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Hatton v Malignaggi as it happened

Venue: MGM Grand, Las Vegas Date: Saturday 22 November
Coverage: Commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live (0400 GMT) and live text commentary on BBC Sport website. Live on Sky Sports Box Office.

By Nabil Hassan

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0525: Final one from me. Before the fight many questioned Ricky Hatton's future in the sport. Well after that performance the Hitman showed he still has plenty to offer. So what next? Oscar de la Hoya? Manny Pacquiao? Or maybe even a chance of redemption and a rematch with Floyd Mayweather. Night fight fans.

0517: "Stopping the fight wasn't fair to Malignaggi - and it wasn't really fair to Hatton, who would have preferred a proper victory."
The Hand on 606

0506: Good stuff from Hatton. A polished performance that goes some way to laying to rest the ghost of his one and only defeat to Floyd Mayweather almost a year ago. On the subject of Mayweather, Hatton told BBC Radio 5 Live after the fight that the undefeated American is to come out of retirement. Is there anyone left in boxing not coming out of retirement?

0501: "Good decision by Buddy McGirt. Malignaggi was never in the fight, I didn't give him a round."
iwz678 on 606

0455: Just to clear it up, Malignaggi probably only won two rounds, if that. He was being beaten up and it was all one way traffic. Apparently Malignaggi was warned by his trainer Buddy McGirt at the end of the tenth that they were going to stop the fight unless he started aggressively in the eleventh. He didn' know the rest.

0453: "I understand I was behind and Ricky fought a great fight, but I'm better than being stopped. That's on my record now and I'm upset. I'm not a sore loser but I wasn't hurt in there and could have gone on." Paulie Malignaggi on Radio 5 Live.

0443: "I can get better I am under no illusions of that, I'd like to fight the winner of Oscar de la Hoya v Manny Pacquiao next. I'm after the big fights, I'm a champion, bring it on."
Ricky Hatton on Radio 5 Live.

0441: Jubilant scenes in Vegas. Liam and Noel Gallagher are straight in the ring congratulating their man as the MGM Grand goes wild. Malignaggi is distraught. Bit of a strange one that.

Round 11: It's over and Hatton is victorious. After seeing their man take more repeated punishment, Malignaggi's corner throw in the towel and it's all over. Malignaggi is furious.

Round 10: Malignaggi is given a pep talk by his corner and it seems to work. Hatton takes four decent jabs on the chops but he still looks lively and there's no damage done. He responds himself but it's a scrappy round from Hatton who lands with a right on the bell.

Round nine: The ninth is disrupted as Hatton gets his gloves taped up. A fairly uneventful round but Hatton looks confident, he's having fun in there.

Round eight: It's vintage Ricky Hatton, he's busy and aggressive and it's the jab that's doing the damage. Malignaggi is becoming increasingly despondent as the bell goes for the end of the round.

Round seven: Two early left hooks and a jab rock Malignaggi as Hatton ups the pace. Malignaggi does not look happy in there, and is clinging on for dear life. He's being out-jabbed, out-thought and out-boxed. Hatton is totally dominant.

Round six: It's not pretty but Hatton is getting the job done. Hatton's punches are becoming increasingly accurate as Malignaggi's work-rate slows and again he uses the jab to trouble the American. 'There's only one Ricky Hatton' rings out at around the MGM Grand. Hatton's fans are enjoying this.

Round five: Fairly uneventful fifth round. Malignaggi starts to get his jab working but Hatton is landing the cleaner shots. It's all going to plan for Hatton who looks happy enough as the bell goes.

Round four: It's toe-to-toe stuff in Vegas and that suits Hatton fine. A fierce left jab rocks Malignaggi and he looks totally shell-shocked and completely out of his depth. Hatton is walking straight through his jab, which is having little affect on the Hitman. Does the American have a plan B?

Round three: Malignaggi is hanging on and we're only three rounds in. He cannot get his jab working and Hatton is all over him like a rash. The Hitman rocks Malignaggi with another right, but again he makes it to the bell. It's one way traffic in Vegas.

Round two: Hatton starts to assert himself on the fight. He's the busier, more aggressive fighter and Malignaggi knows he's in a fight. He catches the American with a fierce right hook that troubles Malignaggi, but the New Yorker holds on and makes it to the bell. Worryingly for Hatton he looks marked under his left eye, he doesn't want to get cut early.

Round one: An even first round. Hatton lands with a couple of fine left hooks and one sweet uppercut. But Malignaggi responds with a couple of decent shots of his own and as expected uses the jab to trouble Hatton.

0354: No national anthems. We're ready to go.

0352: And here comes Michael Buffer as the MGM Grand erupts. Liam Gallagher's barnet by the way is an absolute shocker. Anyway, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE.

0350: Here comes Hatton and he's in that fat suit again as Blue Moon rings out. Noel and Liam are behind him holding the belts, truly bizarre. David Beckham who is ringside is finding it all very amusing.

0347: A bit earlier than expect it's showtime. Malignaggi enters the arena first. He looks calm and composed but doesn't he always? He's draped in the national colours of Italy and is booed as he enters the ring.

0345: Right, James Kirkland has just beaten Brian Vera on the undercard so that means Hatton is up next.

0343: "It's a thin and crispy pepperoni. Would rather a deep pan, but it was on special offer!"
Lucy, Chester on 81111

Special offer? Have you been credit crunched Lucy?

0342: Just seen shots of Hatton shadow boxing in his locker room. He looks ready to do some damage and is listening to Oasis as he warms up. Classic Hatton.

0338: Despite having just five knockout victories to his name, Paulie Malignaggi is a lot tougher than he looks...just ask Miguel Angel Cotto who slugged it out for 12 rounds with the Rocketman before eventually prevailing on points.
Malignaggi tougher than he looks

0332: Hatton has hinted at fighting just once more if he beats Malignaggi in Vegas. If he wins, who should he fight next? And just how much more does the Hitman have left in the tank?
Hatton still tough enough

0326: "I have a pizza in the oven, should be done just in time. It seems to be a tradition now for me! Let's hope it's a winning pizza! Come on Ricky.
Lucy, Chester on 81111

Hmmm, pizza. What you got on the go? Some sort of pepperoni number or just a standard margherita?

0312: "Nab, I'm gonna stick it out with you. Have been debating all night, but with the fight only one hour away there's no looking back! Come on Ricky!
Chaz, Lisbon on 81111

0310: "He's asked us to carry the belts out a couple of times and we've never been able to do it. I actually can't believe it is going to happen."
Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher

That's right Oasis duo Liam and Noel Gallagher will be leading Hatton out at the MGM Grand. Truly bizarre. Almost as bizarre as Naseem Hamed arriving into the ring on a magic carpet once. He looked like Ali Baba. Not as bizarre as Monte Barrett last weekend. If you haven't seen the big American fall flat on his face prior to his fight with David Haye, watch it.

0255: "Hi Nabil, I'm seriously struggling with the tiredness now - tell me it's worth staying up for!"
Henry, Wandsworth on 81111

Henry, Ricky Hatton fights are always worth staying up for. Always.

0253: "It's going to be a good fight. Ricky looks happy and has learnt some new things and I think Ricky will win by points or possibly by knockout."
Former British heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis

0251:"That's the best performance of my career and I want a British title shot now."
Matthew Hatton on Sky Sports

0250: Good news from Vegas on the undercard. Matthew Hatton has just beaten Ben Tackie on points. He dominated from start to finish. Great victory.

0248: The atmosphere in Vegas is really building now. Hatton's marching band can be heard and The Hitman's legion of loyal fans are in fine voice. Hopefully not too long to go now. Only, um, two hours. Ouch!

0245: "Really hope Lennox doesn't come back. Has nothing to prove and everything to lose."
geffreyrowley on 606
Lewis considering boxing comeback

0235: "I'm ready for the fight. I have a game plan and the plan is to rough him up. I'm fit and ready to go. I predict Paulie Malignaggi domination."
Paulie Malignaggi speaking on Sky Sports

0233: "I'm relaxed, I'm confident and I want to go out there and show what I can do. I believe I can stop him and I want to put on a really classy performance."
Ricky Hatton speaking to Sky Sports

0230: Interestingly two of Malignaggi's five knockout victories came from his first two fights as a professional. The New Yorker also has a history of hand problems, but as we now Hatton also his own worries, most notably his vulnerability to getting cut.

0229: Right, some stats for you. 'The Hitman' has 44 victories, with 31 knockouts and just one defeat. That came against Floyd Mayweather almost a year ago. 'The Rocket Man' has 25 victories with only five knockouts and like Hatton just one defeat. His defeat was inflicted by Miguel Angel Cotto in 2006.

0220: "There is no way Malignaggi will knock out Hatton. If he does then I'll sell my house!"
Ben, Manchester on 81111

0215: On the undercard at the moment is Ricky's brother Matthew Hatton. He's up against American welterweight Ben Tackie and has made a decent start. I'll let you know how he gets on.

0213: "Malignaggi to win within five rounds. I just feel the Hitman will start out to aggressively and will eventually be caught out by Malignaggi's magnificent jab."
footiemaddan87 on 606

0210: "Can't see Hatton getting the win. Malignaggi on points."
Mark, Glasgow on 81111

0207: "If someone wants to pay me serious money, $100m or so, then I will fight again.

"I don't have to do this, I don't need the money and my legacy speaks for itself. But boxing needs me. The heavyweight game is so boring now. All the characters are gone.
Former British heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis - Mail on Sunday

0203: On a side issue. Former British heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis says he will fight again if the price is right.

0200: Ok prediction time. I'm predicting a cracker, and a Ricky Hatton victory inside six rounds. Bold I know, but I just don't think Malignaggi has enough power to trouble Hatton. I've been very impressed by how focused Hatton seems this week also and I think he knows that defeat could spell the end of the Hitman. Ben Dirs has also gone for a Hatton victory, but by a unanimous points decision. What you saying?

0155: "The floor of the MGM Grand currently resembles Rochdale city centre. Just seen a man draped in a Union Jack necking a bottle of Bud no-handed."
Ben Dirs via text on 81111

0150: Ben Dirs is in Vegas for us and he'll be bringing you all the post fight analysis from the MGM Grand.
Ben Dirs blog

0145: If you can't watch the fight, remember you can listen to commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live from 0400 BST.606 is also open all night/morning and you can text in your views and comments to 81111. Remember to include your name so I can give credit, where credit is due.

0140: Morning/evening all. November has been a good month for British boxing. We have already seen Joe Calzaghe beat Roy Jones Jr on points. David Haye despatched of Monte Barrett inside five rounds. Can Ricky Hatton make it three wins out of three? Manchester's finest takes on New York's Paulie Malignaggi at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. We are expecting things to get underway at about 0430 GMT, so stay with me and stay's going to be a cracker.

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