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West Indies v New Zealand
Antigua, 29 March 2007

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West Indies 177 all out lost to New Zealand 179-3 by seven wickets

Scott Styris struck his third half century of the World Cup to ease New Zealand to victory over West Indies in an uninspired Super 8 match in Antigua.

Shane Bond, Daniel Vettori and Jacob Oram all took three wickets to dismiss the hosts for 177, only Chris Gayle (44) and Brian Lara (37) contributing.

And Daren Powell struck twice early to give the hosts hope of an unlikely win.

But Styris (80no) and Craig McMillan (33no) built on Stephen Fleming's 45 to ease the Kiwis home by seven wickets.



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By Tom Fordyce

There it is - Styris hoists Gayle for four to seal the win, and that's four wins on the bounce for Enn Zed at the World Cup. Styro ends on 80 not out, McMillan on 33. They're now looking good for the semis, but the Windies were abject...

38th over: 175-3:
Sarwan on, easy runs. NZ on the brink.

37th over: 170-3:
Gayle lopes in, and it's singles and twos wherever they want them. Eight needed. Think they're home now, even though I said that last night with South Africa 206-5.

36th over: 163-3:
Styris advances at Collymore and puts him to all parts - 16 off the over, including successive fours of the last two balls. 71 to him now, and he's very much doing the bizzo once again.

35th over: 147-3:
Gayle continues, and the runs are flowing - the Windies aren't interested anymore. The stands are emptying of locals, and there weren't many to start with.

34th over: 142-3:
Powell finishes with a maiden to end up with 2-39 off his 10. Had to do it himself, today - almost no support apart from Colly.

33rd over: 142-3:
That's 50

That's Scotty's half-century - it's taken him 72 balls, and he's hit three fours. Steady for sure, but just what hsi side needed. Although I won't be telling my grandchildren about it.

32nd over: 138-3:
Told you - no dramas. There. Styris wants to get on with this too, as Powell races in for his penultimate over. 40 runs needed from 17 overs - which means they need 2.4 an over. Peasy.

31st over: 127-3:
Windies going through the motions here. Bravo in, McMillan helps himself. Meanwhile, Umpire Rudi has called for the covers, even though the sun's shining. The D-L par score is 93, meaning that in the unlikely event of no more play today, New Zealand are home. But I can't see us being off for long. Give it five. 10 max.

From Paul Richardson in London, TMS inbox: "I was in the Merchant Navy in my younger days - silly years and much wasted. I remember being on a ship as an apprentice once waiting off Glasgow to come into port, and feeding the seagulls bread coated in mustard. The scavengers ate the gifts then second later dived in the drink for a mouthwash. Funny days really - bit cruel but highly amusing after 36 days at sea at the age of 18."

30th over: 122-3:
More Gayle, although he's nothing more than a light breeze at the moment. Styris sweeps for four off the first ball and then takes a two and single. All gone very easy again, and the sleeping in the stands gathers pace again.

29th over: 115-3:
McMillan leans back and clouts Bravo square for four. This is where Lara needs Jerome Taylor - except he decided to drop him , didn't he?

From Alexei Drummond in Auckland, TMS inbox: "The biggest of the three common species of seagull in mainland NZ is the Black-backed gull (Larus dominicanus). I have seen one of these kill a pigeon. They are pretty formidable birds."
Alexei - I reckon you've nailed it. Sounds exactly like the swine who tried to scalp me.

28th over: 109-3:
Lara decides the Smith experiment warranted just one over and wakes Gayle up to bring the spinner into the attack. With deliveries as relaxed as the great man himself, Styris watches them onto a defensive bat before sweeping for a few.

27th over: 104-3:
But the flurry turns out to be a brief one - three off Bravo's final delivery with a push through point from McMillan, who had been beaten by a slower ball just two deliveries earlier, and that's four from the over.

26th over: 100-3:
Dwayne Smith into the attack, and maybe someone's had a word from the NZ balcony about the run-rate with Ducko-Lewis in mind - Styris clomps him over midwicket for four, and then McMillan goes through cover and over square leg for two more boundaries. Boundaries - now there's a word I haven't typed for a while.

25th over: 87-3:
Will try to get some Duckworth-Lewis calculation for you here, just to be on the safe side. Nothing of any interest whatsoever in that over from Bravo. Honestly.

24th over: 86-3:
Hold on - there is rain. Although it's warm rain, so there are still people in bikinis fast asleep. Women in bikinis, that is.

From Nick Cunningham in Bristol, TMS inbox: "I was attacked by a sea/kelp/cat/dog-gull once whilst eating a cone of chips on Exmouth sea front. I can assure you that the name I chose to use on that occasion was nothing like Larus Dominicanus."
I feel your pain, Nick, I sincerely do.

23rd over: 83-3:
Three singles to Bravo. Thrills and spills once more in short supply, but the rain's cleared off for the time being.

From Roger Franklin in Detroit, TMS inbox: "Actually, Russell in Cambridge, Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass are probably the two most popular freshwater fish fished for in the US."

22nd over: 80-3:
Craig McMillan in to join Styro, but the penguin-a-like works a two and a single. Rain in the air in Antigua - Scotty squints up at the sky suspiciously.

21st over: WICKET - Fleming run out (Lara) 45, NZ 77-3
Wicket falls

That's woken them up - Fleming for some reason dawdles a quick single to Lara at midwicket, and skipper gets rid of skipper with a great throw on the run.

20th over: NZ 75-2
Styris mis-times a pull for two and then another one. A quick glance around the stands reveals many, many individuals asleep.

19th over: NZ 71-2
Bravo continues, and there's four easy singles. Fleming goes to 43, Styro to nine.

From Russell in Cambridge, TMS inbox: "Perhaps we can resolve this by saying the generic name is gull, like cat and dog, and they?ve been called seagulls because they?re seen mostly at the sea. Like sea bass are only found in the sea, so the sea is redundant but in common use."

18th over: NZ 67-2
Wallop - Fleming does his trademark bottom-handed up-pull over midwicket - this time he connects, and the ball sails over the ropes for the first six of the innings.

From Leigh Harris in Vancouver, TMS inbox: "The bird was probably a Kelp Gull, Larus Dominicanus, which is widespread in the southern hemisphere."
Damn the kelp gull to hell in that case, Leigh - damn him to hell...

17th over: NZ 58-2
Dwayne Bravo into the attack, and Styris flicks him away for a single before Fleming drives square off a full wide one for an easy four.

From Neil in NZ, TMS inbox: "It's Flumming, actually."
I like it. Neil. Can you teach me more Kiwi? Think you're going to beat the Whist Undies, by the way.

16th over: NZ 51-2
Tight again from Collymore, who's conceded just eight runs off his four overs. Drinks break at the Viv Auditorium.

From Nick Dawson, TMS inbox: "Bird sanctuary or no, seagulls are real. 'Seagull' is a generic term like 'cat' or 'dog'. I don't believe anybody is going around saying that you are wrong to identify a Manx or a Persian as a 'cat'..."

15th over: NZ 50-2
Lara's keeping on with Powell, very much putting all his eggs in one basket. Or iggs, if you're reading this in New Zealand.

From James in Stockport, TMS inbox: "A massive, beady-eyed, white, aggressive, nasty-beaked creature in New Zealand - surely that's got to be Scott Styris?"

14th over: NZ 49-2
All spookily quiet at the ground. There aren't many Windies fans in, and those that are here have been cowed by the ease with which New Zealand are batting again. Four to Fleming off Collymore with the most casual of tickles off the pads to fine leg.

From Simon in Edinburgh, TMS inbox: "That there is no such species as a seagull does not mean that there is no such thing as a seagull. PS Does anyone know whether Lendl Simmons was named after Ivan Lendl? (Simmons was born in 1985, which according to Wikipedia 'was arguably Lendl's best year')"

13th over: NZ 44-2
Did I say anchor? Fleming takes on the persevering Powell and boffs him over cover for a one-bounce four. No dangers in the pitch at the moment - and nice and warm overhead without reaching scorchio levels.

12th over: NZ 39-2
Good brakes application from Collymore, and the run-rate's dropped back. Still need wickets to win this, the Windies - surely they can't defend the total alone...

11th over: NZ 38-2
Fleming reckons this'll be the last over for Powell in his current spell, so drops a small anchor.

From Andy in Bromley, TMS inbox: "Steve in Ireland - I support Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club, and our nickname is the Seagulls. Does that mean we don't exist or something?"

10th over: NZ 37-2
Collymore back on, and just a single to Fleming. Nice line.

From Greg Kris, TMS inbox: "The bird that attacked you - was it the action-hero Steven Seagull?"
Might as well have been, Greg - it chased me for about half an hour, and even the constant flinging of large pebbles in its direction failed to see it off. And no - I didn't start it either - I didn't throw a single stone until it had dive-bombed me at least five squawking times.

9th over: WICKET - Marshall c Lara b Powell 15, NZ 36-2
Wicket falls

Seconds after edging just past second slip for four, Curly mis-reads a full one from Powell and pops it straight to BC at mid-off. Easy wicket.

8th over: NZ 29-1
Smith drops short against Fleming and gets eased behind point for an easy four. Runs flowing at the King Vivi Stadium.

7th over: NZ 25-1
Skipper Fleming mis-times a pull over Powell's head, the then drives him beautifully through cover for a photo-album four.

From Steve in Ireland, TMS inbox: "I hate to be a stickler, but as I work at a bird observatory I should point out that there is no such thing as a 'seagull'. Herring Gull, Laughing Gull, Kelp Gull - but no seagull."
Help me out here Steve - what sort of gull was the massive, beady-eyed monster which attacked me outside Christchurch in NZ about 18 months ago? It was white and aggressive and had a nasty beak - any ideas?

6th over: NZ 18-1
Hamish goes crazy - he pushes to Simmons at mid-off and sets off for a run when there isn't half a single available, only for Simmons' throw to miss the timbers. Big let-off.

5th over: NZ 16-1
Super shot from the skipper - a crisp straight drive back past Powell's toes for four. Lots of ironic 'taches in the Kiwi sections of the crowd. I say ironic - I could be assuming too much there.

4th over: NZ 12-1
A touch easier for Flimming as he jabs one into the leg-side for a quick single after Hamish slashes to third man. The Marshall curls accentuate his lid issue - they're sprouting out of the side of his helmet like rogue springs from a ripped sofa.

3rd over: NZ 10-1
Big relief for Hamish - he uses his bottom hand to flip Powell over square leg for four. Hamish's helmet has the effect of making him look like he's got a forehead twice as big as a normal human.

2nd over: NZ 2-1
Dwayne Smith barrelling in from the other end, and there's a huge shout for lbw against Hamish Marshall. Umpire Rudi Koertzen shakes his head - but replays show that would have mashed middle and off...

1st over: WICKET - Fulton b Powell 0, NZ 0-1
Wicket falls

Kaboom - what a start for the Windies! Powell produces an absolute ripper, speared in on middle and moving off the pitch to destroy off stump. Fulton got nowhere near it.

(Apologies for the problems we have had with the last six overs not getting through to you until just now - all sorts of technical nonsense going on. Seagulls sitting on the line or something. Anyway, the last few wickets fell in a heap and New Zealand will begin chasing 178 to win at 1845 BST.)


45th over: WICKET - Collymore b Bond 0, WI 177 all out
Wicket falls

Not for long, he doesn't - Bond spears in a yorker which cleans him up. That total's at least 100 short of where it should have been, and it's going to take something very special from the depleted Windies attack to save them from their second Super 8 defeat in two days.

44th over: WICKET - Powell lbw Vettori 0, WI 176-9
Wicket falls

That didn't last long - Vettori tosses one up and Daren P is plumb in front. Dear oh dear. Hat-trick chance for Danny V... which Corey Collymore survives.

44th over: WICKET - Smith b Vettori 8, WI 176-8
Wicket falls

Huge slog to leg from Dwayne Smith, misses by a mile, ball clunks into middle.

43rd over: WI 174-7
Simmons gets busy - finally - against Styris, cracking him through point for four and then pulling him in front of midwicket for another.

From Declan O'Brein, TMS inbox: "To Stuart from Widnes - I have always thought Ian Bell had more of an essence of water vole about him. Especially when he is wearing his 'gritty, determined' face."

42nd over: WICKET - Ramdin c Oram v Vettori 15, WI 158-7
Wicket falls

And that's the end result - Ramdin hacks at a looper from Vettori and spoons it straight to gully. Almost complete silence as that wicket fell - desperate times for the Windies.

41st over: WI 157-6
They're getting desperate here against Styro - all sorts of strange lashes going on.

40th over: WI 152-6
That's two maidens on the bounce - this one from Vettori. Windies becalmed here, and they're drifting into a very tricky position here.

39th over: WI 152-6
Maiden from Styro, and he's got figures of 1-22 off his nine overs. Super penguin effort.

38th over: WI 152-6
Lendl Simmons joins Ramdin. Big ask for the 22-year-old Trini lads. Very tight from Bond again, and just the single off the over. There's also in inflatable kiwi in the hot-tub - the endangered bird, rather than a New Zealander. A large bouncer is having words with two lads with snorkels who appear to have transgressed the 'no booze in hot-tub' regulation.

37th over: WICKET - Lara c McCullum b Styris 37, WI 150-6
Wicket falls

Disaster for the Windies, joy unconfined for the Kiwis - Lara bottom-edges a slower one from Styro straight into McCullum's gloves. Four catches now for Brendon, and that's the most important one of them all.

36th over: WI 148-5
Good work from Ramdin - two flicks for two each, and then a lovely pulled four as Bond drops short. There's a large inflatable kangaroo floating in the giant hot-tub on the wide long-on boundary - not a sentence Neville Cardus ever had to write.

35th over: WI 139-5
Denesh Ramdin tucks in straight away. Lara is almost visibly stooping under the weight on his shoulder now.

From Paul Heyes in St Helens, TMS inbox: "I don't know what Stuart from Widnes is on about, but Daniel Vettori is a ringer for Professor Yaffle off of Bagpuss."

34th over: WICKET - Bravo c McCullum b Bond 18, WI 128-5
Wicket falls

Bond back into the attack - and it's Kiwi joy first ball as Bravo prods loosely at an away-dipper and McCullum takes his easiest catch yet. Bond's strangely toupe-esque hair bounces as he runs into the arms of his team-mates. Very John Majedski, the Bond barnet.

33rd over: WI 128-4
Chancey from Brian - he slices Scotty S just over cover for two. Re the duchess comment - yes, I have seen royalty eat first-hand. Had dinner with the Queen Mum once. Honest.

From Tom Burridge, TMS inbox: "For me, Scott Styris has always been an owl. Perhaps a barn owl. Big wide face, pronounced beak."

32nd over: WI 125-4
Great shot from Lara - Vettori goes the merest fraction short and wide and Lara late-cuts with delicious skills. He dabbed at that one as delicately as a duchess removing a stray cake-crumb from her lips.

31st over: WI 119-4
Lara cuts Styro for a nice two after Hamish Marshall - curls squeezing out from under his black cap - misfields at midwicket.

30th over: WI 114-4
Lara starts to sweep Vettori and gets two singles before driving him uppishly for two. Didn't fancy scurrying the third there, the old boy.

From Jay Wain in Birmingham, TMS inbox: "David Boon is the walrus. Coo-coo ca choo."

29th over: WI 107-4
Styro back in, and three more singles. Lara's chilling his boots so far.

28th over: WI 104-4
50 balls since the last boundary - there's more singles here than at a speed-dating night.

From Mark Paxton in Edinburgh, TMS inbox: "I always thought of Ian Healy, former Aussie wicketkeeper, as looking like a frog while he was squatting behind the stumps."

27th over: WI 98-4
Another dodgy run is aborted halfway through, but Oram's shy at the stumps succeeds only in hitting Bravo on the knee. Ouch.

Stuart from Widnes, TMS inbox:
"If Brad Hogg looks like a rat, he and Ian Bell must be secret brothers. Again - harsh but fair."

26th over: WI 96-4
A lovely cut from Lara through point brings three and the Windies are risking single after single - four times the Kiwis take a shy and four times the batsmen escape.

25th over: WI 89-4
Oram continues and three singles from the over. It might just be me, but it's not just the Windies batting card that's looking gloomy - the weather looks to be closing in a touch.

24th over: WI 86-4
Time for the Windies to rebuild here - and the selection of Lendl Simmons as an extra batsman is looking like a prescient move from Lara. Vettori turns his arm over without causing too much alarm, new batsman Dwayne Bravo 'Two Zero' off the mark with a cut-dab for a single.

23rd over: WICKET - Gayle b Oram 44, WI 81-4
Wicket falls

Shocker for the hosts - Gayle tries to chop Big Jacob square but gets a bottom edge straight into his castle. He's so angry that he smacks the ground with his bat - the non-Gayle equivalent of running screaming off a cliff.

22nd over: WI 81-3
Daniel Vettori is thrown the ball. Could be all about the other left-hander who's getting involved, though - a certain BC Lara.

From TJ Robinson, TMS inbox: "I always thought that Brad Hogg looked like a rat. Harsh but true."

21st over: WICKET - Samuels c McCullum b Oram 9, WI 78-3
Wicket falls

Now then - Oram bends his back and gets some extra bounce, the ball steeples towards Samuel's face and is gloved to 'keeper Brendon. Big wicket that, at a key time...

20th over: WI 78-2
Styris dobblies in again, and it's a two and two singles. That's all the powerplays gone, which could mean stodgy going for a bit. Anyone out there know if Styris is a natural blond or not? I'm saying highlights.

19th over: WI 74-2
Oram, black sweatband on his right wrist, beats Marlon outside off with a useful swinger. Marlon bides his time and then connects with a boomer of a cover drive for four.

18th over: WI 68-2
Scotty Styris on for a wobble, and it's an accurate one at that - just a brace of singles. Marlon Samuels off the mark.

From Sam in Kent, TMS inbox: "Doesn't Paul Nixon look like a catfish?"

17th over: WICKET - Sarwan c McCullum b Oram 19, WI 66-2
Wicket falls

What a snag from Brendon behind the timbers - Sarwan gets an inside snick and McCullum almost turns himself inside out to go back the way he's come and pouch it one-handed.

16th over: WI 66-1
Franklin's getting a purple pasting - Gayle nearly decapitates him with a howitzer return drive for four before Sarwan joins in the fun with a sweet straight drive for four more.

From Rosco in Newport, TMS inbox: "Seen the film Gremlins? You should never feed Adam Gilchrist after midnight, or expose him to sunlight."

15th over: WI 53-1
Better from Oram - just one off the over to Sarwan, who quite rightly seems to be trying to get Gayle on strike.

14th over: WI 52-1
Gayle must have been raging - he launches into Franklin and belts him for three lusty fours - one over the top and straight, one like a rocket past Styris at cover and the third a whistler behind point. Three slips become none rather quickly.

13th over: WI 40-1
Another change from Stephen Fleming - that's Flimming to Kiwi readers out there - and it doesn't work. Jacob Oram is put away for a lovely four through extra cover by Sarwan before he clips another two.
NB For those of you who pointed out the missing 7th over, I've done a little conjuring trick and it's back in. Incredible over, too - Elvis came on for a spell of leg-breaks and bowled Lord Lucan with the ball of the century. Sorry you missed it.

12th over: WI 32-1
James Franklin into the attack, and Gayle's eyes light up - he'd been waiting for a joust at Bond, but Franko will do. Wallop - one crashing back-foot drive is stopped by cover. Wallop Mk II - the next sizzles through point for four.

From Scotty in Southampton, TMS inbox: "On the animal subject, I think Scott Styris looks like the Penguin from Batman. It's the nose."

11th over: WI 28-1
Just a wide off Mase, which leaves him on 0-14 from his six overs so far.

10th over: WI 27-1
Gayle didn't enjoy that - Bond rattles one into his thigh, and Kool Kat is left hopping. Reckon there'll be some revenge brewing for that one.

9th over: WI 24-1
Ramnaresh Sarwan in to join Gayle, who welcomes his new partner with two long-armed pulls through midwicket for four. Lucky on the first one though - Peter Fulton got a palm on it, but tipped it round the post instead of clinging on.

8th over: WICKET - Chanderpaul c Styris b Bond 4, WI 14-1
Wicket falls

That's been coming - with three slips in, Bond dips one away from Shiv at pace, and it's all he can do to edge it to Scotty S at second slip.

From Andy in Tooting, TMS inbox: "The idea that Gayle blinks like a sleepy leopard brought forth in my office which cricketers looked like animals. We came up with Gilchrist looking like a bat - it's the ears."

7th over: WI 11-0
Maiden from Mase again - right-arm over, ball pitching on middle, the angle taking it away from the lefties with a little extra bounce .

6th over: WI 11-0
Good little battle between Gayle and Bond - two more big swingers, and that's enough for Gayle to lope down the track and casually clout the next one over mid-off for the first four of the day. Didn't get hold of it, but the long arms and mighty blade did enough.

5th over: WI 7-0
Maiden from the Mase. Crowd still limited at the Sir Viv Stadium, although there are some England fans here. Three of them are passing round a bottle on sun-cream, with one paying particular attention to greasing up his toes.

4th over: WI 7-0
You wouldn't fancy facing Bondo at the moment - he's bowling just short of a length on middle and making it sizzle past the top of off. Chander scampers a quick single, understandably keen to get the hell out of there.

3rd over: WI 6-0
Tight from Mason. If you haven't seen him in action before, he's tall and semi-skinny - too long to be able to sleep comfortably in an ordinary-length bed, but narrow enough to have no issues with the width of a single berth.

2nd over: WI 5-0
Lord alive - Shane Bond's swinging it like Tom Jones here - massive movement in the air away from the left-handed Gayle. Gayle being Gayle, he shows zero fear, and blinks slowly like a sleepy leopard.

1st over: WI 2-0
Michael Mason opens up for the Kiwis, with Chris Gayle on strike. Bit of movement off the pitch and Gayle gets going with an edge along the ground to second slip's left. Chanderpaul then flicks behind square for another single.

1415 GMT:
Pitch chat: it's looking hard and bouncy. In other words, potentially a useful batting track with not so much early moisture as we've seen on the other islands. Some bafflement in the stands that pacey Jerome Taylor has been dropped by the Windies in favour of batsman Lendl Simmons - we'll see...

1405 GMT:
News from the middle in Antigua - New Zealand have won the toss, and Stephen Fleming will take a bowl.


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