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Last Updated: Sunday, 19 June, 2005, 17:38 GMT 18:38 UK
Brilliant Pietersen sinks Aussies
England 253-7 beat Australia 252-9 by three wickets
Target: 253

Kevin Pietersen produced another dazzling one-day batting display to see England to a three-wicket NatWest Series win over Australia at Bristol.

Pietersen followed his three winter centuries in South Africa with 91 not out off 65 balls, but it was local boy Jon Lewis who hit the winning run.

Pace bowler Steve Harmison had earlier taken 5-33 as Australia totalled 252-9 in their 50 overs.

Mike Hussey made 84 but Australia have now lost four successive matches.

Latest action:

48th over: Pietersen pulls to square leg for a single to bring the scores level, leaving local boy Lewis to dab the winning single down to third man.

47th over: McGrath restricts England to one run with Pietersen only facing one delivery in the over.

46th over: Gillespie sends down a good length ball and Pietersen despatches it for six over long-on, the ball flying out of the ground. He then bisects two fielders at mid-wicket for four more before hammering a full toss straight as the over costs 17.

45th over: McGrath only just misses the off stump with a yorker to Lewis. England content themselves with three singles and have the added bonus of a no-ball.

44th over: Australia turn to Gillespie but a low full toss is hit down the ground for four. The next ball is thrashed over long-on for a magnificent six and the over costs Australia 12 runs.

43rd over: WICKET 214-7 (Solanki 13) Watson returns and is immediately thumped for successive boundaries by Pietersen, but Australia strike back as a brilliant throw by Gilchrist runs out Solanki.

42nd over: Pietersen reaches his fifty off 46 balls with a six over mid-wicket off Hogg.

41st over: Kasprowicz strays onto leg stump and Pietersen flicks away over mid-wicket for four. He fails to heed the lesson and is deposited over backward square leg for a towering six.

40th over: Solanki and Pietersen pick off Hogg, collecting eight in ones and twos to leave England needing to score 76 off the last 10 overs.

39th over: Kasprowicz, back in the attack for McGrath, is lofted away over mid-off by Solanki for six.

38th over: WICKET England 160-6 (Jones 2)
Hogg strikes again as Jones tries to clear the ropes but picks out Martyn at long-on.

37th over: McGrath returns to the attack. Pietersen hooks to the deep, where Hayden dives and saves two runs on the ropes. The right-hander then meets the ball on the full and beats the fielder for four to the same area of the ground.

36th over: WICKET England 150-5 (Vaughan 57)
Another big wicket comes Australia's way as Vaughan plays back to Hogg and is trapped plumb in front of his stumps.

35th over: Vaughan plays a cross-bat swat off Watson, gaining a boundary down the ground.

34th over: Vaughan notches a gutsy half-century (off 83 balls) with a swept single off Hogg.

33rd over: Watson surprises Pietersen with a very good bouncer before the batsmen pick up three singles.

32nd over: Hogg keeps Pietersen on a tight rein to bowl a maiden - a rarity at this stage of a one-dayer.

31st over: Watson returns to the attack with five overs owing to him. Pietersen drives and edges just wide of Gilchrist for four - a first-slip fielder would have gobbled it up.

30th over: Pietersen runs hard for two off Hogg past square-leg before driving for one down the ground.

29th over: Pietersen gets off the mark with a single as Gillespie concedes just four runs.

28th over: WICKET England 119-4 (Flintoff 19)
Australia snare the prized wicket of Flintoff, who tries to launch Hogg out of the ground but instead finds Kasprowicz at long-off.

27th over: Gillespie returns to the attack from the other end to his opening spell as Kasprowicz is rested. A lovely drive beats mid-on and earns Vaughan four more.

26th over: A very poor ball from Hogg is rightly clubbed to the fence by Vaughan.

25th over: Kasprowicz raps Vaughan on the pads and rises in appeal for lbw, but umpire Dar gives the England captain the benefit of whatever doubt was in his mind. Replays showed there was little wrong with the appeal. 108-3

24th over: Hogg comes on as the Aussies opt for spin. Flintoff heaves at the left-armer does not middle it and picks up a single.

23rd over: Vaughan, struggling with the sluggish pace of the pitch, works hard against Kasprowicz but picks up a single to take England into triple figures.

22nd over: Watson (0-14) continues his good spell, conceding just two singles in his fifth over.

21st over: Kapsrowicz drops one in short to Flintoff, who needs no second asking to dispatch the ball high and long over the square-leg fence for six. He follows up with a four past mid-on.

20th over: Watson beats Flintoff's outside edge - and has a few words - before the England all-rounder tries to hook him out of the ground but mis-times and picks up only one run.

19th over: Yet another no-ball - that's seven in total from Australia, plus six wides - gets Kasprowicz's fourth over under way.

WICKET England 82-3 (Collingwood 14)
Kasprowicz gets it right later in the over as Collingwood chops the ball onto the ground and dislodges the leg-stump bail.

18th over: Vaughan is wise to Watson's yorker and digs it out with relative ease. The England skipper then drives a slower ball square for two.

17th over: The batsmen find it hard to get Kasprowicz away as two singles are scored in the over.

16th over: Gilchrist stands up to the stumps despite Watson getting up to 85mph. England pick the paceman off for five singles.

15th over: Australia's extras pile up as Kasprowicz bowls two no-balls. A thick Vaughan outside edge then just escapes Gilchrist's gloves and runs away for four.

14th over: Watson replaces Gillespie. Collingwood goes straight after the young all-rounder but does not find the middle of the bat, and Watson retorts by beating Vaughan's outside edge.

13th over: McGrath's six-over spell comes to an end as Kasprowicz comes on. Collingwood cuts a no-ball for one down to third man before clipping him through mid-wicket for four.

12th over: Vaughan breaks the shackles, hitting Gillespie for successive fours - the first runs for 19 balls.

11th over: McGrath continues for a sixth over - his tightest yet - as Collingwood sees off a second consecutive maiden.

10th over: Vaughan cannot get Gillespie away as the hitherto erratic paceman registers a maiden.

9th over: WICKET England 42-2 (Strauss 16)
Another strike for McGrath as Strauss chops the paceman onto his stumps.

8th over: A Strauss pull-shot earns two runs as the batsmen take on Kasprowicz's arm and scamper through safely.

7th over: McGrath swings one onto Strauss's pads and is clipped through mid-wicket for four.

WICKET England 39-1 (Trescothick 16)
Trescothick top-edges a no-ball high into safety but is then on his way as a brilliant inswinging yorker hits middle-and-leg stump.

6th over: Gillespie invites a thick outside edge from Trescothick, who survives with no slip in place and picks up a boundary.

5th over: McGrath loses his discipline, conceding a leg-side wide and a no-ball. England are getting there largely on extras at the moment.

4th over: Gillespie's nightmares continue as he starts his second over with yet another leg-side wide. Trescothick then pushes past point to the fence.

3rd over: McGrath strays onto Strauss's pads and is glanced fine to the fence. A hearty lbw appeal is then turned down with the ball hitting the pads marginally outside the line of off-stump. The next ball is then glanced for another boundary.

2nd over: Gillespie starts terribly - sending the ball extremely wide down the leg-side for successive wides. He then gets it on track but is clubbed by Trescothick past point for four, an exchange which precedes another leg-side wide, a no-ball and another wide.

1st over: McGrath angles one across Trescothick and beats the outside edge. A quickly run single gets England's scoring under way.


50th over: WICKET 248-9 (Kasprowicz 1)
Gough does another fine job at the death to concede just seven runs and pick up the wicket of Mike Kasprowicz.

49th over: WICKET 244-8 (Gillespie 14)
Gillespie beats the leg-side field to send Flintoff to the fence before skying a hook high into the air and into the gloves of Jones.

48th over: Gough returns to the attack and does a great job to concede just four runs.

47th over: Gillespie gratefully accepts Lewis's full-toss and smacks him over long-on for six.

46th over: Gillespie gets away with a quick single thanks to Flintoff's missed shy at the stumps as the superb Harmison ends his spell with personal-best figures of 5-33.

45th over: WICKET 220-7 (Watson 25)
Watson goes the same way as Hussey as Flintoff keeps England on top with another strike.

44th over: Harmison is too short and pays the price as Watson hooks fine for four.

WICKET 220-6 (Hussey 84)
A cunning slower ball from Harmison knocks Hussey's off-stump to reward the paceman with his first one-day five-wicket haul.

43rd over: Lewis replaces Gough but the change is to Watson's liking, the all-rounder lifting him over long-on for six.

42nd over: Watson manages to get bat on ball and give the strike back to Hussey, who mistimes his hook and picks up only a single.

41st over: Gough affords Hussey far too much width and is cut past point for four. He then no-balls in an indifferent over from the veteran.

40th over: Harmison is back in the attack now, with a five-wicket haul in sight and four overs still owing to him. Harmison curiously returns a forward defensive back to the batsman - rooted in his crease - which Watson swats away. One run is scored in a good return from the spearhead.

39th over: Gough duly returns to the attack to add to his six overs at the start of the day. Hussey times the ball splendidly through the covers for four.

38th over: Lewis continues as Hussey picks up a single to register his highest one-day score.

37th over: Vaughan returns to the attack - probably for one over only - and goes for just four runs.

36th over: WICKET 168-5 (Clarke 45)
Lewis strikes for England as Clarke plays onto his leg-stump via an inside edge.

35th over: Pietersen's shy at the stumps misses and gifts Clarke an overthrow. Collingwood then spills Hussey at point, a far easier chance than the one he pouched to remove Hayden.

34th over: Vaughan brings himself off and recalls Lewis, whose first two balls back are sent to the fence behind the wicket by Hussey. A second one-day fifty for the left-hander is richly deserved and much-needed by Australia. A single brings up the 100-stand off 18.3 overs.

33rd over: Successive Flintoff wides down the leg-side take Australia past 150.

32nd over: Hussey picks up two past point as Flintoff cuts the ball off on the ropes. Vaughan is then taken to the fence by the left-hander, who sweeps and beats Harmison in the deep.

31st over: Flintoff returns to the attack and overpitches to Hussey, who off-drives beautifully to the fence.

30th over: The batsmen work a few seingles to take four runs off Vaughan's over.

29th over: Hussey's deft reverse-sweep sends Solanki to the third-man fence. England's part-time bowlers seem to be letting Australia back into the game.

28th over: Clarke feasts on a Vaughan long-hop, hooking for six to bring up the 50-partnership off 73 balls.

27th over: Another intriguing move by Vaughan sees Collingwood rested for Solanki, whose off-breaks have never been used before at international level. The batsmen scamper through for a quick two.

26th over: Vaughan keeps up the good work with another tidy over.

25th over: Clarke drives Collingwood through the covers for four before Hussey leg-glances to the fence to take the score into triple figures. 103-4

24th over: Vaughan affords himself a rare bowl and keeps Clarke on a tight rein, conceding just three runs.

23rd over: Collingwood comes on for his mid-innings overs. Clarke takes a very risky single and gets awaqy with it as Vaughan misses at the non-striker's end.

22nd over: Hussey leans into Lewis's off-side line and caresses the ball wide of mid-off for a four.

21st over: Hussey helps himself two a brace of boundaries against Flintoff, one through extra cover and the other over mid-wicket.

20th over: Lewis returns to the attack to replace Harmison - not a bad ploy with Australia shell-shocked and two new batsman at the crease. Clarke slashes hard outside off-stump and clears the covers for a much-needed boundary.

19th over: Hussey reaches at Flintoff outside the off-stump and picks up a single down to third man.

18th over: Another stifling over from Harmison keeps Australia's new batsmen under lock and key.

17th over: Flintoff applies a different type of pressure from the other end, delivering the first maiden of the match.

16th over: WICKET 63-4 (Hayden 31)
Harmison strikes again as a blinding catch from Collingwood, plucked from mid-air right-handed high above his head at point, sends Hayden on his way.

15th over: Australia trade in singles against Flintoff as they meet the 15-over mark in a state of disarray.

14th over: Harmison gains massive bounce off the pitch to Clarke, conceding a wide in the process. But that is the only run to come in a fine over.

13th over: Flintoff comes on for Gough and tempts an edge from Clarke which lands just in front of slip.

12th over: WICKET 57-1 (Gilchrist 26)
Gilchrist cuts at Harmison but the ball is not wide enough and he edges into the gloves of Jones.

WICKET 57-2 (Ponting 0) Ponting goes for a first-ball duck as Harmison traps him plumb in front with a devilish yorker.

WICKET 57-3 (Martyn 0) Martyn averts the hat-trick ball but then cuts high down to third man, where Pietersen makes no mistake. Australia are on the ropes again.

11th over: Short and wide tripe from Gough is given the full treatment by Hayden, who sends the ball racing through the covers for four.

10th over: Harmison's attempted yorker meets Hayden on the full and the first boundary of the match comes courtesy of a thick edge. A hooked single brings up the fifty stand.

9th over: Gough's fifth over is held up by a change of strides and the Bristol crowd get a view of his black bike shorts. He maintains his nagging line outside off-stump to concede just three runs.

8th over: Harmison comes on for Lewis, whose first three overs cost 22 runs. Gilchrist flicks through mid-wicket for two.

7th over: A fine over from Gough and some sharp infielding restricts Australia to two runs.

6th over: Lewis strays onto Gilchrist's pads and is lifted over mid-wicket for another maximum.

5th over: Harmison cuts off Hayden's flick past mid-on, keeping the shot down to two. The resting fast bowler winces in pain after his slide save, nursing his torso region. Gough fools Gilchrist with a slow off-cutter and beats the bat.

4th over: Gilchrist's leading edge off Lewis beats the slip fielder and runs away for two. Hayden then plants his front foot forward and lifts the paceman over long-on for a massive six.

3rd over: Hayden looks to work Gough away but cannot find the middle of the bat until the end of the over, when he picks up a single through mid-wicket.

2nd over: Gilchrist pushes Lewis through extra-cover, a shot kept to two by Harmison's athletic dive and throw. A good over from the local paceman.

1st over: Gilchrist, after yesterday's second-ball duck, gets off the mark by nudging Gough to square-leg. Hayden then hooks to fine-leg, where Harmison picks up on the bounce.

England: M E Trescothick, G O Jones (Wkt), V S Solanki M P Vaughan (Capt), A J Strauss, A Flintoff, K P Pietersen P D Collingwood, D Gough, J Lewis, S J Harmison.

Australia: M L Hayden, A C Gilchrist (Wkt), R T Ponting (Capt) D R Martyn, G B Hogg, M J Clarke, M E K Hussey, S R Watson J N Gillespie, M S Kasprowicz, G D McGrath.

Umpires: Aleem Dar, J W Lloyds.


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