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West Indies v Australia
Antigua, 27 March 2007

Test Match Special podcast | Blog

Australia 322-6 (50 overs) bt West Indies 219 (45.3 overs) by 103 runs

Australia recorded an emphatic victory over World Cup hosts West Indies in the Super 8 game in Antigua.

They bowled West Indies out for 219 to win by 103 runs with veteran seamer Glenn McGrath and spinner Brad Hogg taking three wickets each.

Captain Brian Lara (77) and wicket-keeper Denesh Ramdin provided West Indies' only real resistance as they attempted the improbable target.

But it was too much and Australia won with almost four overs to spare.



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By Ben Dirs and Mark Mitchener


Wicket falls
45.3 overs: WICKET - Powell b Tait 5 - WI 219 all out
Powell backs away against Tait, exposing his stumps to have a huge heave-ho at the first couple of balls that come his way. Unsurprisingly, Tait then yorks Powell - and by bowling the Windies out, the Aussies avoid an over-rate fine. Aussies win by 103 runs.

That's it from me - the South Africa v Sri Lanka match is still going on, with Tom Fordyce keeping you up-to-date with that one. Website users can also keep voting on the Big Green Monster for another 14 minutes. Thanks for all your e-mails today - just to round off, here's the last couple of entries for the NATO phonetic alphabet XI:

  • "When it comes to any phonetic A-Z, Surrey, Northamptonshire and England's 1933 Wisden Cricketer of the Year Freddie Brown snaps up the Ls on a bye; an Englishman born in Lima" (Damien Le Bas, Covent Garden)
  • "There's a young South African called Ryan Sierra. John Romeo played for Trinidad at the start of the 20th century. But the best has to be the wonderfully named Oscar da Costa, pre-war West Indies all-rounder. Cricketers don't have fun names like that any more" (Toby Smith)
  • "How about Michael Vaughan for X-Ray?" (Rupert Colchester, Kent)

    Wicket falls
    45th over: WICKET - Ramdin c Gilchrist b Bracken 52 - WI 219-9
    Another change as Bracken is brought back in place of Symonds. He comes in off a short run, with Gilchrist standing up - ostensibly to avoid a punishment for a slow over-rate - but is succeeds in getting a wicket as Ramdin edges to Gilchrist. Last man Corey Collymore dabs a single off his first ball. Start the car!

    "How dare Hogg have the same middle/nickname as a former England quick bowler - Norman George Cowans!"
    Tim Donnellan in the TMS inbox

    That's 50
    44th over: 216-8
    It's back to Shaun "Seles" Tait as the Aussies look to wrap up the match with just two more wickets needed. Ramdin is adjudged to have just missed a full toss from Tait, which is given as a bye. Symonds then misses a chance to run out Powell at the non-striker's end - he would have gone if Symmo had hit. Ramdin then brings up his own 50 off just 41 balls with a four through third man. Will we go the full 50 overs?

    Wicket falls
    43rd over: WICKET - Taylor lbw b Symonds 10 - WI 206-8
    Taylor departs the field of play after he's rapped on the pad by the dreadlocked Symonds, who spears the ball in as Taylor tries a similar shot to Ramdin's audacious flip to fine leg from the 39th over and is given out lbw. A wide brings up the 200 as Gilchrist misses one down the leg side. Daren Powell is the man at number 10.

    42nd over: 198-7
    Aussie spinners racing through their overs. It's Hogg's last over, but he seems happy to concede singles off nearly every ball. His spell (10-0-56-3) is completed as Taylor smashes a boundary through midwicket off his final ball.

    41st over: 189-7
    Ramdin races to 40 not out with a swipe through cover off Symonds. Here's a couple more phonetic cricketers:

  • "It's a pity Darren Golf isn't in the England team any more" (Sue Gwynne)
  • "Charlie Griffith would be a shoo-in for the phonetic alphabet team" (Michael Hart)

    40th over: 184-7
    A stumping chance as Taylor misses one from Hogg and Gilchrist whips the bails off. It's referred to third umpire Billy "Inspector Gadget" Bowden - but he's not out. Ramdin still looks comfortable, but can he protect the lesser batsmen?

    39th over: 180-7
    Symonds still wheels away, while Ramdin lifts a full toss for four, and then tries an audacious flip to fine leg which only garners a single.

    Wicket falls
    38th over: WICKET - Smith lbw b Hogg 9 - WI 172-7
    Mixed emotions for Smith and Hogg - the Windies right-hander lifts Hogg for six over wide long-on, but is then trapped lbw to give Hogg his third wicket. The left-arm tweaker celebrates with a Brett Lee-style fist-pumping/"chainsaw" celebration. You know the one I mean. A slip is brought in for new batsman Jerome Taylor. Web users can keep those votes coming for the BGM.

    37th over: 165-6
    Andrew Symonds is on to bowl some off-spin - and the people in charge of TMS have obviously written off West Indies' chances as the live radio coverage has swapped over to the Sri Lanka v South Africa game. Rest assured, I'll keep you posted on whatever remains of this game. Nine runs from the over as Ramdin and Smith keep the scoreboard ticking with ones and twos against Symonds.

    Wicket falls
    36th over: WICKET - Lara lbw b Hogg 77 - WI 156-6
    A huge moment for the match - Lara is down sweeping on one knee, and is given out lbw to a jubilant Brad Hogg. Dwayne Smith - the real one - comes in now to join Ramdin. And you should now have a Big Green Monster vote in the top right - get voting! Should Lara bat higher up the order?

    35th over: 155-5
    Bracken's line strays again, and Ramdin is looking comfortable as he chops one past Clarke's despairing dive at third man for four. Lara also takes a couple through third man - while the official scoreboard apparently thinks Dwayne Smith is batting rather than Ramdin, so is just correcting itself.

    The inbox has gone wild over cricketers from the NATO phonetic alphabet, here's a few:

  • "If Lance Klusener was there then we would have 'Zulu'. Ramprakash = Tango? Flintoff = Whiskey?" (Paul Burchmore)
  • "India at least qualify for the phonetic alphabet XI even if they didn't make the Super 8s" (Ed Powell, Colchester)
  • "Surely the team should be called 'India', the game could be played in 'Lima' or maybe 'Quebec', the players would all wear a special 'Uniform' and celebrate by drinking 'Whiskey'." (Chris Parr, Sandbach)
  • "How about Mark Ramprekash for Foxtrot" (Mark in Granada)
  • "Wouldn't Warney make a good Romeo" (Shifty in Dundalk)
  • "India - a whole team for the price of one phonetic letter - from whence originates OSCAR Vinod Kumar. And TMS's very own VICTOR James Marks, of course" (Peter Moore, Staines)

    34th over: 146-5
    Lara hoists Hogg into the stand for six over long-off, and then miscues a similar shot which drops just in front of the fielder, and they run through for two. Australia also miss a possible run-out chance as Lara moves on to 74. Keep your eyes peeled, there may be a Big Green Monster vote box in the top right of your screen soon.

    33rd over: 132-5
    Bracken back to take on Lara. With Gilchrist standing up, he deflects a lovely delicate shot through the slips for four. A couple more singles are added.

    32nd over: 125-5
    Lara chops Hogg into the off-side for two, and then jogs through for an easy single to mid-on. Ramdin is then a bit slow to start as he takes on the arm of that man Clarke at third man. However, the throw misses the stumps and only succeeds in hitting Hogg on the shin. Just a mere 198 to win off 18 overs - those of you who learned your 18 times table at school would realise it's now 11 runs needed per over.

    "The crowd are a bit quiet now - there's probably about 6,000-7,000 in now"
    Simon Mann on TMS

    31st over: 120-5
    Wicket-keeper Ramdin flays McGrath between cover and extra cover for four. A couple of singles mean it's six off the over - but that's still more than four runs behind the rate.

    "Just wanted to say I'm loving the text commentary so far guys - not all of us take things as seriously as others. Heck, I need something to chuckle about when I'm writing creative tender documents at work! You help me get through the day!"
    Steve Manser in the TMS inbox
    [In answer to one e-mailer, TMS stands for Test Match Special]

    That's 50
    30th over: 114-5
    Another wide from Hogg as he attempts to bamboozle Lara, but the WI captain reaches his 63rd one-day international half-century off 62 balls (with 7 fours). A poor full-toss from Hogg is then despatched to the cover boundary by Ramdin with the contempt it deserved.

    Wicket falls
    29th over: WICKET - Bravo c Ponting b McGrath 9 - WI 107-5
    Still McGrath, and a comfortable single takes Lara to 49 before Bravo drives straight to the safe hands of Ponting at cover. Five down, and Pigeon strikes again. Serves me right for mentioning his "ancient limbs" in the 4th over. In comes Denesh Ramdin - and it's "party time" for the happy Aussie fans splashing away in the pitchside pool. They now have two inflatable kangaroos with them, can inflatables breed?!

    28th over: 106-4
    Hogg appeals for two lbws off the first two balls, more in hope than expectation. Gilchrist yells "Bowled George, come on The Hogg!" [George is Hogg's first name]. A three from Bravo and a wide also contribute to six runs from the over for the Windies.

    27th over: 100-4
    Watson takes a rest after seven overs, and McGrath lumbers back into action. Bravo is off the mark with a straight-driven four - but he then takes a risk with a quick single to third man, where he only just beats Clarke's throw. A single by Lara later brings the hundred up.

    "Here in Trinidad the local radio is saying 'West Indies are in the coffin and we are just waiting for the nails'."
    Andy Fearon, Trinidad in the TMS inbox

    Wicket falls
    26th over: WICKET - Sarwan c Ponting b Hogg 29 - WI 91-4
    Lara takes a single before Sarwan lifts a full toss straight into the arms of Ponting at midwicket. That's Hogg's ninth wicket of the World Cup - he's the leading wicket-taker, ahead of the likes of Malinga.

    Dwayne Bravo joins his skipper - surely he would be a shoo-in for an XI of "cricketers with names in the NATO phonetic alphabet" - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc - while Mike Hussey could also stake a claim from the players in this match. Can anyone think of any others?

    25th over: 90-3
    Lara gets a thick inside edge to Watson and has no idea where the ball goes, but they trot through for a single. Watson then tries a bouncer, which Lara calmly guides to fine leg for a single. He's got 42 from 40 balls. Not wanting to be outdone, Sarwan comes down the pitch to Watson but is unable to penetrate the infield. He does better with the next delivery, which is short and is hooked to backward square leg for four. Off the final ball, Sarwan looks for a quick single to third man but is sent back by Lara as a fizzing throw from Michael Clarke breaks the stumps. He has 29 off 57 balls.

    24th over: 83-3
    The field scatters as Brad Hogg comes on to bowl his slow left-arm chinaman. To the right-handed Sarwan, effectively that's an off-break, and he takes an easy two off the first ball. Hogg has an economical action compared to that of Paul "frog in a blender" Adams of South Africa - but Lara gives him the charge and straight-drives him to long-off for a single.

    23rd over: 79-3
    Some 82mph chin music from Watson to Sarwan, who ducks. He's rapidly being outscored by his captain, despite having faced a similar number of balls, but a single helps him to 20. The livewire Symonds in the covers dives well to prevent a run, and is showing no signs of the bicep injury which kept him out of the early games. Will he get a bowl?

    "There's still hope while Lara's there, but it's still looking very, very unlikely for the West Indies to win this one"
    Simon Mann on TMS

    22nd over: 76-3
    Tait in for his sixth over which includes two more wides. Sarwan and Lara chisel out some singles, before Tait drops one short down the leg side and Lara effortlessly helps it on its way for four to fine leg. Another four through point takes BCL to 34 and brings up the fifty partnership. A third successive boundary ensues when Lara attempts to hit to leg and edges through the vacant slip cordon for four. That's more like it from the Windies. Tait's now bowled six, Bracken six, McGrath'n'Watson five apiece. When are we going to see some spin, Punter?

    21st over: 59-3
    Sarwan manages a quick single. Lara swishes and misses at one which goes just over the stumps and through to Gilchrist. However, when Watson strays outside off stump, the son of Trinidad then superbly times another cover-drive for four. Shot of the day so far, say the TMS crew.

    "Gilchrist bowls a little medium pace in the nets, but Ian Healy was the worst - he used to mimic Merv Hughes or Malcolm Marshall"
    Damien Fleming on TMS

    20th over: 54-3
    Last over for the fielding restrictions. Lara wafts at a leg-side wide from Tait which brings up the 50, and later clubs a loose one to the midwicket boundary.

    "Warm spring weather here in southern Scotland has gone to our heads. Listening to TMS yesterday in the greenhouse with the sun beating down it was very warm indeed, we could almost imagine we were in the Caribbean. We decided to try some cocktails, lacking both rum and punch we mixed Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock with Pimms - not to be recommended, the ruination of two splendid drinks"
    Marian Silvester, Dumfries & Galloway, in the TMS inbox
    [NB BBC Sport advises drinking should only be done in moderation, yadda yadda yadda]

    19th over: 49-3
    Sarwan pulls Watson to midwicket, and it's a difficult chance to Hussey, diving to his right, but he puts the chance down just above the ground. After he adds a single, Lara finds the boundary for the second time with another fluent cover drive which just evades the diving Ponting and races through for four.

    18th over: 43-3
    Tait back on for Pigeon, and he's up to 90mph straight away. Sarwan digs out the straight balls, ducks a bouncer, and eventually edges a leg-bye off the final ball of the over. The required rate leaps up to 8.8 runs per over.

    17th over: 42-3
    Sarwan dabs Watson for two between backward point and third man, and then adds a single to midwicket. Windies still trying to repair the damage from earlier.

    "It's good variety from Watson, he keeps changing the pace. All the bowlers have been excellent so far"
    Ex-Australia paceman Damien Fleming on TMS

    16th over: 39-3
    Third powerplay taken - but off the first ball, Lara handsomely drives McGrath to the cover boundary to reach double figures. No runs from the rest of the over.

    "I don't want to sound pessimistic but with the required run-rate already above eight an over and rapidly increasing, it's surely game over - especially with three wickets down as well! I don't feel the West Indies have the firepower lower down the order, even with Lara, to achieve that pace of scoring!"
    Joel Smith, Loughborough, in the TMS inbox

    15th over: 35-3
    Some good field-setting by Ponting and some accurate bowling by Watson is still restricting Sarwan's range of strokes. Just a two and a single added by the right-hander, who moves on to 11. Lara pinches the strike with a single which takes him to eight. Drinks break.

    14th over: 31-3
    McGrath finds a good length against Lara, who eventually pierces the on-side field. Not even relay fielding from Watson and Hussey can prevent Lara and Sarwan for running through for three. Then, Sarwan cover-drives, there's another relay throw and another three. Windies' best over for a while.

    "Lara is going to have to play the innings of his life, if WI are going to win this one"
    Ben Richards [surely not the Footballers' Wives actor?] in the TMS inbox

    13th over: 25-3
    Bracken's off, replaced by all-rounder Shane Watson - "a good athlete", says Sir Viv. Lara races through for a quick single, although Brad Hogg's throw to the bowler's end hits the stumps. You can't give these Aussie fielders an inch. Sarwan adds another single, and Lara turns the last ball of the over to fine leg for one.

    12th over: 22-3
    A rare loose ball from McGrath, which Lara nudges to leg for a single. But the other five balls are pretty immaculate, so another tight over.

    "Fahad Khan is spot on about some teams being psyched out by facing the Aussies. One team the certainly wouldn't be however, and who have the ability to beat them in a one-off semi or final, is England. Sadly no-one I know believes they will be consistant enough"
    Andy Keeler, Tonbridge, in the TMS inbox

    11th over: 21-3
    With the predictability of Mike Gatting calling for the sweet trolley, Australia take the second powerplay immediately. Lara gets off the mark with a single, and Bracken has conceded just six runs off his six overs.

    In addition, the legendary West Indies follower "Gravy" (dressed a mite more soberly than usual) is holding up a globe that could have come from a school geography classroom, and has been augmented so it looks like a pseudo-World Cup trophy. Are the ICC running a "design-a-trophy" competition we don't know about?

    Wicket falls
    10th over: WICKET - Samuels c Symonds b McGrath 4 - WI 20-3
    The three-over deadlock is broken as Samuels off-drives McGrath for four. But buoyed by that, he then slaps one miles into the air. Our cricket editor thinks it's one of the worst shots he's ever seen - and he should know. The reliable Andrew Symonds has no trouble with the catch and suddenly the Windies are reeling. Here's a man for a crisis - Brian Charles Lara.

    9th over: 16-2
    Bracken continues for his fifth over. The close ring of fielders suddenly looks very claustrophobic around Sarwan, and he's barely able to get it off the square as another maiden follows.

    Sir Viv Richards
    "Not the best start for the home supporters. Sarwan and Samuels have got to build a platform for when and if Lara comes in. Australia are very much on the mark at the moment"
    Sir Viv Richards on TMS

    Wicket falls
    8th over: WICKET - Gayle c Watson b McGrath 2 - WI 16-2
    Glenn McGrath is introduced - and from only his second ball, Gayle mistimes a pull which flies up into the air, and Shane Watson (wearing some natty sunglasses) takes a simple catch. McGrath then rattles the helmet of new man Marlon Samuels with a lifter. A wicket maiden from "Pigeon". Will he be predicting that Australia will win the World Cup 5-0?

    7th over: 16-1
    Gayle still playing it safe against Bracken, who bowls another tidy over from which Gayle just takes a gentle single to fine leg off the final ball.

    "Mark - are you and Ben one and the same person? Driven by an inbox full of stuffy complaints, and the finest comedy name that I've ever seen, have you merely just changed name by deed poll?"
    Nick Bell in the TMS inbox

    Nick, I can assure you we're two very different people. I'm sure if Ben is reading this, he will be on to his lawyers to sue you for defamation of character for comparing him to me!

    6th over: 15-1
    Sarwan takes a two off the first ball, then drives fluently down the ground, but a brilliant stop by Ponting ensures a dot ball. Another tight over from Tait.

    "Any team who plays against Australia besides South Africa and New Zealand undergo a pre-game mental debacle which prevents them from even putting up a solid fight. Aussies are not immortals who cannot be defeated ┐ I believe if West Indies today play with their ability and mind they sure have a chance to upset the champs."
    Fahad Khan in Atlanta, Georgia in the TMS inbox

    5th over: 13-1
    Sarwan keeps the score ticking over with a single. Gayle drives fluently but is not in top gear yet. Several Aussie fans are watching the match from a pitchside pool - together with the inevitable inflatable kangaroo.

    "That's a big wicket for Australia. Hawkeye said it didn't nip back, but it's a television aid. It's not definitive"
    Mike Selvey on TMS

    Wicket falls
    4th over: WICKET - Chanderpaul lbw b Tait 5 - WI 12-1
    Tait's slingy action gets a bit of movement, but Gayle pushes for a quick single when he sees the ball rolling towards the ancient limbs of Glenn McGrath at mid-off. Chanderpaul mistimes a pull, which comes off the toe of the bat and lobs past mid-on for two. But Tait then traps the left-hander lbw, and Chanderpaul can take the rest of the day off... before they play New Zealand tomorrow. In comes Ramnaresh Sarwan for a right-hand/left-hand combo, and he's off the mark with a single.

    "Aged 14, I saw the first World Cup meeting between WI and Aus in the group round at the Oval in 1975. West Indies thrashed them by 9 wickets with Kallicharan hitting Dennis Lillee for 22 in an over (Lillee was fast in 1975) to the joy of the vast contingent of West Indian supporters that used to invade the Oval in those days. After that game, West Indies were hot favourites for the final and it was surprising that Australia got as close as they did."
    Jonathan Crozier in the TMS inbox

    3rd over: 7-0
    Chanderpaul takes a two into the off-side from a loose one. Bracken then has a loud lbw shout - Hawkeye thinks it was going over, and then umpire Asaud Rauf has a word with Ponting. Perhaps he didn't like Bracken's opening of negotiations.

    2nd over: 5-0
    I was stuck on a train at Basingstoke railway station this morning and nearly deafened by a very loud, blaring in-train alarm. Shaun Tait may now finish my eardrums off with the unattractive Monica Seles-like grunt he emits in his delivery stride. He also starts with a wide, and sends down a couple more as he struggles with his line. Chanderpaul then flicks one off his legs to fine leg for the first run off the bat. Gayle is then momentarily distracted by light reflecting off an ambulance near the sightscreen.

    "Australia will win this game at a canter. West Indies, like Pakistan and India, bottle it when the going gets tough. On a side note, I see Ben's got an assistant."
    Muhammad, Birmingham in the TMS inbox

    1st over: 1-0
    Nathan Bracken adjusts his hairband and opens the innings with a wide to Chris Gayle. He then beats Gayle's outside edge from one delivery with a bit of movement outside off stump. Otherwise, Gayle perfects the "leave" - so just the one run on the board.

    1428: Ponting leads the Aussie fielders out - do they wear a different one-day kit for every different series they play in? Seems so...

    1418: Of course, this game is a repeat of the 1975 final at Lord's, when the West Indies triumphed by 17 runs. I only found out yesterday that my dad was in the crowd that day - were you there? E-mail the magical TMS inbox with your memories...

    1404: Afternoon all - I've taken over from Ben Dirs to bring you all the news from Day 2 of this one-day international (so to speak) between the Windies and Aussies at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. Aussies made 322-6, Windies chasing 323 off the full 50 overs.

    The good news is that the indefatigable Paresh Soni, our man in Antigua, has told us that we're all set to start on time at 1430 BST - and indeed, the weather's apparently better than it was yesterday.


    2125 BST: Right ladies and gents, that's us done for this evening. I can categorically say I had more fun while it was raining than while the Aussies were batting. By the way, Ursula, I'm pretty sure 'phyrric' (see below) should be spelt 'Pyrrhic'. But surely you're pulling my leg? You don't really exist, do you? I'm not in tomorrow, so someone else will be describing the West Indies run-chase. Bye!

    "Given my immediate correction, which was mysteriously unpublished, that was a rather phyrric victory no? Is this how you prop up your fragile self-esteem Ben? Are you Jim too by any chance?"
    Ursula, Gwent, via text

    "A snail is mugged and robbed on his way home from work one evening by a tortoise. When asked by authorities for a description of the tortoise, the snail replied, 'gosh I'm not sure, it all happened so fast!"
    Robert in the TMS inbox

    "Don't be silly, Cliff Richard is currently in Iceland and has his first ever concert in Reykjavik tomorrow night..."
    Barry, Reykjavik, in the TMS inbox

    "A personal favourite is sesquipadalian. Fittingly, this is used to describe somebody who likes using long words..."
    Mike Perrett in the TMS inbox

    "I was tutoring physics to a rather cute (female) student this morning about rotational kinematics etc. On discussing tangential velocities, she got muddled up and said 'tangenitals'. Naturally, I had to ask if she'd been out in the Sun too long..."
    Pete, Arlington,Texas, in the TMS inbox

    "How about Gayle Point? Anywhere on the field, but lying down."
    Nic, North Wales, in the TMS inbox

    "Matt from Toronto's weather forecast is accurate, although there is a pile of snow/ice left outside where I work. It's melting slowly though."
    Abi, Toronto, in the TMS inbox

    2110 BST: The news wires are reporting that play, alas, has been suspended for the day. This means West Indies will have a full 50 overs to make the 323 required to win. I'm quite enjoying this banter, however, keep 'em coming...

    "I used 'discombobulated' recently and the person I was with refused to believe it was a real word. I had to get a dictionary out to prove it! Antigua should just be glad that Cliff Richard isn't at the game..."
    Colin, Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox

    "As amusing as this strange conversation is, can't you show highlights (albeit text) of the day's play like they do on the telly? even highlights of classic games. Or classic drivel. Come on Aussies!"
    Mark, Gwent, in the TMS inbox

    "I do have a brother called John and I doubt he can spell haberdasr...harder...haderbash...sewing supplies!"
    Mick Merrick in the TMS inbox

    "Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar. The first one turns to the other and says, 'I think I've lost an electron'. The second says in surprise, 'Are you sure?' The first replies, 'Yes, I'm positive'."
    Bill Sappy in the TMS inbox

    "I think that if Gordon from Kentucky (mmmm...chicken...) is going to quote from Wikipedia, then he should at least give them a credit. I mean, where else would he get the word 'therein'..."
    Nick Gray in the TMS inbox

    2100 BST: Our man in Antigua, Paresh Soni, has just phoned in to tell us he has heard a "mumbled announcement" to the effect that the game is off for the evening. That is not confirmed, I will keep you posted.

    "Ben - as a Partridge fan seemingly on a par with myself, you should know that it's a 'pipe' of Pringles and not a 'tube'. Yours enjoying a crescent of crisps and side-clump of cress."
    Dave Hunter, Warrington, in the TMS inbox

    2059 BST: Covers have come off...and gone back on again...this isn't looking good folks...

    "Ursula from Gwent would 'do better job'?. Clearly. She does not need to use the indefinite article ('a' as in do 'a better job')."
    Jim Gallagher in the TMS inbox

    "Ben and Ursula, bit of a situation building up between you two, isn't there? Could be a love/hate thing, perhaps? In the old days, TMS commentary during rain breaks was all about cakes. Which reminds me, now I'm on, I've long thought that 'cake' ought to be designated as a fielding position in honour of the late great Johnners. My suggestion is that it be wedged snugly between fourth slip and gully. Can't be any odder than some of the real names. Any other fielding-position suggestions, anyone?"
    Brian, Cassini, in the TMS inbox

    "On the subject of interesting words (while its raining), I feel that another word not used enough is 'discombobulated'. Discuss."
    James, Toronto, in the TMS inbox

    "I can confirm that there is no snow or ice at all downtown. Indeed, it is unseasonably warm today, although it was a little foggy this morning but is clearing now. Oh, by the way, Brampton is quite upmarket - not as upmarket as Oakville, but pretty nice all the same."
    Matt from Toronto

    2047 BST: A few of you asking me to explain how Duckworth Lewis works, so I've provided you with a link. However, it seems likely that this one is going into a second day, in which case West Indies will have a full 50 overs to reach their target.

    "Strangely, Captain James Cook was a haberdasher's apprentice before going on to discover big islands."
    Pete, Clapham, in the TMS inbox

    "Off topic, but if you type Ben Dirs into Google, the seventh hit tells you that you are a fool. Good day!"
    Mark, York, in the TMS inbox

    "I would unquestionably do better job than you. Unless of course BBC Sport's editorial instructions are to write convoluted, self-indulgent drivel, in which case you are unrivalled."
    Ursula, Gwent, via text

    "I'm Matt from Toronto and so is my wife."
    Doug in the TMS inbox

    "I wanted to send my favourite rain joke: Years ago, an aircraft carrying car parts lost its cargo hold door. The news that night stated that it had been raining Datsun cogs!"
    Howard, New Jersey, in the TMS inbox

    "A haberdasher's shop or the items sold therein are called 'haberdashery'. Also, re. nothing in particular, Joseph Merrick, aka the Elephant Man, worked as a haberdasher."
    Gordon, Kentucky, in the TMS inbox

    "Haberdashery is, indeed, a word not used often enough if you ask me. Anyway, just sitting in my office here in Eugene, Oregon, following the game. If anyone comes in and asks what I am looking at, I simply tell them 'pornography'. It is much easier explaining that to Americans than the rules of cricket."
    Simon McCauley in the TMS inbox

    "Ben, just to contribute to the inanity while we are awaiting a restart, do you have a brother called 'Woof'?"
    Rob, Toronto, in the TMS inbox

    2025 BST: The result of our between-innings vote, Will West Indies overhaul Australia's total of 322?, was 21% yes, 79% no. Thanks to the 8,539 people who had a click on it.

    "There's one simple way to work out if Matt from Toronto exists - hey Matt, is there any snow or ice left on the ground downtown today? Any moisture at all?"
    Giles, Toronto, in the TMS inbox

    "If Matt from Toronto doesn┐t exist, do I?"
    Steve from Vancouver

    2011 BST: The Aussie players are out on the field, so the weather can't be too bad. A few of you have asked if I am upset at the criticism I have received today. The reason I have been able to shrug it off is because I had an email in my inbox when I arrived this afternoon informing me I have won $3.5m! The funny part is, it was from a chap in Nigeria I'd never heard of and the money is first prize in a lottery I can't remember playing. All I have to do to win the cash is send off my bank details and, wallop, I'm quids in. Stick that in your pipes and smoke it!

    2007 BST: Still raining, but the crowd are in party mood nonetheless. I've just been informed that if there is no restart before 2120 BST, the game will spill over into a second day with West Indies still chasing 323 to win.

    "I was a Matt from Toronto once. Matt from Brampton is a bit of a come down after that."
    Matt, Brampton, in the TMS inbox

    2000 BST: Just seen DI Gower on Sky and he looks like he's fallen asleep in a wicker chair on the porch of his big colonial house in Barbados having forgotten to slip, slap, slop.

    1956 BST: The rain still falling in Antigua and it's a real choker for the locals - it's the first match at the brand, spanking new Sir Vivian Richards Stadium and it's a national holiday to boot.

    "Every minute that passes is helping the Windies. The D/L revised target will be coming down as will the number of overs and they'll therefore have less overs to score at more than 6.00/over, but with all 10 of their wickets. Go on BC Lara & Co - I have backed Ponting to be highest run-scorer so I'm annoyed at the Aussies because of Hayden's hundred!"
    Rupert Colchester, Kent, in the TMS inbox

    1941 BST: Still drizzling in Antigua so play is not likely to start any time soon. If we ever do restart, I'm thinking of asking Ursula from Gwent to come to the front of the class to describe an over or two for us so we can all have a look at what's she's got to offer. Ursula - fancy it?

    "'Matt from Toronto' (see below - he likes the word 'haberdashery') doesn't exist, does he Ben? I'll take a non-reply as a 'yes'. Please just report the facts as simply as possible."
    Ursula, Gwent, via text

    Little update from Antigua, where play will not yet start as there is still a bit of rain about. The covers are still on the pitch, which means the teams - and myself - have a little more time to enjoy our dinner. Nice.

    In the meantime, enjoy our fabulous poll and have your say - it's the green box on the right.


    50th over: 322-6
    Good death bowler Bravo, and he has Watson groping at a particularly slow ball like Mr Magoo. However, Bravo gets one all wrong and is slugged to the deep mid-cicket fence for four. Another boundary for Watson, getting his left leg out of the way and smearing Bravo through the covers. Watson waits on Bravo's final ball, carving him away for yet another four. That was 33 from 26 balls from Watson, and the Windies will have to go some to get anywhere near that total. Players will be back in less than 10 minutes, apparently, which means I've just about got time for a tube of Pringles before starting all over a-ruddy-gain...

    49th over: 307-6
    Hogg has a wild and windy woosh at Collymore before chopping a short delivery through point for a couple. Full-bunger from Collymore and Hogg gets another couple with an easy push to mid-off. A block-hole ball from Collymore is squeezed out for one by Hogg before Watson attempts another of those extravagant dab-sweeps, walking to outside off-stump and fiddling the ball down to fine-leg for one.

    "Before anyone starts, it does not rain Guinness in Ireland, North or South!"
    William Bradley, Enniskillen, in the TMS inbox

    Wicket falls
    48th over: WICKET - Hayden c Samuels b Bravo 158, Aus 297-6
    Ding dong, the witch is dead, Hayden attempting to club Bravo over long-off and Samuels taking a comfortable catch. That was the ninth highest score in World Cup history. That doesn't sound that impressive now that I've written it. Slower ball from Bravo, which Watson misses, but the ball just misses off-stump. Hogg is the new bat. The 300 up for the Aussies, Watson pushing to mid-on for a single.

    47th over: 297-5
    We're back out and Collymore is slapped through mid-off for four, the normally dependable Smith mis-fielding out on the boundary. Watson dab-sweeps for a maximum. I'll repeat that - Watson dab-sweeps for a maximum. The Windies are up to their necks in the sticky stuff.

    "Personally, I don't very much like the word 'moist' and I think the BBC should stop using it. Conversely, I'm very fond of 'haberdashery' and I don't think the BBC uses this enough. Please can you bear this in mind - thank you!"
    Matt, Toronto, in the TMS inbox

    1825 BST: The rain has not changed the amount of overs to be played in each innings, but the interval will be shortened. Five minutes until restart.

    "While the rain is on, another challenge to pass the time perhaps? If it's raining Champagne in Antigua, what might it rain in other countries? Rum in Jamaica, I would think for starters..."
    James, Coventry, in the TMS inbox

    "Haydos has thrown the down the gauntlet to KP. Can KP deliver a huge ton against the Irish minnows?"
    Papa John in the TMS inbox

    1823 BST: Covers are coming off at the Sir Vivian Richards stadium and we should have play in about 10 minutes.

    "Can someone explain to me why Adam Gilchrist makes such a big deal of how he walks when he's in front of the stumps, but will gladly and vehemently appeal for non-existent edges when he's behind them?"
    Stuart Sellers in the TMS inbox

    "I really don't like the word 'Crewe' and don't think it is appropriate for the BBC to be using it."
    Matt, London, via text

    "I am a regular user of the word 'fannying' and see no reason why the BBC should not use it."
    O Studdert, London, in the TMS inbox

    Rain delay
    47th over:
    The heavens open and on come the covers. I was enjoying that, as much as any Englishman can enjoy an innings by Matthew Hayden.

    "Duran Duran were named after the villain in Barberella, hence your colleague is right, Duran Duran are not a girly band. The macho hit Wild Boys confirmed their masculinity."
    Stephen Bates in the TMS inbox

    "Can someone explain to me why Mike Hussey is known as 'Mr Cricket' when he admitted that he never walks? Surely 'Mr Gamesman' seems more apt for him?"
    Matt King in the TMS inbox

    "Viv Richards just told me to get my cup out, because when it rains in Antigua, it's raining Champagne..."
    Jim Maxwell on TMS

    He's reached 150
    46th over: 284-5
    Hayden moves to 141 with a whip through mid-on for four and gets another boundary with a crafty, angled shot to the third-man fence. Samuels, who looks a bit helpless out there, like a motherless foal, tries a slower ball, but Hayden waits on it and crashes him the deep mid-wicket fence for another maximum. That's the highest World Cup score by an Aussie, and Hayden is in full Bully Boy mode.

    45th over: 267-5
    Bit of treatment for Hayden and we have a new ball - the old one looked like one of my mum's suet dumplings. That shot by Haydos has sent a shudder down my spine, a brutal three wood that clears the fence over long-on. Hayden follows up with an inside-out drive to the long-off fence. Taylor switches to round the wicket but it makes not a jot of difference, Hayden launching him over his head and into the second tier. A spectator takes a superb one-handed catch in the stand! Lovely touch, 300 very much on.

    44th over: 248-5
    Hayden throws the kitchen sink, the Aga and a lacquered, wrought iron egg-stand at a Samuels delivery and misses completely. Looks like Haydos has got a bit of cramp, just three singles from the over. That's handy for the Windies at this stage of the game.

    43rd over: 245-5
    That's one for Hayden with a clip to the mid-wicket boundary. Just to point out that Sir Vivian Richards is a studio guest on the BBC's highlights programme this evening, and you lot can send e-mails and texts to the normal address. The programme commences at 11.20pm. Taylor is flicked towards the square-leg boundary for a couple by Watson.

    42nd over: 238-5
    Hayden and Watson share two singles apiece. Every now and again the Sky cameraman must be told by his director that it's time for Totty Watch and he picks out an array of attractive ladies in the crowd. A few overs ago he homed in on an Aussie fan, and I wasn't sure what the fuss was about until the graphic at the bottom of the screen was removed.

    Wicket falls
    41st over: WICKET - Hussey b Powell 9, Aus 234-5
    Hayden slaps Powell over mid-off for four before Sarwan makes a bit of a ricket, walking in too far from the long-off fence and another vicious Hayden drive landing beyond him and bouncing once into the fence. Sarwan knows he's in the wrong, and raises his hand rather sheepishly as he fetches the ball. But Powell continues Hussey's poor trot with the willow, Mr Cricket playing away from his body and dragging the ball onto his stumps. Watson survives the last ball of the over.

    40th over: 223-4
    The man sitting opposite me has just exclaimed: "You can't possibly call Duran Duran a 'girly' band." Is he right? I'm thinking no...Hussey still scratching about a bit here, but there are four from the over.

    39th over: 219-4
    Powell back into the attack and Hussey swings away a half-tracker for four. The Aussies bang on target for 300 here.

    "I really don't like the word 'fannying' and don't think it is appropriate for the BBC to be using it."
    D Melvyn, Crewe, via text

    He's reached 100
    38th over: 211-4
    Hayden brings up his second ton in a row with an easy push to mid-off. That's his ninth in one-dayers and he looks back to his very best at this World Cup.

    37th over: 209-4
    'Mr Cricket' in next, or Michael Hussey as you may know him. Hayden moves to within one of his ton with a push into the covers. Just one from Bravo's over, Hussey still on nought.

    Wicket falls
    36th over: WICKET - Symonds c Ramdin b Samuels 13, Aus 208-4
    Fairy Liquid hands from Hayden, dabbing the ball to third-man for a couple to move to 97. But that's Symonds gone, feathering Samuels to Ramdin behind the stumps. He's ruddy furious that he had a go at that one, and that's a bit of hope for the hosts.

    "Ben, have you been cuckolded lately? You seem to be using adultery as a metaphor quite a lot."
    Garrick in the TMS inbox

    35th over: 201-3
    Long-hop from Bravo and Symonds leans back and slaps him to the mid-wicket fence. A dabbed single brings up Australia's 200 and West Indies skipper Lara gives off a big old sigh. The hosts are in a spot of bother here.

    "Matthew Hayden has become more unorthodox in the one-day game as his career has progressed and I don't think I've ever seen him as effective as in his last 10 games."
    Damien Fleming on TMS

    34th over: 194-3
    More nudging and nurdling from the Aussies before Hayden rocks back and flat-bats Samuels straight down the ground for another savage four. Nasty.

    33rd over: 186-3
    Symonds gets one for a peculiar shot, getting down on one knee and paddling Bravo round the corner. Bravo tries out a slower ball, Hayden nurdles it to leg and a more aware Gayle could have run Symonds out at the bowler's end. Two leg-byes, and Bravo is doing a decent job here.

    32nd over: 180-3
    Hayden reaches for a Samuels delivery and deposits the ball over the long-on boundary with nothing more than a flick of his wrists.

    Wicket falls
    31st over: WICKET - Clarke lbw b Bravo 41, Aus 174-3
    Bravo does for Clarke, getting one to nip back and trap him in front. Umpire Rauf in no doubt about that one and the hosts can breathe a little sigh of relief. Erm, here comes Symonds, marching to the middle with menacing intent, like an irate dad storming towards the entrance of a police station after being informed his son has been collared for drunk and disorderly and urinating in a public place. But he's almost out first ball, Bravo with another decent lbw shout but umpire Rauf deciding it was sliding down leg.

    30th over: 170-2
    Several comments on the fact that I have been using the little raincloud graphic when a wicket falls. Apologies, it doesn't mean I'm rooting for the Aussies, it just means some clown has swapped the order of the graphics around. This country...Five from Samuels' first over, all in singles, as the Aussies get ready for the big push.

    29th over: 164-2
    The Aussies tugging away at Bravo's udders and that's six singles from the over.

    28th over: 158-2
    Savage from Bully Boy Hayden, charging Gayle and dumping him into the mid-wicket fence. Gayle, funnily enough, doesn't look too bothered. In fact, I reckon if he was sat down and told his entire family were werewolves, he'd give that little chuckle of his, shrug and invite whoever it was who told him down Rumours for a couple of dark and stormies.

    Sir Viv Richards
    "West Indies need to prise out a wicket here, this is looking desperate at the moment..."
    Sir Viv Richards on TMS

    27th over: 145-2
    Lara turns to Bravo and Clarke slaps him to the extra-cover fence. Another couple for Clarke with a clip to mid-wicket and the Aussies are ticking over nicely - the hosts need a wicket, and soon.

    26th over: 135-2
    Clarke moves to 23 with a dab to third-man. Still Gayle with his right-arm darts and the Aussies are in milkmaid mode, four singles before a Hayden shows his feminine side with a delicate dab to third-man. Few brollies up in Antigua, bit of weather around.

    25th over: 130-2
    Hayden dabs Collymore down to backward square-leg for one. Fine save by Smith at backward point, he's up there with the best fielders in the world at the moment. Hayden picks up one with another tickle to leg.

    That's 50
    24th over: 126-2
    Hayden puts manners on the laid-back Gayle, slapping him straight down the ground for four. And Hayden brings up his fifty with a single next ball, his 31st in ODIs.

    23rd over: 117-2
    Huge appeal for caught behind against Hayden, but Collymore's pleas fall on deaf ears, umpire Rauf looking at Collymore like he's just found him on the sofa with his hand on his wife's knee. Clarke on-drives for four, that was Rolex timing.

    22nd over: 109-2
    Lara turns to the spin of Gayle and Gayle doesn't even bother taking his cap off before turning his arm over. Someone upstairs have a rummage in his coffin and bring that man his tartan, fur-lined slippers! Three from the over, watchful stuff from Hayden and Clarke.

    21st over: 106-2
    Lollipops from Taylor, Hayden was a full four feet down the pitch when he played that dismissive pull through deep mid-wicket for four. Taylor bangs one in short and Hayden, eyes wide as dinner plates, swings him away for another contemptuous boundary.

    20th over: 96-2
    Clarke looks in ominous touch, striding down the pitch and slapping the rather inoccuous looking Collymore over mid-on for four.

    19th over: 91-2
    The cameraman's had enough, he's decided to give the cricket a miss for a while and scan some of the females on display. It's like looking through the binoculars of a peeping Tom. Clarke catches the ball on the top of the bounce and clips Taylor through mid-on for four. It was Lara diving over the ball, hitting the deck like a geriatric being tipped out of his wheelchair. Hayden gets another quick single with an ugly hoick to mid-on.

    18th over: 85-2
    Hayden has taken a fancy to the dibbly-dobblies of Collymore, he's skipping down the track at every opportunity. Hayden gets a couple for a clip to leg. Two from the over and this game is waxing and waning so far and it's difficult to know who's on top.

    "Without wanting to seem bitter, I'm sure I'm not the only one thoroughly pig-sick of the Australians. Fabulous cricketers undoubtedly, but the sight of Hayden's leering chops as he clatters boundaries galore match after match is definitely wearing thin."
    Jonny D in the TMS inbox

    17th over: 83-2
    More scatty running from the Aussies, Clarke pushing to Chanderpaul in the covers and the fielder just missing with the throw - that would have been out, again. And another! Hayden pushing to Lara at mid-one and the West Indies skipper missing again - Hayden would have been out by a mile. This is ruddy chaotic from Australia.

    16th over: 81-2
    Hayden marches down the pitch towards Collymore, bat raised, as if he's just returned from the theatre to find him rifling through his wife's knicker drawer. He tugs the bumper away for one, but it was uppish. Clarke is off the mark with a couple.

    Wicket falls
    15th over: WICKET - Ponting run out (Sarwan) 35, Aus 76-2
    Hayden goes walkabout in his crease and clips Taylor to backward square for a single. Ponting drops the ball into the covers and is out, Sarwan, with only one stump to aim at, doing the damage with a direct hit. Huge breakthrough for the hosts, Ponting was looking in seriously good nick. Clarke is the new batter, and he's almost run out without facing, Hayden calling him through for a quick single and Smith missing by a whisker with the throw from point.

    14th over: 75-1
    Hayden turns Collymore to mid-wicket for a couple - there are runs everywhere on this big old Sir Vivian Richards paddock. Haydos nicks the strike with a single to mid-off.

    13th over: 70-1
    Ponting rustles around in his top drawer, rocks on the front foot and punches Taylor through mid-wicket for four. Tasty, very tasty. The Windies are staring down the barrel at 300-plus at this rate.

    "Dear Ben. You really are an idiot of the highest order - have you been reading the Guardian ball by ball coverage? If so, you will know that yours falls well short of it and isn't even remotely funny. Hand over to someone else, please."
    Richard Farrow in the TMS inbox

    12th over: 64-1
    The West Indies back-up bowlers are a little bit dribbly, in fact they're more Sir Les Patterson than Patrick. Three singles from Collymore's over, Ponting 29 from 28, Hayden 20 from 35.

    "Yes Ben, stop using clever comments like 'becalmed' and please stick to one syllable words for the benefit of those new to the game..."
    Ian Melding in the TMS inbox

    "Ponting really is a fantastic batsman, one of the best ever. It is a shame he looks like the offspring of a union between woman and mole."
    Mike in the TMS inbox

    11th over: 61-1
    Peachy shot from Ponting to finish the over, reaching for a wide full-bunger from Powell and steering him through the covers for another four. Australia streaming along at six an over and this is looking ominous for West Indies.

    "To the Irish fan (see below): there are 10 ways to be out in cricket, possibly 11 if you include 'being Ian Bell', but being 'becalmed' isn't one of them, so no, Hayden is not out."
    Greg in the TMS inbox

    10th over: 56-1
    Bowling change for the hosts, Collymore into the attack for Taylor. Punter nearly runs himself out, clipping Collymore to mid-on, storming down the pitch, changing direction and just beating the throw. Punter unfurls a savage cut, but Smith pulls off a superb save at point. However, the Aussie skipper weighs in with successive boundaries, marching down the track and thumping Collymore over mid-off before walking across his stumps and whipping the bowler to square-leg. Australia really motoring now.

    9th over: 48-1
    Hayden leans into a Powell delivery and picks up another three through the covers. Hayden loosens his arms, striding down the pitch and swinging Powell straight over his head for four.

    "Ben Dirs: How have you got a job when you come out with 'Ramdin-a-ding-dong'? It's really not funny. Just report on the cricket, rather than boring us with your poor humour."
    Tim, Leeds, in the TMS inbox

    "Is it just me, or does Paul Nixon bear more than a little resemblance to Ricky Gervais's frankly hilarious podcasting co-host Karl Pilkington? The amount of chuntering Nixon does, I wouldnt be surprised if he sticks in a few episodes of Monkey News during an innings."
    Graeme Donaldson in the TMS inbox

    8th over: 40-1
    Hayden's had enough of this fannying around and clatters Taylor through extra-cover for successive fours. Australia shifting up the gears after a rather sedate start.

    7th over: 31-1
    Powell drops short and Punter is onto it in a flash, hooking it over the square-leg fence for a maximum. Brutal.

    "'Haydos is becalmed' (see below). So, is he out? Some of us are actually interested in the cricket and not your 'clever' comments. See you on Friday."
    Ireland supporter in the TMS inbox

    6th over: 23-1
    After 17 balls against South Africa in St Kitts, Hayden was on about 60, but he's stuck on a big fat goose egg in Antigua. However, he does get off the mark with a gentle push into the off-side. Stunning full-length stop by Chanderpaul running round to fine-leg and Punter is restricted to a couple for a tickle off his legs. Slower ball from Taylor, and the misfiring Hayden is beaten again.

    Wicket falls
    5th over: WICKET - Gilchrist c Ramdin b Powell 7, Aus 10-1
    Ramdin-a-ding-dong! Gilchrist walks after feathering an inside edge to Ramdin behind the uprights. Good, tumbling catch from the young wicket-keeper and more disciplined stuff from Powell. Aussie skipper Ponting is next in, and his first delivery is speared down leg side and runs away for four leg-byes.

    "Cricketers who look like wrestlers: David Gower - Ric Flair, Dwayne Leverock - Mark Henry, Paul Nixon - Stone Cold Steve Austin..."
    Mike, Sheffield, in the TMS inbox

    4th over: 10-0
    Taylor strays on to Gilchrist's legs and is flicked away for three to deep mid-wicket. Hayden attempts an expansive drive and is beaten, and Taylor gets another past a timid prod next up. Haydos, fresh from his maniacal 66-ball ton against South Africa, is becalmed.

    3rd over: 7-0
    Not much bounce on this new Antiguan strip, but Powell looks pretty nippy, getting up to 88mph. Maiden over by Powell, and a watchful start by Hayden and Gilchrist.

    2nd over: 7-0
    It's Taylor to share the new ball with Powell and Lara brings in a short cover after a slightly uppish prod by Gilchrist. Gilchrist gets off the mark with a clip to mid-wicket for a couple before Taylor gets one past an airy drive from Gilchrist. Gilchrist does get another two for a mis-timed drive into the covers.

    1st over: 1-0
    This new ground in Antigua has the biggest playing area in the Caribbean, so Haydos and Gilly will have to be giving it some serious biffda to clear the fence. Powell has first go with the ball, strays on to Gilchrist's pads and there's one leg-bye. Hayden gets one that nips back at him and slices him in half before he attempts to ease Powell through the covers, only for the ball to be well saved. One from the first over, a decent one from Powell.

    "I heard yesterday that Hayden saw the pitch and clapped and McGrath just shook his head..."
    Jim Maxwell on TMS

    1428 BST: Not full in Antigua for the first Super 8 encounter. Truth be known, there's hardly anyone there. No surprise really - it's only the hosts against the best team in the world. Hayden and Gilchrist make their way to the middle and play is set to commence.

    "As to whether it's a good toss to win or lose, we don't really know. But I suspect Australia will go full whack at it and that the pitch will play pretty well."
    Mike Selvey on TMS

    1415 BST: West Indies have made one change, Collymore in for Bradshaw at the bottom of the order. Australia are sticking with the XI that gave South Africa one hell of a beating last week.

    Australia: Adam Gilchrist, Matthew Hayden, Ricky Ponting (capt), Michael Clarke, Andrew Symonds, Michael Hussey, Shane Watson, Brad Hogg, Nathan Bracken, Shaun Tait, Glenn McGrath.

    West Indies: Chris Gayle, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Marlon Samuels, Brian Lara (capt), Dwayne Bravo, Dwayne Smith, Denesh Ramdin, Corey Collymore, Jerome Taylor, Daren Powell.

    1410 BST: West Indies skipper Lara has won the toss at the spanking new Sir Vivian Richards Stadium and asked Australia to have a bat. Looks like a belting track in Antigua.

    1403 BST: Hello everybody. The little boys have been sent up to bed and the big boys have set up shop round the dining table, cracked open a bottle of Glenmorangie single malt and handed round some Habanos cigars. And at some point in the dim and distant future, the winner will come staggering into the sunlight with an armful of chips. Actually, they'll be clutching a really cheap looking trophy. Message to ICC: every great event needs an iconic trophy...SORT IT OUT!

    Live - South Africa v Sri Lanka
    28 Mar 07 |  Cricket


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