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Tuesday, 9 October, 2001, 16:34 GMT 17:34 UK
Famous Fan: Jeremy Paxman
Jeremy Paxman
Paxman in familiar mode in the studio
Jeremy Paxman is best known for his fearsome interviewing technique, grilling the world's political leaders on BBC2's Newsnight. He is also a keen cricket fan, and occasional player.

Q: What is your first cricketing memory?

A: That's a hard one - we used to play at home with my brothers, and of course, we played at school. It was an everlasting disappointment that I was never much good.

Q: Which player was your boyhood hero?

A: Fred Trueman - my family all came from Yorkshire and it was before his "in my day we had to make our own bats out of old jockstraps" career as a commentator.

Q: Did you play for a school or a club team?

A: No. I've told you, I was useless.

Paxman is a big Shane Warne fan
Paxman is a big Shane Warne fan

Q: Which current player do you most admire?

A: I know it sounds predictable, but I do think Shane Warne is an astonishing bowler.

Q: Which is your favourite cricket venue?

A: Turville Park cricket club (his local ground in the Chilterns). It's situated on top of a beautiful hill, and is now equipped with splendid new loos.

Q: Should technology be used to help umpires with lbw decisions?

A: Yes. The alternative is to have it undermine umpires.

Q: Why are England so much better at Test cricket than one-day internationals?

A: I think it's to do with national temperament - like putting up with the weather.

Q: Is the County Championship living on borrowed time?

A: I think so, sadly. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether the spectators are alive or dead. We need to find a way of reinventing the championship.

Former West Indies fast bowler WesHall
Wes Hall in his prime

Q: Do you believe the ICC when they say match-fixing will be eradicated in 12 months?

A: Let's hope so.

Q: Which fast bowler past or present would you least like to face?

A: Wes Hall. I was 13 and 5ft 4in when I first saw him bowl at Edgbaston. He was a giant and delivered the ball at 90 mph.

Q: Which do you prefer watching - Tests or one-day internationals?

A: That's like asking if you prefer a pint of beer or a glass of champagne. I like both. It depends on the occasion.

Q: Why aren't there more cricket questions on University Challenge?

A: I don't know. It's a disgrace.

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