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David Haye v Wladimir Klitschko - as it happened


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By Nabil Hassan

2359: Right, that's all from me. Thanks for your company and your comments and remember Ben Dirs will be bringing you all the post-fight analysis from Hamburg in his blog on Sunday. Good night all.

2355: Edd in Chesham via text Wladimir has ignored Hayes arrogance and taunts and is a true winner. Respect for Wladimir, Haye has had a reality check.

Colin in London on text : A broken toe was to blame? Was it a metatarsal? If it was, I blame David Beckham for inventing it.

P Thomas in Epsom on text: David Haye has been out-boxed and ultimately out-thought. Looking like an idiot, excuses don't cut it. Klitschko different class.

Anon on text: Re: Charles in Milton Keyes. Excuses are not all Haye has left, he has mine and thousands of others pay per view money! Disgusting as he now admits he was not fit.

2350: The rain continues to lash down in Hamburg as Wladimir takes his turn to leave the arena. The British fans have now left the Imtech Stadium and are no doubt drowning their sorrows somewhere.

Britain's WBC super-middleweight champion Carl Froch: "You've got to give Klitschko credit. I've never been a big fan, he is quite boring and wooded but he is very effective. He landed some big right hands and he left Hate resorting to wild lunging punches. David was not busy enough. He was beaten by the bigger, stronger fighter."

2345: George in Brighton on text via 81111: David Haye was lucky to come second in that fight. When will the heavyweight division realise that the only way to topple the Klitschkos is to wait until they retire.

2341: Shots on Sky of Haye trudging off to his dressing room with his entourage and his wife. He looks defeated and deflated.

Wladimir Klitschko on Sky Sports: "I wish I could have knocked him out, I am still not pleased with his behaviour before the fight but now the fight talks for itself. For me was I fighting cautious? Well he was cautious too, although he was fast and I didn't get a chance to knock him out. He landed a few punches but I wasn't hurt in any situation of the fight. Haye criticised all of the previous fighters but he did exactly what they did in the end with his approach. Me and my brother [Vitali] accomplished our dream by unifying the division."

2335: Trainer Adam Booth reveals on Sky that David Haye will still definitely retire in October but could still fight once more before then. Vitali or a rematch with Wladimir?

Charles in Milton Keyes on text: Excuses, excuses, excuses that is all David Haye has left.

BBC Radio 5 Live
2330: David Haye on BBC Radio 5 live: "Going into the fight I knew I couldn't give all my best because of the injury to my right toe but I didn't want to pull out of the fight, I broke my toe in training, I thought the adrenalin would get me through but I couldn't push off my right foot. I couldn't give everything from my right foot and that was really frustrating. He's a great fighter and boxed very clever all the way through."

2326: Correct decision in my opinion. The three judges ringside scored the fight 117-109, 118-108, 116-110. David Haye is just revealing on BBC Radio 5 live that he broke his toe in training a few weeks ago.

BBC Radio 5 Live
2322: Steve Bunce on Radio 5 live: "This has been one of the best performances from Klitschko. The last round was a good round for David. He didn't flop like a lot of the American fights have done against the Klitschko's. He's certainly done himself proud here. Haye will be crushed, he was chasing in the last round, it's a form of consolation, Haye's camp came up with a plan but by round four they worked out that there was nothing they can do. They found the Klitschko curse he was too big and just had too much for Haye."

Richie Woodhall on Radio 5 live: It was too little far too late from Haye. He has been out thought and outworked, the bigger man got his tactics spot on here. When Haye did connect he was always moving away and taking the heat out of the punch. He is a superb athlete, there is not an ounce of fat on him and he keeps you working right the way through."

2320: Wladimir Klitschko wins a unanimous points decision in Hamburg.

2318: Both fighters think they've won it. Stats show that the pair threw the same number of punches. Klitschko landed 99 to Haye's 57. That tells the story of this fight.

Round 12: Final round. Haye probably needs a knockout. Can he get it? Haye lands with a big right hand and it is Klitschko who is holding on now. Haye cannot catch his opponent and back comes Klitschko who lands with a fierce one-two. Haye stalks his opponent who manages to avoid the Brit until the final bell. It's going to the judges.

Round 11: Six minutes remaining for Haye. Cagey start to the round but Haye is floored and given a standing count after what appeared another push from Klitschko. That was never a legal punch. Haye has to go for this now and starts launching windmills which fail to connect. Klitschko responds with a right hook and back comes Haye. Haye goes flying in on the bell but misses and falls into the ropes and onto the canvas.

Round 10: Jab, jab, know the drill. Klitschko may be robotic but he is controlling this fight and is breaking the will of Haye - who is now constantly complaining to the referee. Haye cannot get through as Klitschko continues to land with point scoring punches. Haye is off balance and slips again. Haye takes a huge right on the bell again and the Brit needs a miracle to win this fight.

Round nine: Haye needs a big round but Klitschko clips him with a right hook. Haye lands with a wild right but he is only boxing in single punches. Wladimir continues to plod forward, but he is the more aggressive fighter and seems unconcerned about Haye's potential power. A right uppercut wobbles Haye on the bell.

Round eight: Two short, sharp jabs from Klitschko find the target and his reach is keeping Haye at bay. A straight right from Haye breaks the guard of Klitschko but it wasn't a clean shot and the pace has noticeably slowed. That will suit 35-year-old Wladimir. Haye is pushed down again, but this time no point is deducted. Not much action and Haye trudges off to his stool disappointed.

Round seven: Wild punches from both fighters and Haye is down again. But Klitschko is deducted a point for continuously pushing Haye down. At this stage that point is irrelevant but can it spur Haye into action? A short sharp right from Haye hits the target and that lifts the British fans who so far have had very little cheer about.

Round six: Klitschko seems to be breathing hard, but he is still the aggressor. It is so far a great performance from the Ukrainian. Haye looks fresh but there is not much coming back from the Londoner who slips to the canvas again. Haye needs to get going here but the jab is again proving an effective punch for Klitschko. It is another round for the Ukrainian.

Round five: Is Klitschko feeling the pace? He's looking to knock Haye out as he loads up. Haye is constantly talking to Klitschko. Not much action until the final minute of the round when Klitschko lands a huge right which wobbles Haye who himself is bloodied from that. Haye is caught again on the bell. Big round for Klitschko.

Round four: Klitschko starts the round on the front foot but his nose is now bloodied from that right in the third. Haye is unmarked but keeps getting picked off by the jab. A straight right comes dangerously close to the temple of Haye and there is not much coming back from the British fighter. A right over the top stuns Klitschko on the bell.

Round three: Haye lands his first meaningful punch of the fight, a right hand over the top of Klitschko's left-hand lead. Haye ships a right hand of his own which didn't fully connect. Haye lands a left hook which rocks Klitschko onto the ropes but he responds with a one-two himself. This is warming up nicely.

Round two: Haye can't get through the jab of Klitschko, he attempts a right hand over the top and comes close. Haye is missing more than he is landing as Klitschko stalks him around the ring. Wladimir lands a right and it is a positive start from the big Ukrainian. Wladimir lands a solid one-two towards the end of the ring that catches Haye flush. Haye cannot get close enough to land.

Round one: It's a cagey start from Haye with Klitschko dominating the centre of the ring. Wladimir is boxing behind his jab as predicted and Haye stumbles to the floor. It is ruled a slip. More jabs from the Ukrainian as Haye attempts a wild right hand on the bell but it fails to connect. Good start from the Ukrainian fighter.

2226: MC Michael Buffer introduces the boxers... and his trademark "Let's get ready to rumble", is met with a huge roar. Klitschko is first to be introduced and is quickly followed by Haye who is wearing England's new away shirt under the tin foil. Haye makes Klitschko wait some more, the pair finally come face-to-face for the first time, they touch gloves and we are ready for the first bell.

2220: It's national anthem time...which are fairly well observed. We're nearly there folks...

BBC Radio 5 Live
Richie Woodhall: "Wladimir looks ice cold, people tried to grab him and he didn't flinch. Ice cool entrance."

Steve Bunce: "He is a lot more focused than David was at this stage, David lost his cool for a moment on his way in, Wladimir looks focused."

2218: Now here comes Wladimir, walking in to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Can't stop . There is a short video in which Wladimir vows to "punish" Haye. There is also some fairly wooden acting. Embarrassing. Dr Steelhammer is escorted into the arena by George Foreman. The German fans go wild for their adopted hero. Klitschko looks focused. David Haye is wrapped in foil to keep warm and dry.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Steve Bunce on Radio 5 live: "I must say there is woefully inadequate security here, I fear for ours and the fighters' safety. I cannot see a security guard anywhere."

2210: Ugly scenes as Haye makes his way to the ring. A few chancers try and have a pop at Haye but he's got enough muscle around him and he's 'safely' through the ropes and into the ring. Fireworks go off. Will they be going off inside the ring? Haye stands and goads the German crowd. This is electric.

2207: And here comes the Hayemaker...eventually. Great atmosphere and he enters the arena looking relaxed. Adam Booth puts plastic bags on his boots to protect them from the rain. "There is only one David Haye", scream the British fans. McFadden & Whitehead's Ain't No Stopping Us Now blares out...

2200: The news is David Haye is going to be another 10 minutes. Everyone is waiting for him. The German fans are understandably livid. Great scenes. No-one quite knows what to do with themselves.

2158: MC Michael Buffer is in the ring and he introduces David Haye. But there is no sign of the Hayemaker. Mind games.

2155: Remember manual refresh if you want Radio 5 live commentary. Apologies it is a 2200 BST start not 1000. My bad.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Richie Woodhall on 5 live: "The British fans are already making themselves heard, there will be boos for Klitschko from the British fans just like there was for the weigh in."

2149: Britain's former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis is followed into the ring by George Foreman. They were introduced by Mike Tyson. Amazing scenes. The British fans in the arena go wild for Lennox. He's still got it

BBC Radio 5 Live
News of the World's Paul McCarthy on Radio 5 live: "He won't be able to run rings around Klitschko, he is a formidable opponent. I'm going to back Haye out of loyalty but I think it will be the ultimate test in his career. If he doesn't knock him out he will have to box his head off."

BBC Radio 5 Live
2145: Mike Costello and the Radio 5 team are now live from ringside and if you give this page a manual refresh you can click on the link at the top right of the screen to listen to their commentary. The lights and atmosphere in Hamburg looks and sounds amazing.

2141: Vitali is back in the Haye dressing room as he continues the mind games ahead of the big fight. Paranoid. The news is we are on time for a 2200 BST start

Gary in Market Harborough on 81111: what is great about Haye is that he has got people excited by boxing and looking forward to a fight - me, my son who is staying up to watch, friends etc. Takes me back to watching Barry McGuigan with my dad. And everyone is divided as to what is going to happen so a proper fight.

2137: Around 10 minutes until Radio 5 go live from Hamburg and we should see Haye enter the ring not long after that. Interestingly Wladimir's brother Vitali has just been into Haye's dressing room to check the wrapping on his hands. It's getting tasty.

David Haye's trainer Adam Booth on Sky Sport: "David has never been in better shape emotionally, physically and mentally. A lot of opponents have been wrong for David so far and some have been right. With Wladimir, although he's bigger, his style is perfect for Haye. I went to the ring when it was windy and it was not a problem, the rain drops down and not near the ring so it's fine."

2128: Haye has only gone the distance twice in his 26 professional fights with one of those coming on the night he won the WBA title against Nikolay Valuev.

Daily Mail boxing writer Jeff Powell: "Behind all their talk of impending violence and destruction, both men have a history of caution in the ring which is rooted in the susceptibility of their chins.

WBC super-middleweight champion Carl Froch on Twitter: Its absolutely lashing it down!! My hair & make-up will ruined ;) Excited now, come on Hayemaker!

2122: The atmosphere is building inside the Imtech Arena in Hamburg with around 10,000 British fans predicted to be among the 45,000 capacity. As ever, they're making themselves heard. Nice shots of Klitschko inside his dressing room wrapping his own hands. He looks calm and composed and ready for business.

2120: Haye's last fight was a of course that largely forgettable third round stoppage over Audley Harrison in November. Penny for Audley's thoughts right now?

The Times boxing writer Ron Lewis "Haye's hopes rely on Klitschko boxing the way Haye wants and while that may work when you see it in your head, reality is often different."

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs on Twitter: "To go ringside or to not go ringside? Journos have started donning their rain ponchos..."

2115: Wladimir's last fight was against Samuel Peter in September last year. That fight ended with a 10th round stoppage over the Nigerian.

The Observer's chief sports writer Paul Hayward "For him [Haye] to break down Klitschko's narrow, calculating business ethic with flashing skill would connect him to many of the great deeds of the past."

Richard in Lincoln via 81111: I agree with Lennox. There have been far too many dodgy points decisions. David has to go for the KO.

2111: David Haye has vowed to retire on his 31st birthday in October. Victory tonight would set up another unification fight, against Wladimir's brother Vitali, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Haye if you are interested in this sort of thing had porridge for breakfast and brown rice and steamed veg for lunch. Carb fest.

England and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney: "David Haye is wearing the new England away shirt in the ring, good luck for the fight @MrDavidHaye"

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC Radio 5 live boxing summariser Steve Bunce in Hamburg: "This is what David Haye lives for. It was he has dreamed of. It is a momentous fight and a massive occasion. He has always risen to the occasion, he will tonight."

2105: It seems everyone has an opinion on the fight. Here are predictions from a couple of men who know a thing or two about the heavyweight division.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson: "David has never shown the punching power to force a guy of Klitschko's calibre into reverse gear. I don't say this to disrespect Haye but as an objective observer. This is a two or three-round fight."

Oldest heavyweight champion George Foreman: "If I was in Klitschko's corner I would tell him to go out there and get the knockout and not rely on his jab. David is the new comer and he has got to prove himself. This is his opportunity to do that. I like him, he has the pedigree to go out there and show what he can do. All he has to do is keep jumping on him and I think he can knock him out. This is an important fight for the heavyweight division. We need action."

Infostrada Sports on Twitter: The only boxer to come to Germany and beat Wladimir Klitschko is Corrie Sanders who won the WBO Heavyweight title from Klitschko in Hannover in 2003.

2100: Britain's Lennox Lewis spoke to BBC Sport earlier this week. Lewis was ringside in Germany last week to watch Birmingham's Matthew Macklin lose his WBA middleweight title challenge in a highly controversial split decision. He is nervous of a repeat.

"He's got to knock him out. When you go into the other guy's backyard you can't hope to win on points," said Lewis.

Steve in Brighton via text on 81111: Either man can win with a good shot, but i think haye's extra speed will mean he lands a knockout blow within 4 rounds.

2056: Three of the four major sanctioning bodies' [WBA, IBF and WBO] world titles are on the line in this fight. The last time a heavyweight boxer held at least three of the four was over 11 years ago [Lennox Lewis].

Infostrada Sports on Twitter: Boxers to hold three of the four major [WBA, WBC, IBF & WBO] world heavyweight titles since 1989: Mike Tyson, James "Buster" Douglas, Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe and Lennox Lewis.

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs on Twitter: "What chance Haye making a fast start in this? It's chilly - and Wlad will make him wait, you can be sure of that..."

2051: So Ben thinks Haye should start hard and fast. Our colleagues at Infostrada Sports have been busy compiling some key stats ahead of the big fight in Germany that support Ben's theory.

Infostrada Sports on Twitter: Wladimir Klitschko's only defeats in world title fights have come in the first five rounds of the contest [against Lamon Brewster in 2004 and Corrie Sanders in 2003].

2044: You can read BBC Sport's Ben Dirs' thoughts on what he thinks David Haye's tactics should be tonight in his latest blog. Ben by the way is ringside and will bring you all the post-fight reaction from Hamburg. Just over an hour to go now.

Kevin in Edgware on text via 81111: My heart says Haye but my head says Ivan Drago....come on David!!!!!!

2040: Klitschko in contrast has three defeats from 55 fights and has 49 knockouts to his name. He has vehemently vowed to make Haye his 50th. Only time will tell.

Former undefeated super-middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe on Twitter: "Can't wait for @mrdavidhaye v Klitschko! Got Dad coming down for his birthday to watch. Great day! :-)"

2036: Some quick housekeeping for you. This is of course 30-year-old David Haye's fifth fight as a heavyweight and 27th in total. He has just the one defeat - against Carl Thompson in 2004 - and has won 23 of his fights inside the scheduled distance.

Richard, Buckinghamshire via text on 81111 Just got back from the gym, steak on the BBQ and fridge full of beers. All I need is for Haye to get a knockout in the third for a perfect evening!

Carl Froch on Sky Sports: "Having so many fans support him really touches David. I was here earlier when Klitschko walked out and I thought we were in England, the boos for him were incredible. When you have got that many fans on your side you can hear it and you can feel it when you're in the ring. If you're feeling tired it gives you a lift, definitely."

BBC Radio 5 Live
2030: As well as Ben Dirs bringing you post-fight analysis, BBC Radio 5 live commentator Mike Costello will be taking you through the fight, blow-by-blow, and he is joined by the usual team of Steve Bunce, Richie Woodhall and Spencer Oliver.

WBA light-welterweight champion Amir Khan on Twitter: "My prediction. Haye to win KO rounds 7-10. Or within three rounds. Haye is explosive and powerful, this fight won't go 12 rounds. If it does then Klitschko has a chance to win, it's whoever gets caught early. Both of the fighters have a huge KO%."

It's funny you should mention knockout percentages Amir, Dr Steelhammer's is 84.4% while the Hayemaker's stands at a huge 88.4%.

2025: The rain in Hamburg could affect the result of tonight's fight so here is a quick recap of the rules. If the fight starts but is stopped before the end of the fourth round because of rain it will be called a technical draw. However, if it does go past the fourth round and the fight is then stopped at any stage because of the weather then we will go to the scorecards. It's quite simple, four rounds is the cut off.

Golfer Rory McIlroy, the new US Open champion, is ringside and tells Sky: "I've got to pick Haye. They are both very explosive punchers but if Haye can stick it out for the first couple of rounds, I think he'll do it in six or seven"

2021: You can also get involved by texting in via 81111 with BOXING before your message. You can also follow BBC Sport's Ben Dirs in Hamburg on Twitter. I want your fight predictions and your chat.

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs on Twitter: "I can make one prediction with certainty - a lot of people are gonna get very wet at the Imtech Arena this evening..."

David Haye in his dressing room: "I'm relaxed, I'm looking forward to it. I'm confident for a reason. I've cut no corners for this fight - I'm healthy and fast."

2018: If you haven't managed to get to a TV then remember you can listen to the fight on BBC Radio 5 live from 2145 BST.

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC Radio 5 live boxing commentator Mike Costello ringside in Hamburg: "Come what may the fight will go ahead, we expect to start at 1000 BST with the ring walks with Haye first and then Klitschko. The rain is coming down hard here but it will go ahead."

2015: This is a fight that has captured the imagination and transcended sport and unsurprisingly the good luck messages and predictions have been flooding in for Haye - who is already in the Imtech Arena - ahead of tonight's fight.

England and Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "@mrdavidhaye make sure you #stayonyourfeet tonight! I'm going for you to knock him out in round 6 #oooff!"

2010: Good evening fight fans, I'm Nabil Hassan and I'll be taking you through tonight's heavyweight unification fight between Ukraine's Wladimir Klitschko and Britain's very own David Haye in Hamburg - where it is absolutely lashing it down. Let's get ready to rumble.

2005: But having goaded his opponent for nearly three years now with talk of executions, decapitations and ambulances, in 35-year-old Wladimir Klitschko, Haye has a fighter desperate to put the record straight and send the Londoner into early retirement.

2000: "This is it, my career-defining fight, I took Nikolay Valuev's titles, but there's more at stake in this one. This is my legacy-deciding fight," says David Haye.

Not since Lennox Lewis was in his prime nearly 10 years ago has a British heavyweight had such a global impact. Love him or loathe him, tonight, in Germany David Haye finally gets a chance to put his money where his mouth is.

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