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Australia v Scotland
St Kitts, 14 March 2007

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Australia 334-6 (50 overs) bt Scotland 131-9 (40.1 overs) by 203 runs

Ricky Ponting hit 113 as Australia registered an emphatic 203-run victory over Scotland in St Kitts.

They piled up 334-6 and then ran through the Scots for 131, with John Blain unable to bat because of injury.

It was the second biggest margin of victory in World Cup history, beaten only by Australia's 256-run win over Namibia in 2003.

Glenn McGrath took 3-14 for Australia but Scotland's Colin Smith held them up until the 41st over with a fighting 51.


By Ben Dirs


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Wicket falls
41st over: WICKET - Smith b Hogg 51, Sco 131-9
Smith is out, bowled by the impressive Hogg, and that's that - Blain is injured and unable to bat. That's the second biggest defeat, in terms of runs, in World Cup history. That said, it was a nuggety effort from the Scots, they were just massively outgunned on the day, and there's no shame in that against this Aussie side. OK ladies and gents, that's me done for the day. See you on Saturday.

Wicket falls
40th over: WICKET - Rogers run out (Hayden/Gilchrist) 6, Sco 131-8
BBC Sport columnist Bracken back into the attack. Bracken rolls his fingers over one and 'Buck', as Rogers is hilariously nicknamed, is beaten. Rogers nicks a quick single before Hayden, running in from point, and Gilchrist combine to run him out. Suicidal by Scotland, but sharp work by Hayden.

"A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood."
Justin, Moscow, in the TMS inbox

That's 50
39th over: Sco 129-7
Hogg is back into the attack and Smith reaches his fifty with a sweep down to third man. Only the second Scotsman to score a fifty in the World Cup, after team-mate Hamilton. Good dig from Smith.

"150 would be a respectable score for Scotland against the giants from down under."
Craig Barlow in the TMS inbox

38th over: Sco 127-7
Hodge runs through another over and there's just one from it, Smith still anchored on 49.

"Listening to the Scottish batting performance this evening, it strikes me as rather spooky that 'St Kitts' is very nearly an anagram of 'skittles'!"
Tim Haveron Jones, Holyport, in the TMS inbox

37th over: Sco 126-7
Smith makes room and creams Tait through backward point for four. Good shot that. Chinese/French/Surrey cut from Rogers and he gets one for it. Smith is on the verge of becoming only the second Scotsman to score a fifty in a World Cup.

36th over: Sco 120-7
Some drinking going on. Several of you have asked me to describe the AWAGS. Well, I made a passing reference to the Carib Girls yesterday and one reader got very upset and called me a "dirty beast", or something like that. So all I can reveal is that they are all blonde and you woudln't find their like down Bas Vegas on a Saturday night, except after 19 Bacardi Breezers and seven Goldschlagers. Five from Hodge's over.

35th over: Sco 114-7
Smith leans back and carves Tait away for four. Good knock this from the policeman. Full-bunger next up and Smith steers Tait away for one. Tait strays down leg-side and only some handy work by Gilchrist saves four. As it is, there are three wides.

"I am apparently more bored than you are, as rather than work out how much fuel it takes for a Boeing 737-sized aircraft to descend after a diversion (how boring is THAT) I am emailing you on the subject of boredom. I think Bangladesh are most likely to cause an upset, as I don't particularly rate the Indian bowling."
Tim Lunnon in the TMS inbox

"If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck? Also, at what score does the result begin to be respectable for a country such as Scotland against a country such as Australia with the talent they have at their disposal?"
Lindsay Munro, Dundee, in the TMS inbox

34th over: Sco 105-7
Smith plays a well-executed reverse sweep but finds the man at backward point. Harsh. Quick single from Smith into the covers.

"Whatever pains Scotland and Canada are going through at the moment they are not having to face the blizzard that is now affecting Saskatchewan."
Brian L, Saskatoon, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
33rd over: Wright lbw b Tait 4, Sco 104-7
Ther Scotland ton comes up with a single by Smith. Four leg-byes are then chucked away by Tait, but he redeems himself next ball, trapping Wright plumb in front.

"Just glad Scotland didn't nick Namibia's dubious record. It's cold and dark here at home. Tell us more about the weather and the birds (non feathered)."
Nigel, Lossiemouth, in the TMS inbox

"Are cats the most annoying domestic animals? My boss' cats take great pleasure in antagonising me by jumping on the keyboard as I pretend to work but actually follow TMS online. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I am thinking of drugging them."
Ben, Islington, in the TMS inbox

32nd over: Sco 99-6 Just one from Hodge's over and Scotland on the verge of a landmark here, the big ton just one leg up.

31st over: Sco 98-6
Wright is bamboozled by a Hogg googly and it's a maiden over.

"Although, the scoreline doesn't reflect this, this can only be good for cricket overall. Now, don't get me wrong, as a true Englishman, I don't like to see the Aussies win this type of thing. But for cricket in the associate nations to develop to the stage some of the Test-playing nations, they need the type of international spotlight that the World Cup will throw upon them. Anyone who says that this is not good for the sport just doesn't get cricket."
Derrick Hayward in the TMS inbox

30th over: Sco 98-6
Rank long-hop from Hodge and Smith is on to that sharpish, swivelling and slapping it away for four.

29th over: Sco 91-6
Hogg and Gilchrist go up for caught-behind against Wright, but umpire De Silva shrugs it off. Just one from the over.

"Will you be putting your left hand in a traditional jerk marinade before munching away on your left hand?"
OSJ, Ankara

Wicket falls
28th over: WICKET - Brown c Watson b Hodge 19, Sco 89-6
On comes Hodge with his off-spinners and a change is as good as a holiday for Australia, Brown holing out to Watson and long-on. Skipper Wright is next up the ramp and he survives the over.

"Matches like this make you wish for a mercy rule like we have in some amateur sports in the states. It also makes you wish the higher seeded team was forced to bat last."
Homer Hensley in the TMS inbox

27th over: Sco 87-5
Smith gets a thick outside edge that runs away for four. This stopped being a contest a while ago, but this is a nuggety partnership by Smith and Brown.

26th over: Sco 82-5
Brown guides Watson down to third man for one. The old emails have dried up a bit. If anyone, anywhere, has anything to say on any topic in the entire history of the entire universe, please send it in. I'm going to start eating my left hand in a minute.

25th over: Sco 79-5
It may be hot in St Kitts, but it's not too hot for Jimmy wigs. The Scottish fans are enjoying themselves, regardless of the rather one-sided affair being played out before them. More tight stuff from Hogg. He could prove a good weapon for Australia in this tournament.

24th over: Sco 76-5
Nice leg-cutter from Watson, beating the outside edge of Smith's bat. Smith then takes a liberty, charging down the track and cutting Watson down to third man for four. Massive wide from Watson, yards over the top of Smith's head.

23rd over: Sco 71-5
Brown takes a quick run to cover. Smith and Brown not really reading Hogg so far. I'd wager neither of them have seen too many Chinaman bowlers in their careers.

22nd over: Sco 66-5
This is cricket for the purist. For the rest of us, it is to sport like my dad's old Dizzy Gillespie does Afro-Cuban records are to music. Some very attractive ladies on the balcony, I think they must be the AWAGS. They are a sight for extremely sore eyes. I think I'm going blind, and we're only two days in.

21st over: Sco 65-5
Hogg into the attack with his Chinamen. Smith on-drives for one before Scotland pick up two leg-byes.

Some information on World Cup mascot Mello: "Mello has sparkling eyes, relaxing smile and pleasing personality, representing a youthful, friendly and fun loving character with a positive attitude and a zest for life. Mello is in his teens - cheeky and curious and aware of social and health challenges around us."

20th over: Sco 62-5
Brown laces McGrath through the covers for four and Scotland are showing some grit here.

19th over: Sco 55-5
Tait is back on, which suggests Ponting doesn't want to muck about here - he clearly feels he can mop up the rest of the Scottish batting up and get home in time for tiffin. Nice stroke by Smith, swatting Tait to the point boundary. Tait retaliates with a rather predictable bouncer, but Smith is not intimidated, driving Tait through extra-cover for four next ball. Spunky by Smith.

18th over: Sco 47-5
McGrath has a fairly vociferous lbw appeal against Smith turned down by umpire Bucknor. Smith is all over the place in the crease, he looks like he's hot-dogging on a 1950s surfboard as McGrath approaches. Just one from the over and this is all a bit grim to be honest.

17th over: Sco 46-5
The biggest ever margin of victory at a World Cup in terms of runs was Australia's 256-run win over Namibia in 2003. Brown plays a sweet shot, timing Watson through the covers for four. Official tournament mascot Mello is having a few sherberts with the Scotland fans in the stand. He looks terrible. Saying that, I'm not really sure what he's supposed to look like - anyone know what he's supposed to be?

Wicket falls
16th over: WICKET - Hamilton c Gilchrist b McGrath 3, Sco 42-5
Scotland very jittery, Hamilton setting off for a suicidal run and Brown sending him back. Hamiton is beaten by a spitter from McGrath before the former Tyke nibbles one to Gilchrist behind the timbers. The wheels are almost off for Scotland. Wicket-keeper Smith is next up the ramp for Scotland and McGrath greets him with a bumper. Smith digs out a yorker second up. Wicket-maiden - 3-8 off four overs for McGrath, and he's now only seven behind Wasim Akram in the all-time World Cup wicket-taking list.

"It's hard to get an idea of form because of the disparity between the two sides, but it's been a pretty impressive bowling performance so far."
Jim Maxwell on TMS

15th over: Sco 42-4
Hamilton having trouble with his timing and placement at the moment. He does pick up one with a clip to mid-wicket. Chin music for Brown, and Watson is looking good with the ball.

Wicket falls
14th over: WICKET - Watson c Bracken b McGrath 6, Sco 37-4
Watson perishes, half-committing to a pull shot and top-edging McGrath to Bracken at backward point. Brown joins Hamilton in the middle and at least Scotland now have two men at the crease with bags of first-class experience. That said, Brown takes a very risky run to get off the mark, but follows up with a well-timed square-drive for four.

13th over: Sco 37-3
Watson jabs Watson to mid-wicket for one before Hamilton drops one into the off-side and scampers a single. Hamilton played a Test for England some time back after his heroics at the 1999 World Cup before succombing to the yips. Cruel.

12th over: Sco 34-3
Hamilton off the mark with a whip to third man. Just two from the over and Scotland are tottering here.

"Maybe Watson is called Rhino because he's nearing extinction?"
Dom, Stockwell, in the TMS inbox

"Hogg will still be running around like Road Runner when he's 70. Coach John Buchanan must say to him, no lollies, no fizzy drinks..."
Damien Fleming on TMS

11th over: Sco 32-3
Watson on for Bracken. He serves up his namesake Ryan some chin music before sending down a wicked leg-break that just misses off-stump. Testing times for the Scots.

"Surely Symonds won't be 100% when he does come back. He should be OK to bat, but I'm not sure he'll be ready to bowl medium pace."
Damien Fleming on TMS

Wicket falls
10th over: Watts b McGrath 9, Sco 32-3
On comes McGrath and he's got a wicket in his first over, Watts playing on rather timely from the face of his bat. Not sure about Desperate Housewives, I might get home for the Channel Four news. I like Jon Snow's ties - what a character! Hamilton, formerly of Yorkshire and Durham, is next in. He played against the Aussies in 1999. That's McGrath's 46th World Cup wicket.

9th over: Sco 30-2
Just one from Bracken's over and he's nagging away at Scotland's batsmen like a spoilt child in a supermarket.

Wicket falls
8th over: WICKET - Poonia b Tait 1, Aus 27-2
Wide from Tait and the old radar needs a bit of tuning at the moment. Watts opens the face and runs Tait away to third man for a single. Tait finds his range, however, castling Poonia with a trademark inswinging yorker. The Scots in a bit of bother here. On the bright side, I might get home for Desperate. Watson is off the mark with a flick to mid-wicket. His nickname is Rhino, apparently. Reasons on a postcard, please.

7th over: Sco 24-1
The new batsman is Warwickshire youngster Poonia. He played seven Pro40 games last season, top-scoring with 47. A couple from that over.

Wicket falls
6th over: WICKET - Haq run out (McGrath/Tait) 16, Sco 21-1 Tait gives Haq a bit of width and Haq, a left-hander in the Gower mould, times him through the covers for four. Very elegant. Tait digs one in and Haq is struck a blow, before Haq aways back at another lifter. A few verbals from Tait before there is chaos in the Scotland ranks. They take a quick single, Clarke misses with a shie from short extra-cover, McGrath mis-fields, the batsman risk a third, and Tait whips off the bails. Not clever by Scotland.

5th over: Sco15-0
Watts is beaten outside off-stump by the nagging Bracken and Bracken does him again next ball, Watts creating a breeze with a wild and windy woosh. Watts pushes to mid-off and Scotland scamper a couple before Watson puts down a half-chance at second slip. Watts drives at Bracken, the ball fizzes off his outside edge and Watson can't quite get his fingers round the ball diving full-length to his right.

4th over: Sco 11-0
Tait generating serious heat and Haq flashes and misses outside the off-stump, not for the first time. Haq gets a couple for a twirl into the covers and Tait hits back with a yorker, but it's outside off-stump. Lifter for Haq to complete the over and the Aussie speedster is not quite on the money yet.

3rd over: Sco 9-0
Bracken strays on to Haq's legs and is clipped away for a single. Watts steers a single to backward point and Haq gets one for a push into the covers. Three from the over and a comfortable start by Scotland.

2nd over: Sco 6-0
Scotland off the mark, Haq twirling his bat at a Tait delivery and the ball flying away over backward point for four. Tait serves up a wide. Haq thrashes at a wide one and misses. Gilchrist and his two slips are almost sat in the stand they're so far back. Haq is late on a couple outside off-stump - Tait is rapid, getting up to 95mph.

1st over: Sco 0-0
Players are back out and I've just walked into the office with a pie and chips - the 20 minute break has caught me out somewhat. It's Bracken with first go with the ball and Watts watches his first six deliveries pass harmlessly by. Maiden over.


"If the red ball is a cherry, then the white one is a lychee, especially the speed they seem to go out of shape!"
Lee in the TMS inbox

50th over: Aus 334-6
The two batsman are getting medieval on the Scottish bowling, Hogg swinging Brown over long-on for six. He swings the third delivery of the over over wide long-on for four. More brutality from Hogg, landing another blistering off-drive on the boundary rope for six before crashing the final ball away to wide third man for four. Twenty four from the last over, and the Scots have been brought to their knees in the final five - Hogg 40 from 15 balls, Watson 18 from 11. Beasts.

"Maybe the white ball should be called a 'nappy' because it is white and has to be changed so often."
Toby in the TMS inbox

49th over: Aus 310-6 Hogg swings across the line and deposits a Hoffmann delivery into the mid-wicket fence. Good yorker from Hoffmann, which Hogg squeezes out for one. Watson goes inside out and crashes Hoffmann over extra-cover for four to take Australia past 300. Watson then plays a peculiar stroke, Hoffmann getting one to 'tennis ball' bounce and the batsman flicking him away to third man for one. Hogg joins in the fun, rat-a-tatting the hapless Hoffmann over deep mid-wicket for a maximum.

48th over: Aus 293-6
Watson makes room and carves Wright into the covers for one. The ball being changed again. I had this chat during the recent one-day series, but I'm going to have it again - if a red ball is a cherry, what's a white ball? The Aussies call it a 'pill' apparently, but I'm not sure I'm sold on that. Hogg drives Wright into the covers for one before Watson goes all macho, tugging Wright over mid-wicket for four before almost beheading the bowler with a savage drive. Australia nudging up towards 300.

Wicket falls
47th over: WICKET - Hussey st b Hoffmann 4, Aus 276-6
Wicketkeeper Smith whips the bails off and umpire Bucknor goes upstairs - did Hussey get his back foot down in time? This is a nightmare for the third umpire...but he's given out. This is a good comeback by Scotland, they're keeping Australia honest for the full 50. Good glovework by Smith, standing up to the medium pace of Hoffmann. Hogg off the mark immediately. Hoffmann sends down a wide outside Hogg's off-stump.

Wicket falls
46th over: WICKET - Ponting b Wright 113, Aus 274-5
Ding, dong the witch is dead - Ponting plays an ugly swipe and is bowled by Scotland skipper Wright. All-rounder Watson is next man in, and with the recovering Symonds looming large, he'll want to do something to impress today. I have been asked by 'Q' to explain my earlier comment about Bas Vegas. It is not a typo, but refers to Festival Leisure Park in Basildon. It's like Las Vegas was in about 1890 - a little bit wild west.

45th over: Aus 274-4
Hussey whips Brown to square for a single and Australia are still content to nudge and nurdle...Ponting rams my words down my throat, swinging Brown over the deep mid-wicket fence. Punter lofts the next ball to wide long-on for a couple before clipping the final ball of the over to mid-on for one.

He's reached 100
Wicket falls
44th over: WICKET - Hodge c Hoffmann b Rogers 29, Aus 256-4
Out goes Hodge, sticking a Rogers delivery straight down Hoffmann's throat at long-on. Hussey is next man in. Ponting then brings up his 23rd one-day international ton and his fourth in World Cups with a nurdle into the in-side. Is he man or machine? Who knows, but he's a ruddy good cricketer.

"I used to play cricket with John Maynard for Vauxhall Mallards in Norfolk about 13/14 years ago. I remember him trying to dry out a typical sticky, wet Norfolk pitch the West Indian way - petrol and a match!"
Rob Sims in the TMS inbox

43rd over: Aus 256-3
Thinking about scary times in my life, an internal flight in a storm in Nam (Viet, not Dagen) must be up there, but I also recall going to an Erasure concert in about 1990. That was terrifying. Ponting, homing in on his ton, almost holes out to the fielder at mid-off before missing out on a full-bunger from Brown.

42nd over: Aus 251-3
Rogers nickname would appear to be 'Buck' as my colleague has just overheard the Scottish fielders saying "good bowling Buckaroo". Hodge leans back and carves him away for a couple as Australia pass 250.

41st over: Aus 248-3
The rain has dispersed and play has resumed in St Kitts. John 'The Dentist' Maynard is in the TMS commentary box. I batted against him once in the Essex leagues - scarier than walking through Bas Vegas sober at kicking out time. Dreamy shot from Punter, just putting the bat in the way of the ball and watching it race away to the long-on boundary.

1643 GMT: Bit of news from St Lucia, where Canada are 187-9 against the in-form Kenyans. Both sides are in Group C with England and New Zealand. In reference to Jim Maxwell and John from Horsham's comments below, I'm actually quite angry about the ticket pricing for the World Cup. I've been struck by the lack of atmosphere at all three games so far and it beggars belief that the first game wasn't even sold out. Canada are all out for 198. I don't know much about Canadian cricket, but seems like a decent total to me.

"Can someone ask the ICC why they are not allowing schoolchildren free entrance into the grounds, especially as the West Indies are suffering a decline in cricket popularity and this just might help the game."
John, Horsham, in the TMS inbox

1637 GMT: Rain has stopped in St Kitts and the covers are being peeled off. We should have cricket very soon.

"It's absurd to ask the locals to pay these sums of money to watch non-West Indian games. You want to make more of an effort to have local prices, empty the schools, because there are no more than 2,000 people here today."
Jim Maxwell on TMS


"Ben Dirs must surely be one of the most profoundly irritating individuals in the history of civilisation. Master Dirs just gets more painful by the second - all a consequence of his misguided belief that most of us find laddish humour admirable. My hope is that he will get lost somewhere out in the open in East Anglia and chased by a pack of wild dogs."
Bladeswinger on 606

41st over: Aus 241-3
Brown, who looks like he's just dipped his nose in a glass of Guinness, bounds in and is steered away for one by Ponting. Hodge drives for a couple before the box of balls comes on - the old one looked like a rolled up sports sock. And in comes the rain...and on come the covers - it's lobbing it down out there. Ponting is 91, Hodge 23.

"Ponting's class has shone out here. Every time the bowlers' line has erred slightly, he has been equal to it."
Jim Maxwell on TMS

40th over: Aus 238-3
More milking by Punter and Hodge, Ponting moving to 90 with a tickle to square-leg.

39th over: Aus 233-3
Ponting whips Haq to mid-wicket for two before flexing his muscles again, slapping Haq over the deep mid-wicket rope for another maximum. A gaggle of well-oiled Scots (that's not racist - I've just seen them, they look rubbered...) give the ball a kiss before tossing it back on to the field of play. That ball needs more than a kiss, it needs a vigorous massage and a week in Swanage.

38th over: Aus 218-3
Punter climbs into Rogers, skipping down the pitch and dumping the ball into the TMS commentary box. The Aussie skipper really is a nasty piece of work with a lump of willow in his hands.

37th over: Aus 210-3
Ponting goes for some humpty but the ball skews out to square-leg. Hodge uses his feet and whips Haq into the covers for one. Scotland will be girding their loins for the Aussie onslaught in the final 10.

36th over: Aus 206-3
Peche de la peche from Hodge, driving Wright through the covers for four. Strangled lbw appeal against Ponting, but umpire De Silva reckons Punter was well forward.

"Australia's back-up bowling is showing signs of cracking at the seams and McGrath isn't what he was, so they'll need the likes of Tait to step up to the plate."
Barry Richards on TMS

Wicket falls
35th over: Clarke b Haq 15, Aus 193-3
The drinks cart retires and Clarke, now with a lid, gets two for a push into the off-side. However, Haq cleans Clarke up, the batsman missing with an ugly hoick. Good bowling by Haq, and Scotland still in with a sniff. Hodge is the new man in and he glides his first ball away for four to third man, the fielder diving full length and taking the ball over the rope with him. Ponting pushes Haq into the covers for one.

34th over: Aus 191-2
Blain has done himself a mischief running in to bowl. He throws the ball away, has a chat with skipper Wright and then disappears into the stands. As Damien Fleming points out on TMS, that's one of the shortest spells he's ever seen - five steps. Wright to replace him. He strays on to Ponting's legs and is flicked away for a single. He fails to learn his lesson and is whipped away for four. On comes the drinks cart and players will have a wet.

33rd over: Aus 183-2
Punter misses out on a full-bunger and it's all nudge and nurdle in Basseterre, Haq being tugged at and squeezed like an old cow at milking time.

32nd over: Aus 179-2
Ponting pushes Rogers to long-on for one as Vindaloo, that lovely old ballad, is given an outing in the stands. Tip and run stuff here, Clarke and Punter nudging and nurdling like a couple of competitive dads hogging the bat on the beach. Full-bunger for Punter and he laces it through the covers for four.

"I've enjoyed the driving of the Australians today, especially Hayden and Gilchrist straight down the ground."
Damien Fleming on TMS

That's 50
31st over: Aus 169-2
Clarke square-drives for one before Ponting brings up his 59th one-day fifty with a single.

30th over: Aus 164-2
A heady mix of elegance and savagery from Punter, skipping down the pitch like Darcey Bussell before slamming Rogers over the long-off boundary. Ponting likes the look of these short boundaries...

29th over: Aus 155-2
Savage from Punter, striding down the track and dumping Haq over long-on for six. Haq then drags down a loose one and Ponting paddles it down to the third man boundary. The Aussie skipper gets one more for a whip to mid-wicket and that's 11 from the over.

"Inzamam-ul-Haq always makes me think he should be hunting Moby Dick. Thinks its the beard."
Andy Edwards, in the Gulf of Mexico aboard the SV Geoholm

28th over: Aus 144-2
Clarke is next man in, and he's helmetless. His first scoring shot is a beauty, waiting on a Rogers delivery and swatting him to the wide third man boundary.

"We have just downloaded some of the cricket masks available on the BBC website. Turns out that Michael Vaughan is in fact Pat Cash, Hoggard resembles some kind of cave man. Brilliant."
Ben Dowrick in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
27th over: WICKET - Hayden lbw b Haq 60, Aus 139-2
It's just transpired that the Scots were going to have a bat until 20 minutes before the toss and changed their minds. That decision doesn't look too clever now. Hayden gets one for a flick to mid-wicket. Haq is the new bowler, he bowls off-breaks. Punter pushes Haq into the covers for one, but Hayden is dismissed off the penultimate ball of the over, trapped in front by a beautifully flighted ball. Hayden not sure, umpire Bucknor most certainly was.

26th over: Aus 135-1
Rogers gets one past the outside edge of Punter's bat and gets tucked up next ball. Bit overcast now and the players' PJs are ruffling in the breeze. Ponting and Hayden exchange singles. Good bowling from Rogers, keeping the Aussie batters honest.

"While we are at it, Brad Hodge in a helmet doesn't half remind me of Rick Moranis in Spaceballs..."
Toby Darling in the TMS inbox

25th over: Aus 133-1
Brown almost gets his second wicket, Ponting pushing at him, edging, and Smith fumbling behind the timbers. Choker for the Scots. Sharp chance, but maybe he should have snaffled that. Long-hop from Brown and Hayden swings him away for four.

"Hopefully the World Cup will leave a legacy in the West Indies and inspire a new generation who have been to lost to the game for cultural/financial reasons. How do the administrators hope to do this when yesterday's game wasn't a sell-out and today's has a crowd of only a few hundred? The game has to be accessible to the masses and that means fair pricing for the locals and free entry for kids. Why is this not happening?"
Ian Batch in the TMS inbox

24th over: Aus 125-1
Hayden gets one for a glide to third man before Ponting shows his feminine side, opening the face and feathering Rogers to third man for four.

23rd over: Aus 120-1
Hayden picks up one with a clip into the on-side before Punter gives Brown some tap, lofting him to the long-on boundary for four. Australia still chugging along here and I'm not sure what Scotland can do about it.

"Shaun Pollock looks as though he should be toiling away in a 1960s coalmine."
Mark Powell in the TMS inbox

22nd over: Aus 114-1
Rogers and his left-arm tweakers are wheeled into the attack. Bit of hesitancy between Hayden and Punter, Punter sent scrambling back to make his ground. That would have tested the old hamstring. Rogers is a Sydney native and his countrymen are showing him respect - just one from the over, from Hayden.

"If you painted Symonds green he'd bear more than a passing resemblance to Shrek."
Simon Wilkinson in the TMS inbox

That's 50
21st over: Aus 113-1
Classic Ponting, rocking back and slapping Brown to the mid-wicket boundary for four. Dismissive, contemptuous. Hayden brings up his 50 with flick off his legs. Pretty chanceless stuff from the big fella. Punter follows up with shot of the day so far, a lip-smacking cover-drive that runs away for four.

20th over: Aus 103-1
Wright drops short and Hayden carves him away for four to bring up Australia's 100. The Scotland seamers are toiling manfully, but it's all a bit like taking on a load of football hooligans down the pub with a rolled up programme at the moment.

19th over: Aus 97-1
Hayden leans back and steers Brown to point for one. Punter gets off the mark with a peachy clip to the wide long-on boundary. Steady from Brown, just the two scoring strokes from the over.

"If you shaved Gilchrist he'd look at lot like Gollum from Lord of the Rings."
Rich, St Helens, in the TMS inbox

"Scotland need to change the pace a lot more, a lot of slower balls and off-cutters."
Barry Richards on TMS

18th over: Aus 92-1
Hayden nudges Wright for a single to mid-wicket and it's Punter time. Big old stretch-up by the Aussie skipper but he negotiates his first ball safely, showing us the maker's name. Just the one run from the over.

Wicket falls
17th over: WICKET - Gilchrist lbw b Brown 46, Aus 91-1
Brown into the attack. Apparently 87 is an unlikely number for Australian cricketers. If Gilchrist gets out here, he will be drowned as a witch in the dressing room bath by his team-mates. Either that, or Watson will spray Raljex in his box. Gilchrist gets them off the unlucky number with a doozy of a cover-drive for four. However, Brown does make the breakthrough with his dibbly-dobblies, trapping Gilchrist, attempting a slog-sweep, plumb in front. Umpre De Silva was in little doubt, and the bonus for Scotland is that Punter Ponting is in next...

16th over: Aus 87-0
Hayden moves to 40 with a controlled paddle for a couple. Gilchrist rocks back and carves medium-pacer Wright away for one and Australia are rattling along very nicley indeed...if you're an Australian...

"My office smells of cabbage and weiner schnitzel. I am against all zis hitting of German cars and war references from Dad's Army..."
Fritz, Düsseldorf, in the TMS inbox

15th over: Aus 83-0
Hayden almost decapitates umpire Bucknor with a savage straight drive - that will wake Stevie up. Gilchrist gets one for a steer to point and Hayden gets a single for a similar stroke. That Hayden drive could be a sign of things to come - Scotland are staring down the barrel at 300 plus.

14th over: Aus 78-0
Some chat (see below) about people who look like they're from another era. Vaughany looks like a WWl RAF pilot. Gilchrist moves to 40 with a cover drive that Brown parries and Hayden picks up one with a push to mid-off.

"This could be a cricket score if the Scots don't make a breakthrough..."
Andy, Leeds, in the TMS inbox

"I love Matthew Hayden, he looks like he is from the 1940s. He could guest star in Goodnight Sweetheart and fit right in."
Ian Melding in the TMS inbox

13th over: Aus 75-0
A single for Gilchrist and Hayden gets one to mid-on before launching into a series of extravagant stretches. He's on the deck now, doing that weird exercise Robin Smith used to do a lot - I believe it's to stretch the sides. I pulled a quad muscle trying to clip my toenails last week, stretching isn't my thing.

"'What does your office smell like? Mine is a mixture of cat's musk and Ginsters'. What are you doing in my nan's house?!"
Michael Gale in the TMS inbox

12th over: Aus 73-0
Shocking piece of fielding from Poonia out at long-off, dragging the ball back with his right hand and deflecting it over the rope with his left. Four for Gilchrist, seven from the over.

"Working in a call centre, my office smells of a heady combination of Glade air freshener and unmitigated despair."
Ben Doyle in the TMS inbox

11th over: Aus 66-0
Still Hoffmann in the attack, and he's bowling pretty well. Hayden squeezing out the sweat from his headband like he's just finished washing the Lexus. Actually, it's not a headband, it's almost like Monty Panesar's sports Patka. Four from the over.

10th over: Aus 62-0
Scotland skipper Wright is into the attack and his first ball is left by Gilchrist. Gilchrist latches on to a shortish one and gets one for it. Cheap runs for Scotland, Blain slinging the ball to the boundary for overthrows. Hayden actually kicked that to the boundary! No need for that...

"Our IT office can smell like anything from a kitchen to a gym, depending on what gastronomic delights people put in the microwave and whether the bloke opposite me has had a wash in the last few days or not."
Gary, Nottingham, in the TMS inbox

9th over: Aus 54-0
Just a couple from Hoffmann's over, and skipper Wright will be happy with that after a bit of tap in recent overs.

"News just in: a late entrant into the Cheltenham Gold Cup, jockey Dave Cope on My Father's Bicycle. 10,000-1."
Steve Lowether, Altrincham, in the TMS inbox

8th over: Aus 52-0
Blain, a one-time footballer with Falkirk, is hooked for four by Gilchrist, but it wasn't totally convincing by the Aussie wicket-keeper. That's 50 up for Australia though. Simon Mann is moaning about Damien Fleming's bit of splash, apparently the TMS commentary box smells like a tart's handbag. What does your office smell like? Mine is a mixture of cat's musk and Ginsters.

"Damien Fleming has really splashed on the aftershave today..."
Simon Mann on TMS

7th over: Aus 46-0
The crowd's not much cop in St Kitts. I'm not going to pretend it's party, party, party in the Warner Ground, it's got all the atmosphere of a junior school swimming gala. Haydos rips off his shirt and larrups Hoffmann over mid-wicket for the first maximum of the day. Very manly. Hoffmann hits back well, getting Hayden hopping with a decent in-swinging yorker. But Bully Boy has the last laugh, easing the last ball of the over through the covers for a dreamy four.

6th over: Aus 35-0
Blain beats Gilchrist's outside edge, but it was a no-ball anyway. Gilchrist leans into one and times Blain through extra-cover for four before upper-cutting for another boundary. This is looking a bit ominous for the Scots. Hayden gets a leading edge, but gets a couple for it. Just seen Punter up on the balcony slapping away on some gum. National no smoking day today, maybe he's on the anti-tabbing stuff?

5th over: Aus 23-0
Not very big this Warner Park ground, so the bowling wants to be Johnny on the Spot. It reminds me a bit of a cricket pitch near my ma and pa's house, the batsmen used to aim for Mercs, Beamers and other posh cars driving behind the bowler's arm. One from the over from Haydos.

4th over: Aus 22-0
Peachy off-drive by Hayden and the ball races away for four. Hayden waits on a Blain delivery and cuts for one - no sign of that gammy toe so far. Gilchrist picks up his first authentic four of the day, latching on to a short one from Blain and carving it away to the point fence.

"Come on boys, if the Sassenachs can beat this mob twice in a row how good can they really be?"
Les, Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox

3rd over: Aus 13-0
Quick single for Gilchrist into the covers before Hayden clips Hoffmann through mid-wicket for the first four of the day. Hoffmann then gets Gilchrist reaching for a drive and the ball fizzes just over Rogers at backward point and runs away for four. Sketchy.

"I know that Scotland have got about as much chance of beating the Aussies as I have of winning the Cheltenham Gold Cup on my dad's pushbike, but let's hope they give it a blinking good go!"
Dave Cope, Nottingham, in the TMS inbox

"Australia's batsmen will be used to facing bowling 20-30kmh faster than this."
Jim Maxwell on TMS

"Scotland don't have express pace but will look to bore Australia out and let them make mistakes."
Neil Manthorp on TMS

2nd over: Aus 3-0
Blain to share the new ball with Hoffmann and he's right arm medium-fast. The track looks pretty turgid to be honest, it looks to have the consistency of my old nan's madeira cake. Watchful, and respectful, start for Australia, just one more single for Gilchrist and a wide from Blain.

1st over: Aus 1-0 Hoffmann to have first bung and Gilchrist leaves his first delivery outside off-stump. Gilchrist is then beaten by a peach of a ball that pitches and jags away. Gilchrist does get off the mark with a glide to third man for one. Lary lbw appeal against Hayden, but the ball pitched outside leg.

"To paraphrase another member of the platoon, I'd say Scotland need to give the Aussies plenty of the short stuff because 'they don't like it up em!'"
Antony, Leicester, in the TMS inbox

1328 GMT: Hayden and Gilchrist stroll to the middle like two mates padding down to the swimming pool from their beachside hut. They don't look overly-stressed. Haydos will be looking to give it some serious humpty dumpty here, of that there is no doubt.

1325 GMT: There was a bit of weather about in St Kitts this morning, but it looks pretty toasty there to me. Very vivid colours as well, looks like something from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. I wonder if you can eat everything?

"Given that St Kitts is the smallest of the American nations, will Hayden and Gilchrist be looking to hit the ball out the island, rather than the more mundane out the ground?"
Jon Barbuti in the TMS inbox

1321 GMT: Scotland have a couple of Aussies in their line-up - Rogers is a native of Sydney, while Hoffman was born in Queensland and played a bit of cricket with McGrath in his salad days. Scotland's coach, Peter Drinnen, is a former Queensland wicket-keeper.

"I think it will suit me, just putting the ball above off-stump and throwing in some off-cutters. Wasim Akram is the World Cup's top wicket-taker with 55 and I'm about 10 behind, so maybe I can go past him. It will be the bowlers who can mix it up and show variation that do well. I don't know a great deal about Scotland, so we'll have a pretty basic gameplan."
Australia fast bowler Glenn McGrath

1313 GMT: Australia have gone in with a three-strong pace attack of Bracken, Tait and McGrath - with all-rounders Shane Watson and Brad Hogg their other two main bowling options.

Australia: Ricky Ponting (captain), Adam Gilchrist, Matthew Hayden, Michael Clarke, Brad Hodge, Michael Hussey, Shane Watson, Brad Hogg, Nathan Bracken, Shaun Tait, Glenn McGrath

Scotland: Craig Wright (captain), Ryan Watson, Fraser Watts, Majid Haq, Navdeep Poonia, Dougie Brown, Colin Smith, Glenn Rogers, John Blain, Gavin Hamilton, Paul Hoffmann

"To paraphrase one of the greatest Scotsmen in history (Private Fraser - Dad's Army), 'they're dooooooooomed'...."
Michael Gale in the TMS inbox

1303 GMT: Scotland skipper Wright has won the toss and has decided to put Australia in. Scotland are at full strength, while the big news in the Australia camp is that Hayden is fit again after a broken toe.

1300 GMT: All aboard for the Group A opener in St Kitts, which is the smallest nation in the Americas in terms of area (101 sq miles) and population (42,696). That must make it about the size of Billericay. Click on the link to find out more about the place.

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