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  Wednesday, 18 October, 2000, 17:31 GMT 18:31 UK
The Tyson record
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson after stopping Lou Savarese

 Mike Tyson - Won 49 lost 3 No decisions 1
 (43 KOs)
Opponent Result Contest Date
Hector Mercedes TKO1   3/06/85
Trent Singleton TKO1   4/10/85
Don Halpern KO4   5/23/85
Rick Spain KO1   6/20/85
John Alderson TKO2   7/11/85
Larry Sims KO3   7/19/85
Lorenzo Canady TKO1   8/15/85
Michael Johnson KO1   9/5/85
Donnie Long KO1   10/9/85
Robert Colay KO1   10/25/85
Sterling Benjamin TKO1   11/1/85
Eddie Richardson KO1   11/13/85
Conroy Nelson KO2   11/22/85
Sammy Scaff KO1   12/6/85
Mark Young KO1   12/27/85
Dave Jaco KO1   1/10/86
Mike Jamison TKO5   1/24/86
Jesse Ferguson W DQ6   2/16/86
Steve Zouski KO3   3/10/86
James Tillis W10   5/3/86
Mitch Green W10   5/20/86
Reggie Gross TKO1   6/13/86
William Hosea KO1   6/28/86
Lorenzo Boyd KO2   7/11/86
Marvis Frazier KO1   7/26/86
Jose Ribalta TKO10   8/17/86
Alfonzo Ratcliff KO1   9/6/86
Trevor Berbick TKO2 WBC Heavyweight title 11/22/86
James Smith W12 WBC and WBA Heavyweight title 3/7/87
Pinklon Thomas TKO6 WBC and WBA Heavyweight title 5/30/87
Tony Tucker W12 WBC, WBA and IBF Heavyweight title 8/1/87
Tyrell Biggs TKO7 Undisputed heavyweight championship 10/16/87
Larry Holmes TKO4 Undisputed heavyweight championship 1/22/88
Tony Tubbs KO2 Undisputed heavyweight championship 3/21/88
Michael Spinks TKO1 Undisputed heavyweight championship 6/27/88
Frank Bruno TKO5 Undisputed heavyweight championship 2/25/89
Carl Williams TKO1 Undisputed heavyweight championship 7/21/89
James Douglas KO
by 10
Undisputed heavyweight championship 2/11/90
Henry Tillman KO1   6/16/90
Alex Stewart TKO1   12/8/90
Donovan Ruddock TKO7   3/18/91
Donovan Ruddock W12   6/28/91
Peter McNeeley TKO 1   8/19/95
Buster Mathis Jnr KO3   12/16/95
Frank Bruno TKO 3 WBC Heavyweight title 3/16/96
Bruce Seldon TKO1 WBC and WBA Heavyweight titles 9/7/96
Evander Holyfield KO
by 11
WBA Heavyweight tile 11/9/96
Evander Holyfield LDQ3 WBA Heavyweight tile 6/28/97
Francois Botha KO5   1/16/99
Orlin Norris No Decision   10/23/99
Julius Francis TKO2   1/29/00
Lou Savarese TKO1   6/24/00
Andrew Golota TKO3   10/20/00
Brian Nielsen TKO7   10/13/01
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