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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 September 2007, 15:19 GMT 16:19 UK
England v Zimbabwe as it happened
WORLD TWENTY20, Cape Town:
England 188-9 (20 overs) bt Zimbabwe 138-7 (20 overs) by 50 runs


By Mark Mitchener

1555: A quick PS - Kevin Pietersen has been named as man of the match.

"In addition to Maddy Prior and Pietersen Lee, there is Glamorgan's new West Indian/Welsh combat fighter Lara Croft?"
Martin in Sheffield in the TMS inbox

1552: That's it for an hour or so - I'm off for a sandwich, but I'll be back in my seat ready to bring you the live text for the India-Scotland game, which starts in Durban at 1700 BST.


20th over: Zim 138-7
Broad pointlessly tinkers with his field as Utseya blocks the penultimate ball before taking a single off the last, making sure the margin of victory is a nice, round 50 runs.

Wicket falls
19.4 overs - WICKET - Masakadza c Wright b Broad 27 - Zim 137-7
Broad takes the last over, and Masakadza eventually hoists him to Wright on the square-leg boundary.

Ian Chappell
Richard Bucket from "Keeping Up Appearances"
"Ian Chappell looks more like Richard, Hyacinth Bucket's long-suffering husband in Keeping Up Appearances"
Joe, London, in the TMS inbox

19th over: Zim 135-6
An unlikely 61 needed off two overs, and Flintoff's back off a slightly shorter run. He shows Anderson how to do it by bowling a good yorker. Masakadza expansively drives to long-on, but he must be aware the game's lost now. Seven runs off the over, and Boycs is upset that Freddie's only had the chance to bowl three overs.

18th over: Zim 128-6
Another dropped catch as Collingwood bowls to Masakadza who swings it into the air and the bowler runs 30 yards to try to take a caught-and-bowled, and it falls short. Utseya then nudges one for four off his legs as the TV pictures briefly disappear again. As Colly sends down a legside wide, and Pietersen and Wright combine to keep the ball clear of the boundary - just - 12 runs are taken from a slightly bizarre over.

"In response to Maddy Prior, how about the Anglo-Australian singing duo Pietersen Lee?"
Andrew Grainger in the TMS inbox

17th over: Zim 116-6
Yet again, Anderson bowls too short and Masakadza contemptuously heaves him to the wide long-on boundary for four. As Geoff Boycott on TMS exhorts the Lancastrian to "just bowl straight", five further runs are taken from the over.

16th over: Zim 107-6
Captain Prosper Utseya is the new man in - but surely 82 from 24 balls is beyond even him.

Wicket falls
15.4 overs: WICKET - Chigambura c Wright b Collingwood 18 - Zim 104-6
Cap'n Colly brings himself into the attack, with the run-rate approaching 19 an over. It's nice when you're captain and you can bring yourself on when the odds are that stacked in your favour. His first ball is hoisted by Elton high over long-on for six, but when he attempts a similar shot, he lifts it straight down Wright's throat on the midwicket boundary.

15th over: Zim 96-5
To the abject horror of Geoff Boycott, Anderson is recalled to the attack, and Masakadza takes two before dabbing a single to point. Elton Chigambura, Zimbabwe's four-wicket "Rocket Man" from the England innings, gets off the mark with a lofted drive over the bowler's head. Masakadza then drives into the air, but safely, as Shah cuts it off just inside the long-off boundary.

14th over: Zim 90-5
A single is added by Masakadza, off his first ball.

Wicket falls
13.4 overs: WICKET - Chibhabha c & b Schofield 2 - Zim 89-5
Chibhabha's first ball goes for two before he gives Schofield the simplest of return catches.

Wicket falls
13.2 overs: WICKET - Matsikenyeri c Flintoff b Schofield 2 - Zim 87-4
Freddie shows Pietersen how to take a catch by pouching Matsikenyeri on the cover boundary.

13th over: Zim 87-3
Dimi nearly claims a fourth wicket when Matsikenyeri lifts him to mid-off where Dimi's Hampshire team-mate Pietersen drops an absolute dolly. Prior then appeals for a caught behind, but to no avail.

Wicket falls
12.1 overs: WICKET - Taylor b Mascarenhas 47 - Zim 84-3
A rare ugly shot from Taylor is punished, three runs short of his half-century, as Mascarenhas hits the stumps again. Go Dimi!

12th over: Zim 84-2
Schofield wheels away for his third over, and has Taylor a little tied down. But if only Prior had made that stumping in the 10th over, it would have been even better for England. Taylor takes a single to move to 47. Just two from the over.

"On that Steeleye Span album there's a track called 'The Hard Times Of Old England'. Hope that's not an omen"
Bob from Lewes in the TMS inbox

11th over: Zim 82-2
The new batsman is Justice Chibhabha, and he's off the mark with a single as the outfield begins to cut up any time a fielder does a sliding stop. A much better over from Dimi.

Wicket falls
10.2 overs: WICKET - Taibu b Mascarenhas 2 - Zim 81-2
Taibu has an ungainly hoick to leg and misses the ball completely. He misses, Dimi hits, and it's another wicket for the Hampshire man.

10th over: Zim 80-1
Schofield tosses it up with a good change of pace as Taylor'n'Taibu scamper a few singles. Prior also misses the chance of a legside stumping as he drops the ball and fellow keeper Taylor survives.

9th over: Zim 75-1
Taylor nabs a single before new batsman Tatenda Taibu survives a stumping appeal off his first ball.

"Whether the batsman is deemed to be batting left or right handed depends on the striker's stance at the moment the ball comes into play for that delivery"
Steven Halsall (ACU&S ECB Umpire), Southport, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
8.4 overs: WICKET- Sibanda c Maddy b Mascarenhas 29 - Zim 74-1
A poor long-hop from Mascarenhas is flayed over midwicket by Taylor. Another long-hop is hit high into the air by Sinbad (just kidding), and his voyage is over as Maddy takes an easy catch at cover.

8th over: Zim 67-0
It's time for some spin - Chris Schofield's leg-spin, to be precise. Sibanda (who I keep nearly mistyping as Sinbad) and Taylor nurdle a few singles, before Taylor hoists the Surrey man to long-on, where Anderson prevents the boundary by throwing the ball back in as he steps over the rope.

"Is 'Mascarenhas c Matsikenyeri b Chigumbra 0' the longest dismissal since records began?"
Keith Jones, Genoa, in the TMS inbox [It'd be even better on a triple word score - MM]

7th over: Zim 62-0
With containment now the order of the day, Mascarenhas replaces Broad. Aggers thinks he's a good man for these conditions. But he drops one short and Taylor slices it to wide long-off, although the slow outfield prevents a four. Five from the over - it could have been more.

"Mark, although I have been following your commentary with the usual guffaws and eyerolls, I am sorry to say that I am now moving over to Cricinfo for the second innings. Jenny Thompson is on and I fancy her. She's hot!"
James, Guildford in the TMS inbox [I'm gutted - MM]

6th over: Zim 57-0
Aggers replaces Alison in the TMS box, as Boycs exhorts the departing Ms Mitchell to walk down to fine leg and tell Broad to pitch the ball up more. Flintoff is let down as Mascarenhas dives and misses the ball in the field, allowing Taylor another four. The 50 partnership is brought up as the fielding restrictions (first six overs) end, not before Sibanda smears another legside four.

5th over: Zim 47-0
Another boundary from Taylor as he lofts Broad to point, where Anderson dives head first but is unable to prevent the boundary. A more deliberate edge over the (now vacant) slip area also goes for four. England's radar not too good at the moment (apart from Flintoff). Sibanda then thumps one to midwicket for four as Broad continues to struggle with his length. Another expensive over.

"Just out of interest, as a year of batting like Jonathan Agnew hasn't shifted him, what would it take for Flintoff not to bat number six for England?"
Richard Williams, London, in the TMS inbox

4th over: Zim 33-0
Alison Mitchell on TMS enthuses about the presence of a group of dancers, who leap up and dance around on a podium whenever there's a boundary or a wicket. Geoff Boycott is less convinced. Anderson's off after that lousy first over, so Flintoff takes up the attack and immediately stems the flow of runs with three dot balls, before Taylor takes a gentle single to Collingwood at point. Sibanda is struck on the pad off the final ball - not out, but an excellent over from Freddie.

"Seeing Zimbabwe use their seventh bowler has given me the germ of an idea to make 20/20 even more batsmancentric. All 10 outfielders have to bowl two overs. By the way, I detest Twenty20"
Rachel, slaving away at her desk in Surrey, in the TMS inbox

3rd over: Zim 32-0
Sibanda nudges one off his hip for four leg-byes, and then lofts one to cow corner for four, while KP (the nearest fielder) declines the opportunity to dive into a muddy corner of the outfield.

Alison Mitchell
"Is anybody else enjoying the thoroughness of Alison Mitchell's commentary? It's practically like watching it on TV"
Jack Lewars in the TMS inbox

2nd over: Zim 22-0
Like Broad, Anderson begins with Flintoff as a solitary slip, and he gets a bit of movement before Taylor dabs one into the off-side for a single. The first boundary comes when Sibanda chips a wide one down to third man. Jimmy then drops one in short and wide, and Sibanda lifts it over point for six. another four, and that's 16 off the over. A poor over from Jimmy, to be honest.

1st over: Zim 6-0
Zimbabwe know a win will see them into the next round, and they have a number of excited fans in the crowd, including one in an Arsenal away shirt circa 2003. Vusi (full name Vuzimuzi) Sibanda and Brendan "Ziggy" Taylor are the openers, and Broad begins with a couple of dot balls, but Sibanda gets the score under way with a two to midwicket, before playing and missing. He then top-edges one over slip for an extremely streaky four.

1432: We're almost ready to go again. Stuart Broad opening up for England.

Geoffrey Boycott
"For England to lose this game, Zimbabwe have got to bat out of their skins, or England have got to bowl really sloppily. There's no reason they shouldn't walk this game"
Geoff Boycott, tempting fate as ever, on TMS

Bruce Forsyth
Ian Chappell
Harold Steptoe
"It just occurred to me that the picture of Ian Chappell looks the love child of Bruce Forsyth and Harold Steptoe"
Chris Kent in the TMS inbox

"If KP can (effectively) bat left-handed, why must a bowler declare which hand he's going to bowl with?"
Thomas Huw Williams in the TMS inbox

"Is England's deployment of the Steeleye Span singer Maddy Prior the start of a new trend for the shorter form of the game? Is she included so she can lead a rendition of 'All Around My Bat'? Any other suggestions?"
John from Ribchester (along with many others) in the TMS inbox

"Scotland beating France, the Aussies going down to Zimbabwe, and the England football team being vaguely competent - the sporting world's gone mad! I've had enough of upsets, please let's just flatten the Zimmers as we should"
Michael May in the TMS inbox


20th over - Eng 188-9
Anderson nearly gets run out without facing as Schofield is unable to take a single off the penultimate ball. An ugly smear to leg off the last ball provides two more runs. That's the innings - 20 overs in 73 minutes by my reckoning.

Wicket falls
19.4 overs - WICKET - Broad run out 2 - Eng 187-9
Zimbabwe have bowled their overs in little more than an hour - a lesson for many current sides who bowl at quite a disgraceful over-rate. It can be done, folks! Brent gets the last over, but it's a bad day at The Office as Schofield slashes one to third man where the Zimbabwe fielder only succeeds in pushing the ball over the boundary for four, while his trousers simultaneously fall down. But Broad is then despatched by the third umpire as he's run out at the non-striker's end. He looks about as pleased to be given out as his dad used to - but he has to go, and we get Jimmy Anderson coming to the crease with two balls of the innings left.

19th over - Eng 179-8
For the second time in the innings, Elton's on a hat-trick - but the left-handed Stuart Broad survives as he fences at one outside off-stump. He finishes with 4-31.

Our for a duck
18.3 overs - WICKET - Mascarenhas c Matsikenyeri b Chigumbura 0 - Eng 178-8
No heroics from Dimi this time - he's caught on the cover boundary, first ball.

Wicket falls
18.2 overs - WICKET - Shah c Sibanda b Chigumbura 11 - Eng 178-7
New batsman is Dimi Mascarenhas, and we all know what he can do at this stage of an innings - but Shah leads the way with a slogged six off the recalled Elton's first ball, before he is caught at third man when he miscues one high into the off-side.

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET - Flintoff b Chibhabha 13 - Eng 172-6
Flintoff is dropped at cover again, this time by Dabengwa, and then it looks like he's been bowled - but the ball rebounds off Ziggy's knee and rebounds on to the stumps. Flintoff then hoists Chibhabha over long-on and is well caught... by a spectator in the crowd as it goes for six. Then he really is bowled for 13 off the last ball of the over.

17th over - Eng 164-5
Still just singles at this stage for Shah and Flintoff as Utseya rattles through his over off a minimal run-up - clearly the Zimbabwe captain does not want an over-rate fine. Off the final ball of the over, Flintoff is dropped at extra-cover.

"So, for all the talk of England's specialist skills at Twenty20, we have nine of the 11 players who started the match against India on Saturday. And Ian Bell is one of the players missing, who was by far the best player in the series. Bizarre" Chris Alford in the TMS inbox

16th over - Eng 159-5
That's two new batsmen in, then. Shah and Flintoff continue to pick up the singles, and their cause is helped when Chibhaba sends down a legside wide, although he redeems himself with a lovely slower ball which Shah can only pat back down the pitch.

Wicket falls
15.1 overs - WICKET - Collingwood run out 36 - Eng 154-5
Colly's gone too - chasing a dodgy second run, he's run out at the striker's end as the throw comes in and heroic wicket-keeper "Ziggy" Taylor demolishes the stumps. Shah joins Flintoff.

15th over - Eng 153-4
Flintoff sees off the rest of the over. Two runs are added.

Wicket falls
14.3 overs: WICKET - Pietersen c Masakadza b Utseya 79 - Eng 151-4
Pietersen takes two to bring up the 100 partnership, but then holes out on the cover boundary. Flintoff strides out to the wicket.

"How long until Utseya's brothers are called up for Zimbabwe? I've heard Live and Long are 'out of this world'"
Tom Spinks, still at home, Ashford, Middlesex, in the TMS inbox

14th over: Eng 145-3
Chibhabha is the seventh bowler, but it's rough Justice for him as Collingwood lifts him for six to the short boundary at midwicket, then attempts the same shot and can only take a single when he finds the fielder. Colly and KP (73 off 34 balls) look in command.

13th over: Eng 135-3
An astonishing shot from Pietersen - he crosses his hands over and slog-sweeps Dabengwa for six in the manner of the genuinely left-handed Marcus Trescothick. He then repeats the shot to the next two deliveries, and picks up fours on each occasion. KP then advances down the track and lifts one to long-on for two. Another pull for six over midwicket gives him 22 off five balls, before he's unable to penetrate the circle off the final delivery.

That's 50
12th over: Eng 113-3
Colly cuts loose for the first time, hoisting the recalled Brent over square leg for six. Brent runs his hand through what's left of his receding hair. KP then swats at one outside off-stump, and Zimbabwe appeal for a catch behind. It's not out - but surely it should have been a wide if he didn't hit it? KP then brings up his fifty with a single - his first international T20 half-century. Colly rounds off another good over with a four.

11th over: Eng 101-3
Left-arm spinner Keith Dabengwa is the sixth bowler used. KP steps outside leg and gives himself room to sweep for four, bringing his own score to 49. He then tries to reverse-sweep to bring up his 50, but misses the ball and they run a leg-bye. Chappelli on TMS has a moan about KP's reverse-sweeping because he reversed the order of his hands and/or his feet.

Ian Chappell
"If they get 180, I think that would win the game fairly comfortably"
Former Australia captain Ian Chappell on TMS

10th over: Eng 93-3
A huge six from Pietersen, who bludgeons Taibu over long-on and into the midst of a group of spectators. Cap'n Colly is happy to play the supporting role, pushing the ones and twos as KP looks increasingly confident. It's the half-way point of the innings.

9th over: Eng 82-3
As Zimbabwe try to rattle through their overs quickly, Colly (with a thick stripe of zinc cream across his nose and cheeks, making him look like Adam Ant) drives Utseya confidently through the off-side. Seven added from a rapid over.

8th over: Eng 75-3
Tatenda Taibu was a wicket-keeper the last time I saw him play, but he now appears to have reinvented himself as a gentle medium-pacer. Some good fielding restricts KP to two to the cover boundary, and he is then struck painfully on the pad as he looks to hoist Taibu to leg but misses the ball completely. He then steps outside the line again but finds the boundary with an ungainly sweep.

"Oh good - I'm glad Marc W (Aberdeen) is watching - means we're sure of an upset"
Swaz, Colorado, in the TMS inbox

7th over: Eng 66-3
Captain Prosper Utseya introduces his own off-spin into the attack... and after they take a couple of singles, the TV picture fails. Never mind, Alison Mitchell takes up the baton from Aggers on TMS, and KP & Colly are content to work the ones and twos.

6th over: Eng 59-3
Skipper Paul Collingwood is off the mark with a single before Pietersen shows how to clear the wide long-on boundary with a six. He's on 23 from 11 balls.

Wicket falls
5.3 overs: WICKET - Prior c Chibhabha b Mupariwa - Eng 51-3
Prior launches the first six of the innings, hoisting Mupariwa over deep mid-wicket with some aplomb. He then slogs to long-on and is easily caught about 10 yards in from the rope by Justice Chibhabha.

5th over - Eng 45-2
KP takes three off Elton's first ball, and then gets lucky when he skies one high into the off-side, but the ball lands just clear of two chasing fielders and they take two. Another attempted cover drive then flies to third man for KP's first boundary, before he hooks one to long leg, to the delight of some smartly-dressed schoolchildren sitting in the front rows of that stand. Elton's a bit rattled by this and sends down a wide. A much better over for England.

4th over - Eng 28-2
The Brentmeister General is off after one over - Tawanda Mupariwa takes up the attack with some medium pace. Prior nudges a four to get the scoreboard ticking again before scampering a single, while KP is also off the mark.

3rd over - Eng 20-2
The new man is Kevin Pietersen, who fends off the last two deliveries. Geoff Boycott on TMS is already lamenting their decision to bat first.

Our for a duck
2.4 overs: WICKET - Wright c Taylor b Chigumbura 0 - Eng 20-2
Disaster for Sussex's Luke Wright as he slashes at his first ball outside off-stump and is caught behind for a golden duck.

Wicket falls
2.3 overs: WICKET - Maddy c Matsikenyeri b Chigumbura 14 - Eng 20-1
As news filters through that the West Indies are on the way home after that defeat by Bangladesh, Maddy clubs another four before he falls to a straightforward catch at cover. The scoreboard goes mad, claiming England are 888-8 off 88 overs.

2nd over: Eng 16-0
A slow outfield allows Maddy to take three when he swats Gary Brent's first ball to point. Prior completely mistimes an on-drive but it shuttles down to long leg for four, the first boundary of the innings. Maddy then square-drives for four and the ball races down to the England dug-out on the point boundary. Maddy is then nearly brilliantly caught at square leg when he blasts one straight at Hamilton Masakadza, but he survives.

Jonathan Agnew
"The DJ at the stadium here would be more suited to introducing 'The Undertaker' at the WWF wrestling - he's very loud and likes the sound of his own voice"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1st over: Eng 3-0
To continue the day's musical theme, Elton takes the first over - Elton Chigumbura rather than Elton John - and T20 specialist Maddy slashes the first ball for a single to third man. Prior's timing isn't quite as good as his partner's, so it's a quiet start.

1259: Here we go. The cameras have switched over to England's game, seconds after Bangladesh beat the Windies.

Jonathan Agnew
"The white ball on a damp pitch has made batting more difficult, which is probably why England have chosen to bat first"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

"The mention of Lennon & McCartney should remind the Aussies of one of their songs, 'Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away, but now it looks as though they're here too stay'. Lets hope England don't get undone the same way!"
Mark, Chepstow, in the TMS inbox

1254: Here are the full teams:

England: Paul Collingwood (captain), Darren Maddy, Matt Prior (wk), Luke Wright, Kevin Pietersen, Andrew Flintoff, Owais Shah, Dimitri Mascarenhas, Chris Schofield, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.

Zimbabwe: Prosper Utseya (captain), Vusi Sibanda, Brendan Taylor (wk), Hamilton Masakadza, Justice Chibhabha, Tatenda Taibu, Elton Chigumbura, Stuart Matsikenyeri, Keith Dabengwa, Gary Brent, Tawanda Mupariwa.

Umpires: Tony Hill (NZ), Asad Rauf (Pakistan). Third umpire: Ian Howell (SA). Match referee: Ranjan Madugalle (SL).

Ziggy from Big Brother
Brendan Taylor
"Watching Zimbabwe play yesterday I spotted my first lookie-likey of the World Twenty20 - a helmeted Ziggy from Big Brother 8 [Brendan Taylor] struck an excellent 60 from 45 balls to help crush the Aussies"
Charlie in Sutton in the TMS inbox

To be honest, Charlie, Taylor looks more like a young Colin Hendry to me...

"England by eight wickets. But then I thought Australia would win by a hundred runs yesterday, so what would I know?"
Marc W, Aberdeen, in the TMS inbox

1241: England have won the toss and will bat first. Zimbabwe, unsurprisingly, are unchanged from their victory over the Aussies.

"What we wanted was a demoralised Zimbabwe and complacent Australia, and what have we got? Zimbabwe on the crest of a wave, and Punter flaming mad!"
AJ, Dorset, in the TMS inbox

1237: BBC website cricket editor Paul Grunill tells me it's Schofield's first appearance for England since 5 June 2000, and Maddy's since 20 February 2000 in Harare. Meanwhile, Andy Flower's injury [see 1215 entry] was as a result of a game of touch rugby.

1236: England team is Maddy, Prior, Wright, Pietersen, Collingwood, Flintoff, Shah, Mascarenhas, Schofield, Broad, Anderson.

Geoffrey Boycott
Jonathan Agnew
1230: It has also been announced today that TMS's very own Geoff Boycott has been named as Britain's favourite cricket commentator in a poll by the Wisden Cricketer magazine. The runner-up was BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew - with the pair memorably described as "the Lennon and McCartney of cricket broadcasting".

Paul McCartney
John Lennon
So, who would be Lennon and who would be McCartney? Can you imagine Boycs growing a long beard and shacking up with Yoko Ono, and would Aggers' version of "The Frog Chorus" been more successful than Sir Paul's? And what other past or present cricketers would have made good musical partnerships?

1226: Breaking news - Flintoff passed fit. More team news to follow as we get it.

1220: While England and Zimbabwe are getting ready at Cape Town, over in Johannesburg the first game of the day sees Bangladesh nearly halfway through their reply to West Indies' 164-8. And they're making a pretty good fist of it too.

1215: As the great man used to say, "Morning, everyone". Well, yesterday's victory by Zimbabwe over Australia has given this tournament an early shake-up - rather like Cameroon beating Argentina at Italia 90, there's nothing quite like an early shock defeat for the world champions at the hands of a minnow to liven things up.

No team news yet - I guess the "Flintoff Ankle" will be everyone's main concern - although England batting coach Andy Flower has just been carried off the field on a stretcher!

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