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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 February, 2005, 20:30 GMT
S Africa v England tie as it happened
South Africa 270-8 (50 overs) tied with England 270-5 (50 overs)

England's Geraint Jones stumped Andrew Hall off the final ball to secure a thrilling tie with South Africa in the second one-day match in Bloemfontein.

Kevin Pietersen hit his maiden century for England but it was not quite enough in the day-night encounter.

Herschelle Gibbs (78) and Jacques Kallis (68) shared a partnership of 134 but both fell in the dying stages.

Kabir Ali bowled the final over with eight needed and conceded five off the first ball but took two vital wickets.

Latest action:

50th over: With just eight needed, Trescothick is forced to turn to Ali to bowl the last over.

His first ball is a no ball, shoulder-height full toss, pulled away for four.

His second is also a full toss, hoicked in front of square where Giles takes the catch.
South Africa 267-6 (Boucher 15).

The batsmen crossed so Pollock is on strike. He misses with a drive at a full ball, which just shaves past off stump.

Fourth ball carved to mid off for a single, bringing new batsman Prince on strike.

Pollock calls Prince through for a single, extra cover fields sharply and the new batsman is run out. South Africa 269-7 (Prince 0)

Pollock thrashes a single to point and the scores are level with a ball remaining.

The field is rejigged, Jones stands up to the wicket. Hall swings and misses and Jones removes the stumps for a tie.

49th over: Gough bowls the penultimate over. Some good work in the field is spoiled as Pollock launches four through the covers. Gough finishes with figures of 10-0-49-1.

48th over: Boucher smashes a Hoggard full toss through midwicket to bring up the 250. With 10 from the over, the equation now is 15 needed from 12.

47th over: Gough unwraps one of his trademark yorkers to split Kemp's middle and off stumps and England can put the champagne on ice. South Africa 239-5 (Kemp 32)

Pollock is the new batsman with 32 needed from 22 balls. He gets off the mark with two flicked on the leg side and nudges four through third man.

46th over: Gibbs takes a single to become the fifth South African past 5,000 one-day international runs, but he doesn't have long to celebrate as a leg-side flick reaches a diving Gough at fine leg, giving Hoggard his second wicket.
South Africa 237-4 (Gibbs 78)

45rd over: Trescothick turns to Ali, who has struggled so far. Kemp again hoists six over midwicket and the crowd erupts, scenting victory. Thirty-five have come from the last trhee overs.

44th over: Hoggard returns, and beats Gibbs, and the keeper with a delivery that flies away for four. Kemp takes a more orthodox route, along the ground throught midwicket.

43rd over: Kemp launches Giles for a massive six deep into the stands at wide mid-on - a shot that would have broken the electronic scoreboard had it been much finer.

42nd over: Gibbs thrashes Trescothick over mid on. Kemp survives an edge behind as Jones, standing up, fails to gather off his legs, and he takes a single to bring up the 200.

39th over: Giles returns. Kallis launches him through the covers but the bowler is soon celebrating as a top-edged sweep balloons to Trescothick at short fine leg.
South Africa 185-3 (Kallis 63)

New batsman Kemp gets off the mark after Giles fumbles.

38th over: Trescothick finds some extra bounce to slow Kallis but he gets a single, and Gibbs has another shunt through third man for four.

37th over: Gibbs tips Gough unintentionally through third man for another boundary and even though the required rate is over seven it looks eminently gettable.

36th over: Trescothick brings himself into the attack after Collingwood's successful experiment with medium pace. Kallis goes for a big hoik which doesn't reach the boundary but is enough to bring up his 50 from 68 balls. His next shot is an outside edge, and it gains him his third boundary.

35th over: Gough returns to replace the expensive Ali. Gibbs takes a single to reach his second one-day 50 against England from 72 balls.

34th over: Collingwood bowls straight through his 10 over quota, finishing with 0-42 after a pair of twos for Gibbs, including a misfield at third man.

33rd over: Ali over-steps for his third no ball and another single brings up the century partnership off 126 balls.

32nd over: Collingwood keeps plugging away, and with Vaughan unavailable because of a stomach upset it looks like he will get 10 overs.

31st over: Ali has a shout against Gibbs turned down, the replay proving that it pitched outside leg. Gibbs steers a rare boundary through third man.

30th over: Kallis takes three past mid on with an impressive drive off Collingwood.

29th over: Ali replaces Giles in the attack. Kallis looks to target him but manages just two singles.

28th over: With a couple of leg-byes thrown in, South Africa take eight off the over, despite Collingwood's accuracy.

27th over: Giles allows six off his fifth over, and England are in need of a change.

26th over: Gibbs steals former provincial coach Duncan Fletcher's favourite phrase and comes to the party, sweeping Collingwood fine for four.

25th over: After 10 barren overs, Kallis finally gives the crowd a lift with a lofted drive which beats Gough at the cover boundary for the batsman's first boundary, bringing up the 50 partnership. He sweeps another for fgood meansure to reach the half-way point at 107-2.

24th over: Collingwood brings out a little variation as the required run rate creeps over 6.5.

23rd over: South Africa appear under pressure but at 93-2 are three runs ahead of England at this stage, and a wicket better off.

22nd over: Gibbs and Kallis manage just one each as Collingwood bowls a fullish line with little room to manoeuvre

21st over: Giles and both batsmen seem happy with four off the over with the field deep.

20th over: Gibbs drives Collingwood in the air and the ball drops just short of a diving midwicket.

19th over: Giles bowls just the third over of spin so far in the game, Gibbs and Kallis continuing to tick along but unable to break out.

18th over: Collingwood again performs manfully and England are likely to keep him in for as long as possible.

17th over: Ali oversteps for his third no ball as he allows six runs from the over.

16th over: Collingwood replaces Hoggard, who so far has 1-22 from seven overs, and responds soundly, allowing just three.

15th over: Gibbs finds the gap in the covers to drive four off Ali and as the field is relaxed, South Africa are 65-2.

14th over: Hoggard recovers from the shock of swallowing a fly while stalking out to his mark to rattle off another good over.

13th over: Kabir Ali replaces Gough. De Villiers tucks into a short ball with a hooked boundary. Bot he falls trying to repeat the shot, substitute fielder Solanki taking the catch at midwicket.
South Africa 51-2 (De Villiers 20)

12th over: Hoggard gets a sixth over too, and De Villiers finally moves into double figures with a cut for four.

Smith reaches for a delivery slanting across him and gets a thin edge behind to have Hoggard celebrating again.
South Africa 47-1 (Smith 25)

11th over: Gough continues for a sixth over, Smith glancing him down leg side for four.

10th over: As Hoggard completes another good over to Smith, Trescothick - standing in for Vaughan who has an upset stomach - must be thinking about a bowling change to preserve Hoggard and Gough for the later overs.

9th over: De Villiers top-edges Gough towards third man, but there is little danger as the ball falls well short.

8th over: Smith continues to find runs just in front of square on the leg side, but not many now Hoggard has found his line.

7th over: Gough recovers his composure, restricting this over to three singles.

6th over: Hoggard hits Smith plumb in front of middle stump but his delivery pitched outside leg. Still, the South Africa captain is struggling against a little swing from Hoggard, who used to play for home side Free State.

5th over: Gough strays either side of the wicket, Smith picking up four through third man in the process. De Villiers pulls to midwicket, where Ali is unable to hold onto a difficult chance.

4th over: Smith edges Hoggard well wide of the lone slip fielder. De Villiers gets off the mark stylishly with a drive behind point.

3rd over: Smith squirts a glut of runs on the leg-side off Gough as the floodlights begin to take hold.

2nd over: Hoggard shares the opening burden with his former Yorkshire team-mate, drifting a little down leg side. Smith is batting well outside his crease to deal with a bowler he struggled against during the Test series.

1st over: Gough begins the bowling with Smith on strike and Gibbs relegated down the order to make way for De Villiers. Gough starts with a wide. De Villiers edges to gully, where Collingwood drops a difficult chance.

Innings break

50th over: Bell enjoys a quick moment in the spotlight, driving through the covers for four before flicking a single to give Pietersen four balls.

Ball one is a full toss, carves through the covers. Ball two brings a single, and puts Bell back on strike. Ball three is dutifully pushes to mid on by the youngster. Ball four is an anticlimactic swing and miss.

49th over: Pietersen pulls behind square to bring up his century and makes an ostentatious display of kissing the three lions on his helmet as he celebrates.

48th over: Nel returns to take on new batsman Bell, who gets off the mark with a push first ball. Pietersen simply flicks on the leg side and it flies for six to move him to 98 and bring up the 250.

47th over: Collingwood goes in typically self-sacrificing fashion, pulling Ntini at head height to De Villiers at long on.
England 239-5 (Collingwood 40).

46th over: A brace of singles makes this England's best fifth-wicket stand in South Africa. Hall finishes with 10-0-50-1.

45th over: Collingwood meets Pollock with a scorching drive, to the former SA captain's annoyance. Hall dives a fine leg but cannot stop another boundary. Pollock's final figures are 10-1-52-1.

44th over: Smith keeps rotating his bowlers, bringing Hall back. Collingwood's drive just beats the fielder on the rope.

43rd over: Pollock returns with two overs left in his quota, leaving Ntini with two remaining himself. Collingwood nudges an awkward single to bring up the 200. Pietersen takes a step and plonks Pollock for six into the crowd at midwicket to reach his career best score. Collingwood sweeps four to continue Pollock's annoyance.

42nd over: Ntini dives at extra cover but can only slow a flay from Pietersen. Nel spots Collingwood advancing and digs one in short to stop him.

41st over: Ntini keeps the batsmen to a single each and the pressure for runs grows again.

40th over: Nel comes back and Pietersen goes aerial, but he doesn't quite connect and the ball falls short of the cover boundary.

39th over: Ntini replaces Kemp in the attack, and stems the flow of boundaries.

38th over: Pietersen slips up a gear, pulling Hall through midwicket for his fifth boundary. Collingwood pushes his first through the cover field and just past a sliding Ntini.

37th over: Pietersen flicks Kemp for a couple on the leg side to bring up his 50 from 55 balls. The crowd are unimpressed. Pietersen gets an inside edge and it runs for four more.

36th over: Collingwood exhibits his flair for improvisation with a lofted drive to a vacant area in the covers, dashing three with gusto. Sponsors mascot Stan, a large blue bird, struts his stuff around the boundary rope.

35th over: Collingwood is the new batsman, off strike after facing the last ball of the previous over, and preferred to Bell this late in the innings. Kemp returns and is deposited through the covers first ball by Pietersen to bring up the 150.

34th over: Vaughan goes for the dab again and looks for two but De Villiers' throw from third man is on the mark and Vaughan does not wait for the TV umpires' verdict.
England 147-4 (Vaughan 42)

33rd over: With Nel the latest of the haring fielders in the deep even the finest of dabs by Vaughan brings just two.

32nd over: Kallis' variation continues to keep Pietersen quiet, although his slower ball is called as a wide.

31st over: Pollock returns for a second spell, his first having brought figures of 6-1-20-1. Vaughan nudges the 61st single of the innings to third man.

30th over: Kallis shows little sign of making the breakthrough as this pair appear to be finding their feet.

29th over: Consecutive leg byes help boost the total off Kemp.

28th over: Pietersen drives Kallis straight down the ground for his first boundary and brings up the 50 partnership, overtaking Vaughan in the process, with a launch through the covers.

27th over: Justin Kemp joins the attack for the first time, with England now having gone 11 overs without a boundary. That doesn't change, although there are a few singles on offer.

26th over: After just two overs from Smith, Kallis takes the ball for the first time, and beats Vaughan with a slower variation. The England skipper takes a single to mid off to bring up the England 100.

25th over: Mid-on fielder Kallis dives to stop a full-blooded drive to keep Pietersen waiting for his first boundary, but he cannot take what would have been a spectacular catch.

24th over: Smith struggles with his line, allowing a second wide, as the singles flow for both batsmen.

23rd over: Ntini returns for a second spell, replacing Hall whose first five overs have cost just 14 runs. Just four singles come off the over.

22nd over: Smith brings himself into the attack, and Pietersen flicks his first delivery for a couple off his legs.

21st over: Hall oversteps for the first no ball of the innings, as skipper Smith stretches in preparation for a bout of off-spin.

20th over: Pietersen, still without a boundary, goes for a pull but gets just two behind square.

19th over: Smoke billows from behind the sight screen as Vaughan takes another single off Hall. With the field now spread, just 22 runs have come from the last nine overs.

18th over: The TV umpire is called in as Vaughan dashes a single but he beats Gibbs' throw from backward point by a foot.

17th over: Strauss falls chasing a full ball from Hall down the leg-side for a diving Boucher to collect.
England 67-3 (Strauss 2)

Pietersen sneaks on at the drinks break to avoid the boos of the last match, and gets off the mark with a nudge first ball.

16th over: Nel puts one in short and Vaughan uses a ramp shot to help it on its way for four - his first boundary.

15th over: Strauss gets off the mark with a cut single off Hall.

14th over: Jones edges a Nel slower ball through the vacant backward square leg area for four. In an effort to reinvigorate the run rate, he goes for a big drive but gets a leading edge high to Ntini at mid-off.
England 60-2 (Jones 20)

13th over: The recalled Hall replaces Pollock in the second change. Vaughan gets off the mark with a single from his 15th delivery faced.

12th over: Nel moves back over the wicket to this right-handed duo and keeps them to a Jones single, Vaughan yet to get off the mark.

11th over: Pollock makes the breakthrough, courtesy of a Trescothick bottom-edge onto his stumps as he looks to cut.
England 52-1 (Trescothick 37)

New batsman Vaughan plays cautiously through the first maiden of the innings.

10th over: Nel replaces Ntini after 24 runs came off the opening bowler. Trescothick welcomes him with a drive through extra cover but is a little lucky to beat mid-off with a lofted drive, bringing up the 50 partnership.

9th over: Trescothick gets a leading edge off Pollock, which falls safely at long on.

8th over: Trescothick edges just in front of Kallis at square point and the ball spits up dangerously at the star all-rounder. The England vice-captain chops the last ball of the over square for a boundary.

7th over: Jones looks for another pull but Pollock's delivery is a little too full. The veteran keeps Trescothick quiet with some good variation.

6th over: Ntini finds his line across the left-hander and has Trescothick groping and edging before he responds with a push down the ground for four.

5th over: Trescothick joins the fun by stepping down the wicket to Pollock and smacking him through the covers. He goes again, and gets a thick edge that slows before reaching the cover boundary.

4th over: Jones drives Ntini sumtuously through the covers for his second boundary.

3rd over: Jones fulfills his mandate to play his natural game in his new position by pulling a slightly shorter one from Pollock over midwicket.

2nd over: Ntini shares the new ball, bowling to Jones, who gets off the mark running a single to third man. Trescothick drives the first boundary of the day through the covers with elan.

1st over: Pollock starts with a loosener, which Trescothick carves behind square for two. He soon finds his off-stump line, though, gaining a little shape.

1227 GMT: Trescothick and Jones stroll to the middle on a sunny day with just a little cloud.

South Africa: G Smith (Capt), H Gibbs, A Prince, J Kallis, AB de Villiers, J Kemp, M Boucher (Wkt), A Hall, S Pollock, A Nel, M Ntini.

England: M Vaughan (Capt), M Trescothick, G Jones (Wkt), A Strauss, K Pietersen, I Bell, P Collingwood, A Giles, Kabir Ali, D Gough, M Hoggard.

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