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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 March, 2004, 15:09 GMT
Live: Pakistan v India
Latest: Pakistan 253 (47.5 overs) v India 293-7

Moin Khan's brave bid for victory ends as Pakistan are bowled out 40 runs short of their victory target of 294 in the fifth and decisive one-dayer.

Moin was bowled for 72 to end the Pakistan innings after Shoaib Malik hit 65 once Irfan Pathan's three wickets had reduced the hosts to 96-6.

India won even without skipper Sourav Ganguly, who was stretchered from the field with a back injury.

VVS Laxman earlier steered India to a commanding 293-7 with a superb 107.

Latest action:

48th over: Moin is bowled by Balaji for 72 to end the Pakistan innings, giving India a 40-run victory. Pakistan: 253 all out (Moin 72)

47th over: Zaheer breaks the partnership as Sami gives himself too much room and is bowled for 23. Then Shoaib is run-out by a direct hit from Yuvraj after getting out the way of the throw. Pakistan: 248-8 (Sami 23), 251-9 (Shoaib 2)

46th over: Moin cracks a four off the last ball off Balaji's over to leave the required rate exactly two runs a ball.

45th over: A potentially crucial over for India, as Zaheer subdues the fightback by conceding just five runs.

44th over: Balaji returns to the attack and is promptly driven by Sami for six, and then bowls a no-ball as Pakistan plunder 14 off the over.

43rd over Pakistan revive their victory ambitions as a four and a six from Moin help produce 13 off Sehwag's over.

42nd over: Sami comes in to help Moin bring up the 200 for Pakistan, as they eek out eight runs off Zaheer.

41st over: Malik attempts another big hit over long on off Sehwag but Kaif claims the catch to end a record 99-run seventh-wicket partnership for Pakistan against India. Pakistan: 195-7 (Malik 65)

40th over: The run rate increases to over 10 an over as Zaheer comes back well to concede only four off the over.

39th over: Moin tries a reverse sweep against Sehwag but survives a good lbw shout as umpire David Shepherd is unsighted by the bowler.

38th over: Moin cracks two fours off Zaheer, who also bowls a no-ball, as he concedes 14 runs in a very productive over for the hosts.

37th over: Moin survives a mis-timed top edged pull off Sehwag as Pakistan take six runs off the over.

36th over: Moin appears to have found some batting form too as Pakistan edge another seven runs nearer their goal.

35th over: Malik reaches his 50, off 72 balls, as his partnership with Moin extends to 57, giving Pakistan a glimmer of hope.

34th over: Malik plunders another four straight over Tendulkar's head as Pakistan take 10 off the over.

33rd over: Malik sneeks a single off the last ball of the over to keep the strike as Pakistan add another six to their tally.

32nd over: Malik cracks a four over Tendulkar's head but can only muster one more single off the over. Pakistan need exactly nine runs an over off the final 18.

31st over: Malik cracks Pakistan's first six of the innings, and their first boundary in 15 overs, to move to 34no as the hosts take nine off the over.

30th over: Only four runs from another tidy Tendulkar over leaves Pakistan requiring 176 runs off the final 20 overs, nearly nine an over.

29th over: Malik works a few singles but is still unable to find the boundary as Pakistan's task reaches near-miracle proportions.

28th over: Tendulkar is managing to find some turn but Shoaib and Moin enjoy a relatively profitable over with seven coming off it.

27th over: Another tight over from Kartik yields just four runs for Pakistan.

26th over: Sachin Tendulkar comes on to bowl and immediately finds his rhythm, conceding just one off the over as the run rate rises to over eight.

25th over: New batsman Moin top edges pull shots twice in quick succession but both fall narrowly short of a fielder as Pakistan creep towards 100.

24th over: Razzaq is the sixth man to fall as he picks out Sehwag at mid-off to give Balaji his second scalp. Pakistan: 96-6 (Razzaq 5)

23rd over: Frustration mounts for Pakistan as Kartik allows just two runs to be taken from him.

22nd over: Balaji returns to the attack and keeps a tight line from the outset, conceding three runs.

21st over: A piece of individual brilliance by Tendulkar brings Inzamam's demise. A full-blooded on-drive off Kartik is destined for six but Tendulkar plucks it out of the sky and tip-toes inside the rope to pull off a great catch. Pakistan: 87-5 (Inzamam 38)

20th over: Malik picks up a single and Inzamam two, but Pakistan need boundaries if they are to mount a challenge.

19th over: More scoring difficulties for Pakistan as Kartik is taken for just three runs. The asking rate approaches seven runs per over.

18th over: Pakistan's task becomes harder by the over as Zaheer keeps things tight from his end.

17th over: The spin of Kartik is introduced and both batsmen watch him carefully.

16th over: Inzamam bludgeons a boundary off Zaheer before scampering - yes, scampering - through for a quick single.

15th over: Another excellent over from Pathan - his eighth in a row - keeps struggling Pakistan at bay.

14th over: Zaheer improves on his first over, restricting Pakistan to just one single.

13th over: Another breakthrough for Pathan and India as Younis slashes wildly and picks out Yuvraj at point. Pakistan: 58-4 (Younis 12)

12th over: Zaheer's first over is atrocious as both Inzamam and Younis hit him for four.

11th over: Pathan appeals excitedly for lbw but Inzamam survives with the ball pitching outside the line of leg-stump.

10th over: Ganguly writhes in agony on the ground after he dives in vain at mid-off to cut off Inzamam's driven boundary. The stretcher is brought out and the India skipper is carried from the field.

9th over: Younis takes the attack up to Pathan, driving through extra-cover for four.

8th over: Shellshocked Pakistan pick up only three runs, including an inside-edge for two to Younis that just misses the stumps.

7th over: An error of judgement from Taufiq, who steps too far across his stumps and is bowled around his legs by Pathan. Pakistan: 25-3 (Taufiq 18)

6th over: Inzamam gets off the mark with a quick single to extra cover that becomes two after a Ganguly misfield.

5th over: Pathan keeps his end tight with a maiden but he receives a warning for running onto the pitch in his delivery stride.

4th over: Three crashing boundaries from Taufiq ease the pain for Pakistan and spoil Balaji's figures.

3rd over: More joy for India as Youhana steps across the line of delivery and is trapped lbw by Pathan. Pakistan: 9-2 (Youhana 1)

2nd over: Balaji breaks through for India as Hameed misses an attempted drive and sees his off-stump uprooted. Pakistan: 8-1 (Hameed 2)

1st over: A low-key first over for Pakistan as Pathan concedes just two runs.


50th over: Balaji hits Shoaib for six off the first ball, then smashes his bat in half off the second and avoids being run out as the throw hits him. A frantic final over yields 12 runs.

49th over: Taufiq partially redeems himself by holding onto a catch to dismiss Kaif off Sami. The bowler then has Pathan caught behind but it is a no-ball. India 276-7 (Kaif 16)

48th over: Taufiq drops his second catch in the deep as Pathan survives, proceeding to hit Shoaib for two consecutive fours as India take 13 off the over.

47th over: India eek out eight runs off Sami's penultimate over as the late onslaught begins.

46th over: Laxman advances down the pitch to crack Malik for four, but perishes for 107 trying to hit the spinner over the top, Sami taking the catch. India 253-6 (Laxman 107)

45th over: A more sedate over from the Indian batsman, taking just five off the over.

44th over: Laxman shows superb timing to cut Malik to the boundary to move to 99, then takes a single off the next ball to bring up his hundred.

43rd over: Yuvraj skies a pull off Shabbir and Inzamam stays composed to take the catch. Kaif comes in and survives a clear lbw decision. India 227-5 (Yuvraj 18)

42nd over: Laxman improvises well to drive Malik for four and Yuvraj also cracks the spinner away for a boundary in a profitable over for India.

41st over: Another bowling change sees Sami make way for Shabbir, who leaks just three runs on his return to action.

40th over: Both batsmen find it hard to get Malik away as four runs are conceded in a good over for the hosts.

39th over: More delicious timing from Laxman earns him another boundary off Sami through the covers, bringing up the 200. He ends the over with a boundary down to third man.

38th over: Yuvraj enters the fray, making an impact straight away with a swept four off Malik.

37th over: Sami returns to the attack to immediate effect, crashing Dravid's stumps with a ball that angled in to the right-hander. India: 183-4 (Dravid 4)

36th over: Laxman straight-drives Razzaq on the last ball of the over but is denied certain runs as he hits the stumps at the non-striker's end.

35th over: India take five runs off Shoaib's next over before heading to the drinks break in a very healthy position. With 15 overs remaining, the platform is there for an assault.

34th over: Dravid, who survived the last two balls of Akhtar's over, gets off the mark as India take three off the over.

33rd over: Ganguly gets an outside edge to Shoaib and offers Moin his third catch of the innings. India: 171-3 (Ganguly 45)

32nd over: Ganguly and Laxman continue to take easy singles as they add another four to the total.

31st over: Shoaib returns to the Pakistan attack and Laxman survives a run-out scare as Ganguly calls him for a quick single but the throw is off target.

30th over: Pakistan blow a golden opportunity to break the partnership as Taufiq drops a Laxman pull in the deep, allowing the ball to trickle through for four.

29th over: Laxman and Ganguly continue to work Malik around the ground, taking five off the over.

28th over: Laxman beats Sami at mid-off to hit Razzaq for four before taking a single to bring up his first one-day half-century against Pakistan.

27th over: Malik's impressive spell continues with India unable to take more than two runs from the spinner.

26th over: Ganguly deftly steers Razzaq through the vacant slip area for another boundary.

25th over: The shackles are broken as Laxman smashes Malik through the covers for four.

24th over: India continue to trade in singles as Razzaq is taken for four runs in his fourth over.

23rd over: India drift into consolidation mode, working Malik around the ground for four runs in the over.

22nd over: India take a breather from the big shots, dealing in ones and twos to take five from the over.

21st over: Pakistan skipper Inzamam opts for the spin of Malik, but it all comes alike to Ganguly who cuts to the fence.

20th over: An outstretched Sami at mid-off robs Laxman of a sure boundary but a wayward Razzaq lets the team down next ball by gifting a boundary to Ganguly past point.

19th over: Ganguly finds the middle of the bat again, bringing up the 100 with a four off Sami.

18th over: Ganguly helps himself to his first boundary, sending new bowler Razzaq behind point.

17th over: Sami celebrates his removal of Tendulkar the previous over by bowling a maiden - the third of the innings.

16th over: Laxman picks Shabbir off his pads to collect four runs. A wonderful shot from a wonderful batsman.

15th over: Sami picks up the key scalp of Tendulkar as the opener edges softly into the hands of the keeper. India: 79-2 (Tendulkar 37)

14th over: Tendulkar exploits the vacant slip region again, edging Shabbir expertly to the fence.

13th over: Sami proves easy pickings for Tendulkar, who punishes the paceman for boundaries to third man and extra cover.

12th over: Shabbir continues to keep things tight, conceding just three runs.

11th over: The first bowling change of the day sees Shoaib make way for Sami, who is too short and too wide, leaking 11 runs in his first over.

10th over: The scoring dries up for India as Shabbir follows suit with a maiden.

9th over: Some welcome respite for Pakistan as Shoaib delivers a rare maiden.

8th over: Laxman signals his intent with a well-timed push through extra cover for three. Tendulkar follows up with a boundary as India bring up the 50 at the end of the over.

7th over: Shoaib strays down the leg-side and pays the price as Laxman glances to the fine-leg fence.

6th over: Shabbir is hammered for two more boundaries before striking back with wicket of Sehwag, who plays a cramped cut shot and is caught behind. India: 34-1 (Sehwag 20)

5th over: Shoaib errs full and wide down the off-side and is edged effortlessly past a wide first slip for four.

4th over: Another extra from Shabbir - a no-ball - is whipped wide of square as Tendulkar hits his first four of the innings.

3rd over: Tendulkar is watchful to Shoaib with a single off the last ball the only scoring shot of the over.

2nd over: Shabbir opens from the other end with a wide down the leg-side. Poor fielding from Younis at square-leg gifts Sehwag two more before the dashing opener drives over point for another boundary.

1st over: A fine start for India in glorious sunshine as Shoaib's second ball is cut by Sehwag to the fence.

India: Sourav Ganguly (capt), Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Venkatsai Laxman, Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad Kaif, Zaheer Khan, Laxmipathy Balaji, Irfan Pathan, Murali Kartik.

Pakistan: Inzamam-ul Haq (capt), Yousuf Youhana, Taufiq Umer, Yasir Hameed, Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik, Abdul Razzaq, Moin Khan, Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammad Sami, Shabbir Ahmed.


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