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Bangladesh v South Africa
Guyana, 7 April 2007

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WORLD CUP SUPER 8, GUYANA: Bangladesh 251-8, 50 overs beat South Africa 184 all out, 48.4 overs by 67 runs

Bangladesh caused a sensational World Cup upset by beating South Africa in an extraordinary Super 8 match in Guyana.

The Tigers amassed a brilliant 251-8, their highest ever World Cup score, with Mohammad Ashraful hitting a truly magnificent 87 from 83 balls.

In reply, South Africa were shot out for 184, with Syed Rasel, Saqibal Hasan and Abdur Razzak among the wickets.

The result improves England's hopes of qualifying for the last four ahead of their game against Australia on Sunday.


By Pranav Soneji

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"Let's hope England turn up tomorrow and show some guts! If Bangladesh can do it so can England (I hope)."
Rich, Bristol


48.4 overs: 184 all out Ntini caught Mortaza bowled Razzak 8
Razzak decides to help South Africa to five free runs courtesy of four wides. So SA now need 34.5 per over. No pressure then. It's finally all over when Ntini skews a top edge to Bashar, who takes a super catch running back from cover. Thoroughly deserved victory for Bangladesh, they will bask in the glory of their upset in the wee hours. Personally I'm chuffed for the men in green.

That's 50
48th over: 177-9
Fair play to Ntini, he creams a classic cover drive for four off Mortaza (who I thought was cooked earlier - but I also thought South Africa would walk this, so what do I know?). A juicy full toss from Mortaza is thumped into the stands over mid-wicket from Gibbs, who also brings up his half century with that shot. Lots of inconsequential runs from that over.

Wicket falls
46.1 overs: 160-9 Langaveldt lbw Razzak 9
Langaveldt's pointless innings comes to an end, much to his relief (probably) as he is hit on his pad dead in front of middle. Mark Benson's finger goes up before the Bangladeshis have appealed (probably). Out strolls Ntini, at least he'll try and entertain. Keeper Rahim goes nuts thinking he has Ntini caught behind, only to find umpire Benson looking at him as if he's just done something very naughty in his prized begonia patch. 165-9

46th over: 160-8
More insignificance from the returning Syed Rasel's over. Really, this is painful.

"A really sad performance from the so called number one ranked side in the world."
Riccardo, South Africa

45th over: 155-8
No effort from the South Africans, they know they're in for a severe talking to this evening. I'd switch those mobile phones off too. One run from that Razzak over. What's the point of carrying on?

"I just can't believe what I'm reading here. Full credit to Bangladesh for playing some quality cricket, I just hope the Proteas are going to come out of this defeat with a renewed sense of vigour."
Tim, Epsom

44th over: 155-8
This is embarrassing for South Africa. Three runs from the over.

"Are South Africa about to continue their once-every-four-years tradition of finding an utterly absurd way to 'drop the World Cup'?"

  • 1992 stupid rain rule
  • 1996 "I know let's give Alan Donald a rest, we'll beat the West Indies easily anyway..."
  • 1999 The Gibbs and Klusener headless chicken show
  • 2003 Basic arithmetic, with Nicky Boje, Mark Boucher and Shaun Pollock
  • 2007 ...?
    Gary P

    He's reached 150
    43rd over: 152-8
    The South Africans have given up the ghost - there is no urgency from either batsman, no fight. Quite depressing if you're a Proteas fan. I know Gibbs is injured but surely there should be some passion? Anyway, seven runs from Saqibal's over, bringing up the 150.

    "This is great. Being an Indian, I suddenly don't feel for the Indian loss to Bangladesh, I really want Bangladesh to win today, strange feeling, isn't it?"
    Sabarish Pillai

    "In fact I've just forgotten where my father is from - I'm 100% Bangladesh now."
    Mazin de Beer, Bridgend, South Wales

    42nd over: 145-8
    Rafique finishes his 10 overs, conceding just four runs. A brilliant spell from the spinner. Can Herschelle Gibbs smack another 36 from the next over? I don't think so either. Mortaza limps off the pitch, he looks cooked.

    "By crikey! Surely this will be the most astounding cricketing upset since, umm... well, week before last wasn't it?"
    Justin, Moscow

    41st over: 145-8
    Langaveldt just about gets the ball off the square for a single off the fourth ball of the over. Four runs from Saqibal's over. Serious questions will be asked in the South African dressing room, far too many players gave their wickets away at inopportune moments.

    40th over: 141-8
    Excellent over from Rafique, just a single from it. Ten overs to go and 111 to win it. Feet off the sofa David Shepherd. No matter what the result is, this will be historic.

    39th over: 140-8
    The South Africans are stunned - they really look beaten at the moment. Just three runs from that Saqibal over.

    "I have a Bangladeshi mother and a South African father living in South Wales. I'm Bangladeshi at the moment."
    Mazin de Beer, Bridgend, South Wales

    Wicket falls
    38th over: 137-8 Nel ct and bowled Rafique 1
    Mohammed Rafique is back on again - and immediately teases Nel to hit straight back to his hands for wicket number eight. Cricket is so simple when it's played like this - Bangladesh have definitely shown the victory over India was no fluke. Charl Langaveldt joins Gibbs, who most surely go ballistic now, at the crease.

    37th over: 137-7
    Saqibal yet again keeps it tight, but a clever late cut from Gibbs picks up a couple of needed runs. However the run rate is now nearly nine an over - fireworks are needed - and needed now from South Africa.

    Wicket falls
    36th over: 133-7 Pollock run out 17
    Mortaza is mixing his deliveries, ensuring both Gibbs and Pollock are on their toes. But the ginger all-rounder's innings is brought to an end by a brilliant piece of fielding from Tamim, who hits the stumps with a direct hit. He doesn't think it's out when umpire Doctrove calls for the third umpire, but the replay shows Pollock is just short of his crease. Cue more ecstatic scenes, especially from Dav Whatmore in the Bangladeshi dressing room. Incredible. Pollock will be livid with his dismissal, he should have made more of an attempt to run his bat in. Andre Nel, who picked up five wickets in the first innings, joins Gibbs at the crease.

    "Why hasn't Hasan bowled this well before? surely that's a 'Sakib Al' offence!"
    Michael, London That is absolutely terrible Michael, but who cares?

    "I live in the heart of Shadwell, London's 'little Bangladesh', I'm thinking about changing out of my Proteas shirt before going out for dinner soon...

    "It's 5am in Tokyo and I am hooked to my laptop following the Bangladesh v South Africa game which unfortunately is not being shown in Tokyo. I should really go to bed, but being Bangladeshi, I won't get any sleep until I see the final South African batsman out. Well, fingers crossed and lets not get too excited until its over! It's wonderful to see so many non-Bangladeshis supporting us today!"
    Sam Ahmed, Tokyo, Japan

    35th over: 129-6
    Gibbs and Pollock are starting to build a useful partnership, both men are picking the gaps and seven runs come from that Saqibul over. However the required run-rate is over eight, so they'll need to get their skates on. Rivetting stuff, drinks are called. My fingers are aching...

    "Every word from Gav in Guildford was taken from Cricinfo, shame on you. Or.....did they take it from you. 'Fess up now, remember what your mother said, 'Honesty is the best policy!'
    Brian Atkins, south Vancouver Island

    34th over: 122-6
    Mortaza is back into the attack and could have had a run out if Aftab Ahmed had thrown to the correct end. Ashwell Prince, who is running for Herschelle Gibbs, is well out of his ground at the bowler's end, but Aftab chooses the batsman's end and a gilt-edged opportunity goes begging. Four runs from the over.

    "Before we get too excited about Bangladesh helping out England by beating South Africa, let's not forget we have to play them, too!"
    Mark Pearson, Kent, England

    33rd over: 118-6
    Gibbs breaks the impasse with a six that just - and I mean JUST - clears the boundary rope and the deep fielder's attempt to snaffle a catch. But Gibbs is the type of man you want in a situation like this - remember this is the man who hit 171 in 110 balls when Australia scored 434 in Johannesburg last year. Good over for South Africa, 11 runs coming off Saqibul's six balls.

    32nd over: 107-6
    The singles are flowing, but South Africa need big numbers now. Just three from the Rafique over - and don't forget Gibbs is batting with a calf injury.

    He's reached 100
    31st over: 104-6
    A misfield from Mortaza, who is back on the field, and Gibbs collects a much-needed boundary. Six runs from Saqibul's over, which brings up the hundred.

    30th over: 98-6
    Five runs from that Rafique over, the Bangladeshis are absolutely racing through their overs at the moment, I can hardly keep up.

    "I am following the match through my laptop, with my sick 21-month old daughter cuddled into me. Every wicket fall is met by laughs from me and smiles from my girl! I would like to thank Bangladesh for helping my daughter get better!"
    Gav in Guildford

    "Have you ever been to a giant-killing before? There's a real buzz among the neutrals around here now after Boucher's suicidal drive and Saqibul Hasan's semi-comic dive. Already a grim air of resignation among the South African journalists."
    BBC Sport's Martin Gough

    29th over: 93-6
    Gibbs is off the mark, but the runs are drying up. South Africa need a big over to stop the Bangladeshis from running away with this match. Just two runs from another tight Saqibul over.

    28th over: 91-6
    More wily craft from Rafique - not to mention the 200% increase of chirp from Rahim behind the stumps. He appeals for a caught behind appeal claiming the ball hit Pollock's boot before he caught it, but umpire Mark Benson isn't having any of it. the required run-rate is now 7.23. This is tense. And exciting. And compelling.

    Wicket falls
    27th over: 87-6 Kemp caught and bowled Saqibul Hasan 7
    Incredible scenes! Kemp lollies the ball down the pitch and Saqibal takes a great diving catch. The boy's on a hat-trick! Out strides Shaun Pollock, who bats away the hat-trick ball to safety. Blimey, edge of ya seat stuff.

    Wicket falls
    27th over: 87-5 Boucher ct Syed Rasel b Saqibul Hasan 12
    After saying he doesn't like the slower bowlers Mark Boucher promptly skips down the wicket and smashes Saqibal into the stands for six. But disaster strikes the very next ball when Boucher loops the ball into the grateful hands of Syed Rasel. Crazy cricket from Boucher and the wicket-keeper is absolutely disgusted with himself as he trudges off the pitch. In comes Herschelle Gibbs with a runner.

    26th over: 81-4
    This is canny cricket from Bangladesh. Both Justin Kemp and Mark Boucher like pace on the ball but neither batsman is getting anything close to that with the wily guile of Mohammed Rafique. Nevertheless South Africa collect four runs.

    25th over: 77-4
    Heart-in-mouth time for Justin Kemp after a very smart stumping attempt from wicket-keeper Rahim, but the all-rounder just - and I mean JUST - gets a bit of his foot over the line. Three runs from the Saqibul Hasan over.

    "Will all those commentators who said that the minnows didn't add anything to the World Cup please come to the front of the class and explain themselves?"
    Graybo, East Sussex

    24th over: 73-4
    Rafique is certainly a wily fox, he knows where he needs to put the ball to keep the pressure on the Proteas. Just one off the over.

    23rd over: 72-4
    Another on-the-button over from Adbur Razzak, just a single from the over, a leg-side wide. However a little concern for captain Habibul Bashar as strike bowler Mortaza is taken off with a muscle complaint. The required run-rate is climbing - 6.62 and rising.

    "It's all starting to go a bit bananas here. Bangladeshi fielders did a mass Monty Panesar dance in the middle of the pitch while the TV umpire deliberated. There are schoolchildren on their feet in the stands. Not sure if there's a South Africa supporter in the place."
    BBC Sport's Martin Gough

    22nd over: 71-4
    The third left-arm spinner Saqibul Hasan is on and like his spinning team-mates, finds a decent line and length straight away. And just for good measure, he's got some turn too. Just the single from the over.

    21st over: 70-4
    Another good over from Razzak, the South Africans are looking very tense in their dressing room. Three runs from the over, a two and a single.

    Wicket falls
    20th over: 66-4 Prince run out 1
    The wheels are seriously close to falling off for the South Africans after Prince takes a very risky single, only to be run out by a great bit of fielding from Aftab Ahmed. Bowler Rafique whips off the bails and Billy Doctrove signals for the third umpire. The replays show Prince is out of his ground when the stumps are broken. In comes Mark Boucher for the fight of his life. Stay tuned folks, this could be history in the making. 68-4

    19th over: 66-3
    Ashwell Prince breaks a run of 17 balls with a run scored with a scampered single, not convincing but still, they all count. Kemp gets off the mark with an easy single to deep mid-off. Another good over from Razzak.

    18th over: 64-3
    Bashar initiates his second bowling change of the day bringing on the experience of left-arm spinner Mohammed Rafique. The old-timer is right on the money as Justin Kemp blocks out his first over. Another maiden.

    Wicket falls
    17th over: 64-3 De Villiers bowled Razzak 15
    This is absolutely incredible - De Villiers shifts to leg to create more space to hit through the off-side but like his captain, completely misses the ball and is bowled. More joyous scenes from the Tigers, who are clearly loving this. Ashwell Prince joins Kemp at the crease. A top over from Razzak, a wicket maiden. The pressure is mounting for the number one ranked one-day side in world cricket.

    "I'm not too impressed with how biased the live commentary has been. It is clearly evident that the commentators want Bangladesh to win so badly that they might as well dispense with the polite formalities and start cheering on Bangladesh like school kids and slag off SA at every given moment! Bring back unbiased and objective commentating please - whatever happened to the "may the best team win" principle?
    Jacques, London

    Wicket falls
    16th over: 63-2 Kallis ct Tamim b Rasel 32
    The second powerplay is taken and Bangladesh have been rewarded with the wicket they were so desperately after when Kallis attempts to smash Rasel back down the ground, but mishits to a grateful Tamim Iqbal at mid-on. Cue pandemonium in the Bangladeshi ranks. Replays show it was a slower ball from Rasel that fooled Kallis. Big-hitting Justin Kemp comes to the crease at a delicate stage. A wide adds one to the total. 64-1

    "'Sigh' Another Kallis 50... I'm not watching the game - how are the crowd attendances?"
    Tippu Ninja

    15th over: 62-1
    Kallis shuffles down the pitch and attempts to smack Razzak out of the ground, but doesn't quite hit it where he wanted the ball to go, limping over the ropes at extra cover. Nevertheless he picks up another boundary and Habibul Bashar has a dilemma - does he take the final powerplay now or wait until he takes a wicket?

    "Here we go - dark clouds over the cane fields to the east. This might be one of the isolated showers the weather forecast warned us about."
    BBC Sport's Martin Gough

    14th over: 57-1
    He may only be 18 but Mushfiqur Rahim is up there with Kamran Akmal and Paul "the Badger" Nixon in the most irritatingly vocal wicket-keepers stakes. Rasel serves up a tasty half-volley on leg stump which is lofted with simplicity over mid-wicket for four before a single. After his uncertain start, Kallis is liking what's on offer.

    13th over: 52-1
    First bowling change and on comes left-arm spinner Abdur Razzak, the man who snaffled Sachin Tendulkar in Bangladesh's memorable win over their dominant neighbours. His second ball is a little short and De Villiers rocks back onto his back foot and lofts two runs over mid-wicket. A smart piece of fielding from Javed Omar saves a certain boundary from the penultimate ball of the over.

    That's 50
    12th over: 50-1
    I knew it, soon as I mention he hasn't scored a run in front of square, Kallis goes and hits a thumping off-drive through the covers for four. I'm never going to win the lottery... The boundary also brings up South Africa's 50. More than evenly poised I would say.

    11th over: 44-1
    The second powerplay is signalled and a neat clip of his hips sees Kallis pick up a very rare all-run four, despite the excellent dive from batting hero Mohammad Ashraful. A couple more singles and the total ticks along by six. Interesting to see that not one of Kallis's runs have been scored in front of square.

    "Only four teams have successfully chased 200 runs or more at this World Cup, with the highest achieved target being 210 (twice): South Africa 212-9 v Sri Lanka 209; New Zealand 210-4 v England 209-7; West Indies 204-4 v Zimbabwe 202-5; and Kenya 203-3 v Canada 199. Zimbabwe scored 221 to tie with Ireland. "In short, Bangladesh have a great chance here. South Africa will do well to get 252."
    Tom, London

    10th over: 38-1
    Kallis opens his shoulders and creams Rasel through point for four. But the bowler responds with a fine delivery which Kallis can only play and miss very close to his off stick. Good over from the dogged left-armer.

    9th over: 34-1
    Good over from Mortaza, he's keeping the two batsmen on their toes. Three runs from that over.

    8th over: 31-1
    A moment of indecision between De Villiers and Kallis almost sees the former run out, but he manages to make his ground after a call for a quick single. The South Africans are nervous - and don't the Bangladeshis know it! The first ball of Rasel's over is dispatched to the boundary after a wonderful on drive from De Villiers through mid-wicket.

    7th over: 25-1
    More streaky runs for Kallis, who edges past wicket-keeper Rahim for four. Unbelievable - why hasn't Bashar got a slip in? And Mortaza beats Kallis with his third ball and still no slip. Coach Dav Whatmore is clearly not happy, shaking his head. Good over.

    Wicket falls
    6th over: 18-1 Smith bowled Syed Rasel 12
    Game very much on. Smith attempts to back away to leg to give him more space exposing his stumps, but misses the ball completely and hears the dreaded death rattle. The Bangladeshis are going absolutely bananas. In strides Jacques Kallis who gets a very streaky underedge to get off the mark. Get set folks, this could be an upset of the grandest order. 19-1

    5th over: 18-0
    AB picks up a couple through point before doubling that tally with a nice drive through mid-on. The pitch looks absolutely tailor-made for a batting buffet, which is probably what South African fans will be hoping for.

    4th over: 14-0
    The two South African openers look unruffled. De Villiers scores his first run of the day with a well-timed single while Smith once again eyes the mid-wicket area with a well-struck shot, which sees him collect two runs, which could have been four had it not been for a smart piece of fielding on the boundary.

    3rd over: 10-0
    A cracking boundary through mid-wicket from Smith, he's looking in very good touch. You know when he's on song when he's prospering on the leg-side. He steals a single off the last ball of Mortaza's over. Apart from the first delivery, nothing has swung so far.

    2nd over: 5-0
    Left-armer Syed Rasel partners Mortaza with the new ball. Nothing of real note, three singles - two for Smith and one for De Villiers.

    1st over: 2-0
    Mashrafee Mortaza almost has Smith leg before with his very first delivery, an inswinger which the South African captain just manages to get bat on. No bat and it would have been back to the pavilion. But he survives and picks up a single to score South Africa's first run. The second comes from a wide.

    "Consensus around the packed lunches in the media centre is that South Africa should still take it, but that may be motivated by a desire all round for a quiet life. Should be more intriguing than expected though."
    BBC Sport's Martin Gough

    Graeme Smith and AB de Villiers stroll out to the middle to start South Africa's reply. Interesting to note that Herschelle Gibbs will not be able to bat until two hours and seven minutes into the innings, or after five wickets. The calf injury with which he is suffering was sustained in training.

    Bangladesh's innings of 251 beats their previous best of 223-9 against Pakistan in Northampton in the 1999 World Cup. Interesting to see that Bangladesh have three spinners in their side, compared to South Africa's one - and he's a part-timer.


    Wicket falls
    49.1 overs: 248-8 Ashraful ct Langaveldt b Nel 87
    A world-class knock comes to an end when Ashraful tries on leg-side paddle too many and is caught on the fine leg boundary. The lad looks absolutely mortified, but he's helped his country to their best score ever at a World Cup, his 87 came from 83 balls. The last 50 runs scored off just 30 balls. The wicket is Andre Nel's fifth of the innings. the first time he has collective five in an innings.

    49th over: 248-7
    Just when you think it can't get any better... Ashraful hits a cover drive which stinks of Sachin Tendulkar in his pomp, once bounce for four. Nothing Langaveldt can do but watch in admiration. More singles and nine runs from the over. Gripping. I hope you are as enthralled as I am.

    Wicket falls
    47.2 overs: 233-7 Mortaza bowled Nel 25
    Mortaza's cameo comes to an end with the most emphatic yorker from Nel, no way was Mortaza going to keep that out at this stage. Could be a match-turning knock from the paceman, who put on 51 runs off just 34 balls with Ashraful. In comes Mohammed Rafique, who steals a single to get Ashraful on strike. And yet again he hits another paddle over short fine leg for four. Very intelligent batting from a very talented batsman. He dabs a single to steal the strike for the next over. 48 overs: 239-7

    47th over: 233-6
    A beautifully timed square drive from Ashraful finds the ropes. But bowler Langaveldt is keeping the ball right up in the blockhole, giving nothing away. But yet another innovative shot from Ashraful, who backs away to off and caresses the ball past short fine leg for four. Brilliant batting.

    46th over: 221-6
    Mortaza hits the shot of the day - a soaring straight six off Ntini straight into the stands. That maximum is followed up with a boundary to a length ball to the mid-wicket ropes. Tremendous strike. The six also brings up Bangladesh's highest one-day score against South Africa.

    45th over: 208-6
    He's reached 200
    Mortaza flat bats Nel for a straight four over the bowler's head. The crowd has suddenly come to life with the sudden flurry of boundaries. And the big paceman deflects a leg-stump full toss from Nel beyond the short fine leg for another four. Gripping stuff. Cracking entertainment. These boys want to make a game of this.

    44th over: 196-6
    That's 50
    Ashraful brings up his half century with a tremendous straight drive back over Ntini's head, two bounces, for four. Well played son, very good knock. And if that wasn't enough, he plays a cheeky chip over short fine leg for four. Another belting square cut sees another boundary off the final ball of the over. Brilliant batting.

    Wicket falls
    43rd over: 179-6 Rahim run out 6
    Calamity strikes in farcical fashion - after striking a beaut of an off-drive, which is brilliantly stopped by Justin Kemp, Rahim is guilty of ball watching and is miles out of his crease as Ashraful charges for the second. Boucher has the simple task of taking off the bails. In comes Mashrafee Mortaza, who picks up his first run. 181-5

    42nd over: 179-5
    A horrendous slog off Ntini from Rahim nevertheless sees him pick up two runs to the deep mid-wicket boundary. The burden is on Ashraful's talented shoulders, so expect a few classy shots in these next few overs.

    41st over: 174-5
    Again nothing spectacular, but efficient singles sees the total tick along by three.

    40th over: 175-4
    Flashing blade from Rahim, unfortunately no contact with the ball. However, three singles and a wide from that Ntini over.

    39th over: 167-5
    The loss of his partner hasn't effected Ashraful a jot - a top-edged pull off Langaveldt races to the boundary. A couple more singles and the runs are still coming.

    Wicket falls
    38th over: 161-5 Ahmed c Nel b Ntini 35
    No more fireworks from Ahmed after his aerial cover drive is well pouched by Andre Nel sweeping on the boundary. Little Aftab can't believe it - he is absolutely astounded that his boundary-bound drive has been caught. Not that the South Africans care. In comes babyface Mushfiqur Rahim.

    37th over: 158-4
    A very sweet fine leg glance brings another boundary for Ahmed, who is growing in confidence. A further two singles are collected from the Langaveldt. Intriguing stuff at the National Stadium.

    36th over: 152-4
    Smith mixes things up replacing Jacques Kallis with another JK in Justin Kemp. Nothing of real note until the fourth ball when Aftab Ahmed creams a half volley on leg stump high into the stands for the first six of the day. And if that wasn't enough, he smashes the final ball of the over - a slower ball - even further into the stands over mid-on. And he's only a teeny little fella - absolutely brilliant stuff from the diminutive right-hander.

    35th over: 139-4
    A tighter over from Shaun Pollock, who concedes three runs from that over.

    "We've just been told Herschelle has a strained left calf and will not retake the field. That means he can't bat at least until five wickets are down in the South Africa innings. Given Bangladesh have only taken one wicket in the last two games that seems unlikely."
    BBC Sport's Martin Gough in Guyana

    34th over: 136-4
    A stray leg-side delivery from Kallis flicks Ahmed's pad on its way to the boundary. That four, along with a combination of deflections, flicks and dabs for singles sees the Tigers pair happily skip along to 136.

    33rd over: 128-4
    More cheeky dabs and flicks off Pollock and three runs from the over. Mr Smith might be getting slightly annoyed with this partnership.

    32nd over: 125-4
    A slide from Ashraful sees the talented youngster make his ground after a tight call for two. But the undoubted highlight is a tremendous pick-up off his pads for four between mid-on and mid-wicket.

    31st over: 119-4
    Shaun Pollock is back into the attack, nothing of real note but a couple of dabs for singles. However The AA - Ashraful and Ahmed - are doing a good job building a useful partnership. On comes the drinks cart.

    30th over: 117-4
    Short stuff from Kallis and Ashraful responds with a gloved pull for four. Kallis follows that up with another short ball - which Ashraful disdainfully dispatches to the mid-wicket boundary for a beautifully struck four. Bit of back chat from Kallis, and you can bet your bottom dollar he wasn't asking Mohammed what the Bengali is for "spanking shot".

    29th over: 107-4
    A massive shout for caught behind from Smith, Boucher and everyone else on the fielding side, but umpire Benson shakes his head. Disbelief on the faces of Smith and Boucher, but TV replays suggest Ahmed did not get any bat near the ball, so the one-time England opener was spot-on with his decision. And to really annoy Smith, Ahmed dances down the pitch and dispatches the South African captain for a confident four.

    28th over: 102-4
    A cheeky late cut off a Kallis slower ball brings Ashraful two runs. Ashraful plays out the rest of the over.

    He's reached 100
    27th over: 100-4
    Nice bit of slapstick when Robin Peterson and Graeme Smith almost collide chasing the ball, only for the ball to evade both men for the easiest single in the world ever. At least the captain is smiling, which is more than can be said for Mark Boucher, who looks as if he's been sucking a lemon. A single from Ashraful brings up the Tigers 100.

    26th over: 96-4
    If there was a song to describe South Africa at this very moment, it would be Maximo Park's "Apply Some Pressure" as the Proteas are absolutely gagging for that fifth wicket. Big Jacques is on the money, although he loses a bit of spare change with a bouncy wide over Ashraful's head. Mark Benson calls for the third umpire after Ashraful calls for a tight second, but he is safely home when Boucher whips off the bails.

    25th over: 92-4
    Graeme Smith decides to join the party with his deceptively quite good tweakers. A bit of turn from skip, along with a bit of leg-side wide action and it's five runs from the over. Oh, forgot to say, Aftab Ahmed has joined "Brimful of" Ashraful at the crease.

    "Bright and Sunny in Guernsey, and yes I'm stuck inside working. Presenting Sports Saturday on Island FM - keep up with the commentary please, I use it to broadcast to the Baliwick the latest score."
    Simon Charlwood

    Wicket falls
    24th over: 87-4 Saqibal Hasan c Smith b Kallis 9
    Jacques Kallis comes into the bowling attack and immediately sniffs the breakthrough with a bouncy delivery which Saqibal guides into the hands of Graeme Smith at point. This is all looking a bit ominous for the Tigers. A few wides from the burly all-rounder and a single off the last ball of the over sees the scorecard tick along by three.

    23rd over: 79-3
    Cracking square cut from Saqibal races to the point boundary, classy shot off Langaveldt. He follows that up with a well-directed single off a slower ball.

    "What with the heat in the Windies you might find the idea of 'Ice Cricket' interesting. There was some amazing footage last night on the Weather Show on News24 of some people in Estonia playing real cricket on a frozen lake proper cricket with stumps, proper bats, a plastic ball and crampons!

    Oh and at the end of the game the all strip off and jump into a big hole cut in the ice! Fun! Well worth seeing I can't find it on the BBC site but there is the Ice Cricket website:

    John Cunningham

    "Thanks to you, Martin and the crew for the lifeline to the current cricket for this Yank! There are a few of us here in the States who really can't justify shelling out the big bucks for the cable feed (and ICC coffers), although some of us got to a few of the early round games in the Caribbean (Keep working on the scorecard pls)."
    Mike, USA

    22nd over: 79-3
    Saqibal just about manages to evade mid-wicket with a pull - and collects two runs for his troubles. Another no-ball and more runs for Bangladesh, who collect five off that Nel over. "Please let Tim in Epsom know that it's also sunny here in Barbados and I'm also stuck inside at work in a windowless room. We have our final medical volunteers meeting at Kensington Oval this afternoon, everyone is very pleased here that the Oval was passed with the highest rating of the Caribbean stadia this week. Hopefully it will be full for the Super 8s next week."
    Dr Louise Berry, "I was born in Epsom hospital, small world, eh?"

    21st over: 74-3
    A tidy over from Langaveldt, who concedes the solitary single. Will be interesting to see how Bangladesh will pace their innings.

    "I live in Whitechapel, which is home to a large Bangladeshi population. There is a sports area outside my block of flats and the local kids play football there constantly. Over the last few days I have seen three games of cricket going on. A great sight, I'm sure you'll agree. You should have seen Brick Lane on the night when Bangladesh beat India. Joyous does not begin to describe it."
    James Higgott, London

    Wicket falls
    20th over: 73-3 Tamim c Boucher b Nel 38
    A fierce bouncer from Nel is gloved by Tamim, who just manages to evade Boucher's outstretched glove for four. However no such luck a couple of balls later when he nicks a charge down the pitch into the Superglue hands of Boucher. An entertaining innings comes to an end. Nel looks as if he's going to explode such is the unrefined joy in his face. Lord knows what he would look like if Tamim was Ricky Ponting. Mohammed Ashraful is the next man in and he gets off the mark with a flick off his legs for four.

    19th over: 65-2
    More flicks and tickles off the legs off Langaveldt. Interesting to note that Herschelle Gibbs sprinted across from the off-side to leg to help out AB de Villiers chase down a single.

    "I like the scorecard - very retro. All you need is Pacman scrolling across the screen."
    Barry in Brisbane

    Wicket falls
    18th over: 59-2 Habibul Bashar c and b Nel 5
    Would you Adam and Eve it, first ball after the drinks break and Nel's only gone and taken a smart one-handed return catch off Bashar. He had 0.69 seconds to react to that. Impressive. In comes another left-hander in Saqibul Hasan. A couple of extras from that over sees the total to 62-2.

    "What's with the weird-looking scorecard today???"
    Satch Norton

    Satch - and everyone else - we're having a few technical issues with our regular scorecard but behind our cool BBC composure we're going absolutely bananas to bring you regular score updates, so please bear with us.

    17th over: 59-1
    A lovely square cut from Bashar off Langaveldt sees the Tigers captain collect a couple of runs. He could have had more but for some saucy fielding from Nel on the boundary. However the undoubted highlight of the over is another jaw-dropping drive from Tamim, who once again skips down the pitch and smashes Langa straight back over his head for four. Extraordinary batting from the newest 18-year-old at the World Cup. Great over for Bangladesh and it's time for drinks.

    16th over: 51-1
    Now it's umpire Doctrove's turn to give it the Townshend and signals the third and final powerplay of the innings. The South Africans will be over the (Keith) moon if they can get another wicket. However four singles from that over - and I can't think of anymore Who references.

    15th over: 47-1
    Second bowling change from Smith and on comes the tournament's second leading wicket taker Charl Langaveldt. Tamim celebrates the former prison warden's arrival with a spanking aerial cover drive which bounces twice into the advertising hoardings. Langa final ball of the over draws a play and a miss from Bashar.

    Wicket falls
    14th over: 42-1 Javed Omar c Smith b Nel 17
    The South Africans finally make the break after Omar slashes a wide delivery into the grateful hands of the captain at backward point. Cue silly faces from Nel, who looks like a man who has just discovered a Kruger gold coin in his box of cornflakes. In comes the Tigers captain Habibul Bashar, who gets a couple of snorters from the pumped Nel. Good over.

    13th over: 42-0
    A really tough chance goes down when Boucher spills an edge off Pollock. But considering he's standing up to the stumps, you would have to the harshest person in the world to criticise the gloveman. But the Tigers charge on. Two singles from that over. Cue lots of strained South African faces.

    "It's a lovely sunny day and while I could be enjoying the cricket with a cool pint unfortunately I'm stuck at work. I think my boss must have some sort of pre-emptive sadism to have made me toil until 10.30pm today. Looking forward to a South African victory on their way to winning the World Cup!"
    Tim, Epsom

    12th over: 40-0
    Chief entertainer Andre Nel is into the attack amid a chorus of rallying calls from Ntini. But despite his colleague's chirps, Nel cannot find a breakthrough as the Tigers comfortably collect three singles from the over.

    11th over: 37-0
    Former Kent stalwart now international umpire Mark Benson does a great Pete Townshend impression and signals a powerplay. Pollock continues with Boucher standing up to the stumps. Tamim definitely looks a player with bags of potential, showcasing his talents with two very attractive cover drives. But despite the aesthetics, he can only muster a single from the over.

    10th over: 36-0
    A more than useful shout for leg before from Ntini against Javed Omar, but Billy Doctrove is the only man on the pitch who doesn't think it will hit the sticks. Ntini doesn't do himself any favours bowling wide of the crease, but that shout would've happily hit leg stump. A couple from that over and frustration is definitely settling in for Smithy and his Proteas.

    9th over: 34-0
    Lovely leg-side flick off Omar's pads flies to the boundary. This isn't what Shaun Pollock, Graeme Smith and South Africa were expecting when they pitched up to the ground this morning. A single to third man brings up Bangladesh's highest opening stand of the tournament.

    8th over: 29-0
    Absolutely thumping aerial cover drive from Tamim off Ntini. The left-hander waltzes down the pitch and smashes the ball one bounce into the advertising hoardings. The kid's got heart, that's for sure. Despite a few unplayable deliveries, Ntini hasn't made the most of the pacy pitch, much to Bangladesh's delight.

    "The local organising committee announced that 11,000 tickets were sold for this game, although plenty of those must have been to India fans. Instead, the place is slowly filling with schoolchildren. There's a long crocodile of them filing through the gates now and the stands have blocks of brightly coloured uniforms. Guyana National Stadium looks like it will be near its 15,000 capacity for the penultimate World Cup game here whether the occupants like it or not!"
    BBC Sport's Martin Gough, early candidate for Guyana's favourite tourist of 2007, at the National Stadium

    7th over: 23-0
    A lovely wristy square cut from Omar races to the boundary. Pollock definitely has not been his best one-day bowler in the world best this World Cup. He concedes a leg-side wide, but manages to keep the rest of the over on the button. Apologies for the lack of scorecard - heads will roll, I promise you... A few technical issues have made our lives a misery, but we'll valiantly battle on and bring you something that resembles a South Africa v Bangladesh scorecard.

    6th over: 18-0
    Another round of playing and missing from Tamim, but he hits a lovely looking straight drive for a couple off Ntini, before doubling up with a flick off his hip.

    5th over: 13-0
    Pollock keeps things tighter than my boss's wallet grip at the BBC bar. He concedes the solitary single.

    4th over: 12-0
    The Bangladeshi batsman are a strange bunch. It's either throw your bat at everything or bat like a Boycott Test innings, it's never anything in between. At least two wild slashes outside off stump from left-hander Tamim, who is also beaten by two absolute jaffas from Ntini. Maiden over.

    3rd over: 12-0
    A more prudent over from the Tigers, a couple of well-run singles and a wide from Pollock ticks the score along.

    2nd over: 9-0
    First run on the board - a very slanty wide from Ntini to Tamim. The next delivery is promptly dispatched to the extra cover boundary thanks to a cracking drive from Tamim. He also gives it the "Clive-Lloyd-down-on-my-knee" flourish for the cameras. However Ntini gets his revenge with a brute of a delivery two balls later, squaring up Tamim like a mathematician at a four-sided shape convention. Ntini should have had a wicket with his last delivery of the over after Tamim slashes a wide delivery outside off stump, but Justin Kemp cannot hold onto the edge at second slip and the ball flies away for four.

    1st over: 0-0
    Early swing for Polly, who gets the ugliest swipe and miss from Omar on his third delivery, which thumps into the hands of Mark Boucher behind the stumps. Omar decides to be a little more circumspect with the final three deliveries and pats out the rest of the over.

    1428 BST: Openers Javed Omar and Tamim Iqbal stroll out to the middle to face the wrath of a misfiring Shaun Pollock and Makhaya Ntini.

    1415 BST: The crystal ball is spot on - Graeme Smith informs an empty National Stadium that world cricket's favourite jester is back in South African colours. And he'll get his hands on the ball early doors after Smith correctly calls the coin toss.

    "SA looking to take advantage of the short boundary to the western side of the ground, as Sri Lanka did against West Indies last weekend."
    Guyana's favourite son Martin Gough

    South Africa: Graeme Smith (captain), A.B. de Villiers, Jacques Kallis, Herschelle Gibbs, Ashwell Prince, Justin Kemp, Mark Boucher, Shaun Pollock, Andre Nel, Charl Langeveldt, Makhaya Ntini

    Bangladesh: Javed Omar, Tamim Iqbal, Habibul Bashar (captain), Aftab Ahmed, Saqibul Hasan, Mohammad Ashraful, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mohammad Rafique, Mashrafee Mortaza, Abdur Razzak, Syed Rasel.

    Umpires: M R Benson and B R Doctrove

    1355 BST: Good afternoon everyone - except to those Indian fans tuning in for what you thought was South Africa v India. There have been suggestions that firebrand Andre Nel could be in the starting XI for South Africa to snarl and annoy everyone.


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