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Last Updated: Saturday, 8 December 2007, 23:22 GMT
Hatton v Mayweather as it happened
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By Alex Trickett

0600: That's it from me folks. I leave you with our fight report and a call to action to join Mark Mitchener's live report on England v Sri Lanka. Michael Vaughan's just raced to a 50.

It has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you all for much of the last 48 hours. Hatton truly did unite the 606 nation for a night - which is no small achievement. You can continue to debate the big fight on 606 all day.

Our Hitman fought bravely and gave his all - no doubt about that. But it wasn't enough to take care of Floyd Mayweather, the undisputed pound-for-pound champion of the world.

Thank you and good night.

"Ricky's done the nation proud, and has been the talk of England the last few days."
Deep, Ashford via text on 81111

"I've never shed so many tears over any sporting event before."
David, Manchester via text on 81111

0545: The good news is that Hatton appears to be fighting fit and he's kept his humour. His first comment in the post-fight interview inside the ring was: "What a fluke that was!"

"I'm the best at light-welter and I fought the best at welter. I'd rather give praise to my opponent. My pride is hurt more than the punches."

Well said Ricky - a champion in defeat as well as victory.

To be fair to Floyd, he was magnanimous as well.

"He kept coming and I see why they call him the Hitman. He's one hell of a fighter but I took care of business and did the job," said Mayweather.

"I wanted to show the fans that I still got it. I have nothing else to prove to the world."

"Hate to say it Mayweather was a different class. Unlucky Hitman, maybe its now time to call it a day."
Anon via text on 81111

"Not even a scratch on his face, that's why they call him Pretty boy Floyd folks. Unlucky Ricky."
By Raskolnikov via 606

0530: The official verdict is that it was stopped after one minute and 35 seconds of round 10. There can be no complaints. And no recriminations either. Mayweather is class act.

Round 10: "Hatton wonderland" echoes around the MGM again as the brilliant British fans try to spur their man to one final Herculean effort. But he is caught cold by a booming Mayweather left hook and takes an eight count. Big trouble is brewing and Hatton falls again. The fight is over. That was an awesome finish by a true great. Hatton gave it all and he looks fine, health-wise. Mayweather comes to congratulate him and the pair embrace. That's good to see. Sportsmanship at the end of a brutal contest.

Round nine: Hatton stalks his prey as he knows he must, but the stinging attack from Mayweather last round has taken some of the power out of the Brit's arsenal. The will is there, the crowd is still singing his name, but Ricky's star is dimmed for the moment and he is getting picked off by a master boxer. Hats off to Mayweather. He is slick, quick, his judgement is good. He is a boxing great in action. Hatton is acquitting himself well enough but there is a gap in class which is starting to open up. And it pains me to write that.

Round eight: A quick combination from Mayweather stops Hatton in his tracks and he follows up with a huge right hand. Hatton stands up to it, but this is getting a bit ugly folks. Hatton fights back in characteristic fashion but he is coming back with less than he is given. Mayweather's defence is tight and when he springs to life it is explosive. Mayweather pounces on Ricky who is barely clinging on. This fight is slipping away. Possibly 10-8 for Mayweather, who is going to win this barring a shock knockout.

Round seven: Mayweather is clad in red but there is no red on his face. Pretty Boy is unmarked as usual. He is slick, no doubt about that. And he tends to put in his work towards the end of the rounds - the classic Vegas trick of catching the judges' eye just before they post their scores. Close round. We still have Mayweather narrowly ahead.

Round six: Hatton gets a couple of shots through and Floyd ends up bent over the ropes. The Hitman gets a point off for a punch behind the head, but that is a debatable decision by Joe Cortez because Mayweather seems to be ducking quite low. The referee is getting plenty of grief from the British fans, who are starting to feel that their man is fighting two men in this ring. The fighters exchange words at the end. Hatton looks angry.

Round five: Hatton's work rate remains high, but he hasn't landed a flush shot on body or head for some time. One to the body finally gets through to the body of Mayweather after two minutes of the round, but the American is canny and he won't make himself an easy target to hit. Hatton is burning a lot of energy and he complains about stray elbows as the round comes to a close. Hatton may have done enough to take the round. But Mayweather is up by at least a round in our opinions.

Round four: The pair lock again inside. Hatton's advantage may slip in there because there is always a danger that a flying elbow or shoulder will open up the cut above his right eye. Mayweather is starting to land some better shots. This was a bad round for Ricky. I'm sorry to say it but the signs are bad. Clear round to Mayweather. The cut seems to be in control but the fight is not at this point from a Hatton point of view.

Round three: Swing and a miss from Mayweather and Cortez steps in again. He is breaking up the momentum a bit and that won't help Hatton who wants 100% pressure on Mayweather 100% of the time. He gets the better of a brief spell of in fighting, catching Mayweather with a heavy body shot. A flurry from Mayweather ends with Hatton cut. That's what we didn't want to see. How bad is it? The answer is that it's not great. It's on the bone and could open up. At this stage it's not a problem but that could soon change.

Round two: A left hook from Hatton puts Mayweather on the back foot again. The Hatton intensity is working at times. But his aggression means that he is catching a few as well. Hatton wants to bring the fight inside. Mayweather is not so sure and Cortez keeps breaking it up. That's a worrying trend for Hatton. Close round that.

Round one: It's ten to five in the UK and finally the wait is over. We are off. Cagey opening, but Hatton is stalking Mayweather. He lands a huge jab. That genuinely rattled Floyd, who knows he is in a fight big time. Great start for the Hitman, but Mayweather hits back with a couple of big rights. Tasty start but a bit careless from Hatton at the end. Probably means that the round went to Mayweather.

0448: This will be a 12-round contest for the WBC welterweight championship. "Somebody's 0 has got to go - Let's get reaaaaaaaady to ruuuuuuuumble!"

0445: Time for Pretty Boy and cue the boos. He walks out to Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA. A mixed reception at best, but more sporting than at anthem time. Nerves are etched on Hatton's face now. Floyd looks composed - as ever. Here comes The Buffer...

0443: And here he comes. Richard Hatton in a sky blue gown. He salutes his fans. Does he look up for this? Just a bit.

0440: Tommy Hearns is still on the popcorn, Jude Law is ringside, Spike Lee, Becks and Brad and Angelina. This is A list stuff. Here's hoping for an A list fight. Over to the Buffer. Blue Moon to follow.

"You know what, I've never watched a boxing match before - I've not even got a clue how the thing works, but all the hype has made me stay up all night waiting for this. Hope it's worth it!"
anthonywright via 606

0438: First black mark for the visiting fans as they boo the Star Spangled Banner. That's not good. Don't like to see that. The boos really are quite deafening.

0435: A false-start for the ultimate pro Mr Buffer the ring announcer. His microphone is switched off, but soon restored and he tees up Tom Jones, who belts out God Save the Queen with a backing chorus of many thousands. Nice job all. The blood is pumping here. I'll be quite honest, I can barely type at this point.

Celebrity spot
0432: Tom Jones in the house. Better than that, the Welsh crooner is in the ring with microphone in hand. He's set to sing the national anthem, but the Hatton fans have jumped the gun and are singing without him. Brad Pitt is in the house, ladies.

0430: This flew under the radar earlier but Ricky's brother Matthew Hatton beat Frankie Santos by unanimous decision. A Hatton double anybody?

0427: Lacy wins a unanimous decision. Nothing to write home about that fight. The next one will be though. Hang in there guys and girls, it's showtime!

Ben Dirs
"David Beckham has just taken his seat, which reminds me of something I read on the Fox Sports website: "If Hatton so much gets in the ring on Saturday night, he will have accomplished more than the last British export, the metrosexual soccer star with the bony wife. I reckon there must be 15,000 Brits in here. There was one minor scuffle when someone, who had probably shelled out a grand for a ticket, was led away by police."
Ben Dirs in Las Vegas

Celebrity spot
0420: Ladies and gentlemen David Beckham is in the house and he is sat in front of Hatton's parents. Last round of Lacy v Manfredo. You know what that means...

"Does anyone know where i could watch the fight in Osaka Japan"
exuberantdannyc via 606

"My eyes are shutting. Wish these numpties would get on with it"
Novelo via 606

0415: Prediction update: I told you someone would sway and it's Rich. He is now going for Hatton in eight (saw something in his eyes apparently). Dave is sticking with Mayweather on cuts, Jez is on Hatton in nine and I'm on Mayweather on points. The cricket team are in for Sri Lanka v England and they are all about Hatton. Anna has Hatton in seven, Mark has Hatton in nine and Jamie is on the draw. Sensational scenes.

"Right, that's it, I'm off to bed"
Anonymous via text on 606 (Surely that's a joke!)

"We are up and ready here in Cape Town, the bacon and eggs are cooking as we watch the sun come up behind Table Mountain"
Marcus909SA via 606

"If Ricky wins I'll name my next child HITMAN"
WookieQuartz via 606

"Just been woken up by my drunken housemates conga-ing through my bedroom in full voice singing 'theres only one Ricky Hatton'. I'm at work at 9am. Who needs alarm clocks when you have inebriated mates?! Come on Hitman!"
Anonymous via text on 81111

"I'm sooo nervous, just listen to the chants from the crowd. Just spoken to one of the boys who is on a night out on the town tonight and apparently there is more than 2000 people in Walkabout, Cardiff. The only place in town showing the fight"
GunnerLot via 606

0408: Ricky has donned his fight shorts. All the ingredients are there - some sky blue for Manchester City, some Union Jack for Britain. These are tense times now. Our prediction of a quick Lacy win has turned out well. The pair are still trading punches in round seven.

"To Ricky in Eli. Your boss hasn't gone home sick, he's gone to watch the fight, he's just making excuses."
Graeme via text on 81111 (A possible situation developing there methinks)

Celebrity spot
David Beckham has yet to arrive, but he is still expected at ringside. Tiger Woods is already in the house as is Denzel Washington.

0402: Manfredo survives a scare as a rousing chorus of "Rule Britannia" rattles around the MGM. Hatton, meanwhile, is going through his pre-fight warm-up. I can taste it now. The fight is not far off.

"Hilarious stuff from the Finnish commentators. Totally ignoring the Lacey fight, they're just incredulous that Ricky has managed to unify the City and United faithful in support of him. Is this fight being show live in Israel/Palestine? Ricky Hatton could be about to dish out world peace!"
nunChucker via 606

"Is fight on radio help us out please bit 2many beers?"
Anonymous via text on 81111

In answer to that question, yes it is. Tune in to BBC Radio Five Live on 693 and 909 AM.

0358: Referee Joe Cortez has visited both Hatton and Mayweather. In answer to Billy Graham's plea that his charge is aggressive but not unfair, Cortez says he will let the fight take its course. But what course will it take? Your guess is still as good as mine.

0355: Without wishing to get all philosophical on you - what must a boxer be feeling like at a time like this. Mayweather looks calm and focused as he starts his warm-up, hands already cocooned in bandages. He's done it all before and yet even he must be terrified deep down inside. He is about to put his life on the line against one of the most dangerous men on the planet. Same goes for our Ricky.

"Our manager's gone home sick so we've shut our factory and there's 23 of us crowded round a tiny radio just waiting for the fight."
Ricky in Eli via text on 81111

0345: Jeff Lacy v Peter Manfredo Jr is the last fight on the undercard. Us here in the office don't expect this to last very long. As the first round gets under way a huge chant of "Hatton wonderland" breaks out from the crowd.

Ricky Hatton
0343: Media-friendly almost to a fault, Hatton has just spoken. He says he is nervous, but confident and that he can do it for Britain, his family and his fans. "The body will be the area I go for, but I'd like to tickle him with a few upstairs."

0338: Apparently there's more at stake than Hatton may know. Read on...

"I'm in Vegas with my friend Stuart. We've decided if Ricky wins we're going to get married by Elvis!"
Sam, Vegas baby, via text on 81111

0331: The Daniel Ponce De Leon v Eduardo Escobedo fight rumbles into its final round. Fairly close one this, but not a pretty affair. And the verdict goes to Daniel Ponce De Leon. He was not impressive on this night though.

"In NYC in my flat 17 floors up, group outside singing 'Only one Ricky Hatton'"
standrews123 via 606

"Anyone know a 24/7 kebab shop in Stockport?"
antoine-99 via 606

0327: The atmosphere is bubbling up now and the seats are filling at ringside. Oscar de la Hoya is in pride of place, with Bernard Hopkins, Shane Mosely, Hearns and Leonard in close attendance. Behind the boxing legends are a throng of Hatton fans. They are just ready to spring to life, like coiled springs. Kind of...

"Ricky's got his hands full tonight but I think that at least two British fighters have beaten greater boxers than Mayweather. Randolph Turpin, of course beat Sugar Ray Robinson and then Kirkland Laing amazingly beat Roberto Duran. Brits have beaten several other greats over the years, but no one else as good as Mayweather I reckon.

"Here's my top 10 British victories based on the All-Time great credentials of the opponent:
1 Turpin over Robinson
2 Laing over Duran
3 Welsh over Attell
4 Kid Lewis over Britton
5 Hatton over Tszyu
6 McGuigan over Pedrosa
7 Welsh over Driscoll
8 Winstone over Salvidar
9 Buchanan over Laguna
10 Honeyghan over Curry"
By RockyBrooks via 606

Interesting list there RockyBrooks - do I know you from somewhere? When you look at it like that, British fighters have done some damage down the years. But I guess it is a lot of years we are talking about. I look forward to slotting in a modern-day Hatton KO Mayweather at number three then...

Ben Dirs
"I'm in my seat, quite far back. Hatton's face appeared on the screen to wild cheers and then they flicked to Mayweather which brought out boos. They reckon there should only be 4,000 Hatton fans in the arena. But my guess is that this is wildly inaccurate as I haven't heard one American accent since I've been in here."
Ben Dirs in Las Vegas

"The broadcasters here on HBO don't seem to think that the MGM is going to have too many of you Brits in the arena tonight. I do believe that HBO is underestimating the country that brought us the Barmy Army"
londoncatfish via 606

0300: From one Hitman to another. Thomas Hearns is at ringside sitting next door but one to his old mate Sugar Ray Leonard. The pair are tucking into popcorn. Easy life for a retired boxer! Less easy for an active one as Ricky Hitman Hatton is probably about to find out.

"This is the one time that I am glad that I have insomnia. It means that I can stay awake through the whole fight without any fear of drifting off. Come on the Hitman!"

"Started on the drink too early. Voice going singing too much. Will be showing my blue moon at this rate. Hatton to win on points money on. Come on Ricky."
Antro, Chester

"Excitement is building in Atlanta ahead of the big fight - a houseful here - the beer is flowing, the chicken wings flying down - hopefully we'll all be walking in a Hatton Wonderland. Come on Ricky!!!!"
Simon G in Atlanta

0250: Meanwhile, Hatton is trying to relax with his Ipod. Truth be told, the Briton looks a bit more nervous than Mayweather does. But nerves aren't a bad thing when it comes to boxing.

0245: It's Daniel Ponce De Leon v Eduardo Escobedo in Vegas. This one's for the WBO super-bantamweight title.

"Ricky, you HAVE to win! We have matchsticks in our eyes! And I have to be up in 4 hours! We love you!"
L and M, Frodsham, Cheshire via text on 81111

"No chance of crashing here. I'm just back from a Runrig gig in Glasgow and i'm so awake i don't believe the Pretty Boy could handle me right now."
Craig, Fife via text on 81111

Ben Dirs
"Looked in the mirror this morning and thought I looked so fat and ill. I've been eating so much rubbish. Just munching on a ham and salt beef baguette with salad and lots of spring rolls. I also saw Neil Morrisey out of Men Behaving Badly. In other news, Hatton has arrived at the MGM!"
Ben Dirs in Las Vegas

0232: An early blow for team Mayweather as one of his stable Wes Ferguson is laid out by a "Cherrybomb" from Edner Cherry in round six.

"War of the Roses is forgotten...this is one Manc im cheering for! Go on Ricky we all know you are the true pound for pound fighter!"
Mark in Leeds via text on 81111

0224: Big thanks to all those who have registered with 606 for the first time to share your views. With your help, Jez's balloon race is going extremely well. We have comments coming in from all over the world.

To name but a few places... Hua Hin in Thailand, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Argentina, Albuquerque, Athens in Georgia, Singapore, Tokyo, Nagano, Reunion Island, Easter Island, Brazil and Auckland. But the current winner I believe is Dutchad all the way from Wellington, New Zealand.

Special mention to possibly our coldest 606 users, who are Ron & Norman in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russian Far East (minus 21 degrees). If you want to know where that is, try google maps, but it looks very remote.

"Fight to go the distance. Tough 12 rounds but Hatton crowds, spoils & pips it on points."
Nicola, Walthamstow via text on 81111

"Ps Alex are you related to Jack Trickett?" No, Nicola I'm not. But I do know of him. A boxing manager I believe.

0215: As I watch Edner "Cherrybomb" Cherry (how good is that nickname by the way?) go about his business, Pretty Boy Floyd makes his way to the MGM casino. I have to say that the American looks as cool as a cucumber.

"I wud jst like 2 mention that every 1 comin out da ian brown gig at da gmex in manchester wer chantin 'thers only 1 ricky hatton, thers only 1 ricky hatton, walkin along, singin a song, walkin in da hatton wonderland!'"
matt in salford via text on 81111

0210: The undercard is under way in Vegas and that means barely two hours until the big fight. First up is Wes Ferguson v Edner Cherry. Nope, I hadn't heard of them either. I'll keep you posted...

0205: I'm reliably informed by a friend in Pittsburgh that it costs 55 bucks to order the Hatton v Mayweather fight in the States. That's 27 to you and me, which is about 12 more than we're paying in the UK. Makes a pleasant change from "Rip-off Britain" doesn't it?

"When I started my pre-fight ritual of a bacon sarnie and a cold can of Guinness, I found myself wondering what Ricky Hatton is doing right now. It then dawned on me that he was probably doing exactly the same! Come on our kid!"
AFCDonNick via 606

0155: Jez is running our 606 page and is loving all your comments so keep 'em coming. In particular, he wants to know who is logging in from furthest away (from Television Centre in London). He keeps making an analogy with a balloon race at your local fete but I have no idea what he's talking about. Anyway, at the moment, we'll give the nod to famousgranpajoe in Ohio.

I'm also keen to hear about your "crash and burn" tales. It's getting to that time now when the well intentioned fight fan will be wrestling with drooping eye lids and a nodding head. I feel sure that some people out there are destined to wake up when it's all over and Hatton is champion of the world. If you see one of them, let us know.

"My well-intentioned plans to get to bed early and set the alarm have, inevitably, gone steaming out the window. Lovely work guys, Hatton in the eighth."
Thacko via text on 81111

"Ricky to get beaten on a controversial points decision. Ricky's missus gets her job in pet store back. Ricky wins rematch despite initial reticence and potential blindness issues. Ricky buys robot for his brother-in-law and loses to bloke from Snickers ad. Mayweather becomes Ricky's trainer. They run on the beach. Ricky ends cold war. I missed the fifth one. Ricky beats a computer."
Andrew, London

0130: So, here are our BBC Sport staff predictions as it stands (and I expect at least one of us to change our minds between now and the first bell). Dave: Mayweather on cuts (10 or 11). Jez: Hatton in the ninth. Rich: Mayweather on points. Me: Mayweather on points. So that's three to one in favour of Pretty Boy Floyd. But what do we know?

"Cast: Ricky Hatton as Monster Truck and Floyd Mayweather as Reliant Robin. The story is beginning... Monster Truck crushing Reliant Robin then that's it, the end. That story will be repeat but in the boxing version!"
LJ London via text on 81111

"How's this for the world's worst timing - beer, pizza and projector all set up for the fight, and the wife's just gone into labour! Wouldn't miss it for the world - the fight that is; we can always have more kids! Come on Ricky!!"
Magners and the boys via text on 81111

"Amazing prospect tonight! Ricky the Hitman, the classical brawler, the undisputed manimal, against Floyd May-Weather-Most-Storms-But-Not-This-One, the genius pugilist, the gram for gram finest. I don't know what I'm talking about, I just wanted to join in."
balajazz via 606

"Hello Brits. I am Joe Leyton. I am 87 years old and I live in Ohio. Been a fan of boxing since possibly before your dads were born! I seen them all Louis, Clay, Marciano, Robinson, Leonard, Hagler, Tyson, Barerra, Duran. Let me tell you. Mayweather is up there with the elite. Hatton is like your Henry Cooper, big, honest and gutsy. I like the boy. He is a genuine man. But he steps up a weight tonight to fight a legend. I cannot see Ricky doing it. Mayweather to win in 9 on cuts stoppage. You all are a breath of fresh air here. I like your soccer shirts and beers! Good for you young boys! Cheer on your man. When all is over, who ever is the winner. Have some beer and enjoy life. Joe"
famousgranpajoe via 606

Thank you Joe - I can say in all honesty, you have made my night.

0100: From what I read, there is not much cash floating around in the UK that has not been wagered on this fight. But if your money is still in your pocket, here are a few odd bets available to you:

Hatton's gumshield to be blue: 1/3, Hatton's gumshield to be Union Jack: 12-1, Hatton to win the stare contest: 5/6, Mayweather corner throws in the towel: 50-1, First commentary cliche - "The British invasion": 33-1

"Ricky will win. He outboxed the great Kostya Tszyu, and Tszyu for me is a tougher test than Mayweather. Hatton in 10"
Hassan in London via text on 81111

"I'm off tomorrow and I'm really just going to use the text commentary on this fight to pass the time until we get to the serious business of Sri Lanka v England "
alan via 606

Charmed, I'm sure Alan! In all seriousness though, it is quite a night for sport. Rarely will this office have seen so much traffic at 0400 in the morning. Once all is done and dusted with Ricky Hatton, I may just switch over to Mark Mitchener's Sri Lanka v England commentary myself. Splendid idea.

0045: A quick mention for Wayne Alcock, who was stopped by IBF middleweight champion Arthur Abraham in Switzerland on Saturday night. Tough luck to a tough fighter, but this really is a golden period for British boxing. There seems to be a genuine world title fight every other week.

0040: There's nothing like an accurate prediction. Here's one from Nick via text. And if it comes off, a "hot and spicy pizza" is on its way to Nick from me. Talking of which, the pizza is very nice. Thanks for asking.

"Hatton to knock the pretty boy out 1m 36secs into the 8th. You heard it here first! Come on Ricky!"
Nick via text on 81111

"Been awake since 4 am. Who needs sleep? Am so pumped. Come on Ricky (meat feast pizza man)"
kashifasim via text on 81111

"Mayweather would be just plain cheese - after all it is so cringy listening to him compare himself to Ali!"
Anon via text on 81111

"Yawn I'm off to bed. Bad flu and bad temper. Mayweather will floor him anyway, round 5-8"
englandbill40 via 606

"Adrenaline's kicked in - tiredness is not an issue. Call it patriotism if you want but as we get closer I get a sneaky suspicion that Ricky will get a late knock out"
Mouthpaw via 606

0025: It sounds like the Vegas undercard begins in ernest at about 0200 GMT. Quite looking forward to some actual boxing as it goes. Apparently Jeff Lacy is fighting Peter Manfredo in a battle of two men recently beaten by our Joe Calzaghe.

Here's how the card is shaping up:

Jeff Lacy v Peter Manfredo Jr
Daniel Ponce De Leon v Eduardo Escobedo
Wes Ferguson v Edner Cherry

"We are in Las Vegas and I have never been so proud to be English. Go Ricky, you are awesome."
Dale and Hadders via text on 81111

"Hatton will eat Mayweather - at least it seems that way after several beers! The all-nighter has begun."
Ash, John & Adam in Barnes via text on 81111

"Hatton to win. Watch out Mayweather - fatty's gonna get ya!"
Phil A, Sunderland via text on 81111

"I live in San Antonio, Texas and will be sporting my new City third shirt (nice white one with light blue sash) and will be watching Ricky in a local pole dancing club with a couple of neighbours, one being a Vietnam vet and the other an Irishman, we all will be cheering Ricky on"
gortonbluetexas via 606

0005: Did anyone see Amir Khan today? I've just seen a replay of his 72-second stoppage win against Graham Earl. My word did he look good. Slick, mean and polished, Khan seems to get more powerful every fight. Hatton v Khan in a few years anyone?

One thing's for certain, Hatton v Mayweather won't be over in a blink of an eye. Your predictions are flying in:

"I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it again, my prediction is Hatton in the 7th"

"Can't call this fight, that's the beauty of it. Legend status is at stake. Go on Hatton!"

Ben Dirs
"Back in my hotel room at New York, New York and feeling like condemned man. God alone only knows how Ricky Hatton feels at this time. The Mancs are revving up, the Nine Fine Irishmen is packed to the rafters - let's just hope any decision goes Ricky's way."
Ben Dirs in Las Vegas

2335: So the first important decision of the night involves pizza. Which flavour to order in that is. We've opted for a "hot and spicy", but have asked you lot the burning question: "If Hatton and Mayweather were pizzas, what variety would they be?" Your answers - via 606 - follow...

"Mayweather - Hawaiian (Dried up meat and a bit fruity), Hatton - Meatfeast (Brazen and has the lot)"
Goonerdiabadouble via 606

"Hatton - Stuffed Crust. Well he will be once Mayweather has finished with him "

"Alarm clocks?! Boring! Stay up for the all-nighter like the rest of us...hardcore! Come on Hatton!"
Anon via text, on 81111

2320: Good evening fight fans. Let's get ready to rumble!

In under five hours, pride of Manchester Ricky Hatton will enter the ring at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas to take on Floyd Mayweather. You're excited, I'm excited, our man in Nevada Ben Dirs is almost beside himself. This is what we have been waiting months for.

I'm up all night to take you through the final build-up and the big fight itself. And we want to hear from you via 606, text and Flickr, where we have a BBC Sport Boxing in Las Vegas group set up and ready for your best pics. So, whether you are in Nevada or Newcastle, get in touch.

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