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Commonwealth Games day five as it happened

  1. 04:15 Commentary  

    Tell you what, early risers-cum-people-who-are-many-moons-away-from-Britain - if you want my verdict, I reckon that Beccy Adlington's got a bright future in aquatic sport. Anyone disagree?

  2. 04:21 Commentary  

    Yep, along with 50m finalist Fran Halsall, Adlington was actually ill on Thursday as she stormed to gold in the 800m freestyle. Ill. Sick. Feeling rubbish. Now if that isn't kick-you-in-the-teeth, spit-in-the-street old-fashioned sport in all its brilliant, naked glory, I'm not sure I know what is. No tantrums or tiaras from those girls.

  3. 04:26 Commentary  

    On what just moments ago I dubbed 'Day Five' at the Commonwealth Games in India, there is treat after treat after treat in store. Check this, earthlings - we've got a quite remarkable 42 gold medals up for grabs today, so there's probably 42 silvers and 42 bronzes to boot. Hang on, news just in - people who know more than me have only gone and called it 'Fabulous Friday'. I bow to their superior creativity.

  4. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    On Twitter: "We're underway at the pool & the three English boys, Si Burnett, @adam_brown_swim & Grant Turner, have made the 50m fr semis. Not sure what happened to @GemmaSpofforth but she didn't look smooth on the last 50m. Third in heat, 2.12.93."

  5. 04:37 Commentary  

    If you're in the conscious world and reading this, you'll probably be wanting to get involved. Here's how: via text to 81111, if you're in the UK, or +44 7786200666 if you're anywhere else; or hit me a tweet @Stevo_football. Don't be fooled - it's just a very good disguise ;)

  6. 04:41 Commentary  

    Firstly, an amendment to the schedule: England's women are still playing New Zealand's women in a Group B encounter, but it'll now be at 0600 BST, not three hours later as was originally planned. Those two teams are both unbeaten, forget-ye-not.

  7. 04:44 Commentary  

    So, what treats are these in particular on Fabulous Friday? Well, on the busiest day of the swimming competition we've got Beccy Adlington and Jo Jackson in the women's 400m freestyle in the pool and Gemma Spofforth, Lizzie Simmonds and Fran Halsall also going for medals.

  8. 04:50 Commentary  

    On the track, it's also medals-a-go-go with eight golds up for grabs. Scotland's Lee McConnell goes in the women's 400m final, while England's Andy Turner will want the 110m hurdles title. Steph Twell (Scotland), Hannah England and Helen Clitheroe (England) and Ciara Mageean (N Ireland) are in the women's 1500m final, while England's Martyn Brockman will be chasing a medal in the decathlon.

  9. SMS  

    From Natalie and Phil: "Good morning. Me and my son are up to watch my cousin Alys Thomas swim. Could you solve an argument for me please? Do they have lifeguards at the games?"

    Blank looks all round in the office, so we've thrown it over to Delhi.

  10. 04:57 Commentary  

    Other highlights on Day Five include: the final day of cycling with Wendy Houvenahgel looking to win a first cycling gold for Northern Ireland in the women's 300m individual pursuit; two archery finals; five golds in the gymnastics, with England's Luke Folwell looking for his fourth and fifth medals; and plenty of other stuff. If you want a detailed schedule, check out the official Delhi website.

  11. 05:03 Alert Stuff going on right now:  

    In shooting, the men's pairs 50m rifle 3 position final and the men's singles 25m rapid fire pistol qualifying events are currently taking place. There are heats going on in the pool, there are semis occuring in the archery and the athletics gets under way at about 0530 BST.

  12. 05:06 Swimming  

    Defending Commonwealth Games champion David Davies progressed through to the final of the men's 1500m freestyle after coming fourth in his heat. Canada's Ryan Cochrane - an Olympic bronze medalist and Canada's first gold medalist at these games (400m freestyle) - cruised to victory, but it was a comfortable heat for Welshman Davies. England pair Daniel Fogg and Richard Charlesworth are also through.

  13. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "Fabulous Friday in Delhi. Beginning it with heavy cold and double espresso, can surely only end it with miraculous cure and double daal."

  14. 05:12 Breaking news  

    There is some confusion about the tennis schedule, but I was wrong with 42 - there are either 43 or 44 medals there just waiting to be won in Delhi on Fabulous Friday. The final figure all depends on the mixed doubles, like so much in life I guess.

  15. Twitter  

    From meranaamjoker: "It's a pleasant morning here in Delhi. I hope the host nation win lots of gold today :-D"

  16. 05:21 Swimming  

    Gather round, gather round: European champion Lizzie Simmonds has reached tonight's final of the 200metres backstroke, with Gemma Spofforth and Steph Proud. Simon Burnett, the 100m freestyle silver medallist, Adam Brown and Grant Turner have all gone through to the 50m semis.

  17. SMS  

    From Denny: "I hope we finally get to see some tennis today. I have been starved of commonwealth tennis for five days. Watching Paes-Bhupathi play in front of a packed, vociferous crowd is a sight to behold."

  18. 05:30 Swimming  

    England trio Beccy Adlington, Jo Jackson and Anne Bochman have all safely progressed through to the final of the women's 400m freestyle as did Wales' Jazz Carlin. But Caitlin McClatchey's disappointing Games continues, with illness preventing the Scot from defending her Commonwealth title.

  19. 05:36 Commentary  

    I know what you've been thinking - but more crucially, so does Tom Fordyce. 'How golden are these medals?' That's what you've been mulling over, isn't it? "Jamaica's Lerone Clarke was all clenched fists as he dipped on the line to snatch Commonwealth 100m gold. But does this title really count for anything?" asks Fordyce.

  20. 05:37 Archery  

    Latest archery news: England's women have won their semi-final against Canada and are through to the recurve (Olympic class) final, where they will face India from 0542 BST (ish).

  21. 05:44 Athletics  

    At the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, two events are going on - 110m hurdles heats in the decathlon, and men's long jump qualification. In the latter, England's Chris Tomlinson is in all sorts of trouble having suffered an injury to his right ankle, or possibly heel. In the decathlon, Martyn Brockman is currently third after six events.

  22. Twitter  

    From Stripyblazer: "Hi. Arrived a few hours ago. Cycling and swimming today. TeamEngland. You'll spot the leisurewear and flag. Solo."

  23. 05:54 Athletics  

    In the 110m hurdles, there are three Englishmen in the final, which is due for about 1310 BST. They are Euro champ Andy Turner, Will Sharman and Lawrence Clarke. They are joined by Scotland's Chris Baillie. They made qualifying look pretty easy just now. It's Turner's to lose, that one.

  24. 05:57 Commentary Hurdler Andy Turner:  

    "It's about conserving energy, because it's so humid in here. I'm really confident going into the final, I'm not taking anything for granted because there are some good guys in there, but I'm fit and healthy and looking forward to it."

  25. 06:01 Athletics  

    It's all going off inside the athletics stadium, again. Long jumper Chris Tomlinson has been carted off on one of those buggy-stretcher thingys - think USA '94. He's clearly got a problem with his foot, will let you know more soon as we can. Hurdler Will Sharman, meanwhile, has gone off to see the doctor because he's feeling unwell.

  26. SMS  

    From Tom Richmond: "Hey, can you give a shout out to my friend Mark Christian who won a bronze in the cycling the other day for the Isle of Man? He is a talented young man, from the same breed as Mark Cavendish."

  27. 06:08 Medal alert India win gold medal in women's recurve archery  

    That's one of the great finishes in recent archery history - and the Indian crowd have just gone crazy at the Yamuna Sports Complex. Needing 15 from their last two arrows to beat India, Amy Oliver could only manage six and Alison Williamson eight as the Indians won 207-206. What drama.

  28. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "The highlight of the day in the International Broadcast Centre is the daily briefing from Games bigwigs. Disappointingly, though, organising committee boss Suresh Kalmadi is not in attendance."

  29. 06:18 Table tennis  

    In the women's team bronze match in the table-tennis, it's gone to a fifth and final set between England and Malaysia. Shame so few people are there to see it, looks like a high quality match.

  30. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "CGF president Mike Fennell makes an admission we have feared for a while: 'We're having some problems with the cycling events and the road events like the marathons. To cover events requires helicopters but there is a problem that it requires them to fly in restricted areas. We are seeking to get the authorities to give approval for TV helicopters to fly into those areas. We appreciate all countries have restricted areas and we're endeavouring to get that waived.'"

  31. Twitter  

    From ganeshrajappan: "England were leading in all the rounds in the archery final until the final round and lost by one point. What a match!"

  32. 06:29 Table tennis  

    England have lost the first match in their table-tennis women's team bronze contest against Malaysia, 11-9 in the final game. There are three more matches and they need to put a win on the board quickly there.

  33. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "CGF president Mike Fennell is asked about the chaos surrounding the women's 100m last night, when Sally Pearson was told she was disqualified on the verge of receiving the gold medal:

    'A number of things happen concurrently. The result are announced, then you're allowed a certain time to make a protest. Someone did not communicate that a protest was being made. It was a major communication blunder by the officials at the athletics.

    'If you have a protest then athletes should be told they're put on hold and the reasons why.'"

  34. 06:36 Commentary  

    Tell you what the worst thing possible would be: To train all your life to get to a Commonwealth Games, give it everything you've got - and then when you get there, your coach fails to register you in time and you're disqualified without even getting the chance to compete. Step forward Singapore swimming coach Ang Peng Siong, whose blunder cost his team their 4x200m freestyle relay place. "I did what I could to get there on time. I can't control the traffic. If you want to point fingers, then so be it," said an unrepentant Ang.

  35. 06:38 Commentary 100m silver medalist Mark Lewis-Francis:  

    "I woke up this morning a bit gutted, because an athlete is never satisfied. There was one point in the race when I thought I could leave with nothing, but determination brought me through."

  36. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "A question from BBC 5 live's Gordon Farquhar leaves Lalit Bhanot, secretary general of the organising committee, speechless for a while, so Gordon restates it more clearly: 'Is your organisation competent to run these Games?'

    Dr Bhanot says: 'Definitely. We are fully competent and running efficiently. There are issues, as in any Games. We are fully competent and everything has been resolved so far.'

    Apart from the problem with getting buildings ready at the very last minute, issues since the games began have included a problem with allocating tickets, an incident that saw several Ugandan officials injured when a security device blew the tyres on their car entering the village and now the problem with helicopter coverage."

  37. 06:45 Hockey  

    It's half-time in the women's hockey Group B match, with New Zealand scoring just before the break to take a 2-1 lead over England. Plenty of time left in that one, though. They're just giving the pitch a good sprinkle at the moment, as Chumbawamba blares away in the background.

  38. SMS  

    From Nick (until I have to go to work): "Morning all - don't forget this afternoon's final in the men's singles squash - between Nick Matthew and James Willstrop both of England. Features players ranked two and four in the world. These guys are genuinely world-class, so watch it if you can."

  39. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "Mr Fennell is asked about a newspaper report that the scoreboard at the rugby stadium has collapsed. Rugby sevens start at the Delhi University ground on Monday.

    He says: "We received a report and we understand it's being fixed. I can't say if it's because it was done in a hurry - we don't jump to conclusions - but it's been corrected and fixed in time for the rugby tournament.'"

  40. 06:56 Archery  

    Told you it was all kicking off. In the archery there was controversy at the Yamuna Sports Complex, with a rowdy Indian crowd making it difficult for England as the hosts won gold in the women's recurve. Here's Alison Williamson, who threw an eight when she needed a nine to tie with the last arrow:

    "Obviously, this is not a typical archery crowd but we're not making any excuses because we shoot as a team. I liken it to golf, though. You don't get people clapping and shouting when someone is teeing off. But, as I say, it's not an excuse. We respect the Indian team and they were worthy winners."

  41. 07:01 Cycling  

    It's the last day of track cycling, so you'd better fill your boots while you can. Starting round about now on the red button and on the BBC website, it's the women's 3000m individual pursuit qualification, with Northern Ireland's Wendy Houvenaghel looking to win a first-ever cycling gold for her country. Sarah Storey, meanwhile, becomes only the second Paralympian to represent England in an able-bodied event. Storey has also set her sights on a place in the GB pursuit team for the London Olympics.

  42. 07:05 Table tennis  

    In the women's table-tennis team bronze match England had gone 2-0 down to Malaysia, but 19-year-old Hannah Hicks has just won her tie to bring the English right back into the mixer. Sadly in the hockey, New Zealand have romped into a 4-1 lead over England in the second half.

  43. 07:11 Commentary  

    Come on, let's be having you. It's getting light outside, so there's no excuse not to be up and at it now. I'm on text on 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide) and I'm on Twitter @Stevo_football. If you could shove 'DELHI' at the start of your missive, I'd be more grateful than I could ever say.

  44. Twitter  

    From BeckAdlington: "400 free heats done! So pleased I made it through to the final. Last race tonight then get to be cheerleader tomorrow on the last day!"

  45. Twitter  

    From indianChamps: "Since when should a passionate crowd supporting their team be called as "rowdy"? Why not accept that the Indian team was better!"

    I think everyone has, to be fair to everyone.

  46. 07:23 Hockey England Women 1-4 New Zealand Women  

    It's full-time in Group B, and England could not recover from conceding just before half-time, eventually going down 4-1 to an impressive New Zealand outfit. Wales and Scotland are also in action later on today.

  47. 07:30 Hockey  

    By the way, if hockey floats your boat, you might want to know that hosts India and Pakistan renew their bitter rivalry in a key Commonwealth Games match on Sunday that organisers claim has been sold out at the 19,000-seater Dhyan Chand National Stadium. Pakistan are still nursing the wounds from a 4-1 mauling at the hands of India in a World Cup tie at this same venue earlier this year.

  48. BBC World Service's Russell Fuller
    Contributor BBC World Service's Russell Fuller  

    On Twitter: "The sun has gone AWOL. For the second day in a row it's hot and smoggy here in Delhi and reminiscent of some of those Beijing Olympic days."

  49. 07:39 Commentary  

    What a veritable feast of sport there is for your delectation on the website on this 'Fabulous Friday' in Delhi. There's live table-tennis, live tennis, live track cycling and live athletics, and that's just for starters. Why haven't I got more eyes?

  50. SMS  

    From Omer, Karachi, Pakistan: "May I suggest a South Asian remedy for the reporters struggling with the flu? Try 'Joshanda', tastes rubbish but really does the trick."

  51. 07:47 Northern Ireland  

    Northern Ireland's Wendy Houvenaghel has qualified for the gold medal race in the women's 3000m individual pursuit. She'll go up against former world champion Alison Shanks of New Zealand at about 0835 BST. England's Sarah Storey and Laura Trott both missed out.

  52. BBC Radio 5 live's Bob Ballard
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Bob Ballard  

    On Twitter: "Bit of a battle between me and the voice of world service swimming, Chris Mitchell, over how many home nations golds tonight. I say five."

  53. 07:55 Table tennis  

    In the women's team bronze medal match, it's an absolute nailbiter. Kelly Sibley of England is 2-1 down in the fifth and final tie, needing to win the next two games to prevent Malaysia from winning the medal.

  54. 07:58 Swimming  

    If you got up too late to watch the swimming heats this morning (lazy, but I'm not here to judge you, even though I've been awake since half past last week), they are available as and when you want them - with the caveat that you have to be in the UK.

  55. 08:00 Tennis  

    More great news for India - Somdev Devvarman, the number one seed in the men's tennis singles, has cruised through to the final with a 6-3 6-1 victory over Australia's Matt Ebden.

  56. 08:04 Table tennis  

    They've been at the table for over two hours - this women's table-tennis team bronze medal match has turned into something of an epic, with the latest score England 2-2 Malaysia. In the fifth and final match, it's gone down to a fifth, deciding game.

  57. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    On Twitter: "I've heard tests have been done on the water in the warm up pool & there is no problem with the quality."

  58. BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma
    Contributor BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma  

    On Twitter: "Indian domination continues in shooting, men's 50m rifle 3 position pairs - Gagan Narang and Imran Hasan Khan win gold. India 16G, 11S, 9B."

  59. 08:15 Medal alert  

    Heartbreak for Kelly Sibley and the English girls - it is the Malaysians who emerge from their mini-classic at the theatre of table-tennis to win the women's team bronze medal match 3-2.

  60. Twitter  

    From LiamTancock: "Nice chilled out morning. Watched the racing and went for a swim. Now getting ready for the 100m backstroke final! :-)"

    Which you guys can see this afternoon.

  61. 08:24 Commentary  

    Sir Matthew Pinsent watched yesterday's action with the Adlington family, and I'll bet that was a pretty enjoyable evening for all concerned. As well as looking back at day four's action, Sir Matt previews the biggest and best we can expect on day five, otherwise known as 'Fabulous Friday'. Oh, and if you are UK-based, you can watch highlights of New Zealand's women thrashing England's women 4-1 earlier.

  62. SMS  

    From Anon: "Low attendance doesn't surprise me much. Having lived in India for four years, I realised that it's not a big sporting country. Cricket is the only thing going and athletes in other sports get little support from the government and little attention from the public. Also, I didn't feel that people had much enthusiasm for the Games when I was there up to June of this year. We were just hoping the construction of the underground and the new flyovers would finish so that it was not such a pain to be driving. Also, a lot of people can't afford time away from their jobs."

  63. 08:33 Northern Ireland  

    Just to remind you, in a couple of minutes time, Northern Ireland's Wendy Houvenaghel comes up against New Zealand's Alison Shanks in the women's 3000m individual pursuit final. They are just going through their final preparations.

  64. 08:37 Medal alert Shooting gold for India  

    England's James Huckle and Kenny Parr have won silver in the 50 metres three-position prone pairs. And Scotland won another bronze in the same contest, with Neil Stirton and Jonathan Hammond taking their country's medal tally to seven: one gold, two silver and four bronze. India's Gagan Narang and Imran Hasan Khan won gold.

  65. Twitter  

    From naresh_k: "Indian media is also not helping matters by continuing to give cricket more coverage than CWG."

    I know what you mean, but that brilliant first Test in Mohali made it difficult for them.

  66. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "Imogen Cairns goes in the beam (1300) and the floor (1400) today. She was interviewed with a gold medal last night but it wasn't her's. Her bedroom in the village is so messy, we're told, that she lost her medal within two hours and had to borrow one from a team-mate."

  67. 08:47 Commentary  

    Northern Ireland's Wendy Houvenaghel and New Zealand's Alison Shanks have just got under way in the women's 3000m individual pursuit final. Good start for our Wendy, too. Stay tuned.

  68. 08:51 Medal alert New Zealand win gold  

    Alison Shanks of New Zealand beats Northern Ireland's Wendy Houvenaghel by 1.2 seconds to win the women's 3000m individual pursuit final.

  69. 08:57 Commentary  

    Quiet lot aren't you, Commonwealth Games readers? Whack me some thoughts on text at 81111 (UK) and +44 7786200666 (worldwide) and on Twitter @Stevo_football. I don't bite, honest.

  70. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "We've got a live video feed from the interview position at the cycling, where reporter Jill Douglas is telling her producer Wendy Houvenaghel is unlikely to put in an appearance any time soon. Clearly annoyed about another individual pursuit silver medal."

  71. 09:06 Commentary What you might have missed:  

    So far, it's been a lively start to day five. We've had a silver medal for England's archery women, a silver for Northern Ireland's Wendy Houvenaghel in the cycling and in the shooting, England's James Huckle and Kenny Parr won silver with Scotland's Neil Stirton and Jonathan Hammond taking bronze. On the track and in the pool it's been a frenzy of qualification, while in the hockey New Zealand thrashed England 4-1. Much, much more to come.

  72. 09:10 Commentary  

    By the way, if you did miss it, there was a controversial element to the women's recurve archery at the Yamuna Sports Complex earlier. India won, but England - needing 15 from their last two arrows to take gold - seemed to be put off by a raucous crowd and could only score a six and an eight.

  73. BBC Radio 5 live's Kath Merry
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Kath Merry  

    On Twitter: "So I'm four days in and everything good. Nowhere near as bad as portrayed with things. Worse thing is the sticky heat and moths! Food good. Security tight but comforting, nothing has fallen down. Yeah Delhi! Hope I'm not speaking too soon!"

  74. 09:20 Badminton  

    England's mixed badminton team - flag-bearing's Nathan Robertson and Jenny Wallwork - play their bronze medal match against Singapore at 0930 BST.

  75. 09:23 Scotland  

    Back in the cycling, Scotland's men's team sprint trio of John Paul, Chris Pritchard and Callum Skinner clocked 46.273 to finish fourth as Malaysia took bronze in 45.040. "It's amazing. I came out here with no expectations and to get into a medal ride-off was incredible," said 17-year-old Paul.

  76. 09:27 Northern Ireland Silver medalist Wendy Houvenaghel:  

    "I set off with a strategy in mind. I was conservative in my first ride, held something back for the final. I was confident going into the final and I rode the race as I'd normally ride it, but when I realised I was down I had nothing left to get it back. I did as best I could and the outcome took care of itself. It's a silver, I accept it and move on."

  77. 09:30 Medal alert Gold for Australia  

    Canary yellow? This one's Australian gold my friend, and don't you forget it. The Aussies' success on the track continues as they win the men's team sprint, in the process smashing the Games record by half a second. New Zealand take silver.

  78. BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma
    Contributor BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma  

    On Twitter: "Another Gold for India in shooting - 25m rapid fire pistol singles Vijay Kumar, while Gurpreet Singh wins bronze."

  79. 09:36 Tennis  

    In the tennis, we have our men's singles final line-up - joining India's number one seed Somdev Devvarman in the showpiece will be Australia's fifth seed Greg Jones, who saw off compatriot Peter Luczak 6-7 6-4 6-2.

  80. 09:39 Netball  

    Get the netball results in. Oh, OK:

    Samoa 46-70 Jamaica
    South Africa 29-70 New Zealand

    Coming up later, Malawi v Australia and England v Cook Islands.

  81. 606  

    There is now a 606 page ready and waiting for you to leave your most excellent Commonwealth Games 2010 chat. Don't let the moment pass you by.

  82. Twitter  

    From Druid67: "Australian Gold my friend?? No-one is going to get that 12th Man reference! It's right out of the vegetable of the bat!"

    I'm surprised, but it's drawn a few comments. Now if only I was allowed to write this live text in the 12th Man style :)

  83. 09:53 Commentary  

    Don't be fooled by the lull - this is one of the great days of the Commonwealth Games, with 43/44 gold medals up for grabs in Delhi on what has been dubbed 'Fabulous Friday'. In particular, there are some cracking finals in the swimming and the athletics this afternoon to look forward to.

  84. 09:56 Badminton  

    But if it's live action you do want, there's no shortage still. England's mixed badminton pair are busy contesting their bronze medal match against Singapore, and it's looking very good for Nathan Robertson and Jenny Wallwork right now.

  85. SMS  

    From Andrew, Leeds: "My biggest concern for England is the number of silvers - where is the fighting spirit needed to win gold?!"

  86. 10:03 Tennis  

    More happy days for the host nation as their golden girl in the tennis, the second seed Sania Mirza, reaches the final thanks to a 1-6 6-4 6-4 victory over Australia's sixth seed Olivia Rogowska.

  87. 10:05 England  

    England go 1-0 up in the mixed team bronze medal match in the badminton thanks to a comprehensive victory for Nathan Robertson and Jenny Wallwork.

  88. BBC Radio 5 live's Kath Merry
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Kath Merry  

    On Twitter: "Kevin Sempers sixth after discus for Engand. Just cleared 4.20m in pole vault on third attempt after clearing on second but his pole taking the bar off!"

  89. Twitter  

    From JaimeMH: "Spent three hours yesterday, Stevo, practising the Nathan Robertson smash. Come on team England! This badminton bronze is ours!"

  90. 10:20 Medal alert Australia gold x2  

    Those shooting medals are coming thick and fast now and the Australians are not being left out - they have now won the women's Trap Pairs gold thanks to Laetisha Scanlan and Stacy Roiall. Meanwhile back on the track, Australia's Cameron Meyer has won his third gold of the Games in the men's scratch race, winning ahead of countryman Michael Freiberg and Zach Bell of Canada.

  91. BBC Sport's Sonali Shah
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sonali Shah  

    "Indian tennis star Sania Mirza's husband, Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik, was courtside for her singles semi-final victory over Olivia Rogowska but she has just told us he won't be there for the final as he has to leave to prepare for Pakistan's forthcoming series against South Africa in Abu Dhabi."

  92. 606  

    From Greg San: "Re: Archery; I'm all for seeing good crowds, and completely understand the excitement of supporting your own home team, but there is a difference between support and deliberately trying to upset the opposition. We rightly condemned the USA when they did something similar in a previous Ryder Cup, and I think we should also deplore this latest example of poor sportsmanship - the Indian archery (and shooting) teams are world class; they don't need this."

  93. 10:29 England  

    In the women's trap pairs I just mentioned, England duo Abbey Burton and Anita North won the silver medal, with Sue Nattrass and Cynthia Meyer having to settle for bronze.

  94. 10:31 India  

    The hosts are having a ball - India have only gone and demolished Trinidad and Tobago 7-0 in their women's Group A hockey match. Remember earlier, New Zealand's women thumped England 4-1.

  95. Contributor  

    BBC reporter Colin Hazelden at Archery: "England's Larry Godfrey entered the arena like a conquering hero - bows aloft. He started the contest playing like one too!"

  96. 10:38 Alert  

    Archery; the story that just will not go away. This is Fita secretary general Tom Dielen: "While we are glad to have an enthusiastic crowd in the archery stands, we need to strongly remind the fans that they must respect all the athletes on the field." Here's England's Amy Oliver, whose six cost her team gold: "I was nervous, the crowd was not good. They were pretty loud and it was not good sportsmanship for archery."

  97. SMS  

    From Anon: "There is no doubt that these games are providing a much needed profile boost to sports in India. My 11-year-old nephew, who was a die-hard Sachin Tendulkar devotee, now wants to be a shooter!"

  98. 10:45 Boxing Boxing results, preliminary round:  

    Lightweight 60kg:
    Waheed Sogbamu (NGR) bt Joseph Ndungu (KEN) - points
    Jai Bhagwan (IND) bt Nasser Mafuru (TAN) - points
    Thomas Stalker (ENG) bt Kamal Sameera (SRI) - points
    Luke Jackson (AUS) bt Mmoloki Nogeng (BOT) - points
    Kautoa Roddy (KIR) bt Dalton George (LCA) - disqualified
    Josh Taylor (SCO) bt Benjamin Lamptey (GHA) - points
    Lomalito Moala (TON) bt Martin Chibela (ZAM) - points
    Alex Rynn (CAN) bt Mark O'Hara (NIR) - points

  99. 10:48 Badminton  

    Meanwhile in the badminton, England have just gone 2-0 up over Singapore in the mixed team bronze medal match, with Rajeev Ouseph cruising to victory. In the best-of-five, England need only one more rubber to claim a medal.

  100. BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma
    Contributor BBC World Service's Mukesh Sharma  

    On Twitter: "Archery men's recurve - India manages to win bronze. India 221- England 218."

  101. Twitter  

    From nsaraswat: "About this CWG archery malarky, do you want full or empty venues? We Indians don't do silence. You can't have it both ways!"

  102. 10:56 Archery  

    Honestly, all this fuss over the archery. It's the hot topic that refuses to die down. I wonder what Robin Hood would make of it?

  103. 11:01 Commentary  

    Amir Khan's brother Haroon, who has chosen to fight for Pakistan after failing to make the centrally-funded GB elite programme, fights against European bronze medallist Andrew Selby, who has in effect got the spot Khan wanted in the GB squad. Here's Khan junior:

    "It's getting closer to the medal stages now. I just need to beat Selby, which will be tough and hopefully I can get one of the medals. My job is to prove that the ABA are wrong and I'm confident I can do that. I've showed my skills. Proving the ABA wrong would be a big thing for me, and others."

  104. 11:07 Commentary England's Katherine Endacott on her bronze:  

    "I didn't think I could do it - my target was to reach the final, so I'm over the moon to win a medal. I do feel sorry for Sally Pearson, though."

  105. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "Heading off for big eve of T&F joy - Andy Turner in 110m hurdles final. Helen Clithers and Steph Twell in 15, decath conc. Mucho tremendo."

  106. 11:15 Commentary  

    If you're based in the UK, there's plenty of video of this morning's action to catch up on. There was a lot going on at the cycling track, and there were heats by the bucketload in the athletics too. Fill your boots. If you're outside the UK, fear not, there's plenty more to come on Fabulous Friday.

  107. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    On Twitter: "Big night of swimming with 11 finals plus semis. With a 6-day meet think it's unnecessary to have 50m & 200m bk in same session though."

  108. SMS  

    From mad: "All the fuss about crowds at archery venue, it's just another excuse in a series from games village to dirty pools. Get on with it, stop complaining, it's not all that bad."

  109. 11:25 Medal alert Canada gold  

    The Canadians, settled in behind England in the medals table in fourth, take gold in the women's 69kg weightlifting gold in the shape of Christine Girard.

  110. 11:28 Alert Changeover  

    Now then, that was just about worth getting out of bed before I'd even gone to sleep for. Thanks for letting me talk you through the first part of today's proceedings on day five of the Commonwealth Games - you're now in Chris Whyatt's hands for the second half of Fabulous Friday. See you at early o'clock on Saturday, yeah?

  111. 11:32 Medal alert Men's 100m butterfly... great story.  

    First of 11 swimming finals in the next two hours is won by Australia's Geoff Huegill. Remarkable. He was Commomwealth champion in 1998 and 2002, and he's lost 45kg in recent years. That's half a person. England's Antony James, just 20, is placed third but we think he has an equal silver as he's gots the same time as the second-placed swimmer. Fran Halsall next...

  112. 11:35 Swimming  

    So here goes Fran Halsall in the women's 50m freestyle. Can she grab another gold?

  113. 11:37 Medal alert NO! It's silver for Fran...  

    Halsall, who's emerged as a real character at these Games, is second. "I'm really disappointed," she tells Sharon Davies on BBC1. "I've got no energy, I just wanted to stay healthy and fit this week but it hasn't worked out." So 'Delhi Belly' means silver for the Merseysider. Australia's Yolane Kukla takes gold.

  114. 11:43 Medal alert Men's 50m breaststroke  

    Wow. South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh takes gold with the fastest time in the world this year. Lovely chap to boot. There's your three sprint finals - frenetic, eh - and we have eight more golds to be dished out in the pool today. Exhale...

  115. 11:47 Breaking news English SQUASH star misses out on medal...  

    Shame this, but I can tell you that the bronze medal match for women's singles has been cancelled due to an achilles injury to England's Alison Waters. Australia's Kasey Brown gets the medal by default.

  116. 11:53 Swimming  

    Alcohol and pizza were the dominant factors in Geoff Huegill's diet a few years ago. Not any more. Here's Australia's 100m butterfly Commonwealth champion: "I wanted to swim my best and I've come away with gold. It's now not about how long my career goes on for. It's about how long I can keep standing for - my legs are turning to jelly. As long as you have passion and drive you can continue competing." And there he is singing along happily on the podium, (green and) gold everywhere. Well done England's Antony James too: joint silver confirmed.

  117. 11:57 England  

    Another shooting medal for England, the third of these Games, and it's Aaron Heading and David Kirk weighing in with a bronze in the men's trap pairs.

  118. 12:00 Swimming Women's 200m backstroke final under way...  

    Just. Totally wide open this one. Five of the top 10 in the world competing. English pair Gemma Spofforth and Lizzie Simmonds are battling hard at the front. Gold would really mean something here...

  119. 12:05 Medal alert Heartbreak!  

    Spofforth fades quickly but Simmonds pushes hard to lead. Which she holds... come on... come on... until the final 5m. No! Silver. So agonising. Australia's Meagen Nay nicks the gold with Emily Seebohm compatriot taking bronze.

  120. 12:09 Swimming  

    "I'm disappointed, I was going for gold," Simmonds tells BBC Sport. "My head was pounding at the end, that final 50m was done in a daze. It was really tough." Spofforth finished fifth in that women's 200m backstroke by the way. And no excuses from her. Very frank.

  121. 12:12 Badminton Another English medal...  

    Third seeds England have taken the BRONZE MEDAL in the badminton team event. Twas' Nathan Robertson and Jenny Wallwork in the mixed doubles, and Rajiv Ouseph in the men's singles, producing the kind of form England could not manage in the semi-finals against India as they surged into a 2-0 lead against Singapore.

  122. SMS  

    From Stu: "Is there a gold medal available for most silver medals won? I think England will have that one nailed on."

  123. 12:22 Table tennis  

    Look out. India [Raj] beating England [Drinkall] in the men's table tennis semi-finals. Looking one-sided. Tremendous atmosphere as the players change ends. Will keep you posted, or UK users can watch it via one of the video feeds on this page. The subjectivity of the service rule causing a problem now. Lots of mind games.

  124. 12:28 Swimming Good news...  

    England's Simon Burnett, who grabbed that brilliant silver in the 100m freestyle yesterday, is fifth in the men's 50m freestyle semi. Has he made the final? We think so. Yes! Really on form in Delhi the man from Oxfordshire, who is embroiled in a bit of a false start controversy there but it's ultimately irrelevant.

  125. SMS  

    From Shak in High Wycombe: "Re Sonia Mirza saying hubby Shoaib Malik has to leave to prepare for the cricket series against South Africa. He wasn't picked so where is Shoaib Malik really going?"

    Indian star Mirza, by the way, has lived up to local expectations by reaching the women's final of the first tennis tournament ever held at the Commonwealth Games. I cannot answer Shak's question about her famous Pakistan cricketer husband though...

  126. 12:40 Swimming Women's 100m breaststroke final...  

    Defending Commonwealth champion and former world record holder Leisel Jones the clear favourite for this. But hopefully England's Kate Haywood can have a say. Or 16-year-old Achieng Ajulu-Bushell! We're off...

  127. 12:45 Medal alert Guess who won...  

    Yup, you're right. It's Leisel Jones. Completely dominant. Huge winning margin ahead of her compatriot Samantha Marshall. But Kate Haywood takes the bronze. Good year for her. "I could have gone quicker but I can't complain," says the still-sopping Englishwoman.

  128. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    "England's Mick Gault takes part in the 10m air pistol singles today - qualifying now, final from 1430. He has already won silver in 10m air pistol pairs, taking his English record tally to 16, and has his sights on Australian pistol shooter Phillip Adams' haul of 18 medals in six Games. If Gault wins four more medals, he will pass the all-time record of Australian pistol shooter Phillip Adams, who won 18 medals in six Games."

    Here's a full run-down on who to watch in the shooting. Hurrah.

  129. 12:55 Alert Home furnishings alert!  

    Fran Halsall has a quick chat with Sharron Davies on BBC1. "My medals will go home to Mum. I want to keep them in my new house but she'll probably take them." Sharon Davies's tells us that her mum used to wrap them in cling film. "Three finals, three medals," continues Halsall, who chats excitedly about looking at soft furnishings and coffee tables when she gets back to her new pad on the outskirts of Loughborough.

  130. 12:56 Swimming Men's 100m backstroke final...  

    Is under way! Game on. Can Liam Tancock do it?

  131. 12:58 Medal alert YES HE CAN. GOLD. ENGLAND.  

    Easy. England's Tancock defends his title without fuss. That's his second gold of these Games. Superb. Silver for Daniel Bell of New Zealand.

  132. 13:05 Alert Liam Tancock tells BBC Sport...  

    "Tough environment, tough crowd," smiles the lad from the West Country. "To come away with victory feels pretty cool. Everyone says I'm a 50m swimmer but I know I'm not. The 100m is my distance, the Olympic distance, and I've been training really hard. Sometime's it's just about racing tough." Here's the killer quote for me. Love this. "It's a great thing to be doing something you love."

  133. 13:10 England  

    It's yours, honest! Blinking with apparent disbelief, England's Katherine Endacott collects her bronze medal for the 100m women's final in the athletics stadium. She, you'll remember, was promoted to third after Australian 'winner' Sally Pearson was disqualified following a protest from the England team over a false start.

  134. 13:13 Athletics  

    Right, athletics ACTION now. England's Andy Turner, the clear favourite, is going for gold in the 110m hurdles. Can he do all of Nottinghamshire proud?

  135. 13:15 Medal alert GOLD. ENGLAND. TURNER.  

    He's done all of England proud! Andy Turner easily wins the 110m hurdles. More on that. But it's time to sprint to see Adlington at the pool. C'mon, hurry up you lot let's go...

  136. 13:19 Medal alert ADLINGTON TAKES 400M FREESTYLE GOLD!  

    There we go. Clear water. Never ever in question. That's super Rebecca Adlington's second Commonwealth gold after winning the 800m yesterday. And Wales' Jazz Carlin adds bronze to her 200m silver! She's one to watch for 2012. Australia's Kylie Palmer is second.

  137. 13:23 England  

    "Absolutely amazing," beams Rebecca Adlington, laughing at the importance of 'bacon butties' in keeping her strength up during a period when she has struggled with a stomach virus. "I was really struggling this morning and felt so tired after the 100m [relay] this morning. But I got the taste for it last night and gave it my all." Jazz Carlin also tells Sharron Davies how rough she felt this morning.

  138. 13:28 England  

    Phew. That was Klondike-esque: an intense and rapid gold rush for England. Tancock, Adlington and Turner, all within the space of minutes. Need to tell you that not only did Turner win the 110m hurdles in a time of 13.38 seconds, but he also had two team-mates behind him to complete and English 1-2-3. William Sharman got silver and Lawrence Clarke bronze. Well done lads.

  139. 13:33 Athletics England's heroic high hurdlers speak...  

    Crazy. Lawrence Clarke, the European junior champion who's just taken bronze in the 110m hurdles, tells us: "I didn't do a warm-up for the race. Why? Because I tore my hip-flexor again this morning." Gold medallist Turner, who lost his lottery funding you know, is really overjoyed. "I so wanted that gold medal after [winning the Europeans in] Barcelona. I wanted to do the double so bad, what a way to finish the season. I want to get in the mix at the world championships next year now."

  140. 13:38 Scotland Silver in the swimming folks...  

    Splitting two Australians, Sean Fraser breaks his own British record as he swims to SILVER in the Para S8 100m freestyle final. Great acheivement.

  141. Twitter  

    From Welsh Athletics: "5.20! New pole vault PB for Ben Gregory as he really makes a push to climb up the standings in the decathlon!"

  142. 13:49 Swimming Splash and dash is go go go...  

    Or the women's 50m backstroke final as it's more commonly known. Australia's Emily Seebohm the favourite but we've home nations interest. Can Gemma Spofforth find redemption?

  143. 13:55 Medal alert England silver plus Wales bronze. SUCCESS.  

    Ridiculously tight. But Gemma Spofforth touches into second for silver! Australia's Sophie Edington, flashing a whiter-than-white Hollywood smile, just nicks gold from her. And get this. Wales' 18-year-old Georgia Davis takes joint bronze with Seebohm.

  144. 14:01 Athletics Little slice of history here...  

    Botswana's first ever Commonwealth gold medal is won by Amantle Monsho in the women's 400m final. Scotland's Lee McConnell finishes fifth. And is very downbeat about it.

  145. 14:05 Athletics 'Jerusalem' booms through athletics stadium...  

    England's 1-2-3 clean sweep sprint hurdlers collect their medals. So Turner [gold] did it without lottery funding. Clarke [bronze] with a hip-flexor tear. And get this from silver medallist Will Sharman: "It has been quite an ordeal. At the holding camp in Qatar I think I picked up a virus but it came into full effect yesterday. It was touch and go. I had to go on drip as soon as I finished the heat. You can't plan for these things." Triumph and adversity spring to mind, no?

  146. Twitter  

    From BBC Radio 5 live's Gordon Farquhar: "England medal sweep assured in men's squash singles as Peter Barker puts away Mohd Iskandar of Malaysia in straight games. 11-5 11-4-11-2"

    By the way we will bring you the final, between James Willstrop and Nick Mathew, at 1545 BST.

  147. 14:13 Medal alert ENGLAND SWIMMERS. GOLD AND SILVER!  

    James Goddard adds another gold, this time in the 200m individual medley, to the one he claimed in the 200m backstroke. That's the first time England has ever won that event at the CW Games. Team-mate Joe Roebuck was second, both of them doing it in under two minutes. Leith Brodie of Australia bronze.

  148. 14:23 Tennis TENNIS SUCCESS FOR ENGLAND!  

    Makes a nice headline that, doesn't it? England pair Ross Hutchins and Ken Skupski have upset the Indian second seeds in the men's tennis doubles semi-final. That means they are are now guaranteed either a gold or silver. Great news.

  149. 14:28 Medal alert Athletics bronze for Scotland...  

    As expected, Nancy Langat takes gold in the women's 1500m. But Scotland's brave Steph Twell takes bronze. "I stayed relaxed after one of the Kenya runners put a block on me," she tells us. "I kept driving and driving during the race but felt I was going lower to the ground. All the encouragement I got from coach Mick Woods in the training sessions helped me."

  150. 14:35 Medal alert What's going on there at the pool...  

    Drama! England have a SILVER in the 4x100m freestyle relay final after Canada are disqualified for what looks like going too early on the second changeover. Australia won it with ease, no questions there, and New Zealand clamber into the bronze medal position. Halsall loking happy. "The swimming medals have been flying around like confetti," says Mark Foster on BBC1...

  151. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    At the athletics in Delhi: "Quiz question for everyone from Brendan Foster alongside me. Kenya's first female gold medal in the Commonwealths came in the women's 10,000m in Kuala Lumpur. In what event did Kenya's men win their first gold? Bren will reveal the answer during his commentary. And, he says, no cheating on Google..."

  152. 14:43 Athletics  

    The Geordie fella - well okay, he's definitely from the North East of England - who's organising the final event of the men's decathlon [1500m] takes no prisoners. Yikes. Think scary PE teacher. Some home nations interest in a bronze medal. Will keep you posted. Ah. Here we go. Can Kevin Sempers rise to the occasion?

  153. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "Just seen Nick Matthew arrive for his mens squash final against fellow Englishman James Willstrop. He had no fewer than seven bottles of water and sports drink with him. He's obviously in no doubt as to how hard the match is going to be."

  154. 14:52 Medal alert England lands decathlon bronze...  

    Ouch. England's Kevin Sempers looks shattered. Real pain on his face. He can't do it. Team-mate Martin Brockman can though. Yes! Sprints like an innocent child at the end to clinch a gutsy bronze. All the suffering decathletes lay strewn around the track like rag dolls. Ah, not Canada's "woo-hooing" Jamie Adjetey-Nelson... he took gold.

  155. 15:00 Alert  

    Time now for me to deliver some interesting news from Dave Gordon, BBC Sport's head of major events: "Good news! We have lift off! We reported earlier today that CGF President Mike Fennell said that there might be restricted coverage of cycling road races, marathons and walks because of flying restrictions imposed by the security authorities.

    "After pressure from all the broadcasters, they have now relented and will allow the helicopters to fly. They provide the aerial views and also act as a receiving point for all the ground-based mobile cameras. I saw some pictures from a test flight this afternoon and they look stunning; a great advert for the city.

    "The 20km walks start at 0200 BST on Saturday morning; cycling's women's road race begins at 0430 BST on Sunday morning, followed by the men's event at 0830 BST. All on the red button and this website (for UK users)."

  156. SMS  

    From Tim: "Surely it is time we put squash in the Olympics! A sport with infinitely superior technical and physical demands than tennis. And we're actually good at it!"

  157. 15:11 Medal alert ENGLAND. SILVER. WOMEN'S SQUASH  

    Today really is busier than Clapham Junction. Malaysian world number one Nicol David has beaten Jenny Duncalf in the women's singles squash final. She'll be going home with a nice bruise in addition to that silver medal she's just won after getting clobbered over the head by David. "No malice but ouch," Matthew Pinsent informs me. And don't forget, England are guaranteed a clean medal sweep in the men's squash...

  158. Twitter  

    From insidethegames: "Even for a Paralympian, the tale of Anne Olympia Wafula Strike is truly astonishing #paralympics."

  159. 15:22 Medal alert MORE GYMNASTICS GOLD FOR ENGLAND!  

    She spent quite a while on crutches last year. But England's Imogen Cairns has just won her second gold at these Commonwealth Games in Delhi, collecting the floor title to add to her vault victory. Nice story that.

  160. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "Viv Richards in the house! Dishing out the medals for the 1500m. Now, cricket back in the Commonwealth Games. That's an idea... "

  161. 15:33 Medal alert HEY MR FOLWELL! GOLD AND SILVER GYMNAST...  

    Don't worry, I've not forgotten about brilliant Luke Folwell. The Englishman won the men's gymnastics vault gold medal earlier to add adding to the all-around gold he collected on Wednesday. Home hope Ashish Kumar took the silver just a day after a bronze in the floor competition, which was India's first CW Games gymnastics medal. Ever. And yes I've digressed, but I'm still not neglecting Folwell. He also won a silver in the parallel bars. What a star.

  162. SMS  

    From Barry Barroth in Moga village: "Re Tim, we're good at squash because nobody else plays it (other than Malaysia it seems). Which is the same reason why it's not in the Olympics. Otherwise, why not stick darts and snooker in too?"

  163. 15:54 Squash SQUASH MONOPOLY  

    Not a cunning idea for a new board game - but the state of play with England's domination of the men's squash event in Delhi. Peter Barker took bronze a couple of hours ago. Now it's Yorkshire's Nick Matthew versus Yorkshire's James Willstrop to decide who takes gold and silver. We're under way...

  164. 15:58 India Chunk of athletics history happening...  

    Proud moment for the home crowd as Kavita Raut becomes the first Indian woman in Commonwealth Games history to win a track medal. She takes bronze in the women's 10,000m. That will be all over the Indian press, no doubt.

  165. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: "Sensational noise in J Nehru Stadium as India's Kavita Raut wins her country's first ever womens athletics medal at CWG. Beautiful bronze."


    Absolutely nailing his final throw, South Africa's Christiaan Harmse wins gold in the men's hammer thus edging England's Alex Smith into silver. His team-mate, Mike Floyd, takes bronze.

  167. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "Ten points in and we've played nearly quarter of an hour at the men's squash final. Both coaching benches awash in red and white - great sight. Nick Matthew up 7-3. If this had started at noon I'd comment that we were in for a 'Leo Sayer'. What's rhyming slang for all-nighter??"

  168. SMS  

    From James in London "Re/ Barry Barroth: Given an Englishman has never won the squash World Open, it is hard to see how we dominate this sport. Absolute travesty that it is not in the Olympics. It would be the pinnacle of their sport, unlike golf, tennis, football....etc."

  169. 16:27 Table tennis Incredible viewing...  

    Repeat of the men's team table tennis semi-final on BBC1. India versus England. It's completely electrifying. Sorry, know I sound like a leather-clad John Travolta, but it's true. The roof is raised on nearly every point. Players, coaches, fans. It's slightly medieval. In case you don't know, Paul Drinkhall is the hero as he puts England through to the final against Singapore. Table tennis. Really, a phenomenal sport. Think you need to be super fit?

  170. 16:41 Alert RSSU...  

    Let's bring you up to speed with some Raquet Sports Score Updates. Mixed doubles TENNIS semi-final: Scotland won the first set, England are set to break in the second. In the SQUASH, Nick Matthew is continuing his historic hoodoo over English team-mate James Willstrop. He's up two games to love. And - quick reminder - in the BADMINTON earlier, England beat Singapore to take the bronze medal in the mixed doubles.

  171. SMS  

    Chris from Paris says: "Shame on Matt Pinsent for not knowing that the rhyming slang for all-nighter is Felix Lighter, 007s American mate! Usually used in the context of a large evening out with chums."

  172. BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar
    Contributor BBC Sport's Gordon Farquhar  

    On Twitter: "Humdinger of a men's singles final at the squash. They might both be English but this is a proper contest... bit of edge too. Matthew ahead."

    Matthew, Nick Matthew, could be the James Bond of the squash world/ Commonwealth if he carries like this. Still two games up.

  173. SMS  

    From James in the Midlands: "No-one plays squash? Tell me how many people do Roman greco wrestling, shooting, archery and other elitist Olympic sports? I could even include rowing in that list as it is rather elitist. Squash is far more popular, and accessible than any of those sports I've listed!"

  174. 17:08 Medal alert SQUASH GOLD AND SILVER FOR ENGLAND...  

    That's it! England's Nick Matthew squashes fellow Yorkshireman James Willstrop to take gold in the men's singles squash final in Delhi. Good attendance in the squash stands, although it's not a complete squash. Sorry, long day. The sport is certainly stirring some passionate debate amongst you though. Nice to see it hit the headlines, don't you think?

  175. SMS  

    From Zebedee in Milton Keynes: "The scoring in the boxing has been abysmal, loads of good clean shots not being scored. Good to see some boxing back on the Beeb though."

    Our very own boxing guru Ben Dirs noticed that Zebedee. Just to say, I'd have mentioned more about the boxing today but with so many finals elsewhere it's been tough. No such problem when we get to the medal matches.

  176. 17:20 Tennis Tension in the tennis!  

    England vs Scotland in the mixed doubles semi-final. Final set - one set apiece. England serving to stay in the match...

  177. SMS  

    From anonymous: "To James in the Midlands: I'm part of my university archery club and can say there's nothing 'elitist' about us. It's good to see niche sports being represented in major sporting events."

  178. 17:29 Tennis Stop biting your nails!  

    Still tense in the tennis. England do serve to stay in the match - but they must do it again. The men, Colin Fleming of Scotland and Ross Hutchins of England, both used to be in Great Britain's Davis Cup squad together. Now there stare down the gauntlet on opposite sides of the net. Two more points and Scotland are through to the final...

  179. 17:32 Scotland Staying with tennis...  

    Scotland spurn two match points! But bring it back to deuce. England still in it. Just.

  180. 17:37 Medal alert Mixed tennis doubles semi-final...  

    Not any more... because bonny Scotland are through to the final after a famous win over England! Silver minimum then; gold is there for the taking. England must now battle it out for bronze. Colin Fleming, who said beating India in the quarters was the best result of his career, looks overjoyed.

  181. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "Newly-crowned Commonwealth champion Nick Matthew tells me that he has played James [Willstrop] hundreds of times, starting when they were seven. They know each others games so well. James said that he wasn't given any space by Nick and felt he played as well as he could. Nick goes on to say that English squash is on top of the world. Wise words young man."

  182. 17:42 India Delhi emits collective groan...  

    Because Malaysia have just beaten India to take gold in the mens doubles badminton final. Action winding down now.

  183. 17:54 Hockey  

    Ah, the beauty of interactive media! Martin in Dundee has just texted asking for an update on the Scotland against Malaysia men's hockey match. "We need a win or at worst a goal," he implores. Sorry Mart - I can tell you it was a 2-0 defeat.

  184. 18:05 Alert Day six beckons in nine hours or so...  

    It's been an epic, non-stop, breathless day five in Delhi. But it's over. A great 12 hours or so for the home nations and a real gold rush for England. In gymnastics. Athletics too. And swimming. Mustn't forget squash! Join Jonathan Stevenson in the early hours (0330 BST) for more multi-sport mayhem on day six. Ciao.

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Medals table

Countries G S B Total
1 Australia 74 55 48 177
2 India 38 27 36 101
3 England 37 60 46 143
4 Canada 26 17 33 76
5 South Africa 12 11 10 33

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