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Sunday, 30 September, 2001, 10:44 GMT 11:44 UK
Hopkins-Trinidad: round-by-round
Felix Trinidad slumps to the canvas
Trinidad was floored in the 12th
BBC Sport Online's Kevin Asseo reviews Bernard Hopkins' stunning victory over Felix Trinidad in New York.

Round 1:
The fight begins slowly, with both fighters circling the ring at a distance and trading jabs in a close first round.

Round 2:
The second round follows suit, with Hopkins and Trinidad still feeling each other out and staying away from one another. Hopkins lands the first big punch of the fight, an overhand right just before the bell.

Round 3:
Hopkins begins to get comfortable in the third and take the fight to Trinidad, landing his jab consistently from the outside.

Round 4:
In the fourth, the pace picks up and Trinidad lands his first power punches of the night. Hopkins takes the punches well and comes back with big blows of his own in the round's closing seconds.

Bernard Hopkins and Felix Trinidad
The pair tangle in the early rounds

Round 5:
Hopkins, typically known for his brawling style, continues to go against form in the fifth by constantly moving around the ring and outboxing Trinidad. The style seems to confuse Trinidad, who gets caught by good shots throughout the round.

Round 6:
Trinidad has his best round in the sixth, backing Hopkins against the ropes and landing multiple left hooks. It is the first round that clearly goes to Trinidad.

Round 7:
The pace slows again in the seventh as both fighters look to catch their second wind. Hopkins remains the more mobile fighter, dancing away from most of Trinidad's punches.

Hopkins was in control as the fight wore on
Hopkins took control later in the fight

Round 8:
Hopkins is really beginning to outclass Trinidad and lands numerous good combinations.

Round 9:
Trinidad gamely continues to come forward, but cannot find the target with any big shots.

Round 10:
Trinidad senses he is in trouble and comes out firing in the tenth. But after throwing several flurries that do no damage, it appears he has punched himself out. Hopkins lands huge punches in the last minute and stuns Trinidad with a right to the chin just before the bell.

Round 11:
Trinidad comes for the eleventh on very shaky legs. By contrast Hopkins is looking completely fresh and Trinidad begins to hold on in desperation.

Bernard Hopkins celebrates victory
Hopkins celebrates victory

Round 12:
Before the last round, Trinidad is slumped in his corner exhasuted, while Hopkins smiles and looks animated on his stool.

Hopkins lands punch after punch on an obviously beaten Trinidad. Midway through the round, he connects with a huge right to the chin that leaves Trinidad crumpled on the canvas.

Trinidad is in no condition to finish the fight and no-one would dispute Smoger's decision to stop the action.

Hopkins moves to 40-2-1 with 29 KOs, while Trinidad falls to 40-1 with 33 KOs.

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