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Last Updated: Friday, 14 September 2007, 14:56 GMT 15:56 UK
England-Australia as it happened
WORLD TWENTY20, Cape Town:
England 135 (20 overs) v Australia 136-2 (14.5 overs)


By Mark Mitchener


AUSTRALIA WIN BY EIGHT WICKETS - Australia and England qualify for the Super 8s, Zimbabwe are eliminated

1550: That's it for England-Australia - I need a break to stop my eyes glazing over before I'm back in this seat to bring you India-Pakistan (starts 1700 BST). Don't be late!

Many thanks for all your e-mails, whether you're in Barnsley, Arkansas, Kazakhstan or anywhere else - apologies to those I haven't been able to use (even the various Sarahs), but I hope you can appreciate that we receive literally thousands of these every day, and in a frenetic Twenty20 game, can only use a brief selection. See you back here later for India-Pakistan.

Geoffrey Boycott
"I call Hayden 'the Butcher', but he's just smacked England around at will today. The bowling is a big worry, Broad keeps bowling too short - he's definitely a work in progress"
Geoff Boycott on TMS

"I put a 100 Danish krona bet on KP being 4th highest scorer in this match. I did it!"
Rahul Bhatnagar in the TMS inbox

"Does anyone know if there is anyone showing the cricket in the US, specifically Arkansas? Does anyone else play cricket here in Arkansas? Does anyone else know that cricket isn't just an insect here in Arkansas? Has anyone living in Arkansas even been mentioned on here?"
Simon in Arkansas in the TMS inbox [My Dad lives in Arkansas, he's a lifelong cricket fan, does he count? MM]

14.5 overs - Aus 136-2
Hayden punches (not literally) one back past Schofield for four. The Surrey man tosses it up, and Hayden contemptuously straight-drives him for another four. A low full-toss is despatched for the third successive four, and that's just two runs to win now. Another full-toss is swept to fine-leg to bring the scores level. Symonds hammers another leg-side boundary - and that's it.

14th over - Aus 122-2
Andrew Symonds is the new batsman - it must be nice to come in with 16 needed from 39 balls. Symmo makes it 15 from 38 as he's off the mark first ball. Hayden then pinches the strike.

Wicket falls
13.3 overs - WICKET - Ponting c & b Flintoff 20 - Aus 120-2
Flintoff back for his last over - Ponting looks determined to finish this off as quickly as possible. Does he have tickets for the theatre, as David Gower did that time? Anyway, he's out of the picture as he flicks a caught-and-bowled right back at Freddie, who takes a nonchalant one-handed catch.

Jonathan Agnew
"Let's be honest, it's a good thing for the tournament that Australia have gone through. They've really taken the game by the scruff of the neck"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

13th over - Aus 117-1
As Chappelli on TMS tells Alison Mitchell that Hayden can't be a true Aussie bloke because he cooks (and has had recipe books published), Ponting uses his feet well and flicks Schofield over long leg for six. The next ball is swept for four by Punter as Schofield rather loses his line and length.

"KP's predictions today surely mean he is set for a future job as a BBC weather presenter"
Dean in Burnley in the TMS inbox

That's 50
12th over - Aus 104
Colly rotates his bowlers and gives Broad another go. The unshaven Ponting dabs a single, but they probably realise they can win it in singles from here. Hayden brings up the hundred with a ferocious pull through midwicket for four, which also brings up his own half-century off just 33 balls. A comfortable eight runs from the over.

"Can I be the second person from Kazakhstan to get a mention on here please? I like cricket, is nice. NOT"
Borat, Kazakhstan, in the TMS inbox

11th over - Aus 96-1
After Hayden takes a single, Schofield has Ponting briefly tied down with a wrong'un, and is only able to scamper a single from the last ball. A tight over, but too little, too late for England.

"For us office-bound losers still working on a Friday afternoon why don't you have a comparison score (from the first innings) at side of the actual score after each over. This will enable readers to gauge how easily England are going to lose!"
Andrew, Barnsley, in the TMS inbox

Andrew, in a fast and frenetic game like T20, it's difficult enough to keep typing and get the current innings score correct in all the right places (like the top of the page), let alone the previous innings!

10th over - Aus 94-1
Mascarenhas has changed ends, but he gets no sympathy from Hayden who carves him over midwicket for six. Even a reverse-sweep from Haydos evades the fielders, goes for four and KP is already practising his golf shots in the field. A fat lookalike of Jason Gillespie in a bright yellow shirt leads some Aussie fans in some raucous singing. Hayden on 44 now.

9th over - Aus 80-1
Hayden hits a bump ball which Schofield takes one-handed, before plundering yet another single to leg. Ponting turns his first ball to short fine leg, but Broad's clumsy misfield gives the Aussie captain "one off the mark" in the manner of a benefit match.

Wicket falls
8.2 overs - WICKET - Gilchrist c Flintoff b Schofield 45 - Aus 78-1
Schofield's on for some spin, and he finally makes the breakthrough for England when Gilchrist lifts one down Flintoff's throat at deep mid-on.

"Dirs doesn't get this level of abuse during live text. Poor Mitch. I'm with you!"
Alex Hemburrow in the TMS inbox

8th over - Aus 78-0
Flintoff returns in place of Kirtley after the hammering he got in the last over, but there's no change for the batsmen as Hayden punches a single to long-off, and Gilchrist gets a lucky inside edge that goes between his feet and the stumps and shuttles down to fine leg for four. The left-handed pair then scamper a three, leaving Gilly a little out of breath.

"This could be a dire day for English sport. Not much chance later in the Rugby World Cup against the Boks either!"
Cameron Bailey in the TMS in-boks

7th over - Aus 69-0
It's Dimi time, but even with the fielding restrictions off, Mascarenhas can't stop the singles flowing as AG and MH rotate the strike. Hayden moves on to 30 when he pulls a slower ball to long leg for four.

"Mark, enjoying your commentary this afternoon, while making calls and watching a colleague make origami animals as she refuses to work on her last day! Maybe she could make a duck for a couple of the Aussies!"
Matt in Oxford in the TMS inbox

"Can I be the first person from Kazakhstan to get a mention please? My Kazakhstan/England flag was at the Antigua Super 8 games and cricket is not often mentioned round here. Also, at the Press v West Indies Legends game at Dickenson Bay, I caught out IVA Richards when he was on 49!"
Ray Tilt in the TMS inbox

6th over - Aus 61-0
A seemingly effortless four to Hayden from Kirtley's first ball. The next two balls are similarly easy pickings for the Queenslander, and both are smacked for four. After he takes a single, Gilchrist flicks one over fine leg for four. 17 from that over - 33 from the last two. That's it for the fielding restrictions.

"I find it pathetic that England fans on here have turned on a promising new-look England side due to ONE poor performance (against Australia, too, last time I looked they were pretty good). It is unbelievably fickle. Not only that, it's insulting to Australia's bowlers too, implying that their efforts were irrelevant, and that it was all down to poor batting"
Steve in the TMS inbox

5th over - Aus 44-0
As "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" by the Scissor Sisters belts out over the PA system, even drowning out the Barmy Army contingent, Broad doesn't feel like bowling as Colly removes him from the attack and takes the ball himself. But the skipper is unable to prevent Hayden and Gilchrist taking singles at will, while Gilchrist clubs another boundary through his favoured gully area. The next ball is hoisted for six over square leg, towards stadium DJ Dr Beat - the first six of the innings. 16 from the over.

"Listening to the commentary, I get the feeling that Boycs really doesn't like Hayden much at all"
Andy M, still in a dingy office in Staffs, in the TMS inbox

4th over - Aus 28-0
Flintoff's nose appears to be peeling. A bouncer to Hayden falls just short of a fielder, and Gilchrist hoists one into the air - but safely. Another slice to third man bounces before it reaches Schofield. A rare over without boundaries, though.

"Mark, your namesake James wrote 'Tales from the South Pacific'. The musical based on it included such never to be remembered songs as 'Bloody Mary' and '(There is) Nothing Like a Dame'. If England lose in fewer than 9.3 overs I will need (several) bloody Marys, and assume that the entire team is a bunch of dames"
Tony Thresher in the TMS inbox
[The author James A. Michener, to whom you refer, spells his surname without a "t" - MM]

3rd over - Aus 22-0
Gilchrist has a slice of luck when he launches one which flies just over wicket-keeper Prior. The next ball is too short, but Gilly can only work it away for a leg-bye. Broad continues to bowl too short, to the displeasure of Boycs on TMS, as Hayden lifts another four to third man. Some smart fielding from Maddy restricts Hayden's next pull to a single, but the Aussies look well set already.

"The debacle that was the English innings is surely proof of the old adage that 'It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt'. I'm referring of course to the Nut/Jelly Baby man's most inopportune comments. Especially when the opponents don't need any nettling if they're playing England!"
Graham in Barcelona in the TMS inbox

2nd over - Aus 12-0
Flintoff takes the second over and just beats Hayden's outside edge, but the left-hander then clubs one to the long-on boundary for four, from outside off-stump. The floodlights are on - just - and some smart running from the Aussies keeps their run-rate on track.

1st over - Aus 6-0
With England needing early wickets, Broad has one slip (Flintoff), and he swings the first one in to Gilchrist for a morale-boosting dot ball. He gets off the mark when he flays the fourth ball of the over through the covers. Hayden is also off the mark with a single to deep backward square leg.

1439: Gilchrist and Hayden walk out like a couple of gladiators entering the arena. Stuart Broad takes the new ball. Here we go.

Jonathan Agnew
"England have got to bowl straight - they can't bowl like they bowled in the opening overs against Zimbabwe yesterday. England are in a long huddle, it's like a prayer meeting"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1436: Barely time to draw breath, but England are already out on the field, warming up.

"Mr Mitchener, did kids at school ever give you the educational nickname of Lord Mitchener? Maybe they superimposed your face on a 'Your Country Needs You' poster? No?"
Edd in Hemel in the TMS inbox [No - MM]

"Is it just me or does Luke Wright look like Freddie Flintoff's Mini-Me?"
James Allan in the TMS inbox

"Same old England! Oh dear and the tournament looked so promising yesterday"
Luke Coverdale, Essex, in the TMS inbox

"If I can speak Kirtley, as long as this game Pieters-on at this rate there's a Broad chance that when the Aussies take to the Scho-field they are going to kick the England team in the Mascarenhas!"
Michael, Jersey, in the TMS inbox

1427: Sky's stattos reckon if Australia win in 9.3 overs or quicker, England are out.

1425: The worry now is that if Australia knock these runs off in rapid fashion, that could see England on the next plane home.


Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Broad b Bracken 1 - Eng 135 all out
Last man James Kirtley gets off the mark against Bracken, Broad scampers a single and Kirtley can only pat the third ball back to the bowler. Kirtley has a wild swing at the fourth ball and the Aussies appeal for a catch behind - Aggers thinks the appeal was a tactic to stop the umpire calling it a wide. Kirtley steers the fifth ball to third man for a single, and when Broad swings at the last ball, Bracken hits the stumps. That's the innings.

Wicket falls
19th over - WICKET - Mascarenhas run out 4 - Eng 132-9
A bit of bad luck for Dimi as Broad straight-drives his first ball and Clark deflects it onto the stumps at the bowler's end, and Mascarenhas is out of his ground.

Wicket falls
18.5 overs - WICKET - Schofield c Gilchrist b Clark 1 - Eng 132-8
Another Hampshire v (recently ex-)Hampshire match-up as Mascarenhas swipes Clark for a single. While Boycs exhorts various female BBC Radio 5live news presenters to come to South Africa to improve the England batting line-up, Dimi and Schofield can't take more than singles off Clark's accuracy, and Schofield is caught behind off a good slower ball as Gilly takes a good, tumbling catch.

Geoffrey Boycott
"Bracken doesn't do anything clever - he bowls to his field and bowls it straight"
Geoff Boycott on TMS

18th over - Eng 129-7
Dimi takes a single, new batsman Chris Schofield can't get his first ball away.

Wicket falls
17.4 overs - WICKET - Shah c Clarke b Bracken 14 - Eng 128-7
New batsman Dimi Mascarenhas swishes at his first ball from Bracken and it's taken by Gilchrist who is standing up. After a golden duck yesterday, he gets off the mark with a prod into the offside for one. But another wicket goes down as Shah lifts Bracken to Clarke at deep midwicket.

Wicket falls
17th over - WICKET - Flintoff c Clark b Johnson 31 - Eng 127-6
Flintoff drives Johnson to mid-off, for a well-run two. As they look to push the run-rate on, another boundary sees the Lancastrian advance a couple of paces to pull one to midwicket for four. But Johnson is rewarded off the last ball of the over as Freddie spoons one to short third man. That's 3-22 for him.

"I feel sorry for Goobs if he thinks that's as good as life can get. How about actually being in Cape Town, at the ground with your mates with a cold beer in your hand with Angelina Jolie waiting for you back in your hotel room, no offence but that's got to be better than Mitchener's text commentary"
Ian Melding in the TMS inbox
[I think that's the first time I've ever been compared to Angelina Jolie - and it will probably be the last - MM]

16th over - Eng 119-5
Symonds is back on - in off-spin mode this time - but Shah and Flintoff obviously have secret earpieces tuned to TMS, and have made Boycott eat his words by smashing a straight six apiece. More scampered singles, and it's 16 from the over.

Geoffrey Boycott
"Clouting five sixes at the Oval is one thing. Clouting one six here, on a completely different pitch, is very different"
Geoff Boycott on TMS

15th over - Eng 103-5
Clarke's back on from the other end, finding a good length, and he's a man who gets through his overs very quickly. Just three short singles are possible from a rapid over.

"This is Maddyness. They ought to get their Priorities Wright"
Jonny S., Hammersmith, in the TMS inbox

"Why is Ian Bell at home while the Frank Lampard of English cricket, Matt Prior, still continues to curse us? The justification can surely not be his ability to wield the gloves, surely surely not"
Parmjeet Dayal in the TMS inbox

14th over - Eng 100-5
Shah gets off the mark, and Freddie clubs one to the cover boundary but only picks up a single. Another single from Shah brings up the hundred.

"With the constant complaints from some about picking bowlers who can bat, based on recent performances I think I've come up with a revolution in tactics: pick some opening batsmen who can bat!"
Dave Bowling, Ponte Carlo, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
13.1 overs - WICKET - Pietersen b Bracken 21 - Eng 97-5
Bracken returns, bowling around the wicket, and it pays immediate dividends as the left-armer swings one back that removes KP's leg stump. New batsman is Owais Shah.

I'm not watching this. I'm at work but you can feel the aussies raising their game... Same old story here I reckon"
Sanjay Majmudar in the TMS inbox

13th over - Eng 97-4
Pietersen takes a single to leg, Hayden throws in from the midwicket boundary and the bullet throw gives Lee a nasty whack at the bowler's end. Freddie off-drives again, and it beats both Symonds and Hussey and goes for four. A similar shot goes for four, albeit to point this time, as the TV picture goes down once again. They're now taking singles off nearly every ball - as they jolly well should be!

"Why are there no players from the successful Kent 20/20 team such as Tredwell, Cook or even Key?"
Stuart Law, Erith, in the TMS inbox

"I'm beginning to think that the Twenty20 game is too short for the speed of the BBC updating! Are England actually all out and it's just taking time to update?"
Sam Slade from Edinburgh in the TMS inbox

12th over - Eng 86-4
It's Michael Clarke on for some orthodox slow left-arm spin, and he has an lbw shout against KP first ball when KP misses a sweep. However, KP then off-drives for four, and dabs a single. Flintoff finds the gap through the covers with his first four of the innings. A couple more singles, and that's a slightly better over for England.

11th over - Eng 75-4
While Five Live cuts away for some very complicated F1 news, new batsman Andrew Flintoff takes a single, and KP does the same.

Wicket falls
10.3 overs - WICKET - Collingwood lbw b Lee 18 - 73-4
Brett Lee returns and Colly works him away for a single. A no-ball is batted away for KP for a single, giving Colly the second free hit of the innings. Collingwood swings mightily, and despatches Lee over the midwicket fence for six. Chappelli on TMS observes that Punter has a face like thunder. But Lee redeems himself by striking Colly on the pad, and he's pretty well plumb.

"I hate to agree with a Chappell but our 20/20 specialists are not doing the business. You can't help but think Ian Bell, full of confidence batting at number three would be causing mayhem. Has anyone won a 20/20 after scoring a total of 80?"
Dave in Oldham in the TMS inbox

10th over - Eng 64-3
Andrew Symonds comes on to bowl (in medium-pace mode), KP tries to slash him over mid-off and it trickles towards square leg. Ian Chappell on TMS, noting Kirtley's call-up, reflects on the growing number of Sussex players called up by England since Peter Moores' arrival as coach. After a couple of singles, Collingwood gets the podium dancers going again by whipping one to midwicket for four. He then hooks one to fine leg, avoiding Brad Hodge at fine leg

"It's Friday afternoon, the boss is out of the office, and I'm flicking between the txt updates for the cricket and the Woman's football. Life doesn't get much better, C'mon England!"
Goobs, Newcastle, in the TMS inbox

9th over - Eng 52-3
Johnson beats KP's outside edge, and KP is momentarily baffled, pausing to count the number of fielders on each side. He nudges a single to mid-on to bring up the fifty. Just two more singles are possible - a very economical over.

"Maddy and Prior has to be the worst English opening pair I can ever remember. Nothing more than a couple of ugly sloggers. Surely we need our best batsmen at the top of the order in this form of the game? We've just wasted the first six overs!"
Jon, from Reading, in the TMS inbox

8th over - Eng 49-3
Celebrating his catch, Hussey looks ever so slightly sinister with the amount of white zinc cream he has on his lips and nose, almost as much as his mate Symonds. KP takes a single, Cap'n Colly can't beat the infield.

Wicket falls
7.3 overs - WICKET - Maddy c Hussey b Clark 20 - Eng 48-3
Alison on TMS notices a number of fans wearing Luke Wright masks - not a great day for them. Pietersen cuts his erstwhile Hampshire team-mate Clark to the point boundary for a single, and Maddy lifts one to deep backward square leg which bounces just inside the rope for four. But the next ball is straight, and Maddy hits it straight down mid-off's throat.

7th over - Eng 42-2
New batsman is KP. Will the Aussies be fired up by his talk of "humiliation"? Very possibly. But he majestically cover-drives his first ball for four. He works the final ball of the over for a single to pinch the strike. But considering how Maddy's playing and missing, that's no bad thing.

Wicket falls
6.4 overs - WICKET - Wright c Gilchrist b Johnson 3 - Eng 37-2
Alison Mitchell replaces Aggers on TMS, but Johnson continues and Wright plays and misses once again. He then takes two to third man, but is all over the place with the next one which gives Gilchrist a simple catch behind.

6th over - Eng 35-1
Wright defends his first ball against Clark, thus avoiding a king pair after his golden duck yesterday. The next ball is a no-ball, as Wright is nearly run out by Clarke at the bowler's end. That gives Wright a free hit - Maddy takes a wild swing, and is clean bowled, but can't be out like that off a free hit, so stands his ground. Another swing and a miss, but finally Maddy gets one away when he despatches a full toss for four to cow corner. A beautiful slower ball from Clark is then totally misjudged by Maddy. A frustrating over for England.

"Collingwood should have sent the Aussies in to bat first, and then we could have worked out the required runs for qualifying before batting!"
Neil Kane, Brighton, in the TMS inbox

5th over - Eng 29-1
Luke Wright is the new batsman, but they crossed on the catch. Maddy faces the last ball of the over and is unable to pierce the infield.

Wicket falls
4.5 overs - WICKET - Prior c Bracken b Johnson 17 - Eng 29-1
Another bowling change sees left-arm seamer Mitchell Johnson - the perennial 12th man from the 2006/07 Ashes - replace Lee. He has Maddy beaten with an ugly swipe outside off-stump, as Boycs and Aggers warn against mindless slogging when calculated hitting would be better. Prior then spoons one into the air and is well caught by Bracken at wide mid-on.

"Well done TMS for continuing to support cricket. I am appalled at the fact yesterday neither the 6 o'clock news nor 10 o'clock news on BBC1 even gave a mention to England's win over Zimbabwe!"
Colin, Salisbury, in the TMS inbox

4th over - Eng 25-0
A slightly surprising bowling change after one game sees Bracken replaced by the usually metronomic Stuart Clark, but Prior lifts one down to long leg for four, before dabbing one to third man for a singleton. Clarke's hair is looking even more blond than usual, maybe it's the reflection off their day-glo kit, which if nothing else would attract praise from the Green Cross Code Man for its visibility. Two more singles take the score to 25.

Geoffrey Boycott
"Brett Lee has bowled 12 balls, and the only one which England have looked like scoring off was the bouncer. That should tell England something"
Geoff Boycott on TMS

3rd over - Eng 17-0
Maddy pulls Lee for four to square leg, and Aggers (on TMS) notices a plume of smoke coming from the dancers' podium - maybe he fears spontaneous combustion. He then nudges one into the off-side for a single.

"Was the Aussie loss to Zimbabwe simply a clever ploy to ensure Australia could whip our collective butts and send us crashing out of the Twenty20 today rather than letting us limp in to the next round, and then lose to a better team further down the line?"
Glenn, Cardiff, in the TMS inbox

2nd over - Eng 12-0
Nathan Bracken, hairband keeping his flowing blond locks in place, takes the second over and Prior clubs him over extra cover for six, before they add a couple more singles. Predictably, the six excites the podium dancers on the boundary into life. Once again, the dancers are wearing rather skimpy burnt-orange tops - but the combination of their beret-like headgear and camouflage fatigue trousers makes me think they're the military wing of the Goombay Dance Band.

Geoffrey Boycott
"The England opening bowlers weren't too clever yesterday - if they bowl like that to Australia today, they'll be in trouble"
Former England batsman Geoff Boycott on TMS

1st over - Eng 4-0
Maddy takes a quick single off Lee's first ball. The fit-again Michael Clarke, in his usual fielding spot at backward point, is wearing a black armband. Prior takes a quick single and Brett Lee almost bundles non-striker Maddy to the ground as he attempts to field off his own bowling. Clearly no quarter will be given. Maddy then cuts to Clarke, who gets a fingertip to it but the ball goes over his head for two.

"Hi MM - just looking through the Kenya team I noticed that there are eight names beginning with the letter O. Surely this must be a world record too and the Kenyans must take immense pleasure in this fact and offset their own world record defeat against this - two stunning world records in one match. Unless, of course, anyone else knows of some other team that has more?"
Shafique Cockar, London, in the TMS inbox

1258: Umpires Asad Rauf and Ian Howell are walking out - here come the Aussies in their new skintight grey (with a yellow vest on top) kit, which really has to be seen to be believed. The Maddy-Prior combo is opening up for England again (please no more e-mails referencing Steeleye Span, as the inbox was flooded yesterday). Brett Lee takes the new ball - let's get ready to rumble!

"The Aussie outfit is so loud I can hear it on the radio"
Jason, Cambridge, in the TMS inbox

"That's 20 off my mate Steve for getting posted before Sarah in Canterbury"
Peter in Preston in the TMS inbox

"I'll be driving home this afternoon - so if the Police stop me and ask me why i'm staring at my PDA I'll tell them it's all right, Mark Mitchener said I could!"
Tim, York, in the TMS inbox
[Like that would stand up in court - MM]

"Did Sri Lanka sneak in another 10 overs today? 260, the bar has been set now"
Dean in Burnley in the TMS inbox

1251: For those of you who have been asking about net run rate, here's the official rules:

A team's net run rate is calculated by deducting from the average runs per over scored by that team throughout the relevant portion of the competition, the average runs per over scored against that team throughout the relevant portion of the competition. In the event of a team being all out in less than its full quota of overs, the calculation of its net run rate shall be based on the full quota of overs to which it would have been entitled and not on the number of overs in which the team was dismissed.

"If there's one way to get the Aussies fired up it's to say exactly what KP has been quoted saying - no need for Ponting to have a team talk now. It's a good job KP is good, otherwise it'd be like having Frank Spencer coming in at number four"
Jamie, Sunderland, in the TMS inbox

"I used to wear a similar yellow-tabard type outfit when I was a Rainbow Guide, age five and a half"
Alison, in a dingy office in Ghana, in the TMS inbox

"What is Stuart of Leicester doing texting? Shouldn't Mr Broad be getting ready for an important game?"
Tony, Hong Kong, in the TMS inbox

THE TOSS: Ricky Ponting calls incorrectly - and Paul Collingwood elects to bat first. He thinks England need to improve their fielding from yesterday. Punter says he would have elected to field first if he'd won the toss - and has a little jibe at Pietersen about his earlier comments of wanting to "humiliate" Australia. "There's a first time for everything", says Ponting.

"Well done to the SA organisers who have once again provided us with a start time that coincides with lunch for the English office worker. A productive afternoon session is not anticipated"
Tom KS, Watford, in the TMS inbox

1236: Some Kirtley stats from my "gaffer", BBC website cricket editor Paul Grunill - Kirtley last played for England on 18 April 2004 against the Windies in Georgetown. He has nine wickets in 11 ODIs, at an average of 53, with a strike rate of 61. Cheers, chief.

"Seeing the eye-watering outfits being worn by some of the teams at the Twenty20 reminds me of the famous Liverpool suits at the 1996 FA Cup Final, in that all have brought on reactions of horror, laughter and then a feeling of nausea. The Australian outfit is more like a 1980s disco dancing outfit - wouldn't be surprised to see them in leg warmers!"
Guy, Gloucestershire, in the TMS inbox

1233: BREAKING TEAM NEWS - Bumble was right, Kirtley replaces Anderson. Aussies recall Michael Clarke in place of Brad Haddin, with Adam Gilchrist retaining the wicket-keeping gauntlets.

"Mark, I've tried every angle to get posted including, wit, factual, insightful and grovelling, Final attempt. Just post this email please"
Peter in Preston in the TMS inbox [Who says the BBC doesn't listen to its audience - MM]

1232: Don't forget, if you're skipping off work early as it's Friday afternoon or piling down to the pub, you can still follow all the action here from BBC Sport via your mobile phone or PDA. So, there are no excuses for not keeping track!

"What is it with the new Aussie kit? It looks like the uniform the dinner ladies at my school used to wear. Let's hope that they play like them as well"
Stuart, Leicester, in the TMS inbox

"Let's hope for rain. The only thing that would be more satisfying than beating Australia to knock them out would be if it rained all day and they got knocked out without playing today"
Stewart in Norwich in the TMS inbox

"Work spread over the desk, got a cup of tea and a sandwich. I'm ready for the action. Come on England"
Andy Greenfield, working hard, Surrey, in the TMS inbox

1222: Speculation over team news - David Lloyd on Sky reckons that England may bring in James Kirtley for James Anderson, who was a little wayward against Zimbabwe yesterday. But nothing confirmed yet - apart from the fact that the Aussies looked in determined mood in their warm-up. Confirmed team news as soon as we get it.

1216: The Super 8s are organised rather like the World Cup - in that England will go through as team B2 (and Australia as B1), whichever order they finish in the group. Fixtures are already determined. However, each team will only play three games in the Super 8 phase.

So if England qualify, they will play A1 (South Africa), C1 (New Zealand) and D2 (India if they qualify - Scotland if they don't). If Australia qualify, they will play A2 (Bangladesh), D1 (Pakistan if they qualify - Scotland if they don't), and C2 (Sri Lanka).

1212: Elsewhere at the World Twenty20 today, in Johannesburg, Kenya were well and truly taken to the cleaners by Sri Lanka - losing by 172 runs.

1210: OK, here's the match situation - the top two teams in this group will qualify.

England will qualify for the Super 8s if they win (by any margin), or if there is a no-result. They will also go through if they lose, but their net run-rate does not fall below Zimbabwe's.

Australia can only qualify if they win - nothing short of a win is good enough for them. But as their net run-rate is already better than Zimbabwe's, realistically any victory should send them through to the Super 8s.

Zimbabwe will qualify if England win, or if there is a no-result. Also, they will qualify if England suffer a heavy enough defeat for their net run-rate to fall below Zimbabwe's.

During yesterday's live text for the India-Scotland game (which was eventually abandoned without a ball bowled), there was a vast amount of discussion of net run-rate and what England need to do. Without going over the same ground today, I will do my best to keep you posted as to how the situation is.

1200: A very good morning. It doesn't get much bigger than this in terms of cricketing rivalry (well, apart from possibly the India-Pakistan game later today).

England have the chance to knock their old enemy out of the World Twenty20 - and let the first words go to KP:

BBC Radio 5live
"We were humilated last winter by Australia. And we are in a position of strength where there's a possibility of us pretty much humiliating Australia. I'm not saying it's going to happen but it must pick the dressing room up and get everybody buzzing. It's the opportunity of a lifetime because it's not often in English sport you can say that about Australian sport"
England batsman Kevin Pietersen on BBC Radio 5live

Steady on, KP. The last time a South African-accented England star talked like this, it was Tony Greig wanting to make the West Indies "grovel", and that all ended in tears...

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