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BBC man on Froch-watch

By Robin Chipperfield
BBC Radio Nottingham

Carl Froch
Froch nearly had to pull out of the fight because of an eye injury

As we sat in the scorching Connecticut sun, reflecting on an extraordinary night, I had to pinch myself to realise the enormity of what Carl Froch had achieved.

Sat opposite him, recording an interview for BBC Radio Nottingham, he was only slightly bruised and seemed pretty composed.

This was in stark contrast to the previous time I had seen him in the BBC room at the MGM Grand after the fight.

He seemed (understandably) physically and mentally exhausted. You would have thought that he had been beaten in the most dramatic of circumstances given how he looked.

I remember thinking at that time - the early hours of Sunday morning - that he may well look a bit of a state when he woke up later in the day.

As Froch limped out of the room, damaged by an inadvertent low blow from Jermain Taylor - cut and bruised around his eyes - only then did it really hit home to me how much punishment boxers can take.

So, when I met Froch in the hotel lobby just after lunchtime, I was preparing myself for a gruesome sight when he emerged from the lifts, with all due respect to the 31-year-old.

But much to my surprise, he looked much more sprightly than the previous evening.

As we walked outside and into the sunshine, Froch's biggest problem became apparent. As the brightness hit his eyes, he suddenly realised how painful they were and asked to borrow my sunglasses.

To be honest, I was not going to turn him down. The memory of that 12th round was still pretty vivid.

Seriously though, as the interview went on, it became clear how bad the problem had been with his eye, how he had had to visit hospital and assure the Commission that he was fit to fight.

He had damaged it in the fight with Robin Reid at the Nottingham Arena a couple of years ago and had suffered a recurrence of it in sparring with Jean Pascal in the last month.

As I looked into his eye, you could see a small red dot. He did not seem unduly concerned and said that his vision had been improving gradually since the fight ended.

But it was yet another sign of what boxers put themselves through every time they step into the ring.

But Froch was happy, jovial and joking - still buzzing from what he had achieved.

He gave a brilliant interview - we chatted for around 12 minutes on tape, and it felt he could have talked all afternoon. He was in top form.

He left the hotel shortly afterwards to fly back home and back to his home city of Nottingham with his friends and family.

Carl Froch (left) is floored by Jermain Taylor
Froch (left) had to get up off the floor in the third round

It had been an outstanding week for him, with the dramatic ending to the fight assuring his place in British boxing history and also introducing himself to American fight fans.

There will be no more "Carl who?" in the same was as there is no longer "Arsene who?"

So an excellent week in the USA - with only one complaint. Do the Americans not understand how to make a decent cup of tea? Now, I am well aware that I will sound like the typical Brit abroad, but I fail to see how it can be so difficult.

I finally found a place where I thought I could get a cup of tea and, to be fair, it was distinctly mediocre and therefore a dramatic improvement on recent efforts.

Just as I was about to pay for it, the charming lady behind the counter asked: "Can I put some honey in that for you?"

"Don't you dare!"

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