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Page last updated at 15:25 GMT, Thursday, 25 November 2010

BBC man Robin Chipperfield on Froch-watch

SUPER SIX WORLD BOXING CLASSIC - WBC super-middleweight title
Venue: Helsinki, Finland Date: 27 November
Coverage: Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live from 2230 GMT, and live on Primetime pay-per-view television.

By Robin Chipperfield
BBC Radio Nottingham

Carl Froch
The early indications are that Carl's in a good frame of mind, and is using the defeat to Kessler as motivation to beat Abraham

BBC man Robin Chipperfield

We'll start with the obvious. It's cold, very cold. A cold like no other cold I've ever felt. No, not even at Stoke City on a Tuesday night in January.

With the windchill added on, temperatures in Helsinki today were scheduled to fall to -22C. Out of the wind, a mere -8C. I've watched the inlet of water outside of the hotel freeze over today. Even Stoke City supporters might add an extra layer.

What it does mean is that you don't spend too much time out of the hotel - a 20-minute walk this morning was about as much as I could manage, before heading for the warmth of the hotel.

It's also restricted Carl Froch a little in the build-up to Saturday's fight. When he might usually think about a light jog early in the week, that has not been an option for him in Helsinki. A 20-minute walk yesterday was repeated today.

I spoke to Carl around lunchtime today and recorded an interview with him. What struck me afterwards was how relaxed he was, happy to chat for around half an hour afterwards about all sorts of things.

From the defeat to Mikkel Kessler, how he could beat Arthur Abraham, and what I made of the ending to the film 'Inception' with Leonardo Di Caprio. He was halfway through watching it, and wondered if it was worth sticking with it through to the end. I told him it probably was, on the basis that you wouldn't have to go outside in the cold again.

Watching films is a good way to pass the time. There's an awful lot of time spent hanging around the hotel, trying to find things to do.

He'll want to make sure he's in the best possible shape for the weekend - have plenty of sleep, be relaxed, unflustered. So films are a good way to kill a couple of hours - because he can't do the things that you or I would tend to do if we were holed up in a hotel - eat lots, drink coffee, and maybe once in a while go mad in the gym.

Froch is usually at his happiest when his family are around him, and they'll be here on Friday in time for the weigh-in. But the early indications are that he's in a good frame of mind, and is using the defeat to Kessler as motivation to beat Abraham.

Robin Chipperfield is in Helsinki covering Froch's fight for BBC Radio Nottingham.