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Commonwealth Games day four as it happened

  1. 04:00 Commentary  
    I maybe into my 30s, with my juvenile years of all-night parties and sybaritic hedonism well and truly behind me, but I never envisaged going to bed at 7pm on a Wednesday night. That, ladies and gentlemen, is possibly a new nadir. But it's for the Commonwealth Games, which makes setting my alarm for 0230 worth it. Just.
  2. Twitter  

    BBC 5 live's Karen Pickering on Twitter: "Back at the pool for heats. Sadly more swimmers are pulling out poorly. Aussie gold medal prospect for 100m bk Haydn Stoeckel is one."

  3. 04:09 Swimming  

    An Indian flag (the "Tiranga") flutters enthusiastically by a fan at the Dr S P Mukherjee Swimming Stadium, our first port of call on day four of the Games. However, a lot of the swimmers have been hit by a stomach bug - the virus decimated poor Fran Halsall, who was doing her level best not be sick during her post-race interview with Sharron Davies after winning bronze in the 100m freestyle final. BBC 5 live swimming reporter Karen Pickering has Tweeted the competitors' toilets are blocked up - not what you want when you have a stomach with a trap door as thin as rice paper.

  4. 04:16 Swimming  

    Gemma Spofforth, who missed out on gold in the 100m backstroke on Wednesday, is first out in the qualifying for the 50m backstroke heats - and she absolutely decimates the field with a new Commonwealth record of 28.30secs. Obviously has a point to prove. Meanwhile, team-mate Lizzie Simmonds, the European 200m backstroke champion, is missing from the 50m field, which means she is probably resting up for the 200m. Meanwhile, England's Dan Sliwinski looks in top shape - he beats world champion and world record holder Cameron van der Burgh of South Africa with a time of 28.47secs in the heats of the men's 50m breaststroke.

  5. 04:25 Swimming  

    All of the home swimmers in the women's 50m backstroke and men's 50m breaststroke are through. Meanwhile, Muhajir Muhamed of the Maldives swims the 100m butterfly in 1:37.41 - for comparison, America's Michael Phelps does 100m in 49.82 seconds and his world record in the 200m is 1:51.51. A couple of bumps to the heart to Muhajir from me. Beautiful, the Friendly Games at their best.

  6. 04:28 Commentary  

    So what's in store on day four in Delhi? There are 35 golds on offer on Thursday. They are: swimming (five), archery (two), athletics (seven), track cycling (four), gymnastics (five), shooting (four), synchronised swimming (two), weightlifting (two) and wrestling (four).

  7. 04:32 Commentary  

    I feel a bit lonely here sat at my desk, please make me feel wanted. Text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide - all texts charged at your standard operator rates). Thank you.

  8. 04:40 Archery  

    Over at the Yamuna Sports Complex, the women's team compound archery semi-final is taking place with England, the favourites for gold, taking on Malaysia. The trio are Nicky Hunt, Nichola Simpson and Paralympian Danielle Brown, one of two Paralympians in the England squad alongside cyclist Sarah Storey and one of BBC Sport's ones to watch in Delhi. But they must wait for the first semi-final between Canada and hosts India to finish.

  9. 04:45 Swimming  

    England's Michael Rock was feeling sick this morning and didn't warm up but finished second in his 100m butterfly heat in 54.42secs. His coach said before the swim that Michael, who is the British record holder, is already very pale-skinned, but took on a new shade of white this morning. The women's 100m breaststroke sees England's British champion 100m breaststroker Achieng Ajulu-Bushell in action and BBC swimming commentator Adrian Moorcroft reckons the teenager needs to work on her leg-kick. "She's only doing half a kick and needs to get her feet up to her bum," says the former Olympic gold medallist over the distance.

  10. 04:48 SMS  

    From Ben, Cheltenham: "You are not alone, although I'm off to work so will yet again be missing most of the action!"

  11. 04:55 Swimming  

    Tonga - a beautiful tropical island set in the cobalt-blue shores of the South Pacific. However, there are no public swimming pools on the island while the only place to swim is a natural tidal hollow in the coral. But so treacherous are the ocean currents that three swimmers have drowned there in the last three years alone. So it's no wonder that Tongan swimmer Amini Fonua trains in New Zealand. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce caught up with the 19-year-old, who has had an absolute nightmare getting to Delhi with missed connections and lost luggage. Most definitely worth a read.

  12. 04:57 Archery  

    If England's compound archers can beat Malaysia in their semi-final of the team event, they will meet Canada in the final after they beat hosts India 224-217 in their last-four clash.

  13. 05:02 Shooting  

    Over at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range, where the Indian shooters have dominated the majority of events in the opening three days, we have the men's pairs 10m air pistol final featuring England's Mick Gault and Nick Baxter. The duo are searching for their third gold in the discipline, having won the title in 1998 and 2002. Indian pair Gurpreet Singh and Omkar Singh are likeliest to provide their sternest challenge.

  14. 05:07 Archery  

    England archery trio Nicky Hunt, Nichola Simpson and Danielle Brown start their women's team compound semi-final as favourites but find themselves 58-56 behind after the first end, with five of the six Malaysian arrows finding the 10-point maximum.

  15. 05:12 Swimming  

    Fran Halsall, 50m butterfly champion in Delhi, obliterates the 50m freestyle field with a time of 25.05 secs. The camera pans in close as she removes her swimming hat and by jove, she looks ill. Her skin is almost transculent and BBC commentator Adrian Moorhouse reveals the Southport-born Loughborough swimmer had been sick poolside before her heat. What guts. Quite literally. Halsall is one of six home nations swimmers through to the 50m freestyle semi-finals which begin from 1130 BST.

  16. Twitter  

    From Fran Halsall: "Tummy still not fab this am, very very hard to get out of bed. I hope the piece of bread I had for tea gets me through the heats."

  17. 05:18 Archery  

    Paralympian Danielle Brown contributes two maximum as England turn things around in their women's team compound semi-final and lead Malaysia 114-112 after two ends.

  18. Netball  

    Over in the world of netball, where the Commonwealth Games is most definitely a big deal, defending champions New Zealand have a slender lead after the first quarter of their netball match against England - the Silver Ferns are 11-10 up at at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex.

  19. 05:28 Table tennis  

    The table tennis has been woefully neglected on my watch, so it's time to address that by telling you about what's on offer at the Yamuna Sports Complex on Thursday. Wales's men's team are up against Singapore while England face Malaysia. England's women's team have a semi-final against India, which starts about 1130 BST.

  20. 05:30 Archery  

    Excellent news for England's women's team compound archers - they are guaranteed a silver medal after beating Malaysia 226-221 in their semi-final. The trio of Danielle Brown, Nichola Simpson and world number one Nicky Hunt face Canada in the gold medal match at 0642 BST.

  21. SMS  

    From Gary, Sydney: "As an English person in Australia, I can honestly say there has been very little interest thus far. Naturally the press is reporting on the gold medals, but the is a real feeling that these Games are the beginning of the end for the Commonwealth competition. What's the feeling in the UK?"

    Interesting question Gary. I think the reaction has been mixed; some good, some bad. The pre-Games brouhaha about the village and stadium has subsided and we can actually concentrate on the action, although the sparse crowds haven't helped. OK some of the world's best aren't there but, judging by the reaction of most of the competitors, they all seem incredibly happy to be there - apart from the army of swimmers suffering with dodgy bellies. What are your thoughts so far?

  22. 05:51 Commentary  

    Talking of the paltry attendances, BBC reporter Matthew Pinsent had quite an intriguing exchange with Delhi organising chief Suresh Kalmadi at a press conference on Wednesday. The bone of contention was the attendance at the shooting on Tuesday, when Abhinav Bindra won India's first gold medal at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range. Matt said there were about 30 paying spectators in attendance while Mr Kalmadi insisted the former Olympic champion was missing an extra zero in his figure. Although it seems the small numbers in attendance can make a lot of noise at the hockey, when India lost 2-1 against defending champions Australia. Matthew elaborates his thoughts on his blog.

  23. 05:59 Netball  

    It's shaping up to be a humdinger in the netball where England are 33-33 with defending champions New Zealand in the third quarter. "I'm pretty sure netball wasn't like this when I watched it," reflects the man to my left. "Very combative."

  24. 06:09 Swimming  

    While the swimmers return to Dr SP Mukherjee Stadium for the afternoon's five finals, the synchronised swimmers will grace the pool with their elegant moves and incredible breath-holding exploits. England's Jenna Randall is in second place overall in the solo (which starts at 0730 BST) behind Canada's Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon, with Scotland's Lauren Smith in bronze medal place. In the duet competition, Randall is partnered by Olivia Allison and the pair are currently second in the standings, behind Boudreau-Gagnon and Canadian compatriot Chloe Isaac. That final starts at 1000 BST.

  25. SMS  

    From Rachel: "I wish people could grasp the fact that netball is an amazing game. These girls are superfit, agile and also intelligent and WE have always been great at this sport! Men's football? We are not even close to being good, yet they get so much praise. It's time we gave the netball girls some!!! Come on England!"

  26. 06:20 Netball  

    England's valiant attempt to topple defending champions New Zealand has ended in defeat as the Silver Ferns triumph 47-41, a loss which ends England's two-match winning run. However, all is not lost for England, who play the Cook Islands on Friday in their penultimate Group B match.

  27. 06:24 Commentary  

    Some news about England's ill swimmers, including Fran Halsall, who was physically sick poolside before winning her 50m freestyle heat. England team doctor has told BBC 5 live's Gordon Farquhar this morning that 20% of the swimming team are suffering stomach problems. Commonwealth Games Federation president Mike Fennell says: "We have ensured the water quality is tested, and food. We don't have specific reports about illness and the reasons why. We are concerned if athletes are not well and cannot perform at their best. We haven't had specific reports of swimming being different from the rest.'"

  28. 06:30 Athletics  

    Fresh from its last-minute repair job, the athletics track is giving a good pounding by the women's 1500m runners. And there's good news for England's Helen Clitheroe, who qualifies for the final after finishing second in the first heat, and Scotland's Steph Twell, who is fourth in her heat, but Northern Ireland's Ciara Mageean must wait to see if she qualifies as one of four fastest losers after crossing the line fifth in her heat.

  29. 06:33 Medal alert WOMEN'S TEAM COMPOUND ARCHERY  

    England win gold after beating Canada! It's their sixth gold medal of the Games. The trio of Nicky Hunt, Nichola Simpson and Danielle Brown loose (the technical term of launching arrows before I get any abuse - it's definitely not shooting) 232, just one point off the world record, beating Canada by three points. And apologies for getting my times completely wrong for the final. I hang my head in shame - hopefully there are no dead-eyed archers around the Shepherd's Bush area, otherwise I'm in serious trouble...

  30. SMS  

    From Pete, Sydney: "Following on from Gary's comments, I also am a Englishman in Australia but disagree with the little interest stated. Even though the Aussies are winning Golds every few minutes, the following of the Games is still big - Channel 10 has the games running constantly - even at the expense of Masterchef!!"

  31. 06:45 Swimming  

    The BBC's Martin Gough in Delhi reports: "Slightly embarrassing scenes as Commonwealth Games chief Mike Fennell is asked about reports of condoms blocking toilets in the athletes village. 'If that is happening, it shows there is use of condoms and I think that is a very positive story, that athletes are being responsible,' he says." It seems the Dr S P Mukherjee Swimming Stadium is suffering from a few problems. When asked if the quality of practice pool water is causing the swimmers stomach problems, Mr Fennell replied: 'We must find this out immediately. If there is something unsafe you can't swim in that water so it's a matter we'll have to deal with with the greatest of urgency.'"

  32. 06:50 Athletics  

    Hannah England does her surname and country proud as she becomes the third home nation athlete to qualify for the women's 1500m final. Apart from Hannah and footballer Stephen Ireland, are there any other sports stars whose surnames are the same as the countries they represent? Anyone ever met a Jonny Madagascar or a Gillian Turks and Caicos Islands on their travels?

  33. SMS  

    From Martin, Kuwait: "Can I propose in the spirit of Indian stadium names calling London's Olympic Stadium the Sir Winston Spencer or Sir Bobby Moore Stadium?"

    Judging by the internet campaigns going on right now, I wouldn't be surprised if it was dubbed the Gamu Nhengu National Stadium. If you have no idea who Gamu is, I envy you.
  34. 07:05 Commentary  

    More updates from Delhi organising committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi: "Ticket sales are going up very much, Stadiums are getting filled up. Lawn bowls was one with less people but all other stadiums were reasonably full." There were an estimate six thousand people rattling around the athletics stadium last night, and BBC reporter Matt Pinsent's filming at the women's hockey showed that was similarly empty even as hosts India took on holders Australia. However, BBC Radio 5 live reporter Rahul Tandon is out and about in the Indian capital, aiming to buy tickets. He reports that there are queues and many venues are selling out for the weekend, although there are some problems filling in forms.

  35. 07:10 Tennis  

    Bad news for England in the men's tennis singles as James Ward is beaten by Australia's Greg Jones. Ward, the fourth seed, lost 6-3 6-2 to the fifth seed.

  36. SMS  

    Anthony, stuck at work at stupid o'clock again: "Sadly miss the action but will be keeping this page refreshed. Keep it up guys! A big come on to England badminton as well."

  37. 07:22 Commentary  

    Commonwealth Games chief Mike Fennell has had to do plenty of talking this morning. The Jamaican apologised for an incident at the athletes' village on Wednesday evening when three Ugandan officials, including the team chef de mission, were injured when a "tyre killer" electronic device malfunctioned outside the athletes' village. The sharp-edged barrier, which stays below the ground when authorised vehicles pass over it, rose suddenly and hit the vehicle causing cuts around the eyes to the officials.

  38. 07:31 Tennis  

    More bad news for England at the RK Khanna Tennis Stadium, where Katie O'Brien is knocked out by India's Rushmi Chakravarthi following a 1-6 7-6 7-5 defeat. Chakravarthi will play Australia's sixth seed Olivia Rogowska in the quarter-finals. There was better news for Guernsey's Heather Watson, who dispatched India's Poojashree Venkatesha 7-6 6-3 to reach the last eight. However, the 18-year-old is among the rash of competitiors suffering with stomach problems. "I've been sick for the last couple of days, so I was pretty happy with the way I fought through," said Watson, who faces top seed Anastasia Rodionova of Australia in her quater-final match.

  39. 07:44 Medal alert SHOOTING 25M RAPID FIRE PISTOL PAIRS  

    More heavy duty metal slung around the necks of the Indians at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range as Vijay Kumar and Gurpreet Singh triumph.

  40. 07:47 Swimming  

    England's Jenna Randall is currently at the start of her synchronised swimming solo routine, accompanied by Evanescence's "My Last Breath", not one of the most apt-named songs for the pool. She is supremely elegant.

  41. 07:52 Swimming  

    Jenna awaits the judge's marks with a look of trepidation crossed intrigue with a dash of nervousness. First up is technical merit, earning 45.167 while collecting 90.000 for artistic impression. She looks thoroughly pleased with her performance and the marks. It's definitely good enough to take silver - but gold depends on the performance of Canada's Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon.

  42. SMS  

    From Anon: "Wales' Non Evans is through to fight for a bronze in women's freestyle wrestling. An amazing achievement having competed in judo and weightlifting in 2002!"

  43. 07:59 Commentary  

    We're having more troubles with our medal table again, so what you are seeing is not correct. Sorry. I'm pedalling my exercise bike attached to an industrial-sized generator as fast as I can to ensure we've got enough lecky to make the thing work. Apologies.

  44. 08:05 Swimming  

    Canada's Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon produces a near faultess display in the synchronised swimming solo - and her marks reflect that. The judges award her 47.5 for technical merit before a whopping 95.334 for artistic impression. Looks like another gold for the world number two, whose routine accompanied Muse's cover of Nina Simone's Feeling Good ("baaam, baaadaaam, badaaam babababa baaaaaam") It's a tough act for Lauren Smith to follow, but the Scot is third with a fantastic opportunity to finish on the podium.

  45. 08:08 Cycling  

    Over at the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, we have the start of the women's 10km scratch race final, basically an extended sprint. Australia's Megan Dunn, who won the points race on Wednesday, is the favourite. Eight of the 18 riders in the final are from the home nations, so an excellent opportunity for medals.

  46. 08:17 Medal alert WOMEN'S 10KM SCRATCH RACE  

    Australia's Megan Dunn absolutely obliterates the field to claim her second gold of the Games, with New Zealand's Joanne Kiesanowski taking silver and England's Anna Blythe, who had to change a faulty rear wheel in the early stages of the race, does exceptionally well to win bronze.

  47. SMS  

    From Anon: "I went to swimming event yesterday. It was packed out, great atmosphere, world records being broken, crowds on their feet and the stadium is world class."


    Canada's Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon successfully defends her title following a wonderful second routine in the solo, with England's Jenna Randall taking bronze and Scotland's Lauren Smith winning bronze.

  49. SMS  

    From Anon: "Worried observation - how come, when England's good at a sport, the Aussies suddenly get BRILLIANT at it?! They're winning everything in the cycling!"

    There's more to come too - Anna Meares and Kaarle McCulloch, who win team sprint gold on Wednesday, are both in the semis of the individual sprint. Expect more heavy duty metal from the green and gold at the velodrome...

  50. SMS  

    From Diptendu, Delhi: Missng the action as didn't get off frm work. But sure DELHI rocks, already got tickets for this weekend."

  51. 08:38 Medal alert WOMEN'S 50M RIFLE THREE POSITIONS  

    More gold for Australia, this time at the shooting range as Alethea Sedgman triumphs in the three positions.

  52. 08:47 Hockey  

    Scotland's women's hockey team registered their first victory at the Games following a 6-1 thumping against Trinidad and Tobago. The victory follows a 1-1 opening draw against India before a 2-1 defeat by South Africa. Goals came from Nikki Kidd (2), Holly Cram, Linda Clement and Charlene Williams. "The scoreline may appear convincing but we are disappointed with our performance," said striker Clement. "We can't blame the heat. It is more to do with ourselves." Next up for Scotland are defending champions Australia, a match they must win if they are to stand any chance of a podium finish. "We have a rest day tomorrow (Friday) before we take on Australia. We cannot afford to make mistakes in that game," added Clement.

  53. 08:50 Cycling  

    Brilliant opening race from Wales's Becky James, bronze medallist in the women's 500m time trial on Tuesday, against Kaarle McCulloch in the first of three races in the women's sprint semi-final. James leads at the bell but holds her pace admirably as Australian McCulloch attempts to overtake on the final bend. One more win and James will face Anna Meares in the final.

  54. 08:58 Cycling  

    And she's done it! Becky James becomes only the second Welsh woman to reach a track cycling final as she burns Kaarle McCulloch on the final straight to reach the final of the women's sprint final. She will face Aussie machine Anna Meares at about 1135 BST. Louise Jones is the only other Welsh rider to achieve the feat in Auckland in 1990. The Aussies have won seven of the eight medals so far at the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex. Remember GB at Beijing? The Australians are getting their revenge, albeit without the big-hitters of British cycling in India because of scheduling complications.

  55. 09:10 Athletics  

    Now, there have been some superhumans who have graced an athletics track over the past 50 to 60 years, the likes of Michael Johnson, Usain Bolt and Merlene Ottey, but superheroes? Jamaica's Ramone McKenzie ran his heats in the 100m in a Batman mask - so far he's the only Joker on the track, but rumours about Hannah England running the 1500m in a Wonder Woman costume are greatly exaggerated.

  56. SMS  

    From Si, Yorks: "Re all the hype about the Aussie cycling performance. It's a very weak field out there. Hoy, Pendleton, Wiggins, Crampton, Kenney and Romero. Will be a completely different story come 2012, fear not."

  57. 09:26 Commentary  

    The 606 website is open for brisk business - it's currently full of lots of irrate Liverpool fans venting their collective spleens about American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. Why not steer well clear of that subject and reflect on the day's events in the Indian capital instead?

  58. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    "Just been up to the athletes' village for a chat with Dai Greene. Very relaxed mood, and over the tummy bug he had a week or so ago. No Akabusi-style 'awooga' celebration as yet in place should he break the great man's British record while in a Welsh vest over here."

  59. 09:35 Archery  

    Let's take a detour to the Yamuna Sports Complex, scene of the men's compund team archery semi-final between England and Australia. The English trio will be seeking to avenge their World Cup defeat to the green and gold last month. India and South Africa contest the other semi-final.

  60. SMS  

    From Philip, Oxford: "Re Hannah England and appropriate surnames (6:50). There are four Spanish athletes called Espanya in the IAAF rankings. Is this a world record?"

    Errr, quite possibly.

  61. 09:44 Medal alert MEN'S CYCLING TEAM PURSUIT  

    Northern Ireland's riders are way too good for the Indian quartet, overhauling their opponents less than halfway through the bronze medal contest to claim the bronze medal, their first medal on the track since Auckland in 1990. The final is between Australia and New Zealand.

  62. 09:50 Medal alert CYCLING TEAM PURSUIT  

    Australia collect yet another medal in the velodrome as New Zealand's quartet crack during the final laps of the final. The four riders set a new Commonwealth and Australia national record time of 3:55.476secs. That's the seventh time the Australians have won Commonwealth gold in the event.

  63. 09:55 Archery  

    England's archers avenge their World Cup defeat against Australia following a 228-224 semi-final victory in the team compound category, guaranteeing a silver medal. The trio of Liam Grimwood, Chris White and Duncan Busby will face either India or South Africa in the final.

  64. 10:00 Medal alert SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING DUET  

    It's a clean sweep for Canada in the synchronised swimming as Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon earns her second gold medal in 90 minutes in the duet category with partner Chloe Isaac, while England's Jenna Randall adds a second silver medal alongside Olivia Allison. Australia's Elouise Amberer and Sara Bombell take bronze.

  65. 10:13 Athletics  

    A smidgen of athletics I forgot to hoover up from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium earlier in the morning. And it's not great news for England's Martyn Bernard, who is out of the men's high jump finals. The 25-year-old, who won bronze at the European championships recently, could not met the 2.16m qualifying standard for Saturday's final, which will include compatriots Tom Parsons and Samson Oni. In the men's decathlon, Canada's Jamie Adjetey-Nelson leads with 2583 points after winning two of the three first-session events - the 100m, long jump and shot put with England's Martin Brockman the highest-ranked home nations athletes with 2363 points. England's Daniel West claimed silver in the para-athletics shot put, finishing second behind Canada's Kyle Pettey.

  66. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    "I'm with Becky Adlington's parents on their bus heading down to the pool. While they are always supportive they are pretty realistic about her chances in the 800m this afternoon. Illness has hit their daughter in the last few days and there is a chance that this could be the last swim for double Olympic champion Adlington in Delhi."

  67. 10:22 Archery  

    England's archers will play India in the final of the men's team compound final following the host nation's 226-224 victory over South Africa. The final is coming up about 1030 BST.

  68. 10:33 Commentary  

    Squash, beloved of yuppies in the 1980s and one of the best sports to play if you want to shift a gut - research suggests you can lose up to 1000 calories in an hour, although watch out for the litres of sweat which tends to drip off your forehead and stinging your eyes something rotten. Anyway, England have Jenny Duncalf in the final of the women's singles following a 3-1 victory over compatriot Alison Waters, who looks to have suffered an achilles heel injury during her defeat.

  69. 10:37 Medal alert WOMEN'S TRACK CYCLING SPRINT  

    Unbelievably tight finish to the second sprint between Australia's Anna Meares and Wales's Becky James, but Meares just - and I really do mean just - crosses the finishing line first, confirming her third medal at the Games. But a tremendous performance from teenager James, who is beaming a smile as wide as the Gower Peninsula after earning silver. However, Kaarle McCulloch was disqualified from the bronze medal race, handing the final spot on the podium to compatriot Emily Rosemond.

  70. BBC Sport's Sonali Shah
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sonali Shah In Delhi  

    "Just had a chat with diver Tom Daley at the athletes village. He'd just spent two hours with his head in his A-Level books!"

  71. 10:45 Medal alert TRACK CYCLING MEN'S SPRINT  

    Yet another clean sweep for the Aussies, who have been burning the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex velodrome to cinders all week in the absence of Great Britain's army of medal-winning cyclists. Shane Perkins, who was controversially disqualified from the keirin on Wednesday - a decision greeted by a friendly V-sign in the minor final by the 23-year-old, turns on the style to twice outsprint compatriot Scott Sunderland to gold, with Sam Webster of New Zealand taking bronze.

  72. 606  

    From Mad_for_Chelsea: "Becky James comes so close to pushing Meares to a decisive sprint, losing the second leg of the final by the narrowest of margins (maybe a quarter of a wheel, at most). Brilliant effort, she lacked the power but her tactics were spot-on."

  73. 11:02 Archery  

    The men's team archery compound final is well under way between England and India - and what a sensational start from the men in red and white, with Liam Grimwood, Chris White and Duncan Busby all nailing maximum points. England lead 60-57 after the first end.

  74. 11:05 Commentary  

    As Becky James receives her silver medal for Wales at the velodrome, only the second won by the principality on the track in the Games, it's time for me to hand over to Ollie Williams and sleep until the next ice age. Until next week, goodbye.

  75. Alert By Pranav Soneji  
  76. 11:09 Commentary  

    Hello, everybody. Everything is ticking along nicely in Delhi. England's Iain Weaver has just given Swaziland's Vusie Simelane a lesson in boxing in the men's 56kg category, and England are leading India at the halfway point in the men's team compound archery final. They've dropped just the one point so far, and lead 119-114.

  77. 11:12 Squash  

    Those of you watching the live video in the UK, who would rather see swimming than property programming, rest assured. We're onto it. In the meantime, I recommend checking out the squash, where English duo Nick Matthew (the top seed) and Peter Barker are locked in battle in the men's singles semi-final.

  78. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    No sign of Rebecca Adlington doing her warm-up. Not a good sign, according to her dad, Steve.

    There have been plenty of talking points surrounding the Delhi pool, with the quality of the water the latest issue under the spotlight. Has it made some of the English and Australian swimmers ill? That seems to be the suggestion, and Adlington may be as much a victim today as Fran Halsall, swaying on the podium like she was about to collapse, was on Wednesday.

  79. 11:19 Medal alert MEN'S TEAM COMPOUND ARCHERY  

    Gold for England, although by a narrower margin than it looked for most of that final. They beat India 231-229, having held a stronger lead at the halfway mark, but the win is sealed with a nine from the final arrow.

  80. Twitter  

    From Ross Hutchins: Moved into the semis of the men's doubles and mixed doubles here in Delhi! So pumped now! Quest for medals continues.

  81. 11:25 Commentary  

    Lots coming up in the next couple of hours. The swimming begins in just over five minutes with the men's 100m freestyle final at the Delhi pool, while England's men's hockey team are about to take on Canada in Pool B (different sorts of pool).

    The gymnastics individual apparatus finals are coming up in an hour or so, then the athletics begins with the decathlon high jump at 1300 BST, with the 100m finals a tasty prospect a little later in the day.

  82. 11:27 Badminton  

    A few of you have been asking about the badminton, where the mixed team event has reached the semi-finals. England beat Scotland 3-1 in their quarter-final, and will now face India in the semis - the victor will play either Singapore or Malaysia in the final.

    The schedule in front of me - and I don't for one moment pretend that schedules and reality have had much in common, so far - suggests the England-India tie will begin at 1430 BST. I'll keep an eye out.

  83. 11:32 Medal alert WOMEN'S 100M BUTTERFLY  

    Bang on time, the swimming begins with the women's 100m butterfly final (did I say the first event was the men's 100m free earlier? I lied, that's next). Australia's Alicia Coutts wraps up a third gold medal of the week, and comfortably at that, in 57.53 seconds. England's Ellen Gandy gets silver and Wales's Jemma Lowe takes bronze.

  84. 11:36 Commentary  

    The men's pairs 10m air pistol shooting has started and you can watch it live, if you're in the UK, using the video player at the top of this page. The men's singles squash semis and the men's 56kg boxing are also available, as is the swimming, where Brenton Rickard wins his 50m breaststroke semi-final despite a horrible finish. Michael Dawson of Northern Ireland down in fifth. England's Daniel Sliwinski and Wales's Rob Holderness up next.

  85. 11:39 Swimming  

    South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh finds himself tied for first with New Zealand's Glenn Snyders in the second men's 50m breaststroke semi-final. Sliwinski and Holderness are both through to the final, too.

  86. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    Ellen Gandy has always suffered with nerves but she's holding it together now and delivering results!

  87. 11:44 Commentary  

    Australian prodigy Emily Seebohm wins her 50m backstroke semi-final in a new Commonwealth record of 28.03 seconds.

    Now - bowls fans. I've been asked when you can next expect live bowls coverage from us. I can exclusively reveal that the triples semis will be available online and on red button for UK users on Friday, all being well.

  88. Twitter  

    From EnglandHockey: Incredible atmosphere already building at the hockey. Indians supporting Canada and cheered when ball from penalty corner ended in net, but came off Canadian foot...

    Alas for England Hockey, the English are now a goal down to the Canadians. Twenty minutes left in the first half.

  89. 11:49 Swimming  

    Gemma Spofforth of England wins the second 50m backstroke semi-final, with Wales's Georgia Davies finishing just behind her. Both go through to the final with Seebohm fastest.

    Swimming fans in the UK having trouble watching our live player, we should have coverage restored for you in the very near future. And on the subject of swimming, I have in my hand a hot-off-the-press statement from the English Commonwealth team, which says:

    "England's Chef de Mission, Craig Hunter, mentioned at a press briefing today that we were seeking assurances about the quality of water in the pool at the Aquatics Complex. We have now received those assurances."

    That's good, then.

  90. 11:52 Tennis  

    Continuing my frantic wading through our live video schedule, tennis fans will be delighted to know that video coverage is scheduled to return from 0525 BST on Friday, with no fewer than 10 hours of live coverage for UK users that day.

  91. 11:57 Boxing  

    Welshman Jermaine Asare is up next in the boxing, against Tarieta Ruata of Kiribati, in the 81kg category. If you're in the UK, you can nip over and watch that on the video player. Let me know what happens, I've got some hockey and swimming on the go.

  92. Twitter  

    From Steve Buckley: I once swam a 200m individual medley with the flu. I can tell you it's no fun, so I empathise entirely with the swimmers in Delhi.

    If only it were flu... my understanding is it's something a little more fluid and, when the toilets at the pool have been blocked for most of the last 24 hours, that's a problem. It's doing nothing for me getting over my fear of going down to the local pool each morning.

  93. SMS  

    From Alison in Herts: Great game of Netball this morning between England and the Silver Ferns. Why isn't there more Netball on the Beeb in general? Will there be highlights later today?

    I can't give you a definite answer on highlights in the UK TV coverage later, but UK users can watch more netball from 1225 BST on Friday, when England are back in action. It should be live on red button (not 100% sure of the Freeview situation, do check) and online.

  94. 12:07 Medal alert MEN'S 100M FREESTYLE  

    Canada's Brent Hayden wins men's 100m freestyle swim in 47.98 seconds, another Commonwealth record, while Australia's Eamon Sullivan can only manage a bronze medal - a shock. Almost equally surprising is the superb swim from England's Simon Burnett to take silver between them.

    Given the last Commonwealths took place in Melbourne in 2006, they missed the whole swimsuit controversy of 2008 and 2009, where swimmers could set super-fast times. Hence, the Commonwealth records are not "tainted" in a way some think the world and Olympic ones are - and are thus more susceptible to being broken.

  95. 12:09 Medal alert  

    England's Stevan Walton has taken shooting gold in the men's double trap individual event. More on that in a bit.

  96. 12:14 Squash  

    I've been remiss in the time it's taken me to give you a squash update. Nick Matthew, who you'll recall is the English top seed, beat fellow countryman Peter Barker 11-9 11-2 11-9 in their singles semi-final earlier. In the women's semis, Jenny Duncalf beat Alison Waters in another all-English contest.

    Quite good at squash, the English. Even I can play it. (Badly, but I can play it, which is achievement enough.)

  97. 12:15 Swimming  

    As has been pointed out by eagle-eyed swimmers the world over, where I referred to Commonwealth records below, I meant Commonwealth Games records. There is a world of difference. Games records are not affected by the ultra-fast suits, but Commonwealth records in general are.

    I suspect this is now as clear as a Delhi pool for most of you. Apologies.

  98. 12:19 Commentary  

    Quick round-up. English trio of Kate Haywood, Stacey Tadd and Achieng Ajulu-Bushell through to swimming's 100m breaststroke final. England trail Canada 1-0 in the hockey, second half starting. Gymnastics individual apparatus finals begin in 10 minutes with men's floor.

  99. BBC Sport's Martin Gough
    Contributor BBC Sport's Martin Gough  

    I got a chance for a quick chat with Australia's five-time cycling world champion Anna Meares after the medal ceremony and asked about Becky James, the Welsh teenager who almost took her to a deciding third leg in the sprint final.

    "I don't think I've raced her before but I've seen her around and she's a really nice girl," said Meares. "But she can switch to being aggressive and I was very worried there.

    "Great Britain's top people have made it known for a while that their focus is on the Olympic Games but I love racing the best in the world. It would have been great to have a rematch with Victoria Pendleton but that will have to wait."

  100. Twitter  

    From English triple-jumper Nathan Douglas: Being circled overhead by Vultures and Eagles while training is just a little bit different from the norm!

    Today's athletics begins in just over half an hour's time.

  101. 12:27 Swimming  

    Plenty of home nations swimmers through from the men's 100m backstroke semi-finals, led by England's Liam Tancock and Wales's Marco Loughran, themselves just behind Australia's Ashley Delaney. Chris Walker-Hebborn and Ryan Bennett of England also go through.

  102. 12:31 Commentary  

    You may be aware that the medals table has had a rickety few days. Well, worry no more, because Medals Table 2.0 has arrived on the scene. Bend it, shape it, any way you want it... and it'll probably still have the Australians on top. But do take a look.

    "Medals table" or "medal table" by the way?

  103. 12:32 Hockey  

    England's men have equalised in the hockey, it's 1-1 against Canada with 20 minutes left.

  104. Twitter  

    From English diver Tom Daley: Just done some dives off 10m and now watching the swimming.

    Which would imply the earlier issues with the board - which was alleged in some reports to be 10.7m, rather than 10m - have been solved.

  105. BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent
    Contributor BBC Sport's Matthew Pinsent  

    Brilliant choreography at the swimming medal ceremonies - watching the troops march and attach the three flags is a pleasure. Big thumbs down, however, to the stadium announcer (an Aussie I think) who just called Brent Hayden, the 100m freestyle champion, Matthew. Poor show, it ruined his big moment as he was introduced on the top step of the podium.

  106. 12:41 Commentary  

    Medals Table 2.0 is hanging its head in shame after the revelation that it still hasn't quite nailed this counting-all-the-medals-up lark. One day - one distant day, hopefully before July 2012 - it will get there. An update is forthcoming, I am promised.

  107. 12:44 Swimming  

    England's Fran Halsall puts her alimentary canal's horrendous last 24 hours behind her to win her 50m freestyle semi-final in a time of 25.18 seconds, qualifying third-fastest overall with team-mate Amy Smith also through to the final.

  108. Swimming England's Fran Halsall:  

    "The food that I had stayed down and I got a little bit of energy. I'd like to say thank you to everybody who has been sending me tweets. I'll give it a go tomorrow night in the 50m final."

  109. 12:52 Swimming  

    Australia's Geoff Huegill wins his 100m butterfly semi-final as he continues his remarkable return, having lost more than seven stone to be back in competition. He sets a time of 52.53 seconds, with England's Antony James half a second back, and Scotland's Andrew Mayor just squeaks into the final alongside them.

  110. 12:54 Hockey  

    The men's hockey finishes with England unable to find a way through the Canadian defence. Canada celebrate as though they've won - final score, 1-1.

  111. SMS  

    From Anon: Absolutely loving Medals Table 2.0. Ranking by population really shows that Wales is good at sport, not just singing!

  112. 12:57 Medal alert WOMEN'S PARA S9 100M FREESTYLE  

    South Africa's Natalie du Toit, surprise surprise, wins the Para S9 100m freestyle final, with England's Stephanie Millward - who has multiple sclerosis - taking silver.

  113. 13:03 Hockey  

    England's hockey players will be distraught to have failed to beat Canada, despite laying siege to the Canadian net all second half. Thoughts, hockey fans?

  114. 13:04 Swimming  

    I'm hearing from our staff in Delhi that even though the English swimming team says it has received assurances from Games organisers that the water in the pool is safe, the team are waiting to receive a copy of the test results and have asked for the opportunity to study them later.

  115. 13:07 Medal alert MEN'S 400M INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY  

    Chad le Clos of South Africa wins the men's 400m individual medley in a time of 4:13.25, a Commonwealth Games record (got it right this time), with England's Joe Roebuck taking silver a couple of seconds behind. Wales' Tom Haffield finished fourth.

  116. Swimming Welsh swimmer Tom Haffield:  

    "People can sugar-coat it as much as they want but this is a very difficult environment to be in."

  117. 13:10 Medal alert GYMNASTICS - MEN'S FLOOR  

    England's Reiss Beckford takes silver in the men's floor event at the gymnastics, but Australia's Thomas Pichler pips him to gold. The women's vault will start soon and if you're in the UK, you can watch it live using the video player at the top of this page.

  118. 13:14 Athletics  

    The athletics begins and the women's 100m semi-finals kick us off, followed by the men's equivalent, with finals to come later.

  119. Twitter  

    From weRengland: Stevan Walton adds singles shooting gold to his pairs double trap gold. Surely now the most bemedalled forklift truck driver in Redditch.

  120. 13:20 Athletics  

    Kathryn Endacott goes through from her 100m final for England, placing second.

  121. SMS  

    From C in Camberley: Surely elite athletes should get to the venues a while before the games start in order to acclimatise? Perhaps then they wouldn't be suffering as much?

  122. 13:23 Swimming  

    The 800m freestyle final is about to begin in the Delhi pool, and England's Rebecca Adlington is in the line-up, after some doubts earlier today on whether she'd make it.

  123. Squash England squash player Peter Barker:  

    "They have world class referees and don't use them for important matches. There were two bad decisions, and they might have made a difference."

    Just in case you thought squabbles over referees were limited to sports like football. Barker lost to fellow Englishman and top seed Nick Matthew in his semi-final. Matthew said of Barker: "Sometimes he starts off all nicey-nicey and snaps out of that and it can become aggravated, but I thought the emotional balance was right this time."

  124. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    On Twitter: The England team doctor heard I was ill and came to check up on me. Feel bad as I've only got a runny nose! He's done a great job sorting Fran Halsall out.

  125. 13:32 Athletics  

    Montell Douglas missed out from the second women's 100m semi-final, but England's Laura Turner goes through from the third semi, coming home behind Sally Pearson of Australia, who wins easily.

  126. 13:35 Medal alert WOMEN'S 800M FREESTYLE  

    So much for the ill, out-of-form Becky Adlington. The Mansfield swimming superstar romps home to victory in a time of 8:24.69 in the women's 800m freestyle, even though she slowed up a little in the back half of the race. That may go some towards burying the spectre of her seventh-place finish at the Euros - which, admittedly, were not her target meet - in August. Sasha Matthews is sixth for England, Megan Gilchrist seventh for Scotland and Aimee Willmott comes eighth for England.

  127. Swimming Rebecca Adlington:  

    "I'm so pleased with that swim, it's not about the time, I just wanted to get involved in the race. My coach told me to stick with them all but I thought no, just get out there. On the back 400m I saw them edging closer to me but I eased back and decided to just do enough to win the race."

  128. 13:44 Athletics  

    Trinidad and Tobago's Aaron Armstrong won the first men's 100m semi-final in 10.14 seconds. What can England's Mark Lewis-Francis do? Answer: Nothing, yet. The start is called off once again. Starting these races seems to be an issue in itself.

  129. 13:46 Athletics  

    Here we go, and Lewis-Francis gets a terrible start but has he made that? Has he? He looked like he was third - which sends him through. That was incredibly close, though.

  130. 13:47 Athletics  

    Confirmation: Mark Lewis-Francis goes through to the final of the men's 100m, which you can see at 1500 BST, either online or on TV, if you're in the UK. His time in the semi: 10.17.

  131. 13:51 Rugby 7s  

    More venue-related hijinx at the Commonwealth Games, as Rebecca Adlington prepares to step up to the podium for her 800m freestyle gold medal.

    I'm told the scoreboard at the rugby sevens venue fell to the ground earlier, luckily without there being any spectators around (it being a non-competition day, although cynics may suggest it wouldn't make a vast difference).

    A chain support gave way, smashing one corner of the scoreboard to the ground. If it can't be fixed in time for the start of the competition, I'm sure we can just tweet England coach Ben Ryan for the scores...

  132. SMS  

    From Anon: Sat at work following online. Delighted for Rebecca Adlington, she's a complete superstar who has put up with a lot of stick since the Olympics.

  133. 13:58 Medal alert GYMNASTICS - WOMEN'S VAULT  

    Imogen Cairns of England has defended her Commonwealth vault title at the gymnastics, with Canadians Gabby May and Kristin Klarenbach taking silver and bronze. The men's pommel is now under way.

  134. 14:01 Medal alert WOMEN'S 100M T37  

    And the medals continue to flow - England's Katrina Hart has won gold in the women's 100m T37 athletics final.

  135. 606  

    From Lauren: Gutted the England boys didn't make their chances pay in the hockey. Fingers crossed they make it through to the semis.

  136. 14:06 Athletics  

    England's Nadine Okyere runs a personal best in her women's 400m semi-final but finishes third-fastest, to give herself a slim chance of going through as a fastest loser.

  137. Twitter  

    From WelshAthletics: Silver medal! Jenny McLoughlin runs a personal best in the T37 and is the first Welsh athlete to medal in track and field in Delhi.

  138. 14:10 Athletics  

    Scotland's Lee McConnell makes sure of her place in the 400m final, tiring a little in the final stages to finish second in her semi. It still looks unlikely that Nadine Okyere will get through as a fastest loser.

  139. 14:14 England  

    Opinions remain divided on Jerusalem's place as the English national anthem in Delhi:

    From Anon via text: "Can we not change the anthem to Land of Hope and Glory? Jerusalem is too long."

    From Mark in Cheltenham via text: "I'm sick of the BBC slagging off Jerusalem. Fantastic anthem and you have to play both verses. Athletes should learn the words and sing it with gusto."

    From Sharon via Twitter: "What's with the naff England anthem? Who chose it? It's stupid."

    Don't forget to tell me your name if you're texting in, by the way.

  140. 14:17 Medal alert GYMNASTICS - MEN'S POMMEL  

    Gymnastics medals continue to roll by, Australia's Prashanth Sellathurai producing a stunning routine to take pommel horse gold ahead of England's Max Whitlock, who settles for silver ahead of Singapore's Thuang Chan.

    I'll be off to the World Gymnastics in Rotterdam at the end of next week, where the top Britons (none of whom are in Delhi) will be in action. Stay tuned to my Twitter for more on that.

  141. 14:24 Commentary  

    Let's take a quick tour, lots going on. Scotland versus Malaysia for a place in the men's squash singles final, England versus India and Scotland versus Malaysia (again!) in the mixed team badminton semis, women's uneven bars in the gymnastics, men's light-welterweight boxing, plus table tennis and weightlifting. And some athletics, which is the focus on BBC One if you're in the UK. And India v Australia in the men's hockey. Lawn bowls on the way. Told you there was a lot.

  142. 14:25 Athletics  

    England's Vicky Barr sounds distraught as she realises she won't make it through to the Commonwealth final of the women's 400m. "I need to go away and think about what's gone wrong, but I need to re-focus for the relay, there's a massive medal chance there. I've got to move on... I don't really know."

  143. 14:29 Commentary  

    I know there is some frustration that sports like wrestling and shooting aren't getting more of the limelight. It's simply a lack of information in most cases - results from Delhi are often hard to track down, and we often don't have reliable information to bring to you live. But I'll do what I can, particularly where the fortunes of competitors from the home nations are concerned.

  144. 14:33 Squash  

    Ah, silly boy, Williams. The Scotland-Malaysia squash tie is the plate final, which I should've known, but duped myself into thinking it was a semi. It isn't, the semi's coming up and I believe (though I'm no longer counting any chickens) it'll feature England's James Willstrop.

    Thanks to Madeleine T-B for correcting me.

  145. SMS  

    From Sam: Is it just me or has the theme for these Games been 'beaten to the gold by the Aussies'? How many times have England come second to them so far? Hopefully it's not an omen for the Ashes!

  146. 14:39 Wales  

    Am hearing that Wales' Carys Parry has taken women's hammer silver... more on that shortly.

  147. SMS  

    From Steve, who's "bored in Delhi": I wish people would stop going on about empty stadiums. I couldn’t get a ticket for either the hockey or the shooting today and solely blame Matthew Pinsent!

  148. 14:43 Shooting  

    At last, a bit of shooting news to squeeze in before I go to the women's 100m final.

    Nick Baxter and Michael Gault of England won silver in the men's 10m air pistol pairs event, behind India's Gurpreet Sing and Okmar Singh.

    Gault competed with an upset stomach (for a change) and said of his rival Singh: "He is making my life miserable, but he is a wonderful chap. He could be arrogant but he is not."

    Right then. Final time at the athletics.

  149. 14:49 Athletics  

    The false-start klaxons erupt into a curtain of moths, and it is England's Laura Turner to blame. So that's the end of Turner - out of the race she goes. What a way to go - she's not at all happy (as you'd expect) and calls over the officials to discuss, hands on hips.

    Turner's remonstrations continue, and she will now run under protest, we think...

  150. 14:53 Medal alert WOMEN'S 100M FINAL  

    Sally Pearson takes women's 100m Commonwealth gold, the first Australian to win that title since 1974, in 11.28 seconds. Turner, her head all over the place after that false-start fiasco, is not in the reckoning.

  151. 14:55 Athletics  

    Katherine Endacott, however, finished fourth in that race - and, if England's protest goes ahead and Pearson is disqualified (England think she was the culprit in the false start) then Endacott could get a medal. Wow.

  152. 14:59 Athletics  

    Don't spend too much time trying to pick your way through that women's 100m final, because the men's is about to start. Clear the mechanism.

  153. Athletics A hopeful Katherine Endacott:  

    "It was a false start by Sally and I'm sure they went to give her the red card. I've had a really, really good year but to get fourth here is frustrating."

  154. 15:03 Medal alert MEN'S 100M FINAL  

    My word! What a race from gold medallist Lerone Clarke of Jamaica, but Mark Lewis-Francis slowly (well, I say slowly, you know what I mean) clawed his way through that field to take silver for England. He bounces up and down with childish delight all over his face. He was last off the blocks, too. Imagine if that start had been better... anyway, that was a belter. Clarke's winning time, 10.12.

  155. 15:05 Medal alert WOMEN'S HAMMER  

    Confirmation that Carys Parry took hammer silver for Wales, with England's Zoe Derham taking bronze, behind Canadian gold medallist Sultana Frizell, who has raisins to be cheerful.

  156. Athletics Mark Lewis-Francis:  

    "This is an amazing season for me, I want to say one thing: I would've won that. My block slipped, that's why it looks like I'm so far behind. I had to run deep within just to get a medal. There's a lot more there.

    "That's one of the hardest races I've done this season, there's just that little bit of disappointment knowing what could have been.

    "Watch my blocks. Watch 'em," he says as he reviews the replay on a screen down by the track. And they do indeed slip backwards. "I'm gutted."

  157. 15:12 Athletics  

    According to Colin Jackson, Laura Turner should not even have been allowed to race in her 100m final - the rules have changed and athletes cannot run under protest, apparently.

    What with that and the blocks slipping... intrigue! Excitement! Discussion! Do get in touch, please.

  158. 15:14 Badminton  

    Very quickly, do go and check out the badminton if you can. England v India in the mixed team semi-final. UK users can watch it live using the player above.

  159. SMS  

    From Stu: You could say Sultana Frizell is the currant champion. This is a date she won't soon fig-et!

  160. SMS  

    From Anon: If you look at the start of the men's 100m final it's not only Mark's blocks that move. Could be the track?

  161. Wales Carys Parry, hammer silver medallist:  

    "I don't know if I can put it into words. I'm amazed. I knew if things went well we could both come away with a medal, but for it to actually happen is something else. To finish a long season with a medal is something else."

  162. England Zoe Derham, hammer bronze medallist:  

    "It's a shame I couldn't build on my first-round throw but it's a bit surreal at the minute. I've gone from eighth, to fifth, to third. It means so much, I've been going for years, I started at 16 and I'm now 29. It's a lot of years but it's well worth it."

  163. SMS  

    From Jools: How come no mention of the Isle of Man bronze medal for Tim Kneale? Everywhere else seems to get a mention!

    Kneale, 27, won individual double trap bronze after a shoot-off with India's Ronjan Sodhi and Asher Noria. Sorry if he slipped under my radar! There's a lot going on.

    Similarly, someone asked me a moment ago if I could keep you manually updated with medals since the medals table is limping along a bit. In a word: no. If someone would like to add them all up and send them in to me each half-hour, then go for your life...

  164. 15:24 Athletics  

    We can confirm that England are officially protesting Sally Pearson's gold medal (and Laura Turner's disqualification) in the women's 100m.

  165. 15:26 Hockey  

    A little while ago, Australia's men's hockey team completed a 5-2 hammering of hosts India. England, held to a 1-1 draw by Canada, will be pleased they avoided the Aussies' group. If both get through to the knock-out stages then there's the prospect of one hell of a match. Highlights from Scotland's women v Trinidad and Tobago are on BBC One now for UK users.

  166. Twitter  

    From Katy Evans: Huge well done Carys Parry on her silver medal from all her workmates at Spectacle Theatre in the Rhondda!

  167. SMS  

    From James in Canberra, Australia: I haven't taken a breath since the false start fiasco, but really hoping Sally holds on to her gold, that had me jumping up and down! Still nervous about it. Hold on Sally! Come on!

  168. 15:36 Squash  

    Squash ahoy! Important clash, this one. England's James Willstrop is taking on London-based Malaysian Mohd Iskandar for a place in the men's singles final. UK users have live video available to them in the player above.

  169. 15:41 Medal alert WOMEN'S WEIGHTLIFTING  

    News from the weightlifting, where Wales' Michaela Breeze has been denied a gold medal in her final top-level competition. The 31-year-old, retiring after 18 years in the sport, takes silver in the 63kg category, behind Nigeria's Obioma Okoli.

  170. 15:45 Medal alert GYMNASTICS - MEN'S RINGS  

    For the umpteenth time today, an English gymnast is denied a gold medal by an Australian rival. This time it's Samuel Offord winning the men's rings and hence depriving England's Luke Folwell of gold. Folwell takes silver ahead of the Cypriot Irodotos Georgallas. Earlier, Lauren Mitchell and Georgia Bonora produced a one-two for the Aussies in the women's uneven bars, with not a home nations sniff of a medal. However, Beth Tweddle will have something to say about that at the World Championships in a couple of weeks.

  171. Twitter  

    From Team Scotland: Huge congratulations to Lauren Smith who made history today - Scotland's first ever medal in the synchronised swimming competition!

  172. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: To clear up the women's 100m final: Laura Turner was definitely disqualified. She did not run under protest; the starter checked with the other girls, and allowed her to run while disqualified.

    ... Which strikes me as interesting in itself.

  173. 606  

    From Shan: As an Indian I'm so happy that we're doing quite well and may well end up in the top three. But it's so hurting to see the state of Indian hockey as it is now. This is our national sport.. like how an Englishman would feel about their football team.

  174. 15:53 Wrestling  

    In one of the more unusual gold medal-winning performances, Canada's Carol Huynh has taken the women's 48kg freestyle wrestling gold, despite struggling to see.

    Her contact lenses fell out during her fight with India's Nirmala Devi, but she still won 7-3.

    "I lost my contact lenses during the fight, so everything was a
    bit fuzzy," Huynh told the AFP agency afterwards. Which strikes me as downplaying it somewhat. Would you go into a wrestling final unable to see properly?

  175. 15:55 Squash  

    England's James Willstrop is 1-0 up on Malaysia's Mohd Iskandar in his men's singles semi-final. Best of five.

  176. 15:59 Commentary  

    More boxing coming up shortly, and I've got some excellent quotes from some of today's earlier competitors to bring to you when we get there. Archery highlights of England's team compound win over India on BBC One right now. And it's England v India in the mixed team badminton semis, too - live on the video player above for UK users.

  177. 16:02 Athletics  

    Australia's Sally Pearson can breathe a sigh of relief. Her women's 100m final gold medal is now officially confirmed, and can be safely stowed on her mantelpiece.

  178. Commentary  

    From Rab-HTiD: Nice to see you update the England squash team, but there's no word of the Scottish game!

    More an accident of timing than anything else. Scotland-Malaysia was taking place during the athletics and gymnastics, among others, and I've yet to see a confirmed result (results this week sometimes take disconcertingly long to get back to us). Right now, I'm able to focus on the squash for a bit, which I'm sure we can agree is long overdue. And a pleasant change, given how close this semi is looking.

  179. 16:16 Boxing  

    Some time in the next hour, England's Bradley Saunders will face New Zealand's Anthony Taylor in the men's 64kg category at the boxing - where the majority of Thursday's remaining action now lies.

  180. SMS  

    From Dan in Manchester: The atmosphere at the hockey stadium is incredible. India v Australia is possibly the biggest game of that group.

    You can watch the game (slightly delayed transmission) now, using our video player, if you're in the UK. I shan't tell you the score. Probably best you don't scroll down much, though.

  181. 16:19 Athletics  

    Think this might be our last athletics update of the day. Word reaches me that England's Carl Myerscough finished fourth in the men's shot put final, won by Dylan Armstrong of Canada with a Games record of 21.02m. England's Rider Scott was eighth and Ryan Jones of Wales finished 10th.

  182. 16:26 Squash  

    James Willstrop of England goes through to the final of the men's singles squash, which means England are guaranteed gold and silver, since he'll play team-mate and top seed Nick Matthew, who overcame Peter Barker earlier. Willstrop beat Mohd Iskandar 11-4 11-7 11-5.

  183. 16:29 Athletics  

    Getting lots of messages from you about Sally Pearson. We earlier reported that her gold medal in the women's 100m was guaranteed, but our man Tom Fordyce, at the arena, reckons he's just seen her "leaving the stadium in tears". Australian TV, according to James in Canberra (thanks for the text), are similarly confused. Has she won gold? Has England's Katherine Endacott been moved up to bronze? We're trying to find out, hold your breath...

    Actually don't, this may take a while.

  184. BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce
    Contributor BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce  

    On Twitter: No-one quites knows what's going on. Unlike Laura Turner, this one could definitely run and run...

  185. 16:34 Badminton  

    Bad news from the badminton as far as England are concerned. Their mixed team lost 3-0 to India, a comprehensive defeat which sends them into a bronze-medal tie on Friday and puts the Indians through to the final in their stead.

  186. 16:43 Commentary  

    As the day ends in Delhi, athletes are turning to Twitter in their droves to thank their thousands of followers for all the supportive messages. Examples include Australian swimmer Eamon Sullivan, who had a pretty torrid time in the pool earlier (not a sentence we've often been able to write about an Aussie at these Games). He tweets: "Thanks for all the messages. Pretty disappointed with that swim. Appreciate the support."

    Some others:

    Elaine O'Neill, English 100m sprinter: "Today may have not been my day, but I have faith it will soon come! Amazing experience. 200m next!"

    Kate Haywood, Scottish medley and breaststroke swimmer: "Thanks for all the support everyone, it means alot to us out here, the last two days for us are gonna be great!"

    Annamay Pierse, Canadian breaststroke swimmer: "Thanks for all of the support, it means the world to me to know you are all out there. 100m final tomorrow - regrouping and moving on. Let's see!"

    Daryl Selby, English squash player: "One day we might get some coverage and recognition. One day..."

    Becky James, Welsh cycling silver medallist: "Wow. Feel so touched by all these messages, got tears in my eyes. Happy tears though!"

  187. SMS  

    From Clive: Why, oh why, is squash not in the Olympics? What a great sport with a medal almost guaranteed.

    I assume Clive means for England (or Britain, were it an Olympic sport). That, in itself, may be what excludes squash from the Games - witness the demise of softball and baseball, both thrown out of the Olympic programme post-Beijing, and both widely seen as guaranteed medals for very few competitive nations.

  188. 16:52 Boxing  

    Boxing wherever you look, now. Highlights on BBC One and live video available online for UK users. Time to indulge ourselves in a couple of boxing stories from earlier today...

  189. 16:57 Northern Ireland  

    Paddy Barnes, representing Northern Ireland, beat Scotland's Iain Butcher to reach his light-flyweight quarter-final earlier on Thursday - then declared himself bored with the sport.

    "It is just holding, jabbing and moving," he told reporters afterwards. "It is boring. I really don't like any sport."

    Begs so many questions, doesn't it?

  190. 606  

    From tapeworm_oz: As an Aussie, I love Sally Pearson but, seriously, she broke as well as Turner. They were both under the allowable reaction time and even though Turner broke first, Sally left the blocks one-thousandth of a second after her. The starter said she reacted to Turner breaking so he has the discretion to let Sally run. But Sally was not in the lane next to Turner and no-one can react that fast to someone else breaking. Sorry, Sally, but you should be disqualified.

  191. 17:04 Boxing  

    Back to the boxing, and England's Iain Weaver has been stirring it up with his next opponent in the bantamweight category, India's Akhil Kumar.

    The two don't see eye to eye after Weaver beat Kumar to win the Commonwealth Feds, also in Delhi, earlier this year. Cue fighting talk from Weaver, as follows:

    "I've beaten Kumar once and there's no reason why I can't do it again. I love fighting in front of a noisy crowd whether they're against me or not. Hopefully I'm going to beat my third Indian on Saturday night."

    By the way, I have - at last - tracked down the result of Welsh light-heavyweight Jermaine Asare. He beat Kiribati's Tarieta Ruata 6-3 and says he's "just happy to have got through to the next round".

  192. SMS  

    From Nick: Squash, unlike the American rounders-type sports, is really global. Non-Commonwealth countries with real world-class talent include Egypt, France, Holland, Finland, the US - and it's played in over 150 countries. And yes, we're really good at it! Yours awaiting an English clean sweep.

  193. 17:14 Boxing  

    Lastly in the boxing news from earlier today, Haroon Khan - Amir Khan's younger brother - is through to the last eight in the flyweight category.

    The 19-year-old, fighting for Pakistan after England and Britain decided he hadn't made the grade in the UK, will line up against Wales' Andrew Selby and is likely to treat it as something of a grudge match.

    But Selby, also stirring things nicely, said: "I prefer fighting him because he comes forward and rushes you, so I can pick him off."

  194. 17:16 Athletics  

    More news - or non-news - from the athletics. Remember, Sally Pearson of Australia won 100m gold, or so we thought, but now may or may not be disqualified following an English protest, after a false start.

    The latest is that the medal ceremony has been cancelled and the arena is now all-but-empty. Our reporter saw Pearson leave the stadium in tears, but it now looks as though we may even be waiting overnight for a verdict.

  195. 17:17 Boxing  

    Meanwhile, Bradley Saunders of England is about to fight New Zealand's Anthony Taylor in the men's light-welterweight, and you can watch that live online if you're in the UK.

  196. 17:22 Boxing  

    Saunders working the right-hand well and he's 4-0 up at the end of the first. Barely troubled.

  197. SMS  

    From Ian: The simple test as to whether something is a truly global sport is: are the Brits likely to win? If yes, it's unlikely to be truly global. Take Olympic sailing for example: having 700 different events for bathtubs with a sail surely rules out the global argument! Let's face it, squash just doesn't have the political support within the IOC or the financial support (golf, tennis) to be in.

    A straight-talking text, that. Not sure the sailing community would recognise their sport in that description. But the point about the backing for squash is fair... isn't it?

  198. 17:32 Boxing  

    Bradley Saunders saunters to victory against Anthony Taylor, emerging all but unscathed to progress 10-0. He's unlikely to face a Sally Pearson-esque inquisition after a result like that.

  199. 17:41 Commentary  

    That's us done for the day as the last couple of boxing bouts bring Thursday to a close.

    I leave you with the news that Sally Pearson's 100m sprint disaster rumbles on into a second day. We're hearing the case has gone to a jury of appeal, and the decision will be published on Friday morning, local time. Make sure you're up early for that one. What a nervy night's sleep she has in prospect.

    Highlights of the day? Well, a quick bit of Twitter-canvassing suggests Becky Adlington's 800m freestyle gold gets the public vote. For me, it's Mark Lewis-Francis storming back after his blocks started slip-sliding away in the men's 100m final.

    Silver for him, goodnight from me, and Jonathan Stevenson for you from 0400 BST on Friday.

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