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Ireland v New Zealand
Guyana, 9 April 2007

Test Match Special podcast | Blog

New Zealand 263-8 beat Ireland 134 all out by 129 runs

Daniel Vettori claimed four wickets as Ireland collapsed to 134 all out to hand New Zealand a 129-run victory in their Super 8 encounter in Guyana.

Peter Fulton (83) laid the foundations for New Zealand, but Brendon McCullum (47) and James Franklin's eighth-wicket partnership of 71 proved crucial.

That helped the Kiwis to 263-8, and Niall and Kevin O'Brien's stand of 75 looked to have given Ireland a chance.

But they lost six wickets for just nine runs to hand New Zealand an easy win.



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By Tom Fordyce

37th over: WICKET - Rankin lbw Vettori 0, Ire 134 all out
Wicket falls

Make that six wickets for nine runs - it's all over, and New Zealand have steamrollered them by 129 runs. Vettori finishes with 4-23.

In answer to JP in Brooklyn, Warwick won University Challenge. The University of TMS finished a plucky third, which sadly sees us eliminated. Tough questions, to be fair - and not a single one on cricket. Harumph.

37th over: WICKET - McCallan b Vettori 8, Ire 134-9
Wicket falls

Five wickets for nine runs - Kyle sashays half-heartedly down the pitch and is beaten all ends up. The end is nigh, although you didn't need me to tell you that.

36th over: Ire 134-8
Langford-Smith in to join Kyle McCallan, and they just about survive Patel's tester.

35th over: WICKET - Gilespie lbw Vettori 2, Ire 133-8
Wicket falls

Another one bites the dust - bang in front again, and two balls after Umpire Taufel fails to give the most blatant lbw you've ever not seen but read about in a text commentary.

34th over: WICKET - Johnston lbw Patel 13, Ire 133-7
Wicket falls

Alas for Ireland - the skipper's gone too, plumb in front to an in-turner from Patel, Umps Bucknor took about ten minutes to raise his finger there, the old tease.

33rd over: WICKET - White lbw Vettori 0, Ire 128-6
Wicket falls

It's all going a bit Pete Tong for Ireland. White is trapped plum in front by Vettori and he heads back to the hutch without troubling the scorers.

32nd over: WICKET - N O'Brien c Oram b Patel 30, Ire 126-5
Wicket falls

Patel is back into the attack and it's a masterstroke from Kiwi skipper Fleming as the spinner strikes with his third ball - O'Brien trying to heave him over midwicket but succeeding only in finding Oram's safe hands. Now might be the time for Niall to explain to Kevin what he was thinking about with that run earlier...

31st over: Ire 122-4
Just one off Vettori's over, and the run-rate creeps up to 7.89 an over.

30th over: Ire 121-4
More Styro, and Johnston just escapes being run out as McCullum demolishes the stumps from Marshall's hurl.

Vote update: over 5,000 of you voted on the question of who has been the best pace bowler at the World Cup. 41% went for Shane Bond, 35% for Slinger Malinga, 10% for Glenn McGrath and 13% for the "someone else" option.

29th over: Ire 116-4
Trent Johnston in to console Niall, who looks as it someone has hit him round the chops with a wet kipper.

From Matt in Lincolnshire, TMS inbox: "I must protest Tom! I won a tidy sum on Hedgehunter the day the heir married his equine beauty. Correct me if i'm wrong, but I thought Numbersixvalverde won it last year?" Apologies Matt - I allowed myself to trust Tom Wilson, on the basis that his email auto-signature points out that he attends Magdelene College in Cambridge.

29th over: WICKET - K O'Brien run out 49, Ire 110-4
Wicket falls

It's a sibling tragedy worthy of Shakespeare - Niall calls bro Kev through for a crazy single, sends him back and watches in open-mouthed horror as Hamish Marshall runs him out by a mile.

28th over: Ire 109-3
Vettori continues, and the Brothers O'Brien take him for easy singles and a top-edged sweep over McCullum for two.

27th over: Ire 103-3
That's more like it from the sweaty Kev - another big lofter against Styris, and it just clears McMillan at long off for his third six.

From Tom Wilson in Cambridge, TMS inbox: "'Twas numbersixvalverde." Correct, Thomas.

26th over: Ire 93-3
Four singles off Danny V, but with the asking-rate up above seven an over, that's not quite enough.

25th over: Ire 89-3
Great stuff from Kev - he steams down the track at Patel and whacks him high into the party stand for an enormous six. The partnership between the brothers moves to 54.

To all those correspondents who suggested that the winner of the Grand National was a certain C Parker-Bowles, can I just point out that for me to include such traitorous chat in this report would see me hauled off to the Tower and clapped in chains. Hang on a second...

24th over: Ire 81-3
Just one for Kev off Vettori, who's mixing it up as much as he always does.

From Graham Parker in Florida, TMS inbox: "It was Blackwood's, Tom." Good work, Graham.

23rd over: Ire 80-3
Kev drives Patel for two down the ground, takes a single and then clips another after his bro hands him back the strike with sibling generosity.

G Crowley - you were absolutely spot on - Grand National it was. Your follow-up for another point - which horse won at Aintree that day?

22nd over: Ire 75-3
Vettori into the attack, and just three singles. Big lbw appeal, but Umps Taufel is far from impressed.

From G Crowley, TMS inbox: "The Grand National, surely. Although Norwich City also beat Man U that day, so it depends where Liz's allegiances lay."

21st over: Ire 72-3
Emboldened by his reverse skills in the last Patel over. Niall goes again, and gets the same result.

20th over: Ire 68-3
Massive blow from Kev off Franklin - right in the slot, and it heads happily over long-on for six. And that's the only scoring shot in the over. Last 15 minutes on the vote to the right for website users - have a joust if you haven't already.

From Paxo: "The Queen's first important annoncement as she toasted Camilla and Charles at their wedding was to give the result of which sporting event?"

19th over: Ire 62-3
Jeetan Patel on for his first action of the game, that early croque monsieur apart. Niall gets busy with a lovely reverse-sweep for four - never pretty, but mighty effective.

From Phil Cox, TMS inbox: "Was it Punch?"

Good shout Phil - it wasn't, but embarassingly I can't remember the actual answer. Could it have been Blackwells? Blackfords? Apologies for my shocking quizmastership.

18th over: Ire 56-3
Good work from Kev - a two worked behind square to leg and then a four smashed through cover. he enjoyed that.

Here's Paxman's next one: "Which literary periodical first appeared in 1817, and was noted for the vehemence of its critical attacks (or words to that effect)?" Blimey - you can tell it's a semi-final - where did Paxo dig that one from?

17th over: Ire 48-3
Oram beats Niall outside off, and a clearly-audible expletive escapes his lips. Apologies for sounding so prim there. To give you a little more earthy detail, lip-readers might have throught he was talking about luck. Or a duck.

From Sam Thorley, TMS inbox: "A simple Google search reveals the answer, Alexander Pope."

Sam - the correct answer, but we're not meant to be using Google here - Paxman won't stand for it.

16th over: Ire 46-3
Kev's beaten twice in a row by Franklin outside off stump. In the other contest, the first question from Paxman lasts about five minutes, and I completely lose track of what he's on about. Here's the next one: "Hope springs eternal in the human breast" - which poet wrote these words?

15th over: Ire 43-3
Oram puts two men in next to each other at short extra cover, serves up a full one and then watches in disgust as Kev's thrash somehow finds a gap between the pair of them.

14th over: Ire 35-3
It's all about the O'Brien brothers now - Big Kev joins skinny Niall. A maiden from Franklin, and Niall calls for a new bat as a result. In a lovely touch, he's brought out two - a normal-sized one, and a tiny model as used for autographs. He examines the tiddler with great seriousness before plumping for the orthodox blade.

13th over: WICKET - Morgan c McCullum b Oram 15, Ire 35-3
Wicket falls

Oh dear - Morgan flashes hard at a wide one, gets a skinny edge and McCullum bags the easiest catch of his life.

12th over: Ire 34-2
Five dot balls from the returning James Franklin before O'Brien takes charge with a neat rolled-wrists pull square for four.

From Steve in Vancouver, TMS inbox: "University Challenge is now on during an evening? Heavens above - you leave the country for a couple of decades, and everything is topsy-turvy."

11th over: Ire 30-2
Maiden from Oram, who's doing his best to flog some life from this dying pitch. If we do go ahead with our Uni Chall scenario, I'll have to ask you to leave the Googling alone. Or at least don't make the cheating obvious, or else Paxman will crucify me next time I see him in the BBC tea bar.

10th over: Ire 30-2
That's more like it from Eoin - a sweetly-timed leg-side clip through midwicket as Bond strays for once. How's about this - us lot take on those two colleges on a selection of Paxman's questions? The University of TMS, if you like.

9th over: Ire 26-2
No relief from Giant Jacob - a little swing, and Eoin Morgan and Niall O'Brien scramble a two. Richard Law - I'm afraid Eggheads has long since ceased. Best I can offer you is University Challenge, in about 21 minutes. It's a semi, if that makes any difference - Warwick v University College London.

8th over: WICKET - Porterfield c Styris b Bond 11, Ire 22-2
Wicket falls

Bond strikes again - a nasty, rapid short one which Porterfield tries to pull but top edges high into the cloudy sky, and Styris sprints back from second slip to take a useful snag over his shoulder.

7th over: Ire 22-1
Giant Jacob Oram on in place of Franklin, and he's as tidy as his shorter team-mate.

6th over: Ire 18-1
Porters flicks Bond to fine leg for two and then does the same for a single. He's got a shamrock emblem on the front of his helmet, which is one of those strangely oversized lids which dwarfs the face within.

5th over: Ire 14-1
Nice from Jimmy F - tight as you like, and just a single and no ball off it.

From Richard Law in Tamworth, TMS inbox: "I see Eggheads is now on BBC2. Any chance of commentary on that? Perhaps you could answer a few of the tricky questions for us?"

I like your thinking, Richard - I'll steal a gander in a mo.

4th over: Ire 12-1
Bond flicks Morgan's pad down the leg side. Some unerring accuracy from Mr Bond as just a couple of singles and a no-ball are added.

3rd over: Ire 9-1
Eoin Morgan is the new batsman, but watches from the non-striker's end as Franklin finds some movement against Porterfield, who guides the ball just shy of the midwicket boundary for three. Morgan is off the mark with a slice through the vacant gully area for a single.

Wicket falls
2nd over: WICKET - Bray c McCullum b Bond 1 - Ire 5-1
The fiery Shane Bond opens with a wide, and Porterfield then nudges a single to third man before Bond tests Bray with some chin music. McCullum has some trouble adjusting his sunglasses under his cap - but then takes a smart catch behind as Bray departs cheaply again.

1st over: Ire 2-0
After that mammoth burst of 45 runs in their last three overs, New Zealand have a much better total to defend. James Franklin takes the new ball for them, and Ireland get off the mark straight away with a single from Will Porterfield - but then Jeremy Bray is millimetres away from running himself out for a third consecutive duck after taking a quick single to Oram.


50th over: NZ 263-8
That's your lot - good tally in the end, thanks to those last few overs of madness. I'm off for a refresco - see you in half an hour.

50th over: WICKET - McCullum c Porterfield b Johnston 47, NZ 258-8
Wicket falls

Better be brief here - it's all happening... Macca smashes a mighty four and huge six, breaking a window in the stand, and then gets bagged on the midwicket boundary.

49th over: NZ 248-7
Same again - Franklin goes crackers, smashing O'Brien behind square for four and then creaming a monstrous drive way over long on for a maximum. Don't think Franklin had scored a run in the World Cup before today - now he's on 31 from 20 balls.

48th over: NZ 234-7
Big, big over from the Enn Zed pair - Franklin tucks Johnston's leg-stump yorker fine for four, thumps him straight for another, chases a single and then watches McCullum loft-pull behind square for another four. My fault for giving it all that chat about the lack of boundaries...

47th over: NZ 218-7
Whoosh - McCullum gets very lucky against White, nicking a wobbler just past O'Brien's waiting gloves behind the timbers. The ball races away for three. Franklin then lofts White for two to long-on.

From Alex Longley, TMS inbox: "Toy Story all the way! I know most of the adverts on ITV anyway, and no-one likes Anne Robinson."

46th over: NZ 210-7
Kevin O'Brien on for the last few, and the chunky ginger does well - good line, and McCullem fails to get him away for the boundary he's after. Not a single four or six in the last 11 overs.

45th over: NZ 204-7
It's getting panicky out there - Franklin almost runs himself out with some over-enthusiastic backing-up as McCullum pushes more cheeky scampers.

44th over: NZ 198-7
Rankin bounding in to McCullum, and the stumper takes two twos and a single through rapid scurrying. James Franklin at the other end, looking nervy.

From Doug Oakley in Houston, TMS inbox: "Isn't it about time for The Ten Commandmants - or is that only shown on New Year's Day?"

Doug - we've got Toy Story on BBC1, the Weakest Link on BBC2, some cookery nonsense on ITV and adverts on Channel 4. What do we fancy?

43rd over: WICKET - Vettori c N O'Brien b White 5, NZ 185-7
Wicket falls

And that's the result - Vettori tries the sweep and gets a thinny off his gloves down leg, where Niall takes a super-smart snag.

42nd over: NZ 185-6
Rankin to new man Vettori, and he beats him outside off before getting nibbled away for a single. Pressure on here.

41st over: WICKET - Oram c Morgan b White 20, NZ 180-6
Wicket falls

Good golly - Oram tries to smash spinner White into next week, doesn't get hold of it and Morgan takes a catch off his shoelaces at long-off. Hats off to Ireland here, and Oram shuts his eyes as he pulls a full-face grimace walking off.

40th over: NZ 178-5
There we go - Skipper Johnston continues, and Brendon McCullum gets going with a single.

1728 GMT:
Sky's clearing, covers removing. Back with you in two ticks.

From Kieran Hull in Radwinter, TMS inbox: "I'm feeling a day for the underdogs; first Zach Johnson wins the Masters at 150-1, then Watford win a game of football. This match is Ireland's, I'm sensing it..."

39th over: WICKET - Fulton lbw McCallan 83, NZ 172-5
Wicket falls

And that's where he'll stay - he tries to sweep McCallan, is fooled in the flight and is trapped bang in front. Almost as soon as Ump Bucknor's finger goes up, the rain comes down, and the players flee its wet embrace.

From S Morgan in Cardiff, TMS inbox: "Oops..."

38th over: NZ 172-4
Didn't take us too long, did it? Fulton moves to 83.

The vote for website users is over - a whopping 68% of website users think Ireland should play in the County Championship, while 47% think they should play in all the other domestic competitions as well.

38th over: NZ 169-4
Uh-oh - slight rain delay here, but it's only a passing shower. No more than five minutes delayage, I'd say.

And in the time we've been away from Austria, great news - we're in Switzerland! Or rather, the V-Ts and Andrews are. Ah, the sweet succour of neutral Switzerland, where our tired heroes can feast on cheese-with-holes-in and, er, Milka.

37th over: NZ 166-4
Great fielding from Porterfield at point - Oram thumps Johnston square, but Billy P throws himself full-length to his right to make a super save.

From S Morgan in Cardiff, TMS inbox: "Is Tom Fordyce a complete idiot? What was the meaning of that schoolboy quip about the Nazis and Austria?"

S - you've arrived at the party a little late - you might want to read this live report from the bottom to the top...

36th over: NZ 164-4
Johnston brings himself back on

35th over: NZ 164-4
Fulton sweeps big against McCallum and clears the man at square leg to pick up his first four for, ooh, ages. In Saltzburg, the big showdown - Nazi Rolf is about to blow the whistle on the family that did so much for him. The heartless scum - he's raised the alarm against the escaping V-Ts, and the pursuit is in full effect. Where's a nun to create a diversion when you need one?

34th over: NZ 158-4
White continues with his accurate twirl, and it's just four singles.

From MA Cluderay, TMS inbox: "My mother was an O'Brien (I'm one eighth Irish I think) while my Aunty is a nun. Can't remember ever having heard her sing, but she used to vault over garden walls rather than use the gate."

33rd over: NZ 154-4
McCallan continues, and concedes three wides and four singles as his aim goes awol. Big thumbs-up to my colleague Ollie, who took over the chat there for the last seven overs to allow me to answer an urgent - and, to be honest, horribly prolonged - call of nature. He did, however, completely fail to keep an eye on events in Austria - and while his back was turned, the Nazis have arrived...

32nd over: NZ 147-4
There have been a lot of rubbish reverse sweeps at this World Cup, and Oram's version is pretty poor at the moment. He seems reluctant, for the time being, to play the big shots we all know he can.

31st over: NZ 142-4
A most ungainly-looking drive by Fulton through the covers bring three much-needed runs for the Black Caps.

30th over: NZ 138-4
If New Zealand have a last 20 overs like England endured yesterday against the Aussies, the Irish could be in business here. The spinners are doing a great job.

There's around 12 minutes left for website users to take part in the vote - a clear majority of you so far think Ireland should take part in the County Championship...

29th over: NZ 132-4
I like to see a man batting in a cap rather than a helmet, and Fulton has got shot of his. It seems to have given him the urge to press on a bit as well, as he hustles a couple of runs down to deep square leg. Huge appeal from McCallan for a catch down the leg-side, which O'Brien claims. Not out.

28th over: NZ 127-4
A bizarre three byes here, as Oram gets down to play the reverse sweep, misses completely, but wicket-keeper O'Brien is completely wrong-footed.

27th over: NZ 123-4
Goodness. Oram is almost gone before he has really batted, dithering at the non-striker's end, but the throw from mid-on is not quite as sharp as it might have been.

26th over: NZ 121-4
White bowls an accurate over here, and a few nudges and nurdles bring an uncertain New Zealand side three more singles.

25th over: WICKET - McMillan c Johnston b McCallum 22, NZ 118-4
Wicket falls

Daft shot from Macca - he tries to thrash McCallum square but top edges straight to the skipper at gully.

From Ben in Stockton-on-Tees, TMS inbox: "True story: because the Sound of Music was so long, guess what a South Korean editor cut from the film when it was released over there? That's right - all the songs..."

24th over: NZ 116-3
Andrew White on for a twirl, and a two and two singles to McMillan. He's loosening up here.

23rd over: NZ 110-3
That's 50

Fulton goes to his fufty with a clip to leg. He's very much playing the steady eddie to McMillan's master-blaster.

22nd over: NZ 109-3
Wallop - McMillan's seen enough to get his eye in, and smashes Rankin way over long-off for a massive six. He then leans back and belts him past point for four more. Key wooing going on from Captain V-T, and Andrews, ginger bowl-haircut glistening in the moonlight, is quivering.

21st over: NZ 94-3
Kyle McCallan on for a spell of his offies, and just a single apiece to the batsmen.

From Sky Lapworth, TMS inbox: "The Duchess is a baroness and Von Trapp is a captain."

20th over: NZ 94-3
Rankin back into the attack, and Fulton drives him for two before strolling a single. "Show me the berries!" demands Von Trapp senior of his offspring. "Show me the berries!" he shouts again.

From Mike in Michigan, TMS inbox: "The movie Sound of Music is based in Salzburg and much of it was recorded there. The gardens, the statues with the horses, the long gently sloping steps, are all locations in Salzburg I have visited. Vienna is mentioned but only because that's where the Captain's fiancee Baroness Schräder is based."

19th over: NZ 91-3
Excellent final over from L-S - McMillan plays all round two cunning slower ones and then nearly dislocates his arms trying to cream him into the distant yonder. Two for 41 off 10 for Langers.

From MA Cluderay, TMS inbox: "It looks to me like Julie Andrews has just retired hurt. I can't stand the suspense - does she come back later in the innings?"

Hang in there, Cluders - there's plenty of juice left in this track yet...

18th over: NZ 88-3
Craig McMillian strides to the crease, and after three sighters against Johnston he drives him through cover for a hasty three. Meanwhile, the Von Trapp nippers perform an acoustic version of Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name" to an audience of bored Viennese socialites. I assume it was Rage Against The Machine - I haven't got the volume up at the moment.

17th over: WICKET - Styris c N O'Brien b Langford-Smith 10, NZ 84-3
Wicket falls

That makes it interesting - Lango fools Styro completely with a slower one, and the batsman can only help it behind to wicketkeeper Niall. Joy in the Irish ranks.

From Jed Fry in Bath, TMS inbox: "Looks like Captain V-T is on his first powerplay with Ms Andrews..."

16th over: NZ 81-2
Fulton goes on the attack against Johnston, pulling him through midwicket for a crunchy four and then driving a wide one square for another boundary. Time for a drinks break.

From Grant Sherwood, TMS inbox: "He's a Ritter, not Baron - like a knight. And the rapt 17-year-old Nazi soldier is a rapt 17-year-old-postman, though a fairly fascist one, admittedly."

Doesn't he join up with Hitler's hordes later in the film, Grant? Betray the V- T family in the... I've said too much...

15th over: NZ 73-2
Tidy again from L-S, and just two singles and a wide off the over. Good pressure. Is it just me, or is Edelweiss some sort of racist metaphor? I'm aware that Baron Von Trapp is virulently anti-Nazi, but he wants to be careful going around singing songs about the supremacy of all-white flowers. Still, it's doing wonders for his chances with Andrews - she's lapping it up.

14th over: NZ 70-2
Lovely shot from Fulton - leaning back to cream Johnston through midwicket for four. Hello - it's Edelweiss time...

From Bijan Faz, TMS inbox: "Doesn't the older boy in SOM look a lot like Peter Schmeichel?"

Not as stroppy, Bijan, although he is sulking at the moment.

13th over: NZ 66-2
Lucky from Styro - he jousts at a wide one from L-S and edges in right through where first slip would have been. Four runs. Yo-de-lay-dee yo-de-lay-dee yo-hee-ho.

12th over: NZ 59-2
Johnston in to Scotty Styris, and the penguin lookalikey gets off the mark with a quick two. Lonely Goat-herd time on BBC1. Those puppets are way too professional for a bunch of kids to have made, even precocious, privately-tutored Austrians.

11th over: WICKET - Marshall c Morgan b Langford-Smith 16, NZ 59-2
Wicket falls

Trouble all over the place - Marshall tries to batter L-S over the top but spoons him to cover, where Morgan takes a fine tumbling overhead catch. And on that lake in Austria, a rowing trip has ended in soggy shame as the Von Trapp nippers overturn their boat and end up in the soup. Baron V-T is livid.

10th over: NZ 57-1
Skipper Trent Johnston brings himself on, and after an early wide he settles down nicely. Meanwhile, Mr Von Trapp (Baron?) is engaged in a semi-flirty chat with a hard-hearted duchess by the side of a deep-blue lake. She won't last long - she hasn't sung once.

9th over: NZ 53-1
Three singles off L-S. Classic moment from Andrews - the Do-Re-Mi exchange, sung while travelling round Vienna in a horseless carriage.

From Tim Hannay, TMS inbox: "Is it just me, or is the older son in said musical not the most nauseating fairy in the history of the silver screen? To put it mildly, I don¿t like the cut of his jib."

8th over: NZ 50-1
Rankin's struggling a little with his line - he goes down leg, and Fulton swings him easily over the square leg umpo for four.

7th over: NZ 46-1
Hamish Marshall into the breach, and he attacks L-S from the off - slashing him one-handed through cover for four and then going textbook for another one a touch straighter. In our simulcast, Julie Andrews/Maria is having a picnic in an Alpine meadow with the entire Von Trapp clan, and appears to be lecturing them fondly about their past behaviour.

6th over: WICKET - Fleming c Porterfield b Rankin 10, NZ 35-1
Wicket falls

Big wicket for Ireland - the skipper's gone, driving loosely at a wide one and sending it straight down backward point's throat.

5th over: NZ 30-0
Two big shots from Fulton, clouting full-lengthers from L-S straight back down the ground for sumptuous fours. Meanwhile, the eldest Von Trapp daughter is singing about the joys of being 16 to a rapt 17-year-old Nazi soldier.

4th over: NZ 15-0
Rankin strays down leg and Fulton clouts him just past Jeremy Bray at mid-on for four. Yup - in response to demand from those who wish to both follow the cricket and keep abreast of the other entertainment on offer on a Bank Holiday, today's clockwatch will cover both the cricket from Guyana and BBC1's offering - namely Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

3rd over: NZ 10-0
Fulton pops a full leg-stumper from L-S through midwicket for three. Big news today - we'll be trialling a brand-new pan-media service during this clockwatch. More news in a second.

2nd over: NZ 6-0
Loose from Boyd Rankin - two wides and a two for Fleming. On the NZ balcony. Jeetan Patel is hoovering down what looks like a croque monsiuer. An isotonic croque monsieur, I'm sure.

1st over: NZ 0-0
Here we go - Dave Langford-Smith to open up for Ireland, and he serves a maiden to Peter Fulton. Not many in at the Providence Stadium - clearly big queues down the local supermarket for cut-price Easter Eggs. You think I'm joking - they're going for 20p a pop in a petrol station down the road from me.

1410 GMT
Some team news for you too - Enn Zed have brought in Jeetan Patel for the injured Michael Mason, while for Ireland Kevin O'Brien replaces Paul Mooney and Peter Gillespie comes in for the injured Andre Botha.

1400 GMT
Afternoon/evening/morning, depending on your location in the world and mental state - news from the middle in Guyana is that Stephen Fleming has won the toss and decided to bat.

World Cup photos
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