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Last Updated: Saturday, 8 December 2007, 23:30 GMT
Hatton v Mayweather build-up

Follow the fight live on this website and BBC Radio 5 Live (starts at approximately 0400 GMT on 9 December)

ALL THE BUILD-UP (all times GMT)

To get involved use 606 or text us your views & comments on 81111. (Not all contributions can be used)

By James Standley

2328: Right, it's been a long build-up but we're now only about five hours from the start of the most eagerly awaited fight in years. I'm obviously backing Ricky Hatton - after all he did call me a taxi once - but Floyd Mayweather is not called the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world for nothing. Alex "Tricky" Trickett will be taking you through to the fight and calling the bout itself on a separate clockwatch, so I suggest you all click the link below:

This story is now closed for business. Night all!

2320: There's been plenty of other action involving British fighters. Check out our reports here:

2318: What time is everyone setting their alarm clocks for? Help....
Anon via text

2313: We have set up a new 606 thread to discuss the fight - join in the debate through the night here:

2310: "Well I'm all set. Alarm set, food ready, drink in the fridge, reserve alarm set (in case of falling back to sleep). Cheering face when Hatton crushes Floyd - READY!!!"
Bassya on 606

2302: Our boxing experts have come up with their pound-for-pound world rankings. Mayweather's first but where does Ricky stand?

2256: My Top 3 fights I've seen live (see below) would have to be:

McGuigan v Pedrosa, 1985, Loftus Road. I was just 14 and it left me with a lifelong love of boxing. It was emotional.

Benn v McClellan - absolutely brutal, scary and tragic. Enough said!

Tyson v Berbick, 1986 to become heavyweight champ. I still say Tyson would have beaten any heavyweight from any era during this phase. Ferocious. Money and fame ruined him - ring any bells Pretty Boy?

Hatton by split decision after at least one knockdown. Even my missus is staying up for this after seeing the weigh in. "Let's 'ave 'im."
Matt, Peterborough, on 606

2254: ++++Public service announcement++++

Our 606 messageboards will be staying open right through the night.

2251: On crashing before fights (see 1815), I urge all not to follow my lead from the Holyfield v Tyson "bite night" when, after coming home from the pub and having a few cans with friends, I decided 340 minutes before the fight that it was going to be a Tyson walkover, and that there was no point staying up, and hit the hay. No such mistake tonight. Hatton in 8.
barrera31 on the perils of crashing on 606. You have been warned

2247: "A bit of advice for ronnyron (2238): Stop talking nonsense! CMON RICKY!"
James in Dorset via text

2244: "All the best Ricky. Off for a wee nap so I'm fighting fit for the bout. See what I did there?"
Jamie, Glasgow, via text

2238: A bit of advice you Hatton fans should listen to. Enjoy the pre-fight build up, cos when showtime comes around your man will crumble, Mayweather will do the bis.
ronnyron on 606

2235: Elcock's bid to dethrone IBF middleweight champion Abraham fails as he is stopped in five rounds in Switzerland. Britain's first world title fight of the evening goes the wrong way for British fight fans.

2230: "It's gonna be a long yet rewarding night.... & the girlfriend who wants to watch the fight has just fallen asleep. Do I stop in or go out now?"
Keith in Manchester via text on 81111

2229: Elcock's fight with IBF middleweight champion Abraham is under way in Switzerland. The Briton is forced to take a standing eight count in round two but recovers and produces some good work in the third.

2220: "I've proved to all the critics in Britain that I can beat a great fighter, who's a banger. Everyone knows Graham's a great fighter so for me to beat someone like that in the first round is great."
Khan on his victory. Who are these critics?

2215: Wow. Khan sets the bar pretty high as the Olympic silver medallist marks his 21st birthday by destroying Graham Earl - a respected pro - in just one minute 12 seconds in their Commonwealth lightweight contest in Bolton.

2209: There's no doubt about the marquee event this weekend but there's plenty of other action around the globe. In Bolton Amir Khan, the most exciting British prospect, continues his pro education, while Britain's Wayne Elcock aims to claim Arthur Abraham's IBF middleweight crown in Basle in Switzerland.

Danny Williams made his first appearance since defeating Scott Gammer in March to win the British heavyweight title on the undercard in Basle, but his fight with Oleg Platov was ruled a no contest after the IBF Intercontinental champion from Ukraine suffered a nasty cut over his left eye following an accidental clash of heads.

The bout was eventually stopped towards the end of round four with Williams well on top.

2202: "Brits have had suffer defeat after defeat this year in sport: Formula 1, rugby and football. Hatton doing the business would really put some bulldog back on the map. I'm rooting for you 110% Ricky."
kragzie on 606

2153: And in at the top of my top all-time fights attended live... Mike Tyson v Lou Savarese, June 2005, Hampden Park in Glasgow.

The fight lasted just 38 seconds but the occasion was extraordinary. After knocking our Savarese Tyson also sent the referee tumbling to the floor, while the build-up to the bout saw the heavyweight involved in a disagreement with promoter Frank Warren.

On the undercard Zab Judah outpointed Junior Witter, which neatly brings us back to the Hatton-Mayweather contest. Mayweather beat Judah to win the IBF welterweight title in April 2006, while Sheffield-based Witter is desperate to fight Hatton in an all-English contest.

In the build-up to Sunday morning's fight Witter, the WBC light-welterweight champion, said: "I think Ricky will come out and trouble Mayweather for the first few rounds before Floyd finds his rhythm and takes him apart. I think it will be a stoppage on cuts or a landslide points victory."

2139: "No way I'm missing this. 3 alarm clocks dotted around the living room and strict instructions for my dad to wake the street when knocking on the door later on, although if he falls asleep then that may be a problem..."
Mark W via text on 81111

2132: "Good luck to Hatton. I think Mayweather's taken him too lightly and could pay for it."
terencej72 on 606

2128: "How can anyone doubt Hatton. He fights with his heart. Mayweather has not faced anyone like Hatton. Say what you will but come the end of the of fight Britain will hail a new hero. I have no doubt."
Alex, Bournemouth, via text on 81111

"I've followed up my first three pints with two coffees. Now I need to write a politics essay. Then I'll get back on the beer."
Fattuso via text

2123: "My fav boxing memory is when I was 9 and I sat up late to watch my first fight and my grandad sitting there throwing imaginery punches while chanting 'brunooooo'."
Anon via text

2120: "You are all being led by your hearts. Come on, Hatton's got guts but we all really know he's going to get a hiding tonight."
thegeezerbrazil on 606

2115: "Botha v Lewis?! (see 2022). I was at Eubank v Benn II, Bruno v Lewis, Bruno v McCall and Benn v McClellan to name just a few. In boxing terms mate you need to get out more!"

Yes, BBC Sport's Dave McIntyre works out that I've only been to four nights of boxing in my life, and one of those saw Johnny Nelson win the headline bout at the York Hall without appearing to throw a punch.

In at number two on my list of top bouts: Mike Tyson beats Julius Francis at the MEN in January 2000. For all that he was well past his best, seeing Tyson in the flesh was quite an experience. Francis - you'll remember he sold advertising space on the soles of his boots - lasted just two rounds. Although the highlight of my night was former world middleweight champion Alan Minter "borrowing" my press pass.

Ben Dirs
2103: BBC Sport's man on the spot Ben Dirs phones to inform us he has his press accreditation but is sitting "up in the gods".

Yes, the man who just six weeks ago was at the Rugby World Cup final is complaining about his seating arrangements at the biggest fight in years. He'll be popping into 606 shortly - maybe you'd like to have a word with him.

Dirs adds: "More and more of the British press are starting to tip Hatton to win - I fear a few people are letting their hearts rule their heads. I'm sticking with Mayweather, although I hope I'm wrong."

"If Mayweather is on form and keeps his head, he will destroy Hatton. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. However, if he lets this descend into an actual fight I can see Hatton knocking him out."
ichi_1 on 606

2045: "Somebody's 'O's got to go."
BBC Sport's Phil Gordos shows us he's down with ver kidz.

2026: Crashing before the fight (see 1815)? Not us (apart from James Donovan's lightweight mate).

"I've been preparing for this fight by going to bed at 6am and getting up at 2 for the past 5 days or so, to ensure that I don't crash before the fight. In fact, I'd go as far as saying my preparation for the fight equals that of Hatton and Mayweather."
Nick, Sussex, via text on 81111

"Two cans of stimulant drink and three coffees down. My mate on the other hand has gone for a nap! We're well excited. Come on the hitman!"
James Donovan via text

2022: OK, let's have your best ever live boxing memories (ie when you were there).

I'll give you a run-down of my top three over the next hour or two - they're not quite the Rumble in the Jungle but then I'm not Norman Mailer (just as well, the more literate of you [I'm looking at you Luke] will no doubt quickly reply).

In at number three: Lennox Lewis v Francois Botha, 15 July 2000, London Arena. The only world title fight I've ever seen, and it was over in just two rounds as the "White Buffalo" - that would be Botha - went crashing through the ropes. Short and sweet - very much the way for the fights I've seen.

2002: "RE: 1952. But if Ricky was a genuinely nice bloke, he would have offered you a lift..."
Marc via text on 81111

1958: ++++English teacher alert++++

"James - if you don't know the difference between its and it's, then maybe public service broadcasting (1923) isn't for you anyway."
Luke in Herts

Thanks Luke! Obviously I've amended it below to hide my shame.

1955: Not seen much of the build-up? Check out our pictures here:

1952: There's been a lot of chat about the respective characters of the two combatants. Now, I've not met Mayweather, but I can confirm that Hatton is a genuinely decent bloke.

I went up to Manchester to interview him at his gym several years ago. When I went to leave I realised I had forgotten to book a return cab to the station and the place suddenly seemed deserted. After I had been milling about for a few minutes Ricky emerged and walked over to his car.

Seeing me standing a bit down the road looking lost he called over to see if everything was all right and, when he discovered I was stuck, offered to call me a cab. After doing so he headed off with a wave and a couple of minutes later a cab pulled up and took me back into town. He's all right by me is Ricky.

Anyone else had the pleasure of meeting him? Let us know via 606 or text us on 81111.

1942: "Re: superrit73 (1847) I'm not a 'fight fan' but I'm still reading the coverage! You can dislike a sport and still support your countryman. Go Ricky!"
Stacy via text on 81111

1935: Do we have a contender for a pre-fight crash I wonder (see 1815)? (Although I have to say they're remarkably coherent for someone who's been drinking for seven hours.)

"Personally I've been drinking since about 12.30 uk time and I'm nicely steaming now. Nothing to do with Hatton, I just like drinking. Incidentally I reckon 5-1 about Hatton winning on points looks the value, especially when you're too blind drunk to care."
Anon via text on 81111

1930: Bookmakers William Hill report up to £20m is being staked in the UK on the fight. The vast majority is going on Hatton, making it the biggest ever gamble on a British sporting individual, and the Mancunian is now down to just 6/4, while Mayweather is 15/8 on.

"If Hatton triumphs it won't only be Mayweather who is flat out on the canvas - the bookies will be down there with him, bleeding cash. It will be the worst day's work for bookies since Frankie Dettori won all seven races at Ascot and cost the industry £40m."
Hills spokesman Graham Sharpe

1923: I've just had my appraisal and one of the questions you get asked is how you have helped the BBC fulfil its public service remit. As I spend my days writing about sport this can be a tricky one to answer, but I think I have a solution. Here follows a public service announcement.

++++Public service announcement++++

"I am desperately trying to find somewhere in Helensburgh to watch the fight. Can anyone help?"
Stuart Reid from Helensburgh on text, via 81111

1918: "If Ricky loses my unborn son will be named Floyd. Damn you drunken bets!"
Bob in Western Super Mare, via text

1911: Well, whadaya know?

"There must be some boxing fans in the Liverpool squad with their minds on the Hatton fight. Come on Ricky!"
Rick Power, Manchester, via text

1910: Oh dear Liverpool fans, your team appear to be losing 3-1 to Berkshire giants Reading. I bet nobody from Ricky's home town finds this amusing whatsoever. Shall I check the texts to see?

1902: Can Ricky make it a win double over the weekend? If he beats Mayweather then he must be in with a real chance of winning the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award on Sunday night.

"Just setting up camp got the lads round ready for the fight. Hatton's heart will win through. It's going to be a awesome fight. Hatton for Sports Personality of the Year."
Anon via text, on 81111

1857: "I've got university exams this coming week but I'm planning to stay up and watch the Hitman rule the world. C'mon Ricky!!!"
Umar from London via text, on 81111

"The country is behind you Ricky. Take it up close and personal, get inside his guard and Pow!"
Mark Benson via text, on 81111

1847: Of course not everyone is a fight fan but they won't be reading any of the coverage or joining in any of the discussions about it - won't they?

"Cant believe you are all going to stay up til 4am watching this (and paying for it). Must be off your rockers."

1831: "Mayweather may think he is a serious boxer but few here are buying it, he seems more interested in publicity for a music or acting career; so he has won his fight already, win or lose in the ring."

1815: Right, the football and rugby are nearly over for the day and there's only one show in town now - the Hitman taking on the Pretty Boy. The fight should start in just over 10 hours time, so if you're starting drinking now fight fans, remember to pace yourselves, you don't want to miss this one because you've peaked too early and passed out on the sofa.

However, despite my warning you just know someone's going to fail to make it so let me know the earliest crash and burn - you know the drill, 606 or text will do.

1750: "Sometimes you can over-analyse things. If Hatton wants it that badly and he's that fired up for it, there's no reason why he can't do it. I find it difficult to see Hatton losing now."
jonnyboy151 on 606

1730: "I feel a lot of people are under-estimating Hatton's speed and footwork. He has fast feet and knows how to go in and out and that will be one of the keys. He's got to pop that jab and he's got to continue that fast pace for all 12 rounds."
Oscar de la Hoya, who hopes to face Hatton at Wembley Stadium next year

1725: "I hope Pretty Boy gets ugly as a result of what's going to happen to him"
Radio 5 Live's Alan Green interrupts his commentary on Reading v Liverpool to offer an opinion on the big fight

By Sam Lyon

Ben Dirs
"There are still tickets available on the black market, but whether they will gain you entry to the fight is another matter entirely. It'd be a bit of choker shelling out $42,000 (£20,700) for a dud ticket, I must say..."
BBC Sport's Ben Dirs in Las Vegas

1655: Well, after almost 10 hours of keeping abreast of your tips, predictions and musings on 606 and text, as well as all the latest non-goings-on in Las Vegas, the time has come for me to bid you adieu. As Tricky did last night, I shall leave you with my (all-too optimistic) prediction - Hatton to open up with a furious barrage, Mayweather to regain focus in the middle rounds but only for our Ricky to retire Floyd in the ninth. Bosh. Done. Jubbly.

James Standley will be taking you through the evening until Alex Trickett's return at 2300 GMT. I leave you with the parting gift of an early-morning (for him) update from Ben Dirs (see above) and the rather disturbing image of him talking me through said update while half naked in a seedy Vegas hotel bed. I can only hope he was alone. Night!

"Good to see the support from Ricky's fellow British pros - all except Witter. Why cant he accept he will never be half the fighter Ricky is, get over his jealousy of fights he will never make and get behind our man. Grow up Junior, come on Ricky!!
Steve, Reading via text

1635: "Until recently I would have said Floyd Mayweather to win all day long, but over the last couple of months Ricky has been oozing confidence and I see him stopping Mayweather after nine or 10 rounds."
WBO cruiserweight champion Enzo Maccarinelli

1630: "Mayweather's fought people like Ricky before, come-forward fighters, and he's played with them. Remember what he did to Arturo Gatti? Remember what he did to Carlos Baldomir?"
IBF light-heavyweight champion Clinton Woods

1627: "Ricky is in with a real shout. I'm looking to him to work non-stop and take away Mayweather's spirit and edge by attacking him to the body. "
WBA light-welterweight champion Gavin Rees

1621: "I think Ricky will come out and trouble Mayweather for the first few rounds before Floyd finds his rhythm and takes him apart. I think it will be a stoppage on cuts or a landslide points victory."
WBC light-welterweight champion Junior Witter

1617: "Mayweather won't like the pressure, he'll be unsettled. Mayweather is used to being in the comfort zone and fighting at his own pace. Also, Hatton is naturally bigger and people underestimate his speed. He's not as fast as Mayweather, but fast enough to make a big impression."
Undisputed world cruiserweight champion David Haye

1611: Right - before he sauntered off to Vegas, Dirsy took time out to chat to Britain's reigning world champions to garner their thoughts on the Hatton-Mayweather fight. In the interests of reinvigorating your 606 and text communiques, I'm going to run a few of them.

"A few months back Oscar De La Hoya took Mayweather all the way and was the better fight right up until the last 4/5 rounds in my opinion. Unlike DLH, Ricky will have the fitness to go the distance at a good pace and with the crowd behind him he'll win on points."
AFCDonNick on 606

1546: Check this out - apparently, should Ricky Hatton secure a knockout win over Mayweather in Las Vegas and go on to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award on Sunday, it will cost British bookies over £20m. Now wouldn't that just be amusing? In the meantime, over on 606 you can get involved in an anthropological discussion about the role of boxing in the breakdown of the family unit in modern society. Or something like that. Alternatively, you can get yourself another brew and let me know what you would be doing right now - 0746 local time - if you were in Las Vegas...

"Ricky will have too much heart for Floyd. I doubt the prettyboy has under-estimated how good Hatton is but I think we're all about to see Ricky at his best. It's going to be a ferocious start and when the reality kicks in, it will force Floyd to retire in the corner just like Tszyu."
afcsimmy on 606

"Definitely a war between my heart and head for this. Heart of course says Hatton, but my head Mayweather. Though something else inside me is insisting on a draw."
oldmanharris on 606

Blades_Of_Glory in reply: "So your prediction is either Hatton to win, Merryweather to win, or a draw? Thanks for the tip, am off down the bookies!"

"I was at the Calzaghe-Kessler fight recently and a person next to me shouted "hit him repeatedly in the face Joe!" Joe took his advice (and won). Sometimes it does work!"
jabandmove on 606

1509: And, to cap my look back at some of the best quotes in the lead up to the fight, who better to finish with than our very own Benjamin Dirs? "I had imagined, in a state of semi-sleep high over the Atlantic, that my passport would be stamped by a bikini-clad stunner with a nice sideline in rubber-gloved massages. But, truth be known, the Dorises down my local Somerfield exude more glamour than the ladies of Nevada Homeland Security."

"The hitman will knock Mayweather out in the 4th. At least I hope he does as I put £100 on it at 3am this morning having had 10 pints!"
Mike, London via text

"I'm well up for the fight. I think Hatton will KO him inside the 4th. Watching the big fight with my mates. Anyone of you reading this?"
Derek, Falkirk via text

"Ricky Hatton is no doubt an exceptional fighter but if he fights his usual fight he will not be able to corner and defeat Mayweather."
Leytonstonelip on 606

"So Vicky Fatton goes in two pounds lighter than LadyBoy. Hatton's prepared well and looking ripped and ultra confident. Floyd has crucially underestimated Hatton's focus - he has failed to prepare... now prepare to fail Junior."
Smitfire on 606

1456: "Can you fight like a hungry man when your refrigerator is full?" Former middleweight king Bernard Hopkins

1454: Hatton's trainer Billy Graham: "Every time Ricky Hatton fights I think about cuts, I'm a realist, but we've got a great cuts man in Mick Williamson and I've got faith in him."

1451: "The heart wants Hatton to win but my head says Mayweather because he's an amazing fighter." Undisputed world super-middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe

1447: Floyd's trainer and uncle Roger Mayweather: "Floyd's going to season his ass. He's going to put salt on it, then pepper, then he's going to stick him in the grill. Burn, baby, burn. I'll be seeing you soon."

1442: "Come Saturday night you'll see a Floyd Mayweather that shows versatility, inside, outside, toe-to-toe," said Floyd Mayweather. "I've faced every style there is and I'm pretty sure I've faced the Hatton style before. I'm in tremendous shape, I always come prepared because I don't overlook no guy."

1438: Let's remind ourselves of a few of the things that have been said in the lead up to this fight..."You can't argue with his record or what he's done but all good things come to an end," Ricky Hatton told the BBC. "It will happen Saturday night in an eight or nine round stoppage for Ricky Hatton."

"Here in the USA we care about Boxing as much as Tiddlywinks. I wish Hatton luck, he seems a good kid, but who cares? The fight is in Vegas, the land of the trivial and the losers."
Brit-exPat-In-USA on 606

"This is Frazier-Ali Ali fight one, same styles and hopefully same result. I'm a Boro and Hatton fan - so go the under dogs!"
mbrofc on 606

"Mob hysteria is unpleasant at the best of times, but when it consists of encouraging a couple of low-lifes bashing hell out of each other with the intention of rendering them hors-de-combat then the future of civilisation looks bleak indeed."
ExiledCanary on 606

"Just awoke here in Indiana. The fight is booked, and I'll be ready with plenty of Boddingtons, even though it's not brewed in Manchester any more, is it? Never mind though. C'mon Ricky!"
AccyHoosier on 606

1411: Just a quick note, by the way, to remind you that Hatton is not the only Briton fighting tonight, with Wayne Elcock bidding for the IBF world middleweight title and Amir Khan, Howard Eastman and Danny Williams also in action. 'Golden Era' of British boxing? I should coco!

"Has anyone ever actually managed to hit Mayweather?"
MrBigDave via text

1355: "I'm gutted I can't go to watch him in Las Vegas, but I'll be giving him my support from back home. Boxing is a sport I've always been involved in, I love watching it and I want Ricky to do the business."
Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney on BBC Radio 5 Live

"I think it will be a great fight, but i can only see one winner; Mayweather. OK, he's very confident and arrogant, but is arguably one of the best of all time."
acceptabletom on 606

1343: "Sam, any weight issues (even non-existent ones like yours) are solved by one thing: press-ups. I think you should drop down and give 10 between each post."
BBC Sport's Chris Whyatt

Chris mate, you've more chance seeing Ricky retire on his stool before the first bell than that happening...

"Mayweather is an irritating arrogant upstart. His whole entourage are sickening in their arrogance, and their lack of respect for any opponent is hideous. But none of this detracts from the fact that Mayweather is a better boxer than Ricky Hatton."
Reddevil1288 on 606

"I think if Hatton wins, it will be by KO - if it goes to points, Floyd wins it."
monkeydevil256 on 606

"Floyd will win this fight. 1) He is a natural welterweight, Ricky is not. 2) If you book right through boxing history, the superior technical boxer always defeats the superior slugger."
sirja4040 on 606

"The only way I can see Hatton losing is on cuts. Kosta Tszyu didn't have the power to keep Hatton off him, so I don't see how Mayweather can."
Carl, Manchester via text

"Everyone wants Hatton to win, to wipe the arrogant Mayweather's smiles off their faces. But Floyd is faster, bigger and more skilful. Floyd on points."
Anon via text

"For those of you in London, you can find a list of pubs showing the fight at,"
Michael, Cardiff via text

1324: Right, let's get back to the fight itself. I want to hear your predictions, tips and where the fight will be won and lost. The best and most bizarre will make it. Get 606ing and texting...

"English fans are always so overconfident and always expect so much, Mayweather will win this easily. Stop getting your hopes up, just like with the football team, Hatton has very little chance."
palacefc8 on 606

"Where can we watch the match in West London? We'll be coming from acting in a Panto so will be a wild connection of Lions, clowns and scantily clad dancers."
JP via text

"Come on Ricky! Does anyone know anywhere in Canterbury that is showing the fight? Btw Sam, how are you going to last 16 more hours with no sleep?"
Paul, Canterbury via text

1309: The mystery of my looking like Freddie Five Chins in photos may have just been solved. For lunch, I have just waded through cod, chips and a bonus battered sausage. By contrast, e-commentary and blog legend Tom Fordyce spent his break in the gym. I didn't need that really, you know?

"geraintthesculptor (see below) there is a huge difference. These two blokes have been looking forward to and training for days like this all their lives. I've got huge admiration and respect for world class boxers."
seanyhumphreys on 606

"(Re: geraintthesculptor below) I used to see boxing much like you - as just brutal and pointless - but for some reason I watched a few matches and my opinion has grown to more of an admiration of the skill, courage, mental will-power and physical prowess needed."
Jose Shivers 'United Since 1999' on 606

"(Re: geraintthesculptor below) May I remind you that boxing is similar to martial arts, there are techniques, methods, styles. Yes boxing can be brutal but by god it can be beautiful too."
rimjawpig on 606

"For the one who wanted somewhere in Swansea - you can watch it for £5 in the 'Commercial' pub in Gowerton!!"

1240: Lot of chat here in the office about Hatton's condition. The boy looked svelte as you like at the weigh-in - if Mayweather was expecting Vicky Fatton he will have been in for a huge surprise. Which, unfortunately, is more than can be said for myself. Well, actually, that's not true - I'm slimmer and fitter than I've been in a long time and yet - and anyone who's seen my Facebook profile will attest to this - I still look as if I have 14 chins in photos. What's that all about?

"The look on Hatton's face at the weigh in says it all. Hatton looks determined + ruthless. It's gonna be a points win for Hatton. The belts are coming home!"
Bakar Oxford via text

"Does anyone know where in Swansea we can watch the fight?! Will be coming straight from a masked ball!"
Anon via text

"Is it just me? I love sport but I find boxing really brutal. Is battering another human to the floor for the entertainment of a blood thirsty crowd something we should really be involved with in today's society?"
geraintthesculptor on 606

1217: Don't forget, Las Vegas is eight hours 'behind' British time, so it's just gone 4am there as we speak. As you can imagine, in terms of Hatton-Mayweather 'action' it is pretty limited right now, unless you count Floyd turning the pillow over and Ricky snoring as developments. But, make no mistake, even with 16 hours still to go the anticipation is building nicely, and I've just received a communiqué from a couple of mates who have already hit the pub to kick off the session of all sessions. My money's on them falling short by about, erm, six or so hours but hey, good luck to 'em.

"To watch the fight in Coventry, go to the Isle casino at the Ricoh Arena."
Ashley via text

"My 22nd birthday today and I'm so hyped up for the fight, loads of people coming round to watch the pretty boy become the ugly duckling!"
Lawz, Birmingham via text

1159: It's not easy, being Cheesy! Unless, of course, your name is Caroline Cheese, in which case it comes pretty naturally. And joy of joys - the darling of the sports desk is back in the e-commentary hot-seat barely a day after finishing a majestic three-day European footy stint. You love her, we love her... tune in with the Cheese and follow the action as it happens.

"Sitting here at Hartford Connecticut airport at 6am ready for Vegas flight. Excitement level at all time high, tickets secured for the fight so should be quite a day / night. Good luck Ricky, we're right with you."
southgated on 606

Leonbackwards on 606

"As en exPat living in France can I recommend paying for a night in a hotel with Canal+ TV station? I now have it at home so if I can negotiate waking the missus up at 5 in the morning I'm ok, but I remember booking a hotel room with a mate to watch a vital England qualifier against Italy in 1998. When we left after 2 hours the receptionist had a funny look on his face..."
Frenchspurdave on 606

"Couldn't be more excited, got 15 lads round for pizza, beers & a night of boxing. All the girls have suddenly become boxing enthusiasts trying to get an invite!"
S via text

"Coventry and Paris? You want to try finding somewhere in Baghdad to watch it!"
Darrell via text

"Once Hatton starts landing the body punches Floyd will fold like a cheap suit. Ricky will win this early and in style!"
Graham, Stirling, Scotland via text

1133: Proof, if proof be needed, that BBC Sport brings you the very hottest issues in world sport now - Las Vegas... how does one pronounce it? Strangely, I always thought it was pronounced as it looks, but apparently there's a school of thought that says it's actually pronounced LOS Vegas. Weirdos. Other suggestions are "Lost Wages" and, my personal favourite "Bas Vegas". Though the latter only applies to Basildon...

"Does anybody know where in Coventry I can watch the fight?! Please help!"
Paul via text

"Anyone know where I can watch it in Paris? I'm out here for a romantic weekend and all I can think about is Ricky Hatton! I've got a cab booked for 3am but I don't know where to go!!"
Anon via text

1117: "It's easy to forget with all the partisan support back home and in Las Vegas that Mayweather is an exceptional fighter. He's got six titles in five divisions, he can box, he can craft, he's versatile, and it's a real difficult fight. If Hatton can hurt him early, maybe he can overwhelm him, but if he doesn't he could be a in big trouble."
Barry McGuigan on BBC Radio 5 Live

"Does anyone know where I can watch the fight in Edinburgh? I'm willing to do nearly anything to watch it. R lass has decided its her or the fight. Hatton hands down every time. So any pub that has B'N'B facilities would be welcome also."
rimjawpig on 606

1106: Talking of betting (see Anon below), the current odds are as follows - Hatton is 11/8 to win, with Mayweather 4/7. Dirsy's choice of a draw is 18-1, while the longest odds see Mayweather securing a first-round victory at 100-1. By comparison, Hatton is 66-1. You won't have seen it, but here at BBC TV Centre I was waving my hands and arms above my head John McCririck style like a mad-man. I'm wasted on you people, I really am...

"I've just woken up following a dream about the outcome tonight - I'm hoping its a premonition and am putting a tenner on it. Hatton to win in the 5th? £260? Yes please."
Samuel Hale via text

"I'd love to see Ricky do it but I can assure Sproaty (see below) he's not 'loads quicker' than Mayweather! If Ricky is to win, he'll have to give the performance of a lifetime."
Jim, Leeds via text

"Andydudz (see below), the Walkabout is opening at 3am to show it I believe."
Paul, Reading via text

1051: British wonderkid Amir Khan, who lest we forget is also fighting tonight against Graham Earl, has told BBC Sport: "I want to be where Ricky's going to be on Saturday - fighting in Las Vegas in one of the biggest fights ever. Rick, and the likes of Joe Calzaghe and David Haye, are inspirations to myself and hundreds of other boxers and I'd love to see him do it."

"I couldn't sleep last night with nerves, so I wonder how on earth Hatton managed! Perhaps he slumbered with the aid of the serenity of confidence! Come on son!"
John, Wirral via text

"Ricky's won this fight easily! He's lighter so he will be loads quicker, he might not have the power but the amount of punches thrown will make up for that! There's only one Ricky Hatton!"
Sproaty, Sunderland via text

1028: Something has been troubling me the last couple of days, folks. That video of Ricky fighting at the age of, what, 11? Bit brutal isn't it? He and the other lad are going at it hammer and tongs, both far too young to understand proper defence, and neither are even wearing lids! Call me a reet southern softie, but I'll stick with my cubs outing to Thorpe Park thanks very much.

"Mysteriousblablabla, sorry to be the one to say it chief, but you're staying in France so you reap what you sew fella! C'mon the mighty Hatton man from all in bonnie Scotland!"
Anon via text

"I feel sorry for Ricky, he must have experienced this many times in the Manchester Derby, knowing very well his team are the underdogs. He'll be wasting half his energy chasing shadows."
FidelCashflow on 606

"I have got the same excited yet nervous feeling as I had when Lewis stepped into the ring with Tyson. Ricky, get inside him and give it your all, we know you have it in you."
matchboxmaster on 606

"Is anyone else in Vegas finding the girls ridiculously hard to pull?"
Charlie Bear, Vegas, via text

1007: "These are the challenges Ricky's hungry for. This is the biggest level he's ever been on but he has a great, great chance to come home a winner. That said, I don't buy into the mind games pre-fight - I don't think either will be affected by that and I'm sure it will come down to heart at the end of the day. It's almost too close to call."
Former British world champion John Conteh on BBC Radio 5 Live

"Does anyone know where in Reading I can watch this fight?"
andydudz on 606

0953: Now a word from British heavyweight top dude Lennox Lewis, who believes the fans could make all the difference on the night: "The fans are a big factor and they are making it an electrifying atmosphere in Las Vegas. There really are a lot of British fans over to see the fight.

"The fans give you strength sometimes when you're going down the line and when you're in the 10th round and you're a bit tired hearing the fans calling your name just reinvigorates you and gives you more strength."

"All this talk about Mayweather not getting under his skin - he's done a very good job. He's affected Hatton in his mind game, knows Hatton is going to come out all guns blazing, and we know Mayweather likes that, and can deal with pressure."
Kaz-LFC3 on 606

"Mysteriousblablabla your girlfriend will be asleep. Steal the blooming laptop."
Adam, Wales via text

0936: Ladies and gentlemen - a cry for help from France. Your advice would be welcome...

"Well, I don't have pay per view in France, and I don't receive English radio...and my girlfriend won't let me use her laptop to "follow a stupid boxing match at 5 in the morning" so I don't know what to do... I want to cry!"
mysteriousblablabla on 606

"I'll be in India watching this one. Seven or eight in the morning over here, so I'll be viewing with a few glasses of fresh pineapple juice!"
prince_naseem_hamed on 606

0923: One of many having his say before the big fight is none other than boxing legend and chief ear-chewer Mike Tyson, who is backing Hatton on the night. "I want Hatton to win, I like his style and his attitude. With Mayweather, I don't like the flash stuff and it would be good for the sport if it had someone like Ricky at the top."

"The first round will be so important - I think Mayweather will get the fright of his life with the power of Ricky's body shots. Interfere with his ability to breath and Ricky'll have a chance."
JimmyFishcake on 606

"Should be a great fight. What would be great would be to see both boxers switching styles ala Leonard v Hearns. Floyd turning slugger and Hatton building up a lead by re-learning to use his jab. Don't see it happening but should be exciting!"
redandblackT(pirlo il genio) on 606

"Come on Mayweather, show your class and beat Hatton - come on!!"
gttheaussiestud on 606

0854: As Alex noted earlier, all and sundry are having their say on the fight to beat all super-fights but while an increasing number lean towards Hatton - Ritchie Woodhall the latest to swing the Briton's way - our very own Dirsy is sticking with his Mayweather tip. That said, he's since revealed he's stuck a tenner on the draw at "far juicier odds". To read his latest musings, and find out why he may be dreaming about Angelo Dundee's hand on his knee as we speak, check out his latest 606 entry. It's also where I'll be grabbing your pre-fight ramblings from now on, so get involved.

"I have never seen Ricky so wound up, angry and looking so tight in his actions. I hope he relaxes before the fight or it's gonna slow him down fighting on nerves and anger."
paddockgroaners on 606

0841: Hatton's histrionics at the weigh-in and pre-fight press conference struck me as somewhat different to his previous nonchalance and refusal to be baited. But - aha! - it's all part of the masterplan folks. Ricky's dad, Ray, says: "Floyd has badgered and badgered for weeks and weeks and weeks so I think over the last few days Ricky has turned the tables on him a little bit and just showed him that this Mancunian, this Englishman, isn't ready for backing down."

"Can't wait! Last time I got up to watch a fight was when Ali fought. I'll be shouting for Ricky from France!"
Wendy in France on 606

0820: If, like me, you avoided late Friday night shenanigans in favour of a warm bed and a cold shoulder, you'll be needing news of last night's (British time) weigh-in. In summation, Hatton was two pounds under the limit while Mayweather was on the money at 147lb, and Manchester's finest proceeded to win the psychological warfare once again, backed by a partisan 6,000 crowd. And, if any further confirmation were needed that fight night is literally around the corner, the pair's 'face-off' ended in a shoving match that forced bystanders to intercept. It's all getting a bit fruity now.

"Sam. We're in the Tryst nightclub in the Wynn hotel on the strip, and I wouldn't mind going 12 rounds with some of the girls here I tell you!"
Stuart, Vegas via text

Ben Dirs
0808: Just heard from Dirsy - Essex's finest is getting his head down for a few hours. He signed off with news of his chat with legendary trainer Angelo Dundee, who said: "I see Ricky Hatton getting busted up and I see him maybe losing the fight on cuts."

"Being a teacher, I can't really stay up all night or else I will be rubbish on Monday... so I am gonna watch Liverpool thrash Reading - get quite drunk during this period - nip off to bed until all the boys get round at midnight - then gonna hit it large again and enjoy some great boxing!"
funkydan10 on 606

0746: Some of you are getting in the mood in your own special way it would seem. Drinks, dancing girls and, in the case of our texter below, rapping. No sign off was left, but I'm guessing it isn't Rebel MC...

"Training hard for what's in store
Sparring partners crunch to the floor
His timing's like that of a clock
Mayweather's pride's about to unlock
It's a man's game you know the score
Body shots flowing, rib cage sore
Head going lightweight, legs like jelly
Victory for Ricky, so let's get ready!"
Anon via text

"Looking forward to tonight's fight. Big support for Hatton in Ireland and you don't see the boys in green doing that too often. As you guys say "Go on my son!""
starie1975 on 606

0730: Well hello! Sam 'affable' Lyon is in da house! Awoohoo baby! Erm, apologies, I'm not really down with all this Las Vegas showbiz stuff... it's awfully likely I'll slip into all the wrong phraseology and start using words like 'safe', 'innit' and 'buff' and some such. So further apologies in advance.

Anyway, like most sensible Britons I've been akip the past eight or so hours and am playing catch up a little bit. If any of you could be so kind as to let me know anything I've missed, I'd be grateful and in the meantime I'll read through Mr Trickett's delightful prose.

Don't forget to keep your 606 chat and texts coming through. There's still, hold on, more than 20 hours to go until Ricky and Floyd 'get it on' and that's an awful lot of time to fill while Dirsy and the rest of Las Vegas sleep... remind me why we started this countdown thing nearly nine hours ago?

By Alex Trickett

0710: Right, that'll do it from me. I feel like I've been 12 rounds with err... Ricky Hatton. Thanks for all your messages - they have kept me awake all night. I can offer no better testament than that. I'm handing over to the affable Sam Lyon, who'll keep the big fight build-up on the bubble all day. Back with you at 2300 when the serious business starts.

0650: What is crystal clear is just how popular Ricky Hatton is around the world. Just tonight and just on this site, messages of support have flooded in from Vegas, Vancouver, Bangkok, Dublin, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Kentucky, Scotland and Australia. That's more virtual air miles than pints consumed by Mancunians on the Strip on the night before a big fight. On second thoughts, possibly not...

"I keep hearing so many people say FMJ will crumble to body shots...well the best defensive boxer, P4P, 5 world titles and different weights...hmmmmmm the more you think about it the more I actually feel sorry for RH and his deluded fans."
zatknight via 606

0630: After a night dedicated to Hatton v Mayweather, I'm no closer to knowing how this fight is going to play out. Here's my best guess. Hatton starts like a whirlwind and does surprise Mayweather with his intensity and relentless pressure. The American has never known anything like it in a boxing ring and is even rocked back a couple of times.

But, adapting on the fly like all great champions must, he finds his feet and starts to dictate (at least as far as the judges are concerned), slipping and moving and landing the odd stinging blow. Hatton pushes on and on and has a brief moment late on when glory and a shock knockdown are within his reach, but Mayweather escapes to take a narrow victory.

There, I've said it and apologies to you Hatton fans. I look forward to reading that back tomorrow morning and laughing at how wrong I was.

Ben Dirs
"Most of the papers report that 20,000 Brits are out here for the big fight and judging by the rivers of British people flowing through MGM Grand this evening, I can well believe it. In fact, if the whole Strip is like that it might be nearer 30,000."
Ben Dirs in Las Vegas

"Here in Hong Kong unfortunately at work on a Saturday afternoon but can't get anything done as I'm far too excited, can't stop singing there's only one Ricky Hatton! will be watching it in the pub tomorrow morning with a full English and more than a few pints of Guinness in honour of our Ricky. Hatton KO in the 11th."
HongKongHitman via 606

0550: Here are some numbers for you. There are an estimated 20,000 British boxing fans in Las Vegas. Roughly 6,000 watched a boisterous weigh-in on Friday. About 4,000 have tickets for the fight itself via official channels - I'm guessing a few more may make their way through the gate via other routes.

Capacity is 16,000 inside the MGM Garden Arena, but the same number again will be watching via closed circuit TV in other casinos. The atmosphere will be bonkers. It already is by all accounts, with raucous renditions "Walking in a Hatton wonderland" bouncing along the Strip.

"From expats in Bangkok. The fight starts at 11am Sunday here so the only decision to make is do we go home and sleep or just stay on from the Saturday night. The bars here plan to be packed and the support is 99% Hatton."
swindonabroad via 606

"Oh no, just realised fight is tomorrow - on camper van honeymoon of NZ, just demanded it on Queenstown bar! Confused. But more chance to get ready for Ricky!"
Anonymous, New Zealand via text, on 81111

"I'm over here in Vegas at the MGM Grand and the atmosphere is electric. 5am in the Casino on Thursday night, everyone sat at the tables (and we are talking 1000's) started chanting Hatton Wonderland.

"When out and about, even the locals are siding with Ricky. They are behind him, betting on him and fancy his chances. They all say that Money Mayweather needs to be brought down a peg or two."
frostiecuk via 606

0500: Speaking to our man Ben Dirs, there is definitely a shift towards Hatton from experts as well as betting punters. Former world champ Richie Woodhall is starting to believe that Hatton will pull it off. And present world champ Joe Calzaghe says the Brit's hunger may see him through. Dirs is still leaning towards Mayweather but is now entertaining the prospect of a draw. Between you and me, I think that's because he wants to guarantee a return trip to Vegas for the rematch. Shallow, Benjamin. Shallow.

Ben Dirs
"I'm sat at my desk in a room in New York, New York tapping away on a laptop, so not really, no. ALTHOUGH I'M OFF OUT AT 9! COME ON! Might see you wherever..."
Ben Dirs in Las Vegas (in response to text message at 0220)

"If Mayweather runs, the crowd could turn on him. And that could be the turning point of the fight."
Richie Woodhall, BBC Radio 5 Live in Las Vegas

"The Students Union Bar in Chester is showing the fight live from 3am the pub is open 48 hours all weekend."
niallowens89 via 606

Blimey - I can only begin to imagine the carnage by Sunday lunchtime.

0435: Just listening back to some interviews on Five Live and the razzmatazz around this fight may just secure us British boxing fans another sensational Vegas showdown. Watching Joe Calzaghe - who went head to head with Bernard Hopkins at the weigh-in earlier - the Welshman seemed wide-eyed with Vegas fever. If he didn't before, Calzaghe has a real taste for this now. He'd like to see his name in lights on the Strip. He'd like to tear strips out of Hopkins in the ring. And what a match-up that would be.

0427: Let me gaze into your future. I predict that you'll pick up your morning paper and find Ricky Hatton beaming at you from the back page. Boxing is headline news again people and it's good to see.

0400: Betting update. Apparently more money has been bet on Ricky Hatton than has ever been wagered on any British sports star. Best odds on the Hitman are 7/4. Best odds on Mayweather are 4/7. So the American remains the favourite, albeit by a smaller margin than previously. My money is staying in my wallet. I just don't know which way this will go.

"Come on Ricky son, we've put the housekeeping on you. OK, I've put the housekeeping on you, but you'll have won before the wife wakes up, right?"
stevieboy_and_katie via 606

"England is a massive football nation but this fight has got to be as big as the Croatia game for most come on Sir Ricky."
Dano, Coventry via text, on 81111

0312: Just about 25 hours to go. Let me mark the milestone by unveiling Ricky Hatton's latest fan. Judging by all your texts and comments on 606, our Ricky has already won over Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Australia (all traditionally tricky fan bases for an Englishman). He has also won over Manchester United and Liverpool - again tricky as a poster boy for Manchester City. Last but not least, he has won over Mike Tyson.

"I want Hatton to win. I like his style, I like his attitude," the former heavyweight champion told the Daily Mirror. "I'm not the same with Mayweather. I don't like the flash stuff. I don't like the way he acts with money and the arrogance.

"It's going to be tough for Hatton to win but it would be good for the sport if it had someone like him right at the top."

Surely, there is no better judge of character than Iron Mike.

"I'm Scottish and you've got a braveheart. As I think Mayweather might be technically better he doesn't have the passion , heart, strength or work rate to come close. Good luck Ricky from me, all my family and the whole of Scotland."
bigballblue via 606

Ben Dirs
"Just passed the pub in New York, New York and it's going ruddy mental. Come on Eileen was playing on the stereo as I passed and as you can imagine the noise was deafening. Honestly I have no idea what the Americans think of all this. It's just amazing. Manchester is taking over Las Vegas."
Ben Dirs in Las Vegas

"If Hatton pulls this off he'll become a national treasure! It's all about if he can get near enough to Mayweather early on to land his damaging body punches. If he can, you won't see so much spring in Mayweather's legs and then it'll be into the trenches.

"I'll be cheering him on with a pint of Murphy's to oil the vocal chords at a bar called Champions in Colombia, where it's on a big screen."
CovCityCobra via 606

"I'm am Aussie and went to the Hatton v Tszyu fight in Manchester. I have never seen an athlete like him. Every Aussie I have spoken to is right behind him."
Anonymous via text, on 81111

0220: The Hatton-mania emanating from Vegas is contagious. But I feel I should say something about his opponent. Pretty Boy Floyd is a sensational fighter with slick skills, a brilliant defence. He is consensus choice as the pound-for-pound king of boxing and deservedly so.

My head still says he wins this thing on points, surviving the Hatton onslaught and picking up the rounds with well-timed flurries, much as Sugar Ray Leonard did against Marvin Hagler. My heart says something totally different that ends up with Mayweather crumpled on the canvas.

"Ben [Dirs]. We're sitting drinking vodka martinis in the Bellagio overlooking the Las Vegas strip with a barmaid so beautiful you could die. Life's ok isn't it?"
Anonymous via text, on 81111

0155: The great and good of English football are rallying behind Ricky Hatton. Wayne Rooney will be watching his mate on TV, David Beckham will be ringside (the Spice Girl's gig in Vegas has been pushed back to accommodate!) and Stevie Gerrard has pledged the support of the city of Liverpool.

"I'll be watching the fight with mates here in Dublin, with copious amounts of Guinness and junk food (in honour of Ricky of course). Never seen an English sportstar so well liked in Ireland as Ricky Hatton. Its a measure of the man and his attitude to life that he is so universally liked. Best of (Irish) luck Ricky!"
ryanvanhelsing via 606

0130: Sven-Goran Eriksson runs a risk of becoming the Scrooge of Manchester this weekend. The manager of Hatton's beloved Manchester City has banned his players from watching the fight because City are playing Spurs on Sunday.

"I will tell my players to sleep," said Eriksson. "Some members of the medical staff will watch it but not the players. They will not be up at four because they have an important game to play." Bah humbug!

"I arrived in Vegas this afternoon and have just been to the MGM to pick up the tickets. The support for Ricky is amazing. I've just got a sneaky feeling...COME ON!"
balders 77 via 606

0115: Did anyone see that footage of Ricky Hatton boxing as an 11-year-old? Blimey, he was a tough cookie even then. I'm pretty sure he'd have laid me on the canvas at 11 and 100% certain that one punch would do the trick now.

"My plan is that I have to get into Vegas time early. So I'm staying up till 5 tonight to ensure I'm fresh tomorrow at fight time."
Placy1 via 606

0110: If you needed any more persuading that Hatton v Mayweather is a massive event, word on the street is that ringside seats are going for £4,000 a pop and more than £10m is set to be gambled on the fight's outcome. You guys clearly believe the Hitman can pull this off because 90% of the UK betting fund is going on a Hatton win.

"Was in LA yesterday. The US press are saying stuff like 'boisterous Brits...' and comparing it to De La Hoya fights when the Mexicans invaded Vegas. They are loving him out there!"
LeeLee, Jetlag City! via text, on 81111

Ben Dirs
"For students of boxing, the media centre at the MGM Grand is paradise right now. So far today, I've seen Angelo Dundee, Manny Steward, Marco Antonio Barrera, Bernard Hopkins, Winky Wright, Oscar de la Hoya, Joe Calzaghe, Enzo Maccarinelli, David Haye, Juan Manuel Marquez and Shane Mosely. It's a real buzz."
Ben Dirs in Las Vegas

"Oh Ricky Hatton's magic, he wears a magic hat, and when he saw Mayweather's belt, he said I'm having that!"
Mike, London via text, on 81111

0006: One of the first things to greet me when I logged on to my computer this evening was an amusing - if slightly disturbing - photo of Ricky Hatton with a portly Bernard Manning. Apparently, the pic hangs in Hatton's Manchester gym and alludes to the fact that he balloons by 40lbs between fights. I can tell you one thing, there was nothing balloon like about Hatton at the weigh-in. You could cut a steak with his chiselled abs. The man is in serious shape.

"Only 42 inch andy (see below 606 message)? Lads round, beers and curry and the fight on a 100 inch home cinema projector. Life is good."
Sharky, Halifax via text, on 81111

Ben Dirs
2345: For those that didn't see the weigh-in, it was brilliant. Ricky Hatton ran the show, acting the part of hometown hero, while the real hometown hero (Floyd) was heckled and jeered.

I just spoke to our man in Vegas, Ben Dirs, who put it like this: "Astonishing scenes in the MGM Garden Arena. Six thousand Mancunians and barely a hundred Mayweather fans, none of whom had seen the like. Hatton looked pumped as ever, geeing up the fans and it's difficult to believe he hasn't scored a psychological victory a day before the big fight."

And then he cut me off to talk to boxing titan Angelo Dundee. More from Ben later...

"Feels like were on the eve of England football in a world cup final. Having that level of support makes u proud to be English."
Matt, York via text, on 81111

2335: In an unexpected development, I've just had an offer to be on the unofficial Hatton undercard. The offer goes like this: "My dad used to be a trainer, I'm 6'6 and weigh about 14-15 stone, only 19, I'll fight you Trickett, as the undercard, fancy it?"
superredripper via 606

And my answer goes like this: "Errr. No. Not a chance!"

"Will be watching at my mates house on 42 inch TV. Hatton has got to dominate early and get Mayweather out of his comfort zone and go straight to the ribs."
Andy via 606

"From a red to a blue. Good luck."
Gary from Manchester via text, on 81111.

2300: Good evening fight fans. And welcome to our live build-up to possibly the biggest fight in British boxing history. Between now and first bell (scheduled for approximately 0400 GMT on 9 December) we'll bring you all the colour, gossip and razzle dazzle from Las Vegas as our boy Ricky Hatton prepares to face US star Floyd Mayweather. Enjoy the ride - it promises to be a fantastic one.

And we want to hear from you via 606, text and Flickr, where we have a BBC Sport Boxing in Las Vegas group set up and ready for your best pics. So, whether you are in Nevada or Newcastle, get in touch.

I'll put the best of your comments and pics up here alongside all the latest from our men in Vegas: Richie Woodhall, Steve Bunce, Mike Costello and the one and only Benjamin Dirs. Consider me the London-based wingman to Mr Dirs. In Vegas parlance, I'll see his sunny MGM Grand and raise him Television Centre on a cold, dank night.

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