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Tale of the Traps

David Haye v Audley Harrison, WBA heavyweight championship
Venue: MEN Arena, Manchester Date: Saturday 13 November
Coverage: Live text commentary online and on mobile phones; Live on Sky Box Office

Audley Harrison and David Haye
Fellow Londoners Harrison, 39, and Haye, 30, were once close friends

The build-up to Saturday's clash at the MEN Arena in Manchester between David Haye and Audley Harrison may not have thrown up any nuggets in the class of "floats like a butterfly, sting like a bee" but the trash-talking has lurched between the sublime and the ridiculous, with plenty of unprintable stuff in between.

BBC Sport went trawling for gold and came up with this little lot:

"Fortunately, there are enough people in Britain who want to see him get destroyed, completely annihilated. That's why this fight is happening. They want me to close the curtain on the joke that is the Audley Harrison show."David 'Hayemaker' Haye

"I'm no shining violet." Audley 'A-Force' Harrison

"You're going to get destroyed, you're going to get violated in that ring, you'll never be able to set foot in England again."Hayemaker

Hayemaker: "What were you doing when you were 18?" A-Force: "I was running the streets, taking money off people like you."

"When I've knocked you out and I've got your belt, I will come over to you with some ice and say: 'Am I still delusional?'"A-Force

"I started boxing, went to college, turned my life around, setting up my own company employing 22 people, making good money. I should have been celebrated. I wasn't. I was crucified. That is called institutional racism." A-Force

"I'm just a better athlete - I bet I could run faster and jump higher than you."Hayemaker

A-Force: "I've sparred many rounds with you and I've never tasted that right hand you claim you have."Hayemaker: "That's because you were too busy cowering in the corner."

David Haye
The Hayemaker demonstrates his strength by bending a wire coat hanger

Interviewer: "Does he have any weaknesses?" Hayemaker: "He's Audley Harrison."

"What you reap you sow and karma will slap David Haye in the face on 13 November." A-Force

"Boxing's an entertainment, like WWE wrestling - you always get the goodies and the baddies. Who wants to see a bunch of goodies fight each other?"Hayemaker

"I definitely had love for David Haye. I was an open book and he used that. He wasn't an open book for me - maybe in how to walk down a catwalk as a model but that was it." A-Force

"I don't think God gets too involved in boxing matches, not unless he's got a bet on it." Hayemaker

"David Haye was not quite like a son to me but I was the boss and he was the student." A-Force

"I've been to every film premier there can be, every shop opening and I've met every celebrity that I can." A-Force

"We're going to contact the British Boxing Board of Control and request that Audley be allowed to use an axe in the ring on 13 November. What good is an axe if you're too scared to throw it?" Hayemaker

"I can't call myself the greatest but I can say this is the greatest comeback story in British sport, bar none." A-Force

"Who'd have thought a couple of years ago that Audley would be challenging for the heavyweight championship of the world?" Hayemaker

"Already in Dubai, in Brazil and in Miami they are talking about Audley Harrison." A-Force

"Audley is a one-dimensional fighter who is going to get a three-dimensional beating and will be dreaming in 3D by the time I've finished with him." Hayemaker

Audley Harrison (right) and Michael Sprott
Harrison (right) rescued his career with a knockout of Michael Sprott in April

"His ego's out of control. Part of the beast that is David Haye, I created it. He idolised me." A-Force

"He can try and be as philosophical as he wants but he didn't create me." Hayemaker

"They can put me in a box but I'm just me, a man on a mission." A-Force

"I'm glad Audley's having his time in the spotlight and is getting some column inches. Hopefully, he'll take all these newspaper clippings and make a book of them so that when he slinks back off to LA he can have a look at them." Hayemaker

"The things the media say - Fraudley etc - my story is more powerful than all that nonsense." A-Force

"I will knock Audley unconscious on Saturday night. I'm not in there to give him a foot rub." Hayemaker

"When I came out of the Olympics they called me Muhammad Ali, then four years later I'm 'Fraudley'. But after this fight I'll be extraordinary." A-Force

"I don't see why I can't be an action hero like Vinnie Jones has become after retiring from football." Hayemaker

"I'm going to give him a beating in love, a beating in love and compassion." A-Force

"I've heard some of the stuff he's been spouting in recent weeks and I'm thinking: 'You've lost the plot mate, you really have'." Hayemaker

"I'm not Audley Harrison the baker's son, I'm Audley Harrison the Olympic gold medallist." A-Force

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