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Commonwealth Games final day as it happened

  1. 04:02 Athletics  

    Wispy swathes of early-morning mist begin to evaporate as Kenya's John Kelai bursts into the lead of the men's marathon with about three miles to go. The uncharacteristic hush on the Delhi streets is occasionally punctuated by the distance squawk of a rickshaw horn. The women are not too far behind, three Kenyans leading the pack. Welcome to the final day of the Commonwealth Games.

  2. 04:10 Athletics  

    Getting up at 0245 felt like I was pushing my body to the limit, but in comparison to these marathon runners I feel faintly embarrassed. Fortunately organisers had the acumen to stage the marathon in the early hours of the morning, avoiding the steamy heat which tends to hit Delhi like a suckerpunch from about 0800 onwards. With just over a mile to go, the men's gold looks like it belongs to John Kelai while Kenyan compatriot Amos Tirop Matui battles for silver with Australia's Michael Shelley bobbing up and down on his outside shoulder.

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    From Anon: "Morning! Working through the night to finish my final postgrad assignment and the prospect of your text feed is the only thing that's been keeping me going!"

    I doff my metaphorical cap to you, learned student.

  4. 04:16 Medal alert MEN'S MARATHON GOLD FOR KENYA  

    Michael Shelley grimaces as he moves through the gears to burst past Matui and opens up a 20m gap on the Kenyan with less than a mile to go. John Kelai, wearing 1571, looks as if he's started a morning suburban jog, such is his composure and total ease of his running gait as he becomes only the second Kenyan to win a Commonwealth Games gold medal in the marathon in a time of two hours 14.35seconds.

  5. 04:20 Athletics  

    Michael Shelley crosses the line 53 seconds behind Matui to claim silver, exclaiming a joyous burst as he crosses the finishing line, with Amos Tirop Matui adding a second podium place for Kenya with bronze. Time to switch to the women's race...


    So Kenya win the first of 16 golds on offer on day 11, which promises a Ryder Cup-style showdown between India and England to claim second place in the medals table when the Games are officially brought to a close this evening.Englandare in possession of 37 gold medals, one more than their venerable hosts,and each countryhas three realistic opportunities to add to their collection on Thursday, startingwith the badminton at the Siri Fort Sports Complex.

  7. Contributor  

    BBC reporter Phil Jones at the marathon finish in Delhi reports: "England's AndiJoneshad a tight hamstring in the preparation for the marathon but the UK Athletics team thought he was fully recovered in the holding camp. But at about 18km (about 11 miles)he felt a problem again and had to make the decision whether to pull out or carry on and risk further injury possibly threatening his build up to London 2012. So he decided to pull out."


    Irene Jerotich leads the women's marathon field and the tall, rangy Kenyan, who according to BBC athletics commentator Steve Cram has an unusual running style, starts to put the metres between herself and compatriot and namesake Irene Mogake, with Australia's Lisa Weightman in bronze medal position. Like the men's competition, we will have two Kenyans and an Aussie on the podium. If Kenya win this gold - and I'll put my bottom dollar on this - they will earn their best-ever Commonwealth Games gold medal haul.

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    From Jen, Glasgow: "I'm also a postgrad who should really be working on assignments, but BBC Sport is way more interesting. Loving the Games! Keep distracting me please!"

  10. 04:51 Medal alert MORE KENYAN GOLD  

    Irene Jerotich stretches her lead over Mogake to 20m with just over half-a-mile to go, the gold will be draped in the Kenyan flag for the 11th time in the Indian capital. Jerotich clinches gold in a time of two hours 34.32seconds - but she's still going! She doesn't realise she has crossed thefinishing line! The Indian police can't keep up with her to tell her to stop.

  11. 04:55 Athletics TENUOUS IRENE CARA LINK  

    It's a great day to be an Irene in Delhi as Irene Mogake takes the silver medal behind her fellow countrywoman, with Lisa Weightman earning bronze. From one Irene to another - what a feeling.

  12. 05:02 Athletics  

    Here comes England's Michelle Cope, crossing the line for a very respectable sixth place.

  13. 05:05 Hockey MEN'S BRONZE PLAY-OFF  

    Over at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium, it's 2-1 to New Zealand in the bronze medal hockey match against England with three minutes left of the first half. The crowd is sparse but there will not be a spare seat in the house when India's men take on defending champions Australia at 0700 BST.

  14. 05:13 Hockey HALF-TIME: NEW ZEALAND 2-1 ENGLAND  

    Huge jets of water drench the parched astroturf at half-time, where New Zealand hold the lead over England following an entertaining first half. You can watchthe second half liveon the red button and on the website, as well as the women's wheelchair singles table tennis final.

  15. SMS  

    From Ben, Kenyan graduate student: "Thank you BBC for enabling me to follow team Kenya’s exploits in real time from Rhode Island, USA where CWG is not news!"

    Warm glow inside alert...

  16. 05:19 Badminton POTENTIAL ENGLISH GOLD RUSH  

    In just under 15 minutes time, defending champions England play Malaysia in the mixed doubles final at 0530 BST, the first of five badminton gold medal matches on offer at the Siri Fort Sports Complex this morning. Nathan Robertson, who won gold in Melbourne alongside the now retired Gail Emms, is partnered by Jenny Wallwork and they will face unseeded Malaysian pair Koo Kien Keat and Chin Eei Hui.


    Disaster for England as they concede a penalty stroke, much to the abject horror of captain Barry Middleton, who launches into a diatribe of unsavoury language at the official who made the decision. Hugo Inglis clamly lifts the ball over the despairing dive of James Fair for a 3-1 lead.

  18. 05:30 Badminton MORE MEDAL HOPES FOR ENGLAND  

    As well asthe mixed doubles badminton finals, England have twofurther opportunitiesto extend their gold medal haul in the men's singles and doubles. Rajiv Ouseph is hoping to end 20 years 0f Malaysian dominance and win England's first gold since 1986 in thesingles final, where he faces defending champion Lee Chong Wei, who is reported to earn a win bonus of £15,000 should he retain his title. That match starts at about 0730 BST while Nathan Robertson once again faces Koo Kien Keat for the second time in three hours when he lines up alongside Anthony Clark in the men's doubles final against Malaysia. Keat is partnered by Tan Boon Heong. That final is scheduled to start at about 0830 BST.

  19. SMS  

    From Anthony, Isle of Wight: "Great service over the last few weeks, kept me entertained at work during these stupid early hours. Big day for badminton England, come on guys!!"


    Great start from Nathan Robertson and Jenny Wallwork, who are 6-2 up in the first set of the mixed doubles final against Malaysia's Koo Kien Keat and Chin Eei Hui.

  21. 05:42 Hockey BRONZE MEDAL MASH-UP  

    Ouch! Claret everywhere as first Simon Mantell then Barry Middleton get sticks in the face during a particularly niggly second half of the bronze medal play-off between England and New Zealand. However, the Black Sticks are a man down as Steve Edwards has been yellow carded for his part in Middleton's bloody mouth. Still, New Zealand are 3-1 up with 16 minutes of the match to go.

  22. 05:46 Badminton MIXED DOUBLES FINAL UPDATE  

    Rumbustious fightback by the Malay pair, bouyed by plenty of boisterous support at the Siri Sports Complex, as they take a 17-14 lead in the first game. England's defence isn't quite as tight as Malaysia's, according to BBC summariser Gail Emms. However, Jenny Wallwork is using her height advantage to effect at the net.

  23. 05:52 Hockey BRONZE MEDAL SCORE UPDATE  

    England 3-3 New Zealand. Two goals in three minutes from Simon Mantell sees England level a dramatic bronze medal play-off with nine minutes left on the clock. The Reading player deflects a well-worked penalty corner routine into the net before nudging in from close range following a powerful burst from the right. That'shis hat-trick too.

  24. 05:57 Badminton MIXED DOUBLES FINAL UPDATE  

    Malaysian duo Koo Kien Keat and Chin Eei Hui capitalise on a couple of Nathan Robertson errors towin the first set. The 2004 Olympicsilvermedallist is looking particularly tentative but partner Jenny Wallwork is looking solid,particularly at the net. Ooooh the tension...

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    From Anon: "As a Pom living in Australia, their dominance is really quite boring. They also keep going in about the ratio of medals to population. Not going on so much about the cricket that’s also happening in India though..."

  26. 06:02 Hockey MORE HOCKEY DRAMA  

    Would you believe it - for the third successive match at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium we've got extra time as neither New Zealand or England can add to their three goals. If those extra 15 minutes cannot fathom a goal, it's you-know-what. And we've had enough drama to keep a small West End stage play production going for months over the past few days. Hockey has never been so nerve-wracking...

  27. 06:04 Badminton MIXED DOUBLES FINAL UPDATE  

    Momentum is gradually fading as Malaysia take a 16-8 lead in the second game against England. BBC commentator Gail Emms is particularly exasparated by Nathan Robertson's tactics in the final.


    Big Nate Dogg slams a forehand smash into the net and his dejected expression narrates the story of the final for the 2006 champion as Malaysia earn eight gold medal points, converted at the first attempt, to win 22-20 2-12. No time for Nathan Robertson to wallow in defeat as he has the men's doubles final to prepare for. The 33-year-old will once again face up to Koo Kien Keat, this time alongside Anthony Clark. That final starts at about 0830 BST.


    The temperature is reaching skin-blisteringly hot at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium, whereneither England or New Zealand canfindthe decisive opening.A fine save denies Simon Mantell a fourth goal from a penalty corner in the final seconds of the first half of extra time, although Iain MacKay is green carded at the start of the second half.

  30. SMS  

    From Anon Australian: "Sob sob sob. Why must the games end? Was great coverage. The Aussie winis a great distraction from the cricket."


    Richard Mantell absolutely leathers the coating off the ball from a penalty corner straight into the knee of an unsuspecting Black Sticks defender. The two men sitting to my right wince in abject horror at the replay, although there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage. Still no goalmouth openingsand the final buzzerconfirmsEngland face penalties for the second successive match.

  32. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "Commonwealth Games Federation president Mike Fennell has given a long run-down of how good the Games have been. Athletes have been happy, venues have been good, security has been firm but fair. One gem, though, that Ronald Reagan would be proud of: 'There were 22,000 volunteers, I’m told. All of them young, bright Indians, and some foreigners as well.'"

  33. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent At the Siri Fort Sports Complex  

    "Great atmosphere at the badminton for the mixed doubles gold medal match. India's heroes go in the women's events later, both in the singles and doubles, so it's a noisy and impartial bunch for England vs Malaysia in the mixed. Nathan Robertson and Jenny Wallwork edged in the first and it wasmore one-sided for the second. Robertson has another chance in the men's doubles but its fair to say Wallwork doesn't look like she'll be ringing her mum any time soon with the good news of the silver they've just won."


    So here we go, can England's men emulate their female counterparts and take hockey bronze? We'll find out shortly as England's five penalty strokers prepare to pierce Black Sticks keeper Kyle Pontifex's histronics. Here we go...

  35. 06:31 Hockey  

    It's1-1 asEngland's Richard Smith nets onhis 50th international appearance.

  36. 06:32 Alert  

    It's 100% for both teams as England's Richard Mantell nutmegs Pontifex for 2-2. Haydn Shaw next up for NZ...

  37. 06:34 Hockey ENGLAND PENALTY MISS  

    Shaw nets to give New Zealand 3-2 lead as Adam Dixon walks up for England's third - and misses! Advantage Black Sticks.

  38. 06:38 Medal alert NEW ZEALAND WIN HOCKEY BRONZE  

    Ashley Jackson keeps England's hopes alive with a confident penalty into the roof of the net, but Shea McAleese sends the Black Sticks into raptures as he nets the decisive penalty to confirm New Zealand's place on the podium. England's players hit the deck, sweat-drained heads wrapped around calloused palms. Dejection on every single English face. The stands are rapidly filling with bouyant home supporters eagerly awaiting the final between India and defending champions Australia at about 0700 BST.

  39. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough DELHI ORGANISING CHIEF SPEAKS  

    "Games chief Mike Fennell is asked a question on a major theme over the last few days: Do you blame the media for exposing problems or do you think they helped? 'Both,' replies the Jamaican.'I felt some of the trivia received more attention that it should, but it was important to expose some of the fundamental issues and it helped. When these were exposed in the media, this helped us to get action going in certain areas, and I say that very sincerely. But I would be less than frank if I said some of the minor reports did not help because the public does not understand the dynamics of organisation.'"

  40. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent At the badminton finals  

    "Polite applause for the Malaysian anthem, which I reckon sounds like a really slow rendition of 'Oh Danny Boy'. Crowd getting restless for the first show from some Indian finallists today. And here they come - rafters rattled by the welcome for Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Machimanda in the women's doubles final, although I'm slightly confused by their names. A Ponappa and J Gutta is emblazoned on their shirts but the scoreboard reads Jwala and Ashwini."

  41. SMS  

    From Wombat: "What is it with England teams and penalties? Both football and now hockey."

  42. 06:59 India  

    Indian pair Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Machimanda hold a 18-16 lead over Singapore's Shinta Mulia Sari and Yao Lei in the first game of the women's doubles badminton final, every point greeted by a cacophonous, Siri Fort Sports Complex-shaking roar of delight by the packed home faithful. Meanwhile, strains of Advance Australia Fair, something Delhi has got well accustomed to over the past 11 days, drift across the Dhyan Chand National Stadium ahead of their men's hockey final against India. Odd, shouldn't the anthems be played after the final? If the hosts win golds in these two finals, they'll inch ahead of England in second place in the medals table. It's all to play for... So who's gonna call this? If it's anything like the recent two-Test cricket series,it should be an absolute belter.


    From BBC Sport’s Ben Moore: "The Thyagaraj Sports Complex is surprisingly busy as England warm up for their bronze medal match against old rivals Jamaica. Most of the crowd are already waving St George flags after crafty Team England handed hundreds out."

  44. 07:04 Medal alert RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS GOLD MEDAL  

    Chrystalleni Trikomiti of Cyprus wins gold at the rhythmic gymnastics rope final, choosing a routine with the hardest difficulty among the eight finalists, forcing Australia's Naazmi Johnston into second. Wales' Francesca Jones finishes fourth, England's Francesca Fox is eighth.

  45. SMS  

    From Anon: "Mike Fennell has clearly not been an average spectator at CWG! Conditions have been dreadful for some sports such as rugby - no shade provided, no drinks, no suncream allowed in venue from 9-6! Security has not been firm but fair, it has been draconian! Basic human needs have not been met. All the correspondents have press passes which allows them water. What do you think it’s like with none and no shade?"

    Has anyone else experienced something similar in Delhi? Or the complete opposite? Text me your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages will be charged at your standard operator rate.

  46. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent At the badmintons finals  

    "It's either joy and sorrow for the Indians in the mixed women's doubles. One minute it's Henmanesque clenched fists. The next they look like they're having a domestic when the shuttle passes between them untouched. Hearts on sleeves - got to love it. One set up and it's close in the second."

  47. 07:15 Gymnastics HOOP UPDATE  

    It's time for the hoop in the rhythmic gymnastics final and England's Rachel Ennis is one of the first to perform, notching a respectable 22.850.

  48. 07:21 Medal alert BADMINTON GOLD FOR INDIA  

    Playis briefly halted after India go 19-18 ahead in the second game as the Singapore duo claim a let should have been called as they were not ready (although they appeared to be in position in the replays) on the hosts' serve. Cue complaints as the umpire awards the point to India. The incident clearly rattles top seeds Shinta Mulia Sariand Yao Lei, who, moments later, are on the wrong end of a 21-16 21-9 defeat by India's Jwala Guttaand Ashwini Machimanda as the Siri Fort Sports Complex erupts. India are now level with England on 37 golds in the overall medals table.

  49. 07:26 Hockey MEN'S HOCKEY FINAL UPDATE  

    Defending Commonwealth, Olympic and world champions Australia take a 3-0 first-half lead against hosts India, much to the disappointment of the fiercely partisan crowd at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium. Eddie Ockendenopens theKookaburra's account with a reverse-stickstrike deflected off Sandeep Singh before Jason Wilson's double strike. One-way traffic right right now.


    England make a confident start to the second quarter of their bronze medal match against Jamaica at the sparsely populated but nonetheless boisterous Thyagaraj Sports Complex, taking a 17-14 lead into thesecond quarter.


    Wales's teenager Frankie Jones, who just missed out on a medal in the rope, wins the silver medal in the hoop final after a fantastic routine. The teenager scored 24.750 points but could not oust Malaysia's Elaine Koon from top spot in the medals standings.


    It gets better and better for England. There arehigh-fives all round as theyextend their lead to 30-19 near the half-time interval in their bronze medal match against an increasingly erratic Jamaica.

  53. BBC World Service's Chris Mitchell
    Contributor BBC World Service's Chris Mitchell At the Australia v India hockey final  

    "You wouldthink they would notwant to watch but the India volunteer staff are huddled around TV monitors backstage, the army uniforms are all straining for a glimpse at the big screens inside the stadium. The security guys out the front are wondering whether the cheers and screams are good or bad news. Each and every one are expecting another brilliant Indian comeback in the second half. However, that looks distinctly unrealistic as Luke Doerner slams a penalty corner into the back of the netas Australia reach the half-time interval 4-0 up."

  54. SMS  

    From CWG fan: "Once you get into the stadiums the atmosphereyou get is electric. The approach to many entries was long and arduous with X-ray checks etc, but after all it was necessary for our own safety I guess. I used to drink and eat full before entering the stadium and I never felt any thirst after that! It was great fun."

  55. 07:47 Alert DAY 11 RECAP  

    Kenya win double marathon gold, England's Nathan Robertson and Jenny Wallwork are beaten in the final of the badminton mixed doubles, more heartbreak for England's men hockey team, who lose their second successive match on a penalty shoot-out, hosts India move level with England on 37 golds in the medals tableafter successin the badminton women's doubles andWales's Frankie Jones takes silver in the rhythmic gymnastics hoop discipline.

  56. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "Got to say if you'd paid a few hundred rupees for this session of badminton you wouldbe well chuffed. Two sets of Indian finalists and five finals in all. Next up isEngland's Rajiv Ouseph against defending champion Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia. Ouseph is ranked 16 in the world andis batting above his average to get to this final. However, the former Loughborough student makes an excellent start against the world number one - it's 6-3 to Ouseph in the first game."

  57. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough ENGLAND V INDIA DING-DONG GOLD BATTLE  

    "The fight for second place in the overall medals table isright down to the wire - three more chances for England (men's singles anddoubles badminton, rhythmic gymnastics ribbon) while India have two(women's singles badminton, men's hockey final). However, the hockey looks like it's out of reach - India are 4-0 down to world champions Australia at the start of the second half."


    After a shaky start, world number one Lee Chong Wei is jumping around battering anything in sight, at one point picking himself off the deck to winanunseemingly unwinnable point againstEngland's Rajiv Ouseph. The Malay takes the first game 21-12 and it's a Herculean task for the 24-year-old.


    England continue to pass the ball beautifully around the court and it's hard to see Jamaica coming back into this match. With six minutes of the second-half remaining, England lead 42-31. Without the looming threat of a penalty shootout, England should be able to maintain concentration and bring the bronze medal home.

  60. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent At the badminton finals  

    "Three of Delhi's fire brigade just took their seats - one of them has brought a fire extinguisher. Can't quite imagine a scenario in which three men and one extinguisher is the perfect solution."

  61. 08:11 Hockey MEN'S HOCKEY FINAL UPDATE  

    It's curtains for India as Luke Doerner slams in his second penalty corner score of the day to give Australia a comprehensive 5-0 lead. The crowd are doing their darndest to ensure the atmosphere doesn't rival that of a morgue with various bouts of screaming and shrieking whenever India are presented an attacking opportunity,which are increasingly rare.And then Simon Orchard slams the ball into the back of the net for a 6-0 lead. Another rendition of Advanced Australia Fair at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium to come.


    Poor Rajiv Ouseph has beensubjected to a masterclass by world number one Lee Chong Wei, who completes a 21-10 21-8 victory over the exasparated Englishman. Still, Ouseph will be chuffed totakesilver. I hope.


    Two-time Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes watches on as England take a 12-point lead into the final quarter of their match against Jamaicaat 50-38. Goal shooter Louisa Brownfield is the pick of the England team, she looks almostincapable of missing at the moment. I'malso thoroughlyconfident these words are notgoing to bite me on the backside.

  64. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "One last shot at badminton gold rests with Anthony Clark and Nathan Robertson, who areup next against...Malaysia, who have so far claimedtwo of the threegoldmedalsat the Siri Fort Sports Complex."

  65. SMS  

    From Anon: "No-one has mentioned the real battle of today, Australia to get double the gold medals of second place!"

  66. 08:25 Medal alert AUSTRALIA WIN MEN'S HOCKEY GOLD  

    Well, you wouldn't really expect anything less from the Commonwealth, world and Olympic champions. Glenn Turner rattles in a goal seconds before the final buzzer as Australia inflict a debilitating 8-0 thrashing against India, whose players look as if they've had their chocolate rationshalved.


    From my colleague Tim Love sitting directly behind me: "England emphatically take the final spot on the podium after completely dominating Jamaica in a 70-47 victory. Maggie Jackson's side made up for the disappointment of losing a tight semi-final with Australia and played some fantastic stuff. That's as close to watching 'Total Netball' as I've ever managed before, with goal shooter Louisa Brownfield performing like an English Johan Cruyff. Great stuff."


    Wales's Frankie Jones hopes of a second podium finish in the rythmic gymnastics ball discipline are dashed, finishing fourth with a score of 23.950 in a final won by Australia's Naazmi Johnston. However, no time to rest for the limber Jones, who is in action once again in the ribbon, which also features England's Lynne Hutchison. Relentless pace at the Yamuna Sports Complex.


    Nathan Robertson, strangely off-form in the earlier defeat in the mixed doubles final, has an hour or so to composehis thoughts beforethe men's double finalalongside partner Anthony Clark. The duo are up against Malaysia's Koo Kien Keatand Tan Boon Heong and the English pairsneak a 9-5 lead in the first game.

  70. 08:56 Alert DAY 11 REVIEW SO FAR  

    Kenya win double marathon gold, England's Nathan Robertson and Jenny Wallwork are beaten in the final of the badminton mixed doubles whileRajiv Ouseph wins silver in the men's singles, more heartbreak for England's men hockey team, who lose their second successive match on a penalty shoot-outwhile Australia win gold yet again, India move level with England on 37 golds in the medals table after success in the badminton women's doubles, England thrash Jamaica to win netball bronzeand Wales's Frankie Jones takes silver in the rhythmic gymnastics hoop discipline.


    From BBC Sport's Tim Love avidly watching the netball: "As Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' ramps up the atmosphere at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex, the two powerhouses of world netball prepare to do battle for the 100th time as world champions Australia take on reigning Commonwealthgold medallistsNew Zealand in the final. A glorious hour of world-class netball awaits."


    The sizeable Malaysian contingent ramp up the noise levels to roof-lifting decibels as Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong win the first set 21-19 against England's Robertson and Clark. Tension, drama and intrigue of a shuttlecock-shaped kind.

  73. 09:09 England  

    Disaster for England's Lynne Hutchison in the rhythmic gymnastics, twice dropping her ribbon during her routine which means England's only hope of gold on the final day rests in the men's doubles badminton final, which Nathan Robertson and Anthony Clark currently trail. But if the duo win gold, it means England, currently level on golds with India on 37 in the medals table, cannotbe overhauled because they have won more silver medals than the hosts.

  74. Contributor  

    FromBBC Sport’s Ben Moore: "England overcame a strong Jamaican attack to take bronze in the netball by 23 points. The old rivals in this sport squared up in a rough game that saw Jamaican goalkeeper Byfield carried off injured before half-time. In the end England’s speed won out over the brute force with Pam Cookey and Louisa Brownfield shooting the ball through the flannel with great accuracy. The near capacity crowd jubilant and all waving Team England-supplied St George flags for 12 very happy medal winners".

  75. 09:21 Medal alert MORE BADMINTON GOLD FOR MALAYSIA  

    It's all over in the men's doubles badminton final and it's double heartbreak for Nathan Robertson, who is once again on the wrong end of a Malaysia beating following a 21-19 21-14 defeat by Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong. Robertson adds a second silver to his 2010 collection alongside partner Anthony Clark.

  76. 09:23 Netball WOMEN'S NETBALL FINAL UPDATE  

    From BBC Sport's Tim Love: "The two gladiators of the netball world are providing a heart-stopping encounter in the battle for gold. Australian coach Norma Margaret Plummer sits in her seat with the look of a cat that's eyeing up a goldfish; she knows there is no escape for the Kiwis if her team keep up this relentless attacking pace. As the first quarter comes to a close, the Aussies lead 10-9."


    Ooooh the tension - defeat in the men's badminton doubles mean England cannot add any more heavy duty medalry to their collection, which means they finish with 37 golds, 58 silvers and 45 bronzes, a grand total of 140 and currently sit second in the medals table. However, hosts India have the same number of golds and canusurp the red and white if Saina Nehwal can beat Malaysia's Wong Mew Choo in the women's badminton singles final. The odds are stacked in Nehwal's favour - she has yet to drop a game so far in the tournament. It's like the Ryder Cup, only without the rain and Rory McIlroy wigs.

  78. SMS  

    From Steve: "Following double Kenya gold in the marathon, looking at the medal table as medals on GDP per capita will make good reading. They may knock India off the top. Australia not so high on that one."

  79. SMS  

    From VJ: "C’mon Saina! India’s 38th gold and 100th medal beckons."


    From BBC Sport's Tim Love: "Legendary Australian goal shooter Sharelle McMahon strolls off court with the aura John Travolta exuded in Saturday Night Fever. The only difference between the two is that McMahon doesn't have a well-gelled quiffon her head. The Aussie captain might well feel confident as her team take a 23-20 lead over New Zealandat the half-time break."

  81. 09:48 Badminton INDIA GOLD MEDAL NUMBER 38 UPDATE  

    A symphony of "oooohs", "aaaaahs" and "Jai Hinds" accompany almost every racquet stroke made by Saina Nehwal, India's final hope of overhauling England in the final medals table in front of an ebullient packed house at the Siri Fort Sports Complex. The 20-year-old from Haryana trails 8-4 in the first gameto Wong Mew Choo, who is aiming to collect Malaysia's fourth gold from five badminton finals, in the women's singles final.


    Wong edges 13-9 in front but Nehwal is unperturbed, bludgeoning an almighty smash past her static opponent. She closes the gap to two at 16-14 in a thrilling first game.


    For those of you imploring me to use my omnipotent power in the corridor of influence at the BBC and broadcast the women's badminton singles final, coverage is now on the website and the red button. It's 19-17 to Wong.

  84. 10:03 Netball WOMEN'S NETBALL FINAL UPDATE  

    From BBC Sport's Tim Love: "With Australasian eyes fixated on the Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Australia and New Zealand are providing a netball final befitting for the final day. The Kiwis fight back to 35-33 with only 15 minutes of the contest remaining. 'We knew this would be an arm wrestle, and it is!' shrieks the Australian commentator. This is sporting drama at its finest, and the Delhi crowd are loving it."


    Huge groans at the Siri Fort Sports Complex as Saina Nehwal loses the first game 21-19 to Malaysia's Wong. It's 6-5 to the Indian in the second and the increasingly agitated crowd are willingevery one of the 20-year-old Nehwal'sdrop-shotover the net.


    Saina Nehwal edges 14-10 ahead in the badminton women's singles final against Malaysia's Wong, with every point greeted by a cathartic exclamation of joy from the visibly tense home crowd. Meanwhile, New Zealand edge ahead for the first time in the final quarter of the women's netball final against Australia. Just a minute to go...

  87. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    From Twitter: "Putting piece together on best, worst and most memorable of Delhi's Commonwealth Games - all suggestions vey much welcomed."


    From BBC Sport's Tim Love: "It's 47-47 at full-time. New Zealand have thrown it away, they led by five goals in the final quarter but could not keep their composure in the face of some unbelievable hustling by Aussie goal shooter Catherine 'The Magician' Fox (That's not her nickname at the moment, but it definitely should be). We now play two periods of extra-time, each lasting seven minutes. Incredible drama."

  89. 10:31 Badminton BADMINTON WOMEN'S FINAL UPDATE  

    An injudicious leave from Wong allows Nehwal to level the match at 19-19 and the Indian launches a breath-taking smash which lands on the line to take the thinest of leads.It's nip and tuck all the wayin the final stages of game two, thelead shifting to and frobetween the Malaysian and Indian. However, Nehwal earns the decisive two-point break when Wong nets a return to force the final into an enthralling third-set decider. Game very much on - India can still overtake England into second place in the medals table IF Saina Nehwal wins gold.

  90. 10:35 Medal alert TABLE TENNIS GOLD FOR SINGAPORE  

    Yang Zi wins an all-Singaporean men's singles table tennis final after beating Gao Ning, with India's Sharath Kamal Achanta taking bronze.


    It's 58-58 between Australia and defending champions New Zealand at the end of extra-time in the most nail-biting slice of drama on a Thursday in Delhi. The first team to take a two-goal lead wins gold. I can hardly type...

  92. SMS  

    From Anon: "For Tom Fordyce - best and memorable must be the spirit that the Games have been played. As happy as the winners have been, they have also commiserated with the losers. The worst has to be England now have two more penalty nemisises in India and New Zealand!"

  93. 10:44 Badminton WOMEN'S BADMINTON FINAL UPDATE  

    Momentum is very much in Saina Nehwal's favour - the Indianleads Wong14-8 in the decider.

  94. 10:49 Medal alert NETBALL GOLD FOR NEW ZEALAND  

    Maria Tutaia nails the point which sees New Zealand defend their Commonwealth crown in one of the most sensational matches in the history of competitive netball following a 66-64 victory over Australia. Who needs hyberbole after a match like that?

  95. 10:52 Medal alert BADMINTON GOLD FOR INDIA  

    India secure second place in the medals table as Saina Nehwal completes a 21-19 22-20 21-13 victory over Malaysia's Wong Mew Chew, earning her country its 38th gold medal, one more than England's haul of 37.

  96. 10:58 India  

    The Siri Fort Sports Complex erupts as if Sachin Tendulkar has just reverse swept the winning runs to earn India the Cricket World Cup. Saina Nehwal looks likely to join the "Little Master" in the pantheon of Indian sporting icons following her singles success, the hosts's second victory inthe badminton following gold in the women's doubles.The added bonus that her victory demotes England into second place in the overall medals table will not go unnoticed by the ebullient Indian media and fans alike.

  97. 11:01 Netball FULL-TIME NETBALL UPDATE  

    From BBC Sport's Tim Love: "That was absolutely sensational sport and New Zealand have retained their Commonwealth title. 'That has to be one of the great netball games,' says a very gracious Australian commentator, and I have to agree with her. Both teams missed several chances to win the game in both normal, extra and extra-extra-time, but in the end New Zealand pulled through. Huge credit must go to Kiwi goal shooter Maria Tutaia, who sunk the winning shot as well as many other high-pressured, match-saving hoops towards the end of the game. It's too early in the morning for high-octane drama like this, I need to have a sleep and I'm sure I'll be dreaming of making the winning shot for England in the 2011 World Championships in Singapore."


    Archer Nicky Hunt, who won two gold medals, will carry England's flag in the closing ceremony. Shooter Jon Hammond will be Scotland's flag bearer after becominghis country's most profilic medal-winning athlete in a single Games with four. Rob Weale, who claimed lawn bowls gold, will take care of Wales' flag. Weale has set a Games record of six bowls medals, beating the five won by England's David Bryant between 1962-78. Heavyweight boxer Steven Ward will be Northern Ireland's carrier. Ward claimed a silver medal after losing to England's Simon Vallily on the finals night of the boxing where Northern Ireland bagged three golds and two silvers.

  99. SMS  

    From Anon: "After the way the Games started amid all the controversy, what a way to finish the games for India. Saina saving a match point to win gold and cement India's place as second in the table. Hats off to Saina."

  100. Alert DAY 11 HEADLINES  

    India overtake England and claim second place in the overall medals table with 38 golds when Saina Nehwal wins the women's singles badminton final, but England's Nathan Robertson suffers double golden doubles badminton heartbreak as compatriot Rajiv Ouseph wins silver in the men's singles. More shoot-out woe for England's men hockey team, who lose their bronze medal match against New Zealand on penalties while Australia win gold yet again. England thrash Jamaica to win netball bronze before defending champions New Zealand defend their title in a thrilling final against Australia, Kenya win double marathon gold and Wales's Frankie Jones takes silver in the rhythmic gymnastics hoop discipline.

  101. Twitter  

    English badminton Olympic silver medallist (now retired) Gail Emms: "So gutted for the players today: 3 finals, 3 losses so 3 silvers."

  102. SMS  

    From 'expat Dave' in Qatar: "Have to say big congrats to India on the massive haul of golds. The success of their athletes and the support given to them by the Indian public have firmly squashed any of the minor negativities from the run up. An event to be proud of, and here’s hoping the momentum is kept up through to 2012."

  103. 11:40 Commentary Closing ceremony starts in under three hours...  

    Yup, the next slice of Commonwealth sporting action on offer will come in four years' time in Glasgow. Remarkable. It has been emotional, and that's a nice note from 'expat Dave' on a "Delhi Games to be proud of". But let's do a full and final analysis while enjoying the closing ceremony shortly. Join Chris Whyatt from around 1400 BST [though UK users can continue to watch video on this page]. There'll be pipers and an inflatable armadillo...

  104. 14:00 Alert Closing ceremony due to start at 1430 BST...  

    Welcome back all. I'm Chris Whyatt. Sport. An organised, competitive, entertaining, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, where a winner is defined by objective means. Has Delhi 2010 ticked those boxes for you?

  105. 14:10 India  

    We're not far from the closing ceremony in Delhi - and, don't forget, the handover ceremony for Glasgow 2014. But please do let me know all your thoughts on these 2010 Commonwealth Games. Whether they are overwhelmingly positive or a shade negative - or a bit of both - can it be denied that, much like the nation of India itself, they have been EPIC? Text us on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages will be charged at your standard operator rate. I await the deluge...

  106. BBC Sport's Clare Balding
    Contributor BBC Sport's Clare Balding  

    On Twitter: "Denise Lewis just popped into the studio to say hello. She looks AMAZING. Watch her at 2.15 (BST) on bbc2. Stunning outfit."

    Yes, BBC2 coverage is under way with British athletics legend Denise Lewis wearing a traditional sari. Colin Jackson looking a bit like a zebra (albeit with a sleeveless woolly jumper). UK users can watch video coverage of the closing ceremony on this page.

  107. SMS  

    From anonymous: "Chris - I am sure that London and Glasgow will provide better organised Games, but I don't think it will ever match the colour, splendour and enthusiasm (especially that shown at hockey, badminton and women's 4x400). And the legacy this event will leave will be unprecedented."

    Skimming opinion from colleagues and the like, the vibrancy and unique colour of these Games could well be the lasting memory. One thing. When getting in touch, please don't forget to let me know your name - and where you are following the action!

  108. 14:30 Commentary Happy birthday to Steve Cram...  

    ...who dons a big badge in the commentary box he is sharing with Huw Edwards from BBC News. The stage is setfor the closing ceremony in the throbbing Jawaharlal Nehru stadium. Nearly 60,000 there.All shops and markets in Delhihave beenclosed with a huge security operation taking place in preparation. Party atmosphere. Check. Some official introductions. It's under way...

  109. SMS  

    From Gautem: "E-Excellent, P-Picturesque, I-Imaginative,C-Collaborative: EPIC!"

    Thanks also to Bhavlo in Leeds, who tells me that the outfit worn by Denise is NOT a sari - it's a salwar kameez. Thought that could catch me out. Unperturbed, Bhavlo adds: "That apart, the games have been amazing. Great to see other sports being supported in the cricket-mad nation."

  110. 14:40 England  

    Representing the Queen, Prince Edward - the Earl of Wessex and vice-patron of the Commonwealth Games - watches on with Indian prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi. Both the Indian dignitaries have been at events around Delhi in recent days. The dancing taking place right now draws upon 3,000 years of martial arts tradition. Cheers for that last info Huw!

  111. SMS  

    From Sri 'a Delhiite in London': "I was the butt of jokes at work leading to and during the first week of competition. I am glad our athletes stepped up to the plate and delivered. Although some elite athletes did not participate, it was some - not all. Uber-happy with the medals haul from a cricket frenzy country. Now the next aim is to return a double digit medal haul in 2012. There is a lot of audit to follow this though. The public money spent has to be answered for."

  112. SMS  

    From Ahmed in Brisbane: "The Games have been great. Awesome build-up to London. New stars emerged and old legends shone. Well done India. It's your turn London and Glasgow. Stun us."

  113. 14:58 Commentary  

    Cheeks puffed out to the maximum, an Indian military band have just blasted their way through a rousing number - on bagpipes. That's class. Quick memo: refresh your page if you want to get involved in the 606 debatemy erstwhile colleague Ollie Williams has just kicked off. He and I both want to know your "defining moments and lasting impressions" of the Games. Do get involved.

  114. 15:04 India  

    Precisely 2010 schoolchildren from Delhi emerge into the stadium to loud cheers as theybegin to show their artisitic touch with aspot of Rangoli. Green and gold dust explodes all around them. Fireworks explode into the night sky. The athletes must be waiting close by...

  115. BBC Sport's Steve Cram
    Contributor BBC Sport's Steve Cram  

    "Yes, a lot of top competitors were missing. But there were some undoubted talents coming to the fore here in Delhi, anda sprinklingof world class stars. It would be nice if more of the nations supported it.The CommonwealthGames has a valid place in world sport."

  116. SMS  

    "Hi. I am Himanshu from India. These were the costliest ever Games, [but] these were first ever green Games. And to tell you a reality - these were not just games, but a message to the world that India has arrived... Watch out!"

  117. 15:20 Commentary Cauldron of noise in Delhi erupts...  

    England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, India... all the beaming athletes (many taking pictures on their mobiles phones) boogie into the stadium through an alleyway of dancers.That's a nice touch. Here's some inflatable daffodils. Yes it's Wales, who clinched two gold medals in Delhi. Very informal. Real party atmosphere.

  118. BBC Sport's Sonali Shah
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sonali Shah  

    "On the stadium floor watching the closing ceremony. I can hardly hear the bagpipes over the roaring crowd."

    And Sonali has just grabbed a quick interview with...

  119. Wales Wales cyclist Nicole Cooke...  

    "It's incredible. We've been waiting outside for more than an hour-and-a-half, mixing with friends and swapping badges with athletes from other countries. It's been absolutely amazing. The competition has been good and all the venues have been excellent. It's been a really good Games."

    Quick reminder: Olympic and former world champion Nicole failed, unfortunately, to reclaim her Commonwealth Games road race title after finishing fifth in Delhi.

  120. SMS  

    From Joel Indrupati: "Great Job, India! I’m feeling proud, here in Bahrain, watching the closing ceremony. Proud that my country not only hosted the games so well, but also took the second place among over 70 countries."

  121. BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar
    Contributor BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar  

    On Twitter: "Scottish team wearing kilts and 'see you in Glasgow' T-shirts."

    Eagle-eyed Gordon,I also notice, is very impressed by the Welsh team carrying leeks (along with the inflatable daffodils I mentioned)! He's also spotted Prince Edward getting a better view of proceedings with a pair of binoculars.

  122. Scotland Scottish cyclist David Millar...  

    "Well, I'll be looking forward to competing in Glasgow - hopefully if I make it. I'm just appreciating this at the moment. Delhi's been fantastic, it's quite surprising how rammed it is here, the atmosphere is great. They've put on an amazing show."

    Millar, of course, won Scotland's first ever gold medal in a road cycling event at the Commonwealth Games when he took the time trial title in Delhi.

  123. 606  

    Couple of defining moments from Stargazer:"1.) The specialist events that were so thinly populated that if the little old lady from Borneo could stay on her feet she had a better than fair chance of making a Commonwealth Games final. (yes, I am exaggerating, but not much!). 2.) The tears that showed that, whatever anyone says about the level of competition, the medals in these games do really matter to the people who win and lose them."

  124. 15:56 India Handover ceremony draws closer...  

    Unsure boos drift from the packed stands as Suresh Kalmadi, chairman of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games organising committee, addresses the noble dignitaries/ big cheeses gathered in the VIP sections. After an age, he finally refers to the "the proud people of Delhi" - and happy roars drown out his words. "Delhi 2010 has captured the imagination of India and the world," he then insists. "This is not the end - this is just the beginning..."

  125. 16:00 Commentary Kalmadi's speech continues...  

    And despite its gravitas - "this Games has really brought India together; manyofficials have said it's the best Games they've ever seen" - the reaction from the crowd is sometimes like a pantomime. In a good way though. There is a lot of raw excitement, and emotion, coursing through the stands. He doesn't shy away from talking about the challenges (some would say problems) India faced. But his dominant message is defiant: Delhi 2010 was a success.

  126. 16:07 Commentary Sense of growing excitement...  

    The handover ceremony is upon us, as Glasgow 2014 chairman Lord Smith of Kelvin takes to the stage surrounded by superbly-attired Indian military. All Scots in the stadium appear to be standing and straining to get a view.

  127. 16:10 Scotland Scotland has the flag! Countdown to 2014...  

    Delhi 2010 is over and - judging by what these Commonwealth Games have meant to so many - millions of hopes and dreams, no matter how big or small or whether some people know it or not, now shift towards Glasgow in 2014. Hope that's not too sweeping a statement, but feels like the right sentiment.

  128. SMS  

    From Vish, an 'Indian currently in London': "Positive, positive and absolutely positive for India and the brand. Who said the brand is tarnished? These Games definitely created and opened the doors to sporting culture in India - which is benificial for the world sport. I never knew Tom Daley until 2 days before andI never watched an full hockey match until last week. AlthoughI would not support an Olympic bid unless the poverty is reduced substantially. Definitely CWG Delhi 2010 won my heart."

  129. 16:23 Alert Tartan everywhere!  

    And plenty more iconic Scottish images that depict a modern take on a proud heritage. Kilts, bagpipes and the Loch Ness monster - not the real one I'm afraid; he's busy teasing tourists and locals alike back at home -all making an appearance in this mass choreographed piece. Woo. The lights have gone down...

  130. 16:31 Commentary Glasgow 2014 chief executive John Scott...  

    "Indians have been doing very well here and that's great for India to be succeeding. This is the one thing we want to give to Scotland. We've had this stated ambition which we keep reiterating, which is about being athlete centred and sport focused. Every Games I've been to has reinforced my belief that you have to really work at that.

    "Athletes' expectations are changing. Their ability to perform, which is what this should be about, is now about milliseconds. So create the environment, create the opportunity where what you're going to see on the field of play is about sport, does give you that spine-tingling moment of absolute perfection in performance. That's what we want to deliver."

  131. 16:37 Commentary Best athlete of the Games is...  

    Deemed to be Jamaica's Tricia Smith, who is given the David Dixon Award for winning gold in the women's triple jump. It's not just winning, but the style in which you win. So they say.

  132. 16:41 Alert Commonwealth Games chief Mike Fennell...  

    "It [2010] will be a hard act to follow. But we have every confidence in Glasgow. Humanity, destiny and equality through sport are our key values. Delhi - you have delivered a truly exceptional Games. And, above all, a wonderful experience."

  133. 16:44 Breaking news Shutters down, someone switch the lights off...  

    Prince Edward has officially brought the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi to a close. Scotland, are you excited?

  134. 16:50 India Don't hail your taxi just yet...  

    Whoa no you don't! The Games are over - but the party continues, as a host of Indian pop stars blast their way through a medley of Bollywood-sounding songs. It's just gone 2115 local time in Delhi, soI'd imagine the celebrations will go on long into the night. Many of the athletes still in the stadium, reports Huw Edwards. Did I just hear 'Jump Around' from House of Pain? Yes...

  135. BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar
    Contributor BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar  

    On Twitter: "Scotand the Brave... not sure the locals have got the inflatable Clyde Bridge reference. Watch ooot fer Nessie."

    As I did, Gordon also twigs that The Proclaimerswere played over the PA. "No (ahem) 'cultural reference' too small for this show," he muses...

  136. 17:02 Northern Ireland With classical Hindustani music blaring...  

    Here's the rightfully-bouyant Northern Ireland boxing team, their green tracksuits adding to the exotic mix of colour within the stadium. "Delhi is going mad," says Paddy Barnes. "We're over the moon to be part of it." His team-mate Thomas McCarthy adds: "The atmosphere has been phenomenal. TheIndian public have really come out in force".

  137. 17:06 Breaking news Less than 10 minutes to go...  

    And there's a remix of the hip hop-inspired 'One Love' sweeping across the stadium. Yes, the song from legendary English boy band Blue. Not Five - sorry, not Five! I'm lost for words. Bizarrely, BBC News anchor Huw Edwards didn't pass comment either...

  138. SMS  

    From Naveen: "Despite some hiccups, it was grand success. For every success there are challenges to face. It is great learning experience. What a finish by India in the second place. People argued whether India is a sporting nation... well, here is the result. Finished above England. That itself says they are... after this event, people in Indiaare even more interested in sports."

  139. 17:14 India  

    Bedlam at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Kids clambering over parents' shoulders in the stands as the music continues at a frenetic pace. By the way, hopefully that's not a career-defining hiccup... I briefly, and wrongly, said in the last post that'One Love'was by Five. It's by Blue! Of course. Must revise boy bands knowledge harder. Any final comments from you all?

  140. 17:22 England England's mermaid queen Rebecca Adlington...  

    "It [the closing ceremony] looked absolutely unbelievable," the double Olympic and Commonwealth gold medal swimmer, who is now back in the UK, tells Sue Barker and Jake Humphrey on BBC2. "My competing week there was tough, but you just got on with it. You've trained all year and we were all there to do a job. I absolutely loved India. My standout positive memory is the experience:a different country, a different culture. The village atmosphere, with all the athletes together, was incredible too".

  141. SMS  

    From Nitikain India 'watching the closing ceremony on telly': "Hey Chris. These Games have spectacularly displayed how sport brings people from diverse backgrounds together, whether it beyoung Indian divers rubbing shoulders with top divers like the very special Tom Daley and Matt Mitcham - or the amazingly strong Kenyan athletes running on the streets of Delhi, being cheered by awed indian spectators. These Games have given all of us new icons to emulate - the young generation of India will remember these Games for a long long time. WHAT COLOURS, WHAT CELEBRATION, WHAT CAMARADERIE. It truly has been EPIC."

  142. SMS  

    From Sumeetin Glasgow: "It makes me proud as an Indian. It was unfortunate the media went to Delhi expecting western culture. But I'm glad the athletes embraced the culture and enjoyed it. It might be in our culture to be late - but it's not in our culture not to be a good host. Look forward to Glasgow now."

  143. 17:35 India That's it. See you in Glasgow in 2014...  

    If not before at the London Olympics in 2012. Can't wait. Please digest and enjoy those closing contributions from Nitika (in India) and Sumeet (in Scotland). The perfect note on which to draw the curtains on our live coverage of the 2010 Commonwealth Games. There appears to be a frog in my throat. Well done Delhi.

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Medals table

Countries G S B Total
1 Australia 74 55 48 177
2 India 38 27 36 101
3 England 37 60 46 143
4 Canada 26 17 33 76
5 South Africa 12 11 10 33

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