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Tuesday, 22 January, 2002, 21:18 GMT
Mass brawl in New York
Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson are overwhelmed as the stage is invaded
The two fighters disappear beneath a sea of bodies
BBC Sport Online brings you a blow-by-blow account of the mass brawl between Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson at their news conference in New York.

As the massed ranks of the world's media wait for the two fighters to appear a man starts to shout out from the public gallery.

He continues for several minutes before calm descends, albeit briefly, as the fighters wait to make their entrance.

The organisers then screen a slickly-produced promotional video showing some of Lewis' and Tyson's greatest hits.

It ends as Tyson makes his way onto a podium set up on the stage.

Mike Tyson prepares to throw a punch as he is apparently hit by someone who has come onto the stage
Tyson prepares to lash out as he is punched
Dressed in a dark grey top and black trousers, Tyson stands at the edge of the podium facing towards where Lewis is preparing to make his entrance.

The former champion looks pumped up and focuses intently on the far side of the stage.

Lewis, dressed in a grey suit and wearing a woollen hat covering his hair, steps onto his podium and is met by the sight of Tyson walking towards him.

Lewis stares down at the squat form of the approaching Tyson.

As as he closes to within a few feet of Lewis two bodyguards spring forward to intercept the American.

Tyson halts and switches his focus to the bodyguard on his right, who sticks out an arm to restrain Tyson.

And as soon as he is touched Tyson lashes out, catching the bodyguard a glancing blow with his left fist.

Lennox Lewis prepares to throw a punch at the start of the brawl
Lennox Lewis gets ready to throw a punch
The other bodyguard immediately springs into action and wrestles with the flailing Tyson.

Lewis, still standing on the podium several feet above Tyson, throws a punch at the American.

Within an instant more than a dozen people have charged the stage and piled into the brawl and the two fighters disappear from view.

Lewis is pulled off his podium and Tyson is buried in the heart of the scrum as security staff and members of both entourages wade into the melee.

It continues for over a minute and moves several yards across the stage and into the backdrop promoting the fight.

Several people lose their footing before the two camps manage to pull the boxers away.

For several minutes after the brawl Tyson verbally abused the media
Tyson has a go at the media after the melee

Lewis, whose jacket is ripped down the right hand side, quickly regains his composure and leaves the arena, but Tyson refuses to calm down.

Apparently cut over the left eye, he continues to scuffle with his entourage for several minutes.

And, when he finally stops being physically threatening, he begins to abuse the media.

Looking agitated and angry he grabs his groin several times and makes thrusting motions at the people in the auditorium.

Eventually Tyson calms down and is ushered away from the stage, but not before adding another chapter to his notorious history.

New York Daily News' Tim Smith
"Tyson threw the first punch"
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