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South Africa v Sri Lanka
Guyana, 28 March 2007

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WORLD CUP SUPER 8, GUYANA: South Africa 212-9 bt Sri Lanka 209 all out by one wicket

Jacques Kallis's 86 saw South Africa to a one-wicket win over Sri Lanka despite Lasith Malinga taking four wickets in four balls late in their Super 8 match.

Set 210 to win, the Proteas looked to be cruising as Kallis built on Graeme Smith's 59 to take them to 206-5.

However, Malinga took four wickets in successive balls to give Sri Lanka hope of a stunning win before Robin Peterson hit the winning runs in the 49th over.

Tillakaratne Dilshan (58) had lifted Sri Lanka to 209 but it was not enough.



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By Tom Fordyce

Peterson slashes at Malinga, gets a thick edge and the ball races away for four. It's all over, and South Africa have survived that amazing last onslaught. What a finish - the match was dead and buried, and Sri Lanka so nearly snatched one of the most outrageous World Cup wins of all time.

You can see highlights of the match on this website at 0000 BST on Thursday - ie in just under two hours' time. Coffee, anyone?

48th over: SA 208-9
Maiden over from Vaas, and Langeveldt is a whisker away from edging it on three occasions. Just to remind you, South Africa were 206-5 three overs ago. It'll be Malinga again...

47th over: SA 208-9
Incredible scenes here - Malinga's over ends with him missing Peterson's off stump by an absolute whisker. It's chaos in Guyana - two needed, one wicket left...

47th over: WICKET - Ntini b Malinga 0, SA 207-9

Wicket falls

It's four on the bounce - golden duck for Ntini, cleaned up with a sensational yorker! What a finish - Charl Langeveldt coming in... Malinga becomes the first man in World Cup history to take four wickets in four balls.

47th over: WICKET - Kallis c Sangakkara b Malinga 86, SA 207-8

Wicket falls

Unbelievable! Malinga has a hat-trick - and he's got Kallis! He speared it in full on off, Kallis went for the boundary that would win the match, and edged to a leaping Sanga.

46th over: SA 207-7
Great over from Vaas - but no wickets. Three needed...

45th over: WICKET - Hall c b Malinga 0, SA 206-7

Wicket falls

Slower one from Slinga, and Hall pops it straight to Tharanga at extra cover. Surely they'll see this off - won't they?

45th over: WICKET - Pollock b Malinga 13, SA 206-6

Wicket falls

Great delivery, about 40 overs too late - Malinga produces an unplayable inswinging yorker, and Pollock's timbers are mashed.

44th over: SA 200-5
Pollock has a pop over the top and gets two. Home and hosed now, the Proteas.

43rd over: SA 196-5
No joy for Murali in his final over, and that should be the final danger gone for South Africa. Unless Chaminda Vaas can produce something incredible...

42nd over: SA 193-5
Kallis doesn't want him - he waves De Villiers off. Easy singles off Jaya - 17 needed, and if South Africa win this one they'll be back in the semi-finals shake-up.

41st over: SA 190-5
Murali's penultimate over, and they survive. Kallis is waving for a runner, and AB de Villiers is ready to scamper on.

40th over: SA 186-5
Kallis is cramping up again here - he looks in real trouble. Looks like his left hamstring. Can he make it through to the end? He's wincing badly.

39th over: SA 183-5
Malinga in with Pollock the new man in, and it's got tight again. All about wickets for Sri Lanka - they can't defend the total run-wise, but take another now and it'll be interesting...

38th over: WICKET - Kemp st Sangakkara b Jayasuriya 5, SA 182-5

Wicket falls

Great work from Sanga for his second stumping of the match - Kemp reaches for the ball, misses it and then lets his back foot just lift off the ground a fraction, and Sanga strikes.

37th over: SA 177-4
More late in-dip from Malinga, but he's drifted down leg, and the ball flies away very fine for four leg byes as Kemp falls over towards off.

36th over: SA 171-4
Single apiece to Kallis and Kemp off Jayasuriya - but no real scares. Just 39 needed now...

35th over: SA 169-4
The frazzled Malinga comes back on, and for him today that's a cracker - just three singles off it. His economy rate's still at eight an over after those earlier flayings.

34th over: SA 166-4
Justin Kemp, having avoided Murali's hat-trick with the judicious use of his front pad, watches from the other end as Kallis edges Jaya through the vacant slip for two. Still very much in charge, the Proteas - the run-rate required is only 2.75 an over.

33rd over: WICKET - Boucher lbw b Murali 0, SA 160-4

Wicket falls

Hello! Boucher's trapped bang in front first ball, and the game's back on. Wake up, Guyana!

33rd over: WICKET - Gibbs c&b Murali 31, SA 160-3

Wicket falls

Too little too late - or a ray of hope for South Africa? Murali fools Gibbs in the flight and dives forward to snag the hesitant drive.

32nd over: SA 159-2
Single apiece to the batsman, and Kallis is limping - let's see what's going on here...

31st over: SA 157-2
Four singles off Murali, and the gentle snoozefest continues.

30th over: SA 153-2
Dilshan again, and this is all very strange - the game is asleep, and Sri Lanka look beaten. No menace in the attack, no derring-do in the field, and singles everywhere you look. It's right up Kallis's street.

29th over: SA 150-2
It's all too easy for South Africa at the moment. Gibbs even has the audacity to break the monotony and open his shoulders a bit with a slap through extra cover, though it only brings two.

From Matt Butler, TMS inbox: (with apologies to Sir Elton)

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28th over: SA 147-2
Dilshan's dibbly-dobbers are into play but without too much effect. Four singles and a two from Kallis and that brings up the 50 partnership with both batsman looking well set.

27th over: SA 141-2
Maharoof back on as Sri Lanka desperately search for a wicket, but Kallis and Gibbs are doing this is their sleep now. And there's still five overs of powerplay to take somewhere...

26th over: SA 135-2
Just one off Murali's over, and the atmosphere in Guyana is soporific.

From Fahad in Atlanta, TMS inbox: "Re Patrick, 19th over - I do not think you can have a real relationship online. You might be able to get into a 'fantasy' type of relationship but a real relationship is totally out of the question. Do you even know when two people talk more then 80% of the communication takes places non-verbally. So even if someone was able to get a relationship going- I¿d say it would lack a lot of communication."

25th over: SA 134-2

That's 50

Kallis kompletes his half-century, off 55 balls with four fours. He's taking his side home at the moment.

24th over: SA 130-2
Murali tries another doosra, but Kallis reads it, leans back and drives beautifully through extra cover for four.

From Brian Cookson, TMS inbox: "Re Nadyka - as her father (here in Witham, Essex, UK) I find this all very disturbing."

23rd over: SA 122-2
Too many gaps, too many singles, too much time... Four singles of Sanath, and it's easy pickings again for South Africa. Jayawardene desperately needs wickets.

22nd over: SA 118-2
Herschelle gets lucky against Murali, edging a dipper between Sanga and slip for three.

21st over: SA 113-2
Slinga's having a nightmare here - Kallis drives a full toss wristily four four, and Malinga is now wicketless for 38 from his four overs. Ouch.

20th over: SA 105-2
More Murali, but less magic - singles too easy here, and the pressure eases.

19th over: SA 101-2
Herschelle Gibbs in as Sanath continues, and there's four easy singles.

From Patrick Haslehurst, Montreal, TMS inbox: "Guys - I think you should have a serious chat with Nadyka - before committing to any relationship, do a Google search first..."
Patrick - you've got a point - that top link puts a rather different spin on things...

18th over: WICKET - Smith st Sangakkara b Murali 59, SA 95-2

Wicket falls

The big breakthrough comes - and guess who does it... Wonderful bowling from Murali, pulling Smith forward, doing him in the flight and leaving him a little toe out of his crease as Sanga whips the bails off.

17th over: SA 94-1
Sanath Jayasuriya on too, and that's better - just two off the over. South Africa can afford that though - the asking-rate is hovering around 3.5 an over, and they're going along at closer to 5.5.

16th over: SA 92-1
It's Murali time - but there's five off the over as Smith and Kallis look to dominate. Not huge evidence of turn either - and what there was the batsmen covered by getting right to the pitch of the ball. Wickets needed badly here...

From Graham Risbridger, TMS inbox: "So who's this here with me in Toronto?"

15th over: SA 87-1

That's 50

Jayawardene brings back Malinga to stop the rot, but it does the opposite - Smith crashes him straight and then past midwicket for two brutal boundaries, and that's his half-century, at a run a ball.

14th over: SA 76-1
Sri Lanka need to do something about this partnership - it's taking the game away from them. Kallis klouts Maha through cover with impressive ease.

From Louis Arathoon. TMS inbox: "None of it is true - Nadyka is here with me in San Diego, enjoying the sunshine and TMS."

13th over: SA 67-1
Now they're after Vaas too - Smith sidesteps down the track and belts him way over long-off for the first six of the match.

From David Beale, TMS inbox: "How many more of us are there? Nadyka and I got engaged only last month..."

12th over: SA 59-1
They're going after Maharoof here, so parsimonious is Vaas at the other end - Smith swings him high over midwicket again for another four. Those sneaky sips are obviously working well for him.

Hold on - the plot thickens....

From Nadyka in New York, TMS inbox: "Could you please remove the TMS comments from the Sri Lanka v South Africa live score page, specifically the ones between the 6th and 7th over and 43rd and 44th over. Thank you very much."

11th over: SA 52-1
Smith's giving himself so much room against Vaas that you could park a bus at the crease. He has a pop at his final ball and just clears mid-on with a lofted drive that races away for four.

10th over: SA 46-1
Blimey - Smith pushes a very racey single to Malinga at mid-off, and makes his ground only because the throw misses. Kallis then does exactly the same - and the throw misses by a fraction.

From Andrew Jebb, TMS inbox: "Don't worry yourself, lads - Nadyka is as common as John Smith over in New York. Pages of them in the phonebook."

9th over: SA 38-1
Vaas is swinging it like a ball on a string, and the ball's started to stay low too. Smith struggles before tucking a two off his legs. He then gets another drink brought on to him, clearly worried about the cramp that took him out of the Aussie clash last Saturday.

8th over: SA 35-1
Kallis slashes and misses at Maharoof, and then drives him straight with minimal flourish for a crisp four. Key men, these two.

From James Adamms, TMS inbox: "Lads - I think Nadyka's been playing us for fools. I always wondered why I was only allowed round on Tuesdays - now I know."

7th over: SA 30-1
Sanga's giving an exhibition behind the timbers, standing up to Vaas's pacey dippers. Smith goes for a mow and Sanga has the bails bouncing in the blink of a bat's eye - only for Umpire Bucknor to shake his head sadly.

6th over: SA 28-1
Farveez Maharoof comes on for some rapid mediums, and he almost gets Jacques straight off - Jayawardene goes full length to his right at slip but can't hang on.

From Graham Yapp, TMS inbox: "The emerging Nadyka triangle question could be more gripping than the Sri Lankan batting. I advise her to claim that the end of her original message was missing and it should have read 'as I watch this with my boyfriend thousands of miles away'.

5th over: SA 25-1
Nice from Big Jacques, getting a big stride in against Chaminda and pushing him straight for two.

From Nelith Mandiram, Boston, TMS inbox: "Either there are an unusually high number of Nadykas in New York, or Nadyka is some sort of scarlet woman - we are also in what I thought was a steady relationship."

4th over: SA 21-1
It's all happening here - Smith almost dislocates his shoulders with a mighty heave at Slinga, and then helps himself to two chunky fours off his legs.

3rd over: SA 7-1
Jacques Kallis stands square at the crease. shoulders arms to Vaas and is nearly cleaned up De Villiers-style.

2nd over: SA 5-1
Slinga Malinga in to Smith, the in-dipper strays onto the skipper's pads and it's four through square.

1st over: WICKET - De Villiers b Vaas 0, SA 1-1

Wicket falls

There's plenty of chat between Smith and Vaas in the middle and De Villiers is lucky to survive an lbw shout - but he does not hang around for long, as he's cleaned up completely next ball.


50th over: WICKET - Muralitharan run out 1, SL 209 all out

Wicket falls

What a collapse - Murali strolls for a single at the speed of a chap takinghis girlfriend for a post-dinner stroll on the beach, and Pollock runs him out with a direct hit from gully.

49th over: WICKET - Vaas c Gibbs b Langeveldt 0, SL 208-9

Wicket falls

And another! Five for Charl, and three in the over - which was a maiden to boot. could make a big difference in the final reckoning, these last three overs.

49th over: WICKET - Maharoof c Ntini b Langeveldt 5, SL 208-8

Wicket falls

Charl's bagged another - a massive hoick from Maha, and Ntini runs round from the cover boundary to take the steepler.

49th over: WICKET - Arnold c Boucher b Langeveldt 50, SL 208-7

Wicket falls

Rushing off the adrenaline of his 50, Russ swipes wildly at Langers and skies down Boucher the poucher's throat.

48th over: SL 208-6

That's 50

Russ goes to his half-century with a chop down to third man - super work from the skinny man.

From Russell de Chernatony, Bristol, TMS inbox: "I am trying to write my dissertation on the role of the monks in the 1956 Sri Lankan elections. However, I am being distracted by the fact Russel Arnold spells his name with one 'l'. Please can you have a word with him as this infuriates me beyond belief."

47th over: SL 201-6
Farveez Maharoof in to join Russel, and the pace slows to just four singles added. 220 might actually be a tally on this surface now - the ball's not really coming on that well, there's a touch of turn and Vaas, Slinga Malinga and Murali will all fancy a joust...

46th over: WICKET - Dilshan c Kemp b Ntini 58, SL 195-6

Wicket falls

Ntini comes back on and strikes a key blow - Dilsh tries to batter a wide one into outer space, gets a huge outside edge and Kemp stays strong under the steepler at third man.

From Anthony Lucas, TMS inbox: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That should keep Pete happy."

45th over: SL 189-5
Dilsh comes down the track to Big Jacques - a brave move in itself - and crashes the quicker one over midwicket for four. Jacques put every inch of his massive shoulders into that one, and the sight of the ball bouncing over the boundary rope brings on a 100% glower.

44th over: SL 182-5

That's 50

Dilshan goes to his half-century - his ninth in one-dayers, his first in the World Cup and an absolute key one today.

From Simon Postlethwaite, TMS inbox: "I hope there are two Nadykas in New York. Otherwise our long-distance relationship is over. I've been trying to phone you, but can't get an answer..."

43rd over: SL 178-5
Beautiful from Dilshan - he drives Langers through cover for the best four of the day. Accelerator definitely down - partnership up to 80.

42nd over: SL 170-5
Smart work from Umpire Buck - Dilshan pulls Hall like a rocket straight at his middle stump, but the sharp-eyed official does a mid-air splits to keep his prime assets complete. Might be worth appealing for a leg before against Dilshan from the other end, Smithy...

From Sion Harris, TMS inbox: "Pete - you don't tell somebody info, you give it to them."

41st over: SL 167-5
Danger-man Langers back into the attack, and our man Russel pulls him from outside off through midwicket for two. Langers then over-compensates with a fuller one which Russ leans into for two to long-on. Sense the accelerator's about to be floored here.

40th over: SL 163-5
I've lost it - he gets a single and a two instead.

From Graham Hansen, TMS inbox: "I think Pete's sense of humour sank with Fred's pedalo! (Note - just one exclamation mark.) I imagine his trousers have immaculate creases."

39th over: SL 157-5
Right on cue, Russel goes down on one knee and flay-sweeps Peterson behind square for four. Might see what else I can get him to do here. As a starter: two singles off Smith's next over.

38th over: SL 151-5
Same again from Smith, and the pressure goes up a notch - Arnold's gone 40 balls without a single boundary.

From Ian Malone, TMS inbox: "If Pete bloody Morrell is that bothered about the details, he should take the day off and buy a feckin' telly."

37th over: SL 147-5
Two singles apiece to the SL pair as Peterson varies his pace and flight nicely. Still grey and cloudy overhead, and a range of chat in the stands on what a decent total would be on this track. Consensus seems to be that anything short of 220 would be a touch shy.

36th over: SL 143-5
Skipper Smith brings himself on for a twirl of his own, but goes too full - Dilshan charges down the track and belts a full toss high over straightish midwicket for a one-bounce four.

35th over: SL 136-5
Better from Dilshan and Arnold - five singles off Peterson as they look to get busy.

34th over: SL 131-5
Dilshan tucks into two fullish ones from Pollock and bags a pair of twos. Run-rate's still wobbling around the 3.8 an over mark - and even if this pitch starts turning sideways, that's not looking too tasty.

33rd over: SL 124-5
Big shout for lbw from Peterson as Dilshan pads up to his wrong 'un - but Buck keeps his finger down.

From Pete Morrell. TMS inbox: "Single apiece to Dilshan and Arnold as Pollock keeps his line. Time for a drinks break!!!! Please Tom, don¿t tell us too much info!!! We can¿t handle it!!"
The irony here, Pete, is that copy-and-pasting your emails into this report leaves far less time to talk about the cricket. Good use of exclamation-marks though.

32nd over: SL 121-5
Dilshan punches Pollock off the back foot through mid-off for three, and the partnership goes up to 24. These boys need to stay together for Sri Lanka.

31st over: SL 117-5
Robin Peterson on to try his left-arm offies. Spot of turn out of the footmarks outside Arnold's off-stump, which might interest our old friend Murali up on the SL balcony.

30th over: SL 114-5
Single apiece to Dilshan and Arnold as Pollock keeps his line. Time for a drinks break.

29th over: SL 112-5
Kallis kontinues, and so does Sri Lanka's slump. Big Jacques' figures so far: 0-17 off five. Not that you'd know from looking at his face - as much emotion there as a brick wall.

From Pete Morrell, TMS inbox: "Why don't you ask him after the game and let us know what's happening DURING the game?"
Pete - you're obviously having a bad afternoon. Relax. You're amongst friends. Anyway - we're not too short of information about the game, are we? Over-by-over updates? Descriptions of shots, wickets, bowlers, batsmen and sun-creamed umpires?

28th over: SL 109-5
Smith decides to sneak Pollock back on while the going's good, and the burnished-copper paceman responds with a tidy tight 'un. The rain's holding off, although the groundstaff have yet to disrobe.

27th over: SL 108-5
Kallis continues, and Dilshan drives him delightfully through cover for four. Slight moisture in the air - the groundstaff have donned their knee-length yellow cagoules.

26th over: SL 101-5
Ton up for Sri Lanka, but there's zero cheering on their balcony.

From Pete Morrell, TMS inbox: "Bucknor has sunscreen on his face because you can still burn under cloud cover."
Point taken, Pete - but why hasn't he bothered rubbing it in? There's nothing on his nose, chin, forehead or ears. He's also wearing a large-brimmed hat. It's a senseless strategy, no?

25th over: WICKET - Silva run out 9, SL 98-5

Wicket falls

Calamity for Sri Lanka - Silva gets sent back by the dithering Dilshan, and Gibbs comes steaming in from point to mash the stumps with a Jonty-style dive into the timbers.

24th over: SL 98-4
Silva and Dilshan aren't enjoying themselves out there - nothing off the middle for a long time. Re Bucknor, he hasn't bothered rubbing the sun-cream in at all - it's like two scoops of ice-cream slapped on his chops.

23rd over: SL 95-4
Whoa - Dilshan plays at Kallis's away-nibbler, and the entire SA team go up for the caught-behind. Umpire Steve Bucknor shakes his head dolefully - disbelief from Jacques. Bucknor's looking a bit weird today - despite the cloudy conditions, he's got a large dollop of sun-cream smeared on each cheek. Of his face.

22nd over: WICKET - Sangakkara 28 c Boucher b Hall, SL 90-4

Wicket falls

Hall keeps Sangakkara prodding before a steep leg stump bouncer prompts the wicket-keeper to glove behind - South Africa have another key wicket. New-man Dilshan survives a leg-before shout two balls later, and only umpire Darryl Harper knows why that wasn't given.

21st over: SL 90-3
Kallis steams in with massive shoulders jutting, and Silva drives him high over point for four. Jacques doesn't like that one little bit.

20th over: SL 86-3
That's all the powerplays gone, and the run-rate's just above four an over. With three wickets gone, I reckon Graeme Smith will be the happier skipper at the mo. Still cloudy and humid in Guyana.

19th over: SL 84-3
Sanga takes on Langers, and flays him through point before whipping him off his legs for a second four.

18th over: SL 76-3
Hall again, and four singles. He's also gone for the buzz-cut barnet option - wonder if one of the SA lads packed a pair of clippers in his World Cup luggage.

17th over: SL 72-3
Langers bustles in to super effect. If you haven't seen him in action, he's sporting a number one cut on top - making him look a little like the psychotic Leonard in 'Full Metal Jacket'.

16th over: SL 71-3
Andrew Hall gets his first joust of the game, and he strays down leg. Chamara Silva in now with Sanga, and he gets off the mark with a tiddly nudge into the on-side.

15th over: WICKET - Jayawardene c de Villiers b Langeveldt 12, SL 65-3

Wicket falls

A monster wicket - Langers strikes again, tempting the skipper into a flick to leg which takes the leading edge and loops straight to AB at mid-off.

14th over: SL 62-2
Kumar Sangakkara announces his arrival at the party with two pulled fours off Ntini - the equivalent of charging through the front door waving two foaming bottles of champagne.

13th over: SL 52-2
Langers skids it in with miserly effectiveness - just a single. It comes off a mis-field, which visibly distresses South Africa's fielding coach Jonty Rhodes as he sits watching on the SA balcony. Looks like he's beefed up a bit from his playing days, Jonty - apparently he's got right into his surfing since he retired. Who can blame him?

12th over: SL 51-2
Whole heap of tension out there - beautifully balanced game too, isn't it? just what we were looking for. I'm not knocking the delights of Bermuda v Bangladesh - turned out to be quite useful, that one - but you can't argue with these two piling into each other.

11th over: WICKET - Jayasuriya c Kallis b Langeveldt 26, SL 45-2

Wicket falls

Make that big smiles - horrible swipe from Jayasuriya against Langers, an outside edge and Beefy Jacques takes a spooner at point.

10th over: SL 45-1
Ntini's currently sitting on 1-8 off his five overs - slight smiles from Smith.

9th over: SL 44-1
Charl Langeveldt into the attack for Pollock, and that change works nicely for Smith. Skipper Mahela takes a quick two but then gets stodgy outside off.

8th over: SL 40-1
Ntini's line is spot-on - coming wide of the crease, right-arm over, and jagging the ball across Jayasuriya. It's like trying to hit a marble with a piece of dry spaghetti.

From Richard Hull, Radwinter, TMS inbox: "I'm with you on this one - this game is gonna be outrageously tasty. But if Smith bats like a four-year-old girl Sri Lanka will cruise this one. Sorry to all four year old girls out there, but most of you can't even hold a bat, let alone hit a ball with one."

7th over: SL 39-1
Jayasuriya's trying to Hayden the puffing Pollock here - with that bottom-hand dominated grip, he wallops him through the leg side three times on the trot.

From Nadyka in New York, TMS inbox: "I'm feeling very nervous about Sri Lanka as I watch this with my boyfriend."

6th over: SL 29-1
Tight from Ntini.

From Dom in Manchester, TMS inbox: I"m looking forward to this - I betted a year ago that Sri Lanka would win the World Cup after creaming us last year, but I also think SA deserve it after being in some of the best tied games in history! Bring it on..."

5th over: SL 26-1
Jayasuriya, stuck on the quacker at the start of the over, boffs Pollock high over cover for a casual four and then clouts him between extra cover and mid-off for another. Graeme Smith squints through his shades at mid-on. He's wearing a pair that sit very low on his face, making him look like he's got the nose of a four-year-old girl.

4th over: WICKET - Tharanga c Kemp b Ntini 12, SL 13-1

Wicket falls

Ntini strikes, and Crasher Tharanga has gone - Ntini angles one across him from over the wicket and Kemp takes an easy pouch at slip. Actually, I've just seen the replay, and Kemp's trapped that between his wrists. Effective, but surely that's gotta sting.

3rd over: SL 13-0
Tharanga's really fancying a slice of Pollock - he drives him sweetly through mid-on and then swats him square for four more.

2nd over: SL 4-0
Useful over from Ntini, who's not had the best of World Cups so far. He beats Sanath Jayasuriya outside off twice before the 37-year-old stager almost runs himself out with a crazy scamper. Little something for fact-fans out there - in the 44 one-day matches between these two sides, each have won 21. And on neutral grounds, it's eight wins apiece. Tell me you're not bang into this now...

1st over: SL 3-0
Tharanga takes a two and a single off Pollock. Almost no-one on the ground at the moment, unfortunately - does no-one share my enthusiasm for this potential ding-donger?

1420 GMT: A lot of rain at the ground overnight, but it's cleared up nicely. The outfield's looking lush, but the strip looks relatively hard - may be some early moisture, but I reckon Jayawardene thinks it'll get slower and stodgier as the day goes on.

1410 GMT: News from the middle - Sri Lanka have won the toss and decided to bat. Gotta be honest - I'm looking forward to this one like you wouldn't believe...

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