan. Not looking good for the Scots.

Graham Gooch
"I'm surprised Dougie Brown hasn't gone down to the Pakistan dugout and pushed Shahid Afridi out there to bat!"
Graham Gooch on TMS

Wicket falls
7.2 overs - WICKET - Butt c Dhoni b Agarkar 17 - Pkn 44-2
The first change of bowling by India as Ajit Agarkar - leading wicket-taker in the recent ODI series against England - replaces Santh - and he finally ends Butt's stay at the crease (17 runs from 25 balls) when he fences outside off-stump and is caught behind.

7th over - Pkn 42-1
Fielding restrictions are over. Despite a PA announcement that Irfan Pathan is on to bowl, it's still RP Singh to continue, and Butt's stodgy batting is causing sighs of disappointment in Scotland as their chances of reaching the Super 8s start to ebb away. Butt prods defensively and it just fails to find his edge. Just three runs from the over.

6th over - Pkn 39-1
A gorgeous straight-batted prod by Butt goes straight past bowler Santh for four. India then appeal for a catch behind when a bouncer goes through to Dhoni and Butt misses his hook. Questions are being asked about Butt's strike-rate at Twenty20 level, but he takes a single off the final ball to pinch the strike.

5th over - Pkn 33-1
Akmal, wearing a green bandana under his helmet, is tucked up by RP, but scrambles a leg-bye before Butt runs another single down to third man. The extras mount up as they run another leg-bye before RP strays with a legside wide. Dougie Brown in the TMS box yells "get on with it" - remember, if Pakistan win in less than 14.4 overs, Scotland go through ahead of India on net run-rate.

4th over - Pkn 29-1
Butt keeps the scoreboard ticking over with a single as Santh charges in and Akmal on-drives for a single. Butt then exquisitely flicks one off his legs, which just evades the diving Agarkar and carries over the boundary for four.

"Hey MM - you seem to have relatives strewn all over America - are you American, by any chance?"
Shafique Cockar, London

I'm not, Shafique - I'm British, but my father has lived in the USA for the last few years. Of the approximately 302,437,000 people in the USA (according to Wikipedia), I probably "know" fewer than 20 of them, but it just so happens that some of them live in two of the places mentioned on the live text today - Arkansas, and Lawrenceville, Georgia.

3rd over - Pkn 22-1
Wicket-keeper Kamran Akmal is the new batsman, and he pulls his third ball to the fine-leg boundary for four. He then swings and misses, before hoisting Singh to cow corner for six.

Dougie Brown
"I think Pakistan know what the target is to knock India out here. You don't bat like this unless you're trying to score 10-12 runs per over"
Dougie Brown on TMS

Wicket falls
2.1 overs - WICKET - Nazir b RP Singh 7 - Pkn 12-1
RP Singh makes the breakthrough when Imran Nazir heaves across the line and is cleaned up by the left-armer.

2nd over - Pkn 12-0
Sree Santh takes the second over, and a superb stop at backward point by Yuvraj saves an almost certain boundary from Butt, who takes a single. Santh then oversteps for a no-ball, which gives Nazir a free hit, from which they run three. Butt survives an appeal for a catch behind.

1st over - Pkn 7-0
Salman Butt and Imran Nazir are the Pakistan opening pair, and it's left-arm swing bowler RP Singh taking the new ball for India. The first ball beats left-hander Butt's outside edge - the second is called a wide to get Pakistan off the mark. Butt then steers a single to third man. Singh is getting a bit of swing, but another wide advances the total. Nazir then crashes the first boundary of the innings through the covers.

1856: The batsmen are walking out. Arlo White on TMS says if Pakistan win in 14.4 overs or quicker, Scotland will go through!

"From the depressed tone of certain India fans you would think they were already on the plane home. In fact even if they lose this game they are very unlikely to get knocked out. And as the Australians showed earlier today, in this form of cricket, your next game can be very different"
Gary P in the TMS inbox


Wicket falls
20th over WICKET - Agarkar run out 14 - Ind 141-9
Agarkar gets a single off the second ball, new batsman Sree Santh can't get the third ball away. Santh swings at the fourth and gets a single to long-on. Agarkar takes one off the fifth and then is run out off the final ball as Santh completely misses the ball and tries to run a cheeky bye.

Wicket falls
19.1 overs - WICKET - Dhoni c Younus b Arafat 33 - Ind 138-8
Dhoni blasts the first ball of the last over high to long-off where Younus Khan takes the catch.

19th over - Ind 138-7
Gul returns, but Agarkar steps outside leg stump and gives himself enough room to swat the first ball of the over for a first-bounce four past cover. Agarkar then attempts an identical shot, which this time goes to the backward point boundary. Gul breathes a sigh of relief as Agarkar plays and misses with a similar heave-ho to the third ball. Captain Shoaib Malik frantically waves his hands to move the field as the drizzle continues. Gul then tries to shy at the stumps with Agarkar marginally out of his crease at the bowler's end, but only succeeds in conceding an overthrow which gives Dhoni the strike for the last over.

Arlo White
"Durban has the largest expatriate Indian community of any city in the world"
Arlo White on TMS

18th over - Ind 128-7
Ajit Agarkar gets a single off his first ball, and Dhoni adds another as rain threatens to bring the players off for a third time. Afridi sends his leggies through very quickly, and restricts Dhoni and Agarkar to singles.

Wicket falls
17.1 overs - WICKET - Harbhajan b Afridi 1 - Ind 123-7
Shahid Afridi begins his fourth over, and clean bowls Harbhajan with his first ball as the original "Turbanator" has what Dougie Brown describes as "an almighty mow".

1828: They're coming back out as the ground staff remove the covers and leg it off the pitch.

Dougie Brown
"Come on Pakistan, you've got to pull something out of the bag for us!"
Scotland all-rounder Dougie Brown on TMS

"I don't get what Indian fans were expecting. A team totally out of touch with realities of Twenty20, so bad in the planning that they actually took five bowlers in the side and thought of beating Pakistan who have tons of bits and pieces players (forget genuine all-rounders!). I want to see how the five bowlers stop Pakistan from reaching the target in less than 15 overs"
Parag Purohit in the TMS inbox

1822: The rain is now just fine drizzle - the ground staff don't know whether to put more covers on or take the existing ones off.

Rain delay
17th over - RAIN STOPS PLAY - Ind 123-6
Dhoni's eye is in now - he clubs Arafat back for a straight four, then whips him over long leg for six - to the delight of the pitchside podium dancers who, as I observed earlier this afternoon, resemble the military wing of the Goombay Dance Band. Keeper Kamran Akmal then appeals for a catch behind against new batsman Harbhajan Singh, but ump Billy Doctrove is unmoved. Harbhajan is off the mark with a swiftly-run single, and there's rain in the air again. We're going off.

Wicket falls
16th over - WICKET - Pathan b Afridi 20 - Ind 111-6
Pathan goes down the pitch to Afridi, and launches one of the biggest sixes I've ever seen. The ball goes onto the roof of one of the huge stands. Then, he launches one over long-on, which goes even further. But Pathan's cameo is over as 111 - Nelson - strikes and he is bowled leg stump.

Dougie Brown
"Pakistan have been very impressive so far - we [Scotland] hope they can finish the game in a similar fashion to which they've started"
Dougie Brown on TMS

15th over - Ind 97-5
More smart fielding restricts India to singles, before Dhoni cuts loose, and carves Tanvir to the point boundary for four.

14th over - Ind 90-5
Afridi continues. Dhoni takes a single off the first ball before a handsome off-drive by Pathan can only find a fielder on the point boundary. Dhoni tries to work Afridi to leg and keeps the singles coming, and Pathan survives a stumping appeal. Imran Nazir, Pakistan's "Boundary Fox", makes an impressive stop to save a four.

"Tell Aparna in New York that it's OK to drink at your desk. I am. Especially when we, India, are getting torn up like this. What a day"
Sumit, from St. Louis, in the TMS inbox

13th over - Ind 84-5
New batsman is Irfan Pathan, and it looks like India's hopes are resting on captain Dhoni even more now. The batsmen take a single apiece from the rest of the over.

Wicket falls
12.1 overs - WICKET - Uthappa c Akmal b Tanvir 50 - Ind 82-5
Uthappa tries to guide the ball to third man but only succeeds in nudging a simple catch to the keeper.

That's 50
12th over - Ind 82-4
The bearded Shahid Afridi, who bowls leg-spin at close to medium pace, sends down a bit of buffet bowling, from which Uthappa helps himself to a four to backward point. He then reaches his half-century off 38 balls. Another good over for India - and the rain returns. The players walk off - but they haven't reached the dugouts before the rain stops and they return to the middle.

11th over - Ind 70-4
Uthappa drives Tanvir (a left-handed version of Mike Procter according to Goochie) back down the ground for a single as the over is completed.

1756: The players are returning, although Goochie fears there may be some more rain coming. We've got three balls of the 11th over to come now.

"Working with another unhappy Indian here at work! Please say hello to Santosh R!"
Simon Haynes in the TMS inbox [Hello Santosh! - MM]

1755: The covers appear to be coming off already - is it just a passing shower?

Graham Gooch
"I like Uthappa, but a lot depends on him now, while Dhoni is a real powerhouse but he's unpredictable"
Former England skipper Graham Gooch on TMS

Rain delay
10.3 overs - RAIN STOPS PLAY - Ind 68-4
Tanvir sends down a legside wide before Dhoni scampers through for a single. And there's now rain in the air - umbrellas are going up in the crowd, and eventually umps Taufel and Doctrove decide to take the players off.

"Going well for the Scots so far - it would be some achievement to qualify without winning a game!"
Michael, Lancs, in the TMS inbox

10th over - Ind 64-4
Arafat bowls to Uthappa, who launches a mighty six which sails into the stand at long-off to the delight of the flag-waving India fans in that part of the ground - one of whom catches the ball one-handed, and could give Kevin Pietersen some fielding tips. Another huge hit goes over midwicket for six (despite being pitched outside off-stump) - Uthappa has 35 already. Arguably India's best over of the innings.

"I am doing the biggest exams of my life on Monday and Tuesday, postgraduate FRCR 2as! But this is too exciting, the TV is banned... but the internet is a wonderful invention! Dr Khan, I am studying... honest..."
Qaiser Malik in the TMS inbox

9th over - Ind 47-4
As India were 33-3 after six overs and 44-4 after eight, will they be 55-5 after 10? Debutant Sohail Tanvir comes into the attack with some left-arm seam. His unusual action makes it look like he's bowling off the wrong foot, and Dhoni seems a little bemused - there's a slip in, and he just can't get him away for the first four balls. Just three runs come from the over.

"Hey Mark, a group of us are praying at a mosque following it on the BBC. Can you get Asif to slow down. I want to watch the second innings"
Ttg in the TMS inbox

8th over - Ind 44-4
Yasir Arafat - who helped Kent win England's Twenty20 Cup this year - replaces Gul, while a smug-looking Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson is interviewed by Graham Gooch on the boundary. Uthappa takes a single before a well-timed clip off his legs by Dhoni goes for four to get him off the mark. Arafat is then let down by some dodgy fielding as India scamper some much-needed runs, but the Kent man nearly finds Uthappa's outside edge on the last delivery of the over.

"This is the most depressing Friday ever. I'm still at the office, can't watch the match, and India are falling over. I wonder if anyone would notice if I started drinking at my desk?"
Aparna in New York City in the TMS inbox

7th over - Ind 36-4
Wicket-keeper, captain and pin-up Mahendra Dhoni enters the fray, and plays out the rest of the over and Asif retires after an astonishing spell of 4-0-18-4 - the second-best international T20 figures of all time.

"Mark, have any of yesterday's learned mathematicians figured out the numbers required to keep Celtic Cricket's hopes alive?"
Keith "Swaz" Fraser in the TMS inbox

At this rate, bad news for India is very good news for the Scots, Keith!

Wicket falls
6.4 overs - WICKET - Karthik b Asif 11 - Ind 36-4
Karthik drives firmly into the on-side but Pakistan cut off the boundary and they take two. He then tries to paddle a bouncer over third man, and Asif - bowling his overs straight through - is lucky not to concede a wide. The next delivery is called a wide - but the next sees Karthik comprehensively castled. Astonishing scenes.

6th over - Ind 33-3
Gul continues from the Old Fort Road end as Pakistan try to press their advantage. Uthappa swipes a single before examining the bottom of his bat like a golfer blaming a club for an errant shot. Karthik responds with a single of his own, before Gul fires in a bouncer that umpire Simon Taufel signals as an aerial wide. The final ball is a full toss, which Uthappa punches into the covers for two.

"Mark, I work with a few Indians, so can you please say hello to Jay S, Deepak M and Meetul"
Ben Fowle in the TMS inbox [Hello - MM]

5th over - Ind 28-3
The right-handed Karthik doesn't waste any time, lofting Asif over mid-off for four. Asif then tucks Karthik up for room, but an agricultural heave from Karthik then flies first bounce to the point boundary, to Dougie Brown's dismay.

Wicket falls
4.1 overs - WICKET - Yuvraj c Malik b Asif 1 - Ind 19-2
It's all going crazy here - Yuvraj launches one straight to mid-on and India are three down! New batsman is Dinesh Karthik.

4th over - Ind 19-2
Gul nearly has Yuvraj caught behind as the ball bounces just in front of keeper Kamran Akmal, but goes through for a leg bye before Uthappa takes himself into double figures with a lofted drive over the bowler's head for four. However, he's then caught unawares when Gul fires in a quick bouncer.

"I am keeping a sly eye on the score in my study where I have locked myself in as my mother-in-law has arrived for the weekend and I 'have to complete a serious project' so am keeping well out of the way. Glad there are 40 overs!" Simon, Northampton, in the TMS inbox

Simon, you'd better hope your mother-in-law isn't following the game on her mobile, as otherwise you may have been well and truly busted!

3rd over - Ind 14-2
New batsman is left-hander Yuvraj Singh, who clips one off his legs for a single. Here's a rare sight in Twenty20 - Pakistan have posted two slips! Uthappa has to defend as Asif keeps hitting the spot. He then on-drives the final ball of the over to the midwicket boundary. The crowd, including many expatriate Indians and Pakistanis, are going wild here.

Wicket falls
2.1 overs - WICKET - Sehwag b Asif 5 - Ind 9-2
Sehwag's cameo innings is ended as he's clean bowled by Asif. More Scottish joy.

2nd over - Ind 9-1
Umar Gul takes the second over, and Uthappa nearly gives a catch behind off the first ball, but they scamper a single. Sehwag, in characteristic fashion, then pulls his first ball to the midwicket boundary for four. Welcome back to international cricket, Virender. Uthappa then mistimes one which sails towards the midwicket boundary and they take two. Gul then beats Uthappa's outside edge with a lovely swinging delivery.

"There goes one... Now Sehwag, Dhoni and Yuvi hold the key to India's survival"
Gaurav, India, in the TMS inbox

1st over - Ind 1-1
Uthappa gets a single to get India off the mark.

"I hope to see a last-ball six which would revive historic memories of the greats like Javed Miandad"
Fahad R Khan, Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA, in the TMS inbox
[If that's the Lawrenceville on the outskirts of Atlanta, I have relatives there, would you believe! MM]

Wicket falls
0.3 overs - WICKET - Gambhir c & b Asif 0 - Ind 0-1
Sehwag and Gambhir opening up for India, with Mohammad Asif taking the new ball. Gambhir thumps the third ball back to Asif, who takes a superb caught-and-bowled. A great start for Pakistan... and for Scotland! New batsman is Robin Uthappa.

Dougie Brown
"Let's hope Pakistan can knock over a couple of Indian batsman early and give Scotland a chance"
Warwickshire and Scotland all-rounder Dougie Brown on TMS

1655: Here are the teams:

India: V Sehwag, R Uthappa, G Gambhir, MS Dhoni (capt, wk), Yuvraj Singh, KD Karthik, I K Pathan, A B Agarkar, Harbhajan Singh, RP Singh, S Santh.

Pakistan: Salman Butt, Shahid Afridi, Imran Nazir, Sohail Tanvir, Younus Khan, Shoaib Malik (capt), Misbah-ul-Haq, Kamran Akmal (wk), Yasir Arafat, Umar Gul, Mohammad Asif.

Umpires: Billy Doctrove and Simon Taufel.

"I'm sitting here in my office, with the match switched on, on the other side of the room. There's a great big pillar in between me and the TV. I can't move my chair because I have just recently joined and don't want my manager to think I'd rather watch the cricket then work on Hedge Funds! So its just me and!"
SnzD, London, in the TMS inbox

"I hope all fans realize this is Twenty20 and not Tests so the desire to enjoy the game should be much greater than all these tensions of winning against the 'old enemy' at all costs"
Medium-pacer on 606

"It's Friday! It's five to five! And this should be a Crackerjack!"
Phil Walker in the TMS inbox ["Crackerjack!" - MM]

THE TOSS - Pakistan have won the toss and have elected to field first. They make one change - left-arm seamer Sohail Tanvir replaces all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez. India pick the same team they chose for last night's washout against Scotland.

Pakistan have already qualified - simple as that - thanks to last night's India-Scotland washout. Because of the way the Super 8s are organised, not even finishing first in the group will make any difference to their second-phase schedule.

India will qualify if they win (by any margin), or if there is a no-result. They could even lose and still go through - but as long as their net run-rate does not slip below Scotland's.

Scotland have played both their group games. Their only hope of qualification is a heavy defeat for India that takes the Indians' net run-rate below their own. Otherwise it's bye-bye to the Tartan Army.

Incidentally, last night at Waterloo Station, the place was nearly completely taken over by Scots of all ages - there were more kilts and sporrans on display than you could shake a claymore at. As they'd have needed a Tardis to make it back from the abandoned India-Scotland game in Durban that quickly, I can only assume they'd just got back on the Eurostar from Paris - having beaten France at football a mere 24 or so hours beforehand. And they were still singing - those Scots know how to party.

1630: It's eyes down for the crucial game between India and Pakistan. Good afternoon if you're in the UK or South Africa, good evening if you're in India or Pakistan, and good morning or good night if you're anywhere else in the world!

If you're just joining us, here's what else has happened today. Sri Lanka took Kenya to the cleaners, and Australia comfortably beat England in a match which saw both sides through to the Super 8s on run-rate, and Zimbabwe eliminated. Also of interest to India fans will be the news that Rahul Dravid has resigned as India's Test captain.

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