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Commonwealth Games 2002

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Thursday, 9 May, 2002, 08:22 GMT 09:22 UK
Super Test results
Michael Holding sets his field with skipper Clive Lloyd
West Indies boasted a powerful line-up
1977-78 SEASON

1st match, VFL Park, Melbourne
Australia 1st inns 256 (R Bright 69, M Holding 4-60)
W Indies 1st inns 214 (V Richards 79)
Australia 2nd inns 192 (D Hookes 63, A Roberts 4-52)
W Indies 2nd inns 233-7 (V Richards 56)
West Indies won by three wickets

2nd match, Sydney Showground
Australia 1st inns 251 (D Hookes 81, R Marsh 59)
W Indies 1st inns 336 (V Richards 88, C Lloyd 58)
Australia 2nd inns 182 (R McCosker 56, J Garner 4-58)
W Indies 2nd inns 101-1
West Indies won by nine wickets

3rd match, Adelaide Football Park
Australia 1st inns 388 (I Chappell 141, G Chappell 90)
W Indies 1st inns 145 (G Chappell 5-20)
Australia 2nd inns 267-8 (B Laird 106, C King 4-78)
W Indies 2nd inns 290 (V Richards 123, R Bright 4-74)
Australia won by 220 runs

4th match, Sydney Showground
Australia 1st inns 304 (B Laird 106, M Procter 4-33)
World XI 1st inns 290 (V Richards 119, M Walker 7-88)
Australia 2nd inns 128 (A Roberts 6-69)
World XI 2nd inns 145-6 (G Greenidge 50)
World XI won by four wickets

5th match, Gloucester Park, Perth
World XI 1st inns 625 (B Richards 207, V Richards 177, G Greenidge 140, D Lillee 4-149
Australia 1st inns 393 (G Chappell 174, I Chappell 62)
Australia 2nd inns 159 (Imran 4-24)
World XI won by an innings and 73 runs

6th match, VFL Park, Melbourne
Australia 1st inns 538-6 (G Chappell 246no, R McCosker 129)
World XI 1st inns 434 (V Richards 170, B Richards 76)
Australia 2nd inns 167 (D Hookes 53, J Garner 5-52)
World XI 2nd inns 230 (M Walker 5-62, D Lillee 5-82)
Australia won by 41 runs

Former Australian skipper Ian Chappell
Ian Chappell made the first SuperTest century

1st match, VFL Park, Melbourne
World XI 1st inns 175 (Javed Miandad 69, D Lillee 4-51)
Australia 1st inns 150 (G Le Roux 5-39)
World XI 2nd inns 257 (Majid Khan 77)
Australia 2nd inns 180 (G Chappell 81, Imran 4-30, D Underwood 4-59)
World XI won by 102 runs

2nd match, Sydney Cricket Ground
World XI 1st inns 471 (Asif Iqbal 107, Zaheer Abbas 91, C Rice 83, M Procter 56, A Padmore 4-102, J Garner 4-125
W Indies 1st inns 217 (L Rowe 85)
W Indies 2nd inns 210
World XI won by an innings and 44 runs

3rd match, VFL Park, Melbourne
Australia 1st inns 366 (K Wessels 126, D Hookes 116)
W Indies 1st inns 419 (V Richards 175, R Austin 77, C Lloyd 55)
Australia 2nd inns 304-9 (I Chappell 65, D Hookes 56, R Austin 4-85
W Indies 2nd inns 126-2 (G Greenidge 58no)
Match drawn

4th match, Sydney Cricket Ground
W Indies 1st inns 163 (R Bright 6-52)
Australia 1st inns 185 (D Hookes 69, C Croft 5-65)
W Indies 2nd inns 89 (D Lillee 7-23)
Australia 2nd inns 68-0
Australia won by 10 wickets

Grand final, Sydney Cricket Ground
Australia 1st inns 172 (G Le Roux 5-57)
World XI 1st inns 168 (D Lillee 5-51, G Gilmour 4-53)
Australia 2nd inns 219 (D Hookes 96, B Laird 58, G Le Roux 4-44)
World XI 2nd inns 226-5 (B Richards 101no)
World XI won by five wickets

Thomson warms up
Jeff Thomson made his Packer debut in the Caribbean

1st match, Sabina Park, Kingston
W Indies 1st inns 188 (C Lloyd 56, D Lillee 4-68)
Australia 1st inns 106
W Indies 2nd inns 481 (C Lloyd 197, A Roberts 89, R Fredericks 69, D Lillee 4-100)
Australia 2nd inns 194
West Indies won by 369 runs

2nd match, Kensington Oval, Bridgetown
Australia 1st inns 311 (M Kent 78, I Chappell 61, M Holding 4-67)
W Indies 1st inns 239 (R Fredericks 89)
Australia 2nd inns 294 (G Chappell 90, I Chappell 86)
W Indies 2nd inns 133-4 (R Fredericks 53)
Match drawn

3rd match, Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain
Australia 1st inns 246 (B Laird 122, M Holding 5-48)
W Indies 1st inns 230 (A Roberts 50no, J Thomson 5-78)
Australia 2nd inns 282 (C Happell 150, A Padmore 6-81)
W Indies 2nd inns 274 (R Fredericks 72)
Australia won by 24 runs

4th match, Bourda, Georgetown
Australia 1st inns 341 (G Chappell 113, M Kent 51)
W Indies 1st inns 476 (C King 110, D Murray 82, L Rowe 64, V Richards 54, G Greenidge 52, J Thomson 4-84)
Australia 2nd inns 117-3
Match drawn

5th match, Antigua Recreation Ground, St John's
Australia 1st inns 234 (G Chappell 104, C Croft 4-56, A Roberts 4-73)
W Indies 1st inns 438 (L Rowe 135, D Murray 74, G Greenidge 58, D Lillee 6-125)
Australia 2nd inns 415-6 (R Marsh 102no, G Chappell 85, I Chappell 83)
Match drawn

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